My Son Raped Me  


The story is true, it was dramatised by one TV channel. I have taken liberty, to create the fiction.
It happened in a jhoparpatti at Chunabhatti, Mumbai. A rapist son, aged 19, was killed by his mother, aged 36,with the help of his younger brother, aged 16.
Shanti Devi leaves with her two sons in a hut of above-mentioned area. The eldest is Kiran and the younger is Karan. Her husband died long ago with TB. She earns money by hawking vegetables, in the nearby upper middle class locality. She was attractive to look. After her husbands demise, she would indulge in sex with all most strangers, who mostly live in the upper middle class societies. They are mostly businesspersons or salaried people.
In the pretext of bargaining her wares, they would bargain her to for her pleasure goods. She would agree if the money is attractive, with bonus like sari and sumptuous supper thrown in. She would not mostly repeat her bargainers, to guard her anonymity and make herself cheap. She would break this rule, if the money was double. She would charge the sky, if it is accompanied by lodging and boarding in a farmhouse for two days. There is no dearth of sleazy, adulterous, and horny, sex hungry married fuckers in Mumbai, who are ready to pay any amount, with ill gotten unaccounted money, just for a change. Their wives are mostly out of shape women or their sex-hunger went to freeze.

That was the grave mistake she committed. Her vegetable as well as body hawking created a vacuum in her house. She asked her sister in law to keep watch on her children and feed them, while she was minding her business. Her brother, Ramkisan Singh, aged 42 lived nearby her hut. His wife Dulari, who was 23, already a mother of three. She was not at all happy with her husband. Even after bearing three children, her assets were sexy and attractive. All men in the hutment area were ogling at her assets and passed lewd two-meaning remarks, when she passed by them to draw water in public tap.
Ramkisan was a contract loader in port. His job was back breaking. He married Champa, when he was 12 and she was 6! Child marriage still a custom in the northern states till now, mainly in UP, Rajsthan and Madhya Pradesh. She came to her to consummate, when she had her first period, with much fanfare called Gawnah. However, her periods were not egg bearing ones. She could not become mother, till she died at the age of 30 with cancer in her barren womb. Ramkisan was 36, and considered himself as virile and great fucker. Nevertheless, he used his sexual prowess on Champa's tight cunt only. He thought that his 4-inch rod had a great length and his capacity to sex was immense. Therefore, with slight cajoling fro his friends and relatives he was ready to remarry.
For two reasons, he wanted to marry. One, he wanted to see the face of his son, who would be the rightful owner of his miser-saved bank account. Secondly, he wanted a female ass to warm his bed and sleep beneath his pole.
Here, he made two mistakes. The first, he did not consider the age difference between him and his wife, who was 19 years younger than him and her family in her native place were living in penury. His money was the main attraction for her family Therefore, the small thing like age was ignored.

His second, mistake was his misunderstanding of his sex power. The sex power, is mostly governed by length, with it's endurance capacity to remain vertical even after strong persuasions pressure from a young tight juicy channel. Her night's were mostly went empty, as his back breaking loader husband mostly slept beside her and copulated with her only once or twice in a week.

Though illiterate and brought from native place, she dreamt of a virile young man who would thrash and tear her canal with his pole strength, when she was unmarried. Her dream of soul feeling and canal thrashing copulation was shattered by Ramkisan's very modest gun size and his inability to keep his weapon erect for long time.

She was fertile no doubt. Ramkisan's modest plow, his non-satiating watering of her narrow strip resulted her getting pregnant. First one was a daughter; she repeated it in next year. Ramkisan was eager to see his son's face. It is very common phenomenon in India. The married couples in India mostly in northern states (South and west are not lagging behind, they are speedily making up with northern ratio of male and female. Female infanticide is now rampant every where, even literate people are indulging in it) want a son at any cost to carry forward their name (Surame?), to sprout another branch in their family tree and perform their last rites. Ultimately, the illiterate Ramkisan, who was no different from his educated male counterparts in this matter, fortunately became, father of a male child at the end of 3rd year of their marriage. The doctors at the Mumbai Municipal Hospital, where the couple's third child was delivered were not so much considerate. They performed the family planning operation on Dulari, to prevent her fertile eggs to conceive any further and did a little service to control India's ever-growing population explosion.

It started like this. One day, Shanti went to her out station excursion for 3 days, she requested Dulari to mind for hut during three nights. Dulari suspected this outing was not for any pilgrimage but something else. She became inquisitive, and shot some pointed query. Shanti evaded them with her skill of displaying distorted causes, however, she tried, and her explanations did not convince Dulari.

A pang of suspicion grew into her mind. Shanti came back from her so-called pilgrimage. So far, it was ok. After 15 day, shanty repeated the request. This type of requests were very common for straight mind Ramkisan, who was guarding his nephews for last three years during her absence, but Dulari is an woman and had womanly suspicions. She suspected the chastity of Shanti and challenged her. Shanti, denied every thing fearing the backlashes. However, she proceeded to her pilgrimage! It happened in that night. In. night, Dulari came to Shanti's hut for sleeping.
Karan was sleeping in other end; Kiran was sleeping in the middle and Dulari with her chills at the extreme corner of the no spacious hut.
In the middle of the night, the child started to cry, it was stopped by feeding him. In dim light of kerosene lamp, Dulari's eyes hooked to the loins of Kiran. The bared muscled upper body of Kiran. Was heaving with breaths and his pole made a tent with the help of lungi. It was declaring it's height and alertness by protruding through the cloth. She was longing for so many day's for a pole of this size and it was near her hand distance. Her itching in her loins started. She was not in any dilemma to break her chastity, but was afraid of Kiran's acceptance. Whether Kiran will accept her as his lover? She threw away all doubts, assuming Kiran to be virgin and his starved for sex body won't refuse this homemade platter. She put out the lamp and knelt beside him. The lungi was moved from pole and in dim light of outside street lamp, she felt his big rod throbbing. She was mesmerised by it's girth and size. Automatically her moth engulfed the long beauty. She sucked with all force,, till that time the owner of the gun was sleeping. Probably He was dreaming of fucking his dream girl. Her itching and hunger became unbearable. She mounted on that demon. She has difficulty to accommodate this giant as she was habituated with pint size. She experienced pain as the ram went on to pierce her folded passage. Her profuse lubrication helped to ease her pain and entry of the shaft to her summit. It touched her womb and that first meeting of the rod and womb produced her first climax. She fell on Kiran, who was till then half Dream and half sleep, awoke fully. Her alertness and exclamation sound was immediately muffed by Dulari's hungry mouth. She was kissing him madly for her experiencing the first climax. In experienced Kiran could not tolerate her onslaught of her loin movement. His virgin rod vomited his life's first load of thick milk. When his tank was exploding, Dulari was not at all static. Her movement with the exploding rod resulted her 2nd.
She offered Kiran her milk pots. Kiran hungrily sucked them. He was rewarded with profuse lactose, meant for the baby. He almost dried it out from the milk bags. In that process, he gained erection and Dulari moved him on her body and helped him to ease his pole inside her. Her directions and her wish for vigorous thrashing of her slit passage, he went on to pound her. Both had their orgasms and they went on till wee hours of the morning. Dulari washed herself and the juice infested bed sheet, asked Kiran to take bath and went to her hut with a satiated body and mind. Markesan was given a surprise hug and kiss by his happy wife. He was dumbfounded.

Kiran took bath and slept like a log. When Shanti stepped in to her hut she saw Kiran was sleeping. This angered her, as he absented himself from his job of helper to a nearby carpenter shop. Her scolding awoke him. He was in dream of heavenly copulation and was brought down to earthy senses.
He became angry, as his sweet dream was shattered and started quarrelling with his mother.
His mother used her native slang and he used is urban slang. It was a rare and spicy language–jugalbandi between urban and native.
More she heaped her expletives on him, he, with his newly found carnal escape, abused her more. Shanti was convinced, from her numerous escapades, heir son had participated in incestuous relation. Yet, the slut wanted to prevent further escalation of their adulterous relations.
She confronted Dulati. Dulari was a hard nut to crack. She accused her to observe double standard. She told plainly and very effectively, in her Up dialects,

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she created two enemies. One her son Kiran and the other his newly found incestuous sex partner, Dulari. The duo was searching every chance, for their pleasure. Dulari became bold of the two. She accused Ramkisan for his handicap of being her husband and asked him, to copulate with her as performed by Kiran. Ramkisan was defeated pole (Or is it hands?) down by Kiran's size and youth. She was now having sex with Kiran in her hut. Shanti tried to prevent her son. Once he had tasted the carnal pleasure, no persuasion could mend his way.
Shnta was not ready to accept the defeat.
She persuaded Ramkisan, to send Dulari to Her father's house in Up to cool down the hot relation. Dulari was not ready to go. She confided to Kiran, that, if she goes to UP, his pleasure will go with her and he would be deprived of his pleasure. Coaxed by her, Kiran made a scene with Shanti. Shanti tried to hit him. Kiran with his youthful jest overpowered her. He spat venom on her, called her Raandi. He gave full descriptions of her extracurricular activities as Dulari narrated and confided him. Kiran warned her, that she would face consequences, if Dulari is sent to UP.


Shanti became more determined to break the unholy nexus; her determination ruined and destroyed her family of three. She and Ramkisan, along with unrepentant Dualri, set for UP to dump Dualri to her father's village. Her father was warned about her adulterous activities. The poor father was shocked to hear his daughter's incestuous escapades. He showed his financial inability to maintain another four stomachs. Ramkisan paid him an amount, which could maintain his whole family for three months. Brother Sister duo came back from UP.

Kiran abused her mother with filthy language, in front of Karan. Karan was a good student in his school. He was surprised to know from their heated conversation, that Kiran is a lover of Dulari. He was stunned to know that his vegetable seller mother also sells her body.
When Kiran called her Raandi, Shanti shot back, she sells it to feed their mouth and they should be thankful to her. Kiran retorted, along with selling she was also extinguishing her carnal itch.
Karan could not ( ) stand to suffer such filthy scene. He opened their hut door and was surprised to see their neighbours and curious on lookers gathered near their hut. They dispersed, but their knowing smiles and slow voiced taunts pierced his heart. He took all his books and went Ramkisan's hut to study. He slept there from that day. Kiran slept with disturbed sleep. Since, his first night with Dulari, he flushed his pipe every day into her. Now, he is starved and hungry, for him Shanti was the reason of his misery.

It was 10th day, from her return from UP and thirteenth day of forced starvation of Kiran and it was Kiran's payday at the carpenter's shop.
He became thoroughly drunk in a desi bar. At about midnight with tottered steps, he entered his hut. Shanta started to scold her for his drunkenness.
The drunk Kiran, who was already fuming inside against her, could not control his anger. He slapped her soundly. She tried to shout but her mouth was closed with his hand and he used his right hand to punish her. She was overpowered and became motionless. The demon inside Kiran's mind poked his head. His intoxicated and sozzled state of mind was miles away from rightful thinking. Her laying attractive mother became sex object in his alcohol blunt mind. He tore all clothes from her body and raped her thoroughly through out the night. Shanti was molested and devastated by her son. His bite marks were prominent all over her body to prove his intensity of hate towards her. She came back to senses, when her rapist son mounted on her. Kiran gave her no chance to resist. He grounded her with his ferocity and power.
Shanti was not able to stand or walk next morning. Kiran already left for his job. She washed herself and slept. Kiran came back from his work and at late night, he forcibly raped her again. Shanti tried to reason him to prevent incestuous sin. He told her coolly, if she could spread her legs to relieve her itch, what is the harm if she does for her own son's itch relieving. With that reasoning, he raped her again.
For 15 days, she was molested and raped by her own sex maniac son. Yet, she could not tell anybody about her plight. Kiran always inquired her about the prominent love bites; she gave him false evasive reply. Karan was suspicious about something fishy. He soon discovered it. The sex maniac Kiran became too much bold and it drew him nearer to his death. He started copulating with Shanti even daytime.
On 18th day, Kiran came back fro school and entered the hut for lunch. He was shocked and stunned to observe his brother raping his mother. He took a stick from the corner and hit Kiran mercilessly. The rapist ran away from the hut. Karan confronted his mother about her silence. Shanti replied, to whom she can tell her rape story by her own son. She coerced him to do something to end her agony.
Karan bought poison from the market and asked his mother to mix it in Kiran's food. Karan persuaded Kiran to comeback home and eat dinner, who was sitting in a teashop. Kiran unknowing that his death is waiting for him accompanied Karan. For Karan, he has high regards for studious nature. He could not a smell any conspiracy in his voice.
Kiran ate silently and his stomach started paining. He vomited profusely. Blood came out from his mouth. His shouts and shrieks brought the neighbours in their hut. He was removed to Sion Municipal Hospital.
The nonchalant doctors of any public hospitals are lethargic for any quick actions.
He died before he could make any statement.
Shanti and Karan tried to wash out every trace of their conspired murder. The autopsy of Kiran's body and persisted police grilling broke down the murderer duo. They confessed.
Police arrested Karan as the main culprit of planned murder and Shanti as his abettor to murder.
They are still in police custody, no body so far stood for their bail.

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