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My name is Anita Singh. I live in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Presently I am 32 years of age, married. I got married at the age of 25 to Rajesh, who was a shop-owner. My married life started smooth and I was happy with everything. Rajesh and I shared a very good and close relation. My sex life also was quite regular and satisfactory. But bitterness in my life started when Rajesh and I decided we are going to have an issue after two years of our marriage. When even after one year of unprotected copulation I was not getting pregnant, we were very concerned. There was pressure from my in laws also. I was really confused why this was happening. I had my periods regularly and physically also I had a very developed figure from my teenage itself. I never thought that I could land up in such a problem!

I was 27 years then, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5 feet 2 inches height, oval face, and amply built. As I said I had a developed figure from my teens with 32 breast size and flaring hips from my college days. I was conscious about my diet so that I do not add additional flesh on my hips. I always got a good male attention on road or at any gathering, which I could sense, though I was pretty conservative in dressing. In that sense I was very shy regarding these matters, which was really due to my upbringing and the small town we lived in. I was adequately gifted by god at proper places in my body though with somewhat heavy bottoms. I was pretty active and fit with regular menses.

Rajesh took me to a number of doctors. I was very shy initially though we went to female gynecologists. But I felt very embarrassed in that process of examination where each time I had to open my sari, salwar kamiz, or whatever I was wearing and even pull down my panty. To tell honestly I had a real turn on when the doctor touched my private organs for examining purpose, though she was a female I got triggered she was actually examined my breasts or nipples or my hairy pussy. I instantly got wetness down there and it reflected very apparently on my panty, which was rather uncomfortable for me. The doctors gave medicines and asked for lab tests, but there was no result.

Rajesh then took me to the city doctor, but I made him very clear that I would go for a checkup only to a lady doctor. But all those resulted in nothing positive. My mother-in-law took me to homeopaths, who also could not yield any result for me. The relation between Rajesh and me was also getting bitter. At the same time I realized I was not at all getting any sexual pleasure out of copulation, rather it seemed to be an exercise to achieve something. Days went by and I did not even realize that another year was gone! I was 28 years by then. I remained so depressed all day and had a real hard time.

Then one day Rajesh told me that he has decided to go to a male gynecologist who is an expert in infertility cases in the city again. I was really very rigid about not going to the male gynecologist out of my shyness. I think any normal lady would avoid that because the fact remains you have to expose your breasts and pussy in front of a male, may it be for examination purpose. So I was really rigid on my stand about avoiding a male doctor and before this could land up in a harsh confrontation between my husband and me, one of my neighbors, Meera, had a proposal to my mother-in-law.

If I can quote my neighbor’s words to my mother-in-law,
”Aunty-ji, you have tried so many doctors for Anita, but you did not get any result. Anita told she even went to the city for a checkup. You applied homeopath also, but she is not yet blessed with a child. Look at her; she looks so depressed all day. Why don’t you take Anita to Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram Aunty-ji? Two of my relatives got result; they were childless for 4-5 years. They went to him, took “diksha” and his herbal medications changed their lives. And our Anita is only married for three years! Before her case goes too worse, you make a visit to Guru-ji, as he can do miracles.”

Its not that we had not heard of this sadhu-baba at Rampur, but his ashram was very far off from our town. He had cured some critical diseases and some childless cases also. I was really searching a way to avoid this male doctor checkup and at the same time a hope to get a child made me readily jump into this proposal. My mother-in-law also convinced my husband by saying,
“Rajesh, I think what Meera says makes sense. Since we have tried some doctors and tests were all normal, lets not waste more time on that right now. These sadhu-babas really can do miracles and as Meera was saying the herbal medicines worked for his relatives who were childless for 5 years.”

In my mind I was so thankful to Meera for her timely idea. At that point I was indeed trying my best to avoid probing my body by a male gynecologist, but little could I guess that this ashram visit would actually be a shameful remembrance for me lifelong. The way I was exploited in the name of “diksha”, in the name of “treatment”, and in the name of “jagya” makes me feel so ashamed even today, after so many years. I was exploited so very cleverly and emphatically at every level and my desire to get a child was so high that I allowed everything crossing every limit of decency and modesty.

It was one week stay in the ashram of Guru-ji at Rampur and within that period I had to allow at least half a dozen males to enjoy my 28-year-old fully matured figure from all angles – seeing, touching, examining, groping, squeezing, and all one can think of except fucking, because that crowning was done by Guru-ji himself! I had to shed all my shyness and was virtually treated like a slut during my treatment under Guru-ji. I am really amazed when I look back at those seven days about how I allowed all that! Probably Guru-ji’s mesmerizing personality and my eventual desire to get the child at all cost made me act such lewdly from a shy modest housewife.

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Me (almost puffing as I was virtually running to keep pace with Meenakshi): What ghat?

Meenakshi: Assi ghat… Assi ghat… Madam, in Varanasi residences are mainly on the roads that leads to the ghat.

Me: I see… Okay, I will remember.

Meenakshi: And remember this… your father has a Maruti 800 car which he brought second hand… say 5 years old. Okay? You just say to him that you have taken rides in the car with your father, but not at all aware about the mechanical part of the car.

Me: Yes, I will maintain that only … I honestly don’t know anything about cars.

I was amazed to see how Meenakshi could manage to walk so fast with such a plump figure. She was walking in front of me and the movement of her sari-covered round ass was looking awfully sexy. For a moment I thought of teasing her, but the moment I thought of Mahesh and thought about learning driving, I was dumb and my heart rate increased!

Meenakshi: One more thing Madam… if he asks anything about me, just give a vague reply as you do not live here…. only emphasizing that I am attached to the ashram.

Me: Okay as you say...

Just then we came out of the village path through the shrubs and bushes on to the main road and arrived at the Gangu kuwa more.

Me: Where is the well?
Meenakshi: There Madam, on the opposite side of the road…

I could not even look to the other side of the road that I noticed a red car standing by the roadside and Mahesh was standing by the car. My fingers and toes raced towards becoming ice cold and I almost froze for a moment, but as I felt Meenakshi’s warm grip on my hand I quickly recomposed myself.

Meenakshi (in a very low tone) Madam, this bastard has stolen my sleep… promise me to tease him to the hell Madam… he should be licking your feet like a road-side dog…

Meenakshi’s jaws were stiffening and I could sense the rage hidden within her.

Meenakshi: Madam don’t ever feel shy in front of this man as he is a real dirty man exploiting my weak moments.

I did not know what happened to me… the words of Meenakshi, her stern voice, her warm grip on my hand… everything made me very determined and strong within a moment to face this dirty man. I felt I would do my best to keep this man occupied with this driving exercise while Meenakshi would search his house for that tape. I turned towards her… my jaws had also got stiffened… had eye contact with her… and nodded positively and stepped ahead to cross the road.

Mahesh: Hello Meenakshi… Hi Anita…. I must remark that you two are very punctual… (he looks at his watch) its just two minutes past 5!

Mahesh was wearing a blue jeans and a light red T-shirt. As I looked minutely at him I noted he was sufficiently tall, had a good physique, and certainly could have looked better, but his thick untrimmed beard made him look rusty.

Meenakshi: Hi Mahesh… So this is the car in which you will give lessons to my sister?

Mahesh: Yes Meenakshi. Its one of the learner vehicles of our garage and since she (turned towards me) mentioned about Maruti 800 in her house I picked this one.

Meenakshi: You did the right thing and…. and… please make sure that you give all the lessons properly to her so that she could pick them up properly. And…

Mahesh: Oho Meenakshi… I will treat her very specially… she is your sister after all.

Mahesh now looked at me and for the first time fixed his gaze on me. I could read his eyes scanning my 28-year-old buxom figure in this ultra-tight churidar suit. Naturally I shuffled a bit looking at the road and also involuntarily tried to close the gap of my kameez cut at my waist which was advertising my white pajama-covered ass bulge rather abundantly. The whole shape and size of my macro-sized thighs and legs were so clearly publicized by this dress to this man that I was already keen to get inside the car rather than to stand and ‘expose’!

Me: Didi… you asked to remind me about some urgent work… of the ashram…

Meenakshi: Yes, yes. Mahesh, I need to make a move… how long will it take?

Mahesh: Since she is absolutely novice she can’t learn much in the dark… so will have to terminate by 7 till such time sunlight is there. Where shall I drop her?

Meenakshi: Okay… Two hours should be a good head start for her… what do you say? You just drop her in front of your garage… I will be present there…

Mahesh: Okay then… will drop her at garage.

Meenakshi: Bye Anita… be a good student…

Me: Bye didi…

Mahesh opened the driver’s sit door and squeezed inside and opened the door for me on the other side. I held my dupatta while bending and getting inside the car and was apparently somewhat relieved to get inside the car rather than to stand and promote my well-formed legs in this skin-hugging sexy churidar suit!

Mahesh: Please be comfortable… let me drive a bit to a lonely stretch as there is some traffic which would hinder our lessons. So, how do you like this place? Very different from Varanasi I suppose?

Me: Yes err… I mean…

Mahesh: You can call me just Mahesh… no problems… I’m not that old as I look with my beard… to be called an uncle… Ha ha ha…

I also smiled and could realize Mahesh was starting to get impressed by my presence already! I smiled within myself and involuntarily accentuated my breasts by sitting somewhat upright on the car seat.

Me: Okay Mah…. Mahesh (I was indeed a little hesitant to call this unknown male by name directly, but had to do it for getting familiar to him) … yes this place is very dry and rather desolate… our Varanasi is always bustling and lively.

Mahesh: Do you mean to say… err… lively like you? Ha ha ha…. (Mahesh bent past the main road and drove into a side road)

I smiled again and trying to act like a college girl lowered my eyelids getting the complement from a male.

Mahesh: For learning driving lonely stretches are the best… and it’s easy to find it here rather than in Varanasi!

Me: True… but I don’t know anything about cars… (I surrendered prematurely as this thought of facing questions regarding the car was haunting me at the back of my mind)

Mahesh: That’s odd, you must be knowing some basics as you possess a car!

Me: Not me, my father! (I smiled) And he never detailed me about his car.

Mahesh: O! I see. But you should have asked….

Me: No, actually… yes… err… I mean I am keen but my father is not like that… you know… explain and all from him is…

Mahesh: I see… okay… okay…

Mahesh drove into a lone stretch of road and the place was absolutely desolate. I looked through the window but was unable to locate even a cow or goat in the adjacent fields; humans were out of question. He stopped the car and turned towards me. I could sense that it would be a verbal session related to the details of the car. There was no other option for me but to turn towards him to listen what he was about to say. But in doing so I instantly became conscious that I was angling my big fleshy thighs directly towards him! The churidar was so indecently tight on my legs that the whole outline of my limbs was noticeable to him; more so as Mahesh had stopped driving and was looking at me. On top of that as I was in a seated posture, my short kameez had all the more reasons to rise up very inappropriately and indecently and I was forced to keep my arms crosswise on my lap to protect Mahesh from taking a direct unrestricted view of my pajama-covered crotch!

Mahesh: Anita, let me brief you quickly about …

In the next 4-5 minutes he continued to detail the parts of a car and its uses limiting his lecture to Maruti 800 model only and honestly I did not listen to it too minutely except for nodding my head from time to time. He seemed pretty honest to his job and took all the care to explain the things to me. Thankfully his gaze was constantly on my face and did not hover down my neck. The weather was also becoming cooler now as the sun was nearing the horizon and I thanked Mahesh in my mind to choose this afternoon time for the driving lessons.
Mahesh: Now Anita… we need to change positions… you be at the wheel!

Me: So quickly? I mean… do I not need to know anything else?

Mahesh: Don’t worry…. I will brief you as needed… hands on practice is the best way to learn driving!

Me: Okay.

Mahesh was quick enough to get out of the car and come to my side swiftly to open the door for me. Honestly, I liked that approach. I got out of the car and went round to sit in the driver’s seat while Mahesh took my seat.

Mahesh: Have you ever got inside a learner’s car Anita?

Me: Nope (as I sat on the driver’s seat I was more keen to stretch my kameez to cover my upper thighs)

Mahesh: Actually we have two sets of brake and accelerator in a learner’s car, but unfortunately this model is not a learner’s car…

Me: I see….

Mahesh: So I will have to use the brake and accelerator down your leg to control the car…

Me: Okay… in any case I am not educated at all to work with those.

We both smiled at each other. Though I had kept my right hand on the steering wheel I was conscious enough to keep my left hand over my lap but only to find that the entire shape and contour of my shapely thighs were getting vividly advertised by that confounded skin-tight pajama; I felt as if I was not wearing anything down my waist – such was the extent of the tightness of the churidar! Naturally my legs were looking outrageously sexy and I found Mahesh getting diverted and looking down my legs which perfectly resembled two ripe banana trunks!

Mahesh: Let me get the additional seat here…. (saying that he pulled out an additional stretch of the seat which almost reached my seat!) Ya… that’s perfect…. Now I will just put my leg…. Yes…. (he placed himself on that extended seat; very close to me, and then lifted and stretched his right leg over the gear into my side towards the brake and accelerator plates) … Ah! Fine! I hope you are not uncomfortable Anita…. This way I can control the car perfectly as well as guide you adequately… I hope you don’t have a problem?

Me: No, no… its okay.

Though I was not at all expecting this, but tried my best to remain normal. Actually I never noticed that additional seat that can be stretched towards the driver’s seat and now this man was in fact sitting just six inches away from the left contour of my bulging ass! Moreover, Mahesh being quite a tall man he must have been also getting a splendid aerial view of my whole figure from that adjacent position!

Mahesh: Okay then … lets start… am igniting the engine by keying in… like this… just observe…

Vrrr… vrrrrrr… Vrrrrroooomm…. Vrrrrroooooommmmm…

For the first time I felt a thrill… honestly… with my hands on the steering wheel for the first time in my life and the car was all set to move forward! This experience suddenly as if gave me a kick and for the moment the fact got obscured off my mind that I was pretending to learn driving from Mahesh just to keep him engaged here while my ashram pal Meenakshi could take advantage of his absence and search his room for her pics and video.

Me: Wow! A great feeling I must admit!

Mahesh: Indeed Anita… that’s the first reaction of almost every novice!

As Mahesh pressed his feet on the clutch and accelerator, the car started to move forward and he kept his right hand on the steering wheel to guide the car appropriately though I was gently holding onto the wheel with my right hand. His right hand was now gently brushing my naked arm as he held on to the steering. I was momentarily startled to feel his strong muscles on my naked skin, but instantly remembered that my kameez was sleeveless. I involuntarily and almost immediately adjusted my dupatta so as to cover my arms a little bit more.

Mahesh: How do you feel Anita now? …car moving ahead and you are in the driver’s seat?

Me: Oh! Great Mahesh! Great!

Mahesh: Ha ha ha… Just enjoy …

I could unquestionably notice an instantaneous spring of keenness in Mahesh as he moved just a shade towards me so that he could control the steering wheel better.

Mahesh: Remember the gear system which I just explained…? Now see… with a little distance the car traveling… we should switch the gear… like this… very easy to operate … these hand gears… 1-2-3-4-R…

Now as the car was picking up some decent speed, Mahesh was more serious into driving. As I looked through the windscreen I noticed that this part of the road was absolutely desolate and hardly was there any passerby also! The only thing observable on both sides of the road was vast yellow-green fields; I could not spot a grazing cow or a goat even!

Mahesh: Anita… observe me minutely… so that you can pick things up quickly…. put both hands on the wheel… (I had to put my other hand off my lap onto the steering) yes… that’s better!

I immediately noted that he adjusted his bottom more towards me and now our shoulders started rubbing and with his closeness now our legs also started touching each other. Naturally I was conscious, but Mahesh seemed rather unconcerned and he was babbling all sorts of tips for driving in a safe way. I was already breathing slightly faster with such close proximity with this ‘unknown’ male and my heavy bosom started moving up and down a shade faster inside my tight kameez. As he talked about safe driving, I noted that he at times was placing his hand on mine very casually and ‘normally’ to guide the steering wheel. I was obviously a bit hesitant initially, but portraying a modern day college girl, I did not react and did not exhibit any visible response with his touching.

Mahesh: Keep your left hand on the gear now… will show you how to change it….will increase speed slightly now…

I kept my hand on the knob of the gear and immediately his warm palm grabbed my hand in the pretext of demonstration. As soon as our hands met I automatically felt my blood running faster through my veins and dropped my eyelids; I still could pick up his bearded smile momentarily looking at my face. He must have been enjoying the tender feel of my hand. I could not move my hand also as that would look very indecent and I could clearly feel my nipples gaining strength inside my bra and raising their heads; I could feel a stir all over my body as Mahesh continued to hold and press my hand in the pretext of gearshift.

Mahesh: That’s how to do it…. Will repeat again so that you can grasp clearly…

Me: O…okay…

I almost whispered and was cursing myself for getting weak by this ‘simple’ touch. Mahesh readjusted the gear and decreased the speed of the car and again was about to demonstrate.

Mahesh: Now we will change the gear again… and then will accelerate slowly… okay Anita? Observe closely…

Seeing no reaction or conservativeness on my part, he re-grabbed my hand and this time unmistakably in a bolder way; his fingers exactly on my fingers pressing them slightly harder. This time his hand movement on me was rather lengthy and that actually made me feel more nervous and I was clearly blushing this time. His right leg was also brushing my warm left thigh quite ‘closely’ now and since he continued to hold my hand over the gear bulb (he was waiting for something I did not know what) making my condition worse. His grip on my fingers and wrist was firm and constant; he even rubbed his fingers once very subtly over my nimble fingers as if feeling the texture of my skin!
Mahesh: That’s it… did you get it Anita? Can you do it yourself?

I somehow managed to smile and nodded negatively. Mahesh had removed his hand off my hand, but I could as if still feel his warmth on my skin!

Mahesh: Nothing difficult… try it… you will also be easily able to do it …

I was indeed not in a mood to do that right then and hence tried to turn his focus.

Me: But I mean… it’s not about gear change only naa… the clutch and accelerator also …. err… I mean have their roles to play I guess…

Mahesh: Right you are! So see… you are learning fast! (he smiled) Yes… let me show you how to press on the clutch and change the gear…

Mahesh demonstrated slowly so that I could pick up how to do it. Apparently it did not seem to be tough.

Mahesh: Now you try!

I had to try it and there was no escape.

Mahesh: One minute…let me open my sandals… you also get rid off yours. That way you will get a better grip on the pads down there.

Momentarily I was a taken aback, but realized his logic and there was no choice for me but to open my sandals and to keep them aside.

Mahesh: Keep your legs on the accelerator and clutch… just lightly… yes… fine…

Then without even taking my permission he straight away put his right foot on mine pressing on the clutch to change the gear; simultaneously his hand gripped mine on the bulb of the gear. The sensation honestly was “too much” - an adult man pressing his foot on my naked foot and his hand concurrently holding my hand! The sides of our bodies were now in constant touch as the car moved on making me feel very uneasy.

Mahesh: Press on the accelerator now… yes… right… that’s the way to do it… do not press much… ya… fine…. very lightly…. so that the car gets a smooth speeding up.

The warm sole of his foot was pressing on my bare foot while his rough palm tightly gripped my hand on the gear; despite being a an ‘experienced’ housewife, I could not avoid my heart rate racing up and my nipples getting harder inside my bra in order to cope with the ‘situation’. I could realize Mahesh’s foot slowly pressing more and more on my foot to speed up the car and in the pretext of doing so his right foot was now amply rubbing my pajama-covered left leg and in the whole process he had shifted so much towards me that the sides of our thighs were glued together!

Mahesh: Wah! Good… you are picking up quite well… keep the steering steady Anita… the car is moving to the left time and again as you are focussing on your leg…

Me: Oh…okay Mahesh… yes…will hold it tightly now.

A few more trials went on with accelerating and gear change on that desolate stretch of the road with Mahesh aptly exploiting the situation to his favor feeling the whole of my foot with his foot and feeling the tightness and smoothness of my well formed thigh on his leg. During this whole session I had no way that I could cover my indecently advertised thighs (almost till my crotch!) through my skin-tight churidar as my left hand was on the hand gear and my right hand was on the steering wheel. The shape, size, and outline of my ripe thighs were so much evident that my white churidar really seemed as if a second skin!

I could make out easily that Mahesh was looking time and again down my very sexy-looking legs in the pretext of properly pressing the accelerator or the clutch as he guided the car through the deserted road. Honestly I had started feeling the heat inside me though a very nice breeze was blowing during that afternoon time.

And right at that moment something happened, which simply kept me gasping!

Mahesh (frowning and looking at the driver’s side door): Is it not properly closed? I can hear a slight noise….

Me: What?

Mahesh: Arrre… the door… am getting a slight sound with the car jerking…

Me (twisting my lips) Am not sure…

Mahesh frowned and concentrated to listen for that additional sound from the door for a few seconds.

Mahesh: Right! Its not closed properly… one sec… will fix that… do not put extra pressure on the accelerator… just keep this speed.

Me: Okay!

Mahesh: I think I did not slammed it hard enough… old cars have this common problem…

Giving me absolutely no chance to move my hands to protect my breast area, Mahesh simply reached over and opened the latch of the door and then closed it with a slight bang and in the pretext of doing this ‘action’ his right hand firmly rubbed against the front of my tight breasts. The lateral surface of his entire arm brushed against my firm mammaries for a few seconds and I had just no alternative but to allow that as I could hardly go backward due to the erect car seat. I was really not sure if Mahesh did that on purpose, but it was such a clever move, it simply left me in gasping!

He was very intelligent and did not allow me an extra second to linger on his action.

Mahesh: Now we will do from the start again… just check that if you can do all the steps systematically Anita.

As he was busy stopping the car, I closed my eyes for a moment as I was indeed outrageously charged up! I could well realize that this man, Mahesh, whom I hardly knew, had kindled quite a bit of thrill in me through his subtle movements; in fact it was a culmination of my dress – this tight sexy churidar, his closeness in the closed periphery of the car, and undoubtedly the brushing and pressing on my milk tanks moments ago while he closed the door on my side.

I tried to convince my mind that this boob pressing might not be absolutely intentional as the space between the steering wheel and my body was so narrow and the angled position of the door lock actually forced Mahesh to do that. But whatever the fact was I had started to breathe somewhat heavily and warm breaths began to gush out of my nostrils. My dupatta had also fallen sexily off my shoulder exposing my naked arm as well as my big tight conical breasts to Mahesh’s view. I had to admit that my 28-year-old matured figure was well accentuated and underlined by this churidar suit especially the skin-tight pajamas exposing the true shape and size of my well formed thighs very adequately as well as awkwardly as my kameez was indecently short (particularly since I was sitting). I had already started to feel somewhat weak and ‘slutty’ and did not even bother to pick up my dupatta to cover my bulging milk tanks properly in front of my driving teacher!

Mahesh: Okay… now that the car is at rest … you can start from the very beginning Anita… foot on the clutch… hand on the gear…. ignite the engine…

I quickly tried to get into the normal mode and obeyed Mahesh’s orders. I was amazed that I almost did all of the things right and started the car and moved it ahead though he had to help me slightly with the clutch releasing part.

Mahesh: Great! Good job Anita!

Me: Thanks (honestly I was myself surprised how I did it so smoothly!)

Mahesh obviously looked more “charged up” to help me on the wheel after that boob pressing incident and as he praised my quick learning skills he again came very close to aid me in keeping the car straight on the road. I noted that there was a turn on the road some meters away and I alerted Mahesh as I felt nervous what to do.

Mahesh: Don’t worry baby! Ha ha ha… Am there naa… you just relax… do not grip the steering wheel too hard… Bas!

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The word ‘baby” definitely sounded very odd to my ear as we had not developed such intimacy that he could call me by such language. As the turning approached nearer Mahesh started helping me more on the steering wheel; both of my hands were on the steering which in turn left my big tits quite unprotected below my arms. Mahesh only had his right hand on the wheel to guide me and just at the turning which was almost a 90 degree bend, I felt his angled elbow clearly rubbing and pushing into the tight flesh of my left breast! I certainly was a bit hesitant whether to allow that, but I could not move my hands abruptly off the steering wheel also! The incident was very short-lived though I felt his elbow adequately on my tight boob flesh, but I felt that the turning was the actual culprit and hence decided to ignore it and not react by lowering my arms to close the angle formed at my armpit.

But some surprise was awaiting me!

As we completed the turn and moved forward, Mahesh was still holding onto the steering wheel as I needed guidance at every step. Within a couple of minutes there was another turn and to my utter surprise, Mahesh repeated the same thing and this time the action seemed quite deliberate and preplanned! As the car took the turn, I could very clearly and comfortably feel Mahesh angling his elbow pushing and pressing it on my tight left breast as if eagerly trying to help me.

By that time Mahesh had moved so close to me that there was in fact no space between us and our thighs were as if embracing each other! I was somewhat confused; his normal behavior, maintaining eye contact at times, the way he was explaining driving techniques as we drove were mismatching with his ‘crude’ action! Hence I tried to convince my mind that such brushing and pressing were quite natural with such close proximity. I should not mind too much!

Mahesh: Anita… see there is a bifurcation ahead… we will take the left road… and you will see a U-turn just after that… will take that…

Me: O… okay.

Mahesh: This will be a good exercise for a learner to drive in a curvy road.

Me: Hmm…

I was quite amazed to see this road also absolutely deserted and appreciated Mahesh’s choice to learn driving on this stretch. If there were cars and people I would have certainly been extremely nervous. I took the left road at the bifurcation and immediately could notice the U-turn bend. Mahesh was guiding me on the wheel as usual and as I was about to take the U-turn I instantly felt his right arm initially brushing and poking at my breast and then finally almost plunging inside the tight flesh of my left mammary!

Me: Eiii….

I almost shrieked aloud the way he pressed my breast with his elbow and almost missed a heart beat. I immediately felt a stir inside my bra with my nipples instantly attaining almost full size! At once Mahesh seemed to be very eager instructor and he was babbling away about a U-turn while his arm openly pressing on my breast. I was obviously not expecting this and was somewhat confused regarding what to do.

Seeing no reaction from my end Mahesh probably was slightly more enthusiastic! I noticed he looked at my facial reaction from the corner of his eyes. We had completed the U-turn and he still kept rubbing his elbow now virtually on the front of my dress over the dupatta straight onto the tight conical flesh of my mammaries! Unlike his initial invasions when he would remove his elbow brushing my boobs after a few seconds, this time he was actually resting his elbow longer on my bosom and was concurrently advising me about driving! He must have been taking immense pleasure from this erotic approach! This road had more turns that the previous one and as a result I would have to lean forward slightly to move the steering wheel quickly and then his elbow would press down harder onto my tits. Things were quickly turning worse for me and I was virtualy gasping as I drove. Mahesh initially let his right elbow rest against my breast gently, but as the road meandered he was exerting pressure and quietly pushing his elbow onto my left breast in a fairly obvious way!

Naturally by that time I had started to breathe quite fast and was feeling hot also. My dupatta had slipped off my shoulders and my legs were trying to get parted in subtle excitement. I had no confusion now that the whole action was quite deliberate and I could tell that Mahesh himself was also getting pretty much turned on as I could sense a push from his leg on my left thigh also! I tried my best to remain calm and acted cool and continued to behave as if I was very keen to learn though in effect was very much conscious of his elbow constantly rubbing and pressing on my perky left breast. I was indeed feeling quite uncomfortable as I could feel my nipples getting harder and harder inside my bra.

Mahesh: Brake! Brake! Anita… presssssssss!

I was quite a bit engrossed and somewhat unmindful due to this unwanted stimulation and obviously a bit inattentive from driving and I honestly did not notice a buffalo had suddenly appeared on the road as it was trying to cross the road.

Mahesh: Braaaaaaaaaaake!

I got so confused by his shout that I pressed all under my feet and was all set to crash the car on that animal, but fortunately Mahesh saved the situation for me, but in doing so what he did was extremely indecent and outrageous too! Since I got confused by his shouts and started pressing the brake and the accelerator almost at the same time, he quickly left the steering and held my legs with his macro-sized palms! He grabbed my left knee in one hand and my right knee with his other and pulled them up and applied the brake just in the nick of time.

Me: O My God! That was indeed a close shave! Ufff! Thanks Mahesh….

As I was thanking him he was actually still holding my knees and I could feel his large warm palms on my knees and lower thighs; I was almost feeling his cozy hands directly on my skin due to my nonexistent pajama!

Mahesh: Yes Anita… that was close…. Very close… you almost smashed the poor animal!

Me: Am so sorry… actually… I did not know… I was slightly unmindful…

Mahesh: How could you… I mean (shrugging) miss that big thing??

Me: Yes… err… (How could I say him that his deliberate and constant touches on my breast made me unmindful)… no… I don’t know… I just missed it…

Mahesh: Anyway… all’s well that ends well. You have not bumped the car… thank God!

At last Mahesh took his hands off my legs and in fact when he did that, he actually brushed and felt my smooth plump thighs in a very direct and impolite manner. I was amazed to see the boldness he was injecting in his moves!

Mahesh: Oh! Am feeling thirsty…

The car was parked by the roadside and saying that he got out of the car and indicated me to get down as well. I quickly adjusted my dupatta and kameez as much as possible and stepped out of the car.

Mahesh: Anita… generally I keep a bottle of water in the car... but unfortunately today I have not…Are you thirsty too?

Me: Absolutely… am quite thirsty too! More so probably due to this near accident… Uff! That was a very narrow escape!

As I stepped in front of him, his eyes immediately skid down my body to my legs which were looking immensely sexy in this extremely tight outfit. My left hand unconsciously tried to push down the hem of my kameez down over my upper thighs, but my effort went futile. Mahesh smiled and quite openly adjusted the front of his trouser (actually he adjusted his cock inside his trousers!) in front of me. I naturally was a bit offended by this act and looked elsewhere. The initial respect that I had for him because of his honest explanation of driving skills was quickly evaporating due to his latest behaviors.

Mahesh: Okay… I will get some water for us both… you just wait here Anita… I will be back in minutes.
Me: But… but Mahesh… where would you get water here?

Mahesh: Don’t worry! You are absolutely safe here… I know this area like my palm… I will be back in 10 minutes…. Just wait till such time.

Saying that he opened the back seat door of the car and took an empty bottle and off he went before I could even say anything to him. I obviously felt a bit awkward standing all alone by the car in that desolate stretch of the road and continued to frown at Mahesh as he meandered through the grassy pastures. I was naturally still feeling the ‘heat’ and seeing the opportunity and the fact that there was no one around, I slowly pressed my hand over my genitals and started scratching my pussy over my pajama and panty. I felt quite relaxed while doing so and the light breeze helped me to get refreshed. Then I quickly adjusted my bra a little to breathe easy and lastly before getting inside the car again, I stretched my panty edge (as it had slipped inwards towards my ass crack) over my round buttocks as far as possible.

Me: Arre… what’s… what’s those?

As I took my seat inside the car and closed the door, I noticed a couple of magazines on the back seat. I did not even look at the back seat prior and now took a proper look. There was a small box along with two magazines and a towel. Since I had nothing to do till Mahesh returned, I just casually took one magazine to glance through it, but I was simply stunned and stumped to see the picture on the cover page – “Savita Bhabhi – the bra salesman”.

I immediately felt a tremble in my arms seeing that porn magazine lying so openly in the car. Was it kept by Mahesh? Or by someone else who used the car prior? Was Mahesh aware of such lewd things lying around? My ears were turning red as my eyes were fixed on the cover page of the magazine which depicted a matured married lady standing in a blue sari with deep red vermilion on her head and a vermilion bindi on her forehead. Her big ripe breasts were oozing out of her sari and her navel was clearly visible through the transparent sari. There were two more pics at the left side of the cover page, where the lady was seen with her husband just after marriage, and just below that she was with her husband on bed in a complete naked state; the most erotic part was that the lady was naked yet the red vermilion, the bindi, and gold necklace appeared so prominent and appealing on her!

My lips were drying already as I was indeed quite excited seeing that magazine! I was more than eager to go through it now. I already could listen to my heart beat! I looked around through the window – the landscape and the setting was as desolate as ever and I could see Mahesh very far still walking away for water. I was already feeling ‘hot’ inside with all those touches on my breasts by my driving tutor and now that the bay was clear and this magazine was in my hand, I did not take a second to decide to proceed through it.

I turned the page and there was one man with light moustache wearing a deep red shirt pressing the door bell “Ding Dong”.

‘Who’s there”, the blue sari housewife called from inside; her red vermilion looked so apt on her head along with the matching bindi on her forehead, and the red bangles on her slender arms.

“Hello Madam, I am selling this… okay, so this man was a salesman. I continued reading. “…this new brand of bra. Would you be interested?”

Huh! What a product to sell, I thought within myself, though could not stop ogling at the packet the salesman was carrying, which depicted a young girl in a red-colored bra and panty.

“No thanks”, replied the married woman.

Natural, I thought because it’s really extremely cumbersome to buy undergarments from a male salesman.

“Okay madam, but please can I get a glass of water?”, the salesman requested the lady.

Huh! The shrewd salesman… But I had to admit that there was something in the comic strip and the art work which easily made me portray the role of that blue-sari housewife named Savita. The situation seemed so real, the artwork so lively, and the dialogues so genuine and appropriate that I could not stop myself from placing me in Savita Bhabhi’s shoes!

“Okay, come, and wait a minute” was the natural reply from the housewife.

As I looked at the picture of Savita, I found her to be tall and more or less slim, her hairs curling down her shoulders, and she had big prominent mammaries – all in all an envious figure.

The lady came back with the glass of water and presented to the salesman. The son of a bitch salesman had his eyes already on her big breasts. I was a bit irritated to note that even the nipple impressions of Savita were visible through the blouse and sari she was wearing - that I thought was a bit too much of an imagination of the author - very rarely would a housewife come in front of an outsider without wearing a bra. But…I thought it might be possible… in the afternoon hours when a woman would lie down for some rest after lunch and other daily chores at home. I was indeed getting very quickly engrossed into this comic strip!

Then the salesman (seemed as per his plan) opened the packet of the product he was selling and requested Savita Bhabhi to have a look at the special piece.

A bright red colored bra could easily be seen inside the packet. She took the bra in her hand and related that it appeared too small for her to wear. I also felt the same way as the bra indeed looked rather tiny for her matured breasts.

The bra was hanging from Savita Bhabhi’s hand in the air just in front of the salesman’s eyes and the whole scene indeed looked very erotic. I looked round the room and it resembled so very much with my own house! The wooden door with a rectangular glass panel, a wall hanging, a sofa in the background, a cupboard with drawers, a flower vase, and bicolor walls – the whole setting was undeniably very similar to my own! I appreciated in my mind the person who did the art work for this comic strip as this certainly would remind many housewives about their own household!

The salesman quickly argued stating that it was special imported elastic and requested Savita to try it once. I admitted in my mind that in practical life also these salesmen are so nagging and harassing that they won’t leave you till you try and comment on their product. Here also I found Savita Bhabhi having no other choice but to satisfy the salesman. I smiled within myself seeing the posture of Savita Bhabhi with half of her figure turned towards the salesman and other half towards the room where she would try the product with the red bra dangling sexily in her left hand.

Savita Bhabhi walked back to the room and closed the door for the bra trial. She was naturally thinking that the bra would not fit her as she was about to drop her pallu. She was standing by the couch and in front of her dressing table. Again, it resembled so much with my own bedroom! I honestly was stunned by the imagination of this comic strip artist. She dropped her pallu; her nipple impressions over her blue blouse looked so sexy! And then I realized that she was actually not wearing a bra under her blouse as she murmured within herself, “Hey bhagwan, I didn’t even wear a bra today. No wonder that harami salesman was thirsty!”

Savita Bhabhi took off her blouse and her copious bubbly boobs looked extremely alluring with the big reddish areolas and pointed nipples. I was feeling the heat now… my ears were red hot by that time and I was inhaling and exhaling deeply with beads of perspiration crowning my forehead and cleavage. I pulled off my dupatta and threw it to the other seat to make myself comfortable and also parted my legs further to ease my pussy itches. I looked around and noted if anyone was approaching and if there was any vehicle on the road, but the road was absolutely vacant. I felt much relaxed and kept the magazine for a while on my lap and gently squeezed my left breast which was still quite taut due to constant pressing and rubbing by Mahesh while he helped me with my driving lessons.

I concentrated on the magazine again. Savita Bhabhi was standing in topless condition now. She indeed looked quite awesome with her thick black hair, red vermilion on head, bindi on forehead, golden earrings and necklace, completely naked breasts which were dense and round, and a fat-free belly.
I almost visualized myself in her place and immediately blushed heavily. My left hand unthinkingly went to my lap and started feeling and pressing my firm, well formed thighs and ended up in my crotch prickling my choot area over my dress.

As Savita Bhabhi turned to the mirror and started trying the bra which the salesman had brought, she suddenly noticed that the salesman sitting outside was managing to peep through the door and could see her! She was confused about what to do – either she could slam the door on his face or just continue to ignore as if she did not notice that the salesman was able to view her while she was trying the new brassiere. I really appreciated the artist of the comics for the facial expression of Savita Bhabhi; it was so, so real! I wonder if I would have looked exactly like Savita Bhabhi had I been in such a similar sexy situation. And the decision that Savita Bhabhi took regarding this situation would match many married women (including me) in such a clumsy situation!

She decided to act as if she was completely unaware that the salesman was able to view her unclothed body through the door from his seated position on the sofa outside. Now naturally once a woman knew that she was being watched by a male in her exposed condition she immediately starts to feel hot and starts breathing faster and her nipples would invariably get hard. Same was the case with Savita Bhabhi and the picture depicting that was so hot with her complete boob shape and close-up of nipples with her hands pressing on her big naked breasts, it really made me feel sweltering!

The matured married lady was getting naughty realizing this sudden opportunity! Honestly, previously I would have thought otherwise but once coming to the ashram and getting the treatment from Guru-ji, I did not feel any hesitation in teasing this male brute! Having said that what this lady did was a bit too much I thought….

Savita Bhabhi looked at the mirror and noting the salesman ogling at her like a hungry dog pushed up her boobs with her hands, closed her eyes, and started to lick each upturned red nipple with her tongue; this awesome show must have given an instant erection to the salesman I thought!

Obviously the salesman had a trying time just sitting on the sofa and murmured “Damn, what is this lady up to?”

Now Savita Bhabhi went one step ahead! She lowered her sari at the waist and revealed her white panty! She was not wearing a bra at that time as the bra which the salesman gave her to try was just too small and hence her milk tanks were uncovered and now she was exposing part of her wheat-colored upper thighs along with her panty! Naturally the salesman was having a huge bulge in his pant-front and seeing that I almost had a skipped beat! I felt extremely horny seeing his thick lund poking violently at his trouser-front. I started circling my finger over my choot and tried to insert it over my dress into my honey pot. I kept the magazine on the dashboard and closed my eyes and started squeezing my breasts amply with my other hand. I continued that lewd act for probably minute till I felt a bit comfortable and again returned into the story almost gasping.

Savita Bhabie had inserted her left hand inside her panty and was scratching her choot; needless to say that her facial expression was just superb and absolutely real. As I had squeezed my tits quite copiously I noted my kameez had slid down significantly exposing my deep cleavage and even the bulge of my big round boobs, but since there was no one around and there was no trace of Mahesh in the vicinity I did not care to cover myself up.

This matured housewife was getting naughtier by the minute now! This time she wore the new red bra; the bra cups did cover her bubbling boobs, and she somehow managed to fix the hook at her back. Then she walked down to the door and peeped out and asked the salesman for some help. The salesman was more than glad to help this sexy buxom married lady. He stood up from the sofa and eagerly stepped forward towards the room with the stereotype standard question, “Any problem Madam?”

Savita Bhabhi murmured, “The hook is stuck, it’s so tight!” and she stood in a typical sexy pose with half of her back towards the salesman and she was turning back to talk. Her lovely shoulder plus black dancing hair, parted thick lips, dreamy eyes, her bulging boobs struggling inside the bra cups, her bare smooth back and her curvy hips and succulent petticoat-covered ass globes actually made her look awfully sexy. The salesman naturally jumped upon this golden opportunity to touch Savita Bhabhi and she was making the scene utterly tempting by sexily murmuring, “Please hurry up! It’s hurting my…..” The scene was just too erotic as depicted in the comics from a bird’s eye angle – the door of the room was open, Savita Bhabhi standing with her hand on her hips while the salesman was busy unhooking her bra at her back, the sofa, dressing table, and the flower pot surrounding them, and her voluptuous figure clad in just a sheer red brassiere and a blue petticoat was oozing out sexiness and heat from all angles.

I wondered what would happen once the salesman opened her bra hook!

My query was soon resolved as I noted Savita Bhabhi giving a “Thank you” to the salesman with a smiling face as her bra straps slipped off her shoulders! My goodness! I was shocked to see the daring attitude of this matured lady! Her back was now fully naked and so was her shoulders and upper portion of her boobs! The salesman was prompt enough to reply, “Okay Madam I will go and check if I have another piece”.

And by that time I was sure that Savita Bhabhi was charged up very adequately and as to my expectation she was indeed shamelessly kindling the candle. She just removed the bra off her breasts and handed it over to the salesman in a totally topless state! Though she covered her big jiggling upper treasures with her left hand most of her boobs could be seen clearly including her perky nipples. Seeing a brief glimpse of her complete frontal nudity, the salesman must have had an explosion under his pants! Moments later, Savita Bhabhi, keeping her eyes at the salesman’s eyes, slowly removed her left hand off her big mammaries revealing her glorious milk tanks fully to him.

O! What a sight! Savita Bhabhi was standing in front of the salesman only clad in her blue petticoat. Her juicy boobs were fully unclothed and she kept her right hand on her hip making things worse for the salesman while she kept her left hand on her left breast in such a way that her areola and nipple remained just about covered!

“What are you standing just there for?” Savita Bhabhi cunningly teased the salesman. “Measure it and get the proper size next time.” The lady indicated to her naked upturned boobs.

By that time in my mind I was fully playing the role of Savita and seeing her exposed condition and clear concurrence for sex with this salesman, hardly could I control myself further. My legs were further parted automatically in my heated condition and I could feel my pajama stretching very tightly on my legs to the point of almost getting ripped! My thighs were emitting heat already and I was breathing very deeply with my big breasts moving up and down vigorously inside my tight kameez. I really felt like unhooking my bra to breathe easy, but was in no position to do that. Though I was alone in the car and the place was absolutely desolate, but the thought if Mahesh coming back refrained me from unhooking my bra.

The salesman had already started to palpate and examine Savita Bhabhi’s naked tits in the pretext of measuring. He was openly cupping and pressing her tight naked boob flesh and naturally the lady had started to moan. The bulge inside the salesman’s trousers was very much evident and hardly could the monster be caged anymore now. The salesman could not control himself touching the big naked boobs of this sexy housewife and immediately grabbed and cupped her tits with both hands, which made the lady gasp and shout, “What are you doing? I just told you to…”

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The salesman had tasted blood and was now openly squeezing Bhabhi’s nangi breasts. He now came very close and started licking the reddish nipples! With his left hand he twisted Savita Bhabhi’s one nipple and licked and kissed her other nipple with his lips. The scene was so erotically represented in the comic strip that I left out the magazine and started squeezing my both mammaries with my hands ogling at the sexy depiction. The irony and burlesque of that scene was a picture of Savita Bhabhi and her husband on the marriage day could be seen on the wall just behind them.

There was no stopping after that and I just skimmed through the tons of sexy illustration of Savita Bhabhi and the salesman in compromised poses hugging each other, the salesman holding her waist and kissing her naked boobs, sucking her upturned hard nipples, Bhabhi moaning and groaning in ecstasy, and finally the salesman pushing Bhabhi onto the couch and getting ready to fuck.
I turned through the pages and gazed and stared at the beautiful sexy illustrations of the salesman getting all over the matured lady’s body and geared up for a grand fucking session. Just then Savita Bhabhi initiated a very intrepid and bold move. She offered to give an oral service to the salesman’s cock! I was flushed and was almost trembling in excitement seeing the pictorial representation of Savita Bhabhi sitting on her knees on the floor opening the zip of the salesman’s trousers, carefully taking out his thick large cock, and then sucking it with her luscious red lips like a stick ice-cream. This cock sucking scene continued on and on making me go wild stretching my legs to the fullest, having my finger scratching all over my panty, leaving me utterly gasping and I had no other option but to open my bra hook to breathe properly. I threw the magazine and lifted my kameez to expose my belly area and then took my hands to the back and quickly unhooked my bra and immediately my heavy bosom jigged and moved very sexily inside the loose bra cups. I gave a couple of very long and deep squeezes with my hands on my mammaries over my dress and really felt much better. I could sense drops of juice tickling through my pussy into my panty. I just could not wait any longer and pulled up my kameez and loosened my pajama string so that I could insert my hand inside my panty and started self fingering myself.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sssssssssssshhhhhhh…

It was such a great relief! It was so satisfying! As I was ogling through the remaining pages of the magazine featuring the grand fucking scenes of Savita Bhabhi and the salesman I never realized that Mahesh was back! Since I was so much engrossed in the story and the place was throughout desolate, I just did not care to look round every minute to check if Mahesh was coming back. I could only realize his presence when I heard the sound of the door opening beside me!

Mahesh: Good to see that you are not asleep at least Anita!

I simply froze for the moment! I was not even in a position to quickly recompose myself. Since I was totally unaware about his presence and he just opened the door beside me, I was in an absolute mess! I was so confused that I even forget to move and merely sat in that totally compromised state – my right hand still around my jiggling copious boob flesh with my bra unhooked inside my kameez and my left hand inside my pajama caressing my choot inside my panty with my “pajama nara” dangling outside!

I was caught and that too absolutely red-handed with the porn magazine open on my lap!

Mahesh: Well… well…

I was so confused regarding my clumsy state that I just sat like a duffer in front of my driving teacher.

Mahesh: Umm… naughty girl! This is not for college girls my dear… this magazine is for married ladies… don’t you know that?

Saying that he gently picked up the Savita Bhabhi magazine from my lap and gazed at the page where Savita Bhabhi was fucked by the salesman on the sofa; I continued to sit like a statue, naturally feeling extremely ashamed and embarrassed being caught like that by Mahesh! But I realized that it was the best opportunity to recompose myself somewhat as he was looking at the magazine. I instantly sneaked out my arm off my panty and pajama and kept it over my lap; my dupatta was still lying on the next seat and I naturally looked awfully sexy without my dupatta with my heaving boobs jutting out through my kameez with an inch of my heavy cleavage clearly advertised; the condition was more miserable for me as my bra was unclasped inside. I indeed was totally confused now. I tried my best to restrict my movements as much as possible (I could not stop my breathing though) as I obviously did not wished Mahesh to know that my bra was open inside my churidar top.

Mahesh: Though you are unmarried… but I can tell you… as you are quite matured Anita… these stories are fabulous… especially the beautiful artwork…

I was still looking down and was not in a position at all to converse with Mahesh.

Mahesh: You seem to be enjoying this quite a bit… Eh? Quite natural for your age! He he he he…

I was silent. I was feeling so mortified listening to the soft laugh and could well realize that he was well and truly enjoying my clumsy situation.

The next thing what Mahesh did was so shameful that I felt thunderstruck and as if completely frozen. He had the magazine in one hand and was half bending towards me and from that posture he just lifted my kameez slightly and picked up my loose hanging “pajama nara”!

Mahesh: What’s this? Good Lord! What were you doing Anita? Ummm?

Me: Eiiii… err… umm… No…

I really struggled to substantiate any suitable reply to Mahesh. I felt as if like a timid student in front of a persuasive teacher! My face grew red, I started to breathe deeply, and was feeling so, so humiliated the way he was probing things! I was unable to raise my eyes in shame and was just feeling miserable though my body was indeed in a very much heated condition. I could easily feel that my nipples were still hard and my pussy was wet and I was unwilling to even close my legs, which were placed shamelessly wide apart even in front of Mahesh! In fact I had started to feel an uncomfortable hurting in my groins as my panty edges had seated quite deep inside as my thighs were parted for a considerable period of time now.

Mahesh: Arre… why only satisfy yourself by seeing these lifeless pictures… (he whispered the next few words in my ears) Anita… look beyond this magazine…

Mahesh held my wrist gently. His cold touch felt so good on my ‘hot’ skin! I was confused and looked up at him. He smiled.

Mahesh: Arre kya hua? Sharma gayi! Com’ on sweetie! These are not for you… once you get married… you read these… okay? Ha ha ha….

I was thoroughly confused at what he was up to and looked at Mahesh with an absolute puzzled gaze.

Mahesh: Oye… what happened? Com’ on Anita… we are getting late… Get up! …get up! Let’s continue our lessons…

My clothing condition was so clumsy that I was pretty much unwilling to move from the driver’s seat as that would expose me in front of him very blatantly.

Me (very hesitatingly): Err… You… will you drive now?

Mahesh: Oh right! Why should I ask you to get up! You are learning naa… seems am also carried away by those steamy pics… Ha ha ha….

Though I grinned foolishly I was desperately trying to find out a way to fix my bra and tie my pajama.

Mahesh: First have some water and then we will carry on!

Me: Thanks.

This water was much needed; I had a dry throat and my body was also “heated up”; I needed some cooling effect. I quickly gulped down half the bottle of water before handing it back to Mahesh.

Mahesh: One thing I was noting Anita… time and again… you seemed to be too much nervous while driving… I am sitting right beside you… why did you look so unconfident?

Me: No… err… I mean… it’s the first time…

Mahesh: What first time? Driving for the first time?

I just nodded. Despite drinking the water, I still was unable to recover from my “heated” state.

Mahesh: But… but am siting right beside you! Even my foot is on yours… so… I mean what’s there to feel so nervous! And how could you miss that whole buffalo is still puzzling me!

Me: Tu… I mean true, but… err… yes, am slightly nervous… I can’t deny… holding the steering… err…. for the first time like this!
Mahesh: Just drive bindaas naa… Moreover there’s hardly any traffic here! Are you finding me unfamiliar to be easy?

Me: No… no… not.. not at all.

Mahesh: Then? Driving should be fun… but it seemed to me reading your face that it was if an examination for you! You are young… college going… so you should try to extract fun and excitement out of it!

Me: No, no... am quite thrilled … believe me! And… and you have guided me so very nicely…

Mahesh: But… (shrugging) but I found you quite stiff and anxious throughout the time the wheel was in your hands!

I looked up for a moment and met his eyes, but had to drop my eyes quickly as I noted Mahesh was directly staring at my big round mammaries. I could well realize that as I was breathing now the upward and downward movement of my big tight tits was obviously much more prominent as my bra hook was open, which obviously made Mahesh more attentive towards my milk jugs. There was no way I could hide that either! I bit my lips and was obviously feeling increasingly uneasy.

Mahesh: Okay… there’s a way we often use for teenage learners… to inject confidence, fun, and self belief…

I looked questionably at him.

Mahesh: Yes… but Anita it’s just a fun process for practicing and testing a learner… you need to accept it that way only… okay?

I nodded eagerly like a fool knowing nothing about that “process” as I was more than happy to see the conversation ending.

Mahesh: It’s a completely new and different style you know… though mostly restricted to teens… but I think to make you free on the wheel…. I can apply that for you!

Me: I… I see… (I almost whispered; my throat was getting dry time and again thinking of my condition - sitting in front of this matured male with an open bra and untied pajama!)

Mahesh: This particular process for learners is called lap driving …

Me: Lap driving! Never heard anything of that sort!

Mahesh (with a smile): Surprised by the name I guess!

“Lap driving!” I was indeed quite surprised by that name, but never could guess the bamboozlement that was waiting for me during this new learning process.

Mahesh: Anita see…. lap refers to knees and legs basically… the learner sits between the legs of the trainer and drive… that gives huge confidence to the learner actually you know…

I still could not read what he meant and simply looked like a dupe!

Mahesh: It naturally adds fun and excitement in addition to quick learning… He he he…

My body was so much stimulated still and my mind yet to recover from the Savita Bhabie magazine - I was not able to comprehend fully what my driving teacher intended and simply gave the nod.

Mahesh: Fine! Anita… you need to just push yourself up a bit in your seat… so that I could squeeze in there…

What did he mean? We will both share the same seat?

Mahesh hardly gave me any time to ponder about this new idea of lap driving and virtually pushed my shoulder to get me going. I pushed my heavy ass up and shifted a little bit on the seat towards the steering wheel and he virtually jumped inside the space thus created behind my back and the backrest of the seat.

Mahesh: Yeah! That’s perfect!

Me: Eiii! Mahesh…. What are you doing? How can we seat like this?

Mahesh: I told you naa Anita… its called lap driving and the learner sits on the lap of the trainer and drives…. Okay? And you need not worry dear… let me ignite the engine… and you will see how easy it becomes to go ahead in lap driving.

I hardly got a chance to react or protest about this posture and proximity and he quickly turned on the engine of the car and placed his feet on the clutch and accelerator plates. My legs were literally squeezed and pressed in between his strong and muscular legs as he started driving the car forward changing the gear.

Mahesh: Arre Anita… why are you so stiff! Relax and enjoy the driving!

I already was able to feel a thing growing against my ass and that was his erect cock! Naturally I was instantly stirred up more so as I was already “heated up” through that porn magazine and with boobs freely bouncing in my open bra.

Mahesh was sitting right behind me – his legs surrounding my fleshy thighs, his arms on the wheel nearly embracing me over my arms, his face was right behind my head and his chin on my shoulder; thus I could even feel his breaths very, very clearly on the side of my face and neck, and the worst part was his crotch was pushing directly and very indecently on my big tight ass as if he was humping me from behind!

Mahesh: Fine… now you take control Anita… I will just assist…

There was no way out for me and I had to obey my instructor’s orders. I placed my feet on the clutch-accelerator-brake plate and held the steering firmly. Thankfully the road was more of less straight, but still my attention was greatly getting diverted by this muscular man’s intimate touches.

Mahesh: Good… now you drive along slowly Anita… I will take a small test … He he he… just to ensure you grasped everything properly.

Me: Thesst… I mean test??

Mahesh: Arre! Don’t panic Anita! I am there with you naa…. That’s the fun of lap driving… the trainer is always there… right behind you to help! He he…

I was really not able to think much further as the pressing of his legs on mine and his embrace in the name of holding the steering wheel from both sides was making me feel extremely uncomfortable and virtually taking me from the frying pan to the oven.

Mahesh: I am sure that with me on the same seat …. You are no more nervous Anita…

Me: Ye… no… I mean no… I’m not! But…

Mahesh: Great! I can already sense confidence in your voice Anita!

I wondered how he could trace confidence in my voice! On the contrary I was more shaky than previous as my whole body was “heated up” and I breathing very heavily. Moreover, I started to feel rather embarrassed now as my big round boobs were virtually bouncing and jerking every now and then inside my dress in a very sexy way when the car jerked as my bra hook was open. There was no way I could hide that and being a heavy-breasted woman it was all the more embarrassing for me to have my big juicy tits bouncing freely inside my dress with a male breathing literally over my neck!

Mahesh could not have missed that and he must have been eying the sexy bouncing of my mammaries inside my churidar suit; fortunately I was unable to see his eyes as he was right behind me. In no time I started to feel a firm thing poking at my hip area very offensively and unmistakably it had to be Mahesh’s growing hard cock! He quickly adjusted his sitting posture probably to feel comfortable, which in effect made his cock press more through his trouser-front onto the softness of my large round buttocks.

My goodness! What was he up to!
Mahesh: Well for the lap driving test the rule is very simple! Neither you will talk nor I. I will only instruct you through signals to execute various options while driving… and you just need to carry them out.

Me: Aahhh… err… o… okay!

Mahesh: To keep things simple I will use only six signals which you need to remember and execute. But remember… I will not have my hands on the wheels. Of course I will be assisting you with brakes, clutches, and gear as needed. Okay?

I just nodded. The car moved ahead slowly. We were into the twilight zone as the sun was about to set and the light outside was diminishing greatly.

Mahesh: #1 Signal from me would imply for you to turn left … so if you sense signal #1, you need to turn the car to the left … okay?

Me: Okay… But… but what’s the signal?

I almost whispered. Mahesh kept his hand on mine on the driving wheel and brought his mouth very near to my ear and imitated my whispering tone.

Mahesh: Here’s the first signal… if I touch your belly on the left side you need to turn left. I think its simple enough?

I could not stop smiling listening to the signal type! Mahesh tilted a bit to the left side and glanced at my face.

Mahesh: Good to see a smile on your face… you look so beautiful when you smile… I think you should smile more often than not!

Straight flattering and hitting me below the belt - I giggled shyly and obviously liked his comment.

Mahesh: Anita…. now please be a little more relaxed my dear … you are still stiff!

Me: Am trying to get relaxed… believe me…

I relaxed some of my muscles, but by doing so my body pressed more onto his body. The scene was of course getting rather hot and sexy inside the moving car! I could as if immediately sense a spring in his cock getting more hardened and poking me more! The touch and the feel was so, so evident!

Mahesh: If I touch your belly on the right side you need to turn right… that’s signal #2… pretty easy to remember… isn’t it?

I found it quite amusing, simple, and exciting too! By that time I obviously was enjoying his body warmth and closeness quite judiciously. I noted that the hindrance in my mind of Mahesh being a total stranger was evaporating quite rapidly!

Me: Okay… seems simple and uncomplicated.

Mahesh: Yes, that’s the motto! Signal #3 and #4 are related…. Signal #3 is to accelerate and that’s when I place my hand on your left leg... so you know you need to accelerate when I keep my hand on your left leg.

Though he was referring to my “leg”, but the part of my leg that he would access was actually my smooth juicy thighs. I smiled within myself seeing the boldness of this driver.

Mahesh: Signal #4 is when I touch your right leg… then you need to decelerate. Okay?

Me: Hmm… seems reasonable! Right for acceleration and left for deceleration.

Mahesh: Right! Isn’t it fun?

Me: Sounds pretty ho… I mean err… interesting.

Mahesh (now slowly placing his hands right over me and holding both my hands on the steering wheel): Yes this lap driving concept is designed to have fun while learning and practicing. But the last part is at times a little bit uneasy for women … but I think there’s no other appropriate options left… so they have designed it that way!

Me: Meaning…?? What are the last two signals?

Mahesh (lowering his voice and keeping his lips very near to my left ear; his warm fingers already playing with my tender fingers on the wheel): Since the legs and the stomach parts are used for signals 1, 2, 3, and 4, lap driving refers to blowing horn in a rather analytic way.

Mahesh paused briefly. I was feeling extremely uneasy as I could feel my breasts growing and my nipples getting rock hard as he was caressing my fingers and concurrently pressing the front of his body onto mine. His chin was at times almost resting on my shoulder. His embracing hands were pressing the sides of my body making me feel almost in a hug from the back!

Mahesh: As in older days the horn of a car resembled the horn of a lorry... you must have seen… a bulging round rubber head for the lorry driver to press as the horn… it resembles very much like the female breast you know… so in lap driving the instructor indicates the learner to blow horn likewise…

I was already bowled over – first by the very sexily depicted Savita Bhabie story and then listening to this idea of lap driving, and now with the fifth signal explanation from Mahesh being whispered in my ears; I honestly felt like closing my eyes in anticipated ecstasy!

Mahesh: I know it’s a little bit cumbersome… but if you take it as a fun activity I think it will sink better… yes, it’s a problem for matured women… especially who are married…married women are more shy and expressive… if during lap driving I indicate to blow horn by touching their breasts, they might take it otherwise… very old school of thought you know… they can never match a vibrant college girl like you! Don’t you agree Anita?

What should I say? Mahesh acted like a sly fox placing his logic to the T! I had to nod to look like a ‘vibrant college girl’! Naturally I was tight-lipped and almost red to core in sheer embarrassment.

Instead of tightly slapping this man for this perverted dirty idea, I found my heart to be pounding in thrill and expectancy!

Mahesh: See Anita… just like the left side and right side of the stomach… 5th and 6th signals are also based on the left breast and the right breast. Okay? (a little pause; he straightened the steering wheel so that the car remained firmly on the road, and then started caressing my fingers more intimately and pressed his chin very seemingly on my shoulder) So the 5th signal is blowing the horn… if I touch your right breast… it means you need to blow the horn and if I touch your left breast, you need to change the gear. Just see the logical angle Anita… since the gear is on the left of the steering, left breast means changing of gear! Really well thought of… isn’t it?

Me: Huh!

I felt so clumsy and discomfited listening to such rules that my ears were emitting heat! I just nodded and obviously was not in a position to react at all. Mahesh very craftily took the license from me for touching my intimate parts and my physical condition was such that I did not have the mental strength to object to it either!

Mahesh: So all is clear Anita? Can we start?

Me: O… okay…

Mahesh: Mind you… no talking till I conclude your test… if I need to put brakes on for any emergency purpose I will do that… so don’t worry… just relax and enjoy lap driving.

Saying that he again adjusted his posture on the seat which basically was a thrust towards my tight ass through his crotch and concurrently pressing the sides of my body through his ‘embrace’ before he took off his hands of the steering wheel.

Mahesh: So mum’s the word Anita!

I just smiled dryly and he started instantly!

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There was a bend in front of us and Mahesh started my lap driving test by grabbing the left side of my fleshless belly indicating me to take a left turn. He initially touched my skin gently over my dress, but within moments was pressing and feeling my flesh there. Since I was not wearing an inner for this churidar suit, Mahesh could easily make out my warm smooth skin under my kameez and as soon as he pressed my skin my whole body shivered in excitement. Till such time his hand remained in touch to my belly-side, he continued to utilize his whole wide palm surface to brush and feel my warm soft stomach over my dress. I held my nerves and held on to the steering wheel firmly and turned to the left.

Mahesh: Superb! Excellent job Anita! You seem to be taking up lap driving pretty fast!

He removed his hand off my belly and naturally I breathed easier, but unfortunately it was pretty much short-lived as Mahesh switched to his next signal within moments. He placed his left hand straight on my left thigh. I knew this signal meant acceleration but due to the thinness of the fabric of my churidar I was feeling extremely uncomfortable as I could feel Mahesh’s warm palm and his fingers crawling on my smooth upper thigh!

I could not stop gushing out a soft “Ahh” as I was naturally feeling tight as I slowly pressed on the accelerator. I could sense Mahesh was moving his hand over my thigh and was feeling my taut flesh there! And then as I accelerated the car, he started pushing his hand upwards and that indeed created an absolute eerie feeling including a known itch inside my panty! I almost instantly got goosebump all over my body as I continued to feel Mahesh gently moving his palm over my thigh caressing the “hot” area over my churidar. I licked my lips and closed my eyes momentarily so as to keep myself calm and composed. I was surely getting outrageously thrilled by the closeness and the lewd touches of my trainer driver through this lap driving!

Mahesh: Wow! Anita… excellent … you remember the signals perfectly!

Just then I noticed a cow was crossing the road at a distance. The speed at which our car was moving surely the cow would have passed safely, but Mahesh was cunning enough to utilize the opportunity!

The naughty rascal! Or should I remark “sweet naughty rascal” as I had already started to enjoy and expect his touches!

Mahesh was quick enough to place his left hand (which was idle till then) to the side of my bulging left boob flesh! As soon as his fingers touched my full breast, I froze for the moment and was stiff as a stick! All my body muscles seemed to have locked!

This actually made things worse for me!

Seeing that I was not blowing the horn, Mahesh simply started pressing my boob flesh with his fingers. He was increasing pressure on my mammary slowly and feeling my ripe fruit very judiciously! Since my bra was open inside my kameez he must have felt the “extra-vibrant” nature of my mammary on his fingers and immediately his action was more insistent and I could easily sense that he was actually pressing and feeling my braless boob flesh from the side! Initially for some moments his fingers were kept straight on the contour of my left breast, but now finding me unresponsive and my bra open, he started curving his fingers and was actually trying to grab and hold my breast!

I could not stop releasing a long soft moan in the form of “Shhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Mahesh obviously did not miss my soft sexy grunt and immediately adjusted his left hand more towards my front so that he gets a more comfortable grip on my mammary! His palm now directly pressed on my areolar area over my kameez and his fingers converging on my succulent flesh! This indeed was making him much excited as I could feel his cock growing in size inside his pants and knocking me very indecently on my fleshy back!

I could no longer remain motionless and sit idle and had to come back to senses!

“Pom! Pom! Pom!”

I blew the horn on an empty road as the cow had already crossed the road! By that time Mahesh must have extracted adequate thrills of touching the fully developed mammary of a matured housewife like me. He gently took off his hand from my breast and murmured in my ears, “Oh Anitaaaaaaaaaa! You are simply doing great!”

I had to keep mum as per the norm of the lap driving test. In any way I was in no position to talk – I was breathing heavily, my big breasts going up and down very sexily within my churidar suit, my bra cups getting increasingly loose off my breasts due to jerking of the car as well as my heaving breaths, and my legs automatically getting parted as I had started to “boil”.

Mahesh: You have passed the initial part of the test Anita…. I must remark with flying colors…. Very good dear… now moving to the next part…

He removed his hand off my left thigh and whispered the above in my ears and this time his wet lips and warm breaths actually brushed my left ear! I could well realize that my unresponsiveness was catalyzing things to a great extent and things literally were going past my hands, but honestly I was not in a position to react due to my much excited condition. I could not just react and create a scene also as I was on a mission to keep this man engaged here while Meenakshi was in his house searching for the blackmailing materials. And for this mission I knew that I had to be adequately shameless and compromise to keep this thug entangled in my physical beauty.

Mahesh: This part is slightly tougher you know… well… as you need to perform multitasking here… you will need to work on more than one signal… give me a nod if you are getting me Anita?
I was in no position to speak also and hence just nodded; I could listen to my own heartbeat over and above the running car engine! The light outside was rapidly fading now as the sun had almost set in the horizon; the breeze was also colder. I realized external factors were also contributing somewhat positively into the whole development of this erotic lap driving exercise!

Mahesh now placed his right hand on my right thigh; it was the signal to decelerate. I gently started pulling off pressure from the accelerator through my foot, but he didn’t stop there; he simultaneously placed his left hand below my armpit initially and finally onto my left mammary; this signal was for gear changing. Through the touch was very mild, but as soon as he touched my breast again, my heartbeat as if raced to 200! Moreover as the car was moving and my boobs were braless, my breasts were jumping up and down in a very lucrative way inside my kameez and rebounded off his fingers, which was indeed a very sexy feeling for any male! It was an awesome feeling for me too and I sensed that my nipples were getting harder and harder with my panty edges digging deeper into my groin as my feet automatically was getting parted in my exhilaration.

I again ushered some soft grunts and moans which underlined my sexual escalated state in front of Mahesh and I indeed was feeling like leaving the steering and… and probably give a hug to my trainer, but fortunately my mind was still working and it stopped me from doing such nonsense!

As I completed the deceleration I was about to change the gear, but Mahesh made my life tougher. Since this was the second time he was directly touching my matured breasts, he was naturally much more confident and bolder this time. Previously initially he just touched the side of my breasts and then pressed my flesh and later tried to grab it, but this time just after the initial few seconds of touching my right breast from the side, his fingers progressed much more aggressively! Although it was more than sufficient for me to gather the signal for gear change even if he just touched my tit once lightly, however, he not only continued to touch my private and sensitive organ, but also started cupping it! I realized within moments that his fingers have spread wide and trying to grab my full boob flesh from the front! His spread-out palm was brazenly pushing my boob flesh inwards in the pretext of signaling me for the gear change! Though I was enjoying I was quite dazed seeing his audacity and quickly tried to change the gear so that he takes off his hand from my tit.

Gaaaaaaaaaoooo… Grrrrrrrrooooooooo….. Goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

As I was a novice I naturally was not able to change the gear at one go and the car was giving out all sorts of noise! I naturally got slightly puzzled and confused about what to do now.

Mahesh: I cannot help you during the test baby… otherwise I will have to start it from the beginning again… can you not fix it on your own?
Though my condition was quite pathetic, I briskly nodded assuring him that I would do it myself as I was not at all interested to start from the beginning. Thankfully the road was empty and the car was also moving at a slow speed and hence I got the requisite time to retry the gears. But all along Mahesh kept his hand on my right breast as the execution of the signal was not yet complete!

The scoundrel!

He must have been fully aware by then that my bra was open inside my dress as I found him trying to push my right tit up as if he was weighing it while he cupped my boob flesh! Since I had not yet borne a child till then, my breasts were naturally very tight and upright for my age, even with an unfastened brassiere, and that probably amazed and attracted Mahesh the most!

The gear box was also betraying me as the gear was getting into neutral mode time and again as I tried to change it and that thug was fully focussed during that time interval on caressing my rubber-tight boob over the thin fabric of my kameez. I could feel my hardened nipples poking inside my loose bra cup and in fact hitting his fingers as his large palm tried to hold my entire right boob flesh, which made me blush even in that so much compromised state!

Finally I was able to change the gear and the car stopped roaring and jerking and moved forward decently.

Mahesh: Ah… you are just great Anita… umm… very good!

He paused; thankfully he had removed his hands off my body. I could hear his hot breaths on my neck, mild gasping, and the poke of his hard lund on my gaand area was getting more and more obvious now! The whole scenario was naturally getting extremely indecent and uncomfortable for a married woman like me.

Mahesh: I must say you have picked up things quite nicely… gear change is a tough job my dear… so don’t panic if you cannot achieve it at first go. That’s absolutely natural… Okay?

He paused and obviously must have been planning on his next naughty act! I was having a very sexy feeling now thinking that this man was a total stranger to me an hour ago and now due to situational circumstances I was forced to allow him to touch my private body parts!

After the initial “sun-baking” by that Savita bhabie magazine, I was now virtually baked on the oven by my driving instructor, Mahesh! I could not deny the fact that I was enjoying a great deal, but the next thing that he did instantly brought back memories of one of my teen days! His whole action was so smooth and the reminiscences came to my mind so instantly that I was literally startled for a moment; fortunately I quickly recovered.

Mahesh (whispering in my ears): Before we proceed to the next level… I want you to drive straight for the time being…. but… but switch on the headlight… its getting slightly dark outside… the green switch to your right on the dashboard… yes there….there… right!

I switched on the headlight. The car was traveling at a low speed in third gear. Since the road was absolutely empty it was quite easy for me to manage the car. At times I was unable to keep the car straight on the road and during those instances Mahesh was quickly delivering his expert touch.

Mahesh: I can’t keep my hands up and sit like this Anita… my hands are straining already… uff… that’s one problem of lap driving for the trainer I guess!

Me: Yes… true… to sit like that… it’s very clumsy too…

Mahesh: Can I keep them on your legs for a while… please…

Even before I gave the nod, I felt his big paws on my fleshy thighs and the very next moment he exclaimed right in ears in an extremely hissing tone…

Mahesh: Ouuuwwuuu… your legs are so hot Anita… just like a tawa!

As Mahesh whispered the tawa analogy in my ears as if… as if instantly a memory flashed in my mind which happened in my teenage days! As he completed his words and kept his left hand on my upper leg a vivid reminiscence as if burst out on the windshield of the car in front of me! The sequence of action was just about the same though the circumstance was completely different.

These exact words still linger in my ears even though it was an incident when I was barely 15 or 16 years of age!

I was in class IX probably at that time when my Poonam-didi and Jija-ji came to stay with us for a couple of days; they lived in the South and hardly get an opportunity to visit our place. Poonam was not a direct blood relation of mine but she was my mother’s eleder sister’s daughter. She had a baby, barely one year old. Poonam-didi’s husband, Rajpal, whom I called “Jija-ji” was a fun-loving and warm-natured male, always cracking jokes and doing pranks with family members. Though he was quite unfamiliar to me but in no time became quite close through his friendly warm nature and sense of humor.

Jija-ji planned to go to a movie as they would leave only in another day and convinced Poonam-didi to take the baby and go to the cinema. Myself and Harsh were also in the team; Harsh was Poonam-didi’s brother, almost my age.

Jija-ji: So your highness (referring to Harsh) what would you like to see? Hindi or English?

Harsh: English Jija-ji… my parents do not allow to watch English movies at all.

Jija-ji: Poor lad! Okay… lets freeze for an English picture! What about you my Princess (referring to me)?

Me: I have no choice… anything will do Jija-ji… because I hardly get a chance to go to the theater.

Jija-ji: That’s understandable... So let’s plan for Deep Blue Sea… I saw the poster while coming here.

Harsh: Yes, yes… that’s a Jaws type movie… it’s running in Lilavati.

Poonam-didi: But how can I take him Rajpal… for so long….

Jija-ji: Arre Poonam… he will not cry… there are so many laps available… your, mine, Harsh’s and Anita’s… he surely will like one and remain quiet… Ha ha ha…

Poonam-didi did not seem too much amused at what Jija-ji said though Harsh and myself were giggling.

Poonam-didi: And what will happen to his food? He is fast asleep now… You are just there to plan naa… I need to feed him … I need to take nappies…

Jija-ji: Oye Poonam… it’s only a matter of two hours if it’s an English movie… no need to take any baggage… and in any case food is always ready for him naa… (Jija-ji smiled indicatively through his eyes at Poonam-didi)

Poonam-didi smiled and made a face at him. Harsh looked blank, but I was able to grasp what Jija-ji meant; he probably indicated that Poonam-didi could breast feed him at any time in the theater if needed.

Poonam-didi: Okay, if you really want to go in matinee show then help me naa… don’t just chatter and instruct!

Jija-ji: Oh yes absolutely. I am ready! See my bath is also complete! Harsh too! Anita… why are you sitting idle… didn’t you hear what your didi said… don’t chatter… go for bath… go!

We all were laughing at Jija-ji’s words and I really had to make a move towards the toilet because Poonam-didi, Jija-ji, and Harsh had already completed their baths.

Poonam-didi: Anita, you wear the dress that we brought for you… and Harsh… you too. Go, go… get ready… By that time I will gather necessary things in a bag for my prince.

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And Rajpal… you just don’t go and start chatting with daddy… you keep an eye on the baby while I arrange the basics.

Jija-ji: As your highness pleases.

Poonam-didi and Jija-ji presented me with a very nice floral printed skirt-blouse this time. I was in fact longing to wear it and promptly got this fitting opportunity. I took the dress along with my undergarments and a towel and went to the toilet. I quickly completed my bath as I was desirous to wear the new dress. As I sponged my naked body with the soft towel I noticed my new dress in detail for the first time.

Poonam-didi and Jija-ji had not seen me past 1-2 years as they had never visited our place during that time and they probably bought the dress remembering my height when they last saw me. I was 15 now and was naturally growing and developing pretty fast. My shoulders were getting a matured woman’s form and so were my tiny breasts which had attained the size of two teacups. My hips had gained copious flesh in recent times and were taking a very roundish contour. My legs were starting to look pretty attractive as they taper down into my feet with my thighs attaining a broad shape with tight flesh and a hairless character.

Though the print of the dress and the soft fabric of the two-piece dress truly impressed me, I was slightly concerned as I noted that the length of both the top and the skirt were somewhat short and did not reach my knees when I hung it against my body. Without wasting any more time I quickly wore my inner wears and put on the dress and checked me in the small mirror that we had in the bathroom. To my delight I noticed the dress fitted extremely nicely to my figure, my breasts did not appear too prominent through the top, but as I looked down I was a bit uncomfortable. Though the top was not too tight on my body, but its length was somewhat short and it did not reach the skirt waistband and exposed about an inch of my flat fair belly skin. This style was indeed quite new to me and I liked it. I looked rather smart in that skirt though it did not reach my knees and ended a couple of inches above. I knew my mom would not like this sort of a dress, but I myself felt rather satisfied wearing this new dress. The sleeves of the top and the hem of the skirt had marginal puffy frills which actually made the attire look more attractive.

Thankfully my mom did not oppose too much to the new style of the dress and was more keenly focussed on the care of Poonam-didi’s baby. Within an hour we were out for the matinee show. Of course myself and Harsh were the most thrilled in the team as we hardly got an opportunity to go to the theater and that too without our parents. The baby was peacefully sleeping on Poonam-didi’s lap as we reached Lilavati. But Jija-ji came back from the ticket counter with the worst possible news that the matinee show was ‘house full’. Within a moment as if someone blotted all the vigor and joy from my face and I looked up painfully at Poonam-didi.

Poonam-didi: Arre Rajpal… do something… they have come to watch a film… you cannot break their heart!

Jija-ji: Oho Poonam… don’t I know that! What can I do if the show is house full!
Huh! Sala there is not a single ‘blacker’ available even! Just imagine! …someone said there was a police raid yesterday… so…

Poonam-didi: What to do then?

Harsh: Jija-ji, there’s another hall to the back of this road… ‘Mini Lilavati’… smaller theater… bagal mehi hai!

Jija-ji: Okay, chal… lets try there. But what movie is running there?

Poonam-didi: Arre anything will do… you go and try naa…

Jija-ji: Okay, okay… u and Anita take a rickshaw and come… we will walk quickly by that time.

Jija-ji and Harsh went off quickly through an alley and myself and Poonam-didi boarded a cycle-rickshaw. Poonam-didi was on the fattier side and with the baby in her lap, she took a lot of space and I just managed to touch my ass on the rickshaw seat. As the rickshaw traveled through the main road I was conscious enough to note that males who were passing the rickshaw were directly looking at my legs. I quickly closed my legs but as I was sitting on the edge of the seat with my legs folded downwards and since my skirt was short and puffy down my waist, I was presenting an ample upskirt view for the onlookers. I could realize that but had nothing to do! I naturally was stiff and was blushing and tried my best to close my legs as much as I can and tried to stretch the skirt downwards, but it was a futile effort. Thankfully the journey was short and we descended off the rickshaw soon.

Jija-ji: Poonam… there’s a horror film running here...

Poonam-didi: Hindi?

Jija-ji: No, no… English… Revenge of the Dead!

Poonam-didi: Thank God… Hindi Ramsay is too vulgar… this we can watch it I guess…?

Jija-ji: Yes, yes… it’s a vampire movie… I didn’t take a chance… I’ve purchased tickets already!

Poonam-didi: Vampire movie… must be an old one… should be scary… so Anita… cheer up! You looked s-o-o-o disappointed a minute ago!

I was smiling broadly and so was Harsh. It was about time for the show to start and we entered the theater. I noted there was not much audience and those who had flocked were mostly of low class and went for the lower stall. There were some couples, both young and old, who went upstairs along with us. Jija-ji had purchased tickets of the extreme back row in the balcony. We climbed the steps with Jija-ji in front helping out Poonam-didi to climb with the baby. The light-man of the theater helped us find our seats at the back row through his lighted torch. Jija-ji was guiding us as Poonam-didi went inside first and took her seat at the wall side, then went Harsh, and then me, and finally Jija-ji.

We had just taken our seat that the advertisements started. We were all somewhat concerned that if the baby got awakened by the noise of the theater, but Jija-ji had already put cotton plugs in his ears, and thankfully it worked!

As my eyes got accustomed to the darkness of the theater, I noticed that the upper stalls were pretty much unoccupied and 3-4 rows before us were totally empty and there was no one also in the entire back row where we were sitting! As I ascended to the upper stall, I noticed some pics of this movie posted on the hallway which were all quite scary depicting dreadful, deformed human faces with immense teeth, red bulging eyes, and daunting looks and some scantily clad women in blood and some eerie-looking women with dreadful fangs. As I had not seen a horror movie prior, I was totally unaware about the dose of nudity and intimate scenes tagged with these movies.

The movie started with a group of men and women traveling through a forest when their sports car had a leak in the fuel tank and they had to halt. It was nighttime and they were in search of a shelter and it was raining too. There was one young couple, almost teenager, and other two couples were matured adults. They soon found a house in the forest and took shelter there. No one lived in the house, but there was one old caretaker who assured them that they could rest there for the night.

Jija-ji (leaning somewhat towards me, in a whispering tone): Anita… are you able to follow the conversations?

Anita: Err… no Jija-ji… not much… but I can make out the gist from their actions.

I did not hide that I was unable to pick up much of their English dialogues but was able to grasp the meaning.

Jija-ji: Okay I will help you at times… then you will be able to extract more fun and excitement from the movie. The couples… that you see are… John and Jeanette … the young couple… then Arthur and Susan… Arthur is the bearded 1 and Susan wearing jeans… and Kelvin and Pamela… Kelvin with that cowboy hat and Pamela…the miniskirt woman.

Me: Thanks Jija-ji.

I turned my face and smiled at him. Jija-ji’s mouth was now fairly close to me. I was sharing the seat-handle with him and our elbows were brushing each other’s, but now with the actors and actresses taking off their wet clothes and his ‘nearness’ was making me feel slightly tight.
Jija-ji: They have lavish bathrooms… isn’t it Anita? Even in this haunted house…

Me: Yes, Jija-ji… Just look at the shower and the taps… so nice and curvy design!

Jija-ji: Pamela also fits very aptly with the beautiful bathroom fittings…

Jija-ji chuckled and gently pushed my elbow as the camera panned on the naked body of Pamela. I could well realize Jija-ji’s hint and naturally I was a bit stiff to see that woman taking shower. The nice sound of shower, the bluish tinge of the light, and her singing made the scene look very eye-catching. She was naked, but the camera only showed her full naked legs and only the upper part of her mammaries. I was breathing a shade faster already and just then the scene started to turn scary with blood flowing through the shower and hazy masked faces on the toilet window pane.

Me: Uuuu….

I exclaimed softly and Jija-ji quickly softly grasped my hand.

Jija-ji: This is the best way to remain protected from scary scenes.

Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. I would feel the warmth of his palm on my nimble hand. As Pamela hastily got out the shower in utter panic the whole of her jiggling naked boobs was displayed on the screen for a moment.

Jija-ji: Wow! Big tanks…

As he remarked that very softly (almost as if meant for my ears only!) Jija-ji simultaneously pressed my hand in a very soft and evocative manner and I chuckled and almost clenched my lips in shyness adjusting to his and screen actions. Kelvin instantly took Pamela in his arms and tried to calm her down. The caretaker also had come down listening to the scream of Pamela and Kelvin told her something and went forward to open the door.

Jija-ji: Kelvin asked Pamela to wear something as the caretaker was at the door. Thank God she doesn’t wear a sari… otherwise the caretaker had to take a nap before he could get an entry.

I giggled and I could realize that I indeed was enjoying this whispering conversation with him and also his warm hand in which my soft hand was resting! Kelvin and the caretaker along with Arthur inspected the toilet but there was nothing scary they could trace as per Pamela’s description.

At that time Jija-ji softly inquired Ponnam-didi through Harsh if all was okay with the baby. I instantly tried to take off my hand out of Jija-ji’s grasp out of natural reflex, but he did not allow me to do so! Instead Jija-ji simply kept his right hand also on my hand (previously he was holding my right hand with his left hand)!

Poonam-didi nodded and assured all was okay. I realized that the lighting used in the movie was so poor that there was ample semi-darkness in the auditorium; moreover, Harsh was sitting with the carry-bag on his lap where necessities for the baby were there and it was also of considerable size which would hinder Poonam-didi’s vision.

Jija-ji: Harsh, pass on the potato chips packet. Give one to Poonam, you take one and pass one for Anita.

Me: Will you not eat?

Jija-ji: Will take from you… will you not share with me?

Me: Okay… but I am voracious eater of potato chips… so you need to alert Jija-ji before the packet gets emptied.

Jija-ji (bringing his lips very near my right ear): Okay… I will keep an eye on the packet as well as monitor your l-i-p-s-s-s...

Jija-ji told the last word so sensuously that I dropped my eyes.

Jija-ji: To note how many chips are going inside your mouth…

I smiled shyly; my right hand was still locked in Jija-ji’s hand, but I needed to open the packet that Harsh handed me.

Me: Jija-ji… my hand… how do I open the packet like this?

Jija-ji: Oops! Sorry…

He released my hand. The movie rolled on with some more freaky events taking place in the night with the other two women, Susan and Jeanette. Before Jeanette encountered a monstrous face in the window, John and she shared an on-screen kiss on bed, which was thankfully not long enough to embarrass me in front of Jija-ji, but the nightdress Jeanette was wearing was outrageously naughty exposing her boobs almost till her nipples and she was clearly not wearing any bra as her nipples were quite clearly visible through her dress!

Jija-ji: Let me hold the packet for you… you keep your hand on the handle and sit in a relaxed manner…

Giving me absolutely no opportunity to oppose to his request, Jija-ji just took the potato chips packet from my hand and pulled up my arm to rest on the seat handle. As we continued to watch the movie, his left hand initially held the chips packet in air, but very soon I felt the packet was getting lowered and could anticipate his hand wanted to touch my lap! I was evidently hesitant, was naturally getting slightly stiff, and my pulse rate was staring to race! He craftily engaged me in a quick conversation.

Jija-ji: This is one plus point of the foreigners Anita… they can just about wear anything and go outside….

Jija-ji was smiling; after the daybreak the women were out in the jungle for a walk and both Susan and Jeanette were wearing jeans and just a bra above while Pamela was again in her green micro-mini.

Seeing the heaving mammaries wildly exposed I was too ashamed to make any comment.

Jija-ji: I have seen in movies… the actresses go topless on roads, markets, and beaches… in front of everybody … can you imagine Anita!

Jija-ji whispered in my ears and just then Pamela saw a snake in the jungle and tumbled on the road in fear. The way she fell on the road was so indecent… everybody could see her white panty below her skirt!

Jija-ji: Thank God… at least she is wearing something below her skirt… otherwise the way they have dressed….

I heavily blushed at this statement; the actress had fallen on the road and the snake was hissing right over her body and she was lying in an outrageously sexy manner with her naked legs wide apart and her miniskirt hiking up her rotund thighs flashing her white panty very directly.

Jija-ji must have noted the reddish tinge on my face as I felt his left arm lowering down with the potato chips packet finally touching my lap! I almost quivered as I felt the back of his fingers touching my lap over my skirt. The scene in front of us was also starting to scorch as a shaken Pamela was taken back to the haunted house by Kelvin, Jeanette, and John while Arthur and Susan continued to explore the jungle and happened to pass acroses a beautiful waterfall.

They had some dialogue which I could not understand, but saw Susan dash towards the waterfall while Arthur sat on a rock.

Jija-ji: Susan wants to have a bath under the waterfall, but Arthur is reluctant… I wonder if she has a spare clothing… He he he…

I giggled again though very much conscious of Jija-ji’s hand on my lap. As Susan ran towards the waterfall she opened the zip of her jeans and clad only in her bra and panty she went inside the waterfall. A beautiful score bound the scene while the camera licked the actress’ semi-naked voluptuous body from all angles. I noted that Harsh was gulping the scene with wide eyes. I smiled within myself, but my smile did not last long as I found Jija-ji moving his hand very slowly over my lap with the chips packet held in his hand. He was feeling my well-formed legs with the back of his hand! My heart beat was increasing and I could not even look down at my legs because that would look very indecent for Jija-ji.
Just at that moment a dripping dreadful mouth attacked suddenly attacked Susan inside the waterfall and the scene was simply so unexpected especially with the nice background score and the beautiful landscape that it shook everyone in the hall. There were cries of exclamations all round even from Poonam-didi and Harsh. I also almost jumped out of my seat in panic and horror.

Jija-ji: Arre Anita… be brave… it’s just a mask yaar…

This time Jija-ji was more physical while he tried to assure and calmed me. He quickly transferred the packet from his right hand to his left hand and ultimately to the empty chair to his right and directly kept his palm on my lap in the pretext of assuring me.

Jija-ji: Let me hold you firmly so that you don’t go up from your seat again…

He kind of justified his hand placement on my lap! And, with his right hand he took control of my right hand and embraced it within his rough but warm grip. I was indeed feeling very awkward to sit like that but could not complain also ‘he’ being my loving Jija-ji.

The movie rolled on as wounded Susan rolled on the rock when Arthur arrived hearing her scream. Her bra was all wet and the impressions of her nipples were again clearly visible with blood dripping her neck region. Obviously it was time for all the men and women to sit together and discuss the series of events they were encountering after taking shelter in that house. An injured Susan, a well-shaken Pamela, and others were discussing with the caretaker regarding the scary events. I did not comprehend much of their dialogues as I was more engaged in feeling almost the whole palm of Jija-ji on my thighs over the soft fabric of my skirt!

Jija-ji: Things have started to happen… seems there will be a death now… may be… may be… Jeanette!

Me: How could you guess that?

Jija-ji: See… other two girls had been attacked but were saved… she is the only one left… then only the story will start taking shape naa…

Me: I see.

I was feeling dryness in my throat; was it due to the potato chips that I just consumed or due to my nervousness? I was breathing heavily and as I looked down I noted my teacup tits were moving up and down inside my top. I could also see Jija-ji’s hand placed lightly on my lap at the center of my thighs and his hand touching both my legs over my dress.

Jija-ji: See… I told you…

Jija-ji was right! The night had fallen and after dinner John decided to have a look around all by himself for those deadly faced creature and went outside while Jeanette was all alone in her room. Again there was a bath scene as Jeanette went to the bathroom for a shower. She took off her dress and was clad in her undergarments when suddenly there was the attack of the monstrous face again; it was the same face which attacked Susan under the waterfall. Jeanette struggled hard to get out of its clutches, but failed and after a lot of struggle inside the bathroom and ample skin show from all angles of her almost naked body, the monstrous face converted into a lady’s face with dripping fangs and pierced Jeanette’s neck and killed her.

As the last few seconds of the scene was pretty violent with blood oozing out of Jeanette’s neck and the lady’s teeth piercing into her flesh I almost closed my eyes and dropped my face. Jija-ji squeezed my hand gently with his hand and patted my thighs trying to give me courage, but in the process he moved his left hand a bit down and felt my naked skin!

Due to the semi-darkness of the theater I completely forgot that my skirt was short and more so as I was sitting; it had hiked up my legs as my ass sank deep into the spongy theater seat. The dress was up well above my knees now and as Jija-ji moved his hand slightly downwards he could feel the naked skin of my legs! I was naturally feeling a bit embarrassed to have Jija-ji touch me there, but did not get any chance to react, because just then…

Jija-ji: Uff! These bugs…

Saying that he immediately bent down marginally towards his legs and leaving my hand started scratching his legs. His left hand continued to remain placed on my lap.

Me (in a whispering tone as honestly I had gotten somewhat heated by Jija-ji‘s touches): What happened Jija-ji?

My query was spontaneous and innocent, but Jija-ji utilized that in a rather canny manner!

Jija-ji (also in a whispering tone): Arre… these bugs… you will not feel them at all… till they start sucking blood!

Me: Sucking blood?!?

Jija-ji: Yes, bedbugs do that only… they quietly climb your body and suck blood… I can feel a few now inside my pants down my knee.

Me: O My God!

I looked down and was wondering if they had climbed up my legs also!

Jija-ji: Are you feeling any itch down your legs…?

Frankly the only itch I had started to feel was down my pussy and that was surely not due to any bug, but due to my Jija-ji!

Me: No… but… I don’t know… after you mentioned…

Jija-ji: Okay... don’t panic… sit straight… I will check to be sure there are no blood suckers on your legs.

I was not in a position to defy Jija-ji and meekly agreed. Though I was staring at the big screen, my mind was completely focussed on Jija-ji. I noted he looked sideways towards Poonam-didi and was assured that she was watching the movie eagerly. I also was slightly nervous and looked at her and looked at Harsh; both were engrossed in the movie. In fact the big carry bag on Harsh’s lap was acting as a hindrance for her to see Jija-ji and me directly.

But strangely Jija-ji did not do anything and seeing no action I turned towards him. Jija-ji quickly indicated me to concentrate on the screen through his eyes; he had also taken off his left hand off my thighs! He had finished scratching his legs over his pants too! While his eyes remained focussed on the screen, I noted from the corner of my eyes that his hands had converged and were engaged on his lap! His hands were in fact pushing and rubbing his crotch area!

What was he doing?

Obviously I was confused. The movie was rolling and now Kelvin and Pamela were investigating the house and they stopped at the attic and found some pencil sketches of lovemaking scenes made by someone. As they scanned through the sketches, they themselves felt the heat and started getting closer. Kelvin was bare-chested and was wearing a denim jeans and Pamela as usual was wearing a very short skirt and a spaghetti top. Kelvin embraced him and hugged her from the front locking her pink lips in his. The kiss was painfully long and I was in fact shuffling in my seat seeing the lip movements of the man and the woman in such closeness and detail. My legs were automatically getting parted also when I saw Kelvin peeling off Pamela’s top and revealing her bra-covered boobies.

I looked again at Jija-ji; he was still caressing his crotch if I might term that!

Me (I couldn't stop asking): What happened?

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Jija-ji (in the softest whisper): Seems… a bug is inside my brief… its itching so much!

Me: What?

I was shocked, embarrassed, as well as amused! I looked carefully now towards his action and this time I was stunned to note that the fly of his pant was open! Jija-ji’s fingers were working inside!

Jija-ji: Okay… will trace that later… let me check if the bugs have attacked you also! It creates blister like red appearing lesion once it bites.

He turned towards me and I immediately got very stiff; I was nervous and looked down in shyness. His pant zip was open and as there was a lightning shown on the screen I could see a glimpse of Jija-ji’s white underwear inside his pant! I immediately had a dry throat and my heart beat raced to 100s as Jija-ji quickly slid his body on the seat downwards (so that his action was not very apparent) and reached for my legs via his long left arm!

Me: Aaahhh….

I softly exclaimed as I could feel his warm palm on my naked lower leg. He touched me on my shins and checked the area. I instantly had goosebump all over my body and I grabbed his free right hand in anxiousness on the seat handle. I could feel my tiny nipples getting erect and hard inside my top as Jija-ji was slowly palpating my legs upwards. He reached my knees and felt the smooth bent towards my thighs.

Jija-ji (whisper): None here at least… may be higher up!

By that time the 70 mm screen was emitting ‘heat’ profusely as Kelvin and Pamela were kissing and hugging passionately and Kelvin was time and again caressing Pamela’s ass and thighs lifting up her skirt very improperly exposing her panty-covered butts to the audience. The scene indeed was very hot which in fact catalyzed my fondness towards Jija-ji’s ‘dirty’ approach. Jija-ji had now reached the hem of my skirt and was trying to move further up!

Jija-ji: These bugs can easily get inside your skirt from the seat cushion…

He whispered in my ears.

Me: Ohh… err… okay…Jija-ji…

I was so rigid and nervous that I could hardly speak!

Jija-ji: Anita… you enjoy the movie naa… just remain stationary … eh… let me check if there’s any bedbug inside… actually these are quite dangerous… you will have an itch and land up with a red lesion.

Saying that he gently touched the hem of my skirt with his fingers and was about to insert his fingers inside it!

Jija-ji: Hey… (he whispered again) is Kelvin also searching for any bugs?

I giggled as things were really getting wilder on screen as Kelvin’s fingers were caressing and probing vigorously Pamela’s naked upper thighs and panty-covered ass cheeks; her skirt was getting lifted almost to her waist! Kelvin was sucking her lips as if it was his last chance to kiss! Just then the vampire attacked them; the monstrous face came which turned to a vampire after some struggle with Kelvin and Pamela and finally after a violent jostle and fight sequence, it killed Kelvin brutally. Pamela cried and fainted seeing that and his companions rushed to the scene; John picked up a big cross from the wall to hit the unknown and the vampire disappeared sensing the cross.

The whole cinematography was extremely tensely poised especially the killing of Kelvin by the grotesque vampire. Though I was keen to watch the movie, but my concentration was on Jija-ji and he was equal to the task as the whole scene had naturally shaken me up quite a bit and his hand by that time had slid inside my dress! He slowly was feeling my smooth and hairless, warm thighs with his fingers and was pushing up the puffy hem of my skirt very slowly at a snail’s pace. I dared to look down and was very nervous as I did not have this sort of experience till date being a teenage girl.

Jija-ji: Ouuuwwuuu… (he was almost hissing in my ears) …your legs are so…so hot Anita… just like a tawa!

It was ‘exactly’ the same reaction that today Mahesh whispered my ears while aiding me in lap driving! How could they be so similar! I was dazed and motionless! It seemed the two were one and the same person… or…. was it that…. all males once getting an opportunity were like that only!

Mahesh obviously did not just rest his hands on my thighs; immediately he started to feel my well developed thighs; in fact precisely imitating Jija-ji’s behavior!

My mind could not abruptly discontinue recapitulating that cinema house incident with Jija-ji and continued to linger on that. I did get back to reality but naturally it was fairly late as by that time my driving tutor had derived the license to extract ultimate pleasure sensing my unresponsiveness and heated state.

As the movie continued in front of my eyes my whole body was getting weaker and weaker as Jija-ji was getting more and more intimate. In the pretext of checking for bedbugs on my legs, his left hand (the palm area up to the wrist) was now almost fully inside my skirt! My teenage mind was unable to explicate fully Jija-ji’s dirty approach and continued to accommodate him giving him the respect he deserved due to our relationship. I was naturally getting stiffer with my backbone attaining a literal vertical posture as Jija-ji was advancing his fingers gradually further inside palpating every inch of my naked thigh flesh. I was indeed conscious that Harsh was sitting right beside me and the way Jija-ji was exploring very soon my legs would become totally uncovered!

The apprehension was indeed there, but at at the same time the touch of his warm hand on my private parts was showering me with immense untried and mysterious pleasure! My 15-year-old developing female figure was trembling mildly in unknown ecstasy and I had started to breathe extremely heavily and I was amazed to note that my legs were getting parted quite involuntarily!

Jija-ji: You are lucky Anita… I did not feel a bug till now on your legs…

I could hardly utter anything except for a soft sigh.

Jija-ji: But… these bugs are troubling me quite a bit… uff… I feel an acute itch in my legs and up into my brief… uff!

He shuffled across his seat though his hand did not cease to grope my young sexy thighs inside my tunic. I was forced to shyly look at him once and then towards my legs and was quite shocked to note that my tunic climbed so high up my legs that I was looking very inappropriate and indecent; I almost resembled wearing a miniskirt!

Owwwaaaaa…. Owwwaaaa….

What was that?

For the moment I was so startled and frozen that I could not realize that it was the baby getting awake in Poonam-didi’s lap! Jija-ji reacted at a lightning speed; sat straight and instantly removed his hand off my legs. I was no different and reorganized myself in a flash and briskly pulled down my dress to cover my exposed thighs. Thankfully Harsh was all focussed to his left hand side towards Poonam-didi and the baby in her lap.

Jija-ji: What… what happened Poonam?

Poonam-didi: Aur kya… he is awake!

Jija-ji:L O My God! Must be thirsty… give him the feeding bottle…

Poonam-didi: Harsh can you quickly get the bottle please from the packet?

They were all talking in loud whispers as the movie was going on. Luckily for all of us the baby got quiet the moment he had the feeding bottle in his mouth. I heard a very evident sigh of relief from Jija-ji and Poonam-didi was also smiling seeing the baby quiet again.

Jija-ji: Poonam… feed him a bit… I mean… after he drinks water… that might get him... err... back to sleep …
Poonam: Yes, have to try that… otherwise we will not be able to watch the entire movie.. as you know… if he starts crying… to ho chukka!

I could feel that my heart was drumming and I was nervous. The lingering flavor of Jija-ji’s touches on my naked legs was so emphatic that I was unable to come out of it and disastrously was longing for more! I could feel tautness about my boob flesh inside my brassiere and felt rather uncomfortable with my nipples becoming very hard and piercing the bra cups. I closed my fists and tried my best to concentrate on the movie; in the interim Harsh tried to have a chat with me, but I was not in a position to encourage that!

The movie continued to unfold– with two deaths already in the gang everybody seemed to be quite scared and tried to explore the house in a team to avoid any further uncanny incidents. Arthur decided to crack the old caretaker by getting him drunk and ultimately came to know that the son and the daughter of the owner of that house got murdered very mysteriously many years ago and only after that these baffling and dreadful incidents had been happening and the description that was obtained from victims was a monstrous face which turned later into a fanged vampire!

While Arthur was busy with the caretaker another attack was on the cards. This was indeed the hottest attack so far as Pamela was sleeping on bed when the evil face attacked her. In fact this was an attempted **** though the body of the gruesome creature was never shown, but I could make out the **** from the movement of the woman on bed. I felt heavily embarrassed especially sitting in between two males, Harsh and Jija-ji, and watching that lusty scene. Pamela’s night dress buttons were automatically getting opened by the invisible hands and she was stripped completely except her panty. Her naked boobs were clearly shown to audience and for quite sometime being as if fondled by the evil invisible hands. As she was struggling to escape her whole body along with the bed was painted red with blood! This was accompanied by the eerie laugh of that dreadful face which echoed in the whole hall. Being a teen I was feeling very nervous and I was already much charged up due to Jija-ji’s advances on my legs. I dropped my eyes to overcome my shyness and even closed my eyes seeing too much blood and screams before John and Arthur dropped at the scene to rescue the poor woman.

Within moments of that lights came out and it was interval time. Jija-ji was so, so normal and I was trying desperately hard to look absolutely normal when I talked to Poonam-didi and Harsh. The baby was sleepy though was awake and had ceased to drink from the feeling bottle and Jija-ji suggested Poonam-didi to start breast feeding before he went out to bring soft drinks for us. Poonam-didi indicated to me that she wanted to wait for the lights to go off before she started breast feeding the baby for obvious reasons though there was hardly anyone around upstairs to notice her.

The lights faded out and the film started to roll again; Jija-ji was also back with cold drinks bottle and wafers for each of us. As soon as Jija-ji handed me the bottle I started to sip the orange drink as I was feeling much thirsty. Poonam-didi had to first allow the baby to suck her mammary before she could sip her drink as the baby was getting irritated by the volume of the dialogues and the background score. Hardly 10 minutes had passed that I again noticed Jija-ji shuffling his seat. From the corner of my eye I noted that he was scratching and rubbing his crotch area. Initially I remained silent, but could sense that he was in some sort of discomfort.

Me: Jija-ji… what happened?

I was cautious enough and my voice was low so that it just reached Jija-ji.

Jija-ji: Uff… these bugs… seems one is stuck on my… Aaahhh!

The way he was jostling with his pant zip I got worried and looked sideways towards Harsh and Poonam-didi. Harsh was glued to the screen as Pamela was again exposing her body in some jungle scene and Poonam-didi had her posture shifted slightly towards the wall and more of her back was now towards us. I obviously felt comfortable and looked back at Jija-ji and I was simply shocked and frozen to see his pant zip was widely open and through his white underwear his thick rod was out in his hand!

Me: Hhhhaaaaaiiiii….J-i-j-a-j-i…!

I exclaimed a weird culmination of soft sounds as my eyes remained fixed on his thick erect blackish rod. I was still as a rock and my palms and feet were getting colder in anxiousness.

Jija-ji: Arre Anita… one or tow bugs… Uff! Its itching so much there… that I have to take it out…

Just at that moment I also felt some acute itching in my legs! I did not know how it happened but it so happened that simultaneously Jija-ji and myself was having itching! I really was not able to gather any logical reason about how it happened.

Jija-ji: Oh! Just see …. you are also attacked by these confounded bugs…. Try to trace them and pick them out of your skin.

I was having the hitch near the hem of my tunic just above my knees and was scratching the area, but was unable to trace any bug with my fingers.

Jija-ji: Yeh! I have one… yes… sala… will squeeze it to… Ahhh…

Jija-ji threw something out with his right hand, but continued to stroke his erect penis with his other hand. Seeing that Jija-ji found one bug, I tried to search more religiously and softly felt the whole of my knees with my both hands and started feeling further up inside my dress on my thighs, but was unable to find any!

Jija-ji: Did you get the culprit bug?

Me: No… no Jija-ji.

Jija-ji: Let me help you…

Giving me no chance to even react, he just shifted his left hand off his naked dangling cock onto my lap!

Jija-ji: God has given two hands… let’s utilize that – one for you and one for me!

He continued to search for bugs on his naked cock with his right hand while his left hand descended on my lap and straight away pulled up the fluffy hem of my tunic a few inches exposing my fair naked thighs. The whole phenomenon was as if a replica of action by Jija-ji before the interval! But this time he seemed more determined and confident and rather precise about his whispers.

Me: Aaaahhh….

His hand was s-o-o warm! As soon as I felt the touch of his rough palm on my legs I immediately felt goosebump all over my body and trembled, but quickly reorganized myself. Harsh was sitting right beside me, I had to be careful! Thankfully the big carry bag he had on his lap was hindering his view towards my lap. My mental condition was indescribable – a mix of shyness and anxiousness engulfed me with a concurrent hidden stream of enjoyment was kicking me up!

As Jija-ji’s hand progressed and explored more of my naked legs up my knees and obviously inside my dress, I sighed out naturally and got stiff and out of reflex action tried to oppose his hands, but as Jija-ji slowly turned his face towards me and looked into my eyes, I got extremely weak and he took my left hand off my lap and placed it onto the seat handle and took my right hand and placed it straight onto… onto his ‘hot’ cock!

Jija-ji: Anita… please help me a bit naa… am unable to trace it… but I can feel its moving up my stick… its still itching so much… I can’t even sit properly!

As soon as I touched his erect naked lund a tremor as if passed through the whole of my body. My heart rate simply doubled as I touched his throbbing tool. I immediately retracted my arm, but Jija-ji probably anticipated that and somewhat forcefully made me hold his long dangling naked cock.

Jija-ji: Arre… isme sharmama kaisa? Don’t you realize that I’m in significant discomfort… otherwise why have I opened my zip? …you don’t have to do much… just feel it and see if you can trace the bug…

Though I was feeling extremely uneasy and shy, I could not also directly oppose Jija-ji’s request and after dillydallying for a few seconds I had to go along with him.
Jija-ji: I hope I can soon find the confounded bedbug that’s itching your legs… I will simply squeeze it to death in one pinch!

I looked through the corner of my eyes towards Harsh and Poonam-didi and realized I was safe. By that time I was hardly interested in what’s happening in the movie. I softly held his naked cock in my fingers and started feeling it along its length. It was warm, thick, and smooth with vein bumps at intervals. Unsurprisingly my tiny breasts had started to grow inside my bra and my nipples getting very hard and erect and I had to literally shuffle on the seat to cope with my physical keenness. Moreover, Jija-ji’s left hand on my thighs was getting increasingly compelling and vigorous – he was craftily pushing my dress up my smooth and hairless thighs!

Me: Ahhhhhh…. Please Jija-ji…. Nooo…. please ….

I softly murmured in his ears; my head had already tilted back onto the seat top as I sensed intense frailty inside.

Jija-ji: Got one! Got one!

He exclaimed in a whispering tone and took out his hand from under my skirt hem. I could not see anything in the darkness in his hand, but he pinched and threw out something towards his right on the empty seats.

Jija-ji: Did you find any Anita?

Me: Err… Ahhh… no Jija-ji.

Jija-ji: Continue searching… throughout the length…(he took my right hand) yes…. like that… (he held my wrist softly and helped me to feel the entire length of his hard naked cock) up and down… up and down… yes… like that… and if you feel anything on the surface… just pick that up with your nails… just as I did… okay?

I just nodded because I was simply not in a position to utter any sound.

As I moved my tender fingers up and down the length of his entire cock, I could feel it was still growing! What a monstrous size it had! My lips were getting completely dry and I had to lick them to remain composed. My whole body seemed to be trembling in excitement as I felt a full matured naked cock in the dark.

Jija-ji again placed his left hand on my almost naked lap as he had already pushed my dress up roughly to my upper thighs! My skirt was bunched up near my waist and I could well realize Jija-ji was pushing his fingers more deliberately up my warm naked thighs to reach my panty! And this time he placed his left arm in such a manner upon my legs that his elbow started to brush my boobs!

Me: Ahhh…. Jija-jiiiiii… p-l-e-a-s-e…. Ahhhh….

I moaned very softly and tried by best to avoid his elbow, but I was cramped for space in the seat. I tried to move back but there was no way I could do that and started feeling Jija-ji’s elbow in a more pronounced way on my right boob.

Me: Shhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…….

It was indeed an eerie and very sexy feeling! Jija-ji was slowly pressing his elbow on my tight teacup boob as he continued to explore my warm naked thighs. I could well realize that thighs were getting out of my hands as I was feeling extremely excited now with this boob press.

I in fact grabbed his cock hard within my palm as he pressed my mammary deep with his elbow! The situation was not only getting very clumsy, but also I was slipping heavily. I ought to have stopped Jija-ji at that point, but felt so weak and excited that I simply allowed him to further grope me. The movie also betrayed me in a big way in that there was a very steamy sequence just during that time period; in fact it was the lengthiest adult scene of that movie and Jija-ji obviously utilized the most of it taking advantage of my innocent youth, timidness, and excited state.

By that time a new character had been introduced in the movie – the caretaker’s son, Derek, who had just arrived from town. He started to be quite friendly with the team of John, Arthur, Susan, and Pamela in trying to solve the vampire mystery. Derek and Pamela soon shared the screen in an extremely hot and sensuous scene with lot of nudity and intimacy. Pamela was taking a bath when Derek broke in. The toilet had a frosted glass door and Pamela’s naked body impression was being enjoyed by Derek.

Jija-ji: I wish our bathrooms had these sort of glass doors…

I blushed albeit my whole body was already painted red by Jija-ji’s touches. His left hand was caressing and stroking my completely naked thighs as he had literally pushed my dress up my crotch! I could sense that the pressure on my left breast was gaining as Jija-ji was pushing his elbow more and more into my rubber-tight tiny tit.

Derek could not wait any further outside and broke into the shower. Pamela was absolutely naked (even Pamela’s bush was shown for a few seconds though she tried to cover her crotch); soon they were engaged in a steamy kissing session in the shower and Derek aided her to shower soaping her body. Derek was exploring all sorts of sexy pranks to excite Pamela and so was the situation in reality!

Jija-ji was also as if soaping my naked legs! His hand was gliding the entire length of my naked fair thighs and at times he was even trying to dab his thumb playfully into my thighs! Not only that, he was also pinching me softly at the fleshiest areas of my uncovered thighs and was indeed making me feel tremendously excited.

After the soaping and shower was over, Derek carried Pamela in his lap to the bed. The lighting of this whole scene was extremely dim and low which probably gave Jija-ji the ultimate license! As Derek started to kiss Pamela on bed and soon started to descend down her chin and neck onto her fully-blossomed uncovered jiggling breasts, for the first time Jija-ji directly pawed towards me!

Taking advantage of the additional darkness due to the on-screen bed scene, Jija-ji briskly moved his left hand off my legs and quickly placed it behind me over my shoulder and immediately brought his right hand upon my naked thighs. The whole action was so smooth and nippy that I hardly could react! I froze to death in shyness as I could well apprehend Jija-ji’s fingers inching towards my teacup boobs, but my condition was simply miserable with a dry throat and absolutely cold hands and feet.

I was indeed very much nervous and withdrawn albeit much keen to enjoy his touches on my private parts! I could feel Jija-ji’s right hand slowly brushing and palpating my arm and starting to caress its length. I was breathing profusely and my small boobs were going up and down very sexily inside my top. Things were going really bizarre considering our ‘relationship’.

My eyes were wide open and fixed on the screen and there Derek was slowly kissing and sucking Pamela’s swollen pink nipples! The scene was extremely hot with all sorts of sexy moans and shrieks coming out of Pamela’s lips and Derek’s greedy lips converging on the erect nipples of the actress. Jija-ji’s hand was no longer staying on my arm and it was slowly brushing the sides of my body in the right upper abdominal area. And down my waist there was hardly an inch left for his hand to touch my panty! By that time he had pushed up my skirt so indecently that almost my panty was exposed! I felt as if I was not wearing anything down my waist except my panty. He was feeling my “very warm” upper thighs with his rough fingers and palm to the fullest and caressing that area time and again making me enormously excited!

Just as Pamela moaned sharply due to a bite on her nipple by Derek, Jija-ji landed his hand on my perky right breast!

Me: Shhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhh….

I had to adjust my posture as I had almost reached a peak in my excitement as soon as I felt his fingers on the tight flesh of my mammary. I sort of shrugged and tried to protect my bosom, but Jija-ji’s crafty hand was swift enough to avoid that and continued pressing my rubber-tight tit. As Derek was all geared up to have sex with Pamela while feverishly grabbing and squeezing her naked juicy breasts, Jija-ji thankfully was not that forceful and was only pressing the contour of my erect right breast through his fingers.

The scene was enormously lengthy and throughout the whole sequence I virtually allowed my Jija-ji to grope me at his free will. He pushed his hand so much high up my legs that he was actually able to touch my underwear! I felt his fingers brushing and pushing on my panty and touching me at my most intimate part! The sensation was indeed unique and eerie! The pretext still was the search of bedbugs which Jija-ji even related in my ears through his whispers! But by that time his right hand fingers have traced my tiny nipple poking its head through my bra and top due to my exceptionally elated condition. His fingers felt and traced it time and again making me almost writhe on the seat and ultimately twitching it with his thumb and second finger very craftily over my dress. I was red all over, had goosebump all over my body, was in fact dying in shyness and by then indeed eagerly desirous to cease this intense session.

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At last there was the entry of the vampire in the room who attacked both Pamela and Derek and there was a run by Pamela to escape the vampire within the house screaming at her loudest and in a stark naked state in slow motion, which was certainly very indecent and rude for any female to watch. In that encounter John came to save Pamela and in a brutal fight both Pamela and John were killed and the vampire quenched its thirst with their blood.

Much to my delight the lighting of the sequence improved greatly after the vampire attacked John and immediately Jija-ji removed both his hands off me as soon as that happened. I also noted that Poonam-didi was back to her normal posture as the baby had fallen after drinking breast milk. I subtly adjusted my posture on the chair and briskly pushed down my skirt to cover my exposed legs and also adjusted my bra as I was naturally feeling rather tight there. I was feeling very, very thirsty and asked for the cold drink from Harsh who was so busy in watching the sexy scenes that he had forgot to drink. Just then Poonam-didi also transferred us some snacks. Ultimately Arthur, Susan, and Derek formed a team and planned to trap the vampire with the holy cross. The mission was successful but not before ample blood splash on the screen. Jija-ji naturally did not show courage to search for bedbugs any more during the remainder of the film!

Mahesh: Anita! Horn…. Press the hhhhoooorrrrnnnn…. Anita! Anita…

Me: Eh! Eh! Oh! Yes… yes…..

I was almost on the verge of hitting the cow when I pressed the horn and it jumped off the road! I was completely submerged in my thoughts regarding how I was sensuously groped in the cinema house by my Jija-ji completely ignorant of the fact that something more immoral was being planned by Mahesh!

Mahesh: Where were you lost?

Me: No… err… nothing… specific…

Mahesh: My dear you are on the wheel… you are not loitering in your garden that you can get lost in your thoughts… not only are you risking yourself but also your co-passengers! You must be responsible enough!

Me: Am sorry… err… extremely sorry!

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