Willing Chaperone  


I'm a professional massage therapist who is also a master in the ancient oriental art of Tantric Sacred Sexual massage. I work from the internet and thru word of mouth. I was contacted by a woman who wanted me to come by and give her and her mate a Tantric Sacred Sexual massage. We exchanged a few emails and set a date for the massage session. Following her directions, I arrived at her home in an upscale gated community. The woman who hired me, Pat, met me at the door. I was pleasantly surprised to see a very conservatively dressed middle aged woman with a shy smile. She looked very much like the cat that had just swallowed the canary! She invited me inside and escorted me to a screened in porch overlooking her private backyard that was on the edge of a small lake. Right away I felt very good about the upcomming session. This was near perfect ambiance! I'm very big on ambiance, knowing that the mind is THE most erogenous zone of the body! This would make my job easier. Pat offered me a drink and poured one for herself and sat down with me to talk. Several things went thru my head as we started the small talk: Did her mate cancel out? Why wasn't he here? Was this just a rouse to get me here to massage only her? My questions were soon answered when Pat blurted out that she had not been perfectly honest with me in our email exchange. The truth was that she had never met her mate in person, only on the internet and that her mate was not a male but a female, a bi-sexual female and that Pat was a bi-curious female looking for her first bi-sexual experience. The kicker was that she wanted me there as a professional chaperone, in case she got cold feet and wanted to back out. Wait, there's more! She also wanted me to greet her mate when she arrived and explain the situation and my presense to her while Pat waited in her room until it was agreed upon. At first I was apprehensive with meeting this woman at the door when she was expecting a woman, but I agreed to play along...it sounded interesting. I had always been curious about seeing two women make love to each other in person. I had seen it on video, but not up close and personal... it would be worth the risk, besides, I had never had a woman kick my ass before! Well, there was this one who spanked....butt I digress! Soon, the doorbell rang and Pat cleared her chair by about 12 inches and ran into her bedroom and closed the door. I took a deep breath and went to the front door and opened it on the second ringing of the bell. As predicted, the "LADY" standing there was startled, if only for a second, then there was a smile that loosened my shorts. She was apparently satisfied and comfortable with either gender, a true Bi. I introduced myself and she gave the name Lisa. I led her back to the screened in porch and asked her if she would like a drink. She sat down and said, "I'll have whatever you're having!" I saw the humor in her remark that only I would understand at this point. Little did she know that we were both after the same thing... pussy! I explained why I was there to greet her instead of Pat and that my role as a massage therapist was to give them each a Tantric Sacred Sexual massage to relax and loosen them up. I also explained that I was there as a chaperone in case Pat wanted to back out and the least she could expect is a great full body massage. Her eyes lit up and gave me the answer long before her mouth did. She said, "great! let's get started." I went to the bedroom and escorted Pat to the porch and introduced them to each other. Lisa came forward and held her and quickly locked onto her lips with a soul searching kiss. I saw Pat's body language and realized that my presence was not necessary...that must have been some kiss!
When they parted, I got a good look at what lust in someone's eyes really looks like. I decided to take charge and suggested that for the massage session to be relaxing, that we should all be naked, that way the one laying naked on the table doesn't feel self concious and can relax knowing that she is not the only one nude. To start the action, I went into a slow sexy strip tease act of my own. I was encouraged by Lisa and soon was down to just my pants. Knowing that I wasn't wearing any underwear, I loosened my belt and zipper and wiggled my hips to get my pants to slide down on their own. It worked...at first, but the got hung up on my cockhead that was in full erection by then. I had to reach down and shove them past my cock and step out of them, kicking them aside. Lisa immediately went into her act by walking slowly toward me and unbuttoning her blouse. I could see that she was preparred for sex and wore no bra. She had the perfect tits for it. She was much younger than Pat or I, and it showed. When she got to me, her blouse was off and she handed it to me and reached down to hold my cock and balls in her open palm while she undid her skirt and let it fall...thank got there was nothing there to stop it's decent...she was wearing no panties and her pussy wasn't shaved, just neatly trimmed in a tight V. We turned and looked at Pat. She was in shock! After a few seconds, she turned away from us and began her strip. This was going to be a long show, she was wearing everything she owned, including nylons, panties and a garder belt. When she finally stripped, she shyly turned half way around to face us. We both walked to her and had a grope..err group hug with a lot of touching and feeling. I decided to massage Pat first, since she was the host and I didn't want her to bolt away while I was massaging Lisa. I layed her face down and began at her calf muscles. I poured hot oil into my hand and spread it all over one leg, working it in to her skin. She started to relax almost immediately and Lisa picked up her drink and moved to the head of the table to watch. I did one leg and foot, then moved to the other side of the table and did the same. This time I extended my range to include her very firm ass cheek. I started to apply more oil to the palm of my hand and tried a little trick I have perfected of letting some excess oil "accidently" drip into the cleavage of her ass. The warm oil found it's way past her brown rose and onto her pussy lips. I used my fingers to retrieve the errant oil and was pleasantly surprised at her body language as she raised her hips slightly and met my fingers halfway. I lingered and fingered a few seconds and then retreated, bringing my soaked fingers directly to my lips and into my nostrils. I looked directly into Lisa's eyes as she watched me lick my lips. Her tongue snaked out in response and I reached down into that dark hole and retrieved some more of Pat's love potion and offered it up to Lisa. She took my fingers in her mouth to lick and suck them clean. My cock jumped straight out as Lisa looked at me with anticipation. I knew that my time with Pat was limited and I quickened the pace to finish her backside. I had her turn over and massaged the front, paying special attention to her breasts, even leaning down to massage her nipples with my lips and tongue. I then went down to her feet and worked my way up her legs, leaving her Yoni massage for last. Yoni is the ancient sandskrit word for pussy. I positioned her legs for the Yoni massage by bending them at the knees and spreading them as wide apart as comfortable. I took some very slippery lubricant and poured it into my palm and placed it onto her mons venus, then spred it over her tummy, inner thighs and pussy. I took one of her outer lips between my thumb and first finger and massaged the entire length from front to rear several times before switching to her other lip and doing the same. I then used my fingertips to massage the inner lips until I felt her relax and her pussy start to yawn anticipating my penetration.... not yet! I moved to the area around her clit, being careful not to massage the clit just yet. When she was humping my hand and squirming her ass on the table, I leaned down and took her Yoni in my mouth, located and captured her tiny clit and took it into my mouth to lick, suck and nibble until I felt her cum and fill my mouth with her juices. I stood up, her juices running down my chin and chest as I inserted my middle finger into her Yoni and found her swollen "G" spot. I began slowly to massage this area and Pat started to moan very loud. Within minutes, her ass raised off the table and she had a female ejaculation, spraying her love juices up my arm and across my face. Before I could move, I saw Lisa dive face first into her spurting Yoni and began drinking from her fountain of life. All I could do was lick and suck on my dripping fingers. I slowly stepped back and watched these two women go after each other. I remember sitting there with my drink in one hand and the biggest hardon I have ever had in the other. I never felt so lonely or humble sitting there and just watching the most beautiful love making scene I have ever witnessed. After a while, Lisa got up from the table and came to where I was sitting. She put her hands on my knees and spred them apart, knelt there and quietly took my very thick hard pulsing cock into her mouth. She started to give me one of the best blowjobs I can remember. Suddenly, there was Pat kneeling by my side and she bent down and joined Lisa, taking turns on my cock...only in the video's does this happen! I told them that I would give them 10 minutes to stop than....I lied, a few minutes later while Lisa was deepthroating me, I lost control and let go in her mouth. She never flinched. I could feel her sucking the cum from my balls. When she was satisfied that I was satisfied, she rasied up and found Pat's mouth to give her some cum to swallow. Surprisingly, Pat didn't hesitate, she opened her mouth like a baby bird and waited for the cum to drip from Lisa's mouth to hers, then they locked in a kiss and I don't remember much else except being helped to the door with my table and bag. I told them that I didn't give Lisa her promised massage, she said that she would take a rain check....butt that's another story!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:01 pm