Being posted at Hyderabad at my first job, fresh out of college from Calcutta, I had the major task of house hunting in which my friend Sudarshan helped me. It was not an easy task as many people were reluctant to rent out their lace to a young bachelor. Using his aunt's reference, I found a nice place in Maredpalli-Secundrabad. It was a compact 2 storey structure. The upper portion which was to be rented was a compact & independent unit with a living room, kitchenette and a bath attached bedroom, just right for a young bachelor like me. We met the landlady-Jaya and agreed on the terms and she said that I could move in immediately. My place also had an independent entry via a staircase built along the outer portion of the house and there was a nice terrace too! The landlady said that her husband worked for the railways and their family of husband-wife, 2 kids and her brother inlaw stayed on the ground floor portion. I smiled and replied that I like kids too and would have no problem adjusting.

I moved in with my meagre possesions the very next day and the landlady-Jaya welcomed me with a cup of coffee. I settled in nicely into a set routine of office in the morning, a movie with a couple of beers and dinner outside on the weekends and Saturday-Sunday spent in lazing around the house, washing clothes,cleaning, etc. Often during the weekends, the landlady Jaya would send over some special chicken or fish or mutton dishes out of sympathy for my single status. My circle of friends was less as I was new to the city. I would sometimes sit on the terrace pace or play in the lawn with the kids. Cricket was the elder kid, Suresh's favourite game. Jaya would often smile indulgently at me and we would exchange pleasantries and make small talk often. I would try out my broken Telugu with Jaya or the kids to their great amusement as I made grammatical errors! But everybody spoke Hindi or rather Hyderabad Urdu, so communication was never a problem. Somedays when I came late from a movie or dinner with friends or when I received letters, Jaya would tease me about my non existent girlfriends! Often Jaya would hang wet clothes on the terrace to dry or come to take them of during the evening and we would exchange glances and smiles. It was mild harmless flirting but Jaya was in her own way, a very attractive & sexy woman.

Jaya was about 35 yrs of age, of above average height and had a wheatish complexion with sharp features and expressive eyes. She was almost amazonian, well built, buxom, plump and voluptuous in the typical way women middle aged Telugu or Indian women are. Her sari enhanced the swell and curves of her smooth waist, the tightness and the flare of her round buttocks and the tight blouses she wore, showed off the swell of her ripe and full breasts. She wore her saris low down and her deep fleshy navel could often be seen, set right in the center of her midriff. Her hips swayed tantalisingly when she walked. Her sultry eyes were always lined with kohl and her voice was husky. She was like a ripe, juicy fruit that one wants to devour. Jaya's husband Ramesh who was around 38, was a locomotive inspection engineer with the railways and would often be away from home on his trips. His younger brother also stayed with them in a joint family. Her husband's brother Venkat was around 30-32, handsome in a scholarly way with his specs and books as he went to the city college where he taught physics. Venkat was softspoken and always did most of the chores around the house like dropping the 2 kids to school, watering the potted plants or buying provisions. He always seemed to be at Jaya's beck & call and I for one had initially thought that he was Jaya's husband. It was Jaya who blushed and told me that he was her husband's younger brother. Venkat for one, always followed Jaya about with a hangdog expression and a slavish devotion and I instinctively sensed that she might be sleeping with him! Jaya on her part almost mothered him affectionately and took very good care of him. Ramesh, the husband too was always very attentive to Jaya's needs and this woman dominated both the brothers and they semed to have no problem with that. That was the allure of Jaya's persona. The family appeared close to each other and a happy one at that. I for one, started getting dreams and fantasising about Jaya, furiously masturbating away the tight ache that she gave me!
Life continued routinely, until one night as I was reading a book, at about 11pm there was a geat commotion in the residential colony. I heard shouts of "Donga! Donga!" and "Chor Chor!" and the sound of people running helter skelter! I was down in a flash and knocked on the grilled outer gate of the ground floor! Seeing no response, I peeped through the glass window of the living room on the side and was amazed to see Jaya, Ramesh and Venkat emerge from the closed master bedroom. Jaya had a flushed and frustrated look on her face combined with a hurriedly worn nightgown, which was half open at the breasts! Venkat & Ramesh were both bare chested and just wore lungies. They had obviously been having a threesome joint session! As the other residents of the colony gathered, Jaya's front door opened and all came out on to the porch. I was shocked beyond belief that a typical upper middle class family had such sexual behaviour. One wife shared by two men!! The burglar had made his escape in the meantime and for about an hour, many people milled around aimlessly and talking. As I rechecked the padlocks at the main gate down the driveway, Jaya called me in too, offering to make a cup of tea! Everyone had lost their sleep, including Venkat, Ramesh and me. The kids were sushhed, calmed and sent back to their bedroom! I then suddenly realized that Jaya's elder son Suresh looked like the husband Ramesh and the younger one was a mini carbon copy of Venkat, the brother in law. This woman was like the mythical Draupadi who kept multiple husbands happy but under her control! I wanted to have Jaya and I knew it would just be matter of time since she had such a ravenuous sexual appetite! I came back to the real world with a start as Jaya set out the cups of tea! She had a teasing, half smile on her face as she served the tea. I stole furtive glances at her semi transparent night gown. Her breasts strained against the fabric of the gown, and her build and curvy figure outlined in stark detail as she had tied the strings of the gown around her waist. I have never been a vouyeur or peeping tom, but I was determined to confirm my suspicions before I could attempt to seduce Jaya. I was nervous & fidgety because of these thoughts and the hard erection which it had given me! Mumbling GoodNight and a special thanks to Jaya, I headed upstairs, determined to find a way to confirm my doubts. I was going to peep into their bedroom soon!

The next night around 10.30 pm, I crept downstairs silently, careful not to make a noise or startle anyone, once i sensed that the living room lights had been switched off. The bedroom night lamp was on and the sliding glass windows were shut and the curtains drawn tightly. I could sense some hustle & bustle in the room, but there was no way that I could watch! Shit, the disappointment of the whole thing made me frustrated. Desperately I looked around and decided that unless I found a way to keep one of the windows slightly ajar I could not see anything. The next day I waited till it was 10.30 in the morning and waited for Venkat & Ramesh to leave for work. Pretending to be tired, I knocked on the door and asked Jaya if I could make a phonecall to the office, telling them that I would be late. Jaya pointed me to the phone in the living room and went into the kitchen. Swiftly I yanked the cable of the telephone and snipped one part of the cable. "This phone is not working!" I told her. "Oh, these telephone connection problems! Why dont you try the instrument in the bedroom in the bedroom?" said Jaya. That was lucky. I went into the bedroom and located the phone which was near the bed. Shivering nervously and with clammy fingers, I slid a small thick wad of folded newspaper at the end of the sliding glass window creating a small gap through which I could later push my fingers from beyond the grills from outside. I drew back the curtains and made a phone to the office telling them that I would be in by noon. I thanked Jaya quickly and left, refusing her offer of tea. I could not concentrate on work the whole day and was waiting impatiently for the night to come! Again around 10.30 that night, I was downstairs at the bedroom window. Around 11pm crouching, I waited and sensed the living room lights being switched off and through the gap in the curtains and glass I saw Jaya entering the bedroom smiling coquettishly at her 2 men who were waiting impatiently. Untying her sari and clad only in her blouse and petticoat, she opened the wardrobe and pulled out a nightgown. Ramesh, the husband could not control himslef and dragged her to the bed! Laughing, she wriggled free, pretending to escape as Venkat came from her back and caught her in a bear hug. Jaya laughed and pushed him away too, sticking her tongue out, teasing them. She then opened the hooks on her blouse, one by one, teasing both Ramesh and Venkat. Ramesh made another grab for her and succeeded in pulling her on to the bed. Like dogs panting for a bitch in heat, Ramesh and Venkat pulled her bra off, freeing Jaya's magnificent marraries from the confinement of her bra. Grabbing her tits, they sucked greedily on her erect puffy nipples with slurping sounds. Jaya cradled both her hungry men to her bosom as they continued to suck and bite on her breasts. Then she untied her petticoat and lay on the bed in her glorious nudity. Both men slobbered over her, licking her, biting her flesh gently, enjoying the feel of her lush body. She pushed and goaded Venkat to go between her thighs, spreading her legs apart. With a roar of desire, Venkat dived in between her legs, lapping and licking hungrily at her swollen vulva. Her vaginal mound was clean shaven. Jaya moaned in pleasure as Venkat licked and plundered her vagina. Jaya smiled triumphantly at Ramesh, grabbing Venkat's hair as she ground her pussy against his face. She then parted her cunt lips with her fingers to give his mouth better entry. Jaya then pulled Ramesh's cock into her wet mouth, bobbing her head back and forth as she pleasured his turgid cock. Ramesh grabbed Jaya's head with both hands as he thrust in and out of her open mouth and Venkat was sucking away at her pussy. Panting with the exertion, Jaya pushed Ramesh and Venkat away.

Commanding Venkat to lie down on the bed, Jaya loomed over him, squatting and then straddling him and guided his erect cockto the opening of her wet warm pussy. Positioning herself above him with her arms on hs chest, she thrust his erect phallus into her pussy, humping frenziedly. Jaya's breasts slapped against Venkat's face and he held her in position grabbing her ass as she rode him. As Ramesh stood watching, Jaya thrust her ass out to him, pointing to her anus. Ramesh obeyed her immediately, licking the rim of her asshole and moving his finger in and out of her ass, lubricating it even as Jaya continued to ride Venkat's cock. As Ramesh pleasured her hole, she turned around towards him smiling and encouraging him. After a while, deftly Jaya jumped free of Venkat's cock and then mounted Ramesh. Ramesh kissed her hard on the mouth, as Jaya increased her pace moving out and down. Venkat came to Jaya's back and then thrust his cock into her anus. Jaya groaned in pain and pleasure as Venkat's cock thrust in deeper into her anus, even as Ramesh was thrusting upwards like an engine's piston into her cunt. I stood transfixed as this amazonian godess pleasured her men, easily taking and enjoying the double penetration. Furiously humping both men, Jaya screamed in orgasmic frenzy as Ramesh and Venkat climaxed and spurted inside her. As she lay down on the bed in the centre, both men hugged her and they went off to sleep.

I had spurted spontaneously in my shorts watching this frenetic and frenzied coupling. I was in fact almost intimidated by this gorgeous woman but knew that I had to have her. I made my way carefully upstairs wondering how I was going to get her The next day was Independence day, a public holiday and I woke up quite late around 10am. I had tossed and turned the entire night wherein images of Jaya and her coupling partners kept dancing before my eyes. It was only after I had shagged twice and drunk 2 stiff shots of whiskey that I had been able to fall asleep. I was clad just in my vest and shorts when I saw Jaya on the terrace hanging out the clothes to dry. I sleepily smiled at her and asked her where the kids were. Jaya smiled back and replied that the kids had gone to school for Flag Hoisting, Venkat had gone for the Independence day function in college and it being a holiday, Ramesh had gone to the market to buy fresh fish and other provisions. "Dont cook anything. I shall send you lunch today" said Jaya. "You must be tired after staying up so late to peep into my bedroom! I saw the wad of newspaper that you had put to create the gap in the bedroom window when I was cleaning up today!" said Jaya suddenly as she went down the stairway. I turnd speechless as I was dazed with embarrasment and fear! What could I say if she complained to her family or to my friend's aunt who had vouched for me? After all it was I who was the peeping tom here and what went on in her bedroom was none of my business. I made to follow her and wanted to apologise but she had already gone away. The kids brought up lunch for me in the afternoon. The food was delicious as usual but I hardly noticed it as my mind was still spinning. I asked the kids where their dad was and they replied that he was at home but leaving for Nagpur on work that evening. He would be away for about a week. Their BABAI- (meaning uncle in Telugu) would be back at night as there was a cultural function in his college. I had lunch and dozed off again. I waited till it was around 5.30pm and went down to return the utensils to Jaya. Jaya was sitting on the portico as the kids were playing in the lawn. As I handed the utensils back to Jaya, I tried to avoid her gaze. Shamefacedly, I was about to apologise when Jaya asked me to sit down. "There is no reason to be so nervous! I am not telling anybody what you did, as long as you keep what happened to yourself. Come, I will tell you my story" said Jaya.

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"I married Ramesh when I was about 22. He had seen me at my cousin's weding and his aunt approached my family with a proposal which was gladly accepted" said Jaya. "Ramesh had lost his parents when he was young, and his brother Venkat used to stay with him. Venkat was a shy & sensitive college student, around 20 years old and very close to Ramesh who at 27yrs was almost a father figure to him after they had lost their parents in an accident about 5yrs back. Venkat welcomed me into their family. At first, in the first flush of marriage, I would sometimes resent the lack of privacy due to Venkat also staying with us, but slowly I also got as attached as Ramesh was to Venkat to let things be. Ramesh loved his brother and never wanted him to be hurt" continued Jaya.

"Married life was good and my elder son Suresh was born within the second year of our mariage. Venkat who by now was doing his final year in Post Graduation, doted upon his nephew and always said that I was like a godess who brought happiness into their lives. Venkat was by nature, a loner and had only very few friends. He was painfully shy speaking to girls and I used to tease him sometimes. It was during one such occassion that Ramesh was away on his inspection tour, I had put Suresh to sleep and went into Venkat's room to call him for dinner. Venkat was taking a bath and I was just randomly clearingup the things strewn on the bed when I saw Venkat's diary. Idly I flipped through the pages to find that Venkat had written that he was in love with me! He wanted to have me as his life partner but was wracked by guilt and anguish at the disloyalty he was showing to Ramesh. He had also written above his love for Suresh and that he craved for a kid of his own. He had written that he could not love any woman except me. I then read with a start that he wanted to kill himself as he was in agony! I was shocked beyong belief and did not know how to handle this, when the bathroom door opened and Venkat came out!" narrated Jaya

"Odina (meaning Sister in law or Bhabhi in telugu), give back my diary!" screamed Venkat as he made to grab it back. "What is going on in that mind of yours? What will society think!' I screamed back as Venkat burst into tears. Sobs ran through his body as he crouched and sat on the bed and I just stood there not knowing how to react. I moved forward and placed an arm on his shoulder to comfort him, when Venkat hugged me and clung to me, burying his face in my lap and almost squeezed the breath out of me. I pulled him upwards to my chest, trying to get his face up. As I looked into his eyes, I was hypnotized by the deep longing he had for me. "Dont cry, it is all right! I love you too" I heard myself saying as I kissed him full on the mouth. His mouth surrendered to my kiss and I felt my nipples stiffen. Venkat fumbled with my blouse hooks and I helped him out and took off my bra freeing my tits into his arms. My breasts were tender and still lactating thouh I had stated weaning Suresh already. Venkat watched in awe as droplets of my milk appeared at my nipple tips when he squeezed my tits and I wanted to suckle him. Cradling his face, I guided my swollen nipple into his mouth and let him suck. Venkat was surprisingly gentle as he sucked my breasts and then I felt him move down, disrobing me of my sari. He hitched up my petticoat kising me all along my stomach, navel and then right on to my warm and wet vulva. I was already dripping wet and my cunt ached as he parted the labia and sucked on my clitoris. Venkat kissed along my inner thighs and his tounge stabbed into the depth of my cunt. I moaned in pleasure as his mouth plundered my vagina. Pushing my head up, I watched Venkat savour my womanhood. Ramesh was a strong lover and satisfied me everytime but I was enjoying the way Venkat almost worshipped me. I arched my pelvis to allow him more access and his tongue circled and lapped my clitoris and pussy lips, softly nipping at them with his teeth. I came violently, trembling against his mouth. I spread myself as Venkat rose above me and I guided his cock into my wet pussy. My cunt canal throbbed as it gripped his manhood, milking him as he thrust into me. In and out, in and out of my pussy Venkat' swollen cock moved repeatedly as my nails raked his back even as I lay spreadeagled. Venkat thudded into me rapidly into the folded ridges of my cunt and we both came as Venkat spurted inside me, screamed and called out my name. He kissed me repeatedly all over, nuzzzling every part of my body, licking me and nipping gently at my flesh. He was spent but not willing to let go! As he dozed off to sleep, I was overcome with a feeling of deep tenderness for him. Dinner was forgotten as I went to my bedroom wondering whether all that transpired was just a dream. Conflicting emotions of lust, guilt, pleasure and sadness ran through me, as I thought about where all this would lead me. How could I now face Ramesh? Should I confess to him or carry on this relationship clandestinely?" Jaya's story left me amazed. What a woman! How could someone be so giving, warm and generous? I lusted all the more for her, knowing that getting her would be very difficult. She had 2 good guys who worshipped the ground the walked on, kids and a secure family life. Would she risk it to sleep with me? So many thoughts flipped through my mind. The next day I hurried back home from the office hoping that I would be able to talk to Jaya again! It was about 5.30 in the evening and she was in her ususal sport on the porch keeping an eye on the kids play. There was a jug of lemonade on the teapoy and she offered me some! "I knew you could not wait to hear the rest of the story!" said Jaya, her eyes twinkling. The kids pestered me to play with them but I pleaded tiredness and sat down.

Jaya continued "Like I told you, Ramesh, Venkat and I worked out a system where I shared their bed on alternate days. The system worked fine but would be sometimes thrown into disarray because of Ramesh's official tours. He would often return from his trips, horny as hell having mised his turn to bed me. But if I would mentally be in the mindframe to sleep with Venkat that day, then Ramesh would mope. Ramesh and Venkat initially tried to exchange dates at their convenience but I put my foot down after a while, pointing out that I had the final say. One such day about 3yrs back, we had a tiff about whose turn it was. I flipped out and when Ramesh and Venkat came to me shamefaced, saying that they were sorry. I felt sorry for both and impulsively told them that if they were so much in the mood, both could fuck me at the same time. Ramesh and Vekat were flabbergasted at first and then recovered their senses, both running behind me into the bedroom. What a night it was as I took both of them! It is the secret fantasy of some women to be fucked by more than 1 man at a time but it came true for me. The novelty of the incident excited both my men to the extreme. God how they licked, sucked and pounded my pussy, sucked and squeezed my breasts and then took me in the anus as neither could wait for the other to finish. I must have come 5-6 times that night. I felt like a queen being attended to by my loyal men, their crazed lust gave me a high as they were totally in my control. My mouth, breasts, thighs and pussy ached with the sweet pain of our encounter. I dont have the stamina to do it every time, so it is an occassional special treat for them around 1 or 2 times a month. Every time I promise them a threesome, you should see how they follow me around the whole evening like dogs behind a bitch in heat!" "My housework gets over in a flash on such days!" said Jaya, laughing. " You must be wondering why I diclosed all this to you, isnt it? I know you have been eyeing me and sizing me up. I know when men give me 'THAT' look. It comes automatically to women, an instinct! I also realized that the day the burglar had come, you inadvertantly saw us all coming out the bedroom. What I did not expect was for you to peep into my bedroom when I was fucking both of them!" said Jaya smiling. I just smiled back nervously, not knowing how to react. My admiration for this open, generous and lusty woman was unabated. Over the next 2-3 days, I met Jaya and Venkat sporadically but could not manage to speak alone to her. She always smiled mysteriously at me and I watched her and sometimes we exchanged glances, but I could not get her images out of my mind.

The next weekend on a Saturday, Jaya knocked on the door and then came in asking "Babu, are you there?" I was spread out on the couch with the newspaper. Venkat has gone to Warrangal as we received a phone call that his aunt is sick. He will be back only the day after tomorrow. As you know Ramesh is away on tour and will only be back after another 3days. The kids are at school. Could you fetch them for me?" asked Jaya. I assured her that it was no problem and said mischeviously "Dont worry! I am ready to help out with any work till Venkat or Ramesh get back." Jaya made a faceand said that she would telephone the school authorities to let the kids come back with me. The kids reached home at 1pm and I had bought them icecream along with a light lunch parcel for myself. "Now they will miss lunch!" pouted Jaya. I refused Jaya's offer of lunch by pointing to my package, bade them goodbye and went upstairs. Around 2.30pm I opened the door to Jaya's knock. "Maybe you would like a slice of icecream? The kids went off to sleep after lunch as I dont allow them to play in the hot sun. That gives me a little peace & quiet." said Jaya, plonking herself on the couch. I gazed at her sitting opposite me, eating the icecream and she suddenly caught me staring. "What are you looking at? asked Jaya, a half smile playing on her lips. "I am looking at you of course! Is it wrong to take a look?" I replied challenging her. "Now there I told you, my life is already complicated. I also told you that I sense how you look at me THAT way!" Jaya protested. "Are you forgetting that I have seen you stark naked in the bedroom that day and that you have shared the most intimate secrets with me? I cant help it but I want you. Are you not teasing me? Why are you here now? How many times during the past few days you have been feeling the tension between us? Do you not secretly enjoy the fact that a young man of 22 is lusting for you. I bet that you are wet betwen your legs right now!" I said as I moved towards her.

Jaya nervously licked her lips, an act that drove me mad with desire. As Jaya made to get up, her sari pallu slipped to the side, exposing her buxom cleavage! I saw the valley between her giant globes and the sweat which had stained her blouse around her armpits. Swiftly, I grabbed her and dragged her towards me. My hands went around her fleshy waist and I pulled her towards me. Her firm breasts crushed against my chest as my mouth came down hard on her lips. Jaya's lips surrendered and my tongue entered her hot, sweet mouth, sucking and tasting her and she kissed me back. Jaya' nipples stiffened against my fingers as my hands kneaded her breasts and her tongue entered my mouth, tasting of the strawberry icecream she had been eating. My hands went down and grabbed the buns of her fleshy bums and squeezed them, pulling her closer to me. I kissed her all over from the neck and came down to her breasts. Grabbing her breasts with each hand, I bit on her erect nipples through the fabric of her blouse as her arms now cradled my head and clutched it to her bosom. "Oh, Babu!" sighed Jaya, calling out my name as I rubbed my face on her midriff going down on my knees, gently nipping at her fleshy waist. Her navel was dark and deep in the middle of her waist and my tongue stabbed into its folds and depth licking and sucking hungrily. Jaya whimpered as my mouth plundered the treasures of her musky navel. Heaving with the effort, she pulled me up into a standing position, where I caught her in a bear hug again. I gently forced her down on the couch, kissing her all over as I undid the top hooks on her blouse and thrust my hand into the warmth of her breasts. My hand went past the cup of the bra and felt her large nipple stiffen at my touch. Pushing the bra cup aside I exposed her left breast. Her breast was firm and huge with dark round of areolae and a big juicy nipple erect and proud. Greedily my lips wrapped around the nipple and sucked and my right hand hitched up her petticoat in one motion and travelled up her thighs towards her pubic mound. Triumphantly, I felt the wetness and heat of her full mound as I fondled her vulva through her panties while my mouth sucked her nipple. Pushing her panties to one side, I pushed my index finger past her swollen cunt lips, into her pussy to find it dripping wet and warm. Jaya held my hand and guided it, as I moved the finger in and out of her wet pussy kissing her hard. Jaya sucked furiously on my tongue, biting and then chewing my lips as my finger entered in and out of her cund and my thumb insistently rubbed her clitoris. My free left hand pulled aside the bra covering her other breast and gobbled up the erect nipple. "Oooh Babu!" moaned Jaya and shuddered as she came in response to the relentless fingering. "I want to lick your pussy!" Jaya I said, as I tried to move down. "Not now, darling, not now! I am going to give myself to you, I promise! I now want to have you fully. Let me go now,dear! I shall come in the night today, once the kids are asleep." begged Jaya giving me one more hard kiss. Hurriedly she adjusted her clothes and went downstairs. I now awaited the heavenly pleasures of Jaya's body which would be mine tonight. After an early dinner I was waiting expectantly in my living room when, Jaya pushed open the door nervously at around 11pm. She was in her night gown, freshly bathed and her head piled up in a tight bun on her head. I shut the door behind me and dragged her into my arms. My mouth came down hard on hers, kissing her deep. Sh wore no perfume but her body had a muskyaroma of its own. My hands rose to fondle her bosom and I was thrilled to see that she wore no bra underneath. Her nipples were already stiff and taut. We headed to the bedroom where she just pushed me on to bed and signalled me to wait. She smiled mockingly at me and her hands stopping at the top of the nightgown’s zip. “Want me that badly, young man?” She questioned me, eyeing the bulge in my shorts. Ever so slowly she pulled the zip down as her nighty fell at her feet and stood before me in gloriously beautiful and clad only in her panties. Her pubis was swollen and filled the panties and she cupped her massive breasts, sqeezing them slightly. Her large puffy nipples stood tautly apart from her areolae. See, how they want you!” teased Jaya as I was propped up against the pillows.

She came into my arms and kissed me hard as Jaya’s tongue entered my mouth, sucking my teeth , lips, the roof of my mouth. I grabbed her eagerly and my hands came up to caress her breasts. Jaya again pushed my back and brought her breasts to my mouth, offering me her big juicy nipples. Straddling me, Jaya pinned my arms down with her as I hungrily sucked at her nipple taking the entire dark center of her breast into my mouth, even as my free arm kneaded her left breast. Moaning, she took one tit out of my mouth giving, me the candy tip of her other breast saying “Take this one too!” As her nipple grew larger and tighter in my mouth, Jaya moaned and rubbed her herself against my groin. As Jaya loomed in front of me, I freed my arms, caressing her from her breasts, then down to her midriff and her deep navel. I pulled her forward towards my chest, nuzzling her pubic mound through the panties. She rose slightly to let me peel the panties down to expose her pussy to my gaze. I took her womanhood into my mouth, sucking on her swollen cunt lips. As she let me lick her and suck her to my heart's content, she parted her pussy lips with her fingers to let me taste her juicy wetness, gently rubbing her clitoris against my open mouth. "Eat me, Babu, eat me." said Jaya. grabbing my hair with both hands, she pushed my face further into her throbbing cunt,rocking gently above me in rythm as I sucked her pussy, alternatively lapping her clit and tasting her sweet juices. Jaya then moved into a 69 position, spreading her thighs over my face to let me eat her while her mouth went to my throbbing dick. My phallus was engorged and the veins stood out as Jaya parted the foreskin and licked the tip. Wrapping her lips around my rigid shaft, she took my erect phallus into her mouth. Her tongue flicked at the knob of my prick, teasing and licking me. I grabbed her head, bobbing it up and down on my erect prick, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her mouth, feeling my dick stretching her mouth. Jaya pushed my hands away and moved her head up and down herself, sucking me into her. My hands parted her buttocks, and wetting my index finger I pushed at the entrance of her anus. Jaya sighed with pleasure, humping my mouth with her pussy as I diddled her ass and sucked her clit.

Jaya got up and then she straddled me, guiding my phallus into her wet warm pussy. "Oh, my God!" gasped Jaya as she put her palms down on my chest to balance herself as she humped me. Her pussy lips parted and glistened as they spread and wrapped around my rigid shaft. I thrust upwards into her, feeling the ridges of her pussy grabbing my cock in welcome and her clit rubbed against the base of my cock. As the depth of my thrusts increased, Jaya grabbed me to her bosom, biting and licking my face all over as I impaled her on my love rod. My hands grabbed the cheeks of her buttocks and enabled me to keep myself inside her wet throbbing cunt as the pace of my pelvic thrusts increased. As I thrust deeper into the very depths of her cunt canal, Jaya's mouth locked into mine in a long, fierce kiss as her vagina trembled and quivered in orgasm and I erupted deep inside her shooting loads of thick sperm into her pussy. Spent, sweating and panting, Jaya lay atop me for a while and then we lay side by side in the afterglow of our lovemaking. Jaya was quite simply the most sensuous woman I had ever bedded.

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