The Bus Trip  


I was on a greyhound bus heading back to college. There were only a few people on
board. I had decided to sit in the rear of the bus so I could catch a little shut-eye. Last
night I had been to a farewell party and got very little sleep. I soon dozed off and
vaguely remember stopping a couple of times to take on new passengers. I started to
dream about my girlfriend and our last date. I was wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a
short sleeve shirt as the weather was still warm. As I dreamed I guess I was talking in my
sleep. Also I got an erection that was causing my shorts to bulge out. I awoke with a
start and glanced around, as I didn't remember where I was. I looked to my right at the
seat across the aisle. Someone was seated there and was looking at me, or rather at my
crotch. I glanced down and saw that the front of my shorts looked like a tent. I put my
hand in my lap to try to cover it up. The guy across the aisle said, "Having a wet
dream?" I just looked at him unsure of what to say. I said "Yeah I was dreaming about
my girlfriend I guess." He replied "Oh too bad, I was going to come over and help you
with that". I must have had a dumb look on my face as he said, " Girls aren't the only
way to get off you know." I replied, "I've never had a guy touch me before". He said
"Why don't you just take it out and stroke it for me, I like to watch. No one can see you
except me." With those words I got even harder. I thought "Why not, I sure was horny".
I reached down and unzipped my fly and my cock sprang out, as I had no under shorts on.
"Sweet Jesus " he gasped "that is a monster cock". I wrapped my left hand around it and
started to stroke it. He got up and moved over beside me. He watched as I rolled my
foreskin up over my cock-head and then slowly pulled it back down. His breathing was
getting hoarse and his eyes were glued to my cock. "May I touch it?" he croaked. I
nodded and he reached out to take it in his hand. This was the first time another guy had
ever touched my cock. He said, "This is the biggest fucking cock I have ever had my
hands on, and I have had quite a few in my hands". He lovingly caressed it and stroked it
up and down. He ran his fingers over the velvet head and reached his other hand into my
shorts to feel my balls. It felt so damn good. He was an expert at this. His face was
getting closer and closer to my cock. I closed my eyes and allowed him to do what ever
he wanted. Then I felt something warm enveloping my cock. I opened my eyes and he
had my cock in his mouth. He was swirling his tongue around the head and stroking me
at the same time. He took me in farther and I could feel the back of his throat with my
cock. He stopped sucking for a minute and asked, "This thing is really thick, how long is
it?" I replied, "I'm not sure." So he reached in his pocket and pulled out a small tape
measure and proceeded to measure. "Wow", he said, "It's nine and a half inches and
seven inches around at the base." Then he took me in his mouth again and started to suck
with earnest. His head bobbed up and down faster and faster. I was getting close to
cumming. I told him so and he slowed a little, but kept sucking. He did this several
times, until I could hold it back no longer. I tried to warn him, but he kept on sucking.
Suddenly I had a massive orgasm. I could feel the cum exploding from my dick. He
tried to swallow it all but some ran out of his mouth and down my cock and onto my
balls. As soon as I stopped cumming he licked down my cock and licked all the cum from
my balls. "Oh man", he gasped "that was the biggest mouthful of cum I ever had and the
tastiest." My cock was still semi-hard and he kept stroking it gently. I could see that his
cock was hard, so I asked him if he wanted me to jack him off. He said yes and opened
his fly and took his dick out. It was fairly big but nowhere as large as mine. I took it in
my hand and started to stroke it. This was another first for me. I told him to take his
balls out too. I caressed his balls and stroked the length of his shaft. I also played with
his cock-head. He must have been very horny as after only a few minutes he shot a big
load. The cum went so far that it arced over the seat in front of us. It was fortunate no
one was sitting there.

By this time I was fully hard again and he started to suck me again. He repositioned
himself and started taking me in deeper and deeper. I wouldn't have believed it possible,
but he was able to take me in clear to my balls. I put my hand on the back of his head
and forced him to hold me there for a few minutes. He started to struggle and I realized
he couldn't breath. I let him up and he took a deep breath. He then got in a rhythm. He
would suck and lick my cock head and then do a deep one or two. He kept this up for
several minutes. Suddenly he stopped and said, "I want you in my ass." I said, "Here".
He nodded. He pulled a small tube out of his pocket and spread some sort of lube on my
dick. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and he pulled his pants off. My cock was
sticking straight up. He straddled me and lowered himself onto my cock. It took some
effort, but finally I was buried in his ass. It was really tight. He started to move up and
down. I reached around and grabbed his cock and stroked him as he moved on my cock.
It must have taken me nearly fifteen minutes to cum, but when I did it was another gut
wrenching orgasm. He came at the same time, spraying the back of the seat in front of
us. He sat on my cock until he felt me softening. He then rose carefully so the driver
wouldn't see him. He wiped my cock off with some tissues he had, and pulled his pants
up. I pulled my shorts up and zipped up. He said, "Well that was the biggest cock I have
ever deep throated and the biggest one I have had in my ass, thank you." I replied, "That
is the first bj and the first time I have fucked a guy".

We rested and chatted for a while and then he sucked me again. He got me off a total of
seven times before we reached my station, a period of about six hours. He sure did love
my cock. Turns out he goes to the same university that I do. We meet about every week
or so and he does his thing. Sometimes he just sucks me off and sometimes I fuck him,
sometimes we do both. A couple of times he has brought a friend that also loves sucking
dick and they both do me. One will suck my balls and the other my dick. Then they do
each other as I watch. I especially like to watch them fuck each other. Sometimes I will
shove my cock in my friend's mouth while his buddy fucks him. He seems to love that.
I have also introduced my roommate to them. He, my roommate, says it really takes the
tension off before a big test to get a good bj. It also helps me stay away from other girls
and be faithful to my girlfriend.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:09 pm