The computer room  


Computer Room

Gently I turned the knob, careful not to slam the door
I crept into the computer room, tiptoe-ing on the floor.
I made my way to where you sat, until you were in view
Careful not to give away, what I was intent to do.

You were working very hard, not aware at all
I had crept up right behind you, with my back against the wall.
Without a sound or word, your neck my lips did seek
The Goosebumps now upon your skin, and legs now feeling weak.

So swift and fast your chair did turn, so quick I did not see
You whipped my body on your lap and now was facing me
You bent your head and kissed my mouth, the pleasure I did feel
Your hand now underneath my skirt, my gasp your lips did seal.

The kiss was getting urgent, your fingers now inside
The feeling hot between my legs, the desire I could not hide
Eagerly, determined, your prick I did release
Then sat upon it’s head I did , to fill me it would please

Thrust for thrust we both did meet, getting faster all the time
Your grip upon my ass intense, the feeling just divine
Suddenly we both explode, the pleasure feeling great
We hold each other very tight, to catch our breath we’d wait

A few minutes had gone passed, I got up off the chair
To check my clothes, wipe the sweat, and fix my dish-shelved hair
I turned around to leave, and to leave you I was sad
But my fantasy was now fulfilled, and the fuck the best I’ve had

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:10 pm