Mom Fucked by a relative  


My name is sumit.My age is 20 yrs.In my family there is only two members first my mom and second i am. My mom's name is versha. She is 40 yrs old. She has very curvy figure. In my colony everybody want to fuck my mom but no one got this. She has maintained her figure. She has fair skin. Her boobs are full of milk. She has Good pair of boobs. She always wears saree. Her height is 5 feet 2 inch. Her figure is 34", 28", 36".The best part of her body is her ass. Her ass is round shape. When she goes to market everybody see her ass. She is kind of exhibitionist. She likes to exhibit her body. She is good mother. My dad was died when i was just 5 yrs old. So i know she has sexual need. After all, like all indian women she is hot and sexy so it was imbalance to her That she did not engaged in any kind of sex.
This incidence happened when we went to attend a marriage ceremony in Delhi. We reached there in evening and stayed in hotel as all arrangement of guest was in the hotel.
There many relatives of our family was present. In which one of my uncle named Arun was also there in marriage. This is the story of how arun uncle fucked my mom
.Arun uncle has good physique. His height is 5'8".he has good athletic body. He divorced to his wife. When we meet arun uncle he was starring on my mom. My mom was also looking on him. Then both of them talked to each other while i went to meet with other relatives. I found that they were busy with each other. Then we take dinner and went to our respective room. Uncle's room was near to our room. He came to our room and talked with my mom while i was busy in surfing net on my phone. I found that mom was also interested with him. Then uncle went to his room and we slept.
In the morning we freshen ourself and took breakfast. Today was the day of marriage so we prepared.
Mom wore pink colour saree with sleevless blouse. Her blouse was transparent and her bra was peeping through her blouse.Uncle met us in the evening. Uncle was starring on my mom's boobs and on her curved ass. Mom was looking so beautiful that everybody was starring on him. When marriage ceremony ended mom said to uncle to go with us to our house so that he can stay there for some days and uncle was also ready. We reached our house in the evening. After taking bath Mom went to kitchen and made some food. We took and went to drawing hall. We watched the television. As i was tired so i went to my room.
At 1 am i woke up then went to kitchen for some water. And i saw that the light of mom's room was on. I went to near the window i peeped through by sliding the curtail. I was astonished to see my mom laying with uncle. I watched mom was in her nighty. She was saying to uncle that she has not done sex from many years so i am hungry for sex please fuck me tonight as hard as possible.
Uncle was standing in her lungi. He was in only lungi. His chest was covered with hairs. Mom stood on the bed. Uncle moved upto bed. Mom stood on the bed. Uncle moved up to bed. Then both of
them hugged tightly to each other. Uncle untied his lungi and underwear and now he was
completely nude. Her cock was 7".There was no hair on his pubic area. He has shaved it. Mom was happy to see it. She held it in her hand and started to caressing it. Mom held cock in hand and removed foreskin and caressing the cock. uncle was kissing on mom's neck. Then mom came on her knees and took the cock and began to rub the cock. Uncle was in heaven. He said versha please take it in mouth and suck it hard. Mom said i never took it in mouth. I don’t want to take it. He said versha come on please take it, Mom firstly rounded her tongue on the head of cock. Then mom took that in her mouth and she started to suck it. Uncle was uttering like " aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm come on suck it hard baby". Mom was also enjoying the moment. Mom was moving her mouth fast and uncle was moaning in bliss. Then uncle started to fucking mom's mouth fast as he was near to cumm. He cummed on mom's face. Mom said it is smelling bad.
Then uncle licked her face and took all the precum in his mouth. Uncle undid
the mom's nighty. Now mom was in white bra and white panty. Uncle untied the bra
and mom covered her boobs with her hands. Uncle said, "Versha why are you
shying?” Mom said, "Arun i never undid myself after my husband's death so i am
feeling shy". Uncle persuaded to mom and mom uncovered her boobs. Mom's
boobs was like melon. Boobs were flashing in milky light. Then uncle pinched her
nipples and took one nipple in his mouth and began to bite it mom was on seventh
sky. Mom was moaning loudly like "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuu
please suck it baby... ohhhh iiii aur jorr sseee chuso and so on........". Uncle was
caressing mom's boobs hard. Mom was holding tightly the bed sheet. I can
understand she was in great bliss. She was enjoying a lot. After some time uncle
came on mom's thighs and started to rubbing the thighs. He was licking her
thighs. Mom was moving her fingers in his head. Then uncle removed panty.
Mom's pussy was fair in colour. It was clean shaved. Mom covered it but uncle
removed her hand and placed his hand and rubbed it. Mom moaned in enjoy. Then
uncle parted mom's legs and placed her tongue on pussy. Mom moaned
"aaaaaahhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhha ". Uncle sucked mom's clitoris. And
he fucked mom by his tongue. Mom was, "saying please suck it hard baby". Mom
placed the pillow on her breast, then mom said i am cumming Arun please lick all
the juice. Then uncle cleaned the pussy by licking all the juices.
Now mom spread her legs and uncle placed his dick's glans on the entrance of pussy and began to rub it. Now mom was moaning and saying, "Please dal do andar mat tadpao". And after that uncle gave a hard stroke and whole dick went into the pussy and mom screamed in pain. Mom was saying,"aaaahhhhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhhhhh bahut dard ho raha hai".Uncle was saying, "versha bahut tight pussy hai tumhari, ahhh uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhmmmmmmm". Uncle now started to pound in the pussy. Mom was also giving response to uncle by moving up her ass. I could see that his dick was being wetted with mom's juice and his balls were slapping her ass. He was sucking her breast time to time. I heard mom was saying she loves him much. She was saying "please fuck me hard, i am your bitch". He was now fucking mom vigourously.
Next, Uncle said to mom to kneel down and he took him from behind and rammed his gignatic thing in her pussy. Mom was shouting like ahhh! ahh! uhhh! aaaiii!. Uncle was also pressing mom's breast time to time. Mom said, she is now cumming and uncle was also cumming. Mom said please cum in my pussy. I want to be mother of your baby. And uncle did the same. And after that he collapsed on mom's back. And mom was under him. Then they both laid on the bed completely nude. Mom was so much happy. Then i came to my room and i slept. How was my story please give me feedback. Later on mom married to uncle, I will also write it in this series how she was fucked on her golden night.

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