The Stranger  


As i was driving along on a dark night and the warm rain was starting to fall i see something in a distance, looks like a person walking.the rain was starting to get heavier and i felt sorry for this mystery person so i pull over and he runs up to the car and gets inside. he says hello and i also say hello. i notice he is a very handsome man with dark hair and eyes in his mid twentys.
well we drive for awhile and i ask him where he is headed and he says he doesnt know yet. so i ask him to come back to my place and he can sleep on my sofa. he agrees and we head for my apartment. when we arive he asks if he may take a shower to freshen up and i said sure.well when he gets finished with his shower he comes out with only a towel around his waist,he looked very sexy.
i ask him if he would like a drink and he did ,so we set there for awhile and sipped on some mixed drinks. well as time passes i wondered what his package looked like so i lean over and give him a soft kiss, he leans over and kisses me more deeply,he starts to unbutton my shirt and slips his hand up my skirt and starts massaging my pussy with his fingers.i undo his towel and start to touch his member as it starts to become errect.
i lean over and i wrap my lips around his massive cock, i suck and suck on his dick like its my lolly pop.he picks me up and sets my wet ,juicey pussy on his face and licks and licks on my hard clit.i ride his tounge as he is inside me deeply.
his stiff tounge feels so good as my pussy drips all over his mouth.i then slide down to his massive member and my pussy is yearining to feel him inside me. i straddle him and his cock slides in me. i bounce up and down as his cock goes deeper and deeper inside me.he reaches around and fingers my asshole as i ride him up and down,getting faster and faster as i bounce.
he then gets on top of me and pushes into me with every thrust. i scream his name as i cum all over his cock.he said he wanted to cum so i moved above him and licked all the cum up as it came out of his hot rod.the next morning when i awoke there was one single red rose on the pillow and a note that said"thanks for a wondeful night". i never seen that man again after that night but i'm sure i will run into him someday again.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:15 pm