Mai Sharabi  


Hi, this is aadhya. I am 18 years old and presently doing my +2. I used to live in my hometown hissar but now shifted to Delhi. I am a big slut, I had fucked every guy in my class of my old school. My parents put me in a big school. My class was full of handsome guys but there were 2 guys abhi and ishan who were exceptionally handsome. They were rich also. I tried to get their attention in every possible way, they also liked me and tried to have conversations with me. Soon we became friends. We used to hang out together. Abhi had a toyota fortuner. I and abhi went on long drives in it. Once we went to a deserted place. I was wearing a blue top and black denim shorts. Those shorts ended just below my ass. We went outside the car. Abhi tried to kiss me there. And as I told that I am a slut i responded him.
He then pressed my breasts and I moaned lightly. I moved my hand over his crotch and found that he was fully erect. I massaged his cock over his jeans. He then took me in car and removed my top. I was wearing a black bra. He put his hand inside my bra and massaged my boobs. I helped him by opening the hooks of my bra. He then lowered my shorts. I was lying on the backseat of his car in only a black panty. Suddenly somebody knocked on the door. The glasses were tinted so he couldn't see what was happening inside. I hurriedly put my top on. Abhi lowered the glass and the person asked us about an address. Abhi abused him and asked him to go. Our fun was interrupted. I was sitting only in a panty and top. I started searching for my shorts and bra.
Abhi picked them up and said that he would return them only after reaching home. Then we returned back. He returned my shorts outside my home. I wore them and asked for my bra. He said that he wanted it for masturbating. I gave it to him. That night I fingered thrice thinking of him. I also went with ishan on hi bike. I used to hold him tightly while riding. He purposely put the brakes on so that my breasts pressed on his back. I also enjoyed it. One night, we went to a disco. I told my parents that I was going to my friend's house for a sleepover. The disco was fully crowded. Ishan asked us to find a place for sitting and went for buying some drinks. We found an empty corner and settled down there. Ishan returned with a bottle of vodka. We decided to have it neat. I was getting high.
Ishan asked me for a dance. I went with him. Honey singh's MAI SHARABI was being played. I didn't care for other people in the disco and danced seductively for abhi and ishan. They then took me to a room which they had booked for fucking me. We went inside the room and abhi locked it. Without wasting a second they got me naked. They too got naked and started forcing their cocks in my mouth. I kiddingly told them "sabr rakho dono ka number ayega." I started sucking abhi's cock and massaging ishan's cock. Both of the had nice long dicks, perfect for a slut like me. Then both of them came on my face. I licked their cocks clean. Ishan started rubbing his cock on my asshole while abhi sucked my clean shaved pussy. Suddenly ishan put his cock in my asshole.
I didn't feel much pain as I had taken many dicks in my both holes. Then I came on abhi's face. He licked all my liquid like a good boy. Then he put his cock in my pussy. For the 1st time in my life I was double penetrated. I was having the best time of my life. I moaned like hell. My moans were getting louder every moment. They fucked me like that for 1 hour. Then we had one more round. I cummed 8 times that night. Next day I woke up at 12:00 pm and found that they were still sleeping. They looked very cute while sleeping. They were still nude. I sucked their dicks again. They woke up when they felt that somebody was playing with their cocks. They wished me good morning. I couldn't reply because I had abhi's dick inside my mouth. Then we bathed together. I sucked them once more in shower. They applied soap on my boobs and also cleaned my pussy and asshole. Then abhi got an idea that they should piss on my face.
Both of them pissed on my face with full force. I liked the golden shower and drank their piss. They didn't let me bath again. I was stinking. They ordered breakfast and tea. They told that I would not get any tea and have to drink their piss and cum only. They asked me to collect their cum and piss in an empty cup drink it with breakfast. I drank it wit aaloo paranthas. It tasted nice. I think every girl should try it once. They once again fucked me. We took a bath again. They left me home at 2:00 pm. I loved that weekend. Now, I an their private bitch. They use me in every way they want. I too enjoy that. I will post part 2 if I get a good response. Till then, SAYONARA

Posted : 27/04/2013 10:47 am