Kunti's Dalliance with the Sun God  


“Oh my God, you’re a demon!”—Kunti couldn’t even finish her moaning words as Surya’s pounding took up its pace once again. He was vigourously drilling the virgin lass with all his might and resplendent glory. Surya was at the twilight of his youth, at the foggy end of his prime but leaning forward the maiden Kunti, he kept entering her with the ferocity of a bull gone mad. Kunti was tired of moaning and mumbling; she bit her lower lips harder this instance, ‘Someone stop this raging bull...God! He’s too awesome...ah’, she thought while cumming for the fourth time. Surya’s perm hair fell on his forehead, swaying and fluttering with his forward jerks, and Kunti felt love fluids rushing down her lower belly towards the labia, her clits. ‘Such pleasure’, her thoughts were pretty sporadic by now, ‘a God could only give maybe’.

For the last ten minutes Surya—or say Vivasvat, leaning forward towards Kunti’s twitching tender body on floor—had been thrusting against her lower thighs. Surya was on top and both their legs were outstretched; Kunti even had raised her thighs to take the beastly thrusts all to her ass cheeks and had parted her thighs widely, as in a yawning position. Surya kept stopping, slowing down and slightly changed his angle of his thighs to get tighter and deeper penetration of Kunti’s cunt. His eyes were closed. For long he had feasted on the jiggling breasts of Kunti under his broad chest. The poor girl was going crazy in delight and embarrassment. He clasped her palms into his, and Kunti started pressing her outstretched legs against Surya’s steamy sides.

Surya groaned and he came for the sixth time that morning. He was panting. For the last one hour he had not uttered a single word but groans. Kunti could not understand whether those groans were of pleasure or of a suppressed brutal force building inside that middle aged God. He was wonderful—Kunti thought. For his age, the deity was wondrous in bed. Surya brushed his curly locks from the face and grabbed Kunti by her waist, lifted her up from the cold floor and threw her again on the soft princely bed. Then he grunted again and turned her body upside down in no time. She was featherweight for Surya. He banged her with his seven inches broad body and rippling muscles while Kunti was only a lass who turned eighteen that autumn. Surya climbed on the bed and embraced her from behind in a clasping position.

“Again?” Kunti could not but mockingly scoff. She could see Surya can no longer take the heat of the moment anymore. He was getting old. He did not answer. He was lying on her bare back. Kunti had to lie with her breasts, belly and thighs sinking in the cushion of the bed. Surya struggled to arch the small of his back inward, and passed his semi-erect organ between Kunti’s slightly parted thighs. He entered her again. He supported himself on his forearms, and when he started to take the pace of his pounding Kunti turned her face to the left to breathe. Closing shut her eyes she tried to touch Surya’s hands. It was another rear entry position that morning. Kunti could not see Surya’s face but his warm breath could be felt on her neck.

She started to moan again, “You like to do me, don’t you? You like to do me like an animal...you devil...ah, fuck! What....” As if Surya was disturbed by Kunti’s raving, he clasped a turf of Kunti’s hair and pulled at it with one of his fist raised from the bed. His head was tilted from the bed now, arched backwards—eyes towards the ceiling. Surya was gigantic; she could see his eyes from that position. She was going to pass out again. Surya had started to heat up once again; she was sweating hard. Surya kept drilling her lying on top of poor Kunti’s soft curvy back. His thighs increased their speed again. The room was filled again with incredulous babble of moans and shrieks. Kunti was passing out for the fourth time; she could not take the brutal pounding. She was so slender and perky a little cute thing. Surya was panting, gasping for breath, “Fuck you! You humans! None of you can take me. Fuck, ah. Ah, damn you. You pass out when I want you to cry out loud in pain, fuck you....” his thrusts grew stronger and he was growing resplendent again with the passing moments.

Every time he had neared his climax he had heated up into blinding effulgence, too bright and too warm for a human. He was not a great lover maybe, but when nearing orgasm his drilling grew unbearable for even his three wives. Surya came hard, “Shit! Ah, this ass this too taught! I love a tight pussy in the wintry morning. Take it, Bitch! Take it all!” He unloaded his come inside Kunti’s lips of the cunt, and fell flat over Kunti’s unconscious body, on her back. His breaths were short but like whimpers; he was groaning under his voice. His ten inch organ was shrunk now, but was elegantly glistening with Kunti’s orgasm all over it. He kissed Kunti’s back, nape, waist and sat up!

It took a moment or two for Kunti to regain her consciousness again. She had supposedly cummed hard, no doubt. But by now, she never wanted the passionate moments to end. She sat up seeing Suryadev standing tall staring through the balcony windows. She looked around only not to find her dress anywhere in one piece. She walked towards the enormous muscular figure of the Sun God and embraced his waist from behind. She was too perky in comparison with the deity! Perky and meek. She rested her cheek on his heaving back muscles. He had a paunch, but his shoulders, his back, his hands were like clubs. Strong, ferocious, too rippling like an exquisite cloud. Morning sunlight fell on his chiselled face, his cheekbones. She felt the shrunk dick of Surya from behind, and walked around in front of him.

She had a mischievous smile painted on her face. She gazed at Surya’s face; his eyes were still fixed outside—over the horizon. No doubt, he was ridiculously handsome when in his prime. She tried to wake him up from his musing. She ran her slender fingers through his hard chest and his chin, “Oh my! What do we have here? Ouch, I could cut my fingers with those cheekbones, you know!” She giggled away as the Sun God faced her prankish gesture. Surya stopped her with one hand around her waist and pulled her close.

His organ, his throbbing phallus touched Kunti’s navel and a lighting of shudder tumbled down her spine. She felt the organ grow harder as Surya’s searching palm played along her collar bones, her cleavage and her mellow breasts. Surya said, “Ready for another round, kid?” Kunti bit her lips and frowned, and voluptuously said, “Make me your whore! Show me what else you got, old timer!” Surya was erect in no time. He was too proud, too egotistical. He pressed his body against her and arched his back downwards to play with her tongue. Their tongues met and their saliva played frolics for a moment. With his both palms he was smashing Kunti’s ripe breasts. They were big enough for a girl this age, but not to his satisfaction.

He loved curvy, enormous teats and spreading tight bottoms on a girl. He liked mature experienced ladies, not some first timer girl trying to fool around with him. He gobbled Kunti’s tongue and spit inside her mouth. He ran his tongue all over her lips and tried to bite her lower and upper lips separately. Kunti was having fun and panting. She gestured for more as she tried to sink her nails into Surya’s abdomen.

Surya grabbed her arms strongly and lifted her up from the ground. Kunti’s lips were locked with his, but she sighed and tried to moan, ‘What the hell! It hurts! You’re hurting my arms....” The voraciousness of Surya’s deep kiss increased as he lifted her up and felt that she was in pain. He always loved hurting girls. He had no bed manners whatsoever. He was a lousy lover, but was strong, unconditionally handsome and at times irresistible. Had Kunti known that Surya could fuck the pride out of her in four hours, she would have never thought about any of it. It was a mess.

The princess’s room was a carnival of lust. Surya had almost demolished the table, the bed was all crumpled, her chunri (read ‘long scarf’) and choli (read ‘blouse’) were torn. What was once something like an Amrapali-outfit was reduced to ashes by now. The balcony railing was melted with heat, and the floor under had marks of his mighty palms caved in.

Surya took backward steps and leaned against the wall. He lifted Kunti by holding her thighs, locking his hands beneath Kunti’s soft ass cheeks. Kunti’s arms were released and she heaved a sigh of relief. She, kissing voraciously and dribbling as well, clasped her hands tightly around Surya’s neck as he lifted her from the floor. She gripped Surya’s chubby waist with her tight thighs and pushed her feet against the wall. Surya effortlessly entered her in this suspended position. His hard dick entered Kunti’s already dilated and cum-soaked pussy with a single upward stroke. Kunti shuddered again. Surya parted her ass cheeks and put one of his index fingers severely into her ass hole. She shrieked, but did not stop enjoying Surya’s tongue inside her mouth cavity. Surya was thrusting upward leaning against the wall.

His pounding was increasing, so was Kunti’s muffled moans. When he was heating up again he put his tongue out from Kunti’s mouth to take a whiff of air and panted. He was heaving and penetrating Kunti with his might. Kunti sighed, moaned, “This feels so right! Oh, you are extraordinary! Ah, keep going on.”

Surya did not give a dang about what the lass was babbling. He closed his eyes, arched his head back, looked towards the ceiling with half closed eyes and kept drilling his piston inside the maiden like a steam engine out of control. He groaned and groaned. Kunti giggled, “What are you, a pig or something? And stop making me unconscious all the time. You horny daddy!” Surya was going crazy once again. He felt funny. Was he about to come? But it was too soon! Maybe because this is his fifth or sixth time at a stretch. He missed his days of youth when he courted wars and took the dancers right on the dance floors. Kunti too felt Surya heating up again, “Fuck! Don’t come already, OK? And stop putting me to sleep. I wanna...ah...God...enjoy this shit....ouch.” Surya’s mind was wandering as his thrusts grew long and heavy.

Kunti felt herself cumming again, her vagina exploded but something else was happening. She felt herself lightweight, too light. What was wrong? Was it because she had been passing out every now and then? That the Sun God was too much for her inexperienced pussy? That ten inches rod was just inhuman! But no. When she looked around with her pleasure soaked half-closed eyes, she realized what it was.

Surya had soared up a feet or two from the floor and he was soaring up towards the ceiling gradually, slowly, with each increased pace of thrusts into her cunt. She enjoyed it. She enjoyed every bit of it. All she could mumble out was, “Damn!” Surya had his eyes closed; lust was running through his vein. This is what happens when you wake a slumbering serpent up from its age old hibernation! He was going to explode too. He knew his final orgasm was imminent. He missed his climax for years. This is it! He comes quick when he comes for the last time. It drains out all his energy. He cums a truck load of semen, milky white, thick like cream. He does not grow heated; he does not light up this last time. He had always let women have his final orgasm feel through their skins. He keeps his cool; they don’t pass out in sheer insurmountable heat.

Surya’s lips were parting. His teeth could be seen between them. He tilted his head towards Kunti. Poor little thing was swaying with his drills, and having the best time of her teenage life! Her swaying breasts were pressing again and again against his hard flat chest. He kissed her lightly on her cheek. He was nearing his absolute climax. Surya grunted, “Ah. I’m about to come, gal!” Kunti blurted out tiresomely, “You came a hundred times, Oldie! Just don’t come yet. Come along with me. Together...ah! Faster!” Surya kept on heaving and pounding, “Shaddap! Take it! I’m cumming! Heck!” Surya’s feet touched the floor. He hosed out his semen inside Kunti’s cunt. One, two, three long hot splashes Kunti could figure out. Warmth of the embrace made it heavenly! She felt the cum filling her up from the bottom to her throat. It was so much cream! She couldn’t breathe. Surya threw her on her bed and himself pounced on it, stood on its edge and with all his might grunted, “Sweet. Mother. Of fuck!”

Kunti was amused. She did not know what was going to happen. She giggled at Surya’s childish antic, but soon her eyes popped out as she realized what was about to happen. After filling her up, Surya was going to come all over her. Surya hosed her whole face with the white cream. It was warm, tasteless and disgusting! But Kunti uncannily liked it. Surya sprayed his orgasm on her face, her neck, her perky tight round breasts, her belly, and Kunti did not know what to do, where to go! She was not only covered with the white milk, the creamy seed, but also could not breathe. For minutes her mind was going! “What is wrong with...you...argh! What is this?...Ah”, Surya grabbed her hair locks and tilted her head backwards so she looks up to his eyes and kept squiring his cum all over her body.

He had no intension to stop. Her bed was flooded with the white heavy lukewarm fluid. On second thoughts, she liked it more. She dared not say anything as Surya was ferociously cumming, and was spasmodically shuddering. He had a devilish ear to ear grin on his face, and a pair of bloodshot eyes! Kunti felt helpless and insecure. She was a petty human being. The course of the whole morning might have been like a bittersweet nightmare, but did she like it? How much of it then? Wasn’t Surya in a way molesting her virginity in one context or two? What was it all about? Sitting on the orgasm of the Sun God, covered by the orgasm of the mighty deity she pondered. For a moment, everything from that winter morning flashed before her eyes. Moments are like fleeting butterflies. But honestly, how did it all began? How did the princess Pritha find herself soaked in the disgusting jizz of Vivasvat, the Sun God anyway?

It began with a whimper.

A horny morning when the dawn was about to break and while a whiff of arousal took over Kunti.

Maybe it all started months ago. When Rishi Durvasa chose King Braja’s kingdom to carry out one of his tantric feats, the then king was not only overwhelmed to offer his patronage but also proposed to Rishi Durvasa to accept his daughter, the princess Pritha (Kunti, as we know her), as his helper, his care taker. Kunti was too young. She was only growing to be a mellow teenager back then, and she did justice by taking care of Rishi Durvasa’s each and every command. When the tantric expedition ended, he wanted to grant her a boon. He bestowed on Kunti the assertive power to call up a God at her own will, at her own leisure, and the God had to present himself before her. Kunti was too young to know the full meaning of it. What Durvasa meant for her was that Kunti never goes a barren woman. She could always opt for a godson if her husband fails to bear her one in any case.

Years rolled on, and Kunti grew to be a charming princess—ripe and wise with her age. She wasn’t conventionally beautiful, but she had an aura of purity and besotted spell about her glance, her gait, her slender muscular belly, her shallow navel, her taught hips and athletic thighs. It was one winter morning; it was too early for the sun to peek out from its darkness-caked slumber from behind the horizons yonder. Something woke Kunti up. Her friends were all gone the other night. They had a gala time, and Kunti missed her girlfriends. She missed their fingers tickling her sides, her neck, behind her ears; she missed their fingers running across her bare back; she missed cumming aloud with their fingers jammed inside her pussy, their tongue playing with her clitoris voraciously. She missed how they kneaded her growing mellowing breasts mercilessly while giggling. Some would ride her like a cowgirl would ride a bull and clasp her palms into hers and thrust Kunti’s inner thighs with their hairy vaginas. Some of her friends would gobble Kunti’s lips again and again, suck on her nipples, bit her earlobes and send ripples of shudder down her spines all night long.

She missed it all. The warm thoughts and heated memories of those homoerotic orgies still made her edgy in the winter dawn. She slid her left hands under her upa-vastra (kind of lehenga wrapped around the waist reaching down only to the end of thighs), and fumbled to get near her clit. She started rubbing it slowly, in a circular motion first, then with linear motion—up and down with her middle fingers. Kunti’s eyes were half closed and her earlobes were burning. She clutched at the bed sheets beside her head, and twitched her thighs and hips with pleasure. She loved to cum, but usually her girlfriends would finger her. She wet her lips and bit her lower lip, moaning quite loud. No one else was around in the palace andarmahal (women’s abode) that morning. The women were out at the temple of Yami (Yamuna, the sacred river) to abide by the holy seasonal rituals.

Her eyes were half closed. Her girlfriends would also slid two or three of their fingers at once and keep fingering her, and they said, it would give her the feeling of a cock ramming inside her vagina lusting for the intact hymen. Kunti paused for a moment, “Oh. If only I could get a dick inside my love hole! Owch, juices are flowing again. I’m wet already. Those wrestlers yesternight—why can’t I suck one of their cocks one day. I’m gonna die a virgin. Fuck!” Her rambling thoughts soon rearranged themselves and as soon as the first light of the sun fell on her forehead, she squinted. Everything made sense now. She knew what she wanted. Durvasa gave her a boon, she remembered now. What if she calls none other than the Sun God, the glorious Vivasvat?

She adored him. He was so youthful and tall and sinewy. He might fuck her whole day long. He might never stop. His wiry fingers would explore her belly and her exposed back, her long slender swan-like neck. He would caress her, make love to her and plant kisses on her bottoms. He could lift her up in to the clouds and make love to her so gently, so passionately, with so much love. She felt the fluttering of butterflies down her crotch. A waterfall broke, and she came. She broke water and started to heave hesitantly—‘But would he come? What if he said no to a virgin like me? What about my marriage? What if people knew?’ But after cumming she was getting ready to go another round and imagined the gentle embrace of Suryadev, the Sun God. She pictured him sucking at her nipples like an infant.

Kunti opened her eyes. She thought she had heard a noise or something. “What the hell? Hey! Who are you?” She hurriedly sat up straight on her bed alarmed. She did not have her lehenga on, only a short skirt, upa-vastra. She smoothed it. She couldn’t find her choli (the scarf) anywhere near her to cover her bare midriff. Only the scant stanpatti (bustier, a piece of cloth, tied at the back—much like a strapless bra) kept her swaying tight breasts partly unrevealed. The upper portion of her roundness was too much visible, and astonishingly a tall, huge, dark, and enormous man was feasting on her cleavage, bare shoulders, her navel, her exposed legs. With a dangling seven inches thick cock in his palm he was stroking it and was grinning. It was quite a disgusting sight to see the dark ogre drooling. He was enormous for Kunti. Kunti was like a nymph before a huge monster! He could take her by her waist and twist and turn her effortlessly. He wasn’t much of a looker, but sure had traces of handsome features.

His eyes had something eerie about them; his forehead was spreading; his cheeks and chin were determined and hard; his neck and hands were too muscular. His chest was broad, confident and he took slow steps towards her, still stroking the pink head of his organ gently. “You called me, darling. I’m here! So, where do I put my gun? Shit, I haven’t fucked a single human girl since ages. I’ll ram my wiener into your tight little pussy till it explodes, lassie.” Kunti was baffled—‘What is he talking about? This naked drooling man is Surya? No way in hell!’ Who was she kidding? Surya read her mind and baffled her more by growling, “Damn right I’m the sun deity! What’s wrong? Am I too much for you, you dumb piece of ass?”

Kunti was bewildered. She started to pace backwards gently with his each progressing stride till her back was against the wardrobe, the toilet tablet with the larger mirror on it. Her breasts were heaving up and down and it made the lass look more and more enticing. She thought, ‘A God? My foot! Gods don’t talk like their mouth is in a gutter! What am I gonna do? The whole women’s house is cleared out. How could someone even get in my room?’ Surya walked up till his pot belly pressed against her dark nipples. He was too tall for Kunti, and too wide. He put his palms on her shoulder blades and gently massaged his way up and down her neck. It was titillating enough to rouse an already-horny Kunti who was craving for a celestial large cock only moments ago. Surya smiled, “I look cruel, don’t I? Tell you what, I am. You’ll see. You summoned me, I’m here. Please me. If you don’t you’re a pile of ash, Gal.”

Surya closed his eyes and the whole room lit up emanating a blinding light. Kunti felt scorching searing heat inside her heart. Not on her skin, but inside her eyes, her heart. She was shaking already, alarm blared inside her ears. She was speechless; she was spell bound; she was scared shitless. He was indeed the Suryadev. Surya composed himself and everything went back to normal. His hands now slid down to her navel. They were roaming aimlessly and pinching at her tender softness every now and then. Surya grunted, “Let’s get this over with. I know I don’t look what I used to millions of years ago. But you know what, old age. Happens! What can I do? But I think my cock is enough to satisfy a newbie like your ass. So?”

Kunti was afraid to think about anything even by now. She did want a cock, yes. Only that she imagined a strikingly handsome prince-charming gently caressing her. Surya looked like as if he would devour her with his might. He suddenly turned her back on him. Kunti flew around like a feather quill. She did want to protest but something choked her voice. Surya’s dick was standing up. It felt so fleshy and thick, and Kunti felt it on her ass cheeks. It was throbbing, lukewarm and she could feel the touch of the fat veins on it. Her back was against Surya’s belly and his hard palms wandered on her bare back, shoulders and the waist. He grabbed her ass now and then, and pressed his dick harder on her ass time and again. She closed her eyes.

Her lips parted as he grabbed her blooming teats from rear and started to scratch them from on top of the stanpatti. He kneaded the tits; from over the piece of frail garment he tried to sink his claws on her blossoming melons. He arched his back and bend over only to pull at the knot of her stanpatti (bustier) with his teeth. It fell on the floor and he started crushing her boobs with his fist, his palm, his fingers. His tongue ran all over her shoulders, neck and earlobes. Kunti wasn’t moaning yet but she didn’t complain; she didn’t twitch back. Honestly, she didn’t know what to do. He clasped her long legs with his muscular thighs and with his growing fat dick he kept pressing her ass. Surya whispered in his ears, “Hard nipples! A wet labia! Our girlie is only gettin’ hot.” Not for once did he kiss her. His nails scratched Kunti’s arms, and Kunti opened her eyes to see her breast getting rummaged by the ogre-palms in the mirror before her.

Surya’s pre-cum wetted her undergarment draped from the waist. It was already half removed from all the pressing and kneading anyway. She felt the erect dick was too big. Maybe around eleven or twelve inch. It wasn’t unnatural for a deity that tall and big. Was she scared? Wrong question!

She was on the other hand regretting her decision already. Who knew Surya was only a sex starved maniac. Ugly, cruel, without manners...Kunti’s thoughts were thrown away as Surya spoke between his teeth, “You unworthy human! I can break your neck with my left arm. But no, I’m gonna take you. I’m gonna enter you till you pass out.” She thought, “Fuckface!” Surya had already thrown away her undergarment by now and grabbed and pulled at her hair. Kunti shrieked. It hurt. Her body swayed as Surya pulled at her hair with malignant ferocity. With another palm he pressed and kneaded her left bosom, and he whispered—“Ugly me? You know what, you’re not so beautiful yourself either. I have seen you take a bath every morning at that damned lake. You come there with a pitcher. You’re so full of vanity. I have seen you half naked. I have seen you praying to me with your hands clasped together, eyes closed, nipples hard and outfits pressed to your wet perky brittle body. So humane! So weak! You cower better. You beg better. We feed on your prayers, kid. I’ll fuck you till I’m dickless.”

“Time for a paradise walk, Baby”—Surya lifted Kunti up on the wardrobe dresser and sat her down facing him. He parted her thighs and jammed his tongue inside her pussy lips. As he licked and licked, and reached outside her vagina and started sucking at her clitoris; she threw her legs outstretched. She opened herself more to Surya’s searching tongue inside her. Soon he will take her, she knew. She was not going to fight it in any way, whatever may come. She had prayed to him for years; all these years she had looked up on him with her anguish and exaltations, her ecstasies and ambitions. She was about to lose her virginity to him.

His palms rested on her breasts still and Kunti was moaning by this time. She pulled at the turf of his curly long hair, and tried to press his head more and more inside her crotch. Surya started to use his teeth too, and she flooded his tongue with her first climactic fluids. She wanted him to caress her, kiss her gently, talk love to her. Instead Surya stood up. She was astonished to see the large gigantic dark cock, erect and ready to penetrate her. She was seated on the wardrobe dresser table with her thighs parted. Surya spit on his cock twice and rubbed Kunti’s virgin cunt just once. He positioned his dickhead on the lips of the pussy, and slowly he slid his huge cock inside.

Kunti felt the walls caving in. It was more like the world was exploding. What was that? Pain entering her, or a piece of flesh? She groaned, “No. I can’t take that big a cock, no.” Surya ignored her and kept her thighs parted. His eyes were fixed on her swaying perky bosoms. She was lean, but her bosoms were mellower than her age. There was a hint of smile on Surya’s lips as he realized the virgin’s searing pain and helplessness, “Beg, you piece of ass, beg.” The cock was sliding deeper with each stroke, and every single time it came out watery and wet. Kunti was cumming even in pain. “You dumb whore! You don’t even know how to enjoy a piece of rock like mine. Shut your stupid ass mouth.”

Soon it was going deeper and deeper until it hit Kunti’s womb. She said, “I’m a virgin, am I not supposed to bleed?” Surya didn’t want to talk rubbish, “You can swim. You’re athletic. I have seen you play, I have seen you fingered. Your hymen is long ruptured. Don’t be so dumb. I’m as experienced as they come. I hate the sight of blood! Now, just moan and shut your stupid hole.” His thrusts became vigorous, his pounding became longer, his shaft became harder and harder; the moans grew amorous; the shrieks became more shrill and Surya clutched at her dangling breasts and pressed them harder as he neared his cum. Kunti kept breaking water from time to time. She could never describe her pleasure in years to come. It was unnatural—pain and pleasure rolled into one. She wished for the pain to go away though. It did. But that took her three rounds of drilling to bid adieu to the tingling pain inside her lower belly.

Surya was growing warmer and warmer as he came closer to his climax. His pounding increased its speed and soon he lit up the whole room. He silently came inside Kunti. The poor girl looked helpless. She was almost unconscious with the rising temperature of Surya’s body and vicinity.

Surya said to himself, “Only ten minutes and I’m ejaculating seeds? What the fuck! I could go on for days without cumming. Dancers had died of my vigour. What is so wrong with me? How did I become so frail? How did I end up so weak and old and horrible!” It enraged him deep down. There were hours to come. Hours through which he could try to prove his sexual might. He had probably lost it! It was too much to take. And the poor dumb human was all he had to test his hard dick. But he kept his head.

Kunti regained her full consciousness to find herself fully naked with Surya licking her navel ring. One of his fingers was going in and coming out of her cunt. Her navel was not so deep, but her muscular belly was irresistible. Even Surya tried sinking his teeth into her side muscles, her love angles. Kunti mumbled, “What just happened? Why did I lose consciousness again? Weird!” Surya got up in the bed and pulled her closer with one strong arm. He could throw her like a hollow rubber ball anytime. He did not bother to answer the clueless lass. He sat in the cushiony bed with his legs outstretched and parted, his back straight, his wet dick erect. He took Kunti by her waist and lowered her on his lap, on his dick. He passed his arms on either side of her body and from behind pulled at her hair again to arch her athletic lanky body backwards, like a bow.

He began to lift her up and down on his shaft sitting like this. She stretched her legs on either side of Surya’s waist, and she started scratching his chest. Surya pulled her closer and kissed her for the first time, hi mouth on hers, his tongue on hers.

Soon Kunti’s breasts were sore, her leaking cunt was sore from all the ramming. Surya lit up sooner than the previous time and shot his cum inside her every time. When she would regain her senses she would be flung on the floor, on all her fours, face down. Surya would grab her by the hips and start vigourously pounding her pussy from behind like a dog, like a mindless animal. His hands would roam and caress her back, the deep spine-line; he could easily cup her swaying breasts too. She stopped counting her orgasms by then. Now he would throw her facedown on the bed, now he would make her lean forward on the bed with her knees resting on the floor. He loved entering her from behind, but he did not show any intension to penetrate her ass hole. Surya knew the little thing could never take it all up her ass.

She lay on her back on the bed with cushions tucked under her hips, and Surya feasted on her jingling jugs. He would have loved the jingles of anklets and ornaments, but Kunti wasn’t prepared to receive a guest. “You wench are only horny is all, aren’t you?” Surya came again and again. He kissed, but roughly—he caressed but like a beast—he put his hands all over her tender body, but only to molest it. He could effortlessly topple and turn her, grabbing by her waist.

Kunti loved it, and it took her hours to question the events of this morning.

Now that she sat perplexed bathed in the cum of the Sun God, worries flashed before her rudderless young mind.

Suryadev had more than once discharged inside her.

He was such a lousy lover. He couldn’t withdraw for her sake or anything.

Now what? What if her little silly amorous tryst (which went not quite what she expected) lands her with a baby without a father?

She looked at Surya. After squirting a bucketful of creamy cum he was breathless. He smiled. His voice was calm, “You poor thing! Don’t you think I’ve given that a thought too? I couldn’t control myself, couldn’t possibly withdraw. It’s been long since I have had a human girl to my leisure. I wanted to enjoy you.

“Don’t worry. I’m a God at the end of it all. You will bear us a child. You will become a mother.” Surya bent down and kissed her lips. It was finally such a warm, nice, caring kiss. He fixed his eyes on hers, “We’re going to have a nice long talk about our child now, dear thing.”
—Darkchild Michelangelo

Posted : 02/05/2013 5:47 pm