Ishrat was waiting as planned outside "Blue Ribbon Bakery" at the top
of 'Business Recorder Road' (Karachi). She was wearing a blue satin
shalwar Kamiz suit and, had her Dupatta (head scarf) draped over her
head in a very correct and respectable way.

As I stopped at the kerb, she came over and opening the car door got
in giving me a big smile.

She had been working at my father's office for a month now. One of
three girls he had hired to give the place a more friendly face. In
public dealing, that is important.

Almost from day one, I had found myself attracted to her. She was
about 5 ft 4 with jet black silky hair. Big dark brown eyes and a
very fair complexion. She had a slim build but well proportioned with
small firm breasts, good hips and a thin waist.

I had asked her for a date that day, and she had agreed. It had
surprised me at first. I was sure it would take some effort to
persuade her to agree.

We made small talk as we headed to North Karachi and a restaurant she
wanted to go to. I noticed that she sat with her legs a little open
and a knee touching the gear shift. Whenever, I had to shift gears,
my hand would have to brush over her knee. I looked at her and she

Suddenly she said to me, that she was feeling hot. I adjusted the car
a/c unit and smiled at her. She said again that she was hot. My Lund
went up hard and throbbing as I realised what she was really saying.
Testing the water, I put my hand on the gear shift and touched her
knee with my fingers. She didn't object or move her knee away. I
slipped my hand onto her satin covered thigh and stroked it. She
sighed. I moved my hand up her thigh to her crotch and stroked it.
She moved her bottom forward in the passenger seat, and pressed her
thighs closed around my hand.

She asked me if I had a place we could go. I turned the car into a
service road and parked. I dialled a few friends but they couldn't
help out. Ishrat had put her hand on my thigh and was stroking it as
I rang around desperately trying to find a room we could use.

In the end, Ishrat took the phone off me and dialled a married friend
of hers; No good, the husband was home early. I felt like a fool but,
I had not expected things to move so fast or easily. I lived at home
then and could not bring a woman home

As we drove towards the Drive-in movies and the vast empty plots near
there, I pressed my hand hard against Ishrat's crotch and felt
dampness in the fabric. As Ishrat closed her eyes and moaned softly;
my hand stroked her thigh, She squeezed her legs closed capturing my
hand between her thighs. My hard cock was throbbing wildly, leaking
into my underwear as she squirmed on the passenger seat beside me.

By now my balls were about at bursting point. The damp spot caused by
my leaking pre cum was now staining my blue slacks.

Finally, I turned off onto a dirt track and raced along it until I
came to a clump of bushes and parked. There was no building near by;
no people to be seen and I hoped we couldn't be seen from the main

I leaned over and kissed Ishrat hard and passionately on the mouth,
Ishrat returned my kiss with equal hunger. I was already unbuckling
my belt and reaching for my cock as she reached for my 'tool' with
her soft hand and long delicate fingers. As she pumped my Lund, I
untied her shalwar and pushed my own hand down into them. Her panties
were no obstacle to my fingers, as soon I had found her erect clit,
in her wet hot slit, under a thick curly bush of pubic hair. I teased
her wet slimy clit, and tried to insert a finger into her but she
stopped me. Pushing me back into the driver's seat she began to pump
my cock up and down faster and squeezed it harder and harder until I
called out in pain. I gasped in relief as white lumpy semen, spat
from my cock, covering her soft hand and stained my slacks.

After we had cleaned ourselves up I drove back to the "Blue Ribbon
Bakery' and dropped her off.

Next day. I asked her on another date and she agreed.

This time I had made arrangements. I had taken a room at a hotel off
Tariq road, with a reputation for 'helping people find relief'.

I took her there after picking her up She was nervous and unsure as I
took up stairs to the room I had rented.

She looked at the bed and at me and put her hands over her face,
embarrassed, as she sat down on the bed.

I locked the door and pulled the box of condoms out of my pocket,
putting them on the bed as I sat beside her and put my arms around
her shoulders.

I expected her to be a lot braver after yesterday but she was acting
the shy virgin and I was wondering what the game was.

She looked at me and picked the condoms up, reading the name out in a
soft voice she asked me if I would agree to something very important

She told me that she was engaged and that her wedding was a few
months away.

This was news that I had not expected. But I asked what she wanted me
to agree to. She then said that she would let me do anything I wanted
except take her virginity. That was her husband's right and she would
have to keep family honour in mind.

I asked her why she was there with me, if I couldn't fuck her.

She answered that she liked me and was feeling very hot and restless.
If she let her fiancé touch her, he would 'unseal' her but would then
never marry her.

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I agreed to her request. And so we started kissing and touching each
other. My hands were on her small firm breast as my mouth kissed her
face and neck hotly. I stood up and pulled my shirt and slacks off,
kicking my shoes off and pulling off my socks as I sat down again on
the bed beside her. She watched me closely, and as I was about to
pull my briefs off, she stopped me made me promise again not to
unseal her. After I did, she went into the bathroom and came out ten
minutes later in only a blue bra and blue panties. I pulled her down
onto the bed beside me and began to stroke her soft skin. My hands
went over her stomach and breast, her hips and thighs as I kissed her
and put her hand on my erection. My cotton briefs were bursting from
the bulge my cock made and were damp both with sweat and my pre-cum.
Ishrat's hands moved to cup my balls and tease the damp fabric
covering my ass as I unclasped her bra and sucked on the small hard
nipples that crowned her beautiful breasts.

I asked her to suck me but she refused instead reaching into my
briefs and garbing hold of my shaft as she had done yesterday. I
pushed my hand down her panties onto her hairy wet cunt… She put her
own hand on it and squeezed it telling me not to put my fingers in
her hole. I told her to relax and said I was only going to play with
her a bit. She looked at me very hard but eased her grip on my hand.
Using my index and ring finger, I parted the fold of her slit and
then toyed with the clit, my big finger found. She moaned as I played
with it. Squeezing my cock hard as I lay half on half off her. I
began to fuck her hand as she held my cock in its soft grip. She was
breathing heavily now and thrashing about. Saying how good it felt. I
moved my body onto her but did not try to slide between her legs. Her
small firm breasts felt great against my chest as I worked to bring
her to an orgasm with my finger. She arched her back and groaned,
pressing her own hands down on my clit-teasing hand as she shuddered
and came.

I withdrew my hand and sniffed it. It was the smell of a woman who
had cum. I pulled my pre-cum and sweat dampened briefs off and
pressed my burning cock shaft against her soft smooth thigh. I rubbed
myself against her kissing and squeezing her breasts as I did so.
Ishrat rolled onto her side and pushing the back of her panties down
told me to press myself against her butt and rub my prick against it
till I came. I did so and as I held her hips tightly I rubbed the
burning shaft against her ass (The shaft fitted so neatly in her butt
crack) until I felt my seed boil up and moving quickly, I roiled her
fully onto her stomach and shot my watery, lumpy seed over her back.

While Ishrat was in the bathroom cleaning up. I ordered some snacks
and a few cokes. I took the tray off the waiter at the door not
wanting him to come in. He smirked at me as I stood bare foot in my
slacks and shirt. Ishrat came out of the washroom in her Kamiz (Long
shirt) she sat on the bed and helped herself to the snacks.

We talked and joked a while and then she asked me if I was satisfied.
I shock my head and she laughed.

She pulled her kamiz over her head and sat, naked except for her
panties. I stripped naked and went over to her, lying down beside
her, she started to kiss my lips and stroke my chest. She laid beside
me her leg on my stomach as her hand pulled on my cock. I squeezed
and toyed with her breasts as I pushed a hand down the back of her
panties and stroked her ass, my fingers teasing her butt crack.

My man meat was soon throbbing and eager to cum again. Her delicate
fingers had worked on my balls and shaft in a way that told me she
had done this before. I asked her to roll onto her stomach which she
did. I tugged her panties down to her ankles and kissed her buttocks.
I then lay on top of her and began working my cock against her butt.
My hands reached around to squeeze her breasts as I kissed her neck
and shoulders. I was humping her butt, my Lund sliding not very
easily against her sweaty skin. She asked me if I was going to keep
my promise about intercourse and I said I was. She then asked me if I
had ever had anal sex. I stopped; my heart racing with hope… I had
not, but had always wanted to. She looked back at me and said that I
could have her ass if I wanted.

I agreed straight away. ( )

We got off the bed and she reached in her handbag for some hand
cream. She then applied a lot of cream to my cock, and bending over,
she told me to apply some to her anus. I did this shaking with
anticipation as my fingers oiled her butt hole and teased my index
finger tip into it. My finger tip went in with out too much
difficulty, at least, less then I thought there would be. She moaned
and I withdrew my fingertip. I took up position behind her as she
stood bent over. One of her hands was protecting the hairy entrance
of her pussy, obviously not taking any chances; the other was on the
bed, supporting her. I took my manhood in my hands and bent the shaft
tip down so that it was pointing at the target in the sparsely haired
crack of her ass. Holding her hip with my free hand, I eased the tip
against the wrinkled greasy hole of her butt and applied pressure. As
I moved my hips forward slowly (I knew enough not to thrust madly)
her anus gave up it' initial resistance and I slide my cock in. She
asked me to go slower so I stopped; my cock buried about an inch in
her before slowly sinking into her. She moaned as I sank the rest of
my 6 inches into her. She groaned and begged me not to move for a
while as my cock was so fat.

After a few seconds, I had to start pumping; the throbbing pressure
in my cock was too great. She moaned and groaned reaching back to
prevent me sinking all of my cock in with each thrust. I soon began
to get the pace and depth of my thrusts just as she wanted and after
10 glorious minutes of this, I came. My seed filling her rectum with
it's hot liquid heat. When I eased back out of her, I saw her butt
hole closing and a white drop of semen poke out like a dew drop as my
seed trickled down her thighs. Ishrat collapsed on the bed panting,
using the corner of the bed sheet to clean herself up. I too was
exhausted and sat down heavily on the bed.

I thanked her, but I had many questions I did not ask at that time.

Later in the bathroom, I washed my prick very carefully in the
shower. After I came out Ishrat went in and spent maybe 20 minutes in

When she came out she was dressed and looked very happy and content.
As I drove her back to the "Blue Ribbon Bakery" she thanked me for
respecting her wishes and not taking her virginity.

Feeling satisfied and unable to stop myself, I said that I could tell
she had been fucked in the ass many times. I asked her what her
husband would do when he found out she was not a virgin 'that way'.

She looked at me hard and told me not to think badly of her. A young
girl had needs and boys were often very demanding. As for her
husband, it was a terrible sin to have anal sex with your wife. He
would be getting her main slot so why would he want anal sex?

We met a few times after that. Usually for anal sex. I did manage to
get her to suck me off once but she refused to let me cum in her,

She left our office a month later to get married.

I met her once, six or seven months after her marriage, she was
already pregnant and would only agree to give me a hand job.

Afterwards we said goodbye and I have not seen or contacted her since
then. This is a shame because I would really like to finally screw
her, properly screw her.

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