The neighbor  


The Neighbor

He moved next door a few years ago
With a wife, two kids and a dog in tow
He was very good looking, his body was great
He stood very tall, and was everyone’s mate.

We laughed very often, jokes on each other we’d play
We felt the attraction; it became stronger each day.
Then one day, when I was alone in my house
He entered my home, as quiet as a mouse.

I had left the front door open, so he let himself inside
I was naked in the bathtub, with nowhere to hide.
The music was playing, a scented candle burned
A noise I heard, and towards it I turned

Startled at first, I sat up and was shocked
The desire quickly evident, in our eyes as they locked
He knelt down slowly, his lips searching mine
The kiss made me feel woozy, like I’d had too much wine.

His hand now under water, the kiss intensified
I wanted him inside me, this I could not hide
His hand on my mound, the kiss scorching hot
I thought I would explode, when he touched that spot.

Crazy with lust, and turned on to the max
I wanted him inside me, I wanted the sex
I stood up in the tub; he lifted me with ease
On my bed he lay me, then proceeded to tease.

He stripped off his clothes; each piece fell to the floor
One piece at a time, until there was no more.
Standing there naked, with his prick upright
He was ready for action; he was quite a sight

As I lay on the bed, my hair & body still wet
He lay down next to me, then our eyes met.
His head came down slowly, one hand on my hips
Then he traced each nipple, with his tongue and wet lips,

Slowly he moved his body, on top of my own
As he entered me quickly, I could hear him groan
In rhythm we moved, getting faster each thrust
Both of us surrendering to uncontrollable lust

When we could take it no longer, we both did explode
Coming together, he released his load
With sweat on our bodies, and both gasping for air
We lay on the bed, at the ceiling to stare.

A few minutes had passed, so we got up from the bed
Dressed in our clothes, without a word to be said
Both of us knew, what we had just done
So a secret we’d keep, not to hurt anyone!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:39 pm