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It was my first year as full professor at a large Midwestern
university. It took a while to get to know the other professors.

I found most of them to be a snooty lot, caught up in their own little
worlds, doing whatever they felt they had to do in order to maintain
what they felt was academic freedom. My wife and I had accepted a few
dinner invitations from some of the professors, and we were the
victims of a number of boring evenings spent with some really uptight
assholes or with some old, curmudgeon types who did nothing but complain.

These thoughts were going through my head when my wife and I received
an invitation from James H. and his wife. Though James was a lot
younger than quite a few of the professors that I had met, I was just
going to decline the invitation, when my wife, Carol, said that she
thought it would be interesting to go.

We weren't doing anything Saturday night anyway, so we figured we
might take a chance. James had said that his wife made a killer
lasagna. He told us it wasn't a formal thing, that we should just
dress just dress casually. So, we took a bottle of wine with us, put
on some sporty clothes, and took off for what I thought was going to
be one hell of a boring evening.

We arrived at their house promptly at six o'clock, just as the
invitation had said. James was a handsome man, just a few years older
than I. His wife, Angie, was a gorgeous knock out, with jet-black hair
that was cut stylishly short. She was wearing a black dress that
pushed her breasts up into two round mounds displayed prominently in
her low-cut bosom. She was slender, and the shape of her ass was
plainly visible as she turned provocatively and led us into the house.

Carol glanced at me briefly and whispered, "This is informal? I feel
like an old frump, wearing this dress."

I smiled at Carol. "Just relax," I whispered.

I noticed that James was checking out Carol, his eyes moving up and
down her body appreciatively, even though Carol felt like she was
dressed like a frump, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.

"I'll have you know that I make a great martini," said James.

"I'll have you know that when I drink a martini, it has to be a great
one," I said.

We relaxed with a few drinks before dinner, and had a couple of
glasses of red Italian wine with the lasagna.

The conversation was relaxed and friendly; I felt myself loosening up.
James wasn't like the rest of the professors with whom I had come in
contact. The conversation was intelligent but not stuffy.

He was a professor of anthropology. I was a psychology instructor, and
Carol had just become an English teacher at a local high school.
Angie, it seemed, ran a small art school and taught part time at the
University. We were all in the same profession, in a way, and it was
nice to meet people in varying fields.

"The other professors can be real stuffed shirts," James suddenly said
after his fifth glass of wine. "You know, they're kind of stiff,

"The psychological term, I think, is anal-retentive," I said.

Angie spoke up. "You're just saying that about them because you try to
get in all the wives' pants."

James shrugged. "What's wrong with that? The Mehinaku Indians of
Brazil don't have formal marriages. They just bathe with a new
partner, and that's who they're going to spend the night with."

Angie laughed and looked at me. "Hey, Harry, wanna take a shower with
me?" Then she turned to her husband. "Like that?"

He nodded. "Just like that."

Angie turned back to her husband. "Do they `do it' in front of each

"How should I know? I've never done it with a Mehinaku!"

Carol thought the joke was funny. Angie actually winked at me.

"I don't think the stuffed shirts around here would go for something
like that, though, do you, John?" James asked.

"What, bathing with your buddy's wife, or having sex in front of
them?" I asked. I finished my glass of wine and Angie poured another,
standing and leaning toward me. I could see the deep valley her
breasts made in that revealing dress. I felt a slight tingle in my
dick, looking at her. Glancing up, I found her looking me in the eyes.
My face reddened. I had been caught checking out the goodies.

"I would," Angie said as she sat back in her chair. "Either one,
depending on who it was, of course." She looked at me.

"I would too, I think," said James, looking straight at Carol. "It
might be interesting to watch one's spouse enjoying themselves with a
safe, no-jealousy involved type of turn-on."

The room fell silent, then Angie asked, "Would you?" She was looking
directly at me.

I shrugged. "Sure, I think I would."

All faces turned to Carol. She looked around the table. I suddenly
came to me what the conversation was about, why they had asked us
over. Realization flooded over me. Angie wanted to fuck me. James
wanted to screw my wife!

"I would," Carol said, holding James' gaze. I knew that Carol was a
hot wench in bed, and horny as hell. I felt myself becoming hard, just
thinking about it.

We sat quietly, and suddenly, James got up from his end of the table
and stood beside his wife. She reached over to his crotch and rubbed
his obviously bulging hardon through his pants. She glanced over at me
and smiled, then smiled at Carol.

James reached into the top of her dress and fondled one of her
breasts. She closed her eyes as he rubbed the spot where her nipple
would be. God, I thought, what a show. I wondered if they were going
to both get naked and fuck right in front of us. That would be an
experience to remember.

I didn't know what to do or what to expect. I knew I wanted to put my
hands in her dress, too, and have her hand rub my crotch. I looked
over at Carol.

She was staring at the two of them, seemingly mesmerized by watching
the couple fondle one another. Then, Angie reached up and started
unbuttoning James' shirt.

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His shirt off, he stood there like a schoolboy as Angie unsnapped his
slacks and then zipped them down. Pulling them down to his knees, she
stopped and rubbed the fat bulge of his dick in his white nylon
briefs. Then, she pulled the pants down to his ankles. He stepped out
of his shoes and his slacks, then moved one leg up and removed one
sock, then the other.

Then he moved away from Angie and stood in front of Carol. Carol
didn't take her eyes off James' groin. The cock was nearly visible
through the cotton. Angie stood and undid the back of her dress,
letting it fall to the floor. She was totally naked under the dress.
Her tits were large and pendulous, with big, fat, dark erect nipples.
The bush at her crotch was the same raven color as the hair on her head.

I looked back at Carol. She was rubbing the outline of James' cock
through his briefs.

"Let's go into the living room, shall we?" asked Angie.

James backed away and helped Carol out of her chair. Angie stepped out
of her dress and walked toward me, pulling me up from my chair. I
followed her as her smooth ass tightened with each step as she led me
into the living room.

Carol had most of her clothes off. At first, it was a shock to see my
wife standing with another man, a man with a fat hard on poking right
out at her. James' cock was very fat, but not real long. His balls
were fleshy and nearly hairless. I had no idea whether he shaved them
or not. He was tweaking Carol's nipples with the fingers of one hand,
while he tugged at her panties with another.

Angie undressed me slowly, taking her time, gently rubbing my
throbbing cock through my shorts. Then, she knelt in front of me and
pulled my shorts down with one motion, all the way to my ankles. I
stepped out of them.

My cock was fat and hairy, sticking straight out. Angie didn't waste
any time. She leaned toward me and gripped my cock at the base,
pulling it toward her mouth. She took my dick and wrapped her lips
around the head of it. She moved her tongue around the head of it in a
circular motion, causing a thrill to rush into my belly. I had never
expected this.

Then, she opened her mouth wider, and my dick was at the back of her
throat. She reached up with her other hand and massaged my balls
gently, running her fingers through the hair, then moving her hand
between my legs, close to my ass hole.

I stood there and enjoyed the sensation of having my cock sucked by
this raven-haired beauty, while at the same time, watching my wife
suck on James' fat cock. She was kneeling in front of him, his cock
deep in her mouth. With one hand, she was cupping his balls, massaging

I glanced back at Angie's head bobbing up and down on my dong. She
sucked hard on my cock, sending waves of pleasure though me, and the
thrill sent a wave of pleasure to my brain.

I grunted as she sucked. My knees buckled a little, and I could feel
that strange sensation in my groin that told me I was going to cum.

"I'm going to cum, Angie," I said.

I was going to cum, and real soon.

A muscle spasm shook my legs and my knees buckled as I felt a familiar
warm feeling in the pit of my stomach. I groaned.

She didn't stop. I could feel her suck even harder, and I could feel
her hand massage my balls as they tightened.

I could feel her swallowing my pre-cum, with my cock at the back of
her throat, and the thought turned me on even more.

"I'm going to cum," I said to no one in particular.

Carol, with James' cock still in her mouth, turned toward me. James
was watching the scene with the intensity of a man hypnotized.

Then, I came. I shot a load of cum into her mouth that trickled down
her chin. I heard gulping and slurping noises come from her mouth as
she tried to swallow it. It flowed out of her mouth and down my cock
to my balls, where her other hand was cupping my scrotum. My dick
didn't get soft when she pulled it out of her mouth. To my surprise,
she kept kneeling in front of me, and put my cock back in her mouth.
She swirled her tongue around my cock as she slowly came up. Then, she
popped it out of her mouth and let it jerk straight up and slap me in
the navel. I could feel her tongue running down the length of my
shaft, smearing the cum dripping out of her mouth on my cock, then on
my balls. She licked my balls for a while, my cock still hard and
throbbing, sticking up in the air, throbbing.

Carol went back to James's cock. Angie looked up at me and smiled,
then sat on the floor and spread her legs.

I looked down at her hairy pussy. My dick jerked at the sight. I had
just cum, but I was too hot, too turned on, for my dick to even get
soft. I knelt in front of her, between her legs. Then, she lay flat on
the carpeted floor.

I reached toward her and ran my fingers through the lush pubic hair.
Probing, I found her pussy lips. I moved my other hand to her cunt,
pulling the ( ) pussy lips wider apart with my fingers.

I leaned forward and put my mouth on one of her ripe, bright red
nipples, taking it between my lips, pressing it with my tongue. I made
circular motions with my tongue, and elicited low moans of pleasure
from her. She put her hands on the back of my head, running them down
to my back.

I went to her other tit, eliciting another moan of ecstasy from her.

I looked briefly over at James and Carol. Carol was lying on the
floor, her legs spread wide, James' face buried in her crotch. I could
see the back of his head moving about. Carol was getting a great
pussy-licking, I thought. She was writhing around, and it damned sure
didn't look like it was unpleasant.

I pulled my mouth away from Angie's tits and licked all the way down
to her tummy with my tongue, leaving a moist trail of saliva. I raised
up and got a good look at her cunt. I gently pulled her swollen lips
apart. There was an immense amount of dark black hair surrounding her
cunt, and I leaned close and with both hands, pulled her lips apart,
getting a really close look at the inner red lips. She was very wet,
terribly excited. She moaned as I moved them together and then apart
again. I bent down and kissed her inner thigh. I heard her moan softly
again as I ran my tongue up to her pussy hairs. Gently, I licked her
hairy pussy lips, tasting her body juices. She pulled her legs even
farther apart, and reached down with both hands and spread her own
pussy lips apart to give me better access.

With my tongue, I found her clitoris and flicked it gently with my
tongue. I ran my tongue around her inner lips, then touched her
clitoris again gently. She began breathing heavily, and her stomach
muscles tightened. I inserted my tongue into her cunt, twisting it
around. Deeper and deeper I probed with it, and flicked it in and out
as fast as I could, fucking her with my tongue.

She moaned, and suddenly, as a spasm went through her body, she moaned
loudly. She twisted her legs this way and that, and her stomach
muscles tensed. She moaned loudly, and I knew she had cum. She moved
around on the floor, kicking, her hips

She glanced at James and Carol. Carol now had James's hard cock in her
mouth all the way to his balls again. Then, Angie turned and looked up
into my eyes.

"Let's fuck," she said. She spread her legs wide and lifted them up at
the knees.

I positioned my hard cock in front of her.

"Put your cock in me, Harry," she said. "Fuck me, and fuck me hard!"

I heard James groan really loud, and I looked over at the other
couple, my wife and James. Angie turned her head and looked, too.

Carol suddenly pulled James's spurting cock out of her mouth. It shot
huge loads of cum into the air, which landed on Carol's face and hair.
I went back to my business with Angie.

I maneuvered myself over Angie's spread legs. She grabbed the tip of
my hard dick and pulled it toward her cunt. As I entered her, I could
feel the hot wetness of her cunt. The sides of her cunt were warm and
smooth, and her pussy wasn't tight at all. I lay atop her and thrust
my hips forward. She tightened her cunt muscles somehow, and then I
pulled out a little. Then I thrust forward again.

She lay there, meeting me thrust for thrust. As we fucked, I watched
her tits bounce around on her chest, her pendulous tits undulating
with each thrust.

I dropped my head down, sucking first one nipple, then moving over to
the other, then back again. I swirled my tongue around each pink-red
nipple, then traveled with it to her other mound, and did the same to
it. I took them between my teeth and nibbled very gently, and this was
greeted by another moan from my hostess.

Her face was flushed, and her body began to writhe under me. I could
feel the spasms in her legs wrapped around me. Inside her, I could
feel her muscles grasping my cock, trying to hold on to the slippery
cock deep inside her. She began to moan, and then with a shout, her
whole body jerked.

"I'm cumming," she shouted.

I stroked harder and faster, and could feel myself about to cum as my
testicles rose up in the hairy sac. I thrust really hard into her, and
I could feel her whole body tense as she came. Suddenly, my thrusting
cock was wet with a gush of warm fluid. I was going to cum, soon. I
could feel myself reaching that point of no return. With a few hard,
heavy, jack-hammer thrusts, I pushed all the way into her, slamming my
balls against her ass. I came, feeling my cock shoot a load of hot
jism deep inside her.

We rested for a little while, then sat up and looked over at James and
Carol. She was on top of him as they both faced us. She was riding his
cock, her tits bouncing furiously as she dropped herself onto his
cock, sending it all the way into her, right up to his balls.

Then, she pulled herself up to where the purple tip of his fat cock
head was visible right at the entrance to her hairy cunt. Then, she
slammed herself back down again. She writhed and squirmed and moaned
in the ecstasy of orgasm, grunting something indiscernible.

Suddenly, James shouted, "I'm cumming!" and he reached down and pulled
his cock out of her and let it point at her belly, where great gobs of
hot cum came shooting out of his cock.

The spunk shot high in the air, some drops falling on her tits, while
most of it shot on her tummy and dripped down to her legs.

We sat there for a long time, sipping at the very good wine that Carol
and I had brought. I sat, one arm around my wife, facing James and Angie.

"I thought you said the Mehinaku bathe with their new fuck-mates," I said.

"Oh, they do," said James. "Then, they might bathe with someone else a
week later."

"Well, then, let's all go jump in the shower," said Angie.

We found a way to fit four bodies in a shower a one time. The soap and
the hot water felt good, washing away the sweat and body fluids. I was
fondling two pairs of tits at once. Then, I noticed that Angie was on
her knees in the shower. James had entered Carol from behind, and she
was grunting in pleasure.

Angie was licking my wife's pussy while her husband was fucking her
from behind. Leaning forward just a little, I could see his dick enter
my wife's cunt from behind. Then, he pulled out of her very slowly.

I bent forward and watched Angie lick Carol's cunt. Every time James
pulled out of her, Angie flicked out her tongue and licked the head of
James' dick.

"I feel like a fifth wheel," I said.

James shrugged and reached over and gripped my cock, his hand full of
soap lather. He stroked me as I watched them fuck. I had never had
another guy touch my cock before, and that was another new experience
for me. I wondered how far James wanted to go with this new thrill for
me. He was, after all, quite a handsome man.

I came before they did.

Then, we traded places, and we still do.

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