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My name is Anita Singh. I live in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Presently I am 32 years of age, married. I got married at the age of 25 to Rajesh, who was a shop-owner. My married life started smooth and I was happy with everything. Rajesh and I shared a very good and close relation. My sex life also was quite regular and satisfactory. But bitterness in my life started when Rajesh and I decided we are going to have an issue after two years of our marriage. When even after one year of unprotected copulation I was not getting pregnant, we were very concerned. There was pressure from my in laws also. I was really confused why this was happening. I had my periods regularly and physically also I had a very developed figure from my teenage itself. I never thought that I could land up in such a problem!

I was 27 years then, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5 feet 2 inches height, oval face, and amply built. As I said I had a developed figure from my teens with 32 breast size and flaring hips from my college days. I was conscious about my diet so that I do not add additional flesh on my hips. I always got a good male attention on road or at any gathering, which I could sense, though I was pretty conservative in dressing. In that sense I was very shy regarding these matters, which was really due to my upbringing and the small town we lived in. I was adequately gifted by god at proper places in my body though with somewhat heavy bottoms. I was pretty active and fit with regular menses.

Rajesh took me to a number of doctors. I was very shy initially though we went to female gynecologists. But I felt very embarrassed in that process of examination where each time I had to open my sari, salwar kamiz, or whatever I was wearing and even pull down my panty. To tell honestly I had a real turn on when the doctor touched my private organs for examining purpose, though she was a female I got triggered she was actually examined my breasts or nipples or my hairy pussy. I instantly got wetness down there and it reflected very apparently on my panty, which was rather uncomfortable for me. The doctors gave medicines and asked for lab tests, but there was no result.

Rajesh then took me to the city doctor, but I made him very clear that I would go for a checkup only to a lady doctor. But all those resulted in nothing positive. My mother-in-law took me to homeopaths, who also could not yield any result for me. The relation between Rajesh and me was also getting bitter. At the same time I realized I was not at all getting any sexual pleasure out of copulation, rather it seemed to be an exercise to achieve something. Days went by and I did not even realize that another year was gone! I was 28 years by then. I remained so depressed all day and had a real hard time.

Then one day Rajesh told me that he has decided to go to a male gynecologist who is an expert in infertility cases in the city again. I was really very rigid about not going to the male gynecologist out of my shyness. I think any normal lady would avoid that because the fact remains you have to expose your breasts and pussy in front of a male, may it be for examination purpose. So I was really rigid on my stand about avoiding a male doctor and before this could land up in a harsh confrontation between my husband and me, one of my neighbors, Meera, had a proposal to my mother-in-law.

If I can quote my neighbor’s words to my mother-in-law,
”Aunty-ji, you have tried so many doctors for Anita, but you did not get any result. Anita told she even went to the city for a checkup. You applied homeopath also, but she is not yet blessed with a child. Look at her; she looks so depressed all day. Why don’t you take Anita to Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram Aunty-ji? Two of my relatives got result; they were childless for 4-5 years. They went to him, took “diksha” and his herbal medications changed their lives. And our Anita is only married for three years! Before her case goes too worse, you make a visit to Guru-ji, as he can do miracles.”

Its not that we had not heard of this sadhu-baba at Rampur, but his ashram was very far off from our town. He had cured some critical diseases and some childless cases also. I was really searching a way to avoid this male doctor checkup and at the same time a hope to get a child made me readily jump into this proposal. My mother-in-law also convinced my husband by saying,
“Rajesh, I think what Meera says makes sense. Since we have tried some doctors and tests were all normal, lets not waste more time on that right now. These sadhu-babas really can do miracles and as Meera was saying the herbal medicines worked for his relatives who were childless for 5 years.”

In my mind I was so thankful to Meera for her timely idea. At that point I was indeed trying my best to avoid probing my body by a male gynecologist, but little could I guess that this ashram visit would actually be a shameful remembrance for me lifelong. The way I was exploited in the name of “diksha”, in the name of “treatment”, and in the name of “jagya” makes me feel so ashamed even today, after so many years. I was exploited so very cleverly and emphatically at every level and my desire to get a child was so high that I allowed everything crossing every limit of decency and modesty.

It was one week stay in the ashram of Guru-ji at Rampur and within that period I had to allow at least half a dozen males to enjoy my 28-year-old fully matured figure from all angles – seeing, touching, examining, groping, squeezing, and all one can think of except fucking, because that crowning was done by Guru-ji himself! I had to shed all my shyness and was virtually treated like a slut during my treatment under Guru-ji. I am really amazed when I look back at those seven days about how I allowed all that! Probably Guru-ji’s mesmerizing personality and my eventual desire to get the child at all cost made me act such lewdly from a shy modest housewife.

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Rampur. Guru-ji’s ashram was situated here, a small village, which was surrounded by mountains on all the sides. There was a big pond with very clear water just beside the ashram, which made it like a heaven with cool breeze blowing and there was absolutely no signs of pollution. My mother-in-law came with me. Rajesh ultimately was not able to make it with me, my mother-in-law took me there. There was a substantial crowd waiting for darshan of Guru-ji. We had made an appointment so that we could talk privately to him regarding my problem. I was a quite afraid seeing Guru-ji, who was hugely built, almost 6 feet in height with a stout figure. He was wearing a saffron dress and his voice was calm and reverberating. A feeling of obedience would automatically come seeing and listening to this man.

My mother-in-law narrated about my purpose of visit and Guru-ji listened to it very intently. There were two more persons who were his disciples probably in that room apart from me, my mother-in-law and Guru-ji. One of them was taking some notes as my mother-in-law was detailing my problem.

Guru-ji: Mata-ji, I am glad that you have brought your bahu to me regarding this problem. I want to make one thing very clear that I cannot do miracles, but if she takes ‘diksha’ under me and performs what I suggest faithfully, she would not return with empty hands. Mata-ji, the treatment path is not easy in these cases and if your bahu can walk on that path, there is no reason why she would not have a child in a year’s time. Of course, provided after the treatment, she meets with her husband on my suggested days.

The words were so convincing that I was more than eager to take ‘diksha’ under him and start the ‘treatment’ at that very moment. My mother-in-law also expressed the same to Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Mata-ji, before you agree you should first know my norms. I do not keep any devotee in darkness. There are three stages in achieving the coveted goal of being a mother here. They are ‘diksha’, ‘herbal treatment’ and ‘jagya’. Your bahu has to stay here for five days at a stretch to complete the diksha and the herbal treatment starting from a full moon night. If I feel that is enough to attain the goal, she might leave on the sixth day, but if a ‘jagya’ is required depending on her case, she would have to stay for another two days making it 7 continuous days. She has to abide by my ashram rules, which my disciple will tell you.

We were listening to his mesmeric voice and I must say it had some hypnotic effect. I did not see any offensive norms in what he said and so was my mother-in-law and I gave the nod to take ‘diskha’ and do the ‘treatment’ under him.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, please note down her personal details before proceeding and let her know in details about ashram rules and regulations. Beti, you go with him to the next room. Mata-ji, you can ask me if you have any other questions and concerns other than this issue.

I alighted from the ground and followed Guru-ji’s disciple, Sanjeev. We went to the adjacent room and he asked me to sit to the couch that was there in that room. He remained standing. He was around my age only, around 35-40 years with an average body and a calm, smiling face.

Sanjeev: Madam, my name is Sanjeev. You just don’t worry since you have come to Guru-ji. I have seen several women who benefitted from his unique and very special treatment. But you have to obey it completely as he says.

I said, “Yes of course. I will definitely try to do that. I have been suffering for this now almost three years.”

Sanjeev: Don’t worry Madam. Let me now tell you about what you have to do. You will appear here next Monday afternoon before 7:00 p.m. That day is a full moon night, so you will have ‘diksha’. Madam, please do not bring your sari etc. as our ashram has a dress code and you will be given saris, which are specially washed with herbal detergents, and also Madam, no ornaments are allowed here. Actually speaking we offer everything here, so there is no need to bring anything.

I was a bit puzzled about the “sari” part, as I have not seen any woman in the ashram till then. He just mentioned about wearing the saffron sari, but what about blouse and petticoat. I cannot just wear a sari. Sanjeev probably understood what I was wondering.

Sanjeev: Madam, you must have noticed that Guru-ji told me to note your “personal details”, so you do not worry about blouse etc. In our ashram we provide everything staring from hair clip to slippers.

He laughed a little and I also was relieved. Still I was wondering about my undergarments; will the ashram provide that also I was puzzled!

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Sanjeev: Madam, please answer to my questions honestly. And Madam one thing please do not feel shy here and don’t be introvert because you have come here for a goal and we are just here to make you achieve that.

I felt very confident hearing Sanjeev’s words, otherwise was a bit nervous.

Sanjeev: Do you have regular periods Madam?

Me: Yes, very rarely do I miss.

Sanjeev: When did you last have an irregular period?

Me: Three to four months back may be. I took some medicine and cleared it.

Sanjeev: What’s your approximate period date Madam?

Me: 22nd or 23rd of a month.

Sanjeev was noting down as I was answering. So he was not in direct eye contact with me, so I was finding it easy to answer such personal questions. Otherwise I have never talked about these to anyone except to the doctors I visited.

Sanjeev: Madam do you have heavy periods or moderate? Do you feel any additional pain, discomfort other than the normal?

Me: Moderate, 2-3 days. No, normal.

Sanjeev: Okay Madam, rest of the more intimate details will be taken up by Guru-ji when you will be in the ashram.

I was a bit comfortable hearing that though was thinking on what “intimate details” would the Guru-ji take from me. Sanjeev continued the conversation and I almost stammered answering his next question feeling very shy sharing this sort of information to an unknown male.

Sanjeev: Madam, now about ashram dress code. We will give you four herbal washed saffron saris for your seven-day stay. Generally I have seen that is sufficient, but we do have additional also if needed. What is the size that your wear? I mean blouse…

Me: Err, I mean why do you need that?

I knew that was foolish to ask, but it ( ) came out just spontaneous and went into a more uncomfortable conversation.

Sanjeev: Madam, in our ashram we provide sari, blouse and petticoat to the women who come for ‘diskha’ and ‘treatment’. So for that only I need the size.

Me: Okay, its 32.

I noticed Sanjeev noted the figure and looked for a second directly at my erect boobs under the cover of my blouse and sari as if trying to measure the 32 size through his eyes.

Sanjeev: Madam, since mostly the women who come for ‘diksha’ to Guru-ji are from rural areas and as you also know many of them do not wear any undergarment, we have no provision for that. But since you are coming from the town, please carry your undergarments, but remember to get it sterilized here herbally, as you are not allowed to wear anything, which is nonsterile after ‘diksha’.

I nodded with a smiling face and was a lot relieved hearing this.

Sanjeev: Thanks Madam. You can leave now and appear here on Monday afternoon. .

I returned with my mother-in-law who sounded very optimistic about the Guru-ji as she had a talk while I was in the other room with Sanjeev and she assured me not to get tensed being there alone, but to faithfully obey Guru-ji as he instructs. I was happy overall, but little could I anticipate what was in store for me in those seven days in the ashram.

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Next Monday, I went out with my mother-in-law again for Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram. In my bag I practically took nothing, as Guru-ji’s disciple Sanjeev told that everything would be available there, except for a spare set of clothing including a sari, blouse and petticoat and some money for emergency purpose. I took two sets of my undergarments and one set I was already wearing and thought that it would be enough for seven days.

Sanjeev greeted us with smiling faces. We went to Guru-ji and he gave ashirwad to both of us and after some general talks, my mother-in-law went back and I was all alone in the ashram with Guru-ji and his disciples. Today I saw two more disciples apart from Sanjeev and another one I had met the other day.

Guru-ji: Beti, be comfortable here. Can I call you by name?

Me: Certainly Guru-ji.

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable in front of five males, as I was the only woman there. They were all looking at me. I was wearing a light colored cotton sari with matching blouse. Though my breasts were erect as usual through my blouse and sari pallu, I noticed none were looking at that as most males do when they first meet me. Finally looking at Guru-ji’s calm eyes and listening to his soothing voice, I was getting normal and comfortable.

Guru-ji: Okay Anita, let me introduce you to the members of my ashram. Sanjeev you have already met, the other ones are Rajkamal, Nirmal, and Uday. During the time of ‘diksha’ Sanjeev will guide you and others will help you during the ‘treatment’ in different phases, which I will tell you clearly later. Now you take rest and I will meet you at 10:00 p.m. for ‘diksha’. Sanjeev will steer you through.

Sanjeev: Please come Madam.

We went to a cozy small room, which Sanjeev referred to as ‘my room’ with an attached toilet, where I found a very large mirror, where one can see almost the full figure, which seemed quite unusual to me, as we generally have small mirrors in bathrooms. There was also a clean white towel, soaps, toothpaste, etc. nicely kept as is in a hotel. In the room there was a cot, a dressing table with comb, hair-clips, sindoor, bindi, etc., a chair and a cupboard in that room. Sanjeev gave me a cup of milk and some snacks to eat.

Sanjeev: Madam, you take rest and let me know if you need anything extra apart from what is available here. Then after an hour I will come and take you for ‘diksha’, which is actually the sterilization process of your mind and body. That is the starting point of your journey to reach your goal Madam. By the way, if you can hand over your bag as I will check and allow only those as per ashram rules to be kept along with you.

I was a bit taken aback by the last part of his words, especially “I will check”.

Me: I have brought nothing as you said.

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Sanjeev: But still Madam, I have to check. Don’t be shy here. I will be with you throughout your stay here.

He took my bag without waiting for my permission. He took out the money-purse from it. Then he took out the couple of white brassieres that I have brought with me and put them on the bed. I was looking at the floor in utter shyness that an unfamiliar male was handling my inner wears. Now he took out a blue panty and waited sometime and held it in the air as if he was trying to guess how that little thing can hold my pumpkin like ass. Thankfully he did not look at me and then took out some handkerchieves, and the spare sari, blouse and the petticoat that I had brought. Finally he took out one last item, my white panty, and put that on bed too.

Sanjeev: Okay Madam, so I will take your extra sari, blouse, and petticoat and keep that in office as you are not allowed to wear outside clothing. I will give you the ashram sari, blouse, and petticoat when you will go for ‘diksha’ and also a nightdress for sleeping. Also I am taking your inner wears for sterilization and will return you tomorrow morning.

I had nothing to say, but to nod my head. He took my undergarments and again he stopped a bit on my panty. It was so awkward for me. Then came the bumper question from him, which turned me red instantly.

Sanjeev: Madam, I will also need your err.. I mean your bra that you are wearing right now for sterilization purpose.

Me: But, how can I give it right now… I stammered.

Sanjeev: Madam, I will have to prepare the boiling herbal solution for washing and it takes a lot of time doing that. So I was asking you to hand me over, it would save time and labour for me.

He was saying in such a cool voice as if it’s so normal. I had really no reasoning for this and had no other alternative, but to hand over my bra and panty to him. For once it did not struck me that I will have to remain without my undergarments till the next morning, as Sanjeev said he would return them next morning after sterilization, and all these males in the ashram would know that very well and its not that I will remain all along in my room, I will have to go for ‘diksha’ and would have to move around in front of male eyes without my bra on, which would automatically be a sexy exhibition for any male.

Me: Okay then, if you can come after sometime, I shall hand it over.

Sanjeev: Don’t worry Madam, I will just wait here. How much time will it take to…

He deliberately did not finish as it was very apparent what he tried to say.

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Me: Okay, as you wish.

Saying that I went inside the toilet. Sanjeev waited in the room. I noticed that the toilet door was more of a half door leaving a gap at the top. Soon I realized why it is like that because there was not a single hook in the bathroom to keep clothes. One has to keep on the door top, that’s why the gap is left there. But soon I also realized that Sanjeev was there in the room and he would see the clothes that I keep on the door from within the room. So he will clearly have an idea to what extent I was undressed in the toilet as I keep the clothes on the door. My ears were getting hot at this thought, but also considered that I must be thinking a bit too much, as they are after all devotee and lead a sage life.

I faced the door and started opening my sari and quickly unwrapped it from my body. I kept it on the door top and then started to open the knot of my white petticoat and had to wriggle a bit as it was sticking to my fleshy bottom. There was a large mirror in the bathroom, as I said earlier, and I saw that my panty was displaying more than covering my large ass cheeks. This was a problem with me, I tried several brands, but unfortunately every panty that I wear automatically shrinks towards my ass crack and cover practically nothing of my buttocks. I was truly looking very obscene like that with my blouse on and panty squeezing in my ass crack. Hence I quickly got out of my panty and was about to keep it on the door top, but the very thought that Sanjeev must have noticed my sari and petticoat hanging on the door made me change my mind, as if he sees my panty there, it would be very apparent that I am now naked. Hence I kept it on the dry portion of the floor and started unbuttoning my blouse and bra to get completely naked.

It was just the partition of the door between Sanjeev and me and I am stark naked here and he is just a few feet away behind the toilet door. I turned red and was feeling a flow in my pussy already. I was standing with my blouse and bra in my hand and noticed that they were soaked in sweat, especially the armpits of my blouse and the cups of my bra. I kept the blouse on the door top and picked up my panty from floor and observed wet marks on my panty too. So I thought that I would wash them and then give to Sanjeev for sterilization. At that very moment Sanjeev intervened!

Sanjeev: Madam, shall I take your left over garments for a wash and you can wear the spare ones that you have brought. They must be all sweaty in this humid weather.

The voice was so near, I was astonished. He must be very near the toilet door and have been noticing I am keeping my sari, blouse and petticoat on the door top! I was a bit shaken by his voice and quickly wrapped the towel around my completely naked body though I was quite secure behind closed doors of the toilet. I replied in a meek voice.

Me: No, no, its okay.

Sanjeev: What okay Madam, you will feel fresh wearing the new set. But Madam, do not take a bath now, as before ‘diksha’ you have to take a bath.

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I gained composure by that time and thought Sanjeev’s idea was better as I need a change of my dress as I had sweated a lot. Before I could give him a green signal to bring my spare dress, he himself was proactive.

Sanjeev: Madam, I am taking your sari, petticoat and blouse for a wash and will keep the spare one that you have brought.

Giving me no time to react, I saw that the sari and petticoat vanished in a flash from the toilet door top. Now I have literally nothing to wear except for my inner wear. The blouse also was gone in a moment. I don’t know what he did with them but his comment shocked me.

Sanjeev: Madam, it seems you sweat a lot in your armpits, the blouse is totally wet there, and the back is also somewhat wet.

I was dying out of shame now. It means he is checking my blouse at different parts, the armpits, the back, and obviously the cups, where my twin peaks stay. I am a married housewife, 32-year-old old fully mature woman and this unknown man was checking my ‘taken off’ blouse! I had to answer something.

Me: Yes, err… I mean sweat a lot.

Saying that and wasting no more time I started washing my bra and panty so that I do not face any more tricky questions. I also noted that Sanjeev kept my spare clothes on the door top. But the petticoat slipped to my side from the door top as he kept the blouse over it.

Sanjeev: Sorry Madam. I did not realize that it would slide like that.

Since I was washing, I could not also catch it and it landed on watered part of the floor and instantly my light blue petticoat turned deep blue soaked in water.

Sanjeev: Madam, I hope it landed on dry floor or is it wet?

I could not tell the truth as it could provoke more lewd conversations.

Me: Its okay. It landed in dry are.

Sanjeev: Still I should have been more careful.

I had finished washing my inner wear and had to take off the towel off my body to dry myself. My free naked boobs jiggled on every movement I made, which I saw in mirror reflection. As I said, my boobs have not sagged at all, they stood proud and unknowingly my nipples were already hard and stood up like two grapes.

I took the blouse off the door top and started wearing it. This was after a very long time that I was wearing a blouse without a bra. Hardly do I remain in the day without a bra and at night I wear a nighty with nothing below, but a blouse with nothing underneath was a very rare dressing for me. I do not know why the thin material of the blouse trembled me a bit and to my ill luck, this was a thin, white one and in the mirror I made out that it was displaying my booby treasures in vivid way. The nipple outlines were clear evident and to my shock both brownish areolas on my breasts appeared through the white material of the blouse. I was cursing myself for bringing this blouse, but had now no alternative but to wear it.

Sanjeev: Madam, are you over? I need to attend Guru-ji once now.

I quickly wore the wet petticoat, as I had no other choice and by no means could go in that sari before a male without the petticoat on, as the sari was quite flimsy. I made all necessary adjustments to hide my upper treasures with my sari pallu.

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Sanjeev looked at me with a smiling face as I came out through the toilet door. There was a step from the toilet towards the room and when I stepped down on it, automatically my free boobs clasped loosely in the blouse gave a bouncing effect and I noted that his eyes did not miss that. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to be like this in front of this male and I tried to wrap up things as quickly as possible. I handed him the washed undergarments. I was feeling wetness on my smooth buttocks and thighs, as the petticoat that I was wearing was half wet especially in the buttock area and that was making me more uncomfortable.

Sanjeev: Okay Madam, take rest.

He left and I felt so relieved and quickly closed the room door and got rid of the wet petticoat. This time I did not open my sari and just lifted it to my waist and untied the petticoat knot. It was sticking to my buttock as it was wet and I had to struggle a bit to finally slide it over my round ass cheeks. The very sensation of not wearing anything below my sari was giving me a turn on.

Almost an hour passed, but there was no sign of Sanjeev taking me for ‘diksha’. My petticoat was more or less dry now and I was thinking of wearing it when there was a knock on the door. I had to say something to the person knocking as I needed to put on the petticoat.

Me: Please wait, I am opening in a minute.

I swiftly wore the petticoat and flowed the sari over it and opened the door. There was Nirmal standing on the door.

Nirmal: Madam, Sanjeev said to take you to diksha room. Guru-ji is waiting there.

He was a short statured guy, only probably 5 feet and his eyes were just in the level of my boobs. I was careful not to show him any unnecessary bouncing of my free boobs.

Me: Okay I am ready. But Sanjeev was saying to take a bath before the diksha…

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I could not complete as Nirmal interrupted in between.

Nirmal: Yes Madam, that’s right, but that bath would be with special herbal water in front of Guru-ji.

Me: What?

That was my instant reaction hearing the words “in front of Guru-ji” and I suppose any woman would react like that.

Me: How can I bathe in front of him, I am not a little girl?

Nirmal: No, no Madam, you got me wrong. I wanted to say the herbal waters are specially prepared by Guru-ji and he chants some mantra on that before you take the bath. There is separate toilet in the diksha room.

Listening to him I calmed down, but he probably got entertained by my reaction.

Nirmal: Madam, who says you are a little girl? He must be a blind donkey.

He paused a bit and then added, “But Madam, you cannot deny that you can look like a little girl if you get back to your school days uniform.”

He smiled. Nirmal was flirting with me I realized, but to my surprise I was enjoying his words! His comment did not irritate me. I was feeling hardness again in my nipples and my breasts getting firm hearing a male hinting me to show up in my school uniform, seemingly knowing the school uniform skirt would not even properly cover my macro-sized buttocks. Nirmal’s eyes were directly on my taut breasts due to his short height.

I also replied teasingly.

Me: Sanjeev already said your ashram would provide sari for me. I hope you will not come up separately with a school dress.

Nirmal: Madam, ashram is like a school only. So there is no harm in wearing that. But don’t blame me if you cannot wear it Madam.

He said laughingly. I do not know why I was dragging this and getting fun out of this useless conversation, but somehow this short-height Nirmal amused me. During this conversation I completely was out of my mind that why I have come to the ashram. It was not a fun trip and I was here for a treatment for bearing the child. But the chronology of events with Sanjeev first and now this amusing Nirmal probably drifted me temporarily.

By then, I could realize my nipples were growing to their full size and my heart beating faster. May be my standing in front of a completely unknown male in braless state added to it.

Me: You have a point that ashram is like a school only. But why can’t I wear it?

What he replied was the most provocative statement I have ever heard from a male concerning me.

Nirmal: So you agree that the ashram is like a school. So you should have no objection in wearing a school uniform. But the uniform will be of the size of a schoolgirl because it is a ‘school uniform’. Right Madam?

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He paused very briefly looking at my eyes, but his eyeballs roaming frequently on my whole body.

Nirmal: Suppose I bring a school dress for you Madam, the white top and the pleated skirt, I can bet you cannot wear it as even if you can get your legs into the skirt, it will not go up your hips. Madam, you are very plump there. And for the top, surely you will not be able to close a single button of the top even if you are braless as you are right now. So was I wrong Madam if I had said ‘don’t blame me if you cannot wear it’.

I was getting amused by the conversation no doubt, but at the same time was taken aback when he said he knew I was not wearing a bra directly. It seems the whole ashram knew that!

Me: Umm… But I don’t agree with you. I can wear the skirt surely; the top may be a problem. But thank god! You do not have the school uniform as the ashram dress code.

I giggled and Nirmal laughed back at me too.

Nirmal was gaining in confidence in his words as he saw me responding to his teasing talks. May be he leads a sage life, but the way I started showing signs of shamelessness in my conversation probably provoked him. I was really unsure what I was trying to do, my pussy was already wet and my boobs gaining in firmness. I was also breathing a bit heavily now. It was difficult for me to stand still, and so pretending to adjust my sari in front of him, I actually was rubbing my ass to the door.

Nirmal: Madam, now we are getting late, but let us do a trail after your ‘diksha’ is complete. I will bring you a school dress to try out and then you will agree to my words.

Nirmal is inviting me for a lewd session I could understand. I was also equally fascinated to tease this 5 feet dwarfish male.

Me: Oh really, you have a school uniform in the ashram. How come?

Nirmal: Madam, one of the devotees of Guru-ji came with her daughter and by mistake has left a packet some days ago in which there was a school uniform of her daughter along with other clothes. She never came back to take it. It’s lying in the office cupboard. But Madam lets go now for your diksha, Guru-ji must be waiting.

This was going a bit too far. I never expected a school uniform of a girl in this ashram, but thoroughly enjoying this dwarf’s pranks.

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