The Waterfall  


The Waterfall

The air was so humid, the Sun scorching hot.
Two hot bodies looking for a cool spot.
Deep in the forest with minimal sound,
each of them thinking no-one was around.

Suddenly the sound of water they both can hear,
each coming closer, not knowing the other was near.
The woman gets there first, just before the man.
So he hides in the bushes to see what he can.

She begins to remove her clothes, her body now bare
She was beautiful he thought, with long brown hair.
Her body was tanned, and glistened in the light
his erection now evident his pants pulling tight.

He could wait no longer, so he stripped off his clothes,
Made his way to the edge as she dipped in her toes.
She turned to the noise but was not scared or surprised,
She had a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes.

No words did he speak, no sound did he make
he looked straight into her eyes then her hand he did take
He led her towards the waterfall, the water was cool
A cave was behind it , and within it a pool.

The cave was cool, the water so calm
He lay her down gently, put her head on his arm.
He leaned across, and put his hand on her hips
His head came down slowly, as he kissed her lips.

She moaned with pleasure but he just couldn’t stop
He suckled her breasts, and moved his body on top.
As he deepened the kiss, she spread her legs wide
So slowly and gently he slipped it inside.

She felt like silk, so warm and so tight
His climax was near, to hold off he would fight.
Just when he thought he would burst at the seam
He heard her whimper her orgasm extreme

His own followed, the pleasure so great
He spilled his cum, no longer to wait.
As she came again, he saw the pleasure on her face
This beautiful woman he found in this place

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:14 pm