Navy Wife  


I am a 21 year old brunette who has been happily married to Bob for two years. I wasnt a virgin or anything when we married but I had only had one other guy beside Bob. I had never imagined I could get into the kind of situation I now find myself in.

Bob is in the Navy and obviously he travels alot. I hate being by myself but have resigned myself to the fact that this is his job and I try to support him as best I can.

Six months ago Bob was away on his ship on a three month deployment and as usual the ship organizes functions for the wives to keep us busy as well as bring us up to speed on any changes to the ships program. It was at one of these functions, where a bunch of us wives had got together at a local bar for drinks that I met Trudy.

Trudy's husband is also on my husband's ship and we hit it off wonderfully. Later on that evening when the other wives began to slip off to their homes, Trudy and I were just getting started.

We were both to drunk to feel lonely anymore and were dancing with some of the guys in the bar. For the most part they were also Navy men. Around midnight one of the men invited us back to their place for drinks, I never would have gone by myself but Trudy twisted my arm and half an hour later we found ourselves in this sailor's apartment.

His name was Al and besides him, there were eight other guys in the apartment. Trudy and I were the only females and so we commadeered alot of their attention.

It felt good to be around others, and we drank for the next two hours. I could hardly stand up when I looked around the room looking for Trudy. I couldn't believe my eyes, she was kissing one of the guys, and her halter top was pushed above her breasts exposing them to everyone's view. Another guy was sucking on one of her exposed nipples. I tried to leave at this point, knowing it had gone to far, but I couldn't lift myself out of the chair I was in. I couldn't even move as Al kissed me deep on the lips, I could feel his tongue invade my mouth but couldn't stop him. He told me that my friend was a party girl and well known to the guys. He asked me if I was a party girl too, as his hands pulled my legs apart against my will. I could feel but not respond as his fingers traced over my pussy lips through my panties. Then his larger finger pulled back my panties and I felt his finger slide into my pussy and begin to saw in and out of my body.

I tried to disengage his hand, but against my wishes my body began to respond to his manipulations. I began to gasp as my hips humped up against his fingers. I heard him tell the others that the bitch liked it, as he continued with his invasion of my pussy.

I couldn't do anything else so I closed my eyes as my body revolted against my wishes. I felt hands remove my blouse and bra and felt lips encircle my breasts. My hands moved up to cup my breasts, offering them to the men. I heard and felt the rip of my panties as they were stripped from my body exposing my pinkness to all eyes.

I heard praise over my pussy, then felt Al remove his fingers. I never opened my eyes, not believing this was happening to me, but next I felt a man's weight atop me and a large cock striving to enter me. I wanted to yell no, but I couldn't as the cock suddenly thrust into me, nailing me to the sofa.

The men continued to suck on my breasts as Al hammered his cock into me. I heard him tell the others that I was tight, and he was going to enjoy filling me full of his sperm. I began to react again, meeting his thrusts with my own, driving him deeper into my womb.

Here it comes bitch he yelled, and buried himself balls deep into my pussy, his fingers digging into my ass as he struggled to get it even further into my womb. I could feel his cock pulse as it shot it's jet of goo into me. It seems like he came forever, then he removed his cock and I thought it was over.

Sloppy seconds yelled another and mounted me again. He came in seconds then was followed by the next and the next and the next. I don't know when I passed out but I awoke the next morning in Al's bed.

I felt ashamed and felt even worse when I noticed that the guys had shaved my pussy while I was out. Al told me that I was a good fuck and that he enjoyed hosing me. He told me that each of the men had fucked me numerous times until roughly 7am, and that he himself had dumped a load in my cunt three times, and even once in my ass since I had got too sloppy to really pleasure him with my cunt.

I told him that it was a mistake and this could not happen again, but he just laughed and held up a video tape, this is you bitch, he laughed. Just try to keep my cock out of your cunt and this goes straight to you husband. I begged him for the tape but he would not give it to me. That was six months ago and since then I have all but become Al's sex slave. I go to his place when he commands and do anything he demands. I would estimate that close to 300 different men have fucked me in the last 6 months,

Al keeps inviting men off the ships to drop some tapioca in me as he likes to put it. I am really worried about getting AID's since Al will not allow any of them to use a condom with me.

Every morning that my husband is gone I have to be at his place at 6.30 when he wakes as he says he like a good blowjob after he wakes up. Often times he comes into my mouth then likes to make me keep my lips about his organ as he empties his morning load of piss down my throat. I do not like this but I feel that I have no choice since I love my husband so.

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My wife was looking especially grand this particular evening in her black night gown. We were sitting around watching TV and it was around 9pm. I was wearing just my boxers and we were both on the couch. I began to kiss the nape of her neck and rub her soft thighs. I was telling her how much I was turned on by her sexy body and it was turning her on. She turned onto her left side and began kissing me.

I reached down and hiked up her gown and rubbed her ass over her panties. A few minutes went by and I told her to take her panties off. As I continued to rub her ass, she began to stroke my boxers and feel my erect cock. I slid my hand down further and began playing with her pussy. I slid my fingers in and out and rubbed her clit. I slid off the couch and positioned myself between her legs and began to lick her pussy. My tongue paid attention to every detail of her pussy and she was writhing in pleasure. She had her eyes closed and I was wondering what she was thinking about.

I took my cock out of my boxers and began stroking it. A few minutes later, my licking and sucking became more intense and I soon found I was making her cum. She grabbed my head and brought it to hers. We kissed and then I knelt up. She was still on the couch and I brought her legs up and rested her calves on my shoulders. I rubbed the head of my cock against her wet pussy then slowly slid it in. A little at first, then more and more with each stroke. Soon, my strokes were balls deep. She removed her breasts from her gown and began to rub them. She brought her right hand down and placed it on my hip as I fucked her. We were both moaning and groaning with sexual pleasure.

As we were in the middle of sexual heat, the door bell rang. "Who the...?" I said as I stopped pumping.

"Who the hell could that be?" she asked.

"I don't know but it will be a short visit," I answered. I stood up and put my cock back in my boxers. I went to the side door and opened it. There stood our friend, Gary. "This better be good," I said to him.

He noticed the bulge in my boxers and said, "It is for you I see."

"What's up?"

"Nothing, I just stopped by to say hi. Should I come back later?"

"Yes," I replied.

"OK. See you in about an hour.

"See ya."

I returned to the living room to discover my wife laying on the floor playing with her pussy. "Having fun?" I asked.

"Yup," she said.

I took out my half swollen dick from my shorts again and knelt between her legs. Just as I was about to slide into her again, the familiar sound of a car that won't start caught our attention. We stayed in this position for about half a minute when we heard Gary's car door open and shut. "You got to be kidding me," I said.

"Oh, I so fucking horny," she wined.

"I'm sorry, baby."

Like clock work the doorbell rang again.

When I answered it, there was Gary. "I'm so sorry," he said, "but my car won't start."

I motioned him in with a sigh. "Honey, we have company."

When I entered to room again, my wife was on the couch and her gown was fixed. She had a pouty look on her face. "Me too," I said.

"Sorry about this," he said to my wife.

"No problem," she lied.

"It should just take a few minutes and then it will start again," he said. "Was I disturbing anything?" he asked with a smirk.

"We were having sex," she said. I sat there for a few seconds before we started to smile and chuckle.

"Don't let me stop you," Gary said with a smile, "I'll just watch TV."

My wife looked at me and winked then said, "Why watch TV when you could watch us?" My cock began to get hard again when she placed her bare foot on my crotch.

"That would be interesting," he said.

She began ( ) to rub my crotch with her foot and we both smiled. We were both so damn horny that we didn't care. "You don't mind do you?" I asked her.

"I don't care," she said.

I began to rub her thighs and hike up her gown. I looked at Gary and he had a look of disbelief on his face. I continued to push her gown up, expecting her to stop me. To my surprise and excitement, she didn't. Her gown was up to her waist again and her pussy was in exposed. I began to play with her pussy again but she was still very wet. She removed the straps from her shoulders and exposed her breasts. I leaned over and began licking her pussy again. She looked over at Gary and smiled. He smiled in return and leaned back in the recliner to enjoy the show. After a few minutes, my wife had another orgasm.

I pulled her from the couch and leaned her over the couch, so her knees were on the floor. Her beautiful ass was there in front of me. I pulled out my stiff cock and rubbed the opening of her pussy. My wife was resting her head on a pillow and smiling at Gary. We could both see that he had a very stiff dick in his @jeans. I inserted my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her. It felt so good being behind her. I grabbed her hips and continued to slide my cock in and out of her pussy. She reached back with both her hands. She placed her left hand on her ass and her right hand on my thigh.

I lifted her left leg up so her knee was on the couch. We were both enjoying ourselves so much that we did not even notice Gary and his bulge in his pants. She brought her leg back down onto the floor. She took her right hand from my thigh and put it on Gary's leg. "Take it out," she told him. He unfastened his @jeans and pulled out his stiff cock. "Stroke it," she told him. He began to rub his cock.

The pleasure built up in my dick. My balls got tight and my cock began to quiver. I unloaded my cum deep into her pussy in such quantity that it began seeping from her pussy. I stayed inside her for a few seconds before removing myself. Gary was still stroking his cock. "Are you going to share?" she asked me. I smiled at her and sat back on the floor. She knelt between Gary's legs and began to suck his cock. After a few minutes, she laid back on the floor and spread her legs. Gary looked at me and I raised my eyebrows as I looked away from him and to my wife. He stood up and removed his pants. He placed himself between her legs and she grabbed his hard cock. She rubbed the head of his dick against her pussy before grabbing his ass and guiding him into her. She raised her legs and held onto his ass as he fucked her.

Thrust after thrust, he fucked my wife's pussy. My dick was soon rock hard again and I began to stroke it. She looked at me and we both smiled at each other. She reached between her legs and rubbed his balls. His head bent down and he began to moan. She grabbed his ass once more and closed her eyes. He drove his cock deep into her as he came. Pump after pump he spilled into her. She let out a moan and smiled as he rolled off her and laid on his back. She stayed there with her legs spread for a few minutes.

My wife and myself got comfortable on the couch again as Gary put his @jeans on. We had a small conversation before he left and stated that he needs to have car trouble more often. My wife and I ended up falling asleep on the couch, where we stayed wrapped in each others arms until morning.

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