The Perfect Truck = Part 2  


Read Part One first if you haven't already....

She reaches for the note, her body moving slowly against the towel wrapped around her body. She stops as the note sits in her hand. She's not sure if she should open it or not. Her mind wanders quickly back to the unexpected encounter of the boarder and how he made her body feel. She never thought a cop would look that good with no clothes on, or even that one would do what he did. Snapping back into reality, she looks down at the note in her hand once more. "It's just a note. Just words. What harm could they do?" She slides her index finger into the folded portion and draws it open. In very masculine writing she reads 'This isn't over. You're mine now...'


Leigh wanders into the station 15 minutes late. His partner Gabby spots him and motions him over.
"Where in the hell have you been? Sarg is driving everyone nuts about being late and shit and here you are 15 minutes late to work!" Gabby shot out
Leigh just smiles and drops her a wink as he grabs her arm and leads her off to the stairwell. "I want to run an idea past you, and you tell me what you think..." His words trail off as they make their way out of everyone else's earshot. He starts telling her about what made him late, but didn't include her name or age. She was almost 18, at least he was pretty sure. She was graduated already, that much he knew.

Gabby watched him as he told her his story. Occasionally she would glance him over, and not even half way through she saw how exciting it was making him. She never really thought of her partner as sexy before, but hearing him talk about him and this other chick and seeing him get excited was getting her hot. She unbuttoned her top 2 buttons to cool off a bit, not realising at first that it also showed off some of the cleavage she tries to keep covered. She finally noticed when Leigh suddenly stopped talking and caught him practically staring at her chest.

Leigh couldn't believe his eyes when he first started seeing her fidgit. First it was just shifting her weight from one foot to the next, going faster each time, then it was twirling her hair around her middle finger, then she was unbuttoning her shirt.. man, he was having a great morning so far. Thoughts were crashing against eachother as he fought with himself about what he should do. One kiss, he thought. One kiss will tell me if she wants it. Without a second thought he grabbed her hair and pulled him to her wrapping his other arm around her waist to prevent her from pulling away. The kiss was hard and hungry. His tongue feverisly exploring every section of her mouth. Kissing isn't enough, his body was screaming for more. He wanted to ravage her there and then.. his mind was whirling when he pushed her away from him with a force that knocked her against the stairway wall.

Gabby gasped for breath as he took her hard against him. She never expected this at all! Nor did she expect to get so wet from such force. Her clit started to throb with every flick of his tongue. Before she knew it, it was over as quickly as it started, and with her gasping for breath as he pushed her into the wall. "What in the hell was that for?" She snapped as she rubbed her head. Her lips felt tender, and her hormones were through the roof. "I never knew you liked me that much Leigh. How heavy do you want this partnership to be exactly?" As she spoke she unbuttoned more of her top, her bra becoming more visible each time.

When her shirt was fully open. He got a very good look at the black lacy bra holding two firm, perky and full tits. They had to be a C at least. Her nipples were standing hard against the material, practically screaming to be free. She wore her skirt today, so if he wanted her, it would be easy. He began thinking of how her cunt must taste. Just picturing running his tongue on her inner thighs and outer pussy was driving him mad. He also was dying to know if she was shaved or not. "Wanna be my Bitch Gab..." His comment more of an order then a question.

With her breasts fully exposed, yet still hidden by her bra, she waited as he stared. She glanced down at his pants and noticed his cock created a huge bulge lined right up with the zipper. He was full of suprises today. "I'm nobody's Bitch, Leigh. Not even yours." She started to get herself in order by picking up the shirt she dropped without knowing it. Having to turn her back to him she didn't know he moved behind her until she felt his hand up her skirt. She tried to stand up, but his other hand went to the back of her head holding her bent over. His fingers weaved under and over the back of her thong, sometimes sliding down her ass crack. She felt him as he pulled her thong towards him, then release and moan in hearing the snap it made.

Oh this felt good to have her bent like this. Ass in the air, tits hanging, and a thong under her skirt. He could smell her slight fear mixed in with the musk of her slit. He let his hand roam to her chest. Grabbing the right tit he squeezed enough to get a gasp of pain from her. He took her nipple in between his fingers and gave a sharp twist and got another cry in return. He cupped her tit full in his hand and massaged it, and rolled it from one side to the other. Not to leave the other side out, he moved his hand to her left tit. This time he touched it softly, almost feather like. His rod stood rock hard as he heard her moan in pleasure. It came out almost like a sigh. Standing himself back up, but making sure she stayed, he run his hand over her skirt till he reached the hem. Within seconds it was gathered at her waist, her ass fully exposed. He pulled her thong off, and cupped her mound. Soft and smooth. Not wasting anymore time he slid a finger into Gabby the same way he did Lana. Couple flicks on the clit, with an additional pinch, then he started to use one finger to fuck her cunt as hard and as fast as he could.

Oh my god, she thought as he played with and pinched her chest. I can't even scream or they'll find me like this. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be found or not.. or even if she'd really be heard since the stairway was almost sound proof. She let out a small yelp as he pinched her clit, then moaned as he flicked it, thinking he was going to keep that up. Her eyes shot open wide as she felt a finger ram into her cunt harder and faster then she had ever felt before. Then he suddenly had two fingers in, going even faster, ramming even harder into her, almost like he was trying to force his whole hand in. Her eyes watered from the pain as her muff moistened with each stroke. She didn't feel him stop even once when the door they were standing by opened and 2 other male cops walked in. One locked the door they walked though, the other ran to lock all the other doors.

"Hey boys. Nice to see you join in. Like what you see?" Leigh spoke. Both cops nodded and just took out their rods and started jacking off. Both had ear to ear grins. "I'm sure my Bitch will give one of you a blow job, won't you Bitch?" He said as he snapped her head up so her mouth was cock height. "Slip it in Terri." With that Terri moved forward with his 6 inch cock and rammed it into her mouth. He kept up a nice rhythem as he started to fuck her face. "God she's tight!" Leigh was still ramming her, but with three fingers now, and was occasionally stopping to pump her rosebud of an asshole with just one finger. Unable to take it anymore, Leigh took out his cock and slammed it into her hot running cunt. Just like Lana, he gave her no warning. He could feel her cunt get tight around his cock as he pumped as hard as he could, forcing every last inch of him inside her while Terri pounded her face. Not wanting to feel left out, the third cop put Gabby's hand on his cock and ordered her to pump him, and to do a good job of it while he played with her tits. With one hand reaching over each side of her, he grasped her tits, and started squeezing and rubbing her nipples, sometimes twisting causing her to jerk and arch her back to try to stand.

Gabby was in shock and just did as she was told. She muff was being fucked by Leighs hard cock, her face was being pumped by Terri, and now a rookie was trying to twist her nipples off after demanding a handjob. She wasn't sure if she should cry in pain or moan because of how hot this was all making her. She felt Terri tense and knew she was about to get a load of cum down her throat. How right she was, but she wasn't expecting so much. He just kept shooting it! This was too much for Leigh. He started fucking her harder and faster. Then he quickly pulled out and rammed all of his dick into her ass pumping just as hard and fast. She tried to cry out from the pain of such a forceful entry but Terri's cock was replaced with the rookies yet unspent rod. With both cocks ramming into her at the same time and pulling out the same time, she felt like she was in a vise. She suddenly felt a warm gush of semen in her bowel, at the same time as it went down her throat.

Both men pulled out of her, and Leigh flipped her on her back before she had time to do much else. Quickly he instructed both cops to cuff her hands to the railings and hold her ankels after he positioned them to be under her hips. With that she was spread wide open. Leigh started to tongue her clit, darting in and out of her pussy lips. While he ate her muff, he started to fuck her with his baton, pushing it in further each time until it was almost half way in. He ground her clit lightly with his teeth, then grasping it in between he started to roughly flick his tongue over the hard throbbing nub.

The other two cops had begun feasting on her jugs with the one free hand they each had. Terri was taking her nipples in between his teeth am pulling away, while the rookie slurped and sucked until he left marks. His tongue reached her nipple and started massaging it gently at first. Doing all of this had all three hard again. Terri pushed Leigh out of the way, and started ramming his dick into her honey pot. He was thicker then Leigh, but he felt her pussy adjust. Not to be left out, the rookie unsnapped the cuffs and with Terri's help, had Gabby in a kneeling position. Without much warning he slid his rod into her rosebud while Terri pumped at her cunt. The rookie reached around and took hold of her tits as they bounced.

"Wash her up when you're done guys... I'm hitting the shower. After that I want her dressed and in my car waiting. And no bitch of mine is allowed to wear their underwear or bra." With that said Leigh straightened his clothes and walked to the men's shower. It took him only 20 minutes to get showered and dressed again. He walked through the station like everything was normal, waving at this cop, or that cop. Picked up his messages and went to his cruiser. There, waiting like a good girl, was Gabby. Hair and make-up done back up, clothes looking like they were never touched, and as instructed, no bra or panties. His cock was getting hard just knowing it. "Gabby, I trust you never said a word to anyone?"

"Not a word Leigh." It was more of a whisper then anything as she tried to deal with what had just happened, and try to figure out what was going to happen next. They sat in silence as they drove their normal beat. Leigh's eyes flickered to a woman in the drivers seat of the vehicle next to them. He had to look twice to make sure he was seeing right. He allowed the truck to pull ahead of him before he pulled in behind and followed her. He wasn't sure where she was going, but it got him excited. With one hand on the wheel he grabbed Gabby's head and pushed it towards his crotch. "Suck my cock Bitch. Now!" He barked. He turned onto the dirt road the truck did and flipped on his lights. As the truck rolled to a stop, Gabby was slurping and sucking his pole, shoving as much as she could into her mouth. Grabbing her hair he told her to sit up and spread her legs quickly. When she did, he slipped in two fingers and gave a few quick pumps. "Now go out there and tell her to get out of the truck. Make her face the truck and put her hands behind her back. Cuff her, then put this blind fold over her eyes." He ordered as he handed her the blindfold.

Gabby wasn't sure why she was doing this, but she did as she was told. "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the truck." She stood back as the woman did as she was asked. "Now face the truck and place your hands behind your back." The woman looked stunned and tried to get back in, but Gabby pulled her out and had her cuffed before she got very far. "That wasn't a very wise move." She said as she tied the blindfold over her eyes.

The woman was scared. This wasn't her truck. She was only test driving it. She heard a second set of footprints coming towards her and went rigod as the person spoke. She knew that voice. She would never forget it. Her slit started to moisten as she remembered this monrings shower. "Stand her up." The voice ordered. She felt hands on her arms lifting her off the ground. When she was standing and steady, the voice came closer. "Officer, remove this woman's panties with your teeth." She stood tense as she felt her dress lift up and a set of lips brush against her skin as her panties were removed. She shivered as the breeze met her bald pussy lips. "You should warm her up, Officer. Don't want her to get frigid now do we?" The voice sounded right next to her. "And Bitch, don't forget to service yourself." Suddenly the woman felt hands on her inner thighs moving her legs apart and a set of lips kissing at her slit. A tongue slid over her pussy, and inside to her clit. Gentle flickers here and there, sometimes a rolling tongue. She heard and felt the Officer moan into her cunt.

Leigh stood and watched as Gabby munched on the woman's shaved muff. He approached the woman and whispered, "I told you this wasn't over Lana. I'm going to make you pay for flaunting that tight pussy at me." He reached over and slid her dress straps down her shoulders until her breasts were exposed to the breeze. He watched as her nipples became erect and hard, then he leaned down and suckled each one roughly in turn. Her eyelids closed as she sighed in pleasure from what was happening. Her excitement grew with each stroke of tongue from either end. "Bitch, stop. I'm going to lift her onto the hood, so undo the cuffs. Then I'm going to tie her down and you get on her with your ass facing her."

Gabby did as she was told once more, and undid the woman she heard him call Lana. He lifted her up onto the hood, and had her lay on her back. Gabby watched as Leigh got the rope she hadn't seen him bring out, and looked as Leigh tied Lana down. He tied Lana's feet to the front bumper, and each hand was tied to each front axle. Gabby proceeded to climb on. She turned around so she was straddling Lana's face. Understanding what she was supposed to do she lowered her cunt to Lana's mouth, and ground her clit into her lips. She then grabbed Lana's pussy lips and spread them wide open.

Leigh told her to stop for a second while he got his camera. He wanted a nice video to remember this by. When he was back he instructed her to continue. With one hand on the camera holding it steady, he used the other hand to pull out his cock and jack off. Gabby was munching Lana's pussy nicely. She has very good tonguing technique. She must have done this before. "Lana, I suggest you start lappin away at the Officers snatch unless you want to be put away for resisting an Officer." With that Lana started to kiss Gabby's muff with her lips, occasionally slipping a tongue in.

Lana wasn't sure what she was supposed to do as she's never done this before. She tried to follow the other woman's lead, but couldn't concentrate as shocks of electricity went from her clit through her whole body. She felt her body building up as an orgasm welled inside, waiting to explode into the cops mouth. Suddenly it was too much and she began to buck and arch as wave after wave of her orgasm was released. She could hear Leigh panting and moaning at the site of her cumming on Gabby's face. Gabby was all too happy to lap up all of the cunt juice Lana spilt.
Leigh ran to get his tripod so he would have hands free to finger, and grab whatever he wanted, but he wanted to make sure he caught everything on tape. It took him less then a minute to get everything set up. "Bitch, my cock wants some attention." She felt Gabby get down and heard her start sucking Leigh's cock. She wasn't expecting another mouth on her pussy though. Still recovering from her first orgasm, she felt another build up quickly from the combined tongue lashing and moaning. Before she knew it, she was arching, and squirming, pulling on the ropes that tied her down. She heard a great cry of pleasure as Leigh's semen was released, shooting onto Lana's thighs and stomach.

Leigh quickly climbed onto the hood and stuck his still hard cock into Lana's tight wet cunt. Pumping her box reminded him of the shower and in no time at all he was hard all over again. "Bitch! Get your ass up here and lay spread eagle on the windshield. I want to eat your puusy while I fuck this slut!" Again Gabby did as she was told, and for the next hour they changed positions and partners.

Well, that's all for now.... What do you suggest for part 3? Anything you'd like to see happen to Lana, Gabby, or Leigh?

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