The day was already ungodly hot. Of course all summers in the south are, but this summer is different. This summer is the summer I turn eighteen, and the temperature breaks records daily. This is the summer I want to change my life. I'm out of school and ready to break from the cage mama had thus so far kept me in. I was raised a good Baptist girl, taught to be a lady. My father left a long time ago so mama had worked time and a half to make sure I was a good respectable lady. But I was tired of being a "lady". I wanted to break out and be bad. And today was the day I started. Mama was out of town on a business trip and I had the whole house, and my life, to do with what I will. Getting out of bed I slid into an outfit I always had to keep hidden from mama. She wouldn't approve of short shorts that show my round tight ass cheeks when I bend over, or the skimpy tank top that showed all the hungry men my firm, smooth belly. Mama would kill me if she saw me dressed this way. I admire myself in the mirror, letting my hands run over my tummy and my finger tips caress my cleavage. I had often wondered what it would be like to be a stripper. A smile creeps over my face. Today is after all the day I plan to use to indulge all my fantasies.

A slow sexy beat began to thump in my mind as my hips started to sway in front of the mirror. I watched the muscles in my long, tan legs flex and it pushed me to go further. I reached up and ran my hands through my long red hair and fixed my full lips into a sexy pout as I really began to feel the rhythm of my body. Giving a spin, I pull the tank top back off my body and twirl it in the air a few times before throwing it at my reflection. My hands begin to massage my breasts, I throw back my head feeling the ecstasy of the moment. I pinch my nipples to make them hard before moving my hands down to the buttons on my shorts. I jerk my hips side to side and with each jerk I undo another button. Seeing my own red pussy hair now I began to get turned on in a way that I never had. Sure I've laid in bed at night and played with myself, but it felt nothing like this. A slow tingle began to work it's way through my pussy. I let my shorts finally drop to the floor and kick them aside in one flowing movement.

Bending down I start running my hands from my ankles to my head but feeling the heat coming from my pussy stops me. Debating only a moment, I allow myself the pleasure of sliding the fingers of my right hand between the hot, wet lips of my cunt. God, I can't believe how wet I am. I've never been this wet before. I search out my clit and find it hard and sensitive. I watch it all in the mirror as my thighs begin to quiver in anticipation.

I back up to the bed, where I can still watch myself, and sit down. Pulling my legs wide apart I begin to explore my virgin pussy. I can feel my juices running out down to my ass. My breath catches in my throat as I slide one finger into myself and bring my other hand up to play with my swollen little clit. One finger isn't enough though. I long to feel myself totally full. I imagine a large hard cock sliding into me as I now insert two fingers inside myself. The rhythm of my dancing is now replaced by the rhythm of my fingers sliding in and out of me. I'm still working my clit, trying not to massage it too fast. I want to make this last. I shake my hair away from my breasts so that I can see how much harder my nipples have grown. I wished badly to feel someone's mouth on them. Anyone's mouth, male or female. I didn't care. My stomach muscles tense up as the orgasm begins to grow in me. I slow down the massaging of my clit and ram my fingers deeper into me, listening to the sounds of my juices. Being able to hear how wet I am almost sends me over the edge. I begin to ram my fingers into my cunt harder than ever. There's no stopping it now, I'm there at the edge of cumming and slowing down won't help. My clit has gotten harder than ever before and almost doubled in size. I massage as fast as I want now. Suddenly the orgasm rips through me as I pound my fingers into myself. I can feel the sweet juice pour from my hole as I let out a small whimper. My hands stop their work and I bring my right hand up to my mouth and lick my two very soaked fingers off. My juices taste sweet and salty on my tongue. My pussy is twitching and tingling still as I rise up and redress. Yes, today is going to be a lot of fun. Before this day is over I plan of getting fucked everyway possible...

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:39 pm