Mom Caught me Naked in Bathroom  


hi frnd this is my own experience which m sharing with you all
my name is rohan and m 21 yr of age.
i was studying in a engg colg in the 4th yr .
the incident actually happened when i was in my home . as u know in the final yr there is no classes so i use to stay in home in the vaccation.
Once i arrived to my home and found that my father is going for a office tour for 2 weeks
it was a regular routine so there is nothing more .
so me and my mom use to stay together in the home. after 3 or 4 days father telephoned my mom that he is not coming in 1 week but it will take a month so mom was a lil bit upset on that.

now m telling about my mom she is 42 her name is nitu and she is quite and beautiful.
one day in night i found that a sound is coming from my mom room . i neglected and slept at that time. in the next morning i found that my mom is wearing a different dress that of she is in the night.
Next night we had a late night talk and i slept there only . at night i went for toilet but found that mom was already in bathroom and a creepy sound is coming i found that she is fingering herself . when i looked from the keyhole she is completly nude with a cucumber in her hand . and drilling her pussy with it. i was completly on heaven and began to take out my penis and mastburating there . suddenly mom opend the door and pulled me by holding my penis and take it in her mouth i was suprised she told me to cum in her mouth i was frightened but later she make me fell comfortable so i cumed in her mouth . now i feel like a bull ready to fuck the white pulpy we go to the bedroom and then opened all the clothes , she brings oil for sex. i oiled her complete body especially her pussy and she oiled my dick now she spread her legs and begging me to fuck i give her a hard blow she cried and then enjoying the pressure of my dick . at that night i fucked her in her mouth , asshole, pussy and then she drink my cum . now she is completly open to me and we living naked in the house . i usually fuck her any time i want and just put my dick in her pussy . in the kitchen in bathroom or even in the garden in night in open sky all night she is playing with my dick and we just wait for the day when father goes for the office trip.

Posted : 09/11/2012 10:03 am