Taking Katie To Make Dawn (Chapter 1 Taking Katie)  


After meeting a tall beautiful stranger in a coffee bar, Katie cums to remember who her mommy wants

Katie let out a soft sigh as she lifted her mug of hot chocolate to her lips, her breath sending small ripples across the dark surface. She placed the mug back on the glass table, leant back on the red leather bench seat of the café and looked aimlessly out of the window, watching as the late afternoon turned dark, the world seeming to run along without her.

Around her feet were several bags containing cheap gifts for family and friends, presents she didn't really like giving but on an interns salary it was all she could afford.

With a smile she let her hand touch the one extravagance she had allowed herself. The yellow hard paper bag with its cord handles and embossed red lettering spoke of its cost and it sat beside her on the seat in pride of place. She withdrew her hand and with another sigh brushed a lock of her blonde hair from in front of her sad blue eyes and returned her gaze to the window.

Suddenly her eye was caught by a woman walking down the other side of the street. She was tall with long way red hair and her white silk blouse, tight fitting black knee length skirt and black stilettos seemed out of place amongst the puffer jackets and overcoats of the other people around her. Katie squeezed her denim clad thighs together as she felt the familiar warm buzz in her loins, instantly aware of how tight her t-shirt was beneath her old grey fleece as her nipples sprung to attention. The air suddenly seemed thicker, warmer and Katie found herself shrugging out of the winter weight fleece.

It wasn't just the woman's undeniable beauty that held Katie's attention, it was her poise, the way she seemed walk with a purpose, her head held proudly as she breezed through the crowd, a path seeming to open in front of her as she passed. She reached the lights on the corner and seemed unaware of the many pairs of eyes, Katie's included, that appraised her, admired her, lusted after her.

Even the stop sign appeared to watch this angelic vision, turning green instantly to allow her to continue on her way unimpeded by the rush hour traffic before she finally disappeared from Katie's view around the corner.

Isolated once more, the light seeming to go with the woman, Katie lifted her drink, sipping the warm minty chocolate, her one true friend in all situations. She glanced at the clock and knew she still had half an hour to kill before her train to the anonymous suburb that housed her small lonely apartment.

Right now the only light in Katie's darkness was that it was only another 2 weeks to Christmas, when she could go back home and see her mom again. With that thought in her mind she looked again at the bag beside her.

"Is this seat taken?"

Katie jumped at the sound of a woman's voice, the words spoken with warmth and the hint of an English accent that for some reason reminded Katie of the warm thick drink she cradled in her hands. She looked up into the deep green eye's of the woman she had so recently seen through the window.

"Yes, er, I mean no. Please, sit down, Miss." Katie stammered even as a red tint lit her cheeks as the throb in her pussy returned with a vengeance. The woman appeared to be only a few years older than Katie's 22 but she seemed to have the grace of someone much older, the sort of bearing that almost required deference.

The woman smiled, her berry red glossy lips parting slightly as she smoothed her skirt and all but flowed on to the seat across from Katie.

Katie looked down and through the glass table as the woman crossed her right leg over her left, her skirt riding up a little to reveal just the hint of her stocking clad thighs, and as the woman's foot brushed one of Katie's bags Katie noticed a flash as the light caught a small emerald jewel at the end of the woman's gold ankle chain.

"What can I get you today?" For the second time in as many minutes Katie jumped.

The woman smiled at the waitress, a girl about the same age as Katie, her dark bobbed hair and grey eyes quite alluring, and on any other day the woman would have paid her more attention, still she new she could always return. Noting the name badge on the waitress's left breast the woman replied. "Oh, I don't know, Carla." She turned her sunlight filled visage on Katie and said. "That smells really nice what is it?"

"This?" Katie asked lifting the almost empty cup. "Er it's mint chocolate."

"Mmm. Sounds, dreamy." The woman all but moaned, fanning the already glowing embers that burned between Katie's thighs. "But I always find hot chocolate makes you so sleepy."

"I'll have a frappe please, Carla and another mug of that dreamy chocolate for my friend." The woman said before turning to Katie and asking. "Unless you have to go of course?"

Katie quickly weighed up the alternatives; she could accept a drink and remain in the presence of this absolute vision of Sapphic desire or slope off into the growing darkness to the station. The decision was not protracted. "I'd love another, I've plenty of time."

The woman's smile sent tingles through Katie's body, her nipples sending confirmatory signals to her pussy.

"One mint chocolate and one frappe, coming right up." Carla said breezily as she turned and left, her hips swaying, inviting further attention.

"I'm Amanda by the way." The redhead said, holding her hand out across the table, her palm down, fingers bent slightly."

"Oh, right I'm Katherine." Katie replied as she looked at the proffered hand, a large emerald and diamond ring glinting on Amanda's ring finger. Katie wasn't sure whether to shake or kiss it. She went for the safer option and smiled as she added. "Katie to my friends."

Amanda's smile was full of warmth that seemed to envelope Katie as she said. "Pleased to meet you, Katie." Katie looked into the deep emerald eyes that seemed to almost glow in Amanda's beautifully made up face and the whole world seemed to fade.

"Here you go, ladies." Carla said and Katie realized with a blush she was still holding Amanda's hand lightly in her own. She shook her head to try and clear the daze she seemed to have fallen in to, wondering how long she had been sat like that.

Carla placed a large white mug in front of Katie and a tall glass of light brown frothy frappe complete with 2 straws in front of Amanda.

"Looks like you were right about that chocolate." Carla said with mirth as she glanced at a yawning Katie before turning and leaving once more.

"Sorry." Katie said, embarrassed at her lack of manners.

"That's alright, honey. It was me who suggested it would make you sleepy, you would probably have never thought of it before.

"Looks like you've had a busy day, honey." Amanda said glancing down through the glass of the table to the bags.

Katie followed the glance, aware that she really liked the way Amanda called her honey, it reminded her of her mom who used to call her that when she was little. "Just some Christmas presents." Katie explained as she noticed Amanda's shoe release itself from her heel and start to sway softly from her toes, the emerald glinting as Amanda moved her foot gently.

"And a little treat for yourself." Amanda said looking now at the bag at Katie's side.

Katie didn't understand at first and then she saw where Amanda was looking and said. "Oh, this? No, this is a present too, for my mom."

"I love their lingerie, your mom is a very lucky lady." Amanda said, her voice softening as she said. "Lingerie from Gardenia's and such a pretty daughter. Can I see?"

Katie blushed at the compliment and thought of the box inside the bag and how the shop assistant had folded the silky lingerie so reverently, wrapping it in white tissue and sprinkling a few lavender scented beads on top. Katie didn't want to spoil it but she couldn't refuse.

With almost trembling fingers she lifted the box on to the table, opened it and peeled back the protecting tissue. She took the shoestring straps in each hand and lifted out the yellow teddy with its embroidered red rose motif and held it up, the scent of lavender now permeating the air.

"That is absolutely beautiful, Honey." Amanda purred. "I'm sure your mom will look absolutely ravishing in it."

At first Katie smiled as she pictured her mom encased in the silky soft fabric, her firm breasts straining, nipples erect as she... But then a cloud passed across her face as she replaced the garment gently in the box. "She'll probably never wear it." Katie sighed.

In that instant Amanda guessed the situation, her nipples growing hard as she said. "And if she did, you wouldn't see her in it."

Without realising it Katie nodded and a tear formed in the corner of her eye.

When she had left home for college Katie finally admitted, at least to herself, that the string of boyfriends she had had during high school were not what she wanted, they left her cold, unfulfilled. She thought at first she was just not a passionate person and then along came Helen, her first year housemate.

Helen was the sporty type with the sort of tan you only get from playing tennis all summer and a musculature gained from hours in the pool, giving her a strong fluid frame. Add to all that her long blonde hair and you have every nerds dreamboat.

At first they had gotten off on the wrong foot and hardly spoke, but then one night, fuelled by several marguerites they had opened up, verbally and eventually carnally to each other, and Katie had found her true place in life.

They stayed together throughout college, though after the first blush of passion they had settled into an open relationship, sharing each others beds and bodies, or sleeping alone or with someone else as the mood took them.

Katie had believed she loved Helen, but the other girl's lack of commitment had grated and they had become like a comfy pair of shoes you keep at the back of the wardrobe, you know they are old and should be thrown away but you just can't help feeling that you might need them again one day.

Although it was Helen who had opened the door, she wasn't the one that starred in Katie's masturbatory fantasies, no that honour belonged to Lucia, Katie's mom. The first time it had happened Katie had been disgusted with herself, but the strength of the orgasm had burned her mom deep into her sexual psyche, and, over time, Lucia had eclipsed all others in her desires. Oh she had flings, but never serious ones and her mom came between her and her lovers in a way that would probably have shocked Lucia to her catholic core.

Now every time she returned home to visit Katie would dream of realizing her fantasy, of seducing, or even better, allowing herself to be seduced by her mom. She had tried to let her mom know how she felt, letting the hello kiss linger just that bit too long, walking around the house in her long satin silk dressing gown and letting it fall open to reveal her aching breasts, but so far her love, her erotic love at least, was unrequited.

Katie's heart went cold as she realised the admission she had made with that simple nod. "I. I must be going. I'm going to be late." Katie said, the tears refusing to leave her eyes as she put her moms special Christmas present back in its bag. She was about to bend down and grab her other bags when she felt Amanda's cool fingers grip her wrist gently but firmly.

"There's no need to run away, honey." Amanda said.

"I'm not!" Katie said, rather more harshly than she intended. "Thank you for the drink, I really must be going."

Amanda kept hold of Katie's wrist "It's alright, Honey. I'm not going to tell anyone. We all have secrets, things we keep in our heart, yours is no darker than anyone else's, believe me."

Katie wanted to stay, to spend more time with this vision that had wafted into her dreary day. "You don't think I'm sick then?"

The smile that Amanda turned on Katie almost melted the young girls heart. "No, sweetie. I don't judge others, lest they judge me."

Katie tried a half smile but it didn't seem to work, she was torn between her embarrassment and her desire. Amanda however was in no doubt as to what she was going to do. She knew it was risky, but serendipity had smiled on her this late December evening, and delivered an early Christmas present she wasn't going to let go.

"Look into my eyes, honey, and you will know I am telling you the truth." Amanda said, her voice soft and oozing sincerity.

Katie bit her bottom lip and looked up into the beautiful deep green eyes, the pupils like deep pools in the middle of a meadow. She had expected to see disgust but all she saw was truth and acceptance and her fear washed away.

"See, honey you will always know I am telling you the truth when you look into my eyes. You've had such a long day, honey, trailing round those warm stores, carrying all those heavy bags. And now that lovely warm minty chocolate is making you feel warm and sleepy." Amanda spoke softly her voice barely above a whisper.

Leaning forward so that she could hear better Katie felt like the dark centres of Amanda's beautiful green eyes were pulling her in.

"It's alright, honey. Just keep looking into my eyes and know that I am telling you the truth. You want to let your eyes close, honey, to drift into a deep peaceful sleep. And soon you will, soon you will drift away to a deep, deep sleep where you can still hear my voice, it will be like floating in the pools in my eyes and you will know I am telling you the truth, honey." Amanda continued, as her pussy throbbed with anticipation and her nipples rubbed against her silky blouse with each measured breath.

Katie realised how tired she was, it had been such a long day and that lovely warm chocolate, so thick and creamy seemed to flow through her veins, making her feel sluggish and so very drowsy.

"Soon, honey, so very soon you can close those tired, sleepy eyes and just listen to my voice as I tell you the truth. You feel so warm and so safe, honey, so trusting because you know I'm telling you the truth. You know I'm telling you the truth now even when you are not looking into my eyes, don't you, honey?" Amanda swallowed hard, this was the crucial step.

Through pursed lips Amanda let out the breath she hadn't even realised she was holding as Katie replied dreamily. "Yes."

"Good girl, honey." Amanda encouraged. "So now you can close your eyes and let yourself sink into a deep sleep, a sleep where you are all warm and safe where all you can hear is my voice speaking the truth."

Even as Katie's eyelids fluttered Amanda was sliding around to sit beside her, an arm protectively around the young girls shoulder and with her other she gently brushed the girls blonde hair behind her ear.

With her glossy red lips mere inches from Katie's ear, her perfume filling the young woman's nostrils, Amanda took her new captive deeper into her trance. Not that Amanda used the words trance or hypnosis, she knew not to use words that might heighten her subjects defences, so holding Katie protectively her words were of safety and trust and truth. She didn't tell the girl to go deeper, or to drift, she led her, telling Katie to trust her and go with her to where it was warm and safe and Amanda was with her all the way.

"Good, girl Katie. Just listen to me and sleep, sleep and listen to me." Amanda said as she felt Katie's body sag as she gave up her volition to Amanda's silky words.

"You can stay asleep, honey, but open your eyes and sit up." Amanda whispered and watched as Katie's eyes fluttered open to stare glassily forward.

"Let me get the check then we can go and do a little shopping, honey." Amanda said as she caught Carla's attention and was rewarded with a lovely smile from the sexy waitress as she approached their table.

"Could we have the check please, Carla?" Amanda asked.

Carla took her pad out of her pocket, found their tab and placed it in front of Amanda. "Is your friend okay, miss?" she enquired looking with concern at the immobile figure of Katie who continued to stare straight ahead oblivious of Carla's presence.

"Yes she's just a little tired." Amanda assured her as she passed a 10 note to Carla with a cheery, "Keep the change, honey."

The waitress smiled her thanks and was about to leave when Amanda placed her hand lightly on Carla's forearm. "Carla, I wonder if you could help us?"

Quite happy to be detained and very aware of Amanda's light touch she replied. "If I can, miss."

"We need to go downtown to finish our shopping trip but I was wondering if we could leave these bags here, as my friend is a little tired. We will be a bit tied up for a couple of days but we could pick them up by Friday." Amanda explained, glancing towards the docile girl at her side.

"We close in 25 minutes." Carla said as she glanced at the clock over the counter. "And we can't leave stuff here overnight I'm afraid."

"Oh, well." Amanda said, removing her hand from Carla's arm.

"I suppose I could take them, I only live a couple of blocks away, you could give me a ring and pick them up whenever you want." Carla said sweetly as she scribbled on her order pad, ripped off the page and passed it to Amanda.

Amanda took the sheet of plain paper and saw that Carla had scribbled her phone number. "You can call me anytime, just leave a message. I get off work same time most nights."

Amanda, who was well used to the dance heard the invitation and smiled her response. "That really is very sweet of you, Carla."

Carla blushed softly, she wasn't used to giving complete strangers her phone number but she really did want to see this woman again. "Just leave them there and I'll pick them up on my way out." Carla said, quite aware of the flush on her cheek and the warm tingle in her pussy.

Amanda folded Carla's note and placed it in her purse as she stood and took hold of Katie's hand saying. "Come along, honey. We have a lot to do before we are done today."

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