Thanksgiving stuffing part one  


Eighteen years old, in the Navy, on a ship, 1,500 miles from home. No family, no girlfriend and it was Thanksgiving day. I was in my rack, listening to(and smelling)Doc Bags farting in the bunk below me. "Holy shit, Doc, go take a shit or just leave! You're killing me! I can't even jerk off with all that crappy smell!"
"Hey Jay", it was the Bo'sun, BM2 Rickert. "I was supposed to go to dinner with a family in Virginia Beach, but I got a hot date that wants me to 'cum' over and stuff her body cavities with my Bo'sun's pipe. You want the invite to dinner? They won't care who shows up, they just want a sailor at the table. You can use my car if you have it back safe and sound by tomorrow morning. My little honey is picking me up in her Jeep."
I always liked Thanksgiving. I loved the food and people and party atmosphere as the holiday season came upon us all. Now, it just seemed like another day on the ship on a gloomy Norfolk day. "Sure, it stinks in here and I got nothin' goin' on anyway. I could stand to eat somewhere other than the mess decks. Thanks, brother!" After a shower I changed into my dress blues and got into Rickert's beat up Escort. I was surprised at how well it ran. I made it out to the house without any problem and knocked on the door.
"Hello," she smiled "you must be from the ship. Come on in, my name is Elsie." I introduced myself and tried to hide my surprise at finding this beautiful 20 something woman when I was expecting someone more my mom's age. She had a beautiful smile and short dark hair. Her skin looked soft and smooth and she moved like a dancer. The pictures lining the entryway were of her, in a ballet outfit in various poses. They were beautiful and I told her that I liked them very much. She told me that she hadn't danced professionally for over a year but that she liked to stay in shape. She was doing a great job. Her body was perfect. Shapely ass and legs, and firm tits with a hint of nipple showing through her sweater. I was in love!
She brought me into the living room and introduced me to her husband. John was older than Elsie by at least 20 years. He was still in good physical shape by his appearance and by the way he moved. "John and I used to dance professionally together until he tore his knee ligaments and I tore up my ankle pretty badly when we were hiking at Shenandoah. Luckily, John was getting ready to retire and my ankle is almost perfect. Ive been working with the local ballet and I've got a small part in the Nutcracker. You'll have to come and see me dance!"
"Wow, I'd like that. I've never been to the ballet before. I only know what I've seen on TV." I was surprised at how comfortable I'd become in such a short time. After dinner and pie, John and Elsie asked if I would like to see some of their performances on video tape. I said sure and didn't feel like I wanted to leave at all, I was having such a good time. Besides, after dinner, Elsie had changed into a loose, clingy sweater and very sheer tights which made it clear that she was wearing a very sexy thong bikini underneath. They way her breasts swayed when she turned, showed that she had apparently taken off her bra as well.
I sat on the couch facing the TV and Elsie snuggled up to me and quickly kissed me on the ear while John put the tape in the VCR. He walked to the couch and sat next to Elsie and put his hand between her knees and I noticed that she parted her legs slightly to allow his hand to move closer to pussy.
The tape started showing a younger John in his tight ballet outfit with an enormous bulge in his crotch. My god! The man was built! I don't think he had an ounce of body fat, and he moved on the stage like a combination of man, animal and spirit. I'd never heard the music before, which didn't surprise me, I was barely able to identify Bob Seger songs on the radio. It was more modern music than I expected and I realized that this was a soudstage and not a live performance on tape.
"John and I wrote the music and choreographed this piece. We only show it to special people. We think you're special, Jay. Watch closely." It was Elsie, whispering in my ear as her hand move up from my knee to my crotch. My cock was getting hard as her warm mouth lingered by my ear and her hand lightly brushed my cock as she shifted her weight toward John. They must have choreographed their moves because he slid softly back as Elsie moved her hands and mouth to his crotch. I wasn't sure if I should be watching them, so I turned to face the screen.
By now, Elsie and John were moving about the stage in a very erotic dance. Her skintight costume was sheer and there was nothing underneath it. I could even see that she had shaved her pussy for the taping. I heard Elsie unzip John's slacks and watched from the corner of my eye as she pulled out at least 7" of thick cock with a red knob for a head and blue veins bulging. I was shocked at my reaction, knowing that I was staring at this man's cock while his pretty young wife sucked and licked the head. I was getting hot and realized that Elsie was slowly moving her ass against my leg in a very sensuous way.
I finally turned toward the screen and realized that there was a third man in a costume similar to John's and a bulge to match. The dance turned into a contest for Elsie. Each man taking turns, trying to seduce her. In the story, she was reduced to a woman obsessed with satisfying both men. The costumes were made to be torn off, and they were, and all three of them were naked and the dance turned into an extraordinarily hot 3-some. I noticed that the men eventually began to touch and suck and lick each other as well until all of the bodies were locked in an orgy with hands and tongues and pussy and cock and ass came together in an orgasm scene in which John emerges and cums over both Elsie and the other male dancer while they stroke his body.
Elsie lifted her head and pulled my face to hers. Her hand was still stroking John's thick cock, inches from her face...and mine. "Do you know what I want, Jay? Do you know what I need? Her breathing was heavy and she pulled my lips to hers. It was strange at first, I was french kissing a gorgeous married woman while her husband sat next to us with a throbbing erection. "I want you to stay the does John" she said as she lowered her mouth back to his dripping cock.
John looked at me and said "Hey man, it's cool. We both like you and we'd like you to spend the night and play with us. It's all in fun and besides, we both like the uniform. I'd like to watch Elsie take it off...she's an expert. She'll get all thirteen buttons undone with her lips, teeth and tongue. How can you pass that up? I agreed.
I pulled off my crackerjack blouse and white t-shirt as well as my shoes and socks. I laid back on the couch and Elsie slithered her body onto mine. She felt as light as a feather and she managed to make me feel like every nerve in my body was tingling. She kissed me full on the lips and slowly worked her tongue and lips down my chest, across my nipples and to the buttons of my bell bottoms. She nuzzled her face into my crotch and I watched John stroking his cock which was about 7.5 thick inches now that he had his clothes off and set it free along with two huge balls.
Elsie made short work of the buttons and had the flap of my pants down like a tray. My cock was hard and about 6.5". It was slightly thicker than John's cock and I liked the way she was wrapping her lips and tongue around the head with soft, warm swirling movements. She pulled my pants off the rest of the way and took my hand. "Come on, John and I have a special place we'd like to show you"...end of part one

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