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Islamabad Mein Maze  


This is the story of my experience with a lady, who is about 32 yrs old and is working with me, her name was fauzia,tall, fair and very gorgeous lady. I heard that she had some sexual affair with some other in our company earlier and I don’t find anything like that since I joined 2 yrs back. She was married just 3 yrs back, and was given birth to her first baby before 2 month and was on leave for 3 months. She joined her duty before 10 days and of course is a lactating woman. One day after I watched a bf, I got an idea about tasting breast milk. This idea came to my mind because of her. So I started to plan. But I have got no guts to execute the plan. After so many days of trying, one day I decided to go for it. At around 4.30 pm in the evening, I went toward her cabin and asked her that I want to talk to her personally, she came to nearby lunch room and asked what you want Tariq? I told her staff my friend got hit on his eyes yesterday, and was reddish now. My grand ma suggested pouring few drops of breast milk on his eyes; I don’t know anyone, except you. Will you please do it for me? Suddenly, she shocked on hearing this. She didn’t answer for a while. I started to beg like anything with all the sadness on my face. After few mines she accepted i.e. Gave her a glass cup with lid and asked her to give half of the cup. With some smile on her face she told me to wait outside. Few mins later she came with the milk on her hand. I was excited to see that. And my dick was already rock hard. As soon as I get the cup from her I opened it and drink few drops of it. She was shocked on seeing this, and got angry. I told her the truth then, sorry staff; I have immunity problem and allergic to so many things. My friends told me to take breast milk for a week or so, my immunity will get improved.[she don’t know that I talk about her often with my friends]that’s why I lied. I thought she will be angry on hearing this but she was expressionless on her face, I gained some confidence now and again asked her I need ur milk for one more week?? Please!! She then smiled at me, which means she accepted it. I was bit happy within myself but I didn’t show in front of her. Suddenly she asked me do u want to taste my milk now. I didn’t say anything. She went inside the wash room, and I followed her quietly. What a moment that was!! I controlled my nervousness, as soon she entered inside she started to unhook her lower 3 buttons of her blouse and I can now see her white bra. Covering her milky boobs. She then lifted her bra from downwards, and showed her left breast, smiled at me she told me to come and take as much u want. I went near her and hold her back and waist, and started to suck her left breast from the front, I drink her milk like a baby. Her milk was tasteless, I caught hold her breast with my mouth, and fondled her nipple with my tongue while drinking. She told to finish fast as her husband would at 5 to pick her up to home. With my left hand I started to massage her right breast, she didn’t hesitated. She then told me to change to other breast, I myself lifted her right bra and now 2 milky jugs ,hanging in front of me. I was excited like anything. I enjoyed every bit of the moment. Now her hand was around my neck, I felt the tightness that she pushed my head towards her breast that shows she is also enjoying this. Now I felt my stomach was in full,, pallu of her saree was now below her waist exposing her navel and umbilicus. I decided to go further, I started to kiss started to kiss her from the breast toward her navel and bit her umbilicus with all the lust. She didn’t opened her eyes, instead she slowly moving her body, which confirmed that she is also enjoying the sexual moment…my left hand pressing her boobs and right hand going towards her ass. I get hold of her ass and started to massage her, I was on the verge of releasing my cum. Suddenly the unthinkable happened. She stopped me and told that time is up that her hubby might be waiting for her outside. I was frustrated a bit, but I was happy that my plan eventually succeeded, I tasted her milk for the next 3 days, without having sex with her, but the moment came after 3 days, when i had my first sexual encounter with her.

Posted : 03/07/2011 10:09 am