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Hi friends, this is santhu. I am going to share a best sex experience of my life. It was the time, when i used to live at Hyderabad for my job. I used to stay in a rented two room set. I have many good sexy girl friends at Hyderabad and so I am having a very fulfilled sex life at that place. One among all my good friends was a beautiful girl named ankitha. She was 21 at that time. She was my class mate. We found interest in each other and finally met one day at hotel. Afterwards we had a real good time together for almost a year until, her father who was at a high post in the central administration was transferred to Bombay and so all their eventually had to move. Anyways, this story is not about ankitha, but her younger sister bindu. She was very much satisfied and happy with my performance in the sex sessions. We used to share drink and spend a large amount of time on bed. I loved to fuck that beautiful girl. Coming to the main event now.
One day, she introduced me to her younger sister bindu on birthday party.bindu was really terrific and far more beautiful and cuter than her sister. She was too young at that time, she studied at dhs high school at hyderbad in the 10th standard, the thought that she is very much younger than me could not let me lay my crush over her, but she was really amazing. She was almost 4'5'' in height but her looks were really cute. I guess, she was the most sexy girl in the whole city. Her face was very fair, and cheeks were red, small black round eyes and a small cute nose with a small pony up to her shoulders. Venna used to tell me that, she is very much frank with her sister and cares a lot for her. One day while me and ankitha were playing on bed,ankitha asked me that her sister bindu has a crush on me and she would like to give some real pleasure to her sister. I thought, it wasn’t so wrong anyways, if venna wants it and even her elder sister wants it. So my love girl arranged my date with her younger cute sis venna, the very coming Saturday. I was very much excited about the day. As per schedule, ankitha was going to drop venna at jubile road to have a date with me at 11 am and pick her back at 6 pm from my flat. I was little bit confused, as i never had much of communication with bindu ever. To my excitement, i reached the brigade, which was our pet meeting place, at 10:30 am. I kept waiting for the lovely chicks and they were there just in 15 minutes. I welcomed my love bindu and then my dream venna by taking her small cute soft hand in my hand. The thought that i am going to have sex with this beautiful tight dream gal was making my dick wet and erect. I controlled myself to see off a as she had to go on for some work of her own as was planned between us. After that, venna was fully at my disposal. She was smiling all the time, really excited about the date. I decided not to hurry for as not to scare that tight girl for it was her first time. Her cheeks were shining as she was blushing like a rose.
I felt like kissing her that moment, but had to control my emotions as i was at a public place. Many guys were having eyes towards us. This gal was extremely sexy and beautiful. I had planned to have my breakfast with her, so we went to chinese restaurant in the banjarahills road. We had a nice chat while we finished our breakfast. It did not seem to me anymore that we were strangers at all. After that, i offered her to go to the down under pub, which is my favorite place and share drink. But she refused saying that she don’t drink at all. I decided not to waste any more time and offered her to come to my flat. She readily agreed, as this was what we were supposed to do. In the way on my bike, she held me tightly from behind and gave me a heavenly feeling of her cute small tits pressing on my back. It was fun all the way back to my flat. At my home, i offered her to sit on my bed and went inside the kitchen to pour some chilling coke for both of us. She seemed to be little confused while sitting on my bed, and of course it was natural, as it was her first time, but she also looked very much excited and this motivated me to go ahead. I took out my half left smirnoff bottle and poured 60-60 ml into both the glasses, added coke to both up to full and then poured in fresh lime juice (friends, try this drink. You will surely enjoy it) i offered her the drink. She took a sip and said that it tastes different and not like coke, but good. I smiled and said, i have some real good tastes, as in gals so in drinks. We chatted along with drinking for some time. We continue drinking one after the other, until she started enjoying the nasha of vodka and of course the pre sex excitement. I stood up and sat next to her with my body touching hers from the side. She laid her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. I made her lie down on the bed and got over her. Now, it was my time to taste her to each and every limit. I started it from her beautiful closed eyes. I planted one small kiss on each of her eyelids. Then i kissed her beautiful nose tip. I was holding myself not to hurry and enjoy each and every moment. Then i sucked her cheeks, oh, it was wonderful. And now was the turn of her rose petal lips.
My heart was pounding at great speed while i took her lower lip in my both lips and wiped my tongue on her lip. I was not new to sex, it had been like a cup of tea for me all the time at bangalore, but still this gal was sending in shocks through my spine. I could not hold on any longer and locked my mouth with hers. I tried to taste her tongue and was greeted readily by here as she tried to suck my tongue. The taste was really wonderful, at that moment i felt that i want this gal to be mine forever at all costs and i can do anything to get her. We carried on our passionate kiss for few minutes, then i moved to her cute tits. I tried to feel her tiny cute boobs from above her t-shirt. On feeling my grip on her tits, she gave out a soft moan. I got pretty excited from the looks on her face. I pulled up her t-shirt and planted a kiss on her fair cute tummy. I rolled up her t-shirt and she cooperated to let it uncover her boobs and the next very moment, the t-shirt was off her body. Now i could see her small cute tits trying to look beyond the beautiful black bra of hers. I could not hold on longer to let myself deprived of the taste of her naked cute boobs. I inserted both my hands from her back and tried to look for her bra hook. She lifted her body in order to make the things easier for me. Within a second i freed up her cute tits from any kind of cloth. Oh, the scene was driving me crazy, like i had never been before. Her small tits were very fair with a pink accent. Her beautiful nipples were fully erect to the excitement. I caressed one of her nipples with my lips and tried to make it grow more into my mouth by stimulating it with my tongue. Meanwhile, i laid my hand on her other nipple, trying to feel its growing dimensions. At this,bindu started moaning in pleasure. I kept tickling her senses for some time and i then i tried to suck her boobs one by one by trying to take all of the tasty stuff into my mouth. I played my mouth on her tits until they turned red in heat and excitement. Venna, tried to sneak her hands inside her jeans in order to reach her cunt, this indicated to me that, now is the time to give my cute darling more.
I interrupted her attempt and opened the button of her jeans. Taking no more time, she lifted up her hips and i pulled down her jeans up to her knees. She was wearing a black panty. I guess, black was her favorite color. She again tried to reach her hand to her cunt, but again i interrupted and offered my services to satisfy her hot desires. I pulled down her panty to find a hairless cleaned beautiful golden gate. She really prepared herself well for the event. I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand rubbing smoothly on her pink tight cunt. My touch on her cunt sent a shiver through her and she gave out a soft moan.i knew, this all was going to be really great. To add to the situation, i turned on some seducing music numbers. As she laid on the bed with her feet hanging from the side and her jeans and panty still on her knees, i pulled off her shoes and socks along with the jeans and panty as i don't want any formalities in sex, now her lovely cute naked body was in front of me in its full glory. She was watching my eyes scanning her beautiful body. She gave a smile, got up and reached to pull of my t-shirt, which i helpfully let her. Next i took of my banyan, meanwhile she was unhooking my jeans. I could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier as she pulled my jeans down. I helped her by taking off my shoes and socks to provide a way for her to pull off my jeans completely she got a little brave at this and pulled down my undies at once freeing up my hot erect rod. She looked into my eyes and asked "can i play with it?" i said, "all yours, love". She took my dick in both her small cute hands which felt so smooth and planted a kiss on the bulging tip of my dick. The feeling of her lips touching my organ sent out a shivering wave in my body. With my dick in her beautiful soft hands, she asked me to lie down on the bed, which i was more than obedient to do. She knelt down between both my legs and took the bulging tip of my dick in her mouth. She licked my dick for sometime until it was hard and erect to its maximum. I liked the job done by her lips, so i pulled her towards me in order to reward her beautiful lips by locking them with mine and let her taste my tongue. We both were now hot and excited to the limit. I made venna lie on the bed facing the ceiling widened her legs to knelt there.
I bent over her cunt in order to do what i liked the most in sex. I touched her beautiful wet cunt with my tongue and she gave out a soft moan. I grasped her clit between my lips and pulled my lips to let it slide over her clit. At this, she shivered and gave out a soft cry. I repeated the same sequence for some time until she was moaning loudly which was exciting me to hell. Then i pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight virgin cunt and grasped the swollen lips of her pussy with my lips. I started sucking madly and along with i continued to swirl my tongue. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my head with her cute little fingers combing through my hair. I continued this for few minutes, and she gave out a loud cry in pleasure along with flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. She was shaking in pleasure and screaming loudly. I continued sucking with both of my hands on her hips holding them tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. I sucked her for few more moments until her orgasm calmed down. I looked at her face, her small eyes were closed and there was a beautiful smile on her face. She was still enjoying her first orgasm. She was looking so beautiful, sexy and appealing at that time. I got over her and hugged her tightly and sucked her lips. She responded so as to reward me for the good work. Now was the time for this beautiful chick to loose her virginity, i thought. So, i got in the field again and asked her to bend her legs on knees, and lift her hips. I pushed a pillow under her buttocks so as to lift her cunt to the height of my dick while i knelt. I rubbed the bulging tip of my dick over her wet tight cunt. I let the tip of my dick fondle with her excited clit. I kept rubbing my dick on her cunt for sometime so as to wet it with her sweet juices thoroughly.
She liked it and motivated me by her soft moaning. I got excited at her moans and tried to push my dick inside her cunt, but in vain. The tip of my dick tried to find a little space for itself to adjust in but this made she cry in pain and she tried to resist the insertion. I gave up this attempt and tried to finger fuck her little tight cunt. I started with my index finger with its tip rubbing on her clit and then pushed my finger a little inside her clit while she was moaning in pleasure. I tried to push my finger inside her further and kept rubbing her clit with my other hand. On further insertion, i felt signs of little pain on her face, but she did not stop me. Now i started a little to and fro movement of my finger inside her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit with my tongue. I pushed in my middle finger also along with to accompany my index finger to the same depth. Not wasting much time, she started shaking again in pleasure. She was about to cum again. The moment she screamed as her orgasm was on peak, i pushed my two fingers as deep as i could into her cunt. She was screaming loudly and i could clearly see blood mixed in her juices flowing out of her pussy. I did not want this to end here, so the next moment i pressed my dick on her cunt and pushed it inside with a thrust. I made her sit on my lap while we drank. Her sexy ass pressing on my limp dick made it rise again to its full glory. She was enjoying the bulge of my dick against her ass cheeks. While we were drinking, we kept kissing each other on lips, neck. I licked her ear lobes and she was turning hot again. I asked her to take a mouthful of drink and kissed her sipping drops through her lips. We kept this foreplay go on for some time. As both of us were excited again to the limit, as soon as finished the drink we started it again. This time, i wanted to try a new pose. I got up off bed and made her stand on the bed. I lifted her up and carefully made her cunt rest on my dick. She embraced me with her legs resting on my hips and her arms around my neck with her lips locked with mine. In the same pose i inserted my dick into her vagina, which was still very tight but wet, which helped her cunt to slide over my dick and her weight helped her depth to cover all of my dick's length. She felt a little pain again at this, and broke out the lip contact to gave out a cry, but she was enjoying it now. My dick was fully inserted into her cunt, her small tits were rubbing with my chest and her lips were locked with mine. She started shaking her body up and down to make her cunt walls rub on my dick and her tits surf on my chest.
She was in her full heat and jumping like a mad on my dick. She was screaming in excitement. She screamed like this, that made me feel as if she is crying but she was not, her sexy moans were driving me crazy and i was enjoying each micrometer of her cunt walls rubbing on my dick. Soon, she had her third orgasm, and was shaking in my lap. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I hugged her tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. While she was enjoying her orgasm, i took her to the bed and fucked her. Now, she was having a very good time, as she was smiling and laughing while looking into my eyes. I was kissing her lips and tits again and again while i continued my fucking. After sometime, i felt reaching the climax. I asked her to get over me without taking out my dick from her enclosure. Now i was lying on bed and she was jumping on my dick. Soon i reached the limit and my dick started rewarding her soft, tight cunt for the second time. She continued and did not stop even my dick calmed down. I asked her that my dick needs the magic of her tongue. She got up and said "i am your bitch, fuck me like a bitch as if u r my dog" wow, she was leading now. She got into doggy style, and i got off the bed. I was standing on the floor and she was in the doggie pose on the bed. The elevation of dick was almost fitting against her cunt facing my dick hungrily. I gave a little kiss on her cunt lips. I grasped her beautiful ass cheeks with both of my hands, and let my dick find its way into her pussy. She was laughing like a baby and moaning with pleasure. I started the fuck motion and she started screaming in joy. She was screaming "oh, u r so good, i love u. U r only mine. Be always with me, i love u" i was responding "oh, you r so wonderful, i love you badly. I want u forever. You are my bitch". After some time, i pushed her further on the bed. I piled up two pillows and asked her to rest her body on the pillows so as to elevate her cunt from the bed.
I laid my body over her back, crossed my legs with her, and entered her cunt from behind. Her little boobs were hanging over the pillow's edge, i hugged her from the back and kept fucking her. Now i got hold of her boobs and was pinching her nipples and pressing her small tits. I was biting her cheeks and licking her ears. She also tried to turn her neck and kiss me whenever she can. We continued this session in the same pose for a very long time, meanwhile she did hit her 4th orgasm and made my pillow wet, after some more time, i again reached the climax. Without wasting any time i asked her to change pose. Again, i made her get over me and jump over my dick. I smashed my semen again in her beautiful cunt for the third time. I held her tits in my hands and was pressing them badly while i was cumming in her cunt. I was satisfied and very tired now, but she did not want to stop. My dick was turning limp again, but still she continued. She was rubbing her clit with her hands along with, and i was supporting her by pressing her tits and pinching her nipple. And what next!!!!! She did cum again. My dick inside her cunt could feel her liquids oozing between my dick and her cunt walls. She dropped over me into a passionate kiss. We were hugging each other tightly and enjoying each and every moment. We both were very much satisfied now and tired too. As the effect of alcohol was also overwhelming, we kept kissing each other until we both fell asleep. At about 6:45 pm, i woke up hearing the door bell. Bindu was still sleeping. I covered her with the bed sheet.
I put on my clothes to and went to open the door to find, it was ankitha , who brought pizza along with. I welcomed her, and kissed her after closing the door. Ankitha asked "how my sister?", i said "she is sleeping, and she is amazing".ankitha smiled at me and kissed me on lips. She went inside my bedroom and i followed her. She took the bed sheet off the sleeping beauty and said smiling at me "isn’t she lovely?". I said, "she is terrific". Bindu woke up on hearing our conversation. She was having little headache cause of the alcohol effect. She got up and hugged me with a smile. She came to me and i took her in my arm and bindu in the other. Oh, i was feeling so lucky to have such sweet girlfriends. After that we shared pizza after a she took a bath and got dressed up. I saw my girlfriends off with a promise to have such encounter again, it were really the best of my days. I can recall each and every moment of that day as i enjoyed them the most. For some reasons, i was never able to have sex with bindu again, but continued with ankitha for a long time until, they had to leave the city. So, this was the best of the best ever experience of my life that i shared with you. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

Posted : 10/04/2013 10:45 pm