The Snake  


When I was in my last year of college, there was a girl named Elizabeth who attended a lot of the same classes that I did. I thought she was very cute and she was also very smart. After checking around, I found out that she belonged to one of the sorority houses on campus.

I wanted to impress her, so I arranged a surprise for her. I caught a garden snake that was about two feet long and put it in a box. A friend of mine, who delivers packages for a part-time job, volunteered to deliver the box to her sorority. I found out that her last class was over with at three p.m. and that she returned to her sorority everyday at three-fifteen p. m., so I had my friend deliver the package at three-thirty.

So I could see her reaction to the package, I hid in some bushes near a building that was across the street from her sorority. When my friend delivered the package, another girl came to the door and signed for the package. There wasn't much activity for about five minutes, but then all hell broke loose. I could hear a lot of the girls screaming, and I could see everyone running throughout the sorority. To me, it was quite humorous. The screaming went on for about ten minutes when I decided to take a walk in front of the sorority and act like I didn't know what was happening.

Elizabeth saw me, and ran out to me and asked if I could help them out. She led me into the sorority, and it was quite a sight. There were all of these girls running around screaming in various stages of dress and undress. I really got an unexpected eyeful of a lot of female skin. Elizabeth then led me into the kitchen where the snake was cornered underneath the sink. So it was very easy for me to reach in and grab the snake, and to release it outside.

Now I was a hero to the girl's of the sorority and to Elizabeth. It was really great for me. The girls thanked me and asked if they could do anything for me. For the rest of the week at college, the girls of the sorority and Elizabeth treated real well. They made lunches for me and bought me small gifts. I thought I had it made with Elizabeth. I even had a great date with Elizabeth over the weekend. I was her hero.

On the following Monday in class, it seemed like things changed. Elizabeth was no longer worshiping me as her hero, and I didn't get a free lunch. I thought that my good luck had worn out since the snake incident had happened last week. But on the way to my dorm building, I noticed some girls walking both in front of me and behind me. Then just before I got to the dorm, the girls in front of me slowed way down and the girls behind me were right next to me. My books were suddenly taken away, and my arms were grabbed and forced behind my back. Then the girls forcefully escorted me to Elizabeth's sorority. "Don't complain or say anything, or we will make things even worse for you," one of the girls said.

Soon I found myself in a large room in the main living area of the sorority. The girls were sitting down and formed a large circle. I was forcefully placed in the middle of the circle and Elizabeth joined me and said, "We know about your prank with the snake. After contacting the delivery company about the snake, we found out that you had your friend deliver the box to me. The whole sorority house and myself thought that you were our hero, but now we know that you are the jerk that put together this prank. Now it's payback time."

"I didn't do it." I pleaded. "You got the wrong guy."

"We know you did it." Elizabeth said. "If you deny it, your punishment will be even worst."

"Okay. I confess I did it." I said. "What are you going to do about it?" I thought that all they could do would be to reprimand me.

"First, we want you to take off all of your clothes." Elizabeth said.

"You must be kidding! I'm not going to take my clothes off in front of these girls."

"You better start taking them off, or else we will help you out." Elizabeth said. I hesitated to see what would happen, and soon Elizabeth said, "Come on, let's help him out."

Five or six of the girls ran up to me and started taking off my clothes. I shoved them off and said, "Alright, I'll do it myself." It was very embarrassing to take my clothes off in front of these girls. All of them were really watching my every move. When I got down to my white underpants, I hesitated again.

"I said to take off everything, and that means your briefs, too." Elizabeth said. So I slowly took them off and quickly covered my penis and balls with my hands. "We punished your friend who delivered the package last night, and he told us everything. Now it is your turn to be punished."

"So what are you going to do?" I asked.

"First, your going to come over to me and lay over my lap for a spanking, since you sent the box to me." Elizabeth said. "Hurry up and come over here or else the other girls will help you out."

I didn't want to be forced by the girls, so I slowly walked over to Elizabeth and lay over her lap. I felt like a naughty little schoolboy about to be spanked. I felt so embarrassed to have all these girls first see me completely naked and then watch me be spanked by Elizabeth.

"You had a real laugh by embarrassing me and the sorority with the snake, and now it is your turn to be embarrassed." Elizabeth said as she started to spank my poor naked upturned bottom. The sorority girls cheered and giggled as she spanked me. I felt so humiliated, but her spanking didn't hurt much.

"Now we want you to stand up and then get down on all fours. Girls, get out your sorority paddles and form two rows. Clyde, we want you to crawl between the two rows so that everyone gets a chance to spank you."

As I stood up, I saw that all of the girls, including Elizabeth, suddenly had a paddle in their hands. I felt a hard swat from Elizabeth's paddle as she said, "You better hurry up and start crawling, otherwise your punishment will last even longer." As I got down on my hands and knees, I felt a lot of swats on my naked and unprotected behind. It seemed like I couldn't crawl fast enough. The paddles stung my bottom as I crawled between the two rows of girls.

When I got to the end of the two rows, I thought my punishment was over with. But then Elizabeth said, "Now turn around and crawl back here again." My bottom was now sore, but I still turned around and crawled back to Elizabeth. This time the paddles really stung my poor bottom. When I reached Elizabeth, she said "You can now stand up and rub your bottom."

As I stood up and rubbed my bottom, the girls giggled as I now fully displayed for them my penis and balls. I really didn't care since my poor naughty bottom hurt so much.

Elizabeth handed back my clothes except for my briefs and said, "We will keep these as a reminder of your spanking. You can get dressed now, and we never want to see you around here, again. Otherwise, you will get another spanking.

The sorority girls carefully watched me as I got dressed and walked out of the sorority. As I walked out, many of the girls swatted me on my bottom and said, "You'll never do that again."

I never played a crazy prank like that on another woman. The spanking really taught me a lesson.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:07 pm