Hunger Satisfied By Nephew  


The stories posted by me, are actual happenings of incest. I was
also involved in one such relation when I was 25 years old.

I was 25 years old then. My mother and father had expired I was
living with my elder sister whose husband was in Police.

I had big boobs and a narrow waist and below that a solid ass. It was
overall a sexy figure which invited hungry looks from men but due to
my not being very good looking and short hieght men never wanted to
show close contact with me in Public. There was no one to think about
my marriage and this led me into severe frustration and I was all the
time horny and thinking about sex. I tried having sex with few boys.
Two of them could come to bed. One of them discharged as soon as I
bared by boobs and second failed to insert. All that again made me
more horny. My Jeejoo was posted out of town and used to come on
weekends only. Whole of weekend my didi and Jeejoo will be locked in
their bed room on Monday when I cleaned the room there will be
condoms spread all throughout the room and didi's bra panty or
anything will be found over all weird places. I longed to have sucb a
wild sex but nobody was their to satisfy my lust. My Jeejoo did try
to press my boobs when I was alone but I did not want to spoil my
sisters life so I desisted from having physical relation with jeejoo.
My didi was also conscious of this fact and kept a close watch over
her husband.

Then came N in my life. He was son of elder brother of my jeejoo and
was selected in an engg college in the same town. He was to live with
us. The news of his arriving filled me with joy, perhaps this could
be the oppurtunity I was dying for!

From the day one of his arrival. I did my best to attract him. I used
to throw my dupatta down and wear low cut dress and when walking past
him shake my chootad a bit in a sexy manner. This did have effect and
he wanted to be close to me as far as possible.

It must have been third or fourth day. I decided to seduce him into
bed. Previous to that he had told that he was good in maths and since
I was doing MA (Economics) privately I requested him to teach me
statistics which I said was very difficult for me.

I had planned for the event well in advance. Shaved my choot and
applied deo liberally and saw to it that my dress does justice to my
big boobs. I entered his room with my heart pounding and smiled he
also smiled and we sat on table. Very soon I clearly conveyed through
my body actions that I am least interested in studies. I frequently
dropped my dupatta to give closest view to my musky mellons which
were trying to erupt out of the dress. Lastly I touched my toe to his
feet and pressed. This was enough to trigger a young man. He lifted
his hand and moved it in between my thighs. I let ou a sigh and
pressed it to give him joy. Now he exploded.

I was lifted in his arms and thrown on the bed. Aah my heart nearly
stopped, the great moment had come in a few minutes from now, I will
no more be virgin and my body was set on fire. N pounced on me.
Kissed me smooched me all over my face. Pressed my boobs and thighs.
I tightened my grip over his body and clutched him in my legs. Next
moments were wild. We were in hurry to remove each others clothes. N
undid my kurta and bra and was excited to see my melons. He sucked
them and let out moans full of pleasure while his hands were busy
over my thighs and choot. I had opened his pants and undies and was
rubbing his big cock which was hard like steel and was becoming red
and hot with every stroke of mine. After ravishing my boobs he
removed my salwar and panties and was glad to see a choot as bald as
a 13 year old girl. His first exposure to hairless choot. (he had had
sex with one of his aunts back at village). He devoted lot of time
over my choot. Kissing it and giving strokes by his tougue over my
labia. My choot was flooding with juices and wanted his manhood in
it. I raised my legs more and more to give him best view of my
honeypot and he did justice to it by kissing, fingering and caressing
it. I now wanted him desperately in me so held his cock and brought
it towards my love hole. He also held it and rubbed over my big lips.
Wow what a feeling I was all Ooohs and aahs during this period and
hanging onto his muscular body.

When his top portion of his lund was wet with my juices he increased
pressure and let it in my choot. My choot was anyway welcoming it and
with one small pain and infinite joy I was turned into a women. HE
started ploughing me. My cunt was very wet and there were sounds of
fuch fuch. I enjoyed it. Oh what a fuck. I was in heaven.

I was grinding my choot over his lund and taking it fullest in me. It
was reaching well in to my womb perhaps. A thought came that I want
his baby also but that was for a later date. First I wanted my full
pleasure so offered him to suck the boobs. As he applied his toungue
over my areolas I went into heaven and waves of orgasm started
sweeping my body. A through pounding of choot and sucking of breasts
what else can a women want from her lover. I was reaching the
ultimate pleasure. N continued to pound and suck. After that I lost
my mental control. I don't remember what all I did I next one minute.
There was lot of aaaahhs ooohhaaaa aa a and inserting nails in his
back and clutching the bed sheet and edge of bed.

And then N also shot his hot lava in me. My choot was filled totally
and the liquid spilled to my thighs and then to bed sheet. After the
tide was over all N could say was "You are wonderful Suman" before
burying his head in my breasts as only a thin layer of perspiration
separated our bodies.

I also murmured "You are also great fucker, I will be yours forever"

That night we had one more round of slow and lovely round of fucking.
In morning at 5 N wanted one more but my choot was swollen.

I Said " I am not used to so much of chudai, shall give you unlimited
joy in coming days"

He smiled and closed his eyes.

Posted : 07/10/2011 10:21 am