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It was less than a month after I started at Dyson's Electronics and Steve and I were sitting in Jimmer’s bar one evening having a drink. The place was just starting to fill up when two very attractive women came in. They looked to be a few years older than us but that didn't matter to Steve. When he saw the women he looked at me with his smarmy smile.

"Check that out," he said. "Looks like I am going to get laid tonight."

I wasn't interested in looking for one-night stands with older women. I just wanted to have a couple of drinks before I went home to my apartment so I just sat and watched as Steve approached the two women and started talking to them and managed to get himself invited to join them.

Some more Dyson employees arrived and I joined them at a large table. It was about an hour later that I saw Steve leave with one of the women. As they walked by the table I noticed that the woman was wearing a wedding ring.

Later when I was leaving Jimmer’s Bar I saw Steve sitting in the back seat of his car. At first it appeared that he was by himself but when I got closer I could see that the woman that he had picked up in the bar was bent over in the back seat giving Steve a blow-job.

I had to laugh to myself. That was the first time I had seen Steve in action. I didn't think Steve was really serious when he said he was going to get laid that night but there he was receiving sexual favors from a married woman in the back seat of his car.

The next evening Steve and I were again sitting in Jimmer’s Bar having a beer and I asked him how he knew he would be able to score with the two women from the previous evening.

"I knew because they were two married women out in a bar without their husbands. I was sure at least one of them would be looking for some action," he said. "That's why I like picking up married women rather than single women."


Single women are always looking for Mr. Right and are mostly interested in long term relationships," he said. "They very seldom put out on the first date. When you find a married woman out without her husband she is probably looking for some excitement and it doesn't take very long to find out if they are interested in having a little extramarital fun. In my experience if you get a married woman to leave with you, she wants to have sex."

That was the day I formed my low opinion of Steve Lydon.

It was a couple of months later that I met Stacy. She worked in the accounting department at Dyson's Electronics and I was in sales. Stacy was tall and blond with beautiful blue eyes and I was hooked from the moment I met her. We dated several times before we had sex and that came with some serious strings attached.

It happened one night after I took Stacy on a very romantic date. Flowers, dinner, dancing and a moonlight walk. I did the whole bit and then we went back to Stacy's apartment.

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We sat down on her sofa and began necking. We were both pretty aroused when Stacy stopped me from sliding my hand up under her skirt.

"You know I like you very much and I am tempted to say I love you but I think it's too soon for that," Stacy said. "I know we are both ready for this next step but for me making love to someone requires a commitment. If we are going to go any farther with this relationship I have to know that you will not be dating other woman. I need you to understand that I will have zero tolerance for any infidelity on your part. I will not be unfaithful to you and I expect the same from you. If you ever decide that you need or want another woman just know that it means we are through. I would rather you just break up with me than to find out you had been sneaking around behind my back."

I was so horny at that moment I would have committed to anything so that I could make love to her but the fact that I was already in love with her made it even easier. I had no problem committing to her that I would always be faithful.

After I promised, Stacy placed my right hand back on her thigh and then put both of her arms around my neck. We began kissing again and I moved my fingers to the inside of her thigh and started sliding my hand up under her skirt. The farther I moved my hand up between her legs the more passionate Stacy's kisses became. By the time I pressed my fingers against the warm damp crotch of her panties, Stacy was attacking my throat with her tongue.

When I slipped my fingers inside her panties and brushed them lightly over her vulva, Stacy moaned and then she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I began trying to open her shirt with my left hand but I wasn't having much success so I had to give up teasing her hot sex and use both hands to remove Stacy's shirt. When I had all of the buttons undone Stacy leaned forward so that I could slip her top off her shoulders and remove it completely.

I planted little kisses all over Stacy's neck and slowly worked my way down to the small bit of her breasts that were exposed above her bra. I kissed and licked the soft skin as I pulled the top of her bra down just enough to expose her nipples. When I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth Stacy let her head fall back against the back of her sofa. She was breathing hard and making funny little sounds in the back of her throat.

I continued to suck on her nipples as I reached around her to unhook her bra. I have never been very good at dealing with bras but Stacy didn't seem to care. She seemed to be enjoying what I was doing with my mouth and was oblivious to everything else. After a few minutes of fumbling with it I finally got her bra unhooked and remove it. Stacy's breasts were beautiful. Their shape was perfect and they stood up proudly. For the next fifteen minutes I made love to Stacy's breasts while at the same time I moved my right hand back under her skirt and up into her panties.

When I touched the soft lips of Stacy's sex I found that they were wet and slippery. I ran my fingers all around her excited entrance spreading her sexual lubricant all over my fingers and her pussy.

I had one of her nipples in my mouth when I finally pushed a finger up inside her and then started teasing her clitoris. As I did this Stacy pulled my face up to hers and kissed me passionately and then just hung on to me while I explored the most personal and private part of her body. Stacy was breathing hard and began sticking her tongue in my ear and talking to me.

"Oh, God, that feels good. I want you now. I want to feel you inside me now."

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I pushed Stacy down on the sofa and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Then I removed her panties and quickly removed my own pants and shorts.

When I lay down on top of her and pushed my stiff cock inside her I was amazed at how wonderful it felt to be inside her. I was not inexperienced. I had had a few girl friends over the years but I had never felt that way inside a woman before.

I had been stroking into Stacy for a couple of minutes when it occurred to me that I wasn't wearing a condom.

"Oh shit, I'm not wearing a condom," I said. "I better stop and put one on."

"I'm on the pill and I trust that you are safe," she said. "I want to feel it when you come inside me."

That comment almost put me over the top but I was able to control myself and I kept stroking into her at a nice slow pace bringing her to one long orgasm before I finally climaxed.

Afterwards as I drove home I felt wonderful. I knew I was in love with her and that we would always be together.

After that night we had sex almost every time we were together which was very often. There were certain nights during the month when we just talked and watched television. A year and a half later we got married.

We both had good jobs so we didn't have to struggle like so many couples do when they first get married. We had only been married a year when we were able to buy our house in Charlotte.

The day we moved into the house we met our neighbors Ed and Linda Monroe. Ed worked for a large bank in Charlotte and Linda was an elementary school teacher. They were about our age and we shared a lot of the same interests so Ed and Linda quickly became our best friends.

For the next several years of our marriage everything was great. Stacy and I were still very much in love and the sex was still hot. We had almost everything we wanted. We had good friends, a nice home, two cars and a boat. Our life consisted of meeting the obligations of our jobs during the week and often stopping at Jimmer’s Bar for a drink before going home or out to dinner. On the weekends we spent a lot of time out on the boat with Ed and Linda or visiting at each other's houses for dinner or to play cards.

It was about three years ago that some things started to happen that were upsetting to me. When we first got married Stacy and I made a decision to wait a few years before having children. After seven years of marriage I thought it was about time we started a family but when I asked Stacy about it she said she wasn't ready yet. When I tried to discuss it further with Stacy she cut me off.

"I will let you know when I am ready," she said.

The way she said it let me know that the conversation was over. I was a little upset with her unwillingness to even discuss children but I let it go. Everything else in our relationship seemed to be fine so I wasn't all that concerned. After all it was Stacy that would have to go through the pregnancy so I guess it was only fair to wait until she was ready.

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A few weeks later we were at a Dyson company party. I had gone to the men's room and when I returned I found Steve Lydon talking to Stacy. Not just talking but standing very close to her and he had his hand on her arm as they talked.

I got pissed at Steve when I saw that. I knew that I could trust Stacy but I didn't like the idea that Steve would hit on my wife. It showed a lack of respect for me.

By the time I got back across the room to where they were standing Steve had seen me coming and had moved a little farther away from Stacy and was no longer touching her. I didn't say anything although I wanted to tell Steve to stay away from my wife but I didn't want to make a scene. After all, nothing had really happened. They were just talking.

I decided that night when we got home I was going to have a talk with Stacy about Steve. I had never told her about Steve or his philosophy on dating married women. I wanted her to know about him, figuring if she knew what he was like she would avoid him. The problem was that I could not think of any way to bring that up in conversation without making it sound like I didn't trust Stacy. I didn't know how to start the conversation and I had become sullen and quiet. It didn't take Stacy long to notice something was wrong.

"What's the matter, Mark?" Stacy asked. "You haven't said a word since we got home."

"Something is bothering me but I am afraid that it will come out wrong and I don't want to upset you."

Stacy suddenly looked tense. "What's wrong, Mark?"

"I guess I'll just say what's on my mind and we can discuss it until I can clear up any misconceptions. It's about Steve Lydon."

The expression on Stacy's face changed. Stacy had many facial expressions to express her moods or what she was thinking and I could always tell from her expression if she was happy, sad, nervous, angry, or whatever but every once in a while an expression came over her face that I could not read. That was the expression on her face that night.

"What about Steve?" Stacy asked.

"I don't know if you know this about him but he has a reputation as a ladies' man."

Stacy laughed. "I know. I've heard all the stories about him at work. The girls at work think he is just a big joke. Steve is a flirt but I don't think anyone takes him seriously, least of all me."

"Stacy. This is not funny to me," I said. "Steve preys on married women."

"You can't possibly think I have any interest in Steve," Stacy said with a tinge of anger in her voice.

"No. I am not worried about you. I trust you."

"So what you are saying is that you don't want me to talk to Steve anymore, is that it?" Stacy asked.

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"If you wouldn't mind," I said.

"Well, I would mind. I think he's funny and I enjoy talking to him. There is no way I would ever have sex with him so I don't understand what you are worried about. I don't like it when you act jealous."

I wasn't happy with her response but I didn't push it any farther. She hadn't done anything wrong and my reaction was probably out of line. I was worried that Stacy was really pissed at me but when we went up to bed she kissed me and whispered in my ear.

"Forget about Steve. You're the man I want inside me."

It was just two weeks later when Stacy and I planned to meet at Jimmer’s Bar after work and then go out to dinner. I was a half hour late getting there and when I walked in Steve was sitting with Stacy and he had his hand on her shoulder as they talked. I could feel a knot forming in my stomach. I wanted to go over and grab Steve's hand and twist his wrist around behind his back and tell him to stay the hell away from Stacy but I couldn't. I knew that if I said or did anything wrong, Stacy would be pissed at me and accuse me of being jealous and she would be right.

It seemed like, after that, any social gathering we attended where Steve was, he would be sniffing around Stacy.

One Saturday evening as Ed Monroe and I were cooking steaks on the grill I told him about Steve hitting on Stacy every chance he got.

"Have you said anything to Stacy?" Ed asked.

"Yes. She accused me of being jealous and told me I had nothing to worry about. I am afraid if I bring it up again it will sound like I am telling her that I don't trust her and that is not the case. I would just like Steve to stay away from her."

"Then why don't you just tell Steve to stay away?"

"I thought of that but I am afraid if I did that he would tell her I told him to stay away from her. That would make things even worse."

"If he was hitting on Linda like that," Ed said, "I would just tell Linda that I don't like him hanging around her like that. I would tell her about his reputation and say that it is not that I don't trust her but other people that know his reputation are going to wonder why she spends so much time talking to him. I know Linda would understand that and would let Steve know in no uncertain terms that she was not interested in him."

I thought about what Ed said for a minute and could see how that might work. I decided that the next time that Steve hit on Stacy I would have that talk with her.

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The following weekend, Stacy told me that her car was giving her a lot of trouble and that since it was seven years old she wanted to go shopping for a new car. I started to suggest that we just fix her old car and she gave me a dirty look
"Your car is only two years old and I have to drive around in that old piece of junk," she said.

I knew right away that there was no way I was going to win any arguments about her car so I gave in.

"What kind of car would you like?" I asked.

"I want a mini-van."

"A mini van? Why would you want a mini-van?"

"I just want something with more room in the back for carrying groceries and stuff," she said.

"You always make fun of the soccer moms with their mini-vans and now you want one?"

"One of the girls I work with has one and it is really nice. So I decided I would get one," she said.

I knew that Stacy did deserve a new car and then I decided that if she wanted a mini-van that's what we would get. That Saturday we went out and bought a new Honda Odyssey.

That Monday evening after work I asked Stacy what her friends thought of her new car.

"Everyone loved it. I took the girls out to lunch today and they were all very impressed,"

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Two months ago Mr. Dyson announced that Clay International Electronics was interested in buying Dyson Electronics. Mr. Dyson said that the deal was dependent on our second quarter results that were due out in one week. Mr. Dyson also said that if Clay International did buy the company we could expect some changes but he didn't think anything would happen immediately.

As it turned out our second quarter results were exactly what Clay International wanted to see and they planned to move ahead with the purchase of Dyson Electronics. When Mr. Dyson informed us of Clay International's decision he invited all 185 employees of Dyson Electronics to a party at his house to celebrate the sale of his company. Mr. Dyson has a big place out in the country with a large swimming pool, lots of big oak trees and beautiful gardens and he likes to show it off.

While Mr. Dyson was ready to celebrate the sale of his company, most of his employees were worried about what would happen to their jobs when Clay International took over.

On Friday, the day before Mr. Dyson's party, I was told that I would have to go to Atlanta Monday for a contract negotiation. It was not unusual for me to be sent out to do contract negotiations but I usually had more advanced notice of an upcoming trip. That evening I was telling Stacy about the upcoming trip when she told me that Ed and Linda were going to stop over later for drinks. For Stacy and I this visit was a welcome diversion from our worries about what was going to happen after Clay International took over Dyson's. We did talk about the coming take over and our concerns but we also talked about taking the boat out the following weekend and other happier topics.

We had just opened our third round of beers when Ed told us about a purchase he and Linda had made.

"Linda and I were up in Concord Thursday evening and we found this great antique roll top desk. The price was right so I just had to buy it," Ed said.

"He was writing the check before he thought to discuss it with me," Linda said.

"You said you liked it."

"I do like it but it is so big where are we going to put it," Linda said.

"We'll figure that our when we get it home," Ed said.

"Great plan," Linda said.

"I have to go pee," I said and got up. "I hope you two are done fighting by the time I get back."

"You call this fighting? Linda and I don't consider it a fight unless one of us has to go to the hospital," Ed said.

"And it is usually Ed that ends up in the hospital," Linda said.

We were all laughing and Ed said, "That's true."

When I got back from the bathroom they were all silent. I looked at Ed and then at Linda before I sat down.

"I guess the fight ended in a tie," I said. "No apparent injuries to either party."

We all laughed and then I turned to Stacy.

"Stacy, I almost forgot. I am going to have to go into the office tomorrow to finish some reports that are due next week," I said. "I have to get them done before the party tomorrow."

"Why do they have to be done tomorrow?" Stacy said.

"Did you forget already? I will be in Atlanta until Wednesday or Thursday next week," I said.

"Will you be done in time for the party?" Stacy said.

"I don't know. We may have to go late."

Ed and Linda went home around eleven o'clock and Stacy and I headed for bed shortly after they left.

Mr. Dyson's party was scheduled to start at three o'clock in the afternoon so Saturday morning I got up early and ate breakfast with Stacy. As I was drinking my second cup of coffee Stacy said, "Before you go into the office, would you do me a favor?"

"What do you need?" I asked.

"Would you remove the seats from the back of my van? I told Ed and Linda they could borrow it to pick up that antique desk they bought."

I was about to say something but Stacy stopped me. "It's my van and if I want to loan it to our friends so they can pick up their new desk I don't need your permission."

"I never said you did. I was just going to say that I will take the seats out before I leave for the office." That wasn't what I was really going to say but it was the better part of valor.

I finished my breakfast and then went out to the garage to remove the seats from the two back rows in Stacy's van so Ed and Linda would be able to get his antique desk into it. Then I went into the office to finish several sales reports that I wasn't going to have time to do the following week. At one o'clock I was still sitting in my office working on the reports when Stacy called and asked me if I was going to be home soon. I looked at the stack of reports I still had in front of me and told her that I had at least another two hours before I would be finished. Then I suggested that she go ahead to the party and I would get there as soon as I could.

It was four o'clock when I finished the last of the reports and headed to my car for the hour-long drive out to Mr. Dyson's house. I was going to call Stacy once I got on the road to let her know when I expected to get to the party but like a fool I had left my cell phone at home that morning. I arrived at the party shortly after five o'clock and I went into the house and looked for Stacy. There were several people in the house but Stacy wasn't among them.

I asked a girl I knew from the accounting department if she had seen Stacy.

"I saw her earlier," she said. "She was out in the yard talking to Steve Lydon."

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I immediately felt a knot in my stomach. I was going to have to talk to Stacy about Steve again and I wasn't going to wait till we got home. I went out into the back yard and looked around but didn't see Stacy anywhere. I asked a couple of people if they had seen Stacy and one of them told me that they had seen her but that was more than an hour earlier.

I was beginning to get upset. I was sure that Stacy wasn't doing anything wrong but not being able to find her was worrying me. I walked around asking people if they had seen Stacy and most said that they had seen her earlier but hadn't seen her in a while. I walked over to a guy who was standing watching people in the swimming pool and asked him if he knew Stacy and he said that he didn't. Then I asked him if he knew Steve Lydon.

"Yes, I know Steve," he said.

"Have you seen him?" I asked.

"I saw him heading to his car about an hour ago."

I don't know what made me ask. "Was anyone with him?"

"Yes. He was with a tall very attractive blond," he said. "I think they came together."

Suddenly I felt myself begin to panic. Had Stacy come to the party with Steve? Had she left with him? I just couldn't believe that she would do that. Not Stacy. I spun around hoping to see Stacy somewhere in the yard but I didn't see her. I hurried back through the house and out to where the cars were parked and looked for Stacy's van. It wasn't there.

I felt all of the energy drain from my body and I felt like I just wanted to go lie down somewhere. I went around to the far side of my car where no one would see me and I slumped to the ground. I put my head between my knees and took deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. There had to be some other explanation for why I could not find Stacy. I knew she had come to the party because at least three people had seen her there. I also knew that she had been seen talking to Steve Lydon. I also knew that Steve had been seen leaving the party with a woman that fit Stacy's description. These things did not add up to a happy conclusion. Part of my brain was telling me that Stacy would not do that to me. She would not cheat on me. The other part of my brain was asking me how I could be so sure that she wouldn't cheat.

As I tried to think of what to do next the term 'zero tolerance' flashed into my head. I pushed that thought out of my head. It would not come to that. I refused to believe that Stacy would do anything that would cause me to leave her.

I knew that if she did leave the party with someone she would have to come back eventually because she knew that I would be there soon. The only thing I could do was to go back to the party and wait for her.-

I walked through the house in a daze and went out into the back yard again. I needed to try and eat something to settle my stomach and get my nerves under control while I waited for Stacy to return. I was at the food table trying to decide what foods my stomach could handle when I heard a voice behind me. It took me a minute to realize the voice was directed at me. When I turned around I found Mr. Dyson standing behind me.

"I see you finally made it, Mark," he said. "Where is that lovely wife of yours? I saw her here earlier."

"I don't know," I said. "I haven't been able to find her."

"Did you try calling her? I know she had her cell phone with her."

"I forgot my phone so I wasn't able to call her."

Mr. Dyson pulled his phone from his pocket and handed it to me and said, "Here, use mine."

I wondered why I hadn't thought to just ask someone if I could borrow their phone. I punched in Stacy's number and waited nervously for it to begin ringing. I wondered where she was and what I would say to her when she answered, if she answered.

Stacy answered on the third ring.

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"Stacy, where are you?"

"I am at Dyson's where are you?"

"I am here in the back yard but I don't see you." I said.

Then I saw her as she stepped out from behind a large oak tree about a hundred feet away from me.

You cannot believe the relief I felt when I saw her. I handed Mr. Dyson his phone and headed back to where Stacy was waiting. When I got there I found that she had been sitting with two of the girls she works with and their husbands and to my great relief there was no sign of Steve. I couldn't believe that I had completely missed Stacy sitting behind the big oak tree with her friends. If I had only had my phone with me I could have saved myself a lot of distress.

"I didn't see your car out front when I got here," I said.
I saw a moment of panic in her eyes. She managed quickly. Well My colleague Brandy took it from me for a small ride. She wanted to purchase some medicine that she needed urgently. She came back just now.

"Ok "Now let's get a drink and something to eat."

I was suddenly feeling much better but Stacy seemed a little uneasy. I asked her if she was all right and she said she had a bit of a headache. An hour later Stacy seemed to be feeling much better and we had a good time during the rest of the party.

On the ride home I started thinking about how I had felt when I thought Stacy might have gone off with Steve and I felt my stomach start to tighten again. Then I remembered being told that Stacy was seen talking to Steve at the party and began to wonder about the blond that was seen leaving the party with Steve.

Could it have been Stacy? Had she gone somewhere with him and returned before I got to the party? I was starting to make myself crazy. How was I going to find out without causing an argument? I had to know.

I waited until we were home before I carefully broached the subject.

"Did anything interesting happen at the party before I got there?" I said.

"No. I just walked around talking to people for a while and then I sat with Carol and Janice and their husbands.

"I didn't see Steve at the party. Was he there?" I asked.

"Yes, but he left before you got there. Why are you asking me about him?"

I was torn. I was angry with myself for even entertaining such suspicions but I was driven to pursue the answers to the questions that had been on my mind every since I had arrived at the party and couldn't find Stacy. I had been trying very hard to act like I was only interested in what had gone on at the party but my next statement gave away my real intent.

"I was just surprised that I didn't find Steve at the party talking to you. That is where I usually find him if I leave you alone for a few minutes."

As soon as I said it I wanted to bite my tongue. I waited for Stacy's angry reaction but it didn't come.

"I saw him right after I got to the party and we talked for a while."

There was something about the way she looked at me when she made that last comment that bothered me. It wasn't guilt that I saw. It was more a look of sadness.

"Really?" I asked.

Stacy's expression quickly changed and she laughed at me and said, "Really. I sense that there is something still bothering you that you are not telling me. You are not still worried that Steve is trying to seduce me are you?"

There was no anger in her voice as she spoke. It was more like she was laughing at me but then I saw that sadness again. What the hell was that?

"Mark, why don't you tell me what's really on your mind," she said, "

"I'd rather not," I said, "I am ashamed of myself for what I thought."

"Now you have to tell me," Stacy said. "I am not letting you get away with a statement like that and not tell me everything."

"You have to promise not to get mad."

"I'll wait till I hear what you have to say before I make any promises."

So I told her the whole story about how I couldn't find her when I arrived at the party and how I was told that she was seen talking with Steve. I told her that someone told me that they saw a tall very attractive blond leave with Steve. I told her about the panic I felt and how sick it made me. Then I waited for the anger but it didn't come. Again, I saw the brief look of sadness but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. I wasn't even sure if I had really seen it.

"You thought I might have gone off somewhere with Steve?' This Stacy said not with anger but with impatience. "I told you before, Steve doesn't mean anything to me. I just get a kick out of the way he is always trying to flirt with me. It hurts me that you actually thought that I might have been with him today. Steve is no threat to you. I can't believe you still don't trust me."

"You're right. I shouldn't have doubted you," I said.

"Well, it should make you happy to know that Steve came to the party with a date. She was tall, blond, attractive and married. They only stayed for a short time."

Stacy kissed me and said, "I guess this is partly my fault. I knew you didn't like it when Steve flirted with me and I should have been more sensitive about your feelings. I'll make a deal with you. If you don't act jealous anymore I will stay away from Steve. Okay?"

I agreed.

"Why don't we go upstairs," she said, "and you can thank me."

Thank her? I wasn't sure what she meant by that.

As I followed Stacy up the stairs I couldn't help staring at her wonderful ass in her tight shorts. It was right in front of my face. When we got to the top of the stairs I pulled Stacy's shorts and panties down and stuck my tongue between her nicely rounded globes. I took her right there at the top of the stairs and then we went to bed and made love again very slowly.

Afterward as we lay in each other's arms we began to talk.

"Don't you think it's time we started a family?" Stacy asked.

"I am ready if you are," I said. "You're the one that has wanted to wait."

"I know but I am ready now," Stacy said. "I stopped taking my birth control pills last week."

"You did? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't tell you because I wanted to wait until I was fertile again, like I was tonight," she said. "So it may already be too late for you to change your mind about wanting a baby."

I kissed Stacy and said, "I hope it is too late."

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Sunday morning I went out to the garage to put the seats back into Stacy's van when I noticed that the passenger side had a lot of mud splattered on it. I decided to take the van out to the self-service car wash and clean it up for Stacy. She hated to drive the van when it was dirty. I could have washed it at home but I had another reason I wanted to slip out of the house.

I went into the house and found Stacy doing laundry and she looked up at me as I approached.

"Why don't we ask Ed and Linda to come over for drinks tonight?" Stacy said.

"That's fine with me but remember I have to go to Atlanta in the morning so they can't stay late."

"I almost forgot about your trip," Stacy said. "How long will you be gone?"

"If everything goes well I'll be home Wednesday night, if not Thursday night," I said. "Why do you ask? Are you planning to take a lover while I'm gone?"

"Only if I can find one that is better in bed than you." Stacy was laughing as she said that.

As I headed back out of the house I called back to Stacy, "I'm going to take the van out to get it washed. I'll be gone a couple of hours."

"You don't need to do that. I was going to clean it myself later," Stacy yelled.

I pretended not to hear and I left Stacy to deal with the dirty underwear and I headed out to run my errand. In addition to washing the truck I wanted to stop by the mall and buy a gift for Stacy. The gift was to be part apology for thinking that she might have gone off with Steve and it was part thank you for understanding my feelings about Steve and finally agreeing to avoid him in the future. It was also something I wanted to do for the mother to be even if she wasn't pregnant yet.

The stop at the mall didn't take very long. I already knew what I wanted to get. It was a pair of diamond earrings that Stacy had said she liked. I also stopped by the Hallmark store and bought a card to go with the gift. With my purchases made I left the mall and headed off to the car wash.

I pulled up in front of the vacuum cleaners and started with the front seat and when that was done I opened the side doors to clean the back. Behind the drivers seat I found a bag from MacDonald's. The bag was lying on its side and there was a wet spot on the floor around it. Apparently Ed and Linda had stopped at MacDonald's when they went to pick up their antique desk. I wished that they hadn't left the bag in the van. When it tipped over the melting ice in their drink cups spilled out and soaked through the bag. I just hoped it didn't leave a stain on the carpet.

When I picked the bag up the wet paper split open and two drink cups, two Big Mac wrappers, one super sized French fry container with a few fries left in it, two used napkins, four empty ketchup containers and a tissue spilled out onto the floor of the van. I was cursing Ed as I used one of the cups to gather up the trash that had fallen out of the bag. I had everything in the cup except the tissue, which I really didn't want to handle because I figured one of them had blown their nose in it. I carefully picked the tissue up by the corner and I got a real shock when a used condom fell out of the tissue. Luckily, the condom had been tied to keep its contents from leaking out but that didn't make finding it any less disturbing.

I was a little pissed at Ed and Linda. I didn't really care that they had a quickie with their lunch in the back of the van but they should have had the decency to get rid of the evidence. Stacy was almost obsessive when it came to keeping her van clean and I was sure she would have a fit if she knew what Ed and Linda had done in it. I decided to keep the condom and give it back to Ed that night as both a joke and a subtle hint that they should have cleaned up after themselves.

I used the tissue to carefully picked the condom up and drop it into the empty drink cup and put it under the driver's seat and then I got rid of the rest of the trash. After that I finished cleaning the inside of the truck and then washed it. Later, when I got home I didn't mention my discovery to Stacy. No reason she would ever have to know about it.

At six o'clock that evening I went up to my room to pack for my trip. Once I had my bag packed I wrapped Stacy's gift and I was getting ready to sign the card I bought when I heard her coming upstairs. I quickly hid the gift and the card in my bag just before Stacy came into the room.

She had a strange expression on her face when she came into the room but she didn't say anything. She just stood there looking at me as if she expected me to say something.


"You better get changed. Ed and Linda will be here in about a half hour," she said and then left the room.

I was sure that something was bothering Stacy but I had no idea what it might be. I quickly washed up and changed. I went back downstairs and found Stacy fixing some snacks. When I entered the kitchen she looked up at me as though she was again waiting for me to say something.

"Is something bothering you?" I asked.

"No. Should there be?"

"I don't think so but you keep looking at me as if I smelled like dog shit." I said.

Stacy laughed.

"No, you don't smell like dog poop. I was just wondering if you were going to make love to me tonight. Just in case we didn't make a baby last night."

"It would be my great pleasure to make love to you tonight," I said.

Stacy seemed to have returned to normal. She was smiling and relaxed as she continued to fix the snacks.

Ed and Linda arrived a few minutes later and we all went out onto the deck where I had an ice chest full of beer and we sat around and relaxed. There seemed to be two different conversations going on all the time. I would be talking to Ed and Stacy to Linda and then it was me talking to Linda and Ed to Stacy and only occasionally were all four of us talking about the same thing.

After finishing two beers I went into the house to use the bathroom. As I stood there relieving myself I decided that saving that used condom was a little sick so instead of returning to the group on the deck I slipped out to the garage to get rid of it. I opened the side door and reached under the driver's seat but the cup wasn't there. I put my head on the floor so I could look under the seat but couldn't find it. I thought that it must have slipped out while I was driving so I searched the whole inside of the van but still could not find the cup.

I thought back over my actions and tried to remember for sure what I did with that cup. I was absolutely certain that I had put it under the seat. Then it occurred to me that Stacy must have been in the van looking for something and found the cup. I hoped that she had tossed it in the trash without looking inside. I opened the trashcan in the garage but neither the cup nor the used condom was in there. That's when it hit me that Stacy must have seen the used condom. She knew I took the van to the car wash so there shouldn't have been any trash left in the van. Stacy must have wondered why the cup was hidden under the driver's seat with a used condom in it. Then she probably would have wondered why it took me two hours to get the van washed.

Those odd looks she had been giving me earlier suddenly made sense. Stacy must have wondered if the used condom in the van belonged to me. Could she have been thinking that I had been messing around with someone in the back of the van when I was supposed to be at the car wash?

I should never have brought that used condom home with me. In order to convince her that the condom wasn't mine I would have to tell her it was Ed's and then I would have to explain why I had saved the used condom. What kind of sicko keeps someone else's used condoms?

My one hope was that Stacy didn't look inside the cup but just took it out and threw it in the trashcan outside. I wondered if I should just keep my mouth shut and wait to see if Stacy said anything. I knew that wasn't a good idea. If she didn't say anything I wouldn't know what she was thinking and I didn't want to leave town for three or four days if she was thinking that I might have cheated on her. I was going to have to address it with her as soon as Ed and Linda went home.

When I went back out on the deck Stacy gave me another of those looks.

"Where have you been?" She asked. "We were beginning to think you fell in."

Somehow I sensed that she knew what I had been doing. She knew that I had gone out to check on the prize I had hidden under the seat. I decided then to hint at what Ed and Linda had done in the van and hope that Stacy would catch on.

I started by asking Ed about their trip to Concord.

"How was the trip up to Concord yesterday?" I asked.

"It was fine," Ed said.

"Did you have any fun on the trip?" I asked.

"Fun? What kind of fun can you have on a trip to Concord?" Ed responded.

It seemed to me that Ed was determined not to admit to anything and when I looked at Linda I saw no sign of embarrassment on her part. If I didn't know better I might have thought that they didn't leave that condom in the van.

It's funny how we move through our lives. We make decisions about where we want to be years from now and then make plans on how we are going to get there. Everything moves slowly and you always think there is plenty of time but them something happens that changes everything in the blink of an eye. That's what happened when I asked my next question.

"Did you have any trouble getting the desk into the van?"

"Oh, we didn't use the van. I wasn't sure if the desk would fit in your van so I had my father-in-law drive me up to concord in his pick up truck."

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Stacy was looking at me. When I looked up she turned away but before she did I saw that she had the same expression on her face as she did when she came into the bedroom as I was hiding her gift.

I felt sick for rest of the evening. I just wanted Ed and Linda to leave so I could talk to Stacy about what I found in the van.

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