Veronica`s train "ride"  


The train rumbled on, Veronica sat looking out of the window, bored.
On her way home from her London office job. Veronica had been one of the unlucky few selected to work between boxing day and new year`s day. Every one it seemed was on holiday except her. The office was empty,the city was empty and this homeward bound commuter train was empty too.
Except that in Veronica`s compartment, sitting almost opposite her, sat one solitary middle aged man pretending to read his paper. In reality he hadn`t been able to tear his gaze away from Veroica`s shapely legs for almost the entire time he had sat there.
Veronica was no thick bimbo, she was intelligent and street wise, she was also a good looking girl with a wicked streak.
Knowing full well that the guy had been looking at her, she decided to have some fun and tease him a little.
Veronica let her shoes drop from her feet as she laid her legs on the empty seat beside her. Folding her arms and leaning her head back she made like she was trying to sleep. Through slitted eyes Veronica could see the man getting bolder as he stared at her. After about five minutes feigning sleep, Veronica let her left foot"accidentally" slip from the seat to the floor. This as Veronica knew full well made her skirt ride up and expose a lot more of her upper thighs. With the rocking of the railway carriage Veronica let her left knee go with the rocking motion. Still pretending to be asleep she let her legs fall open a little more.
By now the man was staring hard at what he thought was a sleeping girl in front of him. He could now see right up her thighs to the gusset of her white panties. His feverish attempts to "adjust" his now erect penis by his hand in his pockets did not go unnoticed by Veronica. Fully aware that she was turning the man on gave Veronica a little sexual thrill of her own.
By now he had moved his half folded newspaper over his crotch to cover his hand as he gently stroked his stiff cock through the fabric of his trousers.
Veronica was becoming more and more turned on by the attempts of this frustrated man to masturbate himself over her little subterfuge.
In Veronica`s knickers her tight slit began to moisten, the lips of her labia began to swell and pout a little.
She was a girl who had an impeccable little pussy, with neat and closely trimmed pubic hair. Even so, when Veronica was feeling horny it started to lubricate as profusely as any other highly sexed young female, and a damp patch started to form on the gusset of her skimpy knickers.
Making as if to rouse herself from sleep, she sat up and looked straight at the man. He quickly stopped his furtive hand movements and made as if he hadn`t noticed Veronica at all by staring straight ahead.
Veronica noticed how flushed and red he looked, he even had small beads of sweat on his forehead. She didn`t need to be an expert to guess that by now this guy needed some sexual relief.
Veronica just sat and thought for the next couple of minutes.
What could she do now, she didn`t know this man and hadn`t even spoke to him. It would be a bit frustrating for her as well if she stopped her little game now.
Veronica had an idea.
"Excuse me"she said as she leant forward looking at the man, "yes" he said nervously.
"I need to use the toilet and i think the door catch is broken, would you mind standing at the door in case somebody comes along."
"N, no, not at all" he said, and they both rose from their seats.
Veronica went into the toilet cubicle, deliberately not attempting to fully fasten the door.Within a few seconds the rocking motion of the railway carriage started to open about a two inch gap through which the man could clearly see the side view of Veronica as she squatted on the toilet.
The man stood guard out side as Veronica sat with her panties down. The piss flew from her pussy in a noisy golden spray into the toilet bowl.
Veronca leant forward as she pissed, so her face was not visible to him, but from his view point in the corridor, he could easily see the side of Veronica`s pert beautifully rounded bottom, and the top of her shapely thighs.
With the sight of this lovely young womans body and the sound of her hissing vagina as she pissed, he couldn`t help him self.
He undid the zip on his trousers slipped his hand inside, and grasped his aching member.
Small moans of pleasure reached to Veronica`s ears, and she knew full well he was again masturbating over her.
Veronica finished her piss, then still sitting on the toilet, slipped the middle finger of her right hand down to her moist crease, she began to run it up and down the groove and slipping it into her wet hole.
He couldn`t believe what he was seeing and the squelchy sounds it was making were to much for him.
He slid back the toilet door and as he did so Veronica rose from the toiet seat and perched her bum on the small wash basin.
He moved towards her, groped her breasts and dropped his trousers. His painfully hard penis stuck out proudly before him. Veronica lifted her feet and wrapped her legs around his midriff, therby exposing to him her juicy cunt.
His hard penis slid easily into her wet vagina, straight up to the hilt where his overfull balls hung. With his tool completely embedded in Veronica`s pussy it was impossible to remain static. His need to thrust in and out of her was overwhelming, his natural male instincts took him over.
He quickly withdrew almost to the tip of his cock, then just as fast he plunged it back into her eager hole.
He began that age old reciprocating motion with the urgency of a man who`s need to come was getting stronger. In and out he thrust, relentlessly pounding her wet and slippery cunt hole.
His whole body stiffened for a moment, "oh god " he grunted, then he came.
His poker stiff penis started to ejaculate an almost endless stream of thick sperm into the girl.
The pulsing of his penis was fast and furious as it angrily spat out his hot seed.
After the complete draining of his balls by Veronica`s tight little pussy, the guy started to recover some of his composure. He suddenly drew back from Veronica with a look of shock and suprise on his face as though he couldn`t believe what he had just done. Quickly pulling up his trousers and straightening his clothes. He hurriedly left the toilet cubicle without saying a word.
Veronica on the other hand, took time to wipe herself, pull her knickers back on, and tidy her make up.
When she returned to her seat there was no sign of the man. He`d left the carriage using the interconnecting door.
So Veronica sat down and thought about what she`d just done.A small smile appeared on her lips as she went back to looking out of the train window.

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