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Anniversary Gift To Wife  


Hi, it took me long time to put down my incident as it involves me and my wife emotionally. I am a 34 year mechanical engineer with 5'9 with my beautiful wife Priya as 31 year old housewife with long thick black hair with spotless fair color with height of 5'6 and right statistics. We are located in Ahmadabad. We speak Marathi and we had been a sexually satisfied couple but incident forced us to involve "other man in our life" and it brought us to more nearer than what we were in our 5 year of married life with one son of 4 years. The incident happened two years ago and it made our love and bonding more stronger.

I had a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) and I was just trying to figure out with my wife how to use it to the fullest extent as we were celebrating our 5th anniversary on Saturday. While I make sure to gift her something special every year, Priya did not want to buy anything and wanted me to give different. While I was reading newspaper and in deep thought of what I am to give her, Priya was busy in checking her SMS’s. Suddenly she came to me and said that Sudhir is coming tomorrow for his business deal from Delhi and he would like to know if we would be available tomorrow. I did not want to meet anyone on our anniversary day but Sudhir was special.

Just on our wedding night itself Priya told me that her classmate Sudhir and she were in love and wanted to marry. Since Sudhir was Punjabi, her parent opposed them. They still wanted to run away but she could not do it because of her aged grandma and she yielded to marry me (being Marathi guy) after grandma took oath from her. Now he would be mine but wanted to tell this as anytime later in our life if someone mentioned regarding Sudhir, it should not create any suspicion in our life. I really feel great to have such wife who is true to her world as she has been devoted to me all these 5 years giving me a beautiful child who is now 4 years old. I know their love was true and pure as she was virgin when we met first time.

I did not meet Sudhir earlier but I instantly told her that he can be our guest tomorrow which gave Priya pleasant surprise as she know I want to be alone with her on our anniversary and she was very happy. She immediately send reply to Sudir to join us for dinner tomorrow.

Sudhir came at 6 pm and I was very impressed with his personality. He was 6'tall heavy with short hair which made him look good on his fair color. I do not make it to fair color category (wheatish) but looking Sudhir , I realize that why Priya was mad after him and when Priya was greeting him with orange juice on his arrival, I thought, they would have (also) made a perfect pair and his only fault was he was Punjabi and hence opposed by her parents. Sudhir become very friendly with me within few minutes of his arrival with his smile and jolly mood. I liked him and immediately accepted him as a friend and when we were at dining table, we felt we know him for ages.

During dinner, I asked Sudhir that why he has not married till now (now 31 years of age). He said that Priya had Grandma's oath and got married but he did not have anything like that and he want to keep his promise to Priya of not marrying anyone except her. I told him that we are married for seven year and now it does not make a sense for you to keep promise and he can as well find girl of his choice and get settled. I was surprise to listen from him that he would not marry any other girl and would wait for Priya for next life and he cannot imagine anyone other than Priya as wife. It was impossible he was talking and I was looking at Priya while we were talking and she had a deep silence, looking at seriousness of Sudhir. I really felt bad for his not getting the true love and his sincerity. The serious environment was suddenly broken by Priya by taking a spoon of ice cream offering to Sudhir "cool down and let us enjoy". And we all smiled together.

After dinner Sudhir asked me "Did you not give any anniversary gift to Priya". I told him it is due and told him that he too deserve a gift for this honesty towards love and of course Priya. Then we spoke to many topics and it was already 11 pm and Priya insisted him to stay back with us as it was too late. I too insisted and he could not refuse. Leaving Priya and Sudhir to discuss in Drawing room I quickly came to our bedroom and started writing something on paper and put it on envelop. I went back to them and did not know why they were laughing, may be remembering some instant of their college days. At 11.15 am we both came to our bedroom saying goodnight to Sudhir in guest room which is next to our bedroom.

Priya was wearing a Green saree with low cut blouse with wide opening on her back (just covering her bra straps). Her hands were looking beautiful with green bangle adding beauty to her fair color slim hands. With her open long hair falling on her shoulder and touching her buttocks at behind, she was looking very sexy and a perfect partner to take on bed to celebrate our anniversary. But something else was going in my mind. I took both hands of Priya and pulling her; I just hug her very hard. She was surprised as normally it would have pushed her on bed by now. But being so long with me she could understand I have something to tell her. I said "Priya, I want to give you anniversary gift and that is your lost love" "I can’t correct the mistake your parents made but I want to compensate something at least".

Priya said she did not understand. I told her that after meeting Sudhir, I feel guilty of separating a love pair and if she want to help me to get out of this guilt. She said that she loves me and want to support me in all aspects. I kissed and directly asked that since Sudhir do not want anyone other than you as wife and it is not possible in this life anyway. But it would be ok for me if he accepts her as his wife for tonight. She was looking on the floor with her one foot trying to touch other. I told her if she too has a love corner for him, then I have the plan, she need to only tell me yes or no.

She did not say anything and I told her that her not saying No is I assumed yes. I left her in the room and went to Sudhir’s room and handed over the envelop I wrote before. I told him this is his gift for honesty and only open once I leave this room. My letter content as like this

“Sudhir, you have been in deep love with my wife Priya as it shows from last five years you have not married and want to wait for next life. I could see today you laughing and enjoying with her and you could be a perfect partner for her but I was lucky to have her but I feel guilt if you both do not meet in life. My gift to you is that tonight Priya would come to you and please accept her as your wife which would fulfill your ambition as well as her as she may not be able to tell this out of shy and would relieve you from you promise. Please accept her as she comes to your room"

I enter our room slowly not letting Priya know. I saw her combing her hair nicely. She has cut hair in front to give a nice flick and improve her look and she putting more perfume and smiling at her (looking at mirror). Her back was so exciting that I immediately thought of grabbing her but restrained myself. Her open stomach between blouse and petticoat was very sexy. She saw me through mirror and became shy. I told her that Sudhir is waiting for you and I would wait for her and let her go. She kissed me and left the room.

I immediately put the stool near the ventilator between our and guest room. I also switched off the lights of my room so that from guest room they cannot see me. With heavy heart I started looking at Sudhir's room door. There was a knock and Sudhir opened it. She immediately entered and ran to the opposite wall. Sudhir closed the door and they both saw each other and smiled. Sudhir moved to her (her back is still touching the wall) and used finger to push her hair back from the check and put both palms on her check and lifted her face toward him. Priya do you agree ... and Priya simply closed her eyes and his mouth descended to put his lips on hers.

Her arms came around his neck and his palm pressed her head to pull her mouth as hard to his mouth and their slow kiss become violent. I could see his tongue entering her and she was not opening her eyes. She pushed him away and turned her face to wall hiding her face in her palms. Her saree pallu fell down on floor and her wide opening of blouse was making a sexy look from behind. Sudhir's hand went around her to rub the open area between blouse and petticoat and he held her near him simultaneously kissing her back and neck. I could see activities of his hand opening the blouse which went to floor exposing her back in the black bra. His hand were busy in removing saree and that to meet the blouse on the floor.

She was still facing wall and hiding her face in her palms. Sudhir move away from her and removed his Kurta and baniyan to make himself half naked. Then it was turn of bra hook and I could see her hand getting away from face and move on breast as if want to hide it. After removing bra Sudhir turned her toward him. Her eyes were closed and hand crossing her breasts. Holding her both hand he pushed her to wall pulling both hand above her head and wow, Her half nakedness was exposed to him completely and he started kissing her neck, then cheeks and finally his lips landed on her lips.

He left her hand and started messaging her two breasts. He was pressing her hard and his hand were grabbing her breasts. I could see my wife moaning with pain and pulling his hands away. His hand move from her breast (his lips still glued to hers) and started opening her petticoat string and it just fell on floor. He left her and started removing his pant and Priya again turned to wall to hide her nudity. Sudhir removed his briefs too and I could see his manhood pointing to Priya.

His hand went to Priya's panty and bent down to remove it. She too stepped out of the panty leaving her completely naked as him. While her face towards wall she was hiding her love triangle. Sudhir again turned her and the both hugged each other and started kissing madly. I could see Priya raising her legs around him with her thin and beautiful hand circling his neck. They both were kissing each other as if being hungry for years. He lifted Priya and deposited on the bed.

She was crossing her hand to hide her nudity. Her hand opened to pull him and he immediately covered her kissing and crushing her boobs under his chest. His heavy weight was too much for my delicate wife and I too getting aroused looking at my wife enjoying it. I could see him molesting my wife beyond her capacity and see shouted Sudhirrrrrr.. Please be polite and I saw Sudhir getting in to slow motion with his tongue searching her left nipple and then right one. She was smiling and enjoying. He again become aggressive and pressed Priya so hard that she again shouted ohhhhh... . She parted her legs and I saw him getting on his Knees raising himself and holding his penis in one handing aligning to love hole. By this time I was completely naked and I too was holding mine.

Slowing he came down and I realize that she is not stopping him and telling to have condom. I wanted to shout and tell them that there is condom in nearby table drawer but could not shout. He went ahead and try to put his penis in her cunt and finding hard, he came up and again pushed down with full force and I could see my wife's pussy gulping his manhood. He entered her. Oh .. I started messaging my penis looking at my beautiful wife under a strong and young Punjabi classmate whom she loved but they could not meet.

I really did not want her pregnant but the two love birds were so engrossed that she absolutely forgotten that she did not allow me enter her without protection for last two years. I got jealous with Sudhir's luck who was fucking her like a high speed spindle without condom and I could see her legs getting wrapped around him and her hand holding him tight. While he was moving in and out, he was kissing him. I know she starts kissing while getting fucked when she gets her first organism. She was moaning Sudhirrrr my love.. You are the best man in the world and I would do anything to get you ohhhh.. my love. We missed it for so many years, oh... please more more Ahiiih uhiii and she pulled his head to put her tongue inside him , This shows her second organism and this also made Sudhir to be fast running horse and he started pushing in her very fast.

Suddenly I heard him saying Priya my darling , I am lucky to have you, and his thrust become more rhythmic with her. While he removed , I saw her pushing her ass up and when he enter, her too when down and he shouted Priyaaaa.....I could feel he was jetting inside her with long but slow thrusts and collapsed on her. He was there for about a minute and when he lifted himself , I saw this white juice coming out of Priya. Her legs were wide spread and she seems to be too tired to get up and kept her legs spread for about two minutes.

He got up and went to bathroom. Naked Priya followed him. I am sure they went for after fuck wash but they did not come out for 10 minutes and I could hear them laughing and patting each other. first to come out as Priya. She was toweling her and started combing her hair. She did not bother to wrap towel around her and preferred to stand naked in front of mirror and comb her hair. Now Sudhir came out with towel around her and when he saw Priya standing there naked, he happen to throw this towel and grabbed Priya from behind. Please Sudhir, now leave me but Sudhir did not leave and pushed her again on the bed and he was again hard. Before she could understand Sudhir was on her and pushed his penis again and this time this was very hard on her pumping with extra strength. I never fucked Priya second time in that short duration and it was new to her. I saw her head moving left and right and she was out of control telling “I love you Sudhir….. I love you very much.
Her hand wend down and grabbed the entering penis to have hand full of her wetness and then allowing him to enter him. She put her messed finger in Sudhir's mouth and made him lick while he was fucking her like horse. I could see me again lying on her ejaculating in her. She just kissed him with her tongue coming out and licking his lips. I know she has gone beyond her capacity as she never did it to me. After it was over they slept in each other arms but Sudhir did not allow her to switch off the light as he wanted to every moment to enjoy.

Looking at sleeping love birds , I too came down from the stool and retired to bed. I do not know when I slept but got up at 5 am by our regular alarm. She normally gets up at time for cooking tiffins for me and my son. After getting up , Just wanted to know if my wife too got up ready to morning, I again went on stool and looked through ventilator. Priya was in her full dressed getting ready and trying to correct the hair with comb. She was looking at her neck the love signs made by Sudhir by hard kissing.(She is too fair and kissing leaves spots which vanishes in one or two days).She smiled and felt shy looking at those signs at cheeks and neck. Sudhir was still in sleep with bed sheet covering his lower half. Priya looked at him and smile and suddenly went ahead to pull bed sheet exposing his naked body.

She bends down to kiss his lips (he was still sleeping) and while kissing her hand moved to touch his penis. She kissed his chest and wend down to kiss the penis. As started getting up from bed but I saw Sudhir pulling her down. She said I need to go but Sudhir did not agree and removed her saree, blouse, petticoat and underwear to render her completely naked. He told her that we may not get this kind of opportunity again and he does not want to miss her. She suddenly started kissing him and got on top of him. She sat on him taking his penis inside her completely and jumping on him to give him the fantastic pleasure. He was kneading her breast with both hands and she was shouting with each entry Saying “oh I love you Sudhir…..I love you very much” and he ejaculated inside her for the third time. I took thrown my juice for the first time as I was so excited looking at her pleasure. After her release she got up and got dressed quickly. At last she kissed him good bye. He was again pulling her but this time she kissed him long with her whole tongue mixing with his tongue and said good bye as it was already 6 am

I quickly came down from stool and on bed as if I was sleeping for whole night. She came to me in fully dressed saree and came in my arms. I pretended to be woken up and look at her. Her glowing face shows the enjoyment she underwent. While I was looking at her, I saw a tear rolling down her cheek her eyes were closed. Wiping that tear I asked her what happened. She said “I am happy Govind". And I know how happy she is to meet her first love. I have done something which a loving husband can do. Our bond became stronger. Now every anniversary Sudhir comes to our house and spend two three days with us. Obviously they sleep together in those days. Those two three nights they fuck continuously like horny animals. Last year she became pregnant just one month after Sudhir’s visit. Now we jokingly tell each other that she is pregnant because of Sudhir's freestyle marathon whole night fucking.

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