My friend's mother  


Hello. This is Joy here. I have got an outstanding response to my
first story "My Sexi Sali". Thank you all for your appreciation.
This is a true incident which happened wit h me almost two years
ago. This was the time when I was unmarried, young and horny little
rascal….. well I am still all of it except the unmarried part. This
story has been written in English and not hindi or hinglish and I am
sorry for that. None the less I do hope that you enjoy it.

About 7 months back I heard the sad news that my friends whole
family which included of his father, mother and elder brother had
died in a road accident when their car had collided with a truck on
the Haryana – Jaipur highway. They were returning back from Jaipur
after attending marriage of a close relative. With the CAT exams
approaching soon my friend Karan had declined the idea of going for
the marriage and therefore had survived. His father and brother,
both of whom were in the front seat of the car died instantly while
his mother who was in the back seat at the moment underwent coma.
As a result of this tragedy my friend had to forego his plans of
doing his MBA and started working on his fathers business. His
mother stayed in the hospital for about 2-3 months but when doctor
saw that there was nothing they could do, they discharged her from
the hospital.

Karan now used to live in the house with his mother and an old maid
whom they have had in their house for almost a decade. One day I got
call from Karan asking if I knew a good maid servant or if I could
refer someone for the job. He told me that their maid servant had
gotten very old and was no able to perform her duties properly as
she had gotten old. She now wanted to retire and go back to her own
village. Her son was to come the following week and pick her up. I
promised him that I will look for a suitable person.

A week later I again got a call from Karan. His search for a full
time maid servant had yielded no result and his old maid had already
resigned. He had obtained a nurse who used to come in the morning
and feed, bathe and give her the medicine but was unable to locate a
full time company for her. To make the matter worse he had to go to
Jaipur for an important errand he next day as he had a hearing in
the court. He was hoping that he would be able to sort the matter in
a day and come back the same day itself. He wanted me to stay with
his mother and ensure that everything was ok at the house.

My schedule had been very busy lately and had been working overtime
even on Sundays. Being a bachelor working in the call center I had
all the freedom in the world. I was living in a one bedroom
apartment on the top floor of a residential building. I already knew
my widow land lady very well as I had often met her in order to get
her to decrease the rental of the apartment. A few nights on the
ground floor and a promised weekly visit had the rental problem
disappear like a miracle. Apparently her son who had been doing a
good job keeping her and other wanting ladies in the building happy,
had left for states for further studies. I was soon working, doing
chores day in and day out solving their "personal" problems as soon
as their husbands were away. Working in call center had its
advantages. It gave me a freer day to rest and to service the ailing
breasts (pardon the rhythm). And though I was almost caught many a
times by their husbands, their wives always portrayed in front of
them like I was like their son and was down for a bowl of Gajjar
halwa or Gulab jamun in exchange of which I was doing there grocery
shopping, house chores etc. But that's another story.

I thought that Karan's house will be a welcome break from my daily
routine activities. Also, owing the fact that there was a live
cricket match o be scheduled the next day, I thought it was a good
day to take a time off and watch the match while I can also help my
friend. I remembered Sunita aunty very fondly. She was a tall lady,
almost 5.8 and was an owner of a magnificent body even in the late
40s. Her 40-32-38 figure had all of lusting even during the schools
days. The most fascinating of all were her jet black soft hair which
reached her waist. She was always dressed up in elegant sarees and
jewellery with a little touch of makeup making her look like a demi
godess. My short affair with her when I was 15 lasted only for an
afternoon. All the friends had gone to Karan's farmhouse at the
outskirts of Delhi along with his elder brother and parents. While I
had gone to take a piss break during the match I had forgotten to
lock the bathroom door in the hurry. To my amazement Sunita aunty
walked in by mistake and ended giving me a blow up job after she saw
my dick in the salutation mode. Things could have gone further were
it not for my friends repeatedly banging on the door asking me to
come out at once as it was my chance to bat. Wish they knew I was
already clean bowled. After that we never got a chance to meet in

Next day I informed my TL of the situation and took a leave for the
day. After bathing and dressing up, I picked up a pack of bears and
some food stuff and reached Karan's place. His father had done well
for himself and build this huge 1000 sq ft house in the porshest
areas of Delhi. I reached right on time as Karan was about to leave
for Jaipur and the nurse had already arrived. Meanwhile, I made
myself comfortable in the lounge. I turned on the rich brats Home
Theatre TV and located the sports channel. I arranged some kebabs
and put the beer in the fridge so that I can have them chilled.
Around 9:30 the nurse turned up to me and told me that her job was
done and she was leaving as she had to head to the hospital for her
job. I was too engrossed in TV and did not pay her much attention.
She informed me that she had already bathed her, fed her and given
her the medicine. She instructed me on the medicine and food that I
was to give her in the afternoon and left.

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Meanwhile the match started and I was ready on the couch with my
beer. India was batting first. As usual the team started well with
Sachin and Sehwag opening and I started my beer party. However as
soon as Sachin got out the wickets started to role. By the time the
Indian inning was over I had already downed 3 beers. They had not
even managed to make 200 runs and I was really pissed. I realized it
was time for Sunita aunty's lunch and medicines. I took the chicken
soup and the medicines and went into her room. Her bedroom was
glorious. Apparently it had been their master bedroom and Karin's
father had spent lavishly on it. There were Italian tiles laid on
the floor, the room was decorated like a freaking set of a movie
with everything right in place. In the middle of the room there as a
huge antique Victorian bed which could have easily had 5 people
sleeping comfortably in it. Sunita aunty was lying on the center of
that magnificent bed immobile wearing a white frill top and a skirt.
She was looking pale and absolutely white. Her skirt had lifted up
exposing almost half of her thighs. I went in an arranged her dress
properly. Sunita was very beautiful. Even at the age of 45 she was
getting old very gracefully. Her 40-35-38 figure could have any one
lusting after her. I held Sunita aunty up and got her in a sitting
position. I then started feeding her the gooey soup. She was in a
vegetable stage and barely managed to open her mouth for the food.
As a result, by the time we were done with the food, her top was
almost soaking in the soup which actually looked like cum. I did not
have any options but to change her top and give her a sponge bath
lest she be uncomfortable. Since nurse was expected next morning
only, I had no choice.

I made aunty sit on the wheel chair which was used for transporting
her and took her to the bathroom. I was a bit hesitant in taking her
top off. With clear intentions I pulled her tshirt over her head but
what I saw was something that I had not expected. She was not
wearing a bra and her mounds came right in front of my eyes. These
beautiful luscious succulent melons were in front of me which we all
kids had lusted on and dreamed off. At this moment I could not stop
myself and thought, what the heck.. Why not have a little fun while
I am doing some good work. I started sucking her huge breasts. In
any other situation I probably would have got a slap right on my
face but then this was not any other situation. After sucking on her
breasts for almost half an hour my dick started reaching enormous
proportions. Here was a sexy lady sitting topless in front of me on
a wheel chair. I immediately got all my clothes off and started
rubbing my dick on her breasts while she was sitting. I tightened
her breast around my dick and titi fucked her hard. Within minutes I
was coming. I opened Sunita's mouth and came all over her face and
breasts… Finally she was getting some good quality protein shake.

I filled up the large bath tub with the water. This bath tub could
accommodate 2 people and Karan had got it installed recently as it
was convenient for the nurse to bathe her in it. As the water was
filling up I loaded my dick in Sunita's mouth and started jerking
off in her mouth. I wanted to shoot load of my jism in her mouth but
thought otherwise keeping in mind the good times that were lying
ahead of me. After the water had filled up I stripped Sunita off her
skirt and laid her in the tub. Man she was a bombshell. I also got
in the bathtub along with her as I cuddled and caressed her. I saw
that nurse had been taking very good care of her. Her body was well
waxed and clean. Her skin felt like satin as I ran my fingers on
them. I again attacked her succulent breast and laid my erect lund
in her immobile hand. I tightened her grip around my cock and jerked
myself. Then slowly I sat on the backside and had sunita sitting in
my lap. I entered her ass from the backside and slowly humped her in
the bathtub. I was furiously pounding in her ass while my hands were
tightened around her firm breasts. My grip was so tight that red
marks had now started appearing on her breasts. I shot my jism in
her ass. I then started resting with my dick still in her ass.

After resting for about half an hour and bathing ourselves I got out
of the bathtub and got Sunita aunty out too. I dried her whole body
before laying her out on the bed. Once I was dried myself I got on
top of her and started sucking her big big mummas again. They were
so appetizing that I could not get enough of them. Then I gradually
shifted her in the middle of the bed and got in the 69 position with
me over her. I opened her mouth and put my dick in that while I
sucked her ( ) cunt. I could not believe it… within minutes she was
coming. As the white liquid flowed out of her cunt I licked it
clean. I knew that she was enjoying it. I then laid her back on her
back and penetrated her form the front. Slowly I started pushing my
7 inch throbbing cock in her pulsating pussy. Suddenly my cell phone
which was kept on the bed stand started ringing. I was panting and
breathing heavily because of the hard fucking but anyway picked up
the phone. It was Karan calling from Jaipur. His first question
was… "What happened to you man? It seems as if you were running a
marathon." I was delirious and confused of what to say…. So I told
him that I was just working out (exercising) and continued humping
his mother while talking to him on the phone. Karan told me that the
date has been postponed till tomorrow and will be coming tomorrow
night after the hearing. Great I thought…. Now I had this sexy woman
all to myself for at least another 24 hours. Meanwhile I was
continuously fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. After pumping
for about 15 minutes I came in her… All this while her pussy was
getting wetter and hotter

I was extremely exhausted and so I just slept on her with my dick
still inside. By the time I got up it was about seven in the
evening. India had already lost the match as usual and I did not
know what was I to do for the night… I ordered some food from
outside and started making plans for the following night…. How could
I make it a night to remember and then I got a delirious idea. I
ordered some flowers for home delivery. Then I went I gut Sunita
aunty's most beautiful saree out and put it on her. Also I did her
makeup (whatever basic I could) and made her look prettier than she
was when I had met in the morning. In the morning her face was pale
and white. Now her face was pink and was glowing… probably she was
happy and a satisfied women.

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After decorating her and dressing her I laid her on the bed.
Meanwhile the flowers had arrived and I broke the petals and spread
it all across the bed and on her. I slowly fed her the soup and
pampered her, talking to her and cuddling her. After the dinner I
came to the bedroom and got on the bed besides her… this time I
wanted to do it but slowly…. I wanted her to relish every moment of
it. I started by kissing her face slowly…. Her pink cheeks.. then I
graduated to her luscious and succulent lips. As I came to her neck
I gave her small hikkies and bit her at several places slowly.
Slowly coming down I bit her breast from over her clothes and
graduated to her navel. I have a navel fetish and I started playing
with her navel. I put my tongue into it and licked it… I then went
down to her legs and I raised her saree to her waist. As I inserted
my finger in her cunt to finger her, she was already wet and hot. As
I fingered her cunt and licked her, she came more…. She was hot and
she was loving it…. I knew it. Then i went right back to her chest
and tore her blouse open. The black lingerie bra was looking sexy on
her white cream like body. I then came to her leg and took of her
saree along with her petticoat all down to find her in the black
silhouette and satin panty that I had found earlier in her closet.
She must have used it earlier to entice her old haggard husband. She
was looking like a demi godess in the lingerie, like a poster girl
of an Erotic English movie. I got on top of her and tore of the
hooks of the lingerie digging my teeth deep in her breast. I was so
wild that I left the marks of the bite on the breasts. I then tore
her panty off with my hands. After pulling her on to the edge of the
bed I laid a pillow under her ass and with my feet on the ground
inserted her from the front. As I pushed my pelvis in her heaven
hole, her breasts shook and vibrated with every hard long push. I
held her breasts in my hands and continued to bang her like a whore.
The breasts were so big that they were not containing in my hands
and kept on slipping out. After about 15 minutes of hardcore banging
I came in her cunt. I was tired and exhausted from the hard days
work and I slept nude on the bed right besides her. In the night I
occasionally got up twice banged her some more and then went back to
sleep again.

Next morning I was woken up by the door bell. That was the nurse.
Shit I thought. I got up from the bed phataphat, I wore my clothes,
got aunt dressed up in the skirt and top from the previous day. I
collected all the flower petals, arranged the bed a bit. Once the
room was looking a little decent again I opened the door. Which was
almost 15 minutes after the bell had first rung. As I opened the
door I saw the frustrated nurse standing nest to the bell ringing
the bell as if there was no tomorrow. I apologized and told her that
I had overslept. As I lay down on the sofa in the living room to I
slept for a while. My sleep was broken when I felt a hand shaking
and stirring me trying to wake me up. As I got up and saw the clock
it was about 9 in the morning. The nurse was standing in front of
me. She threw the torn lingerie bra and panty in my lap and asked me

"What have you been doing da!?"

Posted : 02/10/2011 8:29 am

Next morning I was woken up by the door bell. That was the nurse.
Shit I thought. I got up from the bed phataphat, I wore my clothes,
got aunt dressed up in the skirt and top from the previous day. I
collected all the flower petals, arranged the bed a bit. Once the
room was looking a little decent again I opened the door. Which was
almost 15 minutes after the bell had first rung. As I opened the
door I saw the frustrated nurse standing nest to the bell ringing
the bell as if there was no tomorrow. I apologized and told her that
I had overslept. As I lay down on the sofa in the living room to I
slept for a while. My sleep was broken when I felt a hand shaking
and stirring me trying to wake me up. As I got up and saw the clock
it was about 9 in the morning. The nurse was standing in front of
me. She threw the torn lingerie bra and panty in my lap and asked me

"What have you been doing da!?"

I was totally astounded and did not know what to say. The first
thing that came to my mind was that she couldn't possibly know and
the first reaction was
"What? What have I been doing?

She was a little furious as she looked me right in the eye. For the
first time I noticed her characteristics properly. She was a south
Indian lady which I derived from her dark complexion and her accent.
She was short about 5.4 foot tall and was plump. She must have been
in her late 20's and her figure I guess would have been 42-36-40.
She was in white wearing the nurse's uniform that consisted of a
white skirt and a tight white half sleeve shirt which was unable to
contain her huge pound of meat called the breasts.

She again spoke to get my attention. "What are you looking at Da?, I
want to know what you have been up to?"

I again said " nothing" the very obvious answer for a question as
stupid as that.

She then caught my hand and started dragging me in to the bedroom
where Sunita Aunty was resting after the heard nights pumping
action. As I entered the bedroom I saw that Sunita aunty was lying
naked on the bed. And then the realization struck me. There were
love bites all across her body especially her breast which were red
and looked soar as if they have been mauled and tortured by a
barbarian. Now she again looked at me and asked me again " Will you
tell me know what you have been up to or do I tell Karan what you
have been doing with his mother" I looked down on the floor in
shame. I did not know what to say. Meanwhile she kept on speaking
about what a bad boy I was and how could I do this to an immobile
helpless little women. I went in a trance and was paying no
attention to what she was saying. I was just thinking what Karan
would say if he ever came to know of this. I came back to my senses
when the nurse held my chin and pulled my face upwards. As the
realization struck I realized that nurse's top was off and her huge
pounding breasts were all spilling out of the tight and scanty old
bra. Man! I love this life I thought. One moment I was in deepest
shit of my life and in the other moment I was looking at most
enormous sets of jugs I have ever laid my eyes upon. However I was
so tired of the escapades from yesterday that I did not have any
energy at all to have more sex. While I had these huge set of jugs
in front of me… my brain was ordering the dick to stand and pay some
attention but the dick was sore and overworked. Had it been a human
he surely would have charged me for overtime I was making him do.

The nurse who I remembered now was named Revathi; got down on her
knees and opened the buttons of my @jeans in a hurry. Before long my
@jeans and boxers were down on the feet and Revathi was sucking on my
limp cock like a wild and hungry black panther. As the limp cock
started coming to life she got my @jeans out of my foot and pushed me
back on the bed. The back of my head landed slowly on Sunita
auntie's stomach right next to her left breast. She was my pillow
right now. Tired and exhausted I raised my left hand and brought it
above my head to hold and molest Sunita aunties left breast.
Meanwhile Revathi stripped of her skirt but was still wearing her
off white and old set of bra and panties and her white tights which
ran from the waist across her whole leg. She got on top of me and
sat on my stomach. Slowly she started jiggling her mounds in front
of my face. They were so close yet so far away. In one smooth action
I caught her bra from the front and pulled it with all my might. The
hooks could not take the pressure and the bra came out in my hands.
She bend down ahead and stuffed her left tit in my mouth. Meanwhile
she pulled my left hand off Sunitas breast and brought it to her own
right breast and squeezed it, hinting me to do the same. Well, I
obliged… as if I had many options. She starting straddling me like I
am a horse drilling and pushing her breast forcefully into my mouth.
God she was really frustrated. She wanted to maul her breasts
against my teeth and wanted me to squeeze the living shit out of
them…. As she shouted… "squeeze them you bastard… you son of a
bitch… squeeze them or I will eat your balls ….." I was starting to
gain my erection by all this erotic abuses. My dick slowly got up to
the attention as it rubbed against the entrance of Reva's black and
hairy ass…... She was not the kind who would miss things like that.
She got up from my stomach wanted to take off her panties and
tights. Her cunt was right above my head while she was about to take
it off. I however stopped her on time. I told her that I will do it
for her and she agreed showing the grin that I had earlier seen in
the eyes of the frustrated aunties I had been with earlier. I
slipped her tights down to her thigh and then caught hold tightly of
her underwear. In a slow tug from my hands on both the sides, her
underwear was torn and came right out in my hands. As I threw them
beside the bed I slipped her slip right back on to her waist. She
asked me what the hell I was doing but I was in no mood to answer to
her stupid questions.

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I caught her by her thighs and brought her cunt which was covered
with the soft lacey fabric of the tight right over my mouth where a
flickering and a burning tongue was waiting for the suck the cream.
As she sat on my face her head was facing my dick which was now in
full attention. I slowly started rolling my tongue on the outside of
her cunt trying to penetrate it through the lacy material of the
tight. She was sighing and crying for more but knew that the tights
were doing nothing to get her what she really wanted. When she could
not take it any more, she brought her hands down and pushed her
sharp nails into the soft fabric of the tights and tore it with her
fingers where the pussy was, enabling me to eat her cunt and push in
my tongue into her hot and dripping pussy. As I relished and ravaged
her cunt she started thrusting her cunt in my mouth using my tongue
to fuck herself. Her eyes were closed and she was in a trance. But
hey, this was not good….. Life is all about give and take and so I
caught her long oiled hair and pushed her moth towards my cock. She
however was not going to let me in that easy…. She started playing
with my cock and licking it but would not take it in her mouth in
order to tease me. I was so fucking frustrated. I then turned on my
right side and now had her under me while I was on top of her. Now I
pushed my cock hard and the 7 inch dick was all inside her hot
mouth.. She started to gag and struggle. I took the dick out of her
mouth only to bang it back in. She was a whore and ought to be
fucked like one. She soon got the hang of it and was longing for
long hard strokes into the deep crevices of her throat.
She started stimulating my dick with her tongues and lips and wanted
to make me cum and drink my vital juices. I however had some other
plans. I pushed the bitch off my mouth and then laid her sown on the
bed next to Sunita. I brought her legs up and pinned them below her
head as her body was arched now. Now I entered her cunt but it was
loose like an old whore. She couldn't have been so loose for sure,
she was just 24. While I shoved the dick in her glory hole I
confronted her with my thoughts. "How come you are so loose Reva.,
you wear a freaking mangal sutra, you must be getting pumped day in
and day out by your "good and huge husband."

"No da! My husband lives in the village and comes rarely to the
town. I go to the village when I get my annual leave and stay there
for almost a month. That is the only time he gets an access to my
cunt. Hospital is a very eventful place you see and there are number
of rich patients who would be happy to pay nurses like us for some
good quality bed time action after the visiting hours are over."

"I am sure your husband can't satisfy your lust? So what other extra
curriculum activities do you have?"

Her face which was already red due to the ongoing pumping showed
grew redder as she blushed. "Well;" she said "My brothers, brother
in law and even my father in law take a very good care of me
whenever I am back in the village."
To be frank I was a bit shocked. "Don't give me that look", she
said " I have also had a foursome involving my Father in Law, my 2
brother in laws and my sisters husband while in the village". "They
used to send my stupid husband to the nearest town for some
important work. The nearest town is about 2 days trip back and
forth and that gives us sufficient time to do our doings. Not to
forget, my husband is sent to the town at least once every weak when
I am back in the village. I am hoping that he has not noticed it
that he becomes a more important courier boy whenever I am back in
the village."

Man! She was a whore I thought. As I heard her story I got flushed
and soon came in her juicy pussy. She had had a fuck after almost 2
months and the relief showed on her face. She rested for five
minutes and then got up to go to the hospital. Once she saw her torn
undergarments and tights she came back to the realization. " What
would I wear?" she asked me. I got up and opened Sunitas chest of
drawers and got a pair of white lacy satin bra and panty out along
with a new white set of tights. " You can take this" I said giving
them to Revathi, " I am sure she wont mind" I said as I looked at
Sunita. "But of course you will have to pay for this Reva". I saw
the glint in her eye as she came near me and held the soft lingerie
in her hands, "and what would that be?" she asked me. Well, I want
your fat ass right here right now….. No she said immediately. Her
seriousness was evident from her face. She had never been fucked in
the ass and she had no apparent mind to so even now. But then we
cant let the dirty old whore go without her paying the price, can
we? So I pulled her by her hair and pushed the fat buzzard in to the
bed with her face towards the bed. As she fell on the mattress, her
ass came in my full view. I took the Vaseline intensive care which
was kept besides the bed on the night table. (A word of advice…. Use
Vaseline Intensive care for the tightest holes of the world….. It
smells good, is non greasy and is so light that it disappears right
after the fuck as if you never had a lubricant on). I smeared
handful of Vaseline on to her ass and slowly inserted my fiddle in
her ass. She was wincing in pain and struggling to get up. Slowly I
started a fast fucking motion with the finger and she threw her head
back in pain…. Apparently I though, if I continue loosening her
asshole like this then it will take me hours before I can enter her.
What the hell I thought. I doused my dick in Vaseline and put it on
the entrance of her ass hole as if I was aiming my dick. In one fast
and furious blow the dick was half in to her ass as she cried in
pain. I did not care.. the only one who could hear her was there
right in front of me and she had nothing to say as of now. I slowly
started rocking in and out of her ass paying more attention to her
milky pouches. I held them tightly from the back and then I final
jerk. I used her breasts as the grip and caught them tightly jerking
with all my might getting the whole of my 7 inch rod inside her.
This time the cry was very loud. Leaving her breast I covered her
mouth with my hand and continued fucking her in slow rhythms. Slowly
she started enjoying this and I resumed to mutilating her milky
jugs. Her ass was as tight as a virgin's cunt. Finally I had
captures the black panther and had her sighing in anguish. I knew
she was loving it. Long and slow strokes had reached the forbidden
area and ware giving her a sinful pleasure she had never experienced
before. She cam at least 3 times before I came in her ass which now
looked as if it had been smacked repeatedly.

We rested for a while on the bed lying next to Sunita. Three of us
were lying naked, exhausted and tired. After about half hour we
started gaining some energy and were up. While Reva went to the
bathroom to freshen up and dress up I was rolling lazily on the bed.
I then saw Sunita who was waiting for my attention. I put a finger
in Sunita cunt and it was wet like hell. Cum was oozing out of it
and there was no stopping that. After licking her cunt clean for
about 5 minutes I straddled her cunt to give her another trip of
heaven. As I was fucking her revathi came out and he jaw fell open
in amazement. She came behind and caught me by my hair and said "
You bastard, If you would have told me you have still more left then
I would have straddled you again and made you cum till the time your
balls were dried up"

That did not made me stop as I continued thrusting my dick deep in
Sunita as Revathi pulled my head close to her lips and smacked my
lips with a tight French kiss. She then knelt besides Sunitas bed
and started sucking wildly on her already mauled breasts. I came
very soon being tired.

I expressed my concern to Revathi about the chances of Sunita
getting pregnant. Revathi asked me not to fear as she had already
had had a look at her medical file and that she had got both her
fallopian tubes cut after her 2nd pregnancy. I was in the 7th
heaven. This meant I could fuck Sunita all that I wanted without any
fears at all.

Before evening I had fucked Sunita twice again once in the ass and
the other time by curving her body with her legs bended behind her
head. Before evening I had Sunita neat and dressed up and kissed her
goodbye. As I sat and waited in the drawing room, Karan came home. I
could see a noticeable difference in his mother as she was no more
pail and frail as he had left her. Her face was now glowing and
looked energetic. Karan was truly happy to see that not only have
taken a good care of her mother but also fed her well enough to give
her the glow ( he thought that the soups and all had done the magic,
hardly did he know that it was not soup but my cum that had filled
his mother up with all the energy she needed).

I then left for my job. Next day Karan gave me call in the morning
and asked me if I would be interested in moving in with him. Since I
was working in a call centre and doing night shifts daily and he was
doing the day shift in his fathers business, he thought they we both
aided by the nurse can take a better care of her than a maid can….
What could I say… I gladly obliged…. And that's when the fest
actually began as I fucked Reva and Sunita day in and day out.
Sometimes Reva brought her nurse friends home who also got in the
line of my fire….

One day when Karan was away I invited all my friends for a fuck fest
to the house where we gangbanged Reva and her nurse friend Susha.
But that's another story. As for Sunita…. I did not allow anybody an
access to her but me…. She was a class of her own and rabid dogs did
not deserve a class lady like her.

Soon Karan got married and Reva was discharged off her duties.
Things became interesting when Pooja, Karin's wife caught me fucking
her mother in Law.

Posted : 02/10/2011 8:30 am