My Sister Deepa  


Hi I am Mohan 35, resident of Delhi, we are having a family of 3 persons My elder sister who is around 40 and then me and mi little sister. My elder sister is married to a business man in New York and me of course in Delhi doing the job of sales manager to a pharma company, resides in Delhi having two children 10 and 8 elder is daughter and younger is son. Both study in Dehradoon in a public school, My wife has expired when my son was born we are anglo Indian family still adhere to english values then to Indian culture in dressing and other life style.

My younger sister is Deepa, who married twice and live in a town named Meerut no far from Delhi, her first marriage was a flop show and second marriage to an army man was not longlived as the defence personnel expired in combat at Kashmir.Hence Govt has given her lot of money plus a job in defence, but she was not happy with her life.
Deepa called me at 9 AM on a Saturday morning, crying about how that she just got home from workShe think that with no communication from either of family member, she thinks that her life is Mess. I could tell she was extremely upset and there was no telling what she might do. After all her first marriage had lasted less than six months with basically the same results. Her second marriage had lasted four years, until the death of her husband in combat at Kashmir..

Anyway, I told Deepa I would be right over, I told my children what was going onin your Buas' house and asked if they wanted to go. they said no, . So I went alone, figuring I would calm her down and be back in a few hours.But I was wrong, when I got there Deepa was frantic.

She was crying, throwing thing around and cursing us using words that were unsocial. I realised that she is same Deepa with whom while growing up we use to fight like cats and dogs, but like a normal brother, I never let anyone else mess with my sisters. I rushed over and grabbed her in my arms, to console her and to keep her from breaking anything else. She fought me for a minute or two then relaxed in my arms, putting her face in my chest and crying her heart out. I sat her on the bed and went to the kitchen poured her a good measure of brandy in a glass to help get her self together. She took the brandy from me and drank it in one sip all down and held out the glass for more, I guess I should not have done it but I got her another. When she took this one from me she sipped it slowly.

She had quit crying but was still upset to say the least. She couldn't understand what she had done to cause this to happen. Deepa kept asking me what was wrong with her. Was she not pretty enough? Was she mean and bitchy? Was she not good enough in bed? I couldn't answer all her questions, being her brother I had never went to bed with her. I did tell her that she was not only pretty but she was beautiful. That she was not mean and bitchy but too good to her men. I tried to make her understand that she just attracted men that used her.

By this time she had gotten up and fixed herself another drink. This concerned me because I knew alcohol was not the answer to any problem. She asked me how I managed to stay without your wife for last 8 years I told her That the first six years we were married I was in the Army in short Service Commision while my wife and daughter stayed home. After that when I got out of the Army I took a job as a district sales manager and travelled a lot for five years, and didn't see much of my family. Now that I am home everyday, my both childrens are in hostel I really have to work hard to keep my children happy Deepa was getting another drink and starting to feel the effects of the previous ones.

Deepa was still feeling pretty sorry for herself and I really didn't know what to do to help her. She sat down beside me on the bed very close and asked me if I really meant what I said. By this time I had said a lot and had to ask what part she was talking about. Deepa said the part about her being beautiful and being too good to others. I told her damn straight I meant it and to emphasize it I told her if I wasn't married and she wasn't my sister I would be chasing her myself. This seemed to make her feel better, so she took my arm and put it around her shoulders snuggled her face into my chest and asked me to just hold her. Seeing nothing wrong with this I held her tight and felt her shudder and the tension seemed to leave her.

After a while I noticed she was breathing deeply with her eyes closed I guess she went to sleep. It was really no wonder, with the stress, fatigue, and the half a fifth of brandy she had consumed. I should have got up laid her on the love seat and went home. But it was kind of nice, just sitting here holding her close just the two of us.

I looked down at Deepa, asleep in my arms. That's when I noticed a button on her blouse had come open and she wasn't wearing a bra. I got a good look at her ample tits, nipples hard and pointed. I should have turned away, but I couldn't take my eyes off the tits of Deepa. I never thought of my sister in this sexual way as she was presently. I tries to hold myself in control but could not Only God knows wat kind of stuff i was thinking my sister in such a way.I was bad then an animal. I called Deepa to get awake but in vain she was pretending to be in fast sleep . I was fixed at My sisters tits.Her this site was making me mad at her and I slipped my hand in her blouse and cought hold of her visible tit.Rather I covered her tit by my palm...........

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I don't know what came over me but I had to feel those tits. I slowly moved my hand to cup one. I squeezed every so gently, I could feel the hard nipple in my palm. I don't know what I would have done if she had woke up, but luck was with me she didn't even stir. That only made me bolder, I unbuttoned another button and slid my hand inside her blouse to cup her bare tit. Again she didn't stir, but I thought I was going to cum in my pants. I don't know what make me do it but I got up gently and laid her on the bed.
You think I would have come to my senses by then, but the animal in me took control. I grabbed the waistband of Deepa's shorts and pulled them down, after all I thought if her tits were perfect what was her pussy going to be like? I hadn't seen her naked sense we used to take baths together as children. Then it was hairless and I didn't know enough to be excited. Damn she had on white panties, which stretched tight, over her pussy mound. My hands trembled as I reached for the waistband of her panties. This might be my only chance to see her pussy. I slowly pulled Deepa's panties down to heighten the anticipation. I was shocked, her pussy was totally hairless.

I was going crazy, my dick strained the zipper of my pants, my under ware was wet from the precum my dick was leaking.. Deepa's hairless pussy reminded me of when I used to play doctor with the next door neighbors girls. It excited me to no end. Let me take the time to tell you that after fifteen years of marriage and two kids, my wife body was not so tight as her is She wasn't fat by any means, but she had gotten heavy, and stretch marks mired her body.
So it is no wonder that the sight of Deepa's perfect naked body turned me on. I thought to my self that her two ex-husbands must be crazy to have left her. I began to wonder if she was cold in bed. Well I knew that at this point I was damn well going to find out.

.I picked Deepa up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She sure looked sexier if that was possible lying there with her light brown hairs spread out on the pillow of the bed.

I wasted no time in opening me up as my own dick was making my pant wet and the zipper loose and precum was making it wet. I spread her legs and widen her the opening of her pussy lips to mmake a way for my hard dick to enter in the holy gate of my sister. and cover her body while my hands were roaming here and there searching out of some new avenues of my sister. I played with her tits. nimbbled them and finally entered my finger in her pussy. I saw her moving a little either making me comfortable for fuck or just like a sleeping doll. I was standing on point of no return even if she ( ) would have awakwen nothing doing i was adamant to finalise the balancesheet today Her pussy was wet and responding to my fingers call and was giving the chances of cumming to precum stage it was hot and juicy. Every time y finger entered in her pussy she maoned like a wild cat. I took my hand to golden gate and tried to check whether her pussy has loosen enough by her two husbands and or still tight. To my utter surprise it was still tight and intact.I finger fucked my sister uptil she had a cum.

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I knew then if I didn't cum soon I would bust, but I didn't want to fuck her just yet. I took Deepa's hand and put it on my dick, she seemed tohold it. The sight of my sister with her hand wrapped around my dick was almost more than I could stand. Then I saw her perfect tits again and the idea came to me. I held her boobs with my dick between her boobs. I took her tits in my hands and pulled them together and started tit fucking her. I knew I wouldn't last long as I was never so excited in my life. I looked down at Deepa's sweet face and noticed that her lips were slightly parted and instantly knew where I wanted to blast my first load of boiling cum. I was a little afraid that when I stuck my dick in her mouth that she might clamp down with her teeth, so I stuck my finger in her mouth first. I was shocked, because instead of biting down, she gently sucked like a child sucking her thumb. That's all the encouragement I needed, as I felt the cum churning in my balls. I quickly removed my dick from between her tits and gently placed the head in between her lovely lips. The sight of my little sister's lips wrapped around my dick was more than I could stand and I sent my first blast of hot cum in her mouth as I pushed to get it in farther. The cum started leaking from around the corners of her mouth and I remembered a trick my mother had used to make me swallow cough syrup when I was a kid. So I pinched Deepa's nose shut and she started swallowing by reflex, while I continued to pump my load into her mouth. I had never cum so much in my life. as the last few drops came out of my dick, I again placed of my dick in Deepa's mouth.

I slowly withdrew my still hard cock from her mouth. There were still streams of cum running down her face from the corners of her mouth. I guess she just couldn't swallow it all fast enough. I again spread my body over hers. And gently kissed her tasting my own cum. The kiss was like an electric shock. Sparks seemed to fly as I held my lips to hers and humped my rock hard cock between her pussy lips. She seemed to be kissing me back, for her tongue came in contact with mine and she seemed to be humping me back.

I broke the kiss and looked into her face, but she still had not fully come around. God if Deepa was this hot in a taker unwilfully what was she like when she wanted sex? I slowly kissed my way down her body pausing at her breast to suck and nibble at her nipples. I began again after a few moments and stopped again at her belly button to run my tongue inside. From there I licked down to her bald pussy lips. This was my first close up view of my sister's hairless pussy or any hairless pussy for that matter.

I have eaten pussy before, but the thought of eating my sister's hairless pussy had me really excited. I gently kissed and licked the outer lips and I felt Deepa's shift her hips. I took my fingers and gently tried the outer lips apart and the aroma was driving me wild. I dived in, licking everywhere, tongue fucked her glory hole. Then I concentrated on her clit, which was erect and poking out as if to beg to be licked. I licked her clit while using my hand to finger fuck her. She twisted and squirmed while this was going on. I then worked a finger up her tight ass hole, so now I was finger fucking her ass and pussy while licking her clit. It didn't take her long to climax.

I knew it was time that I fucked her. Hell if I had known she was this hot I would have tried to fuck her years ago. I crawled up her body and placed my dick between her pussy lips and slowly rubbed the head back and forth. Deepa flinched each time the head of my cock came in contact with her clit. I slowly worked it down to her tight glory hole and gently pressed until the head of my dick had disappeared. Oh God I was enjoying this and wanted to savor ever moment of this first entry.

I looked at Deepa's face but other than a slight smile on her lips there was no sign of her coming around. I watched her face as I pushed deeper into her hot tight velvet tunnel, and she started shaking her head from side to side. Have I died and gone to heaven? I had never fucked anything so hot and tight in my life.(even my wife who told to me that she is virgin but now i remember she was lieing ) I had to stop so I wouldn't cum to soon. As I waited for that tingling feeling to subside, I could feel Deepa's cunt squeezing my dick like a Hungry

I slowly started moving in and out of that tight pussy trying to make it last as long as I could. But try as I might I could not hold off long before I felt that tingle in my balls that lets me know I was about to fill this sweet cunt full of my hot cum. So I turned loose and fucked her for all I was worth, pounding that pussy hard and fast. I put her legs over my shoulders so I could get deeper and see my cock pounding my little sister's hot pussyand heard her moaning like a wounded woman as mmmmmmmmmm oh ah .......ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Then I continued to pound fast and hard. Deepa's only reaction was to toss her head from side to side and moan from deep within. I felt it happen, I must have shot a gallon of cum in that hot pussy, I didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming.

I collapsed from exaltation on top of Deepa, my dick still in her tight cunt. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew Deepa was shaking me, asking what the hell was going on here. I was fuzzy for a minute and realized what had happened. It was dark but from the light from outside filtered into the room enough for me to see the horror on Deepa's face. I was still on top of her, but my soft dick must have withdrawn from her pussy.

She started beating on my back with her fists and hollering for me to let her up. I rolled off her and she jumped up and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear her crying again through the door, but I didn't know what to say to her.

I just sat up in the bed and though a while. I guess most people would say I raped my sister. After all she did not willingly participate in the act to her knowledge. I was feeling really bad, what was I going to say to her? How was I going to face her? God would she face me ever I was confused, I guess I thought with the wrong head this time.

I went to the bathroom door and knocked softly and pleaded with Deepa to come out and talk with me. She told me she didn't think she could ever face me again. But wait she didn't sound like she was mad, more like she was ashamed. This confused me more, but I still begged her to come out and talk to me. She said she was so ashamed that she could never look me in the eyes again. I didn't know what was going on in her mind, but I was calmer than I had been.

I told Deepa that if she didn't come out I would kick in the door, because we needed to talk about what had happened. I heard her unlock the door and she came out slowly her head bowed looking at the floor. I walked over to her and lifted her chin up so that I could look into her eyes. She busted out crying again begging me to forgive her. Forgive her? Now I was confused. I hugged her to me and asked her to explain what I was supposed to forgive her for. She said for getting drunk and seducing me. I was shocked, her seducing me? She told me she didn't remember anything but had always wondered what it would be like to make love to me.

This was getting crazier and crazier by the minute. I was stunned, speechless, all I could do was hold on tight to my sister and listen. To her revelation about how she had tried to find a man like me when she looked for a partner. How she had dreamed of making love to me since she was a teenager. My heart was racing, and I held her tighter. How was I going to tell her I had just raped her?

I relaxed my bear hug on her and lifted her chin to look into her eyes again. Her lower jaw trembled like a child and I could not resist. I just kissed her passionately. I don't know how long we held the kiss but when it was over I just led her back to the bed sat her on my lap and kissed her again.

When we broke that kiss, she looked at me and asked me if this meant I wasn't mad at her for what she had done. I just smiled and told her I was the happiest man in the world right now.

I laid her on the bed and made slow passionate love to her again and taking off our clothes so that we can see each other in days time and the element of shame should go away. As I was widower and she was widow we each needed each one so to fulfill our needs we require each other body so much that we decided to remain together after my children go out to boarding school and i will shift right over here to remain as husband and wife for our own needs and bro sis for societyj.This is not the end of the real happening in our life but beginning of a new life. which will continue and u will be able to hear nice happenings in our life and time to come till then good bye .

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