Client Service  


I am an Architect. In the Company I work, we have a married couple as
clients. They are country people, rich and arrogant, about 30-32 and
the girl is... HOT! She's got curves and this sluttish style that
calls out that she's ready to cheat on her hubby, who by the way is a
ox. I've noticed her looking at me in a strange fashion, but never
gave her the impression that I am available to fulfil her wishes,
because I
know the policy of our company forbids any kind of personal
relationship (of that kind) with clients. Simply put, we are not
allowed to fuck our clients. A couple of weeks ago, I was working
at the office, my door was locked and I was kind of relaxed. Then the
bell rang and when I opened the door, I was surprised to see her.
Dressed in her tight capri, tiny tops and her hair let to fall on her
shoulders. I asked her what I could do for her, at that time and she
told me she's got some things to discuss with me about the plans of
their house. I had some work to do, but I couldn't kick her out. So I
let her in and locked the door behind her. I offered her a chair and
sat behind my desk. It seemed that the problems were related to the
arrangement of the space in their house. At first they had objected
the private bathroom in the main bedroom, because of the expenses.
Obviously, she had reconsidered and came to announce me that I had to
change the plans once again... What the hell, I thought to myself; at
least I'm getting paid by the hour. As we were discussing about the
exact position of the new bathroom (since they had already altered my
initial plans and the old position was not any longer available, I
noticed she had started moving a bit too provocatively as she was
leaning on the desk to see my papers. I could still suppress my urge
to reach for her perky breasts, but for how long??? Then she sat back
I could at least breathe freely. Then she started telling me why
exactly she wanted that private bathroom, as if I wasn't well aware
the reason... She likes walking naked in her room as she dresses and
of course after she's fucked her man (exactly what she said) she
taking a hot shower. I was about to tell her that I can imagine all
that and she doesn't need to be more precise, when she asked me my
opinion... -Exactly what is it that you're asking me, Mrs. Aditi, I
could barely stammer. Her
reply was disarming: "I'm asking if you believe that I am right
around the room naked when I get dressed and taken care of..." Taken
care of? I asked surprised! "You know, when I put on my body lotions,
play with myself, etc... " OK, I got her message, I am not going to
play gay for much longer, I thought... It had never occurred to me
that a woman like you would play with herself. Well, she cried, my
man is
always either so busy or so tired to spend some time with me. And
we get to bed, he always falls asleep. -Then, I laughed, I should
you a nice, romantic bathroom for you to enjoy your adventures in...
Although I find it a pity, such a pretty woman to be wasting her
with her fingers... -Oh, I didn't say I only use my fingers, she
I have a vibrator or a great size! OK, that was it... No more
invitations needed for me! I stood and walked to her. -A woman like
you, using either a vibrator or her fingers is a sheer waste of great
material. I think you need someone to share your bathroom or your
bathroom fantasies with. -Oh yes? And who do you have in mind? she
asked as I could even smell her breath by then. I didn't say a word,
grabbed her and pulled her to me, cupping her lips with mine, feeling
her huge breasts on my chest. Our kiss was so passionate, I never
could imagine that a country girl would kiss like that and actually
that nice! Would she be clean inside, I thought to myself, as I was
lifting her top to find she had chosen nothing inside for tonight.
Clever girl, I thought as I was lifting her arms and pulling her top
out. It didn't take more than a moment to have it removed. As I knelt
before her and started kissing her nipples, she was already ready to
explode. When I undid her zipper
and pulled down her capri, I could smell her arousal and it wasn't
long till I also felt it with my hand, after I also remover her
thong. All
naked before me now, I could only stand there and enjoy the terrific
sight of her body. I lifter her and made her sit on the desk.
before her, I spread her legs apart and enjoyed the view of her well
trimmed pussy. All clean and smelling so inviting, I couldn't resist!
Funny how, the very moment I touched her clitoris with my tongue, she
began shaking and quivering and crying out as she came, letting a
load of her pussy juices on my tongue which by then was inside her
vagina. This girl was making me sooo hot. Married, pretty, a
All I needed to become an animal. I turned her and had her lay on the
desk, on her belly. Her perfect ass all exposed for me. I didn't
any more time. I used my hands to spread her ass-chicks open and
started licking her asshole. It was soooo good! Licking her tight
little hole and feeling her body shaking was just THE BEST! Using my
fingers I opened her pussy and slid two of them inside. It was so
that I felt like I was putting them in butter. I kept moving them in
and out while also licking her anus till I felt her cumming again! I
didn't let her move though. I stood up and undid my pants and let my
already hard cock touch her ass. Feeling the hot piece of meat on her
body, she let a long moan... She tried to turn but I held her tight
with my one hand and with the other I guided my cock in her pussy. It
slid there without any effort, so wet she was! I started pumping
inside her, she was so hot inside that drove me crazy! I maintained
the same
pace till she called me for harder and faster. I couldn't disappoint
her, after all she's a client! So I gave her what she wanted, a good
hard and fast fucking in her nice pussy which by now had become open
like the ozone hole. While fucking her I tried to put a finger in her
ass. It was quite hard and she showed it hurt but didn't object so I
figured that she had at least tried it with her own fingers, maybe
even with her vibrator. So, after a few moments she could feel my
splitting her ass open and the exact moment she was cumming again in
my cock! I was decided to fuck her ass too. Who could know if we were
meet again? I wasn't going to waste that chance. So, without saying a
word, I took my cock out of her pussy and let it touch the entrance
her tight cave. She let another long and kinky moan as I slowly yet
steadily started pushing my cock in her ass, which surprisingly
quite easily! Oh it felt so tight, warm and she used her muscles to
squeeze my cock in it, making me feel so great! Oh, that little bitch
was great! She moved her ass to meet my thrusts and take all my cock
inside her. Also surprisingly she didn't shout out loud as I
so I figured that her ass wasn't virgin at all! So, without
I started fucking her hard. As I pumped in her ass I felt I was so
close to my orgasm! That bitch was lucky enough to avoid giving me
head, but I wasn't going to let her go like that! I gave her a few
more pumps and as I felt my cum raise on my balls, I pulled back out
of her
ass, pulled her hair and forced her to knee before me. I got my cock
in my hand and started stroking it in front of her face. Soon she
replaced my hand with hers, avoiding putting my cock in her mouth,
which was understood. She kept stroking and stroking and I was sooo
until finally I started shooting all my hot cum on her face. She
opened her mouth and aimed my cock in it, letting me shoot the most
of my hot
semen in her mouth. When I was completely dried, she swallowed and
used her fingers to clean her face from my cum. She licked carefully
fingers and stood up. We kissed again with more passion, got dressed
and had a drink. After a few more minutes, we left the office like
nothing had happened! But we knew it surely had.

Posted : 05/10/2011 11:31 am