Extra Marital Affair Redefined  

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We come from an upper class Bengali family. I am 35 years old and my wife is 30; we have been married for 4 years now and have a wonderful one-year old son. We own a luxurious bungalow in a plush locality. I look after our family business that I inherited from my parents and have to commute to couple of cities on a monthly basis. My wife, Mahuya, looks after our son and house.

Ours is an arranged marriage. Mahuya was a coy 26-year female when we got married. She is very desirable woman and the kind of woman men simply lust for. It was her fabulous looks that attracted me. She is gifted with an extremely fair and flawless complexion and could easily pass of as a foreigner if it had not been for her frame. She stands 5' 7", much taller as per Indian standards but true to her Punjabi origins has wholesome body that has only become ripe over the past 4 years. Even after giving birth to our son she has maintained her figure; if at all her bust line has increased by a few inches.

Over the years, we have genuinely fallen in love with each other. The freedom of having a nuclear family has been truly a boon for us. We both could devote time to each other, rather than to each other's families.

As our love matured and we became more comfortable with each other, our sex life became more and more adventurous. Both of us were virgins before we got married. By the end of the first year of our marriage, we were done experimenting with a lot of different positions for sex and had started discussing each other's wild fantasies. Initially, we only exchanged our tame fantasies but as time passed we moved on to our raunchier ones.

Surprisingly, both our fantasies where about swapping partners with other couple. This is a taboo in our society and hence added the thrill to our sex life. Initially, we fantasized about having sex with an unknown couple but it didn't work for us, not for long. Both of us couldn't associate with imaginary characters and longed for reality. So, we substituted the imaginary couple with a real couple, whom we new.

This worked wonderfully and both of us immensely enjoyed the sessions. As the days passed, I realized that I enjoyed having Mahuya fucked by someone else. So, very soon, it was the usual theme of me impersonating as some other husband humping Mahuya. Over a period of time we even got unmarried guys humping Mahuya in our fantasies. We both enjoyed the fantasies and Mahuya was content having them as fantasies. I wanted to live our fantasy, however. I wanted to see my wife taken by some other guy.

After birth of our first son, Tushar, I brought up the idea about enacting our fantasy. I made it clear to her that I was more interested in watching her boned by someone else rather than me experimenting with some new pussy. She, however, was unsure of even considering the idea. Her primary concerns were our family prestige and our relationship. I didn't know how to convince her but pestered her on every possible opportunity.

Around this time, I started exploring this concept of sharing your wife on internet and found quite a few interesting hot wife websites. In an effort to convince her, I shared some of the stories I read on these sites with Mahuya. She was very surprised to find real life couples talking about their escapades in such gory details. The websites gave Mahuya more confidence and we started enacting one of the stories every weekend or whenever we had leisure time.

We also watched some movies with hot wife themes on every opportunity we got. It was clear that she enjoyed the idea but was unsure of acting it out in reality.

Last month, I again brought up this topic while fucking her. Unlike other times, however, she immediately agreed. I came inside her immediately as soon as I heard her acceptance. She had a few conditions, though.

"Ravi, you have been pursuing this for almost a year now, I think, you really want this to happen, right?" she said

"Yes. I desperately want this to happen dear," I eagerly replied

"Even I am warming up to the idea. I would like somebody to keep me warm on the nights you are away."

"I hope this is only about me sampling with someone else in the bedroom and not you," she said looking into my eyes.

"Of course honey. I have no interest in any other woman. I just want you to have the best in the world," I found myself replying to her without even blinking.

"If this has to start Ravi then it would be on my terms," said Mahuya in a concerned tone.

"Sure!" I replied in an emphatic yet casual tone indicating that I am game for it.

"I am not interested in just one night stand but rather a prolonged affair." She seemed to get bolder hearing my eager response.

"Even I would like it to be an ongoing affair rather than a one-off instance," I said

"And I would be the one to make decisions on this henceforth," Mahuya said excitingly.

"Whatever you say," I replied without hesitating.

"I will be deciding who I should have an affair with and to what extent I should take the affair and when," she elaborated further leaving no doubts. I of course was clear on what she had in mind. She would now willingly sample other men in our bedroom.

"Whoever you choose honey please ensure that both of you are discreet about the affair," I voiced my only concern.

"Understand," she said and continued, "Give me some time to think and identify a potential mate for me"

I was surprised with her terminology. She used the word 'mate' to describe her would-be lover. Hinting perhaps that the new relationship would be founded on sex rather than love as it is with me. I was glad that Mahuya was getting whole-heartedly involved in this.

Guessing that she would mostly consider the ones about whom we have already fantasized I volunteered, "If you need my help let me know. I can recommend a few potential ones who would fit the bill."

"Thanks for the help Ravi but I would like this to be purely my decision. I hope you don't mind that," she said in a matter of fact manner.

"I would like to thoroughly consider all aspects of it before I make up my decision," she said lost in thought. Probably evaluating the parameters she would apply to evaluate her potential 'mate.'

"Ravi for next few weeks, I would like to socialize a bit more with men in our circle to evaluate if they are suitable," she said looking at me "And I hope that you would give me a chance to mingle with them a bit more freely for this purpose."

"Sure honey. Just make sure that not everybody in our circle gets the idea!" I said in a cautious tone. "We don't want to create any scandal here," I added.

"While at parties or outside, I would like to spend some time alone with these men in order to choose my potential mate."

Again, she was clarifying, leaving nothing to my imagination. It seemed that she wanted to consider this very carefully and take the next step only after proper evaluation.

"How long are you going to take to choose your mate?" I asked inquisitively trying to get an idea about the timeframe she was planning on. The question had put her to think, perhaps, she had not given thought to that aspect.

"I haven't thought about it. I want to choose suitable partner for this new relationship. As it is not a one-night stand but rather an ongoing affair."

"But still you must have some idea bout the timelines?" I was pushing a bit now.

"Hmm... At least about a month or two," she said

"I need quite a few opportunities to meet my potential mates," she said justifying the need for such a long duration.

I was under the impression that she had almost short-listed a few candidates and only needed to take the final decision.

"So, you do have a few candidates in mind, right?" I found myself asking.

"I do have a few but I still would like to make an informed decision"

"Then why such a long time?" I immediately asked her. "May I know who all are on the list," I asked her without giving a chance to reply.

"No!" she sad emphatically, "I will let you know when the time comes."

"But what is the harm in sharing it now?" I pleaded

Mahuya replied with a lovely smile of hers. Playfully indicating that she would not share it with me even if I bothered her any further.

"Have you started your evaluation process with these listed candidates?" I asked her in an effort to get more details.

"You are incorrigible!"

"Okay. At least share how many are already in the list?"

I was pleading like a small kid now. Mahuya knows that I am curious about everything and naturally about this I wouldn't let it go that easily.

"There are two candidates on the list right now."

Finally, she was talking now.

"Both the candidates have been pursuing me now for quite some time."

"One of them has been doing so for years now," she added.

"Years?" I was surprised to hear this.

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"I like them but I would like to consider others too before I make up my mind."

She had shared enough with me and I now knew that she wouldn't divulge any further information. In any case, she had given me food for thought. I was sure to be spending next few weeks finding out who the two men were. Mahuya and I socialized fairly often, as we didn't have any immediate family members both from her side as well as my side. Most of the people we interacted were our family friends or some business acquaintances; we didn't have any close relatives who stayed in our area. Also, the social gatherings happened mostly at the club we visited regularly.

I knew quite a few people who would be more than willing to get into her pants and was wondering if they had made any pass on her. Anyway, I didn't have to wait long. One of our family friends had invited us for a wedding reception in our club the following weekend. This was a chance for Mahuya to pick up her prospective mate.

At the party I purposely gave Mahuya lot of time to mingle with male guests. She bid her time equally among women and men, ensuring that she got to talk to the men when they weren't around their wives. I was desperate to see something happen but nothing materialized that day. She did spend some time alone with a few men; with a few of them she took long walks along the lawn and the jogging track. But nothing much happened that night. It was more of casual talk and it seemed the men were just spending time with an interesting person rather than getting drunk.

Several such parties passed by and nothing significant had happened. I probed Mahuya after every such party but she had not yet made up her mind. I tried to frame in mind who all she had spend more time with and with whom she seemed to be very comfortable. I could at least identify two men with whom she seemed to be fairly comfortable.

There was this new chap who had recently moved to our neighborhood, about 3 months back. He was in a way competitor to me as we both were in the same business. Hence Mahuya's attraction towards him irritated me. He was much older to me, almost nearing 40s but had kept him in shape. I found Mahuya spending quite sometime with DineshJi quite sometime.

I had interacted with DineshJi on a few occasions and he seemed to be a confident man, pretty knowledgeable in his business. More importantly he seemed to be getting well with women. He had two teenage sons yet that didn't show on his face, as he looked fairly young.

Another person with whom Mahuya spent quite some time was our elderly neighbor RajivJi. RajivJi is our 45-year-old widower neighbor. He has had two daughters from his marriage. His wife passed away about 10 years ago and ever since then he has been a perpetual lecher. He had been ogling at Mahuya since the day she stepped in my life.

While it was natural for Mahuya to be comfortable with RajivJi, I thought she had better utilized her time with some other stud that was her age and would be a suitable partner for her. It was not only RajivJi's age but also his demeanor that bothered me. He is known to be an arrogant and selfish man and has tried to humiliate me in front of Mahuya on more than one occasion. He is well known womanizer in our circle. Yet people tolerate him due to his excellent sense of humor and extraordinary success in business.

On the physical side he is not attractive as DineshJi is. He is pitch black, slightly plump and stands only 5' 4". My hope was that Mahuya was just being courteous when she spent time with RajivJi and was not evaluating him as a prospective mate. Actually, he is so despicable that it was wrong for me to even entertain such a thought. RajivJi and we share a common interest and that is Cricket. We are avid Cricket followers and don't miss any match. We watch matches together many a times.

Three months had passed since the day she agreed to look for a new lover. And still there was no sign of her decision and hence I thought of brining this up tonight. Also, thought of broaching up the topic of her spending more time with DineshJi and RajivJi. So on the dining table night I asked her

"Honey have you made any progress on your decision yet?"

"Ha?" It seemed I had caught her off guard.

"Hmm... not yet but I am getting close," she said after thinking for a moment.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well it has been quite some time now so thought of asking."

"Do you mind talking about it?" I asked hesitantly

"What do you want to talk in particular?"

"Well just wanted to know how it has gone till now? Who all you have short listed etc?"

"I can't share with you the short listed candidates, yet"


I had lost for words now, as she was not willing to continue the conversation on this topic. After some more thought I thought of directly broaching the topic of her spending more time with DineshJi and RajivJi.
"Well, I have been observing with whom you are spending more time with during our social gatherings," I said looking into her eyes to judge her reaction. She very confidently asked, "Who?"

I quickly grabbed the opening she gave me and said, "I have been noticing that you spend quite some time with either DineshJi or RajivJi"


Her boldness had stunned me. In sincerest tone I said, "I hope you are not considering them as your potential mates."

"Why not?"

"We hardly know DineshJi and it would not be wise to get him involved in this," I quickly retorted.

"Hmm... and what's wrong with RajivJi?" "How can you even consider somebody like RajivJi as a potential mate?"

"Why what's wrong with him?"

"For God sake, he is old enough to be your father Mahuya."


"He is so ugly!"

"That is a good reason for you not to be jealous. Don't you think?"


"The way I look at it he could be a very good bed mate for me."


"For one, he is crazy about me. So getting him into bed with me would hardly take any time."

"That is true about any man. I am sure any man from our social circle wouldn't let such a chance slip by," I quickly retorted to. I saw her stealing a smile as I said this.

"He is our neighbor, so the proximity would help me in continuing the affair discreetly."

I had to agree with this point. We had a side-door that directly connected our bungalows. It was much easier to sneak in through that door without getting noticed.

"Moreover, we can trust him. He wouldn't risk getting exposed, much less losing a chance to sleep with someone like me," she said.

It looked like she had thought over very carefully.

"And lastly, he can give me 100% because he is a widower. There is no complication on his part," she continued.

"Look you might have numerous reasons why he is the right person but I don't want you to have any such relationship with him," I said in an angry tone frustrated with the thought of my wife spending nights with such a disgusting man.

"Hello?" she interrupted me. "Do you remember I was the person to make decisions in this regard and not you?"

"I urge you not to get involved with him," I pleaded.

"Please grow up, Ravi," she said in an irritated tone.

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Promise me that you wont interfere in these matters. Otherwise, I would have to call this off completely," she said looking into my eyes for an answer. My silence gave an emphatic answer. I was so desperate to see her in the arms of another man that it didn't matter even if that other man would be our obnoxious neighbor.

"I haven't yet made up my mind and need more time on this," she said finally and that was the end of our discussion on that topic.

I would have gladly accepted if she had chosen DineshJi over RajivJi even if that had meant sharing my wife with my business rival. Only recently I started realizing how much of a threat he could be to our well-established business. Perhaps, in the lure of my wife Mahuya his attention might get diverted from his business and I might be able to gain some lost territory.

Her decision was yet to come. Anyway, I didn't have to wait long for her decision as the very next social gathering we attended I came to know whom she selected to mate with. That Saturday evening we were celebrating a recent promotion of a close friend of ours to a Vice President position. It was mostly a business meeting with our spouses tagging along.

That evening Mahuya's attire was stunning. She wore a beautiful black colored transparent saree, with a matching colored sleeveless blouse. The blouse showed a hint of cleavage and lot of back, just enough to entice any man. She made it a point to wear her saree well below her navel to show her voluptuous waist.

DineshJi didn't make it for that party but RajivJi didn't want to loose an opportunity of spending some time with Mahuya. He monopolized Mahuya most of the night, which infuriated me to an extent that I got drunk. I avoid booze, as I can't handle it. Just 2 pegs get me drunk. That evening I had gulped 4 pegs and was quite inebriated. It was funny to note Mahuya towering over RajivJi on the jogging track where they were wiling away their time. RajivJi was three inches shorter than Mahuya and Mahuya's slightly slender figure compared to RajivJi's stock figure made her look even taller.

I had passed off when it was time to go home. RajivJi volunteered to take us home that night. I was almost asleep when they slid me into the back seat of our car. The club was about 20 minutes away from our house and in no time we were home. RajivJi helped me to our bedroom upstairs and left. Or so I thought.

When I woke up it was around 12:40 am in the night and Mahuya wasn't in bed next to me. Surprised to find her missing I got up from bed to check on her. Very carefully opening the door I peeped into our living room downstairs. There was light from the kitchen and I heard some voices. It seemed RajivJi and Mahuya were in the kitchen talking. Perhaps Mahuya was making coffee for RajivJi and herself. In no time I saw Mahuya leaning against the Kitchen door with a coffee mug in her hand. RajivJi was standing opposite to her. Mahuya had changed and was wearing her sexiest night suit. It was not the skimpiest; she had many that exposed lot more than what they hide. This one was slightly conservative, yet one that revealed the right amount of skin. I had presented this night suit to her on our first anniversary. It was a bright red colored two-piece suit that adorned her flawless skin beautifully. At the time, I bought her this she was a bit small in size but now after Tushar's birth her breasts stood out magnificently.

"So you actually have cheated on your wife?" asked my wife

"Several times," replied RajivJi

"Are you proud of it?"

"Of course! Why shouldn't I? I was able to attract quite a few women and was able to satisfy their hunger as well," he retorted.

"What exactly do you get by bedding other women? Weren't you happy having sex with your wife?" Mahuya asked curiously

"I very much liked sex with my wife but that is besides the point."

"I have a need for variety. There are so many incredibly beautiful women in this world. How could I restrict myself to just one?"

That was a typical man's response. I would in her position perhaps say the same thing.

"So you need to go on a rampage having one night stand with every woman you meet?"

"No! That is not my philosophy. I don't believe in one-night stands. I would like to savor the woman; have an ongoing relationship with her for at least couple of months, if not years."

"And that means I have to be selective!"

"Don't tell me! You cheated on your wife more than once and for more than a few years?" asked Mahuya in a shocked tone

"Yes Mahuya! But that doesn't mean that I ignored her."

"Which single girl would possibly want to have such a relationship with a married man? Wouldn't they want to court a single guy instead?"

"You may be right. But I am talking about married women."

"Married women?"

"Yes Married women my dear Mahuya. They are the best bet. It is easy to have a long-term relationship without getting discovered and without any consequences. Also, they are more willing to experiment because most of them are bored with their sex lives"

"I don't understand. Why would married women indulge in extra-marital relationships? If they are caught then it is an end to their marriage."

"Lets think objectively. By objectively I mean, you arrive at a conclusion by keeping aside your feelings and societal compulsions."

RajivJi showed tact in his handling. He was able to engage Mahuya in a very good conversation. Perhaps Mahuya was helping him a bit but still it was clear that he was expert at handling women.

"Between Male and Female, who do you think is stronger class sexually?"


"I mean who has more power in the sex department? Who can last long?"

"Obviously Women!"

"Great! Then why restrict sex with only one person? When you are capable of having more than one copulation in a day?"

"I see."

"What is in it for a man? Why would he want to chase other married women?"

"Men are hardwired for it. They want to perpetuate their genes as much as they can. So the more women they mate with, the more likely they will be able to perpetuate their genes"

"So are you still trying to perpetuate your genes?" Mahuya asked in a mocking tone.

"No. If you mean to ask if I am still having an affair with someone?"

"Why? Are you over the hump, already?"

"No. Just that my priorities had changed. I got sucked into bringing up my kids after my wife's death and taking care of the business. So didn't get an opportunity in a while now."

"What about yourself, he asked?"

"No. I have never been unfaithful to Ravi. Didn't feel a need for it."

"How often do you have sex?" he asked her inquisitively.

Giving a weird look she replied "about 2-3 times a week."

"That's it?" he exclaimed

"Why? What happened?"

"A beauty like you deserves a lot more!"

"Like what?"

"Sex at least every night; perhaps more than once a day. I can't believe Ravi could ignore you like that"

"It is not his fault. He is away 2 or 3 days on a weekly basis, so we really don't have that much time," she said in an attempt to defend me.

"Are you happy with this frequency?"

"What do you mean?"

"Would you like to do it more often?"

"I never thought about it"

"You should give it a thought. An attractive woman like you should not waste her youth."

"You have probably committed a mistake by having a child too early in your life. I think you two should have enjoyed your life before getting into the family way."

"Perhaps it is good that you already have a kid. You can now experiment more freely," RajivJi added.

"I haven't thought about it. I don't like the idea about cheating on Ravi."

Saying this she moved to our living room and RajivJi followed suit. Our living room was next to our kitchen and it was shielded from our bedroom and stairs. There was only a small portion of our love seat that was visible if one crouched down next to stairs. One could view the love seat through the kitchen door and the kitchen window. The vaulted ceilings in the living room reverberated the sound, which still helped me hear them clearly. I was hoping that they occupied the love seat otherwise I could not watch the action any further. Luckily both of them sat in the love seat, fairly close to each other. It was a smart move on Mahuya's part to move to the love seat where they would be more comfortable and RajivJi could sit a lot more close to her without being conspicuous.

"You would only be doing him a favor by looking for sex outside your marriage. He could concentrate on his business and Tushar," RajivJi clarified as he sat down next to her.

"Stop kidding!" she said in a playful tone as she slapped his thigh, which was perilously close to her.

"I am serious. Beautiful women like you are not at all meant to be monogamous; they essentially are meant to be polygamous!"

He further explained, "Because no single person has the right to own what nature has bestowed on you. Beautiful women like you are meant to be bred."

"Pardon my language but I am just expressing my feelings," he apologized.

"Are you suggesting that I start sleeping with every guy I meet?"

"No, All I am suggesting is to add some spice to your life"

"And for that you need to start sleeping with some selective individuals. The ones with whom you could have a prolonged affair without being discovered," he elaborated

"Hmm..." Her lips parted as she was perhaps visualizing herself in bed with RajivJi.

"I am willing to offer my services!" RajivJi brought her out of her reverie as he said this.

"What?" She almost screamed. I was surprised at her response initially. Wondered if she was having doubts about going through with this. RajivJi, however, handled it very calmly.

"I am willing to offer my services. It has been quite some time since I had a women and I think you are perfect to begin with, again"

"Aren't you ashamed of proposing something like this to somebody who is young enough to be your daughter?"

"Not really! Firstly, you are not my daughter. Secondly, it would be a symbiotic relationship"

"How is it a symbiotic relationship?" she quickly retorted and added, "If I am as beautiful as you say then why should I have an affair with someone like you? I can choose a younger person, somebody of my age and someone who is better looking."

"Oh, I understand you mean tall dark and handsome, right?"


"I definitely meet one criteria: the dark one," he said and broke into a laughter. His white teeth stood out in stark contrast to his dark lips.

"Remember Mahuya, you are planning to have sex with this person and not marry him or parade him in front of society"

"So what are you trying to say?"

"You should look for things that will make sex pleasurable with this person and that's it"


"All I am saying is that you haven't sampled me yet."


"Ok let's start with a kiss. Find out for yourself, if you like my kiss or not?"

"No way! My husband is sleeping upstairs and I don't even want to imagine doing something like that with you"

"What's the harm in a kiss? Just give it a try"


"I don't find you attractive at all! Pardon me for being so rude but that is the truth."

"I can understand that very well. But don't you think that is good enough a reason to engage in an illicit relationship with me?"

I never thought of it so far but perhaps he was true. It was the images of my beautiful wife getting screwed by disgusting RajivJi that made me lust for the moment when this would happen.

"What?" she asked in a confused tone.

"Let me explain. You are fair and beautiful; your husband is fair and good-looking. So, you have felt how sex feels with a good-looking person. Most people in their ordinary lives only think about this aspect and ignore the other aspect."

"Have you ever given a thought of submitting sexually to the most despicable looking man? Don't you think it would be very much different from numerous other encounters you might have with good-looking men?"

"Go on. I am listening," Mahuya said encouraging him.

"Right now you are having sex with one of your own breed: fair and good looking ones. To get a real taste of sex you need to bed as many as possible and as many different kinds as possible.

"As I said earlier, men are hardwired to screw as many women as possible. Similarly, women are also hardwired to have sex with more than one partner. They also want to ensure that they conceive from more than one person to ensure that their offspring gets the best of everything.

"Now look at you. You have conceived a kid from Ravi already. If you conceive the second one from him then both would have same set of genes. Which means both can suffer from the same diseases. But if you had conceived the second from somebody else then your chances of having healthy children would improve.

"There is no point putting all your eggs in one basket!

"That way there would be no diversity amongst your children. They would all be same genetically."

"So, you are suggesting that conceiving from you would add to genetic diversity of my children," said Mahuya explicitly clarifying what he was implying.

"Definitely!" RajivJi said emphatically

"But then how would I explain the physical differences; especially the stark contrast in the complexions?" she asked thoughtfully.

"Look at both of my daughters. They are beautiful just that they are a bit on the darker side. They did manage to get some of their mother's features. You are much more beautiful. So, my children from you would be much more beautiful and even on the fairer side," he explained.

"Where did you get all these ideas?"

"I read a lot!"

"Have you ever tried to add genetic diversity to other women offspring's?" There was slight smile on her face as she asked it. She was getting into it now.

"Oh yes. I have two children from illicit affairs. One was with our servant woman; her husband was impotent, so I helped her conceive and another one in the family. You have already met my second son. The guy who came last summer to our place."

Mahuya gave a thought to recollect whom RajivJi was referring to and then said "Oh that one!"

"Yes. He is a byproduct of an illicit relationship with one of my relatives wife"

"So does that convince you?"


"Come on! I deserve a kiss after all this. I have been pursuing you for quite some time now."

This was the moment of decision for her. Will she finally bite the bullet? Will she submit to RajivJi's advances? Will she let the lecher suck nectar from her lips? She was pondering over RajivJi's demand, all the while staring at the carpet avoiding contact with his eyes.

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Sensing an opportunity, RajivJi moved closer to Mahuya. He was now just a few inches from her. Mahuya was still lost in thought while this happened. Surprised by the sudden proximity to him, she pulled backwards but RajivJi already had his one hand encircling her and pulling her in.

Mahuya didn't resist but neither did she move towards him. She was almost in his arms but was leaning back on the sofa a bit. Her eyes lightly shut, her breathing a bit labored betraying her pretension of being in control.

It was clear that RajivJi had to take the lead. He didn't move in haste, though. He took his time admiring her beauty from close quarters, his hand gently stroking her face and her hair, feeling lovely texture of her face and hair. Mahuya let out a gasp as his fingers rolled over her lips. His thick black thumb was massaging her pink lips that were slightly parted.

The prelude to foreplay went on for almost five minutes. All the time Mahuya was comfortably leaning back on the sofa with her eyes shut enjoying the sensations erupting in her body. It was not long before guilt overtook her, however. And she abruptly got up and tried to move away. RajivJi managed to grab her hand and pulled her back on the sofa in no time, though. There was deaf silence in the room.

Mahuya was very tense and stiff now. She was sitting upright with her breasts jutting out. The silky top clung to her breasts and in fact dropped into her cleavage to outline her marvelous breasts. RajivJi started to massage her back very lightly to ease her. Not long after that he tried to pull her in for a kiss. Mahuya turned her torso towards him but didn't seem quite willing to offer a kiss.

RajivJi tried to kiss her but she turned her face and offered her cheek instead. He showered her face with tiny kisses moving towards her neck gradually. Very soon he was nuzzling her neck, a very sensitive zone for Mahuya. And then he tongued her earlobes the most erogenous zone of her body; he ran his tongue over the contours of her earlobe before driving his tongue through her aural cavity.

His small kisses were working Mahuya up and she started to respond. Her hands that were lying next to her now moved up to encircle RajivJi and were lovingly holding him, while he was petting her. This didn't last for long. Soon, RajivJi moved up to kiss her mouth. Surprised with the sudden move, again, Mahuya pulled back but only for a second and then willingly perked up her lips for RajivJi.

RajivJi's dark lips finally rested on her lips. It was one of the hottest moments of my life. To see her pink lips stacked up against his dark lips. RajivJi played with her lips by blowing small kisses. Mahuya was sucked in the scene and didn't care to respond. RajivJi's kisses gradually became wet as his lips parted and his tongue played with her taut lips. She finally relented to his invading tongue and parted her slimy lips that were wet with RajivJi's saliva. They were locked in a passionate kiss now.

RajivJi's hands were freely roaming on her body. I could see him massaging her boobs and playing with them while he was kissing her. Mahuya was completely in it now and was kissing him back with passion. Their tongues were dancing around each other swapping saliva.

Next RajivJi grabbed her hand and put it on top of his erection. She ran her hand over his erection a few times before pulling from the kiss. She looked down to perhaps admire the length of his manhood. I could see a sense of pleasant surprise on her face. She gave his dick a gentle squeeze and with a smile playing on her lips leaned in to give him full mouth kiss again.

This was another passionate kiss they shared this night. RajivJi was comfortably exploring her body now and I could see him play with her boobs a lot more. He managed to knead her nipples between his thumb and middle finger. Mahuya could only moan into his mouth as he very adroitly massaged her breasts.

The foreplay was getting more and more intimate now. I could see RajivJi's hands caressing my wife's beautiful waist under her shirt. She held his hands as they were trying to sneak under shirt towards her breasts. She pulled back when things were getting heated up beyond her control.

She sneaked a peek towards the stairs to see if anybody was watching. I lay low on the stairs to avoid getting noticed; it was dark near the staircase and hence I was confident of not getting noticed. I wondered went through her mind at that time.

Was she worried about how fast things were moving? Was she having second thoughts? While these thoughts were going through my mind, I noticed that Mahuya got up from her seat and moved into kitchen to have a glass of water. She was standing at the sink when RajivJi moved behind her pulling her into him and grinding his dick into her ass.

Mahuya leaned back against him with her head resting on his shoulder as RajivJi's hands moved under her shirt and covered her splendid boobs. He was squeezing her tits very hard now. Not able to stand the pressure she turned around to kiss him fervently. This time the kiss didn't last forever but it was still very passionate.

"We got to stop now. Ravi might wake up," she breathlessly whispered to him pulling away from him. Her lips only inches away from his, glistening with their exchanged saliva. RajivJi was still glued to her body grinding his groin into hers. "Don't worry he must be fast asleep," saying that he latched onto her lips again.

"NO..." she said pushing him away and added "he might wake up for India-Australia match."

"But there is still an hour for that," RajivJi pleaded

"Why don't you check on him? We could do it if he is still asleep," he suggested

Mahuya relented and came upstairs to check on me. I had already moved into bed pretending to be fast asleep. She sneaked into the bed tiptoed into the bedroom to check on me. She made an attempt to switch on the lights and wake me up. Finding me fast asleep she walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her.

I waited for couple of minutes before moving out of the bedroom. I very carefully opened the bedroom door and peeped out to see if they were in the opposite room on first floor. Not finding them there, I peeped down to see if they were in the kitchen. I couldn't find them even there. They weren't in the living room either, at least not at the earlier position. I was clueless now. Did they move to the dining room?

I descended only a few steps to check the dining room that was next to the kitchen below our master bedroom. But then I found them in the kitchen standing the other side of the sink; that place was well concealed from the staircase. One would have to come half way down the staircase to view them. It was a much riskier position for me, as I didn't have much scope of moving away if Mahuya or RajivJi walked towards the kitchen window that faced the stairway.

It was RajivJi who was leaning against the kitchen platform now, while Mahuya leaned into his arms, passionately smooching him. With RajivJi couple of inches shorter than her she was towering over him. RajivJi was grinding into her as they kissed. I am sure she could feel his erection through his not so thick pajamas. RajivJi's hands had moved from her back to her but and were gently kneading them, occasionally pulling them into his groin.

Breaking the kiss RajivJi said, "I love your breath," to her and added further, "they have traces of a woman in heat." Responding to him with a smile she again moved in to kiss him. The kiss didn't last for long as RajivJi moved towards her neck first and then towards her breasts. He had already managed to unbutton her top and her cleavage must have been amply visible to him. She was wearing a bra but that didn't completely hide her superb breasts.

RajivJi showered her breasts with his kisses as his hands slowly worked underneath her top. Within no time he unhooked her bra and exposed her breasts. He took a step back to admire her breasts. She still was wearing the top and bra but most of the clothing were out of the way. As I had mentioned earlier Mahuya is extremely fair and could easily pass as an European and that is even so when she undresses. Unlike other fair Indian women, who have darker areoles and cunt lips, Mahuya has pinkish areoles and cunt lips.

RajivJi latched onto her breasts but he had to go slow as Mahuya was still nursing Tushar. Not many like the taste of milk and I definitely had an aversion to it. But it seemed RajivJi didn't have any such problem. He was very comfortable in handling breasts of a woman who is nursing a baby. He played around her areoles for some time or so I guessed, as things were not that clear from where I was. But it was clear from the way Mahuya gasped that RajivJi had latched onto her nipples now. Nipples are another of her erogenous zone – she loves it when I play with her nipples. Now I can understand that RaviJi is milking her. He must have like the test of her breast milk.

Mahuya was on wobbly feet as RajivJi worked on her nipples. She was supporting herself on his shoulders as her hands lovingly tugged at his hair. RajivJi was really working on her nipples as Mahuya was moaning now. Now RajviJi is drinking her milk.

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The sounds she made were almost similar to the sounds she makes when she is about to cum. Not able to take RajivJi's onslaught she pulled him for a passionate kiss. She took the lead in this kiss as she devoured his mouth, probing it with her tongue. RajivJi in no time had his hands into her pants and was squeezing her wholesome butt.

It was time for RajivJi to take the next step. He moved one of his hands from her butt to her crotch and starting massaging her groin area. Mahuya responded to his manipulations by grinding into him. I guess he was using his fingers to massage her cunt lips over her panties. They were playing it very dangerously now, as it was just a matter of minutes before they have to get into the final act. Mahuya was the first one to realize how close they were to getting caught.

"RajivJi we are taking too many chances," she whispered to him breaking her kiss.

"Come on let's move into the spare bedroom," RajivJi said to her letting her know his intentions of screwing her.

"No, we could get caught if Ravi wakes up," she reasoned

"I can't take it anymore," he urged. "I have to have you."

"We have to do it some other time. Not now," she quickly replied.

"Okay why don't you play with my dick then?"

Hearing that Mahuya moved her hand inside his pajamas and massaged his prick. She probably wanted to check his equipment before they parted their ways for tonight. RajivJi motioned her to kneel in front of him and check his equipment in a more comfortable position. In a trance she kneeled down in front of him and was staring at his bulge hidden under his pajamas. From my vantage point it did look sizeable and judging from her earlier reactions every time she handled his equipment it had to be of decent size.

She still didn't have the courage to unleash his manhood. RajivJi was toying with her silky brown hair, urging her to take the next step. She hesitated but taking a deep breath and stealing a glance towards the staircase moved her hands onto his bulge. She gave it a gentle squeeze before moving her hands towards his waistband. Without much ado she pulled down his pajamas to reveal RajivJi's boxer shorts.

I could now see it in even more detail. Now that his equipment was hidden only by a thin piece of underwear. I was eager to see if her mate would be well endowed as they have always been in my fantasies. I didn't have to wait for long. Mahuya pulled down his underwear in an effort to unearth RajivJi's equipment. But being sizeable equipment she had pull it out of the hiding by her hand.

It was definitely something to marvel about. It was the darkest thing I had ever seen and was almost twice my size. Mine is a decent 5 inches when erect. His was much thicker too. While I had seen such and many more magnificent pricks during my bachelorhood in many porn movies, I had never seen such in real life. It was indeed pretty large by Indian standards. His prick stood out majestically amidst graying patch of hair, which was normal for a man of his age.

"How do you like it?" he asked her with a smirk on his face.

She didn't respond but kept on staring at it. I was sure that Mahuya had chosen a well-endowed man to be her mate. Now, it was just a question of his performance in bed. With the kind of equipment RajivJi possessed he had to be only as good as I am to beat me hands down in the sex department. I wondered if he had bull-sized testicles to produce copious semen in order to impregnate her.

"If you had conceived from this. I can assure you, your son would have had an equipment this size," RajivJi said very proudly.

She was still staring at his equipment with awe. She had wrapped her fingers around him and still there was almost half of his prick showing. His knob was all wet with his precum from the foreplay earlier. She was in a state of trance as she started jacking him slowly. It was a very slow and deliberate movement.

After about two minutes of jacking, Mahuya moved her other hand onto his manhood to pull back his foreskin. The large purplish knob stared at her as soon as she pulled his foreskin back. The knob was much larger than mine both in length and width. While she did this, involuntarily her head moved closer to his prick, perhaps to examine his knob in detail.

It was an unimaginable site. Her pinkish red lips were just inches away from his purplish knob engorged with blood. It was not long before she had the urge to taste his equipment. She tentatively leaned forward and gave a small peck on his knob. RajivJi's hand was playing with her hair and urging her to take more of him in her mouth.

Her kisses became more and more wet and then I saw her take his knob in her mouth. She was doing it very carefully as if it was her most prestigious possession. In the meantime, RajivJi managed to lower his pajamas further until they fell down on the floor. His boxers were pulled down to around his knee and now Mahuya had complete access to his prized genitals.

Her hands now moved to his testicles and she gently massaged them as she skillfully used her tongue on his knob. She uses tip of her tongue to make an attempt to penetrate the pee-hole on the penis. This act gives immense pleasure to me and I am sure RajivJi was enjoying the same treatment.

She moved his penis out to make way for his testicles and then I could see her sucking his testicles into her mouth. His testicles were much larger in size as I was hoping. Given a chance he surely would impregnate her in no time. I was particularly concerned about this as Mahuya cannot handle the pill and hence we resort to using a condom for sex. She does use diaphragms on special occasions, which made me wonder if she would let RajivJi take her bareback.

Having sucked on his large semen-producing testicles she moved them out of her way and started kissing him under his testicles. She knows that perineum for a man is a very sensitive spot and she many a times pleases me by tickling with her tongue over there. She never performed analingus on me although I have pleaded to her several times for this. In the position RajivJi was standing it was difficult for her to reach that sensitive area and within no time she abandoned her futile attempts.

She moved her attention back to his penis and this time she proceeded to give him a full-fledged blowjob. Gradually her head started bobbing on his dick. She could only manage to take a little beyond his knob because of his huge size. Nevertheless, her intentions were clear.

Unlike many women I read about, Mahuya doesn't tire of giving blowjobs. Men complain about their women not able to give blowjobs for longer durations because of tiring jaw muscles. Mahuya could go on for almost half-an-hour at a stretch.

She was trying to slowly stuff more of that monster in her mouth gradually. After about five minutes she was able to suck almost half of his dick in her mouth.

RajivJi had started to slowly hump her mouth. He held her head while he seesawed his penis in and out of her mouth, all the while trying to push more of his dick in her. It was only after fifteen minutes of non-stop sucking did RajivJi showed signs of ejaculating. Sensing his approaching orgasm, Mahuya sucked on him even more fervently. RajivJi couldn't withstand the added vigor and drove his prick in, one last time, as much as he could and ejaculated in her mouth. Mahuya pulled away only a little bit to avoid choking but didn't let go of his prick and let him deposit his sperm in her mouth. She tried to gulp in as much as she could.

Only after he had completely emptied his balls into her mouth did he let her go. Even after that Mahuya still continued sucking on RajivJi's prick, ensuring that she lapped up every drop of his cum. I had never seen this kind of passion in her. She had tasted sperm earlier on my insistence but never really enjoyed the taste of it. This time, however, she seemed to be enjoying the taste, as she continued to clean his prick until it was spic and span. Only after that she excused herself to clean up. Mahuya came upstairs to clean up and make herself presentable. I had moved into the bed very smartly and woke up as soon as she got out of washroom.

"Mahuya has the match started?" I asked her in a sleepy tone.

"Not yet, there is still half an hour more," she replied nonchalantly.

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I had to work on a very important sale and needed to visit my office today despite being a Saturday. Running your own business has its own issues. I guessed Mahuya could utilize that time to get much better acquainted with RajivJi.

That day I had great difficulty in driving out the thoughts of my wife screwing RajivJi out of my mind. I had an important sale at hand that needed my complete attention but my dick wouldn't let me concentrate on my work. Finally, I had to jack off in the office restroom to relieve myself. Only then I was able to focus on my work. I had spent almost 3 hours on my work before a phone from a friend interrupted my concentration.

After having some casual talk with my friend I thought of giving a call to Mahuya to find out what was up. Surprisingly, there was no answer. I tried a few more times but again she didn't pick up.

After another 5 minutes, I got a call from Mahuya. She was short of breath and cursed me for calling at the wrong time I told you not to disturb me she said in an irritated tone and suddenly her conversation changed.

"Honey, I am fine. I was in the shower and hence couldn't take the call. I got to go now."

I knew that something was definitely up at home. Either they were into the act or had just finished the act. I had a tough time getting my thoughts back to the proposal at hand. With great difficulty I submerged myself into the files and only got up after the proposal was ready. It was around 9:30 pm and I got a call from Mahuya to find out when I was returning.

I wondered if she wanted to have one last session with him before I returned and hence called up to find out. Anyway, I was to be back home in half-an-hour so was not sure if they would cut it so close.

I was home by 10:20. She was waiting for me at the door, wearing just her sexiest night suit. In no time I pulled her into my arms and our eyes met. She looked a bit tired, perhaps with the extended session with RajivJi. I checked for any signs of her rendezvous with him. Her skin seemed to be a bit more flushed and I saw a few bite marks around her lips, remnants of passionate kisses that were exchanged that day, perhaps. Her lips themselves looked tender, succulent, and reddish in color.

I lowered my mouth to hers, she didn't resist but neither did she reciprocate. My lips were engulfing her lips in an effort to penetrate her lips. Gradually her lips parted and I could feel my tongue sneaking in through her lips. She responded to my kiss by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

I wonder if RajivJi had just left for the day and I tasted their mixed juices. Her breath smelled normal and their wasn't an tangy or salty taste so she definitely hadn't given a blowjob to him just before I arrived.

With our intense tongue play, we found us moving into the living room and crashed onto the love seat where RajivJi had seduced Mahuya last night. My hands were all over her body and I slowly unbuttoned her top. My hand sneaked into the bathrobe caressing her smooth skin onto one of her mound. Mahuya gasped involuntarily as my fingers played with her nipples.

As my hand massaged her tits, I could witness the signs that RajivJi left for me. Her breasts were unusually fuller and red. Her flawless fair skin had lots of bruises and hickeys on her breasts. I lowered my mouth and took one of the nipples into my mouth. I gently rolled my tongue over her nipple and caressed her areole with my tongue. I then took her nipple into my teeth and very gently started nibbling at them. Mahuya enjoyed this foreplay a lot.

"Easy Ravi!"

"RajivJi has already drained my milk," she moaned.

"He did!" I exclaimed.

"All evening he was latched onto my breasts."
I tried to tell him that I need to feed Tushar but he did not care and he was so eager to have my entire milk I had to feed him all.
"What else did he do?" saying that I was moved slowly towards her crotch.

"Slow baby, I am yet to recover from his assault. He has ravished me in last 4 hours. I have never been used this way."

Her panty was very wet with the juices of their mating. I had an urge to see how much open her lips were. I was not sure if she could have easily accommodated him, as his equipment was considerably larger than mine. I wondered if she purposely didn't take a shower and perhaps wanted to present herself in the state in which RajivJi had left her.

Ever so slowly I kneeled down all the while caressing her well-used body gently. She was comfortably lying on the love seat with her legs spread wide and her suit bunched up near her waist.

She let out a gasp as I moved in to smell her pussy from close quarters. It had a distinct smell of a well-used pussy. Without wasting much time I moved the thin silk material of her panty near the crotch area aside to expose her cunt lips. What I saw took my breath away! Her normally pink pussy lips were deep red in color and they were wide open showing the entrance to best place on earth.

She had played safe with RajivJi, as there were no signs of semen around her pussy. Her lips had the telltale signs of a much-used pussy. Her breathing was a bit labored as my fingers traced contours of her wide-open pussy. I wondered if she would be able to feel me after accommodating RajivJi.

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"When did he leave?" I asked

"Just before you arrived," she replied lazily and then added - "I had seen him off through the side-gate when you arrived."

"Did he leave by himself or you had to bribe him," I asked playfully hinting that RajivJi might have been reluctant to leave.

"He left by himself, I didn't have to bribe him," she said in a matter of fact manner.

"So, he left just like that?"

"We exchanged a kiss at the door but it didn't last for long as you just arrived at that time."

So, my doubts were not unfounded. Here lips were bright red from the smooch she shared with him. And I surely tasted their mixed juices as we swapped quite some saliva during that kiss.

"I hope, I didn't disturb you folks," I said teasing her.

"No you didn't, we were almost done," she replied with a smile and then added, "Although, RajivJi wished to stay a bit longer."

"How was your first encounter with him," I asked her changing the topic.

She blushed hearing about her first extramarital intercourse with RajivJi.

"It was good," she responded coyly.

I could guess that she didn't seem too comfortable talking about her escapades with him. Perhaps it was too early to broach up the topic.

"I am glad that you decided to play safe with him," I said hinting towards the use of condom.

I had too play safe but he didn't seem comfortable using a condom."

"But you did use a condom right?" I asked

"Yes, we did use a condom as I did not have any diaphragms. Need to buy them," she said and then after some thought added, "Just in case he gets too uncomfortable or the condom breaks, I would have another level of protection."

Mahuya very adroitly brought the topic of protection through the use of diaphragm at the same time hinting the possibility of letting RajivJi taking her without a condom. Although, I hated the lecher, the visions of RajivJi spewing his baby making semen inside her were too tempting.

"How many times did you do it?" I asked.

Mahuya rolled her eyes and her face showed embarrassment and she shot back at me, "Please Ravi this was our first time, I can't be so candid with you!"

"Okay then when was the last time he fucked you," I said making it a bit easier to answer this one.

She gave me the look that said, "You are incorrigible" and said, "Just after calling you we did it one last time."

"I was about to take a shower after calling you, but he didn't let me and instead utilized the half-an-hour left and took me on the very same seat."
That answered my doubt of not showering; she wanted to shower before I came home. It also answered my questions regarding the state of her well-used pussy. I wanted to ask her in what position he took her but I thought that was better left for some other time.

Without much ado I leaned forward and traced her open lips with tongue. Her body shivered as I did this. After making a few circles around her lips, I homed in on her clitoris. She loves it when I play with her clitoris and many a times I have made her orgasm just by going down on her, playing with her clitoris. This time, however, I found her squirm in pain as I did this and I heard her saying, "My pussy is very sore with RajivJi's onslaught. Please soothe it with your tongue."

"I don't need to cum, I have cum several times today. Just use your tongue and gently lap up my pussy."

Those words were enough to test my subservient tendencies. I knew if I had the courage to lap her pussy now, I wouldn't hesitate from doing so even if they hadn't used any protection.

Those were critical words. They were the kind of words that I had been longing to hear for such a long time. I always had this fascination of mating with my wife immediately after she had sex with somebody else. This was the first occasion when I had such an opportunity. I longed to feel every nook and corner of her body after such a session. I longed to see, smell, and taste the signs that showed that she has been used by somebody else.

I brought to her last orgasm for the day with gentle strokes of my tongue. She didn't waste any time after that and headed for a shower as soon as she had an orgasm leaving me to relieve myself. The dinner was uneventful as we both were embarrassed after our excitement subsided. Although I longed to hear the gory details of her escapades with RajivJi, I couldn't muster courage to ask her about that.

We didn't waste much time that night to get to bed. Mahuya fell asleep as soon as she lay down. She was totally exhausted with her encounter with RajivJi. There was no more action planned for the whole of next week as RajivJi was flying early morning on Monday for some business.

I didn't fall asleep as lots of things were going through my mind that night and it was only around 2:00 pm in the night that I managed to fall asleep. I didn't have to worry about getting early next morning as it was Sunday and I deserved a day-off after working hard on the business proposal and also for soothing my wife's sore pussy.

I sleep very well usually and don't wake up very easily unless the sleep was alcohol induced, as was the case on Friday night. However, today I didn't sleep well as the scenes of RajivJi and Mahuya mating were drifting in and out of my mind. The next day I woke up very late again. The next day was pretty uneventful as we worked on cleaning our house and running regular errands. We went out for dinner that evening and met a few of our friends.

That night we didn't waste much time and got immediately into bed for sex. The sex was hot and very rapid. Mahuya was very aggressive and made me go down on her for a long time before letting me penetrate her. She used her vaginal muscles so skillfully that I couldn't last for long and within no time I ejaculated into the condom. Although, I was pretty unhappy about my performance that night, Mahuya didn't mind and seemed quite contended.

Mahuya moved to bathroom to cleanup after the session. She took a shower and only then came out of the bathroom. This surprised me as she never bothered to shower after sex earlier and usually preferred to catch some sleep. I felt something was fishy and went over earlier incidents to find if something unusual happened that night.

I recollected that we received a phone call as soon as we entered into the house after the dinner that night. I had to rush to bathroom to empty my bladder, while Mahuya moved to pickup the phone. She had finished with phone call by the time I had returned from the bathroom. In no time after that she had initiated sex with me.

Although, her actions seemed quite innocuous only later I realized what was going on.

Again that night I couldn't get enough sleep as the scenes of RajivJi mounting my beautiful wife kept me awake until till around 1:00 in the night. Mahuya was sound asleep after her relaxing shower. Even after falling asleep my sleep wasn't very sound and I kept on waking up until I noticed that it was 5:30 am, when I finally came out of that restless state. Not sure what brought me out of that state but Mahuya was missing. She is an early riser but this was way too early for her to get out of bed.

It was pretty dark outside. Confirming that Tushar our one-year-old son was sound asleep, I got out of bed to look for Mahuya. I looked into our bathroom first to see if she was inside but the door was ajar and the sink was wet confirming that she had been to the bathroom recently. I thought she must be in kitchen to have a glass of water or something. But it was pretty dark downstairs and so she wasn't there either.

I was strongly suspecting that she was with RajivJi; I just hoped that she wasn't at his residence. I guessed they must be using the downstairs room but then I heard some noise from the room opposite to our master bedroom. I tiptoed to the other bedroom. I could hear some rustling sounds and then I heard Mahuya's voice.

"You are so incorrigible. Can't you wait for just one week? Ravi might wake up"

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"No please don't"

I was wondering who it was; my guess was RajivJi but what was he doing so early in our house. I could hear sound of lips smacking. I could see my dick rising to the tune of smacking lips.

"So did he do it?" I could hear RajivJi talking to her


"Going down on you of course"

I could hear Mahuya unbuckling his trousers and pulling down the rubber strap of his underwear and then I could hear slurping sounds. She was probably giving him a blowjob. I didn't understand what his question was.

"He did, right?"

"Yes!" he exclaimed

"I knew he was no man for you. He would be happy going down on his wife after his wife has sex with others," he said with lot of disdain in his voice.

It was then lot of things became clear to me. He was talking about me going down on her last night. I wondered if this was preplanned. Did Mahuya wanted me to taste their mixed juices like the other husbands in so many stories we read? That comment about soothing her pussy with my tongue seemed insidious to me now.

"Did he find anything different?" he asked "Nothing as such but he confused our mixed juices to be my excitement," she said.

"Surprising, I ravaged you so much but he didn't notice," he said

"It was dark and I purposely didn't show him the state of my pussy," she said meekly.

"Did you let him penetrate you?"

"No! I already had too much for the day," she exclaimed.

I could hear the sounds of fucking now. I heard Mahuya's rhythmic grunts, probably synchronized with RajivJi's strokes, the ones that I was unaware of. She never made such sound when we fucked. I could visualize their fucking session - RajivJi pleasuring Mahuya. I was lost in thought when the sounds suddenly ceased. I checked my clock and already 15 minutes had passed.

I thought they were done with it and RajivJi might have climaxed but I hoped that he didn't. Living up to my expectations he didn't climax yet but the pause was only to change the position. RajivJi asked her if she liked this position.

"Not with you. With Ravi I like this position otherwise he doesn't last for long"

I could hear them giggling. She was referring to her getting on top; we frequently resorted to this position to postpone my ejaculation. Even then our fucking session barely exceeded more than 7-8 minutes. RajivJi already gave her a fucking of more than 15 minutes, almost 20 minutes now.

"Which position do you prefer with me?" he asked

"With you I prefer every position where you are humping me," she responded catching her breath.


"You are long and thick and I like the feeling of your penis seesawing through my cunt. And you don't cum quickly that increases and extends the pleasure."

"I have never bothered finding out my penis size. Am I bigger than your husband?"

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed, "I can feel your tip probing my cervix, trying to enter it, in missionary style. His has never reached that maiden territory. Also, you are a lot thicker than Ravi; it gives me that feeling of being full."

I was reasonably well endowed for an average Indian, just above 5 inches when fully erect. Also, I thought we had a reasonable sex life with us having sex 2-3 days in a week and each session lasting for about half-an-hour to an hour including foreplay.

"But there is something that you can never beat my husband at", I heared Mahuya saying.


"Eating pussy!" she exclaimed. "He is simply amazing. He doesn't mind going on for hours and is okay doing it at any time. Doesn't mind the state and smell of my pussy."

"Yes. I know," retorted RajivJi and I could hear both of them chuckling.

"Now hurry up. Lets finish this," she said and I could hear some movement; perhaps they were changing positions. They have been already inside for more than 35 minutes now.

"Even, I love this position, " said RajivJi, "this way when I cum in you, my sperms would have to travel the least distance to make a baby in you."

"I don't understand why you are insisting on a condom," he said in desperation.

"Trust me I am clean," he said implying that our concerns were sexually transmitted diseases. Which weren't really as we were sure that he was not having any other affairs and neither did we feel that he had any visits to prostitutes.

"Trust is not the concern here. We don't want any unplanned pregnancy," she said and added, "I am out of diaphragms and pills don't suit me."

"What about planned pregnancy then?" he asked her still shafting her.

"It is too early to think of a baby as Tushar is just an year old. I want to enjoy sex as much as I can before getting into family way again," she responded to him.

Her response again surprised me. She didn't seem to be too concerned about getting pregnant from RajivJi. Instead she didn't want her sex life to be interrupted with another child.

"Come on don't waste much time. Give it to me!" she said urging him to fuck her harder.

Mahuya's grunts were getting louder now and more rapid; they both were just about to climax, I guessed. In such a stage, I would have taken a few more seconds to ejaculate but RajivJi rammed her for almost 5 more minutes before climaxing. Both of them were catching their breaths now.

"What a fabulous way to begin the day!" exclaimed RajivJi

"Mahuya, I am really grateful to you for letting me in this morning. I didn't want to wait for a week to get together with you again," he said

"The pleasure was all mine! I too would have missed you; good that you turned up early in the morning."

"Can't you postpone this trip? You would be gone for too long!" said Mahuya

"I would have loved to but can't. It is an urgent matter. Lets continue after I come back," said RajivJi

"Hard to believe that we have made so much of progress in a couple of weeks" he continued.

Couple of weeks! That surprised me. So their intimacy had been increasing day by day and I was glad that she didn't let RajivJi think that she was a slut.

"Although you would have to accept that you have been pursuing me ever since you met me," retorted Mahuya.

"Yes, I agree. You have been my best and longest hunt and I hope, you will be my longest affair too!" said RajivJi

"With the kind of equipment you have and the vigor with which you fuck me, I am sure you have quite a few years before retirement," she added emphatically.

"When did you started contemplating having an affair with me? I am sure this idea has been with you for some time," asked RajivJi.

"Hmm it has been with me for some time. I remember having vague thoughts about you about couple of years ago but they got crystallized only recently."

"I knew that you were interested in me and wouldn't let any opportunity pass by," Mahuya continued.

"Now that you have sampled my equipment, do you agree that conceiving from me is a good idea?" asked RajivJi

"That is a tough question to answer!" she quickly replied

"There is no doubt that sex with you is very exciting and fulfilling and I wish I had succumbed to your advances two years ago," and then to my utter surprise she added, "in that case Tushar had been a product of an unplanned pregnancy during such a hot encounter with you and not with Ravi."

A semblance of sanity restored as she further added, "However bringing a child in this world is no trivial matter and the decision to have one needs to be taken with due diligence and care."

I was happy to know that my wife was being pragmatic. But letting RajivJi know about her wishes to be impregnated by him surprised me. I thought she didn't want to get pregnant from him. Looking back at our conversations she had tactfully avoided answering that specific question as to whether she would like to conceive from him.

"But you had earlier said that Tushar was a result of an unplanned pregnancy!" RajivJi countered her.

"Yes he was."

"So, there could be another unplanned one. What is the problem with that?" he said playfully.

"Not really as during my fertile time I insist on double protection - diaphragm and condom."

"Besides do you want our sex life to be interrupted with a child?" she asked him.

"I not only want to have lots of sex with you but I also want the sessions to be fruitful," he added thoughtfully.

"I want to have a child with a beautiful woman like you."

"Well only time will tell if you get such a privilege or not."

"Now hurry up it is getting very late, you might miss out your flight and even Ravi might wake up."

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I quickly moved into our bedroom and waited for Mahuya to return. She wasn't long. Mahuya was sound asleep after her brief interlude with RajivJi this morning. However, the comparison between RajivJi and me were playing in my head. I wondered if she praised RajivJi only to make him feel better? Did she really find that disgusting guy so attractive? Why didn't she let him know that conceiving from him was out of question? Could she even contemplate of conceiving from such a nasty guy? All these questions were popping in my mind while Mahuya was sound asleep after her morning rendezvous with RajivJi.

I felt our sex life was great and bringing another male into our relationship was only to add some excitement to our lives. I still couldn't quite comprehend why she chose him in the first place. He is not at all attractive and I wonder how she smooches him. While my dick does get excited by the visions of them swapping saliva, my conscientious mind despises me for getting excited about it. I started to wonder if she had purposely chosen him as a mate to humiliate me. He was gifted with a majestic cock, though, and I admire Mahuya's instincts in picking up such a well-endowed guy. At the same time I wondered if size mattered at all? The sounds I heard this morning were something very different from what I am used to. But then it could also be that she was feeling slight discomfort due to his excessive size.

thought the orgasms were a result of the novelty and forbidden factor of the sessions between RajivJi and her. I conjured up numerous arguments to counter RajivJi's superiority in the sex department. How could such a physically unfit and aged person be better than a man in thirties? He harbored a potbelly and never exercised so it made me wonder if he really was that good. On the other hand, I was fit and trim and had a decent sized cock. More importantly, my wife, till now, never complained about my performance in the bedroom.

The more I thought of it the more I agonized over who was better in bed for Mahuya. Given a choice whom would she prefer to have sex with? Would she prefer to conceive from RajivJi given a choice? I knew these were difficult questions to answer but without getting an answer my mind wouldn't rest in peace.

Next day, I wanted to confront her regarding her preference in this matter. I knew I was impatient and always messed up things in a hurry to settle scores. So, I retreated to my study room after breakfast to think over it at length before I broached up the topic with her. I was working from home that day.

Around noon, I came up with a brilliant idea that would put rest to my doubts - one way or another. I wanted to get an honest opinion from Mahuya - if she would have crossed the line to conceive from RajivJi were there no societal restrictions. I had to involve her in the conversation before I broached up this sensitive issue, though. I had to bring it up inconspicuously but with some seriousness to get an honest answer from her.

Post lunch, I moved to our study room to work on some pending items from office and Mahuya was feeding Tushar in our bedroom. It wasn't long before Mahuya joined me in the study room. We were both fresh as we had lots of sleep in the night after our frantic sex which didn't last for long.

I was working on my laptop while Mahuya was applying skin lotion to her legs on the sofa next too my study table. The sight was incredible - Her hands gliding over her slender long legs with some trace of body hair, a sign of virility in Indian women. Unlike other Indian women she was fairly tall and wasn't bulky, although after Tushar she did put on some weight but that only added to her voluptuousness. Her body showed no signs of motherhood but the signs that RajivJi left were still showing clearly – couple of hickeys on her neck.

She was lost in thought and didn't notice that I was watching her. I asked, "What are you thinking?" waking her up from her reverie.

"Ah," she responded coming out of her thoughts. As our eyes met her smile widened and her rosy lips made way for her perfect white teeth. It was a smile that could captivate any man. I couldn't imagine how lucky RajivJi must have been to not only those lovely lips but also penetrate them with his dick.

"Nothing. Just thinking how much our relationship has matured in the past 4 years," she said after a pregnant pause.

Indeed we had matured marvelously into a perfectly happy couple; a startling contrast to Indian marriages, which were usually punctuated with numerous fights and separations. Our marriage had been rock solid. It was, perhaps, this faith in our relationship that gave us the courage to charter into such a forbidden territory. Such kind of experimentation is uncommon in India, if not rare. I was sure she was referring to this bold step of ours with that remark.

"Did you think I would live your fantasy some day," she asked me.

"Actually, no. But you see hope never dies," I said smiling back to her.

"Even I never thought I could live "our" fantasy," she said with clear emphasis on "our" part.

"So, it finally became your fantasy too," I said hinting towards my persistence that broke her resolve.

"Yes your constant persuasion made me contemplate about it and I enjoyed the thought of being center of attraction," she said

"You were pretty happy with it being a fantasy though," I said taking the credit for the new turn our relationship had taken.

"Yes I was," she said and then added after some thought, "But the erotic stories that we read on the Internet were too enticing."

"Were you as keen to live the fantasy, though," I asked

"Not as keen but I was excited at the prospect of being penetrated by someone else," she added bringing sexual overtone to our conversation. I was happy the way conversation was progressing.

"Since when did you start contemplating living our fantasy?"

"Don't exactly remember but it was definitely after Tushar's birth."

"I remember," I said and paused for a thought and added, "I had started pursuing this very aggressively after Tushar's birth. I felt we should live our fantasies before our children grew up."

"Actually, it wasn't because of your constant pressure. That I could handle," she said and then after collecting her thoughts she added meekly, "It was more because somebody pursued me very aggressively after Tushar's birth," countering me.

"Who that lecher RajivJi?" I asked. A rhetorical question, though. Her pouted lips partly opened to answer me but then she opted to just nod.

"I guess after giving birth to Tushar I transformed into a complete woman," she clarified.

It was true that Tushar's birth had transformed her from a girl into woman. She looks like a woman in her prime and fertile enough to deliver a cricket team.

"A woman, who could awaken RajivJi's desires after a long period of celibacy.

"A woman, whom he couldn't let just pass by!" she exclaimed patting herself for driving a 45-year old to pursue her so aggressively that she had no choice but to succumb to his advances.

"Well, I wouldn't blame him," I said agreeing with her views as I moved to the sofa and sat astride behind her, gently embracing her from behind.

"Anybody who gets close to you would have such an urge. Moreover you indeed have transformed into a much desirable woman," I said in a playful tone moving her hands towards her magnificent breasts.

"Oh! Stop it," Mahuya said brushing aside my compliments and my hands.

"I really mean it!" I said almost pleading but this time my hands just besides her.

"In just one year you have gone back to your original shape. No one could tell that you have a 1-year old son," I said justifying my compliments.

"Anyway, his relentless pursuit broke my resolve and I gave in to his advances that day."

"It wasn't as if there were no conversations with sexual innuendos earlier."

"But that night desire and opportunity were at a peak and I offered him the much awaited kiss," she added as she got from her seat and took the opposite seat on the chair.

"And then nature took its course," I completed her sentence smiling.

"I had to succumb to his advances that night as otherwise it would have sent a strong negative signal to him," she elaborated.

The opportunity was there. I was in an inebriated state and was quite unlikely to wake up from that state of drunken stupor. However, I was not quite sure what she meant by her desire being at peak. So, I asked, "Understandably the opportunity was there but what exactly do you mean by your desire being at peak?"

I could see Mahuya blush in response to my innocuous question. I noticed her beautiful eyelashes and her deep dark brown eyes as she stole glances at me while staring at our well-polished marble floor. Her cheeks were visibly red – a sign of excitement and embarrassment.

"Don't ask such a naive question, RAVI?" she pleaded.

I was completely clueless and didn't know what she meant. So, I asked, "What?" I exclaimed not knowing how to respond.

"Aren't you aware how excitable women are that time of the month?" she meekly responded lowering her eyelids.

I wasn't quite sure what she was hinting at. Was she talking about her menstrual period? I was lost in thought trying to understand what she implied to which she responded, "What?" Looking into my eyes initially playfully but then guessing that I had no clue what she was talking about she almost yelled,

"Ravi, I was in the middle of fertile period, damn it!"

It was very surprising that although, her talk about breeding with RajivJi tremendously excited me, I couldn't figure out such a no-brainer even after getting an hint. More importantly, it dawned on me that her periods must have started very recently.

She didn't have her periods since Tushar's birth till now due to her constant breastfeeding, which acts as a natural contraceptive. I am sure she was neither ovulating as she got it tested couple of months back due to her concern about her periods not starting even after 10 months. I was dumb enough to not realize that this morning when I eavesdropped on their session as well where she talked about using a condom to avoid pregnancy. Things were falling in place now!

"I guess then all that talk of breeding must have excited you," I said not realizing how to continue the conversation.

"Indeed! It did it for me. I couldn't have perhaps mustered courage to embark on this affair if the timing hadn't been right," she said rising from her chair and walking aimlessly in the study room.

"Did RajivJi know about this?" I asked innocuously.

"NO," she almost screamed, "He didn't!"

"Although, I guess he might have sensed it," she said using her womanly instincts. She was pacing the room at a leisurely pace as she thought over the events.

"As far as I remember your periods hadn't resumed," I said probing her to find when her periods commenced again.

"They commenced last month," she responded calmly.

I was curious to know what started her ovulation and periods all of a sudden. We had been having lots of sex for past 3-4 months but that never triggered her periods. Also, her breastfeeding didn't reduce significantly to trigger it.

My hopes were sinking now, as Mahuya was very excited at the prospect of having sex with RajivJi during her fertile period. Made me wonder if she subconsciously enjoyed the thought of copulating with him during that period, perhaps risking pregnancy. Worst, I wondered if RajivJi's relentless pursuit triggered her ovulation? Is such a thing possible? Can the desire to mate with a person trigger ovulation in a female under such conditions? Not sure if I had heard something of that sort in animal kingdom yet.

It was about two months back when she finally agreed to live our fantasy and it makes me wonder if she agreed due to RajivJi's advances, which she found difficult to resist. More importantly, did her womanly instincts forced her to ovulate before she considered mating with this nomadic lion? Would she have risked bareback sex with RajivJi if I hadn't woken up? I was presuming that both weren't prepared for such an eventuality and wouldn't have had protection measures handy.

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Her Saturday session with RajivJi must have been really hot and raunchy. No wonder, he came home for another session in the wee hours this morning. I wondered if I should have eavesdropped on their Saturday session or perhaps secretly watched them making it out. My admiration for RajivJi grew leaps and bounds as all this went through my mind.

Not wanting to stall the conversation, I asked her, "Was it always RajivJi in your fantasies?" changing the topic slightly.

"No! But his were the most compelling and recurring ones."

"Didn't you fantasize about DineshJi then?" I asked her surprised by her response.

"Actually, I masturbated thinking about him the very day I met him," she responded with a little apprehension in her voice as she looked into my eyes to judge my response.

I was surprised with Mahuya's candid response to my question. She seemed to be in an incredible mood after the morning session with RajivJi. Our relationship seemed to have evolved to a point where she could openly admit of her preferences for potential mates. DineshJi indeed was pretty good looking and was in very good shape for his age.

"What about you?" she asked immediately not wanting me to pick on her reply to earlier question.

"Who was humping me in your fantasies?" she asked.

"I always thought of a young attractive male having sex with you.

"So, I fantasized you sleeping with such younger, attractive males in our friends circle but no one in particular," I said.

"Why didn't you opt for DineshJi then?" I asked her continuing on our earlier thread.

"We hardly know DineshJi," she said almost in desperation perhaps hinting that she would have been interested in starting her extramarital life with him.

"Hence I couldn't trust him with such an important secret," she said thoughtfully.

"Moreover, I always felt RajivJi deserved the privilege of being my first extramarital lover – a credit to his persistence!" she said countering my earlier guess. There was pin drop silence as she said this. I could clearly hear our heart beats pacing at a blistering pace. And then she meticulously added carefully sitting on the edge of the chair, "It was RajivJi who sensed a woman in heat that evening."

"He didn't let go of me even for a moment that evening," she said. Her voice trembling and her throat chocked as she said that. Clearing her throat she further added, "He adroitly seduced me in a matter of minutes in our very house."

I noted that evening that RajivJi and Mahuya were hanging together most of the time and that is what initially pissed me off and I got myself drunk. I shouldn't have any objection though, since that triggered their affair. Her talk now reminded me how much a male of species guards 'his' female in her fertile period ensuring that nobody else gets to mate with her.

Mahuya emphasized how skillful RajivJi was in grabbing the moment. I wondered if he could sense that Mahuya was in heat – would that have mattered to him? I really wondered how he must have arranged to be back in our house after moving me to our bedroom. Both Mahuya and RajivJi had changed by the time I had woken up. Did Mahuya invite him for a coffee or did he get himself invited?

Bringing myself to earlier thread, DineshJi and RajivJi were contrasting characters – only similarity was their business acumen. I wondered what Mahuya found attractive in each of them.

"Mahuya," I broached up the topic, "DineshJi and RajivJi are so very different and it is not clear to me what you find attractive about them?" I put forward innocently.

"I never realized that," she said

"Good that you asked. Let me think about it."

"I found both of them to be very focused," she said


"I mean both were interested in me and pursued me relentlessly," she clarified.

"More importantly, both of them had the knack to deal with women," she tactfully added.

"But those are the similarities?" I retorted.

"Their behaviors were very different. While RajivJi was a lecher and did things surreptitiously DineshJi had certain haughtiness and preferred to be straightforward.

"DineshJi had tremendous confidence. He made me feel desirable but never went overboard.

"RajivJi on the other hand always took an additional step to make me feel prized.

"Both of them seemed to be domineering kind but RajivJi was a bit smarter at achieving his objectives. He was willing to make concessions to meet his objectives. DineshJi on the other hand wanted total supremacy and didn't budge from his stance."

She was spot on with her final sentence. That was the key difference between RajivJi and DineshJi. With her thorough analysis, I wondered what it would be for Mahuya to experience DineshJi on the side. I was getting a bit greedy now and wanted to perhaps see both of them having sex with Mahuya. Made me wonder if she could handle the attention of three people? Although, Mahuya had opted for these two people from a practical perspective, I wondered if she found anyone more attractive in particular.

"Looks wise who do you find more attractive?" I asked her, an obvious question.

"Each of them is attractive in their own way," she replied to my utter surprise.

"DineshJi is obviously attractive," she justified

"He is tall with a lean structure for his age and gifted with sharp features and fair complexion."

"RajivJi on the other hand is a sharp contrast!" she stated the obvious.

"Nevertheless, his dark skin has an appeal that I find difficult, if not impossible, to resist.

"The prospect of letting this short, stocky figure mount you would send a chill through the spine of any beautiful woman," she said contradicting herself.

"Yet it is the same forbidden thought that I find irresistible!"

"So, it is the stark contrast of complexion that arouses you," I asked inquisitively. Incidentally, I too found the stark contrast in their complexions quite arousing. Her rosy pink lips just inches away from his dark purple monster were an incredible sight.

"It is not just his dark complexion."

"Beautiful women are not supposed to be having sex with such a despicable looking man," she said.

"It is the thought of letting such a man mate with you in an extramarital affair did it for me!" she said in-between her labored breathing.

"And that too in the middle of my fertile period," she added further hitting right on the head of nail.

"So, you find RajivJi more attractive than DineshJi," I said putting things together, brushing aside her remarks of being in the middle of fertile period. Somehow, I was not very comfortable with discussing this thing with her now. As more information became available, I wondered if it made any sense to even broach up the subject so early. More importantly, it seemed that I would be on the loosing end anyway. Again, if she had already made up her mind then there was no point hiding from it either, so I just thought of continuing it.

"I find the thought of having sex with RajivJi forbidden," she said clarifying, "Otherwise, DineshJi is more attractive and had RajivJi been attractive like him, I would have opted for DineshJi."

"I wonder how you could manage to kiss RajivJi if you find him so despicable?"

"That is what makes it so exciting. Letting a despicable lecher suck nectar from my rosy lips."

"I guess the sucking is both ways," I said hinting towards the involvement of both parties in a kiss.
a kiss.

"That is what a kiss is all about, isn't it?"

"Don't you find putting your tongue in his mouth disgusting? Not to mention him putting his tongue in your mouth."

"Both are the same – a process of exchanging saliva!"

"I still wonder how you could kiss that foul-breathed bastard!"

"Ekes!" she screamed.

"How could you imagine such a disgusting thing?" she shot at me.

"His breath is fine!"

"Not as fresh as yours but not so bad to put me off."

"You serious?"

"Of course!"

"What do you think?"

"I can't imagine having sex with someone whom I can't kiss."

"Moreover, I found him to be well-groomed and presentable since past couple of months."

"A change brought in him, perhaps, by the hope of nailing me in the near future."

"Isn't it surprising that both of them are much older for you though?" I asked her changing the topic.

"I never thought about it but subconsciously I have preferred older men, I guess."


"Older men, specially in the range of 40's are much secure and experienced."

"They are wiser and know how to please a woman in bed."

I found her line of though a bit out of the ordinary and said, "I thought younger men were better in the sex department – more virile, with a strong sex drive."

"Hmm... true but they are amateurs!"

"Also, I am not too convinced about sex drive thing," she said rejecting my hypothesis.


"I feel both DineshJi and RajivJi have a strong sex drive even now."

"How do you know?"

"Never underestimate a woman's instincts!" she said emphatically.

"It wasn't hard to guess that RajivJi's drive was still strong."

"After sleeping with him I can certainly say that he has many more years before his sex drive could take a plunge.

"About DineshJi it is still a strong hunch.

"Nevertheless, older men prefer to have extramarital affairs with younger women."

"I have nothing to loose but only to gain from their vast experience!" she said defending her strong preference for older men.

"Point conceded," I said accepting her point of view.

"But how could you sense that he would be good in the bedroom, and ..." my words trailed as I mustered courage to complete the sentence.

"And?" she asked looking into my eyes.

"That he was well-endowed!" I said it without even blinking an eye after her. She smiled and responded, "Instincts!"

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