the odd girl out !!  


the bell rang for the end of class, as jane strolled nervousily down the corridor. she was trying to avoid britney and the ''evil'' cheerleaders who had made the whole term a living hell for her ..

at the corner of her jane who just turned 12 noticed britney had been walking behind her ..
as she passed the toilet britney pushed her in...
jane was close to tears thinking about what britney had previousily done toher before.
cut her hair , lipstick allover her face .....

britney spoke gently ''im sorry jane...'' i was mean to you because it is our reputation.. if i wasnt i would be kicked out of the cheerleaders.

britney was 12 too .. she had long blond hair and 32d breasts, she put her hand on jane's face and wiped away her tears.
jane said ''britney i forgive you i didnt know you were a really sweet and cute girl.....
britney stopped her .. im cute ? jane replied i think you are very sexy , and.......

before jane could finish britney's tongue was in her mouth.. janes first kiss , she just went along with the process.
oh my god thought jane im wet ...she had to see if britney was too....she slid her hand down towards her preteen pussy was as dampas janes ...

jane took britneys hand and walked in to the cubicle and locked the door... pulled down britneys skirt ... britney said ''just like in my dreams''

jane began toplay with britneys pussy , stroking her clit , sliding her fingers uo the tight wet pre teen pussy ....britney let out a huge moan aaaaaahhhhhhhh ooooaaaaah .... the toilet door bust open.... a loud bang at the door..booooom booom .. whoisin there the shrilled voice of the up.

britney pulled up her skirt ..licked janes fingers and kissed for a moment before walking out together holding hands...

principal dean wasgobbed smacked.. ''in my office after school'' the girls kissed again for a while and split up.

4.00 came and the girls were outside the principals room waiting . when jane said ''ilove you britney im still wet thinking about today..... just the pr. dean walked around. he had a cheeky grin on his face he hissed ''!

he told the girls ''im the only one who knows about this , i can keep it that way .''
the girls eyes light up ''oh thank you sir!''
''but'' said deani want some of your ''wet pussy''

the girls couldnt refuse ,if it got out that they were lesbians there whole schooling life would be ruined.

jane walked over to dean , unzipped his pants and out popped this 10'' cock of the 50yr old man.

she thugged back his foreskin and began to suck his swollen head while she pulled his 10'' shaft.

oooohhhh he moaned ... as he quickly yanked down her skirt , to his surprise she was wearing a little thong like a ho.
britney saw this and went directly for janes pussy .. she pulled across her thong and slid her tongue up janes slit

''ah ah ahhh said dean, you can do that when you want , this is my pussy ''
you slut lie on the ground...dean spread britneys pussy real wide ,spit on it , rubbed it in well, an rubbed his head up and down her preteen pussy , britney moaned ''oooohhh sir''

without warning he rammed his 10''cock up her pussy , ''aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh'' cried britney as jane slid her tongue in her mouth ... its ok britney you are doing this so we can be together,

dean was pounding her tight 12 yr old pussy real fast .. he never had anything so tight in all his life,aahhhhhh he errupted inside the little princess, then he told jane to lick the cum off her pussy.

jane and britney lay naked in 69 position as dean got dressed.
''girls you will get A's and B's in all your tests, you can fuck each other whenever yous want, and jane your next, we will do this every friday after school,, agreed ,,

the to girls said agreed with nasty horny smiles on their faces , dean threw them the keys and $50 and said lock up when your finished ...

jane and britney are now 18 . britney has deans kid from the faithful first shag and they still go out and are living on campus at michigan uni

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:43 pm