The Janitor  


Brad was a popular guy never had much in life to worry about other than girls since he was on the basketball team grades always were A's. His looks were awesome. It would make a girl hot and horny with just the thought of what was under his pants,but what was under his clothes other than his big muscles and 6 pack of abs was a 10 inch rock hard cock. He was a horny guy himelf only to be 15 he could fuck a girl good and hard all night long.

This is where our story begins. It is a warm day in april and Brad was in school bathroom stall jacking off at 1:45 right before basketball practice after he cummed all over his clothes he decided to go ahead and change into his basketball uniform after he changed he decided he needed to piss he went to the urinal and pulled out his cock which was still semi-hard when the janitor came in she was apparently not paying much attention because she walked right by Brad with-out even noticing this janitor was not just a piss cleaner she was a 24 year old tall slender big breasted blonde haired blue-eyed beauty once she noticed that Brad was in the bathroom she tried to run out,but Brad stopped her and with his cock still hanging out of his pants said "Wait a minute my sweet I need a favor from you" Angel then struggled to get loose but Brad was much much stonger and slammed her on the floor and with that knocked her out for about 2 or 3 minutes as Angel awoke she had a very nice cock in her face she then was told to take it in her mouth and suck it hard as she refused Brad grabbed herhead and forced his cock into her mouth nearly gagging her with its thickness and lenght. Although Angel wouldn't admit it even to this day that was the best cock she had ever deep-throated in her whole life. After he cummed down her throat which seemed like buckets of cum,Brad bent her over and then ripped over her underwear playing with her wet pussy till her climax was complete then he got on her doggie-style and road her till her ass ripped open since she never had an anla fucking before Brad had to really keep his hang over her mouth to keep her quiet when he cummed again he threw her over onto her back and let her rest till she would be fucked in her tight little pussy Brad then went down on her and licked her clit till she almost had an orgasm the stopped and rammed his cock in her like there was no tomorrow she yelled OH GOD at the top of her lungs ut was barely heard do to the loud noises in the halls of the school then all of the sudden 2of Brad's friends and the principle of the school walked in and seen what was happening and in no time were down on the floor naked as they each had a hole Brad's friend Don took Angel's ass while Brad's other friend David took Brads ass and the principal rammed his 12 inch cock into her throat as they done this in unison they were amazed at the fun they were having though Brad wasn't gay he was partilly Bisexual and his friend was truelly a good ass fucker once the all cummed in her and Don cummed in Brad they all got back on their clothes and picked up kisseder and sucked her rock-hard tits and Told her if she told a soul she would be killed Angel lovingly returned the kiss and causually asked if they would have a special meeting again they all lauged and walked off saying "Soon well let you do us another favor" and then stated "Were late for basketball practice"

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:56 pm