My Engaged Cousin Meghna  


Meghna, is my hot 29 year old cousin sister. Though, we have always lived in the same city, we have never been in great touch with each other all our lives. Thus, we weren't that close. But if there's one thing i've always remembered about her, it's the fact that she gets hotter every occasional visit she makes to my home. Being a shy guy i never go talk to her every time she comes over. I just stay locked up inside my room fantasizing my own sex stories about her. I was now 22 years old and she had once again come home on one of her occasional visits. I was coming back home from work and just when i walked in, i saw her.

Boy oh boy, was she hot!! Hotter than ever in her sizzling saree... Her face was the most beautiful feature. She had long straight Black hair which ran till her voluptuous, round ass. A few strands fell down on her face which made her face look irresistible to me. Her lips were nice, red and juicy . . I wanted to chew them right off her face. Contradictorily, I wanted to kiss them so gently and treat her like a goddess, my goddess! The clear face and her sexy blue eyes gave me butterflies in my stomach. I could feel a hodge-podge of emotions within my body, like i was in love and lust at the same time. I wanted to make-out with her that instant, kissing those hot lips of hers.

Looking down, her creamy neck was more than calling me to suck on them. Her skin was lusty and what i could only imagine as creamy. If only i had a chance to feel her sexy body i would really know. At this point my dick was already half erect. It was like as if all the emotions in my body had triggered an impulse on my genitals and i could almost not control myself anymore.

Observing more closely, She had the most curvaceous body i have ever seen on a lady. Her breasts were just about the right size and it was like she was holding it up for me to grab it. I couldn't resist my temptation looking through her transparent saree at how low she was wearing her blouse, showing so much cleavage. I have always known her to be a nice, decent homely girl, she's probably transformed into something else now. She had perfectly sized breasts and i wished i could have seen them better if not for her saree covering them. The black blouse was what i understood as short sleeves which rolled down only a little farther from her shoulders, showing her long slender and smooth waxed hands to me. I wanted to gently open up her breast and feel those godly tits of hers. I was totally out of control now! Never have i been this horny looking at someone - Maybe my math teacher at college, but this girl seems be wipe my maths teacher's ass right off the floor.

She was standing right in front of the door. She was tall, sweltering in a bright red saree. Since it was a transparent one i could see through her saree below her lovely, godly breasts and i got a sight of her deep, but sexy navel. Looking to the side, her shapely hip was in sight and believably the most skin she could show in this traditional dress she wore. I wanted to grab it. Yes, her hip was so doubtlessly lustrous and creamy. The elegant beauty of her waist and the alluring way she was showing it off was as if she was giving me an open invitation to feel them. Being more on the trim side, though i wouldn't say she was skinny, but she seemed extremely immaculate. Perfection couldn't be the right word. I couldn't take my eyes of her lovely, tranquil midriff.

Further down, her ass was salaciously shaped, just in resonance with the size of her breasts. The dress she wore just gave away her guard. She looked sluttier than ever and this is not the Meghna i knew 4 years back!

My dick was more than just erect now, it stood up and was sending signals to my entire body to do something bad to her! To punish the bitch and teach her what it is be fucked by me. Dirty thoughts entered my head and i could only imagine her naked on my bed while i fucked her with my dick, feeling her perfectly shaped breasts while she moaned with happiness. And then i would whisper in her ear "You are the most fucking gorgeous girl i have ever met in my entire life".

And right then, My thoughts were ruptured by her voice -
"... some water?? Are you ok?? Why do you look so shocked?"

I jumped right back to my sense - " Uh.. I'm sorry, I had a bad day at work...and woah! Meghna! How are you?? It's been 2 years and you look better than ever" - I took this opportunity to move forward and leaned towards her as if to hug her, and surprisingly she responded and put her arms around me and gave me a hug - I felt her breasts rubbing against my chest while my hand went around her, pushing her hair out of the way and felt the smooth skin of her back. She was wearing a bare-back jacket so with one hand i could feel her back, and with the other one i felt her hot and sexy waist below her tiny jacket. I saw below and got a perfect view of her sexy body. My nose could pick up her scent from her bare neck and i smelt her cold sweat mixed with some woman's perfume. My erection was out of control. My fingers were actually touching her bare body. If only I could rip her saree apart now. My fingers moved through her body in a very subtle way, as i did not have the guts to feel her like i actually wanted to.

The hug lasted about 5 seconds, But i got a nice feel of her waist, bare-back and mis-riff regions. I didn't have the guts to squeeze any of those though. I guess 5 seconds was more than enough for her to realize my erection, so she gently moved away from me and answered:

"I'm good Roshan, How are you? How's your work coming along??". She gave me a gentle smile with those sexy lips of her. I had to have her!

"Not so good. It's getting so hectic every day! One of these days, I am gonna get myself fired, sit at home and watch movies all day!" I replied.

Laughing softly she said "Ya i know the feeling, It'll get better though - you are just starting. Oh and i am getting married. That's the reason we are her if you are wondering why"

She's getting married?? My knees suddenly felt so heavy and i was breathless for a second. She's going to be with another man? I felt jealousy in my guts. Though, the picture of her fucking someone else excited me in a cruel sort of way.

Looking around i could see her parents and another tall guy, whom i guessed as her fiance. I smiled at them and gave her fiance a very weak smile. There was heat all around me. The fact that i was standing next to Meghna aroused so many thoughts in my head and to top it all off, i now hated this guy sitting on my couch.

I heard my mom from inside the kitchen - "Go change your clothes Roshan, They are here to invite us for Meghna's Marriage"

I gave another glance at Meghna who continued smiling at me and then walked towards the couch and sat next to the bastard.

She called me - "Roshan, meet Vivek - My Future Husband" I shook his hand and gave him a weak smile again.
Looking down at them on the couch, I got a better view if her cleavage through her saree. His hands were around her shoulder now. Burning with jealousy and desire, i stormed off to my room, latched the door, ripped my clothes off and masturbated.

All i could think of was Meghna. Her sexy saree seemed to invite me more and more to feel her body. I wanted to Squeeze her ass and feel her breasts. I wanted to gently touch her hip and clutch it without hurting my goddess. My mouth started watering. I imagined myself sucking on her deep navel. Then my lips moved up her body up until her breasts and i could feel myself sucking on them like a baby, while my finger went up her smooth vagina. I could almost hear her moaning - " OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME...I AM A DIRTY BITCH..I AM YOUR GODDESS..."..At my most excellent time with her, i felt my penis harden bigger than ever. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I heard the door blast open, and my eyes opened wide in shock - Did someone just walk in? When i came to my senses I could see more clearly and i saw my Goddess would i had just fucked in my dream standing right in front of me looking at me in awe. I wasn't wearing anything. Meghna started at my huge dick.

Quickly I took a blanket and covered myself. "I-I-I'm sorry!" She muttered, looking down now feeling utterly embarrassed.

"It's the damn door, Gotta fix it one of these days..." I replied.

She walked out without another word. I ran towards the door, latched it properly again and sat down still shocked over watch had just happened. My heart was beating faster than ever. I was now seeing Meghna in a totally different way. Am I in love? Whatever it is I had to have her before she leaves today. My brain started working in twisted ways. I wanted to feel her, Grab her and fuck her like a sex Goddess. In all the excitement, I almost forgot what she came in for? I quickly put on some clothes, cleaned the blankets and rushed out. I Found Meghna Near the fridge in the hall way. She was drinking water. After seeing me, she looked away.

"Hey, there's nothing to be worried about. It happens. Come on, Like you haven't seen American Pie?" I was trying to make it as comfortable as possible.

"Yeah I got you. Sorry for walking in on you. Oh by the way, I came in to ask you if I could take your room tonight? We'll be staying over here tonight as it's already too late and it'll just be stupid if we left for home tonight. It's a 2 hour drive you know"

Perfect! She's staying over! I Had to make my move now. I looked around to see if her fiance was anywhere near us. I took this as an advantage to move closer to her.

"Gladly" I smiled "Where's your fiance by the way?? Is he sleeping over too?"

She smiled back "Oh no, He has to go back to his Office. They had an emergency. He might be back only in the morning"

My plan was falling into place before I could even start planning it.

"That's sad" I smirked to myself " Ok come on in then, I'll show you around"

We both walked into my room together, I got a good view of her voluptuous body. This time i was braver. My hand reached forward and touched her ass. I gave it a small squeeze and casually moved her out of the way. Her ass was perfect. I saw her smile. I was shocked! Did she actually like that?? This was getting more exciting. I showed her around my room. It was really untidy and i really didn't care. Right now all i wanted was to feel Meghna, If not fuck her. I again moved closer to her and this time my hand voluntarily touched the pallu of her saree. What the hell was i doing??

Thinking fast i asked " What material is this? Are you comfortable wearing it with all the heat??".

She laughed " What heat?? You have your AC on Roshan. Which world are you in?". I dropped her pallu, but this time careful enough to touch her hip. I felt her skin again. She had such a soft and creamy body. My hand was literally on her bare waist now. I pulled it away after she got aware of it. She looked away too. I saw her blush this time though. She walked towards my cupboard now to look at my trophies.

I couldn't control myself anymore. I walked behind her and slowly got my fingers on her waist. I put both hands on either sides of her hip and started feeling them.

Finger by finger, both my hands were on it. I got excited again. I didn't care what she might think and i wasn't subtle in my moves anymore. My hand slowly moved around her waist and mid-riff and i gave it a small squeeze. Now My hands moved towards her navel. Oh it was hot, i could feel her body heating up. I could feel mine heating up. There was heat everywhere. My hand was feeling her navel now. I started fingering it and felt my dick got so erect that i think i could have shot out some cum.

"What the hell are you doing?" - She cut short and pushed me away. What was she doing? She let me feel her for so long and now she pushes me away? I felt embarrassed. My Hands were shaking all of a sudden.

" Meghna, Look, I'm sorry... I don't know what i was doing. I thought you liked it" I explained.

"I'm getting married and i hardly know you. I saw you staring at me Roshan but i didn't know you had the guts to make a move. I am 7 years older than you!!" She replied. But i saw her eyes constantly move towards my dick which was still erect after i got a wonderful feel of her.

I wanted to apologize and just walk out, but instead i uttered words out of control - "Age doesn't matter Meghna. The moment i saw you i wanted to have you. You look so fucking hot! Can i atleast just feel you for a while. No strings attached. This won't leave this room and won't have anything to do with your marriage!!"

She was shocked - "But i am your cousin Roshan and there are rules...How can you even ask me..."

I cut her short - "Look didn't you like it when i felt you? Answer Honestly". I took a step towards her. I felt braver now. I would do anything to have her.

She started to blush and looked down - "..what...what do you"

I took another step - "Come on Meghna, You got a really good view of my dick and i know you want to feel it.."

She became more and more shy - "...I dunno..."

I put my hand over her hip again - "Fuck the rules" I said. I squeezed her waist. She whimpered a little. I moved my hands all over belly. She was as creamier and slender than ever. My hands were all over her voluptuous body. I pulled down her pallu. Now I could see her breasts in their magnificent size. But couldn't believe how sexy her navel looked below that.

I saw her closing her eyes. She knew she was in for a wild ride. I couldn't believe it. I met her just an hour back and now i am going to fuck her?? My sex Goddess Meghna...??

"Vivek shouldn't know" She moaned while i hugged her gently feeling her bare-back. My hands were all over her ass now. I felt them as gently as possible. I squeezed her Waist again and started fingering her navel. Both my hands feeling all the skin it could. I Made her stand and i experimented my hands on her. I took it step by step as slowly as possible. I then kneeled down and started tonguing her navel, while my hands squeezed her ass.

"Oh" She moaned." You should also know I'm a virgin"

WHAAAT! No wonder She seems so excited. "You are in for the ride of your life baby".."You are all mine and I'll treat you better than Vivek would ever treat you"

I pushed her onto the bed. I gently felt her lips. Moving mine closer to hers, I kissed her. Her lips were so soft!! I wanted to keep kissing her forever. I Gently stroked her hair and started kissing her cheek and then her neck. She had completely let down her guard now. I Now felt her breasts. They were perfect! I ripped her Jacket open and got a clear view of her breasts through her bra.

"Rip them open!!"She moaned.

I agreed. I got her bra hook and pulled it out. Her giant breast were now in plain sight. I immediately felt them. One hand cupped one breast while i sucked on the other nipple. Her nipple was so hard now. I softly cupped both her breasts and took of her bra and jacket. I ran my hands through her breasts again! they were godly! She must've been working out- her tits were round and perfect. I cupped them real gently. Then i squeezed both her tits. She moaned. I dug my face in between her perfect tits. She loved it even more. I kissed her all over her body! her lips, her cheeks, her neck, her breasts, her armpits, her navel. She was loving it.

"I'm all wet Roshan...NOW FUCK ME!" She screamed.

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Meghna was as horny as ever. I studied her from top to bottom as she lay there on my bed, completely topless, her jacket and bra thrown across the floor. Her eyes were closed and she continued moaning as i feel her bare skin. Her pink nipples became erect. I stroked them gently, again and again and again. I couldn't take my hands of her godly breasts. I kept squeezing them and feeling them as if i would never get a chance to do this again. Her skin was as soft as ever! My hands surveyed her entire top, moving from her breasts to her armpits, then her navel! She was hot. I could literally feel her heat and her body was so damn perfect. My lips then moved towards her neck, while my hand kept groping her giant tits.

I started sucking her neck. It looked like she's never got even a hikkie on her skin. It seemed so fresh and ready, like as if god had created her just for me! Smelling her skin gave me the fresh aroma of her sweat and deodorant. My dick went soaring into the air, as erect as ever!

I continued stroking her breasts. Moving down slowly, I bit her nipples and sucked on them! Her godly breasts were now in my mouth. I sucked them so hard and squeezed them harder. She was now whimpering with a little pain. But i didn't care, she has to be royally fucked and i need to show her what I am made up of! My hand then moved down, feeling her navel, it went further down.

Running both my hands under her saree, My hands touched her panty. I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled off her saree as she rolled on to the other side of the bed. I took this chance to remove my shirt and i jumped on her. She was now lying face down. Without wasting much time, I started groping her ass. She had a perfect voluptuous ass. Squeezing them real hard, I pulled up her petticoat. Gently, I removed the knot right under her navel and removed her petticoat too. She was now wearing only her panties! It was black in color and was as inviting as she had been the entire time. I slipped my hand under her panties...

"FUCK" she exclaimed..."Aaaah.." - I could literally feel her excitement now. This was the first time in her entire life, any guy felt her pussy and i made sure that i was doing a good job. In and out, I started fingering her. Into her beautiful soft pussy. She was perfect - Like an angel with perfect assets come to show me what pleasure is. She was moaning out loud now. A sense of pain and pleasure shot through her. It was something she had never before experienced in her life.
My finger was getting wet, from her dewy pussy. I continued Fingering her.

"Roshan....more....more.... I want more.... Please fuck me...aaaa... This feels so good!" She moaned with her half-closed eyes.

I obeyed and pulled down her panties. She was completely naked now. My Goddess of sex lay there on my bed wearing absolutely nothing. Her legs wide open, she called me forward. I quickly god down from the bed and removed my pants. She stared at my dick protruding through my underwear. Meghna couldn't stop staring at what i had in store for her. I saw her get nervous and excited all at the same time!

"Don't worry" I assured her, "I'll show you what it is to get fucked by me."

I pounced on her once again on the bed. I started kissing her. I shot my tongue into her mouth. The kiss was as wet as her pussy. Our tongues were playing its own tune resonating with each other. Her Lips felt so soft and godly. I didn't want to let go of her. Running down my hands on her, My hands were playing it's own game. Squeezing her ass, her breasts and fingering her hot pussy. She was getting Hornier every second.

Suddenly she pushed me away. Falling down on my back I looked at her in awe. What was happening??

Contrary to what I was thinking, She lunged and got a hold of my dick. She started stroking it. Giving it her own hand job. I had no idea that she had such intentions. Being an amateur I assumed she would leave everything to me, but she wants to play her part too. I let her do it!

She then pushed my dick into her mouth. Now, She was getting me excited too. More than how i was. I closed my eyes, knowing she would take care of me. Her blowjob was amateur at it's best and I was loving every second of it. My hard long dick moved in and out of her mouth. Her soft lips wrapped around my penis. I never thought this day would come. She continued stroking my balls and sucking my dick.

"Ooohh.. Meghna... You are so fucking hot!" I told her.

"You have such a long dick Roshan.. I don't think Vivek can even compare to yours" She replied continuing to suck my dick.

I was floating in heaven. Meghna giving me a blowjob on my bed inside my room??

"It's time", I thought to myself. I gently lifted her up. Making her kneel down, I pushed her face down. Slapping her ass, I inserted my cock into her vagina from the back. I was going to do it doggy style.

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I was staring hard into my computer, clicking through different porn streaming services. It was 10:00pm in the night, I was alone in my apartment, completely naked, trying to wank off to some hot mature brunette. I jumped from one website to another, trying to find the perfect brunette MILF who would satisfy my needs for the night. For me, everything has to be the right size. It's all in my head, I know. But, there are only a few things that my dick can react to. My body's just built that way. So it's very important for me to identify the right girl.

Those perfect MILF tits, not too big and not too small, but perfectly round ones. And the woman, not too mature. I like it when they are between 30 and 35. Brown skin gets me off more than any white-skinned girl would. I have my preferences. And I would go to great lengths to meet them. It's after all a matter of time. The internet offers you tonnes of opportunities and I was wise enough to use it. It was going to be a long night. I just knew it. I would make it as long as possible. I would extend my climax by even 3-4 hours sometimes. I would give it every bit of my energy, just to let out all this sexual frustration.

These kinda days weren't rare. Things were very different from my Chennai days. How could I forget that one night with Meghna? That's the first thing that pops up in my head when my mind goes back to Chennai. It's almost as if we had a physical bond. As if, we were destined to have sex with each other for the rest of our lives. I recall that night very vividly. How I slowly made my move. How she reacted almost instantly. Her long black hair, her long slender arms, her juicy lips, her magnificent breasts and the one thing that still always hits me - her creamy, voluptuous waist. They were my love handles for that night. I've spent nights masturbating to her deep, deep navel and thinking about how she wore her saree lower than her belly, enough to expose not just her navel, but even that cute small underbelly, softer than anything I've touched in my life. The smell of her neck, the smooth skin, her voluptuous ass, her lovely breasts, her beautiful face - everything about her and how her body touched mine that whole night. I never thought I'd be fantasizing about her after all these years. But it's happened. Every single day.

I made love to her that night. I wanted to conquer her, but I realized she had conquered me. I broke her virginity, just before her marriage and treated her like the queen she should be treated like for that one night. We did it not once that night, we went at it for hours. We tried different positions in my room. It was raining hard and there wasn't a single place in the room where we hadn't tried a different position. My dick was either in her mouth, where she would be stroking it with her soft, juicy tongue or it was up her pussy, tickling her clitoris as it went in and out. My hand never left her body. Not for a second. I was feeling and groping her breasts for as long as I could. Occasionally, I would slap her ass or give them a nice big squeeze. But most of the focus was on her tits. Those perfectly round, creamy breasts.

Oh, the moaning. How she moaned. "Roshan, Fuck....". I gave her everything. Everything I possibly could.

"Roshan.... Again... please...again. I want your dick. I'll suck it. I'll Lick it. I'll do anything! But please let's do it again" she said just minutes after an orgasm. I obeyed. I went at it, again and again and again.

But she didn't stay. She couldn't stay. She was getting married. We knew we had just that one night. We made the most of it.

By about 5:00 am we decided to sleep. We were completely naked, and we were cuddling in the bed. I was gently stroking her underbelly, occasionally moving my hands down to her smooth pubic region. Even after she slept, I continued to stroke her clitoris and finger her pussy when I felt like it. She returned the favor by waking me up with the best blowjob of my life.

It was 10:00am. We hadn't stepped out of the room. We dressed up quickly. She wore her sexy saree again. It was arousing to see her all dressed up again. Her waist, in plain-view shined out to my eyes.

"Can I keep playing with you till your fiance comes back?" I asked her, irresistibly.

"Roshan. Last night was amazing. I still can't stop myself from lunging at you. But you know what the truth is. I'm not going to tell this to anyone. But I have to get married to this guy. I've been with him for 4 years now. We know we're going to be together for the rest of our lives."

"That's...true.." I frowned. I went next to her one last time. Put my hand on her bare waist. I gave it a small, gentle squeeze and pulled her to me. I gave her a long hug, still feeling her bare-back. I kissed her on her neck and then finally gave her one last kiss on her lips, my tongue gently stroked hers. I stuck to her lower lip, and she stuck to my upper. I felt a deep emptiness in my stomach. "Once I finish this kiss, it'll all be over" - I thought.

The kiss, which lasted for less than 20 seconds, was broken by a loud voice from outside.

"ROOSHAAAN! Wake up. Meghna has to leave with Vivek. Ask her to have a shower and get ready" - I could her my mom shouting.

I went and unlatched the door. My mom walked in, very calmly, without suspecting a thing. I mean, we are after all cousins. Why would she think anything?

"I'm coming aunty. I'm sorry, but there was so much catching up I had to do with your son. It's been so long and I'm also getting married soon. It was nice to have him with me for the night" - She said, with a straight face. My mom, not understanding the subtle reference in her tone, smiled at her and replied - "I'm glad both of you had a good time".

Later in the morning, her fiance was back. The guy she was marrying had no idea anything had happened. He returned home late around 11:00 am. Meghna left without a word. She didn't want Vivek to suspect anything. And just like that, she was gone.

After that night, my life changed. I had so many sexual experiences with different girls in those three year. But nothing could match my experience with the goddess. I became a sexual creature after that. Constantly looking for someone to satisfy my desire. To show me the light. To enlighten me. But nobody could do that. Meghna had completely ruined my sexual needs. My dick would have her, and only her.

I got transferred to a job in Hyderabad a few months later. After moving here, I did not hear a single word from Meghna. I thought it was better that way. I half-heatedly decided to move on and find someone else. But it was never the same or even close.

I was sitting in my chair, still wanking off to Lisa Ann fucking her step-son. It's funny how you get attracted to people, which society would bar you from doing. It's almost as if it's a reflex action to disprove society. And then, just when I was about to finish up, right at that moment, *DING DONG* - I heard my doorbell.

"Fuck" - I exclaimed, even more frustrated. I pulled up my pants, put on one of my dirty Tshirts, and ran to the door. I unlatched it and was shocked to see what I saw.

In a wet, transparent, silk saree, stood Meghna. It was her. Yes, I wasn't mistaken. That same creamy skin. Those unbelievably big breasts, now even more shapely. The wet saree, stuck to her body, showing her unbelievably goddess like body. Her breasts so fine, her ass so round and her long, slender waist. He saree was receding to the side, exposing most of her waist-midriff region, and just enough to see half of her navel. She wore her saree below her navel, just like how she had worn in 3 years back - that underbelly. That cute bit of fat that I couldn't help but stare at.

"What the fuck?" - I exclaimed. But she didn't say a word. She stood there panting hard, completely wet from the rain behind in a really hot black saree. The wetness of the saree, dripping water onto her smooth skin. There was water trickling down her waist. For long I stared at one drop of water which trickled down perfectly into her deep navel. The fact that she was panting, made it all the more hard for me to concentrate. Her breasts were going up and down, I could see her waist fold in and out and her belly moving in and out as she panted.

I was in a complete state of shock. How did she turn up here? - I thought. She had become a mature woman, I could see. She'd been maintaining her body. She hadn't grown any fatter, her breasts were larger, if not the same and her body structure was just mind-blowing.

I looked up at her wet beautiful face. I saw water dripping down from her hair onto her juicy red lips. Her hair had grown longer, but she had tied it up, showing her soft neck in clear-view. Her pallu was much lower than her neck, showing me a massive part of her cleavage. She had a sleeveless blouse on, totally adding to the sexual tension.

My dick shot up in the air. I was more erect than I ever was in the last three years. She's back. But why's she back? And why's she wearing such a hot dress? Does she feel the same way too? Has she come here to give it all to me again? Oh boy, it was getting exciting. My hands were getting restless. I had to feel her up. I had to.

"Roshan...I'm really drunk..." - She muttered. She stumbled closer and i smelt a fresh whiff of alcohol. Before I could make a move, she reached out to my dick. "Oh, hello there. You naughty, naughty boy. YOu need some attention from me don't you?" - She started stroking my dick, with my pants still on. As she moved closer, her pallu slipped off her.

I didn't make a single move. I was still in shock. Now, I could see in full-view, her sleeveless blouse, with a low neck - showing her beautiful, deep cleavage, her big breasts, wrapped in that tight blouse, crying for me to grab, her waist,long and slender, still dripping with water and her smooth belly, leading softly to her deep navel.

She was now putting her hands inside my pant. And i slowly moved my hand and placed my whole palm on her belly. As she stroked my dick, I slowly ran my palm over her belly and gave her underbelly, the subtlest of a pinch. She whimpered as I started exploring Meghna all over again. Both my hands were on her waist, as I lunged forward....

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