Dream fire  


I was fishing for bass and trout at my favorite fishing spot (my hobby of fishing), lake Roosevelt in Mumbai (ccg). I fish this spot three, or four times a week in the summer. In the past five years I have fished here, I have seen people here twice. I start fishing about six, and stop about eleven for lunch.

I would sit against a big oak tree by the shore, where I would have my coffee and sandwich, and again as usual, I would lay back and start rubbing my cock though my swim shorts. When it was hard I would pull it out through the leg and start to masturbate, after cumming that would end my day at the lake, and good sandwich and a good orgasm. One day stands out of many other days though; I had been stroking my cock, pulling lightly on my balls, feeling my arousal building slowly. My fishing day masturbation takes at least forty-five minutes from when I begin my masturbation to cumming, I always cum very hard and have a great orgasm.

This morning I had built up my level stimulation hotter than I had known in a long time. I was pumping my cock I knew I would cum in a matter of minutes. I could feel the tingles shooting through my cock and balls. I heard a voice seeming over head of me, “please don’t be startled,” I damn near fainted although the words were as soothing as the voice. It was a woman’s voice, a medium low sexy voice as smooth as silk. Fear when through me like a cold glass of water had been dropped on me. But she moved fast-faster than I could in my confusion. She stepped out from behind the bushes, right next to my tree. She was wearing white tennis shoes and white socks. She was naked from her shoes up to her head. Her tits were hard and smooth, just the type you would love to put your cock between and fuck. Her pussy hair was a dirty blond. Much darker than her hair that fell down to her ass. Talking as she moved to me her voice was fast and nervous. “I have been watching you, you would not believe just how hot and turned on I am.”

“please don’t waste your load,” she said as she moved with a dancing grace.

She straddled me wearing the damn white tennis shoes. Brushing my hand off my cock she grabbing my hard on. Her voice flowing, soothing telling me I how I must not waste it. I was quite dizzy having this blond squatting over me. Half of me was in terror being caught in public jacking off. But the other half of me could feel nothing, except the hot moisture of this blond nymph pussy, as it grasped my cock and slid down my pole till her pussy was impaled down to my balls. Her body moved up and down riding my shaft, “oh man,” she said. “I was feeling my pussy and tits, masturbating while I was watching you.” her voice started to gasp, “I was going to cum when you did, but I could not stand it any more.” “I just had to have you in me and feel your cock fill me.” her blond hair and tits bounced as she lowered and raised herself on my hard cock. Her pussy squeezing, grasping my cock as though her pussy had a hand inside of it. I thought I was crazy or dreaming but at this point I didn’t care. I grabbed a hold of her tits and started to pump up to meet her half way. Slamming my cock into her pussy, this was so slick. Her face began to contort taking on an animal expression of lust. She humped her hips forth three times and exploded in an orgasm.

This was happening or could be happening; I went along with the ride. The fires of orgasm rushed through me as I came in this stranger’s pussy my own cum, boiling out of her pussy and down my balls. It was the weirdest, but the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.

When she was through cumming she leaned forwards letting her tits touch my chest and kissed me as my cock began to shrivel in her pussy. She straightened up and my cum, rolled down her legs, “thank you,” was all she said and started back into the bushes. Leaving me to clean myself up.

“wait a minute,” I called, “what’s your name?”

“you can call me dream fire.” was all she said. And I woke up.

Posted : 06/07/2011 9:01 pm