Mother's Hero  


Madhav had been away at college for nine months, as it was his final year of engineering education at IIT Delhi. During this time, his mother used to call him almost daily on his Reliance mobile phone. Madhav has become very close to his mother Sarita after the death of his father. Her phone calls were full of love and longing to meet him and glowing expectations about his final results.

Now as he was returning home with good marks and a placement with a leading technology firm in their R&D department, he was eager to meet his dear Amma (mother in his native tongue)

After getting down from his train from Delhi, Madhav took an auto-rickshaw (a small 3 wheel taxi popular in India) and pulled up in front of their independent house in the suburbs of Bangalore.

He got out his luggage and trudged up the gravel laid walk to front door. Looking around the courtyard, he saw that a few weeds had found their way into some of the cracks between the tiles. Strange, he thought because his mother was quite the gardener and usually kept the yard in perfect order. Stopping in front of the door, he set his luggage down and rang the doorbell once, and then again before reaching for the doorknob. Just as his hand touched the doorknob, he felt the door open.

"MADHAV, YOU'RE HOME," Madhav's mother, Sarita cried out as she opened the door.

Stepping forward, she swept him into her arms and hugged him tightly. So tight in fact, he could barely breathe. Hugging her back, he mind saw a man standing in the doorway of the kitchen watching them.

"Oh, Madhu, my son, I'm so glad to see you," she bubbled as she finally released him and stepped back away from him.

Surprised to see his mother’s reaction, he grinned back at her sheepishly, almost at a loss for words.

"I'm glad to see you, too," he finally laughed, pulling her back to him and giving her another hug, "Isn’t that uncle Ramesh”

"Oh, yes," his mother murmured, nervously turning and stepping away from Madhav. “He had a conference today in Bangalore”

"Greetings Ramesh uncle" Madhav wished.

“What are this people doing here?” Madhav thought. This was one family who were never close to them. And there was something about him that Madhav found discomforting. Maybe it was the Ramesh used to look at his mother and they way he tried to get close to them after his fathers death. Ramesh was his father’s younger brother and was a couple of years older than his mother's forty-one years.

It was then that Madhav noticed a distinct chill in the air between his mother and Ramesh. Or maybe he was just imagining it as he was tired from his long drive.

"Come on in, Monu," his mother smiled at him, "your room is ready. I guess you still remember where it is after all this time."

"Yeah, I think I do," he laughed softly, "it hasn't been all that long."

"Here, I'll carry your little bag," she offered, picking up the smaller suitcase.

"Okay," he said, grabbing his other suitcase and starting to follow his mother.

"Well, I'm going to have a drink, while you two are gone, do you want one Madhav" Ramesh asked.

“I don’t drink uncle” he mumbled looking at his mother who was shaking her head. "Don't have too much, Ramesh” his mother said as she started up the stairs ahead of Madhav.

Following his mother up the stairs, Madhav saw Ramesh splash four or five fingers of booze into his glass and quickly toss it down.

"I hope that he doesn't drink too much this evening, he came back from the conference with a bottle" his mother said softly over her shoulder as she stepped up to the door of his room, "I don't like it when he drinks too much."

Madhav didn't comment on her statement as he walked into his room and set his suitcase down.

"Oh, Monu, you don't know how happy I am to see you," she cooed as she gave him another hug, "I could just hug you and hug you and hug you."

"Oh, Amma " Madhav smiled back at her, "Take it easy."

"Oh, Madhu" she told him, "I'm just so happy to see you."

"Well," he yawned, "I am happy to see you, too."

"Oh, Really," she laughed at his yawn, "I can see how excited you are by the way you're yawning."

"I could not sleep well in the train Amma" he said, looking down at his watch.

"Why don't you lay down and take a nap, after you bath," his mother told him, turning back the covers on his bed, "and we can eat around 8 or so. Is that okay?"

"That sounds great," he said, unable to stop yawning.

He took his bath and was drying his hair wearing only a towel on his torso when he saw him mother at the door staring at him. After a few minutes she came in “all fresh Monu, have this lemon juice” she handed him a tall cool glass.

He drank it down and saw his mother looking at him was it imagination that he saw something more than motherly pride in her eyes?

He pulled on a T shirt and short and said “Let me sleep awhile now Amma”. He lied down

Smiling down at him, his mother pulled the covers up under his chin and tucked him in just as she had done when his was just a little kid.

"Welcome back, Madhu," she sighed, as she bent down and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek, "I'm so glad to have you back home."

Madhav watched her as she turned and grudgingly left his room. He had never seen his mother like this. She was looking troubled and was hiding something. Strange, he thought as he felt himself falling to sleep.

Suddenly, he was woken up by a loud noise coming from downstairs. Groggily, he sat up. Rubbing his eyes and trying to determine what it was that had woken him up, he was met with silence. Then as he listened intently, he thought he heard a muffled cry. Waiting and wondering, he faintly heard his mother telling someone to stop. Shaking his head to clear away the cobwebs, he got up and stepped out into the hallway. Padding down to his mother's bedroom, he wondered what was going on. Stopping outside the door, he put his ear to the door and listened again.

"Please, Ramesh, Please don't, get out of my room now" he heard her plaintively beg followed by the muffled sound of another slap.

"Oh, Ramesh, think of Usha, no please, not there, Oh, No" she whimpered loudly as Madhav listened on in shock.

"Shut up or your son will hear you," he heard Ramesh tell her.

Madhav waited for a few more seconds until he heard his mother sob out in pain. Not able to take any more, Madhav pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

Madhav's heart almost stopped. He couldn't breathe. He all but fell as his knees buckled.

Madhav felt like he was going to faint as his vision tunneled down to his mother and Ramesh.

His mother was on her back on her bed, he saree off her body, her blouse torn. Ramesh had pulled her perrycoat up and was trying to force him self on her. He was naked from waist down, with his hardon shaking in the air.

"Oh, shit " He grunted out incredulously as Ramesh glared at him angrily.

It was then that he saw the bruises on his mother's face, and even on her thighs

"MADHAV," his mother wailed as he stood staring at them.

"Your mother wants me Madhav, get out of here, boy," Ramesh growled at him, insolently pushing down his sister-in-law and making her moan out in pain again.

Madhav stood paralyzed for several seconds. "Get away from her," Madhav was finally able to blurt out as he started toward them.

"I told you this is not your business, Madhav," Ramesh commanded him. “She asked for this”

“OH No, No, Madhu I never” Sarita wailed. “Ramesh what are you saying”

"I told you to get away from my mother," Madhav yelled as he reached for Ramesh.

He didn't even see Ramesh's hand as it came arcing around and caught him on the jaw, knocking him backwards.

Shaking his head, trying to clear away the stars that were exploding in his head, Madhav stopped.

"You idiot, your father is no longer there, Sarita wants a man, don’t you understand" Ramesh snarled at him.

Suddenly, Madhav's karate training came back to him. He realized that he had let his anger put him in a compromising position. He had to calm down if he was going to be able to drive Ramesh away.

This time he started back slowly, moving around behind Ramesh who was still on top of his desperate mother who had cried out when she saw her son being hit

Seeing Madhav coming at him again, Ramesh finally lunged back away from Sarita, pulling-up his pyjamas, as he turned to face Madhav.

"Oh, Ramesh please, he is a kid, no no" Sarita groaned as she fell to the bed pulling the bed sheet over her semi-nudity.

Seeing Madhav drop into a karate pose, Ramesh laughed and stepped off the bed. Just as Ramesh stepped toward him, Madhav pivoted and turned on his toes, kicking out one leg as he spun around. He caught Ramesh in the middle of the chest with his foot sending him flailing back across the room.

"Whooooooooofffffffhhhhshhs," Ramesh gasped as he slammed up against the wall and slowly slid down to the floor. "CAANNNNNTTTT BRRTHHHTHH."

Seeing he had knocked the breath out of him, Madhav purposely walked over to where Ramesh sat gasping for air.

Ramesh sat leaning up against the wall, writhing and trying to get his breath. Holding his throat and pointing to his chest as he struggled to breathe, but Madhav just stood there glaring down at him malevolently.

Finally, Madhav saw Ramesh's chest begin to shudder and jerk as his diaphragm began to function again. Madhav could hear him gasping and wheezing asthmatically as he strained to breathe. Smiling maliciously, Madhav took another step and aimed a second kick directly at Ramesh's exposed genitals.

"AWWWWHHHH GAAWWWWDDDD," Ramesh screamed out as Madhav's toes slammed into his balls and cock.

Madhav could only imagine what the pain was like as it spewed up from Ramesh's bruised testicles. Ramesh's face turned green and it looked like he was about to faint.

Madhav feigned like he was going to kick him again and Ramesh grabbed hold of his balls to protect them from another attack. But instead of kicking him, Madhav grabbed a handful of hair and slammed Ramesh's head back against the wall as hard as he could.

"Listen to me, UNCLE" Madhav growled at him, "If you ever touch my mother again, I will kill you. Do you understand that?"

"aaag, yes" Ramesh returned insolently, still not beaten.

"I don't think you believe me," he said, jerking Ramesh's head back and slamming it into the wall again.

And then again. "Madhav," Sarita said from the bed, "don't kill him, Madhu."

"What," Madhav muttered, as the black rage boiling inside his head slowly began to loosen its grip on him.

Looking over at her, he saw that she had crawled under the sheet and lay looking out at them with fear written all over her face.

"Do you understand, you horrible man" Madhav asked Ramesh again flinging his head back against the wall one more time.

"Yes," Ramesh answered, much more contritely this time.

"Now, the first thing you're going to do is to apologize to my mother for hurting her," Madhav told him, pulling his hair roughly.

"I'm sorry," he said almost too softly to hear.

"I can't hear you. Louder."

"I'm sorry,"

"Louder," Madhav shouted.

"I'm Sorry," Ramesh yelled.

"That's more like it," Madhav grinned evilly, slamming Ramesh's head back into the wall one last time for good measure before as he disentangled his fingers from Ramesh's oily hair.

"Now, you're going to leave this house and never come back" Madhav told him walking over and picking up Ramesh's pants and shirt, "Understand?"

"Okay," Ramesh said humbled and beaten. Pain etched on his face, Ramesh somehow got up to his hands and knees and crawled across the room and out into the hallway.

A beaten man, Ramesh shamefully moved down the hallway as Madhav strode into his room. Following Ramesh down the stairs, he waited until he was almost down to the bottom before he gave him a shove that sent him sprawling down the rest of the way.

"There will be autos at the junction take one and go the station or airport wherever” Madhav commanded as his uncle packed hurriedly. “Don't even think about coming this way or I'll kill you. It's that simple. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sure," Ramesh said tiredly, finally able to stand.

He felt little remorse as he watched Ramesh dress and painfully limp across the room and out the front door. Following him over, he watched as Ramesh closed the gate and vanished into the street.

Walking over to the door of his mother's room, he peeked inside.

"Are you okay?" he asked her, seeing that she was still under the covers.

"Is he gone?"

"Yes, and I don't think he'll be back," he said confidently.

"Thank Goodness," she cooed, smiling finally.

"Let me get you some water” he said to her.

"Okay," she smiled again.

Walking to the kitchen he thought back on the sordid event that had just taken place. The picture of his mothers semi-nudity was indelibly etched into his memory banks. It had been horrible. But strangely, now that it was all over, he felt a tingle of perverse excitement and his penis begin to harden. God, I'm not any better than Ramesh was, he thought as his cock continued to swell and grow.

He always knew his mother was a beautiful woman. Tall for an Indian woman at 5 feet 6, with fair smooth skin and a sensous face with lush lips. She was not slim, however the extra weight was nicely distributed giving her a voluptuous look, with wide hips, a sexy behind and a generous bosom.

“Here Amma” he gave the water to his mother and saw her stare at his waist for a split second and her eyes widening as she took the glass,

Looking down at himself, he shamefully saw that his shorts were tented.

"Amma," he murmured sitting down near her. “Are you ok”

"It is ok now dear, he is gone" she said. “He has been behind me for some time now, I did not want to trouble you, else I would have told you earlier.” “Ramesh was beginning to worry me, but I didn't know how to make him to leave."

"Anyway, I thank you for rescuing me," she smiled, leaning forward and giving him a soft kiss on the cheek, "You are my hero"

"I'm just glad I was here to stop it," he blushed again.

"Oh, Monu," she sighed, I'm so glad you're home." She pulled him to her and hugged him. This caused the bed-sheet to fall and her torn blouse clad breasts became visible for a moment

"Just relax," he told her stroking her back from the blouse down to the naked midriff. Suddenly, he felt another ripple of excitement trickle through his penis. Watch yourself, your lecherous pervert, he warned himself.

"I feel bad for upsetting your home coming Madhu, with what Ramesh was saying…. " she complained, "I don’t know what you feel about your old mother now?” …. “I don't see what Ramesh sees in me, I m not young, I am fat and .... so….. Oh Madhu” she sobbed.

"Don't even say that," he blurted out angrily, "I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world, the best mother in the world, you are not old nor are you fat Amma, you look so good you don’t know, you are so good, so so good” he murmured.

"Oh, Madhav, my Darling," she murmured softly, "What in the world would I do without you?"

"Well, I don't plan to let you find out for a while," he smiled back at her happily.

"You are making me feel so good," she smiled down at him "I'd just about forgotten what it felt like to feel happy. But with you around, it comes quite naturally. You make me feel like a real woman again."

"Good," he told her as he delicately caressed her hair. He felt mixed emotions. Love, concern and ….. something more…

But as he tried to sort out what was happening between them, he glance up at his mother's face and saw that his mother was looking down at his groin. Had she noticed the big bulge his cock was making, he wondered, looking down at it.

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Staring down at her son's obvious excitement, Sarita couldn't believe how large he was. She could remember when he was a little boy and his penis was no more than a couple of inches long, but now, it had to be nine or ten inches long.

What am I thinking, she asked herself in horror as she, realized what she had been thinking? Can I be this depraved? What was this new emotion she was feeling toward him? How could she be feeling it toward this man of all men? How could she ever feel this way toward him, her own son? Suddenly, the answer exploded inside her brain. The emotion she was feeling wasn't a new emotion. It was just one that she hadn't experienced in such a long she had forgotten what it felt like.

IT WAS THE HOT, FIERY LOVE THAT A WOMAN FELT FOR HER MAN! HER LOVER! HER SOULMATE! It wasn't mother and son love. Yet, it was. It was all mixed up together and coalesced into a mutant love so strong, she knew that she couldn't control it. It would overwhelm her and force her to relent to its evil urges.

Unaware of the battle raging inside his mother's mind, Madhav was shocked to see her clutching him and her lips kissing his cheeks.

“Madhu, my Madhu” Sarita murmured “Thank you my dear”

Confusion reigned in Madhav's brain. Desire and lust came welling up from his throbbing, twitching prick. But he couldn't allow this to happen. As much as he wanted it to, he knew that it might destroy them. She mustn't know. She mustn't know how much he wanted her, he told himself as he tried to move his groin away from her as his mother hugged him closer.

But Sarita’s thighs had moved and rested squarely on his groin, and he felt his giant penis lurch about wildly under his shorts. He felt his mother tremble suddenly.

"Oh, " he gasped, trying to move away "I'm so sorry, Amma."

"That's okay," she said softly, slowly moving her legs, away "I understand."

"You must think that I'm a terrible son," he groaned, moving back and trying to hide his erection.

"Quite, the opposite," she smiled at him, "I think you are a wonderful son."

"Even after, uh, after you saw, uh, well, uh, you know what I mean," he stuttered, his face bright red with shame.

"Even after that," she said softly, "and maybe even because of it."

"What, what do you mean?" he stuttered.

"Nothing," she sighed. "Nothing."

"Amma do you want me to go away" he asker her, assuming that she wouldn't want to continue their dangerous flirtation.

"Only if you want to go " she told him, boldly staring deep into his eyes. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes, uh, no, uh, oh I don't know what I want anymore," he blubbered.

"Well, why don't you stay with me for some time" she suggested, "and maybe we won't have any more accidents."

"Uh, I don't know, uh, well, uh, I guess I could," he stammered, "If you think it would be better."

"I do," she told him, as he sat down near her again. “Lie down Madhu” Sarita asked patting the pillow near her and making room for her son.

How was this all going to play out?, he wondered as he lied down resting against the propped up pillow. Sarita moved closer and rested her head on her sons broad shoulder. Madhav’s hands gently stroked his mother arms.

Lying on her back, feeling her son's magical hands working their spell on her, she found herself recalling the image of his tented shorts. How could her little Madhu be so grown up, she asked herself? Why it seemed only like yesterday that he had been a little boy

But he wasn't a boy anymore. God no. Now he was all grown up with his cock was so big and so hard. But why was he so hard? Did he find her arousing? Arousing in a sexual way. Did he love her in the same sick, despicable way she loved him? He must, she thought as she felt a flash of heat flare up from her secret place.

As wickedly perverted as it was, she somehow found it sensually exciting to know that she was the reason for her son's obvious state of sexual arousal.

She couldn't help being attracted to her son. He had always been the center of her universe. She had always doted on him, even to the point of overindulgence. So why, why wouldn't it be logical for her to find him desirable sexually, too?

But how could she take such a heinous thing and make it seem rational? It was so wrong. Wrong!


Wrong by whose standards? What could it hurt? They wouldn't be hurting anyone else. It was just them. Just the two of them. No one else would even know.

And it was painfully obvious that Madhav was just as sexually aroused as she was.

Yes, it was very, very obvious that they were both infected by the same depraved sickness. The same deadly, diseased virus must be coursing through their veins. Both of them must have the same defective gene. She must have passed it on to him. It must be my fault, she feverishly thought. I must have passed the evil, corrupted gene to him while he was still inside my womb being formed. Just the thought of him being back inside of her womb again sent a gush of her warm, sticky readiness pouring out of the burning pit down between her legs.

Not only had she passed on the sickly tainted gene to him, she was now placing them both in harm's way. Placing them in a situation so fraught with peril, there was little chance of escape. It was as if they were in a boat drifting toward a huge waterfall. But instead of trying to paddle away from it, they were paddling hell-bent for it. She knew that they were going to be washed over the edge of the violent, foaming turbulence. Be washed over it, sending both of them plunging down into, into . . . into what?

She didn't know what would happen once they were catapulted down into the waiting uncertainty. But she did know that she didn't have the courage or desire to stop it.

The room was growing hotter and hotter. She couldn't stop thinking about Madhav. The pain and suffering Ramesh had caused made her distrustful of all men. No, not all men. All men, but one. There was one glaring exception.


And now he was with her again. He was her hero. And he had fought a duel to win the right to claim her as his own. He had fought and won. Won her away from the evil Ramesh and his destructive ways.

She felt so warm and safe now. She wanted to tell him that. But she was afraid. She wanted to tell him how much she loved and needed him. Tell him that he meant the world to her. But she didn't want to consume him with her illicit love. She didn't want to drive him away with her possessive love. She just wanted to hold him and never let him go.

But how could she show him how much she loved him?

He had given her life back to her and now she had to repay him by giving him her total, unconditional love. She had to give herself to him completely, purely, totally.

She knew that she must make sweet, beautiful love with her son. Make love to him and show him just how much he meant to her.

But even to admit such a thing was sickening.

Her conscience was going berserk. How could she even consider such a thing it cried out?

It was so wicked and vile, her inner self raged. You know you will go to hell if you do it, her spiritual self told her. Why she would probably go to hell for even thinking about it. But to actually do it would be so blasphemous she could already feel the fires of hell licking at her feet.

Then she found herself trying to justify it to the voice within her head.

Why shouldn't a mother and her son be able to make love to each other? The bond between a mother and her son was the strongest bond of the human race. But she knew why. Why it was such a taboo? Men. Men were afraid of the love a mother felt for her son. Afraid it would be too strong. Too strong and no other man would stand a chance.

So man had made a rule that mother's couldn't make love to their sons. That was it. She knew down deep inside of her that sex between a mother and her son could be a gentle, loving experience. But because of men, it couldn't be allowed to happen. Her head was spinning. Had she finally convinced herself that having sex with Madhav would not be wrong?

She knew that she wanted him and it was apparent that he wanted her.

But, still there were lingering, nagging doubts.

If they made love, would he love her afterwards? Or hate her?

As she mulled over the questions, Madhav’s hand accidentally brushed against her breasts and she felt him stiffen and move his hands away, some how that act deadened the raucous complaints of her conscience. The bed sheet slipped down and he could see her heaving bosom with her blouse partly torn from the top so that her black brassier and deep cleavage was very visible. He started.

"I love you so much," she murmured, almost under her breath.

"I Love you, too, Mother," he muttered, trying to control the burning desire burning out of down in his belly.

Madhav glanced down his throbbing giant was so hard and stiff, he didn't know how long he could keep it concealed he told himself as he continued to hold his dear mother close. His hands were caressing her hands and as she shifted herself his hands rested on her belly over the bedsheet.

He delicately fingered the pliant flesh for a moment, “Amma you are so nice”

She looked up at him “So are you”

Madhav couldn't help but notice the change in his mother. She seemed amazingly calm under the circumstances. Here they were, sitting on a bed, her semi-naked under the sheets, him with only his Bermuda shorts on him, both of them obviously sexually aroused and yet, she seemed calm and collected. It was almost as if she had made her mind up to not let anything bother her. It was weird. He couldn't explain it. But she most definitely had a different air about her.

He could see that she was calmly watching him as he tried to look away from her body.

She could see the profound effect her semi-nudity was having on her son. And why wouldn't it, she smiled to herself. After all, she was his mother. And she knew she was a beautiful woman.

He was very tightly wound, she thought, watching him furtively glancing up at her breasts as he stroked her belly. She couldn't mistake his obvious excitement as it was clearly evidenced by the giant protrusion jutting up under his shorts..

There was little sense in protracting his agony, she told herself. She had made up her mind, so there was no need to torment him any further. She held his hands and pressed them to her belly and slowly moved them up “It feels nice Madhu” she murmured. “You are making all the pain disappear”

Sweating and trembling with excitement, he let his mother move his fingers up her belly until they were only an inch or so from the underside of her breasts. She could see the sweat glimmering wetly on his forehead.

Now, she telepathically urged him on, now. Touch it. Touch me. Please. But even as she silently pleaded with him, he suddenly stopped and moved his hands away, pushing her hands down in the process. “Sorry” he said”

“Why dear”? she asked as her hand moved farther and farther down until it brushed up against his granite-like hardness thrusting up under his shorts. She didn't move.

"I am so sorry Amma” his voice shook

Her fingers traced his hardness, there was no hiding now.

"MOTHER," he gasped staring down at his mother touching his throbbing manhood.

"Oh, Amma, please I …. I am… I don’t know …. sorry" he stammered, trying to move back.

"Why are you being sorry, Amma is not upset with you" Sarita coyly said, moving her hands over his hardness

“Oh, Amma," he groaned, trying to move her hands away from his huge cock with his hands, "Please, please don’t”

"Why," she said teasingly, "Why can't I feel how much my Madhu has grown"

"Amma, I didn’t mean to" he sputtered, turning away from her, "don't tease me, please don’t be upset."

He got up from the bed. She held on to his hands.

"I am not upset, and I am not teasing " she said softly, leaning down and reaching for him, "I just want to show you how much I love you. Show you how much I need you. And I think you want me, too. You must or why else would you be like that."

"God, Mother, what are you saying?" he gasped, his face turning white with shock.

"Do you?" she asked him, softly caressing his rock hard buttocks as he stood by his bed trembling.

"Do I what?" he wanted to know, still not believing what he had just heard.

"Would you like to love me?" she murmured.

"Oh, For, God, MOTHER, Do you know what you are asking me?" he groaned, feeling the strength leave his legs as his knees began to quake.

"Yes," she told him, watching him start to sink to the floor but catch himself and sit down on the edge of the bed.

"This can't be happening," he muttered, shaking his head and pinching himself, "I must be dreaming."

"This is no dream," she told him, "but, if you don't want me, I will understand."

"Oh, Mother," he blubbered impotently, "What are you asking me to do?"

"I'm just asking you to love me," she said softly, clearly in charge of the situation unlike the one earlier in the day, "Don't you want to love your mother?"

"Oh Mother," he cried "You make it sound so innocent. So easy, casual. Like it's uh, uh, I don't know, I.". he got up again, and turned himself so that she cannot see his erection.

"Forgive me," she said emotionally, "I didn't intend to make it sound that way. God knows, this is the most momentous moment in my life."

She paused, a tear trickling down her cheek as she looked deep into his eyes.

"I just want to share something loving and tender with the man that I love more than anything. More than life itself. I'm sorry that it came across as casual. But I'm not sorry that I want to make love to you. I could never be sorry about that. But, if you feel that it's wrong and you can't do it, I will understand."

Electricity arced around the room, sparking and crackling dangerously as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Oh, Mother, I think that loving you would be the most wonderful thing ever, I have always, you know, but I he told her, wanting to be certain that his mother wanted him, "but...but are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life," she told him emphatically.

The tension in the room was so charged, passion was flicker around them like fireflies in the night. She couldn't breathe as she waited for him to respond. Finally, he slowly turned to face her with his hands still trying to hide the huge monster jutting out of his groin.

“It is ok, I know you are hard, take your hands away son” she asked.

As he moved his hands away Sarita pulled the string of his shorts and pulled it down, and the gasped.

“Oh lord, Madhu” she looked up at him and then again at his cock, it was so huge, red and throbbing. “My son, it is so big, so lovely” she murmured. Her hands took his and she pulled him down “Did Amma do this to you”?

Like a child caught doing something wrong, he guiltily sat down by his mother.

"Oh, Madhav," she gushed, taking him in her arms and pulling him to her tightly, "I Love You So Very, Very Much."

"Oh, Mother, I Love You, Too Much," he cried out, returning her embrace.

They sat holding onto each other for the longest time, each of them wrapped in each other's arms, soaking up the love that flowed between them.

At last, Sarita slowly released her hold on him.

As they parted, she reached down to his great, towering penile monolith. Gently wrapping her hand around thick, rigid shaft of his penis, she lovingly began to stroke him. Staring down at it longingly, she slowly ran her hand down from its great, rubbery head all the way down to the hairy base of his cock and back up to his cockhead again. Pausing for a long, dizzying moment, she cupped her hand over its giant head and gently squeezed and kneaded its firm solidity. As she did, she felt him struggling for control.

"Oh, God, Mother," he groaned, "I don't know how long I can hold it back."

"My poor, little Madhu," she cooed intimately, "I'm sorry that I teased you so long. I didn't want to but I couldn't help it. I had to be sure. So don't hold it back, now. Let it go. We have the rest of the night, the rest of our lives to make love. Let go and come. Amma wants to taste your cum. Let Amma suck you and drink your cum."

Her vulgar, obscene words lit the fuse on the powder keg of bubbling, boiling cum inside his aching balls as she continued to gently stroke his quivering monster.

As he felt her fiery fingers scorching the taut, stretched skin on his throbbing cock, he groaned and whimpered, trying to hold back the flood that was damned up inside him.

Then suddenly she felt his giant cock jerk and bulge out threateningly.

The upheaval was imminent. His cock, stretched as tightly as a bow string vibrated with dangerous tension as it prepared itself to erupt in her hand.

Quickly, she clumsily bent down over his jutting manhood. Then, just as she opened her mouth and softly sucked the bulging head of his penis into her mouth, she felt it jerk wildly.

"OhhhhmmmmyyyyyyGGGaaawwwwddddd!" Madhav bellowed out as he felt his mother's hot, sucking mouth close down around his hypersensitive cock head.

The depraved excitement of the moment overwhelmed him. With the force of a cannon firing, his gigantic cock detonated and shot out a huge spout of thick, white love-cream into his mother's mouth. The pent up passion had built up such a load of hot, creamy cum, it immediately, filled her mouth to the point of overflowing. Sucking and swallowing as quickly as she could, she still couldn't keep up with the great gushing torrent of hot, gummy cum that spurted from her son's gigantic manhood. The flood of burning gunk gushed out and trickled down the shaft of his cock and onto her hand. Never had she known such virility in a man. But still, his great cock bucked and spit as gusher after gusher of his rich, potent semen poured out of it.

She lost count of how many times the mighty colossus erupted in of her mouth, but at last she felt the vigor of the ejaculations begin to wane. Then, at last, his cock shuddered feebly and spurted out one final spurt of the creamy froth.

As she tightly clenched the towering monolith of softening flesh, she felt it begin to weaken and die. With her hand wrapped around the withering stalk of his penis, she tenderly sucked and licked the sensitive head of his cock as it wilted.

"Oh, Mother, Oh, Mother, please," Madhav whined, at last, "I'm so sorry I came in your mouth."

Without answering him, she tenderly nibbled on the rubbery head of his cock until he couldn't stand it anymore. Wincing, he gently took her head in his hands and lifted her mouth up away from shrunken manhood.

"What's wrong, Madhu," she asked him, licking his wasted cum from her lips, "Don't you want Amma to suck on it?"

"It is just too sensitive, Amma," he blubbered like a small kid.

"I'm sorry, Madhu," she cooed, "I'll stop."

Slowly, hesitantly, she let his penis slip from her hand. Wiping her hand on the towel, she reached down and quickly peeled back the bedspread.

"Get under the covers, Madhu," she whispered to him, "you can finish your nap while I go down and make us dinner. Okay?"

"But, Amma," Madhav groaned, "don't you want me to, to . . . "

"To what, Madhu," she asked him.

"How can you, you just leave? Don't you want me to do you, too?" he asked her hesitantly

"Oh dear, what all will you do to your Amma” she asked getting-up

“You will have to tell me Amma, I will do everything for you” he said holding her hand

We have all night, Love, remember," she smiled down at him lovingly, "and I know that it takes men a while to recuperate."

"Uh, well, uh, well okay, if you're sure you don't want me to, to . . . " he sighed, physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted by the day's events

Slipping under the covers, he watched his mother pull them up over him, covering him from the waist down. Even though he had just shot his wad, he still felt a stir of excitement course through his penis as he watched her beautiful dangling breasts twitch and wiggle above him in her torn blouse

"Relax, Madhu," she whispered to him, softly kissing him on the lips, "And Amma will be back soon."

"Mother, I Love you," he smiled up at her, reaching out and delicately caressing one of her big, soft breasts. "I can hardly wait."

"I Love you, too, Darling," she happily chirped, standing up. Madhav watched with lust and desire as his mother slowly swished across the room.

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Now alone, Madhav couldn't believe what had happened. The events of the day all seemed to mesh into one outrageous orgasm of emotions. First there had been happiness at his homecoming, then rage at Ramesh, then humiliation of being aroused by his mother. Next had come the hot, steaming stimulation that it had lured both of them into an act so vile and depraved, he still couldn't believe it had happened. How would all this change their life, he wondered? He didn't know, but he did know it would change them, for better or worse. Without a shadow of doubt, it would change their life.

Trying to sort out his feelings, he realized that his feelings for his mother had irreversibly changed. He felt much more protective of her now. He had never seen her as vulnerable and hurt as when he had barged in on her and Ramesh. He vowed to himself that he would never let anything like that ever happen to her again. He loved her more deeply than he could ever have imagined. He still loved her as his mother. But now it was different. Now there were other emotions involved. Now he also loved her as a woman. A woman and lover. His newly developed affection for her was so deep and strong, he wished that he could take her for his wife. Take her and live out his life loving and caring for her.

Why not? Maybe, just maybe, he thought as a tiny germ of an idea blossomed in his imagination.

Putting aside everything else, he pictured his mother in all her naked innocence, though he was yet to see her nude. As the image of her naked body danced through his head, he felt a quiver of excitement tickle through his cock. Reaching under the cover, he wrapped his hand around the germinating erection and began to roughly stroke it. It only took a few seconds of this to bring it to full hardness as he thought indecent thoughts of his mother.

"Oh, I wasn't enough for you?" she laughed, slipping into his room unannounced and catching him in the act.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he blushed, "I didn't hear you coming."

"That's okay," she smiled.

"I was just thinking about you and how beautiful you are. I just started getting hard," he said, still a little self-conscious, "so I just thought I would help it along."

"Can I see?" she asked, leaning over.

"Of course," he bubbled throwing back the covers to reveal his rock-hard cock and reaching up to pull her down to him all in the same motion.

Staring into the deep warmth of her black eyes, he tenderly pressed his lips to her, kissing her so softly, it was like the wings of a butterfly brushing across her lips. He did not know how to kiss, but she taught him. And soon they were kissing open mouthed with Sarita taking the lead and drawing out her son’s saliva with her lips.

"This is what love is supposed to be," she moaned softly as he released her, "I don't know if I can live without it."

"Me, either," he said emphatically.

"How did all this happen so fast?" she mewed. "I still can't believe it."

"I don't really understand, but," he paused, gently caressing the silky softness of her hair, "I don't want to stop, Amma, I want more, I want to"

"Oh, My Love, I know what you want, you want to make love to me, but, I don’t know, if I should," she mumbled.

"But, Mother," Madhav protested.

"Stop," she told him, "Stop, for just a while, come to the hall, let us have dinner, you should be hungry, We can worry about that later."

"But, I," he started to say but found his mother's fingers on his lips blocking any further conversation.

"NO MADHAV" she commanded him, "Or, I'll give you nicely from me”

"What," Madhav laughed out loud, "Great, Amma, Best one yet. Now you are acting as I am kid”

“You are in spite of this, my kid” she teased holding his penis. “And my man”

They stared into each other's eyes for several long, poignant moments.

"God, I love you so much," Madhav murmured.

"I love you, too," she whispered. Then, she shook her head to try and break the passion of the moment.

He went to the hall and Sarita closed the door “I am a mess, let me dress” she smiled at him.

She removed her torn blouse and petticoat staring at her still lush body, wondering if her son would really find her attractive. She pulled on one of her old nigh gowns which she used to wear for her husband years back on “those days”. It was sheer pink and covered her fro neck to feet, but it showed her black brassier and panties clearly. Hope he likes it Sarita thought as she washed her face and applied light make-up. She brushed her hair and wore a light perfume.

Madhav's eyes popped as she came to the hall “Oh Amma, you look so, so great, I never”

She smiled “You have not seen it, I know, glad you liked it, now sit down, and let me serve you”

He suddenly realized he was starving. She served him the Rice and Chicken curry and he dug in.

"Wow, Amma, it so good, I missed your cooking, your are the best”

"Just eat," she laughed, pouring him a glass of hot Horlicks.

They hungrily devoured the food.

"Wow, I didn't realize how hungry I was," Madhav said, rubbing his stomach appreciatively, "and I had forgotten what a good cook you were."

"You flatterer" she said modestly as she cleared the dishes

"No Amma, really, it is so nice after that hostel food, loved the chicken" he praised her.

"Well, thanks, I love cooking for you darling" she said as she came back to the hall. “I love cooking for my Madhu” she took his hands and kissed his fingers. He pulled her to her and kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and then her quivering lips.

He went on kissing her and she adoringly ran her hand up his thigh, stopping just short of his drooping cock.

"This is nice," she said softly, "I can't believe that we're doing it, but it's actually beginning to feel natural and very good” she turned off the lights “Now come with your mother to her bed room” she said huskily.

"Yes Amma”

Hand in hand mother and son went to the mother’s bed room each thinking of the possibilities, the limits to which their incestual love would take them.

Inside as her son kissed her Sarita knew that she will have to take the lead here. She slowly pushed him away as he was trying to touch her bosom.

"I have seen your manhood, and I am sure you want to see your Amma now…. Nude and ready for you…. why don’t you let me undress my love” she asked.

Madhav nodded and stepped back and sat on the bed.

Sarita unbuttoned her gown and saw her son eager eyes taking in her nudity as it emerged. She came near him as she peeled off her gown.

Madhav stared all over her sexy body. “Oh Amma” he sighed as she stood before him and slowly moved closer and her fleshy belly and deep navel were inches in front of her young son. “You are so sexy” he murmured as Sarita hugged his face to her belly.

Madhav loved it the feeling of her soft flesh, the generous spread and slight protrusion, the faint birth marks… the deep navel. He kissed her and by instinct licked her, seeing how she groaned in appreciation he licked her again.

“Oh Madhu, Madhu my son” Sarita murmured as she felt his hands cupping her buttocks. ‘Let Amma show you everything my love” she whispered.

Madhav released her and Sarita moved back unclasping her brassier and then bending down and removing her panties gracefully. She was naked.

Madhav could but stare. He had never seen her naked before today, and he could feel his juices already rebuilding down inside his big balls as he openly gaped at her with open admiration. Although she was forty-one, she possessed an ageless beauty.

Her large, pendent breasts, perfectly shaped for their astonishing size still maintained some of their previous pertness. They were marvels of nature. Big, creamy melons with large, circular cups of dark brown flesh tipping each of them were tipped with big, bulging nipples. Watching them bounce and wiggle seductively with each step she took, Madhav found himself recall a day in his youth.

He remembered it as if it were yesterday. He had been fascinated by the size of her breasts even back then. So one day he had gone through her chest of drawers in search for a brassiere. Prowling through her lingerie, he had found a pretty one with big lace-trimmed cups. He had been perversely excited as he had breathlessly held the lacy brassiere in his small, shaking hands. As he held it, he knew that her big tits had actually been in the bra and it made him instantly hard. He had known that the cups seemed large, but he didn't really comprehend what the 36DD on the tag meant. That is until now.

Below her mountainous tits, her smooth fleshy belly flared into her wide hips. Her deep navel adorned her sexy belly. Her waist was overshadowed by her breasts making them seem even larger than they actually were. Then, as she turned deliberately he saw her delightful buttocks. It was full, firm, and shaped like a smooth, pink upside down heart. It was beautiful, sexy, the rounded perfection of her ass. All of these were complimented by smooth fleshy thighs, and shapely legs, and that moved with fluid grace as she walked towards him.

“Madhav” she called twice before he broke of his trance “What happened, are you unhappy, am I too fat” she asked with concern

“Oh no Amma, you are so great, even more lovely than I ever imagined… I am so lucky” he stood up.

“Oh Madhu, I am the lucky one to have a fine young man like you as my son, and as my love, take off and let me see you” she asked coming near him.

Madhav removed his shorts and his cock sprang up. This time he did not hide it from his mother his lover.

“Ready again, my darling aren’t you? Sarita sighed marveling at her son huge manhood “Do you know how handsome you are my son,” Sarita said coming near as her nipples touched her son and his penis touched her belly both of them wincing at the touch. “And with this lovely penis, you can make your mother very happy”. Madhav groaned at her touch and the promise in her words.

His hands went around her pulling his mother on to his body, mother and son embraced nakedly feeling the warmth of each other. Sarita felt the taut hardness and muscles of her son, he was hard, and lean and so strong she thought. His eager lips found hers and she pushed him to the bed.

He lied down and his mother came into his arms “I am yours Madhu” she smiled kissing him again. His hands roamed her back and rested on her buttocks. He squeezed and she smiled at him “like them”. He nodded. She kissed him again and slowly moved down his body “let Amma love her Monu” she murmured kissing his neck and moving down to his slightly hair chest her fingers teased his small nipples and as she started teasing and sucking them Madhav squirmed and sighed.

Sarita marveled at his body, the hardness of his chest and the manly smell emanating from him as she moved down kissing his belly and then skipping his throbbing penis she went to is muscular thighs. Madhav was experiencing the love of a woman for the first time and swimming is a sea of eroticism, he groaned as his mother sucked on his inner thighs. He looked down and their eyes met.

Looking into his eyes Sarita moved up “May I” she murmured taking his cock in her hands. “Oh Amma” is all that the eager young man could say as his sexy mother moved up his legs “Did you like my mouth on your penis Madhu” she cooed. Madhav nodded eagerly.

Sarita was eager to love this lovely specimen of manhood, she peeled back his foreskin and stroked him and still looking into his eyes she opened her mouth and traced her lips over his balls and up his penis. She saw him shiver with lust and pleasure, and this made her lick him wantonly. Sarita opened her lips and took her sons cock inside and started sucking him, her tongue rubbed the underside of his manhood as she bobbed her head.

Madhav could not believe such pleasure existed. He groaned and twisted on the bed his hands caressing his mothers hair as she made oral love to his manhood. He knew he will not last long with this kind of ministrations, and the way his breathing quickened his mother also sensed it. She slowly released him and moved up.

“Not so soon Madhu” she smiled at him as she hovered over him her breast dangling down. “Oh Amma, you are so good” , his hands caressed her breasts, as he marveled at their size and softness

“Like them darling” his mother asked moving further up as he tentatively touched her erect brown nipples and caressed her areola.

‘Yes Amma, they are the best, actually much bigger than I thought” he squeezed “And so soft”

Sarita murmured “Love them baby” and held on the hear board of her bed and lowered her boobs to her sons face, the dangled tantalizingly and by Madhav buried his face in them. Sarita held still as her eager son caught her left breast and started kissing and licking it all over, he was mad with desire she realized.

Madhav was ecstatic,… his mothers breasts we so sexy, kissing them gave him pleasure beyond dreams he wanted more and tried to capture her nipples. Sarita realized what he wanted and said “Let me lie down dear”

She lied down her body hot a eager for love as her son came over her, she held her breast and said “Come baby’

Madhav’s lips closed over his mothers nipples and he was in heaven, he sucked and suckled as his moaning mother caressed his head, calling him sweet names. Mother and son were caught in an ocean of lust.

Madhav moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, his other hands caressing the other breast with love and passion.

Finally Sarita murmured “Monu, Madhu” he looked up “Yes Amma’ his face was wet and flushed. “I love you, I love them”

She laughed “Oh Madhu you are so good to me, and they are yours I will not take them away from you”

He kissed her cleavage and then her lips. “Oh Amma’. He got up and placed his hands on her thighs, stroking her. He bent down and kissed her belly as his hands moved down tentatively. He looked at his mother.

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Sarita smiled “Don’t be shy, you want to see don’t you” she opened her legs.

He nodded.

Sarita opened her thighs and her treasure, her pussy was revealed in front of her son. She slowly took his hands down “You can touch, if you want to” she murmered

"I want to " he said huskily, touching her outer lips. Sarita spread her lips with her finger and guided her virgin son. He learned fast and soon Madhav was gently fingering the soft, limp lips of flesh surrounding her inner most sanctum.

"That feels good," she sighed, slowly spreading her legs farther apart and exposing more of her bubbling femininity to him.

"Your, uh, your, uh, pussy is beautiful," he told her, blushing as he spoke.

"Why, thank you," she returned, blushing too, "But I don't know what you see in it that is pretty."

"It is so soft, and wet, and warm, it makes me hard just looking at it," he tried to explain as she saw his cock twitch.

"Can I you know…..” he hesistated

“Tell me MADHU” Sarita knew what he wanted

“ Can I kiss it," he asked.

“Are you sure Monu, it will be wet and squishy, you may…”

“Amma, I love you, I want to, just guide me please”

"Of, course you can, My Love, she cooed, lifting her foot and draping her leg over his arm, "I would love for you to kiss me there, come”

Inching closer, Madhav stared into the very core of his existence. It was almost impossible to imagine that he had once been deep inside of this beautiful, warm place. Leaning closer, he gently kissed the soft, flaccid flesh that hung down encircling and guarding the deep, wet chamber of her vagina.

"Oh, My Love," Sarita sighed euphorically as she felt his tongue probing her vaginal lips.

Running his tongue around her hot, dripping slit, Madhav eagerly lapped up the overflow from her drenched gash.

“A bit above Madhu.. aaaah , you will see a small protrusion, that is my clit, kiss me theer son” she guided him”

H probed the soft flesh, searching for her clitoris. Poking and exploring with his tongue, he found the little fleshy sheath and the slippery, little marble inside it. When he did, he felt her jump.

"My God," Sarita whispered as she felt him tentatively poke the protruding button with his tongue.

Seeing how much she enjoyed it, he reached up with his hand and gently peeled the fleshy hood back from her clitoris. Then he tenderly nuzzled the smooth little bead of flesh peeking out its fleshy cave and felt another shudder tremble shudder through his mother's body. Running his tongue around it teasingly, he toyed with it for several moments before he began to flick his tongue back and forth across it roughly.

"Oh, Lord," she groaned out loud as she felt her clitoris being ravaged by her son, "you're going to make me finish if you don't stop."

Hearing this, Madhav began to attack her clitoris even harder and faster. Lapping at her hungrily, he felt her dig her fingers into his hair and push his mouth down onto her pussy. As he vigorously attacked her clit, she grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled his face down into her pubic mound even harder. Sucking and pulling on the slippery little knob of nerves, he flicked it up and down and back and forth as fast as he could. While he did, he could feel her whole body straining and tensing in anticipation.

"Ah, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes," she panted, trembling and quivering under the assault.

Raking his tongue across her slippery clit, he felt himself growing harder and harder, too. The animalistic sounds coming from his mother's mouth were so lewd and obscene, he couldn't believe she was capable of such passion. But the fact she was mouthing such profanities was adding fuel to the fire growing down inside his aching cock. He was so hot and aroused, he could barely contain his passion. Then, suddenly, he felt her body stiffen for a few moments as a tortured groan escaped from her lips. Then, while he continued to tongue her clit, her body began to jerk and twist as if she were having some kind of seizure.

Pulling his mouth and tongue into her imploding pussy, she thrust herself up into him wildly humping her gushing pussy onto his mouth.

"Awwww Maddddhhuuuuuu…." she growled as her body continued to twitch and shake uncontrollably."

"Immcccooommmmmmiinnnnn," she blathered out as her body was consumed with the unholy passion of their incestuous love.

Sucking as much of her pussy lips and clitoris into his mouth as he could, he kept licking and teasing her slippery clitoris as she writhed under his onslaught. It was difficult to keep his face plastered down on her bouncing, gyrating pussy but he somehow managed to do it as he rode out her stormy climax with her.

Gnashing her teeth and groaning, Sarita was carried to heights of ecstasy that she had never achieved before. They were so high and wonderful, it almost took her breath away as she felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her body and mind.

It seemed like it would go on forever, but unfortunately the spasmodic contractions of joy that undulated through her pussy slowly began to lessen. Then with one final convulsion, they finally stopped altogether. Basking in the warm afterglow, she was left weak and disoriented as she hungrily gasped for air.

Madhav had felt his mother's muscles rhythmically contract and relax for several moments as she was consumed by her orgasm. Finally though, he felt the tenseness slowly flow out of her, leaving her limp and almost lifeless. Gently nuzzling her clitoris, he felt her fingers untangle themselves from his hair and fall to the bed beside her.

"Oh, My Madhu, it was beautiful," she cooed softly.

"O Amma" he mumbled, lifting his juice-slathered lips away from her drooling pussy.

Sleepily, Sarita watched him lazily get to his hands and knees. Looking down his body, she was gladdened to see that his penis was jutting out stiff and hard as a baseball bat.

His father hadn't like doing that to her, but it was clearly evident that her son did.

"Oh, My, Madhu, you're so hard poor you," she said happy that he had enjoyed what he had just done.

"Kissing you made me harder" he blushed, slowly crawling up between her still outstretched legs.

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"Do you want me to kiss your thing again," she asked him, reaching for his huge, thick cock as it jutted out at her, bobbing up and down malignantly. "or do you think it's time we consummate our love for each other," she asked her son. "We've already waited to long."

“Oh Amma, really you will let me” he asked still not able to believe what his mother wanted.

“I will and I will not let you go withouy making me a woman again” she guided him to come over her.

Madhav eagerly positioned over his mother radually lowering his hips and aiming his enormous love-weapon down at the weeping pink gash between her legs.

"I hope I can take all of you," she said uneasily as she bent his rigid maleness down toward the drooling pit between her legs.

Suddenly, Madhav felt a bolt of electricity spark through his cock as his rounded cock head slowly sank down into the soft, wet core of his mother's soft femininity.

"God, it's so hot," he gasped as he slowly eased the giant head of his dick down into her waiting oven.

"Oh, You're Huge," she groaned as his gigantic prick slowly penetrated deeper and deeper into the hot, clutching cavern of her vagina.

"You want me to stop?" he grunted, not really sure that he could even if she wanted him to."

"Oh, No, Madhu, don't stop," he whimpered, "I want to take all of you in me."

His mighty cock was so hard and full of blood, she could actually feel his heartbeat pulsing through it. Like a giant pink serpent slithering into its wet, drenched lair that was surrounded by soft, curly hairs, his cock disappeared inch by inch into the deep, soggy gash between her legs.

Deeper and deeper it plowed into the inviolate depths of her tight, clutching cunt. Slicing through the sopping, clinging flesh of her vagina, his cock sliced in like a knife slicing through butter. She could feel his great round cock head stretching her vagina, as her pussy dilated to fullest to accommodate the giant monster while he forced more and more of his cock into her.

Finally, just when she thought his enormous cock would never fit, , she felt his belly gently nudge up against hers.

"Oh, Madhu, I took it all. I took all of you back inside me again," she bubbled, relishing the feel of her son's giant cock filling her hot pussy to its limit.

"Oh, Amma," he groaned, kissing her on the lips, hard and long as their tongues intertwined and probed the other's mouth.

Then as slowly as he could, he backed his cock out of her wet, clinging cunt. As his cock came out, it glistened wetly, coated with a thick layer of her abundant juices. Grunting, he slowly pushed it back into her watching her eyes soften and her pupils dilate larger and larger.

The pleasure she felt was indescribable. Never before had she known such joy. Knowing that she should be filled with shame and remorse, she couldn't keep from reveling in the wondrous new love she had found. She had never had a man make love to her so lovingly. So gently. So tenderly. She couldn't believe how gentle he was as he slowly worked his wonderful penis in and out of her clinging womanhood. She was so focused on the delightful pleasure that was pouring up from her pussy, she could even feel his big, soft balls softly slap up against her bottom every time his cock completed its journey into the depths of her drooling femininity.

His cock slid in and out, in and out as Madhav fucked his mother with powerful, slow, deep strokes that drove his cock into all the way to the hilt every time. He had never felt so powerful and protective at the same time. He realized that he was committing a heinous trespass, but that didn't seem to matter now. Nothing mattered to him at the moment except bringing pleasure to his mother.

He had seen the loneliness she endured. And now he wanted to drive all that away. He wanted to make her happy once more. Happy, like she had been when he was a little boy. It was all that he could think of as he lovingly drove his manhood in and out of her hot, clutching pussy.

Time seemed to stop as they fucked. While their lovemaking was physical thing, it was an emotional upheaval of passion, too. He couldn't explain his feelings. It was just the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced.

Neither of them wanted it to ever stop as Madhav tried to prolong his mother's pleasure as long as he could. Staring down into her glazed eyes, he would fuck his mother up to the point he felt her muscles starting to tighten in anticipation, he would pause. Then, lying atop of her motionless, he would lean down and lovingly kiss her until he felt her muscles soften, then he would resume fucking her again with slow, loving strokes. Again and again, he brought her to the portal of an orgasm only to stop and wait until she was able to regain control again. Every time he did it, she grew a little more frantic in her drive to attain the final burst across the finish line. Leisurely, lovingly, he once again stroked her to the very edge of the abysmal pool of pleasure only to stop and hold his cock thrust into her all the way to the hilt.

"Oh, Madhu, Please, Please," she begged him, "Please finish me."

"I want it to be the best one you've ever had," he told her clenching his muscles and making his cock swell up inside her.

"Please, Madhu, Please make love to me and let me finish," she pleaded again, squeezing down on his cock and milking it with her strong cunt muscles, "It's killing me."

Seeing she was becoming frenzied with desire, he began to fuck her again. This time he drove his cock into her with quick, powerful strokes. Slamming his cock into her hot wetness, as deep and hard as he could, he felt her rapidly respond to the hammering attack on her cunt.

"Yes, yes, oh yes, like that," she hissed passionately, digging her long, sharp fingernails into his back as she goaded him on.

The room reverberated with the lewd sound of their bodies slapping together as they fucked furiously.

But it only took a few, deep driving strokes to bring her to the apex of passion and she felt her vagina burst with pleasure.

"OH MADHU MADU MAAAADDDHUUUU ……” she gasped as the fires of incestuous gratification consumed her.

Her whole body was on fire as it shook and writhed. Her clutching cunt collapsed down around her son's cock triggering it into its own cataclysmic eruption as she threw her arms out and clawed at the sheets.

"OH, AMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA ……….." he bellowed as he felt his cock explode inside of her releasing an enormous gusher of his hot, creamy man-seed into her.

Her pussy clasped his spurting penis so tightly, the river of cum he was spewing into her couldn't escape. Again and again, his giant bucked and spurted gob after gob of his potent cream into her. As it did, she could feel the pressure inside of her growing greater and greater, but she couldn't relax her hold on his cock. Higher and higher she spiraled up on a great updraft of pleasure and joy. Higher than she had ever flown before. Higher than she thought she could ever go. Higher than any other woman had ever been. Higher that any woman would ever go. Fireworks were bursting off inside her head and exploding in her cunt as each brilliant burst of pleasure filled her mind with exquisite spasms of delight and gratification.

On and on it went as her son's great spurting penis pumped more and more of his hot, thick cum into her. Then, finally, after what seem like hours, the fireworks finally stopped exploding inside of her head and she reluctantly came spiraling back to earth.

As the last throes of her orgasm wracked her body, she felt the muscles inside her pussy slowly relax and release their stranglehold on her son's cock. As they did, she felt the pressure inside her vagina suddenly release. At the same time, she felt a gush of Madhav's hot, sticky man-cream spew out around the thick shaft of her peter. Spewing out of her like a foamy river, it coated his big balls with its sticky heat as he held his cock thrust up inside of her as deep as it would go. She could even feel some of it wash over his balls and onto her inner thighs as continued to gush out of her.

Neither of them moved for the longest time.

Finally, Madhav slowly lifted up and pulled his shrunken penis out of her vagina. As he did, she felt like it her pussy was still stretched wide open and his venomous secretions were still running out of it.

Rolling over, he lay beside her and began to gently fondle one of her mountainous breasts.

"Madhu it was the best sex you Amma ever had” she murmered “Are you happy”

“Oh Amma, I never imagined it will be this good” he kissed her lips.

"I love you” he smiled at her tweaking one of her big, ripe nipples. "It was as if I saw heaven” he murmured, leaning over and sucking her hard, tingling nipple into his mouth.

"You're going to get me all hot and randy again, if you don't watch it," she warned him, feeling her juices start to warm again.

"Oh, really," he smirked, sucking harder on her nipple and gently massaging her big pink melon with his fingers."

"Oh, you naughty, little boy," she laughed, grabbing his hardening cock and roughly kneading it back to life. "Oh, you're such a naughty, little boy. A naughty, little boy and my hero, all rolled into one, and I think you are getting hard again, Oh Madhu, what will I do with you”

“Love me Amma’ he said kissing her again.

Posted : 16/11/2012 10:12 pm