uncle paul part 2  


myself and uncle paul now had a secret and i had a feeling our little "meetings" were not going to stop soon, which in a way i wasn't worried about as i had enjoyed spanking him so why not carry it on?! which of course it did only the following day i was playing records in my bedroom and laid on the bed reading a magazine which my aunt had bought me, when uncle paul walked in, he walked over to the stereo and turned the volume down and sat next to me on the edge of my bed.
"about yesterday..." strangly my heart sank, i thought he going to apologise and say it would never happen again "thank you, you were very good sara, a lot better than your auntie helen" i looked up at him, he was smiling "did you enjoy yourself too sara?" i didn't know how to reply, it is bad to say you enjoy spanking your uncle? before i could reply he said "i know it must be peculiar for you, but it is perfectly normal you know" i smiled confirming his question, he placed his hand on my shoulder and leaned in to read my magazine, i was reading the problem pages, he tutted and said "i have much more informative magazines for you to read, would you like to see?" "yes please!" i replied a tad more excidedly than i planned in my head. he rose and i got up and followed him into his bedroom he gestured to the bed " make yourself comfortable" and dissappeared into his walk-in wardrobe, he returned with a cardboard box, which must have been full sa he was struggling with it a little. he plonked the box at the foot on the bed and i laid on my stomach head near so i could see all of them as he opened the box.
he opened the box and the top one was very creased with a naked woman on the front cluching her breasts and leaning forwards, licking her very made-up lips. uncle paul then began to load the box and all the magazines were very similar sometimes with two women on the front, sometimes the ladies don't even cover themsleves up at all! he passed one to me with two ladies on the front and i took it he came and lay next to me on the bed and leaned to see the pictures.
he turned the pages and he began to sweat slightly i was in awe of the pictures of women putting different objects in all kinds of weird places.
he looked at me and asked "have you ever put anything into your pussy, sara?" i looked at him puzzled pussy? like cat? i thought then he pointed to inbetween the woman's legs "pussy" he said,( i'm glad he explains things to me without having to ask!) "no i haven't i didn't realise you could"
"oh you can put lots of things up there" he sat up and positioned himself against the head-board he patted the pillow next to him, i sat next to him. he put his hand up my skirt and told me to lay down i wriggled down the bed and i have to admit i was getting pretty excited! he lifted my skirt and pulled off my knickers, he cupped my mound of slightly hairy "pussy" and i felt i wave of heat rise through me
"do you ever touch yourself?" he looked deep into my eyes "no, i don't know how" his eyes glistened and he smiled "we'll make sure you do then eh?" "yes please uncle paul"
he ran his hand inbetween my legs and slowly parted my lips and ran his middle finger inbetween them making me shudder slightly i moaned softly "do you like that sara?" "mmm yes uncle paul, that's lovley"
he then ran his finger down to my opening and inserted it, "i can tell you like it, you are sooo wet" he pushed his finger in deeper and then two, then three it began to hurt a little i think he could sense my discomfort "just relax, it'll get easier that way" his voice was gentle and soothing i relaxed and he pushed his three fingers deep into me and began moving them in and out i rested my head back on the pillow and started to enjoy the feeling, he moved them in and out faster and harder and my hips raised to meet his hand almost involuntarily i moaned his hand felt so good inside me "oh, you really like this don't you?" "mmmm" i couldn't speak i didn't want to take my mind off the pleasure, he then placed his thumb on what i now know to be my clit and began circuling it, i thought i was going to explode and i let out a loud moan and my whole body shook, i collapsed onto the bed and uncle paul lent upto me and kissed my on my mouth, i kissed him back and thanked him.

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:57 pm