Oh papa  


The green trees and balmy temperatures should have been pleasant, but Shanu’s stomach twisted in knots.

Her father had rented a house in Bombay for the Thanksgiving break; this would be the first time she’d seen him since that memorable, magical night they’d spent in bed, the night he found out Shanu was a call girl. The night Shanu found out her father needed call girls.

When her mother Vimla joined them the following day, Shanu wanted to crawl under a rock. Yet Laxman Sharma seemed completely unperturbed; his calm demeanour helped Shanu to keep the secret. But Shanu also realized he was the smoothest liar she’d ever encountered. But it was more important that he was a real tiger in bed.

On the one occasion she was alone with him that weekend, he kissed her fiercely, a kiss that left her weak.

“Shanu! …hum jaldi hi phir se ek bistar par honge,”

He whispered hotly in her ear. “Mujhe us raat ki chudai abhi tak yaad hai beti….mera lund to abhi bhi khada hai…….Sach bata tujhe kaisa laga tha us raat , maze aaye the ki nahi?”

“Janti hu papa mujhe bhi wo raat yaad hai, Par hume mauka kab milega….mai to aaj bhi ye soch-soch kar garam hu ki maine apne Papa ke saath SEX kiya tha.”

“chup ho ja…..teri mummy aa rahi hai!”

And that had been the end of it until now.

When L Sharma greeted her at the airport, they shared a chaste kiss, but his tan hand brushed the side of her breast, and he whispered the word’s “Bahut jaldi mauka milega” into her ear.

Shanu wondered how soon, and when they could possibly be alone, what with Mom busy with holiday preparations and younger brother Amit down the hall. With any luck, she thought, Amit’ll be spending all his time at the beach.

Given how much he looked like his father, with the same twinkling eyes, husky physique, and smooth, tan skin, Shanu saw him now through new eyes. When she started wondering if his dick looked like their father’s she shook the image from her head. That’s too weird, she thought. I think i’ll go read at the beach.

Shanu’s room was on the ground floor, next to the rec room. Off went the loose-fitting T-shirt that concealed her generous, round breasts, the baggy sweat pants that covered her smooth, firm legs; on went the brightly patterned red and gold two-piece bikini she’d bought to please her father.

The top piece clasped in front, and Shanu had difficulty keeping her breasts contained. She modeled the new bikini in the full-length mirror that hung on the bedroom door. Not bad, she thought, as she twirled coquettishly, admiring the way the colors accented her tan and brought out the highlights in her hair. He’ll love this. I can’t wait until we’re alone.

Sunblock, novel, big beach towel, washcloth, hair brush, she was ready for an afternoon in the warm Bombay sunshine.

But as she stepped by the door to the rec room, an arm shot out, grabbed Shanu by the wrist, pulled her in, and threw her onto the sofa.

Her father closed and locked the door.

“PAPA! Kya kar rahe ho? Koi dekh lega to?”

“Abhi teri mummy aur bhai apne kaam me busy hai …..chal jaldi kar….kapde utaar ….!”

“Par PAPA Ohh….ahhh……are……kya….kar…..ohhh …mmmmmm….aaahhhh–”

L Sharma’s insistent, hungry kiss cut her off, and now Shanu’s professional instinct took over. She had several clients like this, who liked to take her forcefully, whose passion had built to the breaking point. Shanu’s skilled fingers moved to Her father’s belt as their lips and tongues sparred; his shorts were soon open and on the floor.

Shanu popped the clasp to her bikini top, letting her ample breasts spill loose. L Sharma gathered them in his rough hands, licked them, sucked a nipple between his teeth, stiffening it. It was all Shanu could do not to cry out; as far as she knew, her mother and brother were still in the house.

L Sharma licked his way to the bikini bottom while Shanu lifted her ass so he could pull it off. He buried his face deep in her dense, dark bush, his tongue flicking her clit, making Shanu as eager as himself for fast and ferocious lovemaking.

“Oh, PAPA !” she gasped. “Aise hi karte raho ahhhhh……ahhhhh…!”

L Sharma sank a pair of fingers into Shanu’s juicy slit.

“Papa…..! Papa……hhhhhhhaaaaaaa ……aaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaa!” she cried as she ground her pussy against his talented tongue.

Once he was satisfied his daughter had come, L Sharma loomed over her as she maneuvered herself under his pulsating prick. He needed no help to find his goal; it slid in smoothly and went deep.

“Papa ab zor-zor se karo,chod lo jitni zor se chodna hai……mai aapki beti nahi call girl hu…!” Shanu panted.

L Sharma buried his face in Shanu’s lush hair as he pumped his prick with great force.

” hay BHAGWAN…., Papa, Aapko to sachmuch jawan ladki ki hi choot chahiye, kitni josh ke saat chod rahe ho mujhe,….jis tarah se aap kar rahe ho waise to jawan ladke bhi nahi kar pate hai Papa.”

Shanu started to hump her hips back at him, knowing how close he was to climax. Harder and faster, they moved together until her father’s eyes closed and his head thrashed as he poured his seed into his lovely, lusty daughter.

Shanu covered his face with gentle kisses and caressed his hair as he eventually slowed down and separated himself from her.

“Papa aap mere saath SEX karne ke liye itne utaawle ho rahe the ki meri nayi bikini dekhna hi bhool gaye” she said at last. “Maine ise aap ke saath SEX karne ke liye hi kharida tha.”

“Sorry beta ,” he replied. “Mai tere saath chudai karne ke liye sab kuchh bhool gaya iakiye mai teri bikini dekhna hi bhool gaya.”

Cleaning herself with the washcloth from her bag, Shanu put the swimsuit back on. L Sharma grinned with approval.

“Tu is bikini me bahut hi sexy lag rahi hai,” he said. “Tera badan aisa slim hai aur bobe itne bade hai ki achhi se achhi model bhi tere aage kuchh nahi lage.”

As her father dressed, Shanu draped the beach towel over her shoulders and started down the hall, pleased but not satisfied. She wasn’t used to stopping at one orgasm; Professor Jagdesh, who’d first seduced her and then recruited her, told her once that the joy she took in sex and her capacity for orgasm made her one of the most popular girls in the stable.

Well, she thought, maybe I can sneak away with Dad later and we can take our time.

Amit’s room was the last one before the outside door. As Shanu went by, she heard him insistently calling her name from behind his door.

How did he know it was me walking by? She wondered, and walked in.

There he lay on his single bed, strong, tan and nude, yanking his long, red and ready hard-LUND. The siblings gaped at each other, speechless.

It does look like Dad’s, Shanu thought.

“Oh, Sorry Shanu…!” Amit cried, and turned away. “Tune wo to nahi suna jo mai abhi bol raha tha?”

Shanu closed the door and stepped into the room.

“Amit maine sab sun liya hai jo tu hand job karte hue mera naam le raha tha wo bhi,……meri taraf dekh Amit……..tu mera naam lekar hand job kyo kar raha tha?.”

Slowly, fear in his eyes, Amit turned to face his sister, but twisting his body to keep his cock concealed. Shanu dropped the towel and gave him a good look before sitting on the bed.

“Waise koi bhi is baat par wonder kar sakta hai ki ek bhai apni bahan ka naam lekar hand job kar raha hai, par tu dar kyo raha hai,……abhi to tu mera naam lekar hand job kar raha tha,Mai ye baat kisi ko bhi nahi bataungi.” she said softly, coaxing Amit onto his back. She gave him a gentle kiss. “Kya mai tujhe itni sexy lagti hu ki tu mera naam lekar hand job kar raha tha,………ek baar mujhse to kah kar dekhta, Laa ise mai mere haath se kar deti hu ….”

As Amit’s eyes grew with wonder, his beautiful sister took his cock in her slim tan fingers and caressed it slowly. Stunned with fascination, he watched as she moved her practiced hands along the throbbing shaft. It helped that Tim had lubricated his dick with baby oil, so Shanu could masturbate him without chafing the skin.

“Oh …., Shanu,” he said. “Mujhe to believe hi nahi ho raha hai ki jis bahan ke naam se mai itne din se mutth maarta tha wo hi apne haath se me lund ko pakad kar mutth maar rahi hai.”

Amit lay back and began to hump his hips to her rhythm; close to climax to begin with, this was going to be heavenly.

Shanu saw Amit’s testicles tighten; it wouldn’t be long now.

Amit’s prick suddenly exploded, spattering sperm all over his chest, his hard and flat abdomen, and even on his chin.

“Shanu tune mujhe hairat me daal diya hai!” he sighed, and then he blushed. “Mujhe to vishwas hi nahi ho raha hai ki meri bahan ne mere lund ko pakad kar hand job karwaya hai.”

Shanu plucked some tissues from the box on the nightstand and started to clean her brother off, now noticing him as a man. Four years ago, he’d been this skinny beanpole with a skin condition; now, at eighteen, he’d filled out, he lifted weights every morning, and would soon join her at college. Shanu suddenly wondered if that would be a good idea.

“Amit mai hand job hi nahi is kaam se bhi zyada kar sakti hu tere liye……kya tu karna chahega apni bahan ke saat wo ……” she breathed.

Amit said”K..k…kya kah rahi hai Shanu…..matlab ….tu…..mere saath…….?”

“Amit tune kabhi kise ladki ke saath SEX kiya hai?”

“Nahi …..haa ek baar apne pados wali pooja ke saath koshish to ki thi par mera lund uske andar ghus nahi paya.”

“Idhar aaja mai tujhe batati hu ki lund ko kaise choot me ghusaya jata hai.”

Joining her brother on the bed, Shanu taught him how to kiss, gently teasing his tongue into her mouth and snuggling close. Her hand drifted to Amit’s groin and began to play; at eighteen, he had a quick capacity for recovery, and soon his dick was long and strong again.

Shanu broke the kiss.

“Ye to jaadu ki tarah phir se khada ho gaya hai,” he sighed.

Shanu guided his fingers to the bikini clasp. Hands trembling, it took him a minute, but the clasp came undone and Shanu’s abundant breasts came free. Amit rolled them in his hands, the first tits he’d ever seen. They seemed to scorch his palms.

“Ye dekhne ke liye nahi hai Kiss karne aud dabane ke liye hai……Chal ab ye sochna band kar de ki mai teri sister hu.” said Amit’s beautiful sister. “Choos aur daba inko zor-zor se kar Amit mere bhaiya ahhhhh……..…”

The kid learns fast, Shanu thought, as her younger brother licked and nibbled away. She pulled away from him and lay on her back, arching up.

“Amit Agar tu apni badi bahan ko chodna chahta hai to kapde utar de mere aur nangi kar de mujhe, aur dekh mera sharir jiske baare me soch ka tu hand job karta tha.” she ordered.

Amit grasped the sides of the bikini bottom and pulled them free, leaving his sister nude on the bed. Shanu parted her thighs, buried her fingers in her brother’s sandy hair, and pulled his face up to her fragrant, moist pussy lips.

“Ab dekh mera sharir, Kaisa lag raha hai? Maza aaya dekhne me?” she breathed.

With tentative fingers, Amit slowly parted his sister’s vulva. His poking and prodding sent bolts of pleasure zapping up Shanu’s spine as Tim stumbled on erogenous spots she didn’t know she had. Her breathing became shallow as her pleasure became more intense.

“Ye lal rang ki kya hai Shanu?” Amit asked as he slid Shanu’s pussy lips apart.

“Ye meri choot ki clit hai ise chat mujhe bahut maza aayega!”

“Apni jeebh se chaat isko?”

“Shanu tu mujhse apni choot chatwana chati hai naa? Mai bhi hand job karte hue yahi sochta tha.”

“Jaldi kar Amit chaat naaa!.”

With more confidence now, Amit placed the flat of his tongue on Shanu’s swollen clit, licking hard.

“Are dheere-dheere kar daat se nahi apni jeebh se kar, tabhi mujhe maza aayega!”

Amit obeyed, flicking and teasing her pleasure button and making her pant.

“Aaaaahh…… Amit karte jaa…. Ooooohhhhhh maza aa gaya apni ungli meri choot me daal kar kar haaaaa……. Oohhhhhh mai hone wali hu aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Uh! Uh!”

Amit was not prepared for the sweet flood of pussy juice that splashed across his tongue as his sister had two strong orgasms in succession. Shanu’s legs clamped around Amit’s shoulders, forcing his face deeper into her pubic bush. Desperate for air, Amit pulled back. Shanu reluctantly let him go; now she was ready.

Guiding Amit to the center of the narrow bed, she maneuvered him onto his back. Amit’s cock, maybe seven inches of domineering, hot, hard meat, seemed to be looking right at Shanu, demanding satisfaction.

“Shanu kya ab hum ….S….Se.”

“Amit kya tu SEX karne ke liye kahna chahta hai?” she replied sweetly. “Haa hum dono karenge, itna sab hone ke baad ab mai teri girl friend ki tarah ho gayi hu jiske saath tu kabhi bhi SEX kar sakta hai isliye tu aaj ke baad mujhe bahan ki nazar se nahi girl friend ki nazar se dekhega Samaj gaya naa.”

And with that, she positioned her pussy right over Amit’s insistent prick. Just to torment him a little, she caressed his balls and stroked his cock a little, to make it as hard as it would ever be.

“Shanu, please Ab to ye poora khada ho gaya hai, ab ghusa le na!”

Finally, she sank slowly, deliciously, onto Amit’s long prong. Penetration was sweet and electric; rarely had Shanu felt so full as she moved all the way down to his pubic bone, his balls jammed against the crack in her ass.

“Le ab ghusa ,..aaj se bhai bahan ka pyar poori tarah se badal gaya hai ab hum dono choot aur lund se pyar kiya karenge,” she said, and leaned forward, giving him room to move on the skinny mattress.

Amit played with her large bouncing breasts as he shoved his dick with great energy in and out of his panting sister. His balls slapped against her as instinct and speed finally took over.

“Sweet Sister shayad isi ko kahte hai bhagwan kare aisi sister sab ko mile!” he cried. “Shanu …..oh….oh…..tere bobe kitne bade hai kitna maza aa raha hai inko dabane me…mera lund kaisa lag raha hai Shanu………!”

Taking a hard, sensitive nipple between his teeth set off Shanu’s nextt orgasm, and Amit’s hammering prick triggered several more. Shanu felt she could fuck her brother forever, when he suddenly jammed his prick deep and stopped moving.

“Amit cum ko bahar mat nikalna meri chut me hi nikalna …..mai tujhe poore maze dena chahti hu ….!” the young woman cried. “Pura cum dalna meri choot me ek boond bhi bahar mat aane dena …..meri chut ko bhar de tere cum se mere Bhai…..mai tera pura pyar apni choot me lena chahti hu!”

“Haa Shanu meri ichha ho rahi hai ki mera lund teri chut me hi daal kar pada rahu!” he barked as his balls let loose, scalding Shanu’s womb with their heat and vigor. Spurt after spurt of semen squished into Shanu’s pussy; she thrashed and bucked atop her brother as if she were taming a wild horse.

At last it was over, and the siblings lay side by side together, sharing kisses and caresses.

“Shanu mujhe to yakeen hi nahi ho raha hai ki maine tujhe chod diya hai aur tu mere saamne abhi tak nangi padi hui hai,” Amit said. “Mai kabhi-kabhi tere bobo ko teri chunni ke andar se halka sa hi dekh pata tha Aur usi seen ko yaad kar ke muthh maar leta tha par mujhe kya pata tha ki mujhe apni bahan ko hi chodne ka mauka mil jayega.”

“Sun Amit mai tujhse hamesha karwati rahungi agar tune kisi ko ye baat nahi batai to,…..Aur bata di to ye mauka tujhe pir kabhi nahi milega uske baad zindgi bhar mujhe yaad kar ke haath se karte rahna samjha!,” she warned.

Amit nodded, and kissed her.

“Mai kisi ko nahi batunga jo mujhe chahiye wo tu mujhe de hi rahi hai to mai kisi ko kyo batunga?” he asked. “Shanu ! Kya aur bhai-bahan bhi apni tarah se SEX karte honge kitne lucky honge wo bhai jinko teri jaisi bahan mili hogi.”

“Chal ab makkhan lagana band kar ……mai janti thi ki tu mera naam lekar hand job karta hai isliye tere saath kar liya samjha,” Shanu said, wondering now what would happen if Dad found out. Part of her also wondered what it would be like to take on her father and brother at the same time. After today, anything seemed possible.

“tu phle se jaanti thi ki mai tera naam lekar muthh marta hu?” he asked. “kya tu ye bhi janti thi ki mai tera bhai hokar tere saat SEX karne ke liye sochta tha?”

Shanu shook her head. “Jab koi ladka kisi ladki ke bobo ki taraf chori-chori dekhta hai to ladki turant jaan jati hai ki us ladke ki kya ichha hai chaahe wo uska bhai hi kyo na ho aur tu to aksar mere bobo ko dekhta rahta tha,” she said.

“Haa Shanu tere bobe itne bade hai ki us par se nazar hi nahi hat paati hai aur tu khud itni gori aur sundar hai ki mai hamesha tujhe chodne ke liye hi sochta rahta tha.”

Kissing her brother gently, Shanu rose and gathered her things.

“Amit mujhe pata nahi hai ki maine sahi kiya ya galat,…..lekin tere saath ye time bita kar mujhe bahut achha laga,” she said. “Ab mai beach par ja kar mood taza kar leti hu.”

“Theek hai Shanu?”

“bye .”

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