My Younger Sister Meenakashi  


Hello girls and guys. My name is Vikas (name changed) I am a regular reader of ISS stories from last 5 years but this is my 1st story. I am an average build guy but I am very intelligent. I used to read sex stories from many books since my childhood. Now I am pursuing B.Tech from a reputed college in NCR. This is the incident that happened in 12th std. In my family we are four members. My father, mother, me and younger sister.
Let’s come to the story. As I used to read sex stories I always wanted to do sex. I have given my 12th, IIT and Aieee exams and was free and passing my time at home waiting for results. In free time I read more sex stories and I became desperate for sex. My sister was in 10th at that time. She was not the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I never thought of having sex with her. But one day she suddenly came in my room while I was reading the book.
I managed to hide the book but the idea of fucking my sister struck to my mind. She was having big boobs and butt at that time also. I don’t know the exact size but it may be around 34. Now I was looking a way to have sex with her. It was summer time and we all used to sleep on the roof. My mother slept on a bed due to back pain and my father, me and my sister used to sleep on the roof. I used to sleep in between my father and sister.
My father slept near the bed of my mother. One night I wake up around 2 p.m. and saw all family members sleeping. I could not control myself and put my hand on the boobs of my sister. I was having fear and excitement. I was just touching them not pressing at all. After some time I got the courage and pressed the boobs very slowly. There was no reaction from my sister’s side. I took a look on my parents to ensure that they are sleeping.
I was sweating due to excitement. After sometime I got some more courage and thought that my sister must be awake and enjoying it as I have studied it in so many stories. I put my one hand on her pussy. She was not wearing any panty below her salwar. I could feel her pussy very easily. I tried to feel as much as possible and tried to insert a finger. Suddenly my sister removed my hand. I feared and thought that she may tell my parents but she didn’t.
She slept again after sometime but I was having no sleep so I put my hand again on her pussy. This time my sister holds my hand tightly and didn’t leave it. I tried to feel her body but she didn’t allow me at all. I slept after some time. All day I feared that she may tell the parents. Some of you guys who have tried this type of thing can feel what was my mental state at that time but the day passed silently.
As I was intelligent, at evening I said to my sister that I will teach you. She came with her books in my room. My mother was cooking food and my father was not at home. After sometime I said to her that I want to talk to her if she promises that she will not tell anybody. She agreed. I said I want to talk about the last night events. She got angry and said that she don’t want to talk at all. I said please listen to me only once. I brought my sex book and showed it to her.
There were nude pics on the cover and then I told that there are so many stories. I helped her to read one story. You just try only once and you will also enjoy. She was not speaking anything. I opened my pant and brought out my penis. My penis is about 7-8 inches long and 3 inches thick. She said put it inside. I hold her hand and put it on my penis and said that feel it once, you will enjoy. She holds my penis. I felt like heaven.
It was first time when any girl has touched my penis. I taught her how to masturbate. I asked to kiss the penis. She kissed just for a second and my mom called for dinner. She immediately went out. I was happy as now I knew; it will be very easy to have sex with my sister. I also went out and had dinner. After dinner my mother was cleaning and my father was watching T.V. I went upstairs and called my sister.
She came with me. I told her that we will enjoy tonight. I waited very eagerly for my parents to come up. They came about 10 p.m. After sometime my parents were sleeping. I moved slowly towards my sister and put my hand on her boobs. She opened her eyes. She was wearing salwar kameez. I asked her to remove her kameez. She lifted her kameez and I saw live boobs first time in my life. They were round and big.
I instantly put my hand on her hands start fondling. What an awesome feel was that. Her boobs were so soft and firm. I came closer and kissed her lips very slowly as our parents were sleeping there. Slowly-slowly our kiss became intense. I was on the seventh heaven. Her lips were very juicy. I was kissing her lower lip and she was kissing my upper. Suddenly I took her tongue and that is an unforgettable moment.
I had never tasted so sweet anything in my life. Her tongue was sweeter than sugar and honey. Now we both were getting hot. I put my one hand on her pussy. I opened her salwar and put my hand on her bare pussy. She was very hot and that was completely wet with her juices. I felt the middle line of her pussy. She also put her hand on penis. My penis was fully erect and was like an iron rod. I slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy and start fucking her by finger.
She started masturbating my penis. We also having look on our parents. With one hand I was pressing her boobs and feeling her body. After sometime we both got satisfied and went to sleep. Now this became our daily routine and we were enjoying every night. We were also enjoying small sessions in day whenever we got time. One day, my parents were not at home. Meenakshi came home from school and we start enjoying.
She was wearing a white shirt and grey skirt. I opened the buttons of her shirt and pressed her boobs over her bra. I also removed her bra. Now she was completely nude above waist and was looking damn sexy only in her skirt. I started pressing her boobs and we start kissing. She removed my pants and was stroking my penis. I was moving my hands on her bare back and was pressing her boobs.
After kissing some time I put my mouth on her boobs and start sucking her boobs. I licked, sucked and bite her boobs. Her boobs were completely red at that time. She was feeling very hot and was moaning and breathing heavily. Her moaning sounds were creating more sex feel in me. I picked her up and took her to the bed. I started kissing all over her body. Her neck, boobs, back. Everywhere I was kissing and licking.
I started moving below and I removed her skirts. She was now wearing only a panty. I kissed her pussy above her panty. She moaned heavily. I intentionally didn’t remove her panty and start kissing her legs. She was feeling restless. After sometime I removed her panty and kissed her pussy. I licked her pussy, inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She was enjoying very much. She was pressing my head on her pussy and moaning in high sounds.
I was also pressing her boobs and feeling her body with my hands. Suddenly she started vibrating very fast and she secreted her juices. Then she got up and took my penis in hands. It was not completely erect at that time. She stroked a few times and my rod started to roar. She put her mouth on my penis. She was able to keep just half of my penis. I closed my eyes and put my hand on her head.
Her mouth was going up and down very fast. It was an awesome feeling. I was moaning and pressing my hand on her head. Slowly she managed to take about 3/4th of my penis. She was giving me an awesome blowjob. She was also licking my balls and lower part of my penis. I was not able to hold my juices for so long. I told her that I am coming but she kept sucking. I came in her mouth. Her mouth was completely filled with my cum.
She took a paper and put that on the paper. We sat for some time and start kissing again. I heard some noise outside. I wore my pants and came out quickly. I saw that my mother was talking to another woman. It was the only time when we may be got caught. After that time we take the most care before starting. As we were enjoying each other and about more than one month has passed.
I was trying to have sex with her but we were getting no chance for that. And that lucky chance came one day. My father had to go out for some work and my mother had to go in the neighbour for some sangeet program. I and meenakshi were alone at home for at least 3 to 4 hours. We waited for our mom to go. When she was gone we waited for some time and we both were very happy. We both went to my room.
As soon as I entered the room I grabbed her from behind. My penis was completely hard and was touching her ass. I start kissing her neck and earlobes. She moaned heavily. I pressed her boobs above her kameez. We both went to bed and removed each other’s clothes. We both were completely nude in no time. I was sleeping on her. We start kissing each other. We were very wild. We exchanged our tongues and sucked each other’s tongue for a long time.
My hands were all over her body and I was pressing her boobs and inserting my fingers in her pussy. We were breathing very heavily. She was also moving her hands on my back and was feeling my penis. My penis was touching her pussy. It was so good to touch her pussy with my penis. We got in the 69 position and I licked her pussy and she sucked my penis. I was pressing her ass and boobs.
I could not wait for more time so I got up and put my penis on her pussy. I tried to insert the penis but it got slipped. I tried 2-3 times but every time it got slipped. I asked her to keep the penis in position. She held the penis and I inserted with full force. I felt some pain and my front part was inside her pussy but she was crying and asking me to remove penis. She was in pain. I kissed her and pressed her boobs and said her to be calm.
After some time she became normal then I moved my penis to and fro. She was feeling pain that’s why I was moving very slowly. With every push I was inserting more of my penis in her pussy. After a lot of hard work I was completely inside her. She was feeling pain but that was not more and she asked me to continue. I moved in and out slowly. After a few strokes she became normal. I increased my speed.
Now she was also contributing in the motion by moving her ass up and down. We both were moaning. I start moving my hands all over her body and her hands were on my back. I was enjoying it very much. After the fucking of about 15-20 mins she vibrated and hugged me very tightly. She had secreted her juices. I increased my speed very much. Our fucking was creating a sound due to movement of the penis.
Suddenly I came inside her pussy and I fell on her body. After some time we started again and this time I fucked her in doggy style. I fucked her 3 times that night and we slept around 1 a.m.
After that I fucked her many times whenever we got time. Now I am in college and I have a girlfriend. I also had sex with my girlfriend.
I hope you liked the story and I didn’t bore you. I will write next story with my girlfriend the basis of review of this story. Please girls and guys, comment and send your reviews at my email id- I am waiting for your answers on my 1st story.

Posted : 05/12/2012 10:02 am