Naukar, Malkin aur Uski Beti  


Hi! I am Sweety. I want to tell you the things which our domestic
servant Bahadur is doing. I am 20 and living with my parents and
younger sis ;ho is 18. My mom Dolly is 40 but you can't say that she
is mother of two grown up babes. Her vital stats are 38-28-36 and a
beautiful fair complexion. She is very horny also. Many a times I
have seen her masturbating as my dad can't satisfy her lust. Dad is
often out of station on tours. He is hardly at home one-two days in a
week. Many times I have seen them having sex from the bedroom key
hole. The routine is monotonous.

Dad and mom will strip off, Dad will do some foreplay for formality
sake; just a short lip kiss, fondling the boobs, a half minute
fingering and then insert his medium size cock into mom. A couple of
minutes of pumping and then ejaculation. Mom then goes in bathroom to
clean herself and returns after 15 min., I am sure that she fingers
herself to orgasm.

One fine evening, I was studying late night and I just happened to
pass thro' mom's room and saw that lights were on. I peeped thro' the
key hole coz' I knew that dad is out of station. I was horrified when
I saw what was going on inside. Mom and Bahadur were kissing each
other- lip to lip. Slowly he took off mom's blouse and started
kissing her upper portion. After a few minutes he removed mom's bra
and started playing with her boobs, he was fondling them, kissing the
nipples, biting them and squeezing them. Mom was taking a trip into
the world of ecstasy. She was moaning, "Bahadur……nahin….. Bahadur….
Jor se ….. Bahadur ….. meri choochi kha jayega kya …… Bahadur …..
chod de ….. Bahadur ……. Bahadur ….. Bahadur …..

Finished with the North, he moved slowly South wards and removed
mom's petticoat and then the panty. Mom was as naked as she was born.
He then performed the body kiss. He kissed mom from head to toe and
then again from toe to head. (I wonder where from he learnt this
technique). All the time mom was moaning as before. Bahadur …….
Bahadur ….. Nahin ….... Bahadur ……

After a long foreplay he removed his undie and mom grabbed his tool
of a big size (bigger and stronger than dad's). mom kissed it and
sucked it, then they both made 69 position and enjoyed it for quite
some time. During the cock sucking Bahadur also started saying Bibiji
…. Dhayn se ….. aap to mera lund choos nahin kha rahee hain …… agli
baar ke liye bhi to chod do ……… bibiji ….. araam se ….. aap ke liye
hi hai…… After a long session of foreplay, it was time for the real
act. Bahadur inserted his dick into mom's cunt in the missionary
position. His speed and strength were both commendable. Dad was just
a kid in front of him. Mom again started moaning Bahadur …. Phaad de
…. Phaad de apni bibi ki choot…… . They changed positions and it took
around one hour and both came together. Mom went to the bathroom and
came back in 2-3 min. (This time she did not finger herself to

All this made me horny and my panties became wet. I too wanted to
enjoy Bahadur. God helps those who help themselves. The D-day came
soon. I was alone in the house. I called up Bahadur and shouted at
him and threatened him to throw him out. He pleaded that it was my
mom who blackmailed him into such activity as she caught him red-
handed stealing money. Now, it was my turn - I commanded that I will
report all this to dad if he does not do the same thing to me. He
readily agreed. We embraced for some time and then kissed lip to lip.
He put one hand in my t-shirt and caught hold of my nipple inside my
bra and started squeezing it. It was a nice and erotic experience. I
removed my clothes in a flash and removed his also. We were soon
naked. We kissed and licked each others' body and soon were ready for
the big thing. I sucked his cock and he came in my mouth. The cum
tasted strange but I swallowed it. His cock became limp and then he
licked my cunt to regain a hard-on. I too started moaning like my
mom. After he regained a hard-on, he wanted me to lie down, but, he
was my slave, I did not want to take him lying down. I made him to
lie down and rode over him in the woman-on-top position. Now, it was
a moment for him to cry, " Baby aaram se …. Tum to mera lund tod dogi
….. tumhein aur bibiji ko kaise choodunga …. Baby araam se …. Baby
….. baby ……babyyyyyyyyyy. I was a nice experience with him. My
relations are still continuing and so with my mom. Now he is
satisfied with both of us he has sight on my younger sis and he wants
to have her virgin cunt.

Posted : 07/10/2011 10:21 am