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"Daddy" and the Girl

I was relaxing in front of the television when the front door bell rang. My wife and I were not expecting anyone. I was already naked under my robe, ready for a little action later. She was soaking in a bath. I peeked through the eyehole and saw a girl standing on the doorstep. I pulled my robe tighter and opened the door immediately thinking she might need directions or to use the phone.

"May I help, young lady? Are you all right?" I asked looking past her. I didn't see a car in sight.

"I'm fine, sir. I'm here for you. Your wife sent me."

"My wife? Who brought you here?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yes sir. Katy dropped me off. Your wife said you might want to fuck me in the ass. You can have some pussy, too, if you want."

My dick went on immediate alert. Standing in front of me was a girl who looked to be about 16. She had thick, red curls pulled into a ponytail. She wore a little black jumper with a white tee shirt underneath, black tie up shoes and white knee-high socks. The girl was asking me to fuck her!

"Honey, honey, we have a visitor, " I called to my wife. She came out in the other half of our matching bathrobes. "This young lady has a story for you."

My wife came over, unbelted her robe and hugged the girl, pressing into her. Her hands went under the little dress to cup her naked ass. I watched them, fascinated, as they kissed deeply, their pussies straining toward each other. My dick was still tricking. What's going on here?

"Sweetheart, she's a surprise for you. Since I had the pleasure of fucking her all afternoon in my office, I volunteered your dick for tonight. Just look at her. Don't you want to fuck her, honey? I guarantee you her pussy is prime but she said she likes to have a dick up her ass, too," she said stroking the girl's pussy.

My dick had sprung through an opening in my robe--all 9 inches. He was dripping and hungry for a tight hole.

"How old are you, honey," I asked. "You look like jailbait."

"As I told your wife, I'm twenty. You can fuck me all you want without getting in trouble. Your wife got off on fucking me because I look so young.

I looked at my wife as she drank in the sight of the girl. I could tell by her face that she was horny for her now. Yes--I'm sure she fucked her. I would like to have seen that. Her left hand cupped the girls pussy as we spoke.

"Were you in the office when I came today? My wife hurried me out. That was unusual. I wanted a nice nooner with her."

"Yes, sir. I was hiding in the bathroom. She was afraid you would smell my pussy on her. She had to get rid of you quickly so that she could continue fucking me. Her mouth and her fingers were on my pussy the moment you left."

I know my wife likes good dick, but pussy? She never mentioned that. We need to talk.

Looking down at my peeking erect cock, she asks, "Sir, would you like to fuck me now. Your thing is really beautiful."

My mind whirled, my dick throbbed and expanded. I was twice her age but I could fuck her up real nice. "Since my wife had you first today, I'll take first crack at you tonight. This boner needs release real bad." My wife undressed the girl for me as she felt her up. Then she released her for my pleasure.

I took off my robe revealing a hard, muscular body with a dick that seems to have grown 2 inches. I walked to the girl, dipped my legs, and pressed into her from behind. I slid my dick under her pussy. I pumped lightly and felt her slide back and forth on me. Oh yes, I would take the pussy, too!

"Come on, little girl," I called to her. "It's time for some good dicking." I sat in a straight-backed chaired and looked at her. "Come sit on my lap, honey."

Gloriously naked in her womanhood, she moved to my waiting dick. She sat in my lap, wound her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. A shudder of pleasure ran through me as my dick pressed on her stomach. This was going to be good, I thought, as I sucked on a tit.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she said in little girl voice.

I groaned out loud as she slid onto my dick. She was good and wet from my wife's fingers. She slid up to the hilt and squeezed me. I was in fucking heaven with her tight little pussy screwing my dick. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her down as I pushed up into her. She moaned softly. All nine inches of my hot meat was locked in tight in my baby girl's sweet pussy. Fantasy time.

"Do you still like my dick, baby? Daddy loves your tight pussy. Do you remember when I popped that cherry? Now that was some good pussy, too. I though you wouldn't release my dick when I got in all the way. Fuck me like you did then, sweetheart." I stepped further into the fantasy. She picked up her tempo and rammed her pussy onto my cock until I lost my wad. "So good, honey. So good. You still fuck your daddy real good. I love to cum in you, baby girl." My wife watched the action at the chair as she fingered her own pussy. Later, I would have to thank her properly for my gift.

The girl eased her pussy off me and slid down until her head was in my lap. "Oh yes, Daddy. I do remember when you first fucked me. You said you were afraid some damn boy would take what was yours. You gave Mommy a sleeping pill and slipped into my room and had your way with me. You fucked me so much that night that I could hardly walk the next day."

"I remember, baby. I tried to get up and you kept pulling me back. You were so hot for another slice of your daddy's dick."

The girl examined my cock. "Has you dick gotten bigger, Daddy? How did all of that meat get in my little pussy? And look at all that white stuff on your dick. Can I lick it?" she teased. I was rock hard as my girl licked her daddy's dick clean and sucked it down her hot throat. "It tastes salty, Daddy."

I pulled her up and jammed my tongue in her mouth and tasted my cum. I got hard again and was ready for more of my sweet girl. I was aiming for a nice piece of ass. I positioned her on the low coffee table on all fours. She presented her cute little ass to me.

"You and your wife have a thing for girls like me, don't you?"

I looked at my wife who shrugged and smiled lustily. On my instructions, she sat at the end of the table to kiss the girl, grope her breasts and anchor her steady for my dicking. Looking down at my wife working the girl brought an extra measure of excitement. I told her to stay away from the girl's clit. I wanted to make her cum with just my dick.

I spread her cheeks to reveal her tight asshole. "Daddy's going to fuck you in here, sweetheart," I said as I pushed my pinky finger into her hole. We were back in the game.

She shuddered hard. "Your dick is too big, Daddy. How can it fit in there?"

"Daddy will stretch you and make it fit. I'm sorry, but you'll have to take it. You've been a bad girl. Daddy has to punish you for stealing that sweater. Didn't I warn you this would happen if you stole again?" I said as my dick slowly pressed at her asshole.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy. Just spank me. Please don't fuck in my ass. It will hurt. You can have my pussy again, Daddy. You like to put your dick in my pussy. Please, Daddy, please!"

I'm on fire as a bring a hand down and paddle her butt. She whines and moans out loud as my hand makes contact with her flesh. One, two three, four. I liked whipping that ass. Five, six.

"Thank you, Daddy," she cried. "Can I go now?"

"No, sweetheart, the spanking in not enough. I still have to put my dick in your ass. There's a lesson to be learned here young lady. You embarrassed me again at that store. The original punishment still stands and it will make your daddy feel less angry at you when you take it all in. Don't you want to help me love you again?" I dip my dick in her spermed pussy and push forward into her little ass.

"Please love me again, Daddy. I'll die if you don't love me. Just don't hurt me," she moans as I slowly slide forward.

I am met with resistance after my head pushes in. "Let your daddy in there honey."

"Daddy, I'll be good. Please! Your dick is so big! Oooh, Daddy, it hurts."

I was over the moon in this fantasy. Slap. Slap. "Punishment should hurt or it does no good young lady. Now let your daddy in there. Don't make me angrier, sweetheart." Slap. Slap. She suddenly releases and I slowly slide in to the hilt. I fucked her ass very slowly, savoring the tightness of it around my huge cock. "Move your ass, baby. That's it. Fuck daddy--slowly, baby. Oh yes, baby. Daddy's anger is leaving. Screw your daddy's big dick. Just like you do when I'm in your pussy. That's it. That's it. You're so tight, baby. Keep fucking your daddy. Just like that, baby. It feels so good in my baby's ass. Just a little bit more. Daddy needs to put his white stuff in you and all the anger will be gone. I still love you, sweetheart."

I watch her sweet little ass rotate on my cock as I go out of my mind. As I am pumping, I look down at my wife and say, "Thank you, honey," as I fuck our little girl into her.

I continue to fuck her ass in earnest with long, hard strokes--over and over and over again. I feel her squeeze me in her ass as she cums repeatedly. She is screaming with her pleasure. Daddy's little girl was certainly built for good ass-dicking.

"Daddy, you made me scream. I didn't know I could cum with your dick in my ass. You like fucking in my ass don't you, Daddy?" she groans as she continues to slide on my dick. "Is this how all girls are punished? Is this how they show they love their daddies?"

"Yes, baby, they should. Only the lucky daddies feel this love. You're my special girl. You're taking your punishment so well," I tell her, still humping. "And you're making your daddy's dick feel very loved."

"Keep fucking me, Daddy. It doesn't hurt anymore. Your dick feels good in there. I'm a good girl now, aren't I, Daddy? You made me a good girl with your big dick. I love you, Daddy."

I went insane. I pulled out completely. Then I rammed her little ass up to the hilt as my wife held her steady. I fucked her ass like a mad man as I came over and over in her. "Oh, oh, oh, baby girl. Fuck, sweetheart, your ass is too good. The white stuff is coming now, baby. It's coming for you." We stayed locked together as we came down to earth.

She was still in the game. "I felt your white stuff shoot deep into my ass. It was hot, Daddy. You can fuck me in here even when I'm not bad. Ok, Daddy? Mommy sucks me and Daddy fucks me. My mommy and daddy love me the best," she said in that little girl voice. Overcome with lust, my wife kissed her.

"Hot fucking damn, baby girl," I groaned as my dick ballooned in her ass. I began to fuck her ass again as my cum slid from her pussy and her ass onto the coffee table.

My wife sent the girl, with her clothes in hand, to the powder room to clean up. Then she phoned her office assistant, Katy, to come clean up after us and drop the girl off at home. Honestly, my wife treats that girl like a slave.

I could see why my wife was so enchanted with that woman. She gives great fantasy and damn fine piece of ass. And we have the whole night on our security video!

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The idyllic semi rural suburban area was bathed in the dusk growing dark by hour. Feeble street lights hid the sprawling massive mansions strewn across acres and acres of open countryside and managed woodlands. Over twenty miles there were probably more millions than in any other stretch of similar land. The heat of the day had only dulled slightly as the sun went down.

Deep inside one these huge mansions ensconced in about hundred twenty acres of wooded land in his private bedroom suite stood the proud cofounder of S and S company limited, worth about ten billions and interests all over the world.

Taran Raj Singh known as TRS or TR to all his friends and employees and Titu to his close family stood in the middle of the living lounge of his enormous bedroom suite [one of twelve such suites] with a glass of scotch and looked like a man waiting for someone. Taran was a strongly built very handsome man of over six feet tall, extremely well muscled and a slight evidence of softness around his waist. He had curly thick hair wept back with grey showing over his temples. His chest was covered in curly hairs between his pectorals, which thinned down to a streak until his belly button and then expanded again to merge with the dark growth running towards his groin. His legs were strong and hairy. His hands were huge and strong with thick strong fingers more like a farmer's hands than a multibillionaire entrepreneur. There was no denying the extremely charming and handsome presence that exuded strength and kindness all at the same time.

He stood deep in thoughts in boxer shorts and an open short soft fluffy towel-cotton bathrobe. His demeanour expressed his strength but belied his gentle, polite and generous nature. The central AC system ran silently all over the mansion.

Taran slowly swirled his scotch in his glass, as he looked at the picture of his dead wife on the mantle, exquisitely beautiful woman. Close to it stood the picture of his equally if not more beautiful daughter, Neelima Raj Singh, with all the perfect and ethereal beauty of her mother and some influence of her father.

He slowly moved towards the wall to wall AV system and put in a DVD and switched on the system with a remote and sat down on the huge sofa that was designed to lie down in roman style and was big enough for four people to sleep without disturbing one another.

The DVD opened with a shot an extremely beautiful girl of about nineteen years of age with long wavy dark hair that framed one of the most beautiful faces. She was about five feet four inches tall and full bodied. She wore a loose white tee shirt and loose cotton trousers neither of which could hide her large soft breasts unencumbered of a bra and her lush body with full fertile hips filling the trousers most provocatively. She stood most naturally in the beautiful backdrop of Goa's beach. Her face was captivatingly beautiful with bright light brown eyes which never stopped smiling her full cheeks were glowing with a smile and her skin shouted health and natural beauty, only given to a few by nature. Her movements were devoid of any self-consciousness. Even when she stopped smiling her face seemed to bathe in an angelic calmness. Hers was a beauty that had no hauteur and made people believe in goodness and everyone felt happy if she were in a room.

Taran finished his scotch and moved to the well-stacked drink cabinet to pour himself another scotch with three ice cubes and came back slowly. The next clip showed the same girl in a long white tee shirt finishing around her sexy full thighs, with tousled hair smilingly rubbing the sleep out of her eyes in a plush hotel suite as she was being filmed. She was giggling and complaining to stop filming her. Her large breasts danced breathtakingly as her hands moved and laughter shook her body. She nevertheless moved towards the en suite bathroom as the camera kept on filming her. She turned around and lifted her shirt up to expose her full thighs and hips as she sat down on the toilet.

Camera managed to catch a brief glimpse of her lush dark growth over her vagina. She was giggling uncontrollably as she started to pee. The camera caught the sound her urine hitting the water in the toilet clearly as she continued to pee without any inhibition. The sound of her pee almost filled the room. She whispered amidst her giggling, " Please come here and put that thing away."

Her morning bladder was full and the stream of her urine did not seem to weaken for a long time. Camera panned on her unbelievably beautiful face. She whispered again, " If you are not going to be good boy I may withhold all your privileges today," there was a sound of masculine deep laughter as the camera shook for a while, " I want your monster cock in my mouth. Please put this away and bring your giant dandoo to me"

The camera panned on her face filling the screen with the bathroom mirror in the background. The DVD stopped at this point and Taran affectionately looked at the wall-to-wall screen filled with the face of the most beautiful woman alive.

Taran sat almost ten minutes sipping his scotch before he got up to freshen up his glass he heard the main door to his bedroom suite open and shut. A smile came on his face knowing who that would be. Soon a vision of beauty and grace breezed into the room. Her curly dark hairs were waving with her movements. She wore a cotton white loose long blouse with sleeves to her forearms and khaki cotton trousers with waist cord tie and the cuffs finishing just below her sexy full calves. Her thighs gave hint of their healthy fullness even through those lose pants and her large breasts moved with each step she took despite a soft cotton bra under her blouse.

Taran put his glass on the counter as he turned to face the living picture of divine beauty. "Daddy, sorry got held up with my group and then traffic was awful. " Neelima threw her bag down on the floor as she continued her floating walk towards her father.

Taran opened his arms as his daughter melted within them. She brushed her face against his hairy chest as Taran kissed the top of her head. Taran gently lifted his daughter's face with his finger under her chin and kissed the tip of her exquisitely beautiful nose, "Neelu, scotch or wine?"

"I have been sweating all day, dad-scotch with ice sounds great. Ekdam bekaar evening (totally useless evening)" Neelima, as did all the family, moved between perfect English and chaste Hindi effortlessly.

Neelu moved towards the sofa as her father brought two glasses of scotch with ice floating gave one to his daughter. Neelima took one long sip from the glass with open glee "It was hot and humid, I am soaked in sweat, look?"

She lifted her arms to show the soaked cotton blouse with her sweat.

Taran put his arm around his daughter's shoulders and kissed her forehead as she rested her face on his chest, "Yes Neelu beta you are stinking."

Neelu gave her hearty childlike laugh and playfully punched her father in his stomach.

"Neels, Ganga has made the dinner and left in dining area. All set to get warmed and ready for ten. You have not eaten, have you?"

"No dad, too hot to eat anywhere. Moreover would I eat out if you were at home? Too early to eat anyway. Ten sounds fine. We have some time to kill." Neelu took another swig from the glass and handed it to his father. Neelu put her hands under her blouse as she unhooked her bra and pulled one strap off through one arm and then pulled it off through the other as only women can do and playfully draped it over her father's head," Too hot to keep it on. There dad you can have it."

Taran laughed and threw the bra behind the sofa. Neelu again snuggled into her father's arms and noticed the still picture of her on the screen, "We should go to Goa again, dad."

Taran flicked the screen off and kissed his daughter's head again, " whenever you want, beta."

Neelu took the remote from her father and switched the screen back on to search the news," Dad shall we catch up what is going on in the world."

She kept the sound down, gulped the scotch and handed the glass to her father and complained facetiously, "daddee meraa glass khali, see," turning the glass up and down. Taran loved this childlike sweetness of his daughter beyond imagination and missed all her sweet talks like these whenever he had to leave town.

Taran got up and filled both of their glasses with scotch and ice and joined his daughter on the sofa who by now had shifted back to the back rest with her legs stretched out in front. Taran followed suit. Once his one hand was free of the glass he wrapped it around his daughter's shoulders who quickly assumed the earlier snuggling position.

Neelu sipped her scotch and whispered, "Daddy, shall I shower before dinner I am really sticky and smelly."

Taran hugged her tight and said softly, "I do not mind. I procrastinated my shower after gym."

Neelima turned her face and buried her nose in her father's armpit and took a long theatrical sniff, "Yes daddy, there is a strong smell of a man, enough to drive any woman crazy."

As her face turned forward she looked up and her father bent his face and kissed her on her lips, "Are you likely to turn crazy?"

Neelima kissed her father back and slowly rubbed her hand over his chest and belly. She used rotating massaging action until her hand rested over the band of his boxers. She slowly pushed her fingers under the waistband of her father's boxer as she looked up and answered, "What do you think dad?"

Her father hand moved from her shoulder and wormed under the lose neck of her blouse to top of her left breast at same time as her own hand moved under the waistband of his boxers and her finger touched the hugely thick semi hard penis of her father. No sooner Neelu's fingers touched his giant penis her father turned her towards him and crushed his open mouth on hers. Neelu pushed her mouth fiercely onto her father's mouth as his tongue shot past her open lips inside her mouth. She pushed her tongue against her father's as it searched inside her sweet mouth for hidden treasure. His saliva was trickling along his marauding tongue into her mouth. Few minutes of this fierce open mouth kissing filled her mouth with her father's saliva and left her breathless. Her hand dipped deeper inside her father's boxers trying to hold his massive cock which was hardening by minute.

Neelu gasped and broke the kiss. Her father removed his arm from over her shoulders. He shoved his both hands under her sweat soaked blouse and pulled it up to expose her large, soft breasts of breathtaking beauty and shape. Neelu automatically lifted her arms and her father pulled her blouse off her and threw it behind on floor. He held his daughter's arms in one of his huge hands and brought his face into her right armpit. Neelu's soft armpit hairs were soaked in sweat. Her father licked the sweat off her armpit hair and skin. Neelu was breathing hard and she gasped as her father sucked on her armpit hair pulling them gently with his lips. She pulled her arms free and wrapped them around her father's neck as his face got even more fiercely buried in her armpit.

Her father moved his face away from her armpit and kissed her right breast with gentle pecks, his right hand moved over her left breast covering it with his strong hand softly making Neelu gasp. Soon her father's lips were locked onto her right nipple as he sucked on it first slowly and soon with a strong suction action. Taran slowly pushed his daughter onto her back until she was sprawled flat on her back on the enormous roman sofa without releasing her right nipple from his sucking mouth. His hand over her left breast started to knead her soft overflowing large breast more insistently.

Neelima slowly ran her fingers lovingly through her father's hair as she felt the lust rising inside her loins in anticipation. Her father's masterful manipulation of her breasts made her gasp. Taran opened his mouth real wide and sucked as much as he could of his daughter's delicious breast flesh in his mouth creating a forceful suction as his other hand mauled the other breast pinching the nipple.

Neelu tried to remove the open bathrobe from over her father's shoulders, as she wanted to feel his bare skin all over.

Sensing his daughter's wishes Taran let go of her breast to free his hand and pulled off his robe without relenting even for a fraction the sucking grip on her other breast. He shrugged the robe off; Neelu pulled it off his back and flung it away. She caressed his bare back with her soft small hands as her father pushed her inexorably towards boiling sexual peak.

Taran covered his daughter's full, lush, voluptuous frame with his massive body, he pushed his hands between their rubbing torsos and searched for the knot of the cord of Neelu's pants. He untied the cord and loosened the waistband. He pushed his hand inside the pants and flimsy cotton panties to find the soft rich growth of his daughter's pubic hair.

Neelu gasped as her father's inquisitive fingers parted her pubic hair to seek the opening of her sweet, wet, soft cunt,

"Daddy, daddy, aaah.....please suck on my breast.....jor se mayree choochee choosiyay." Neelu even in the throes of passion shifted involuntarily between two languages as did her father and rest of the family.

Taran deftly without moving too much pulled the pants off his daughter as she helped him by lifting her hips off the sofa. Taran pulled the pants off completely as she bent her knees to ease them off. Taran freed her right breast from his sucking mouth. He grabbed both her breasts in his enormous hands as he kissed her again with an open mouth. Neelu kissed her father back and sucked on his invading tongue sometime biting it with her teeth ever so gently. She felt her both breasts being mauled with an increasing intensity that seem to set them on fire. Her father would sometime pushed both breasts into her chest and sometime he would squeeze them with his hands and try to pull them away from her chest, both making her gasp and burn with an ever escalating lust.

Taran sensing the increasing lust in his daughter pulled her panties off her hips and rolled them off her feet Neelu inadvertently spread her legs wide as her father's hand covered her sweet smelling very wet cunt covered with lush dark growth of soft pubic hair glistening with her leaking cunt juices. Neelu felt her father's fingers gently parting her lush pubic growth to find the wet soft slit of her cuntal opening.

She gasped as her father inserted his thick index finger inside her cunt up to the knuckle as its tip tried to find the

cervix. Neelima whispered, " oooohhh.....daddeeee......pleeeee...aseee...... soooo....gooood...meri ...choot...aahhh......... dheeray ......dheeray."

Taran was now kissing every inch of his daughter's beautiful face as his one hand mauled her breast and other tormented her cunt. He first moved his finger in and out slowly and then he pushed it to the hilt and tickled her cervix eliciting more throaty gasps and sounds of passion from his daughter. Neelu desperately tried to reach her father's boxers to push them down but the difference in height made it quite difficult.

Sensing his daughter's desires Taran fucked her cunt few times rapidly with his finger and then withdrew it. He got up off the sofa to take his boxers off. Neelu was breathing with an open mouth as she stared at her father taking the last garment off his huge muscular frame. Her mouth went dry in anticipation as Taran pulled his boxers down and his cock emerged almost in slow motion. The massive inhuman girth of his monstrous penis seemed to go on until the boxers cleared the thighs. He threw the shorts away. Neelu licked her lips as she saw the giant yet not fully hard penis of unbelievable dimension hanging between her father's muscular strong hairy thighs nestling below were two huge balls ensconced in his hairy scrotum.

Taran moved slowly towards the sofa fully aware of his daughter's gaze fixed on his monstrous cock. Taran knelt in front of the sofa and pulled Neelima holding her wonderful thighs to bring her ass close to the edge of the sofa. He looked straight in his daughter's eyes, which were shining with love and lust for her father. Taran knew his daughter could see the same in his eyes.

Taran slowly brought his mouth close to his daughter's crotch with her legs now bent and wide open. He licked the wet lush hair and could smell the sweet heady fragrance of his daughter's cunt juices now flowing freely. He used his tongue to part the hair and find the cunt lips. He felt the squirming ass of his daughter anticipating the pleasure ahead of her. His tongue found the cunt opening at the bottom and he used it to part open the large fleshy cunt lips. He brought his arms around the flexed thighs of his daughter and used one hand to pull apart the cunt lips and other to grab one of her overflowing large breast in his other hand squeezing them rhythmically.

Neelima was now burning and she put her hands on top of his head a running her fingers through his heavy thick wavy hair, "Daddy, please lick me.... mayree choot bilkul geelee hai. Daddy mayree choot choosiyay, please." Neelu was trying to lift her hips to push her cunt into her father's mouth. Taran opened his mouth wide and engulfed her whole cunt inside and pushed his stiff tongue like a small miniature cock in a to and fro fucking motion throwing Neelu in frenzy. Taran kept the frantic tongue fucking for few minutes making his daughter gasp for more. Her hands pushed his head firmly into her crotch.

Taran pushed her thighs up lifting her ass off the sofa exposing her cunt and as fully to his hungry gaze and mouth. He traced the opening of her cunt downwards until he reached her anal opening. He could smell the unmistakable mixture of smells of the cleft of her ass and sweat. There was no fragrance like it to send his blood rushing. Taran ran his tongue from below her anus to her cunt lapping all the mixture of sweat, cunt juices. The taste was as strong as was the aroma. Neelu moaned loudly as if in pain, "ahhh daddee ....uuunnnnnhhhhhhhh."

Taran started to lick firmly making sure to linger over her sensitive anus. Soon Neelima was thrashing, as her father used his loving tongue to push her further closer to her first orgasm of the evening. Taran once satisfied that all the collected taste and smell captured in between his daughter's luscious ass cheeks was lapped up he concentrated on her anus. He rotated the tip of his tongue all over the anal ring. Taran lifted his face, "Neelu bete apnee gaand ko thoda sa kholo." Neelima did as her father wished and relaxed her anus and pushed it down as if to relieve herself on the toilet. Taran's tongue soon found its way as his daughter's anal ring relaxed. The taste inside her anal canal raised his passion even more. "Bete apnee jhaango ko khud pakdo," Taran wanted his hands free to maul his daughter's heavenly breasts. Neelima held her legs with her hands to keep her ass and cunt fully accessible to her father's hungry seeking mouth and tongue. Soon her father's both hands found her breasts and he kneaded them harshly making her moan even louder, "Daddy...ahhhh.......mayree choot.....ahhhhh........mayree gaand chaatiyay. I want to cum..uummmm daddeeee...mujhay ab aanaa hai....mayree choot jhaariyay...aaaahhhhhh."

Taran let go her one breast and now concentrated on her cunt. He inserted first index and then middle thick fingers inside his daughter's cut flowing with her cunt juices as he attacked her clitoris with his raspy tongue. Taran used his tongue to lap Neelu's clit harshly and fast as his fingers set up a fast tempo of fucking her wet cunt canal. Neelima was beyond reach of all other sensations but the one that her father had set afire inside her loins. Taran engulfed his daughter's clitoris between his lips and rolled it to and fro at the same time he removed his middle finger from her cunt and gently put it at her anal opening. He pushed the finger with a steady pressure inside his daughter's rectum. He now fucked both her holes with his fingers all the while torturing her clitoris.

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"Dadddeeee.......aaahhhh.......ooohhhhhhh.......meri choot choosiyay......pleeeeess eeeeee." Taran knew Neelima was now on the threshold of a raging orgasm. He nibbled on her clit and fucked her ass and cunt with his fingers and used his free hand to maul her one breast. Neelima was tormented from sensations emendating from her cunt, breast and ass as her father masterfully took her to the peak of her lusty passion bringing the orgasm closer and closer.

Neelima moaned incessantly as her father kept the relentless pleasure of her clitoral manipulation along with his finger fucking. She was thrashing her head from side to side waiting for her climax that promised to save her from this burning fire that her father had stoked inside her body.

Taran noisily sucked and licked her clit with his tongue faster and faster. In no time he felt Neelima's body tense up. Her moans stopped for a while. Taran increased the pace of his pistoning fingers and he caught her clit between his teeth gently and shook his head like a wild animal trying to tear a piece of meat, to send unbelievable pleasure/pain sensation shooting from Neelima's clit to her breasts and belly. Her whole body went into a spasm for few seconds as her impending orgasm exploded inside her body, she let out a long deep moan to herald the ecstatic torment rippling through her being as her father brought her to her first crashing orgasm, " Daaaaddddeeeee..........ooooohhhhh......uuu uunnnggggghhhhh......mai aaa gayeee....aaahhhh."

Taran let his daughter savour the orgasm as he continued to lick and fuck her cunt with an unabated pace. Neelima took few minutes to climb down from her orgasm as her body relaxed and went limp. She could no longer support her legs and let her thighs fall on her father's shoulders. Taran slowly removed his fingers from his daughter's orifices and licked each one to relish two distinct flavours from his lovely daughter's body each intoxicating in its own right but unique to prefer one.

He moved his hands again to Neelima's breasts and massaged them slowly to match her mellowing passion and kept the slow licking of her clitoris and cunt. "Daddy mayree choot ab bahut sensitive hai," Neelima hinted to her father to stop licking, as her whole cunt was exquisitely sensitive due to the recent violent climax. Taran ignored her plea and kept a slow but steady licking of his daughter's pussy and massage of her breasts.

Taran knew within few minutes Neelima would once again feel the rising heat of lust. Neelu also knew that and apart from feeble moans and ineffectual movements of her hips to push her father's mouth away allowed her father to do what he pleased.

In another five or ten minutes Neelima felt that her cunt was not as painfully sensitive and her father's tongue on her clitoris gave her more pleasure and she wished him to continue. Taran felt his daughter's renewed soft moans and wriggling of her hips towards his mouth. He felt her hands once again on his head as she lovingly ran her finger through his hair as a token of her gratitude and love. Taran could feel the steel hard monster cock between his belly and sofa raring to invade his daughter's luscious, voluptuous body. Neelima was getting hot again and wanted her father to choose a different kind of means to take her to another level of her slowly mounting renewed lust. "Daddy mujhay aapkaa lund chaahiyay ab," Neelu moaned.

Taran kept teasing her cunt with his tongue as he whispered, "Beta, meraa lund kahaan chaahiyay aapko?"

Neelima moaned at her father's tease and gently pulled his hair clenched in her fist, "Aapko pataa hai mujhay aapka lund kahaan chaahiyay?"

Taran refused to understand making his daughter desire even more, "Beta jab tak aap mujhay nahin bataayayengay, mujhay kaisay pataa chalaygaa."

Neelima was now burning within few minutes of this teasing which stoked her desire to be impaled by her father's monster, "Daddy, please ab meri choot maariyay. Mujhay aapka lund apnee choot me chaahiyay."

Taran softly slapped his daughter's ass, "Meraa lund meri beti ke liye humaysha tayyaar hai. Neelu bete aap ghoree ban jaao. Mujhay aapkee choot peechhay se maarnee hai."

Neelima felt a shiver as she rolled on her front to lift herself on her hands and knees to allow her father to fuck her from behind.

Taran held his daughter's hips and gently nudged her to come closer to edge of the sofa and spread her knees far apart to expose her delectable voluptuous ass to his hungry gaze. Her cunt was open and soaking wet. Her pubic hair turned into a tiny ridge below her cunt and her anus barely had any easily visible hair if at all. Her father's height and her position on the sofa was perfect match.

Neelima's lust heightened by her father's manipulation to get her positioned for his advantage.

The mirrors on the massive drink cabinets and on the dressers allowed both father and daughter to see themselves from different angles. Taran held his monstrously proportioned penis in his hand. His large hand could barely go around the massive girth of his superhuman size length. Taran gently placed the huge cock head at the entrance of his daughter's open soft cunt opening. The incongruity of his sheer hugeness and his daughter's small opening raised his lust. Neelima felt her father's massive cock stationed at the entrance of her cunt ready to violate her soft tender cunt.

"Daddy, Please ab apnaa lund mayree choot me daaliyay naa," Neelima was now desperate to be ravaged so that the renewed raging fire could be controlled. Her father was the person to do just that.

Taran held the long heavy girth in his hand pushed his super huge glans inside his daughter's welcoming warmth of soft cunt stretching it enormously and seemed impossible that his monstrosity could ever fit in her small vagina. His wife never tired of expressing her surprise that how his horse cock managed to impale not only her cunt but also her ass. Taran felt a smile seem to come on his lips as he remembered his beautiful wife in a similar position as he proceeded to fuck her cunt and ass for hours and hours until she was reduced to a rag doll from multiple orgasms and begged for him to finish.

Neelima sucked in a long breath as she felt cunt stretched to an impossible dimension, she bit on her lower lip to curb any audible groan. The pressure on her cunt walls was a heady mix of dull pain and sharp pleasure. Taran once satisfied that his apple sized cock head had lodged nicely inside his daughter's now wide-open cunt he let go of it and grabbed her hips in his large hands massaging her ass cheek flesh with his thumbs.

"Neelu bete, Kyaa mai apnaa lund jor se aapkee choot me daloon ya dheeray- dheeray?" Taran softly inquired.

Neelima could not love this man, her father, anymore who procreated her from the fruit of his loins using the same weapon that was now lodged inside her cunt, "Daddy, jaisee aapkee marzee. Meri choot ab aapkee hai. Aapka lund bahut badaa hai, par aapko jaise bhee mayree choot maarnee hai aap maariyay."

Both Taran and Neelima could see themselves. Neelima felt fragile and protected at the same time, as she saw herself on her hands and knees with her large, breasts hanging down with gravity accentuating the enormous size of the pair. Behind her raised ass stood a huge strong extremely handsome man with a colossally huge cock stationed at the entrance of her cunt ready to bury deep inside her cunt either savagely or in a frustratingly slow manner depending on the wishes of the giant of a man to whom it belonged, her loving, sweet, doting, irresistibly handsome father. As father and daughter admired each other in the reflections their eyes met. Both could read and feel unlimited love that each had for other. After the death of Neelima's mother they both belonged to each other with a bond that even death could not threaten.

Neelima smiled at her father, pleading, "Daddy, mayree choot maariyay ab. Mujhay aapka lund apnee choot me chaahiyay. Mujhay aapka pooraa ka pooraa ghoray jaisaa lund apnee choot me chaahiyay."

Neelima knew her soft entreaties would foment her father's desire and he would do exactly what she desired that is he would give her his monster penis until she could not take it any more.

Taran smiled back at his daughter and he firmed his grip on her hips holding hips in a vice. He slowly teasingly pushed his cock head inside and felt her vaginal ring grab the sulcus underneath his huge cock head. Taran swung his hips slowly to and fro moving his huge glans in and out of his daughter's cunt by few centimeters. Neelima gasped as her cunt felt stretched and stimulated, the pleasure made her neck muscles go soft and her head rolled down on her chest. Neelima sensed her father would tease her with slow grinding entry frustrating her into submission, crying for more.

Taran braced his strong back and swung his hips with a powerful lunge sending five inches of enormously thick cock shaft shooting inside his daughter's cunt.

Neelima was taken by surprise as her head shot up and her back tensed, "aahhhh.....dadddeeeee......aapka luuuundd....bada aaaaa...aaaahhh....uuunn nnggghhh," she let out a wail. Taran pulled one or two inches out and flexed his knees and used strong muscles of his back and thigh to bulldoze another four inches of his horse man-meat inside Neelima's obscenely stretched cunt. Neelima felt as if her cunt was on fire, the sudden dilation felt as if her vagina would be torn asunder for ever, her mouth opened in a deep throaty moan as she tried to move her hips forward from marauding monster of her father, involuntarily. Taran's vice like grip put paid to any movement by Neelima, who was now destined to be impaled on the gargantuan cock of her loving father.

Taran felt the tight soft squeezing grip of his daughter's tight cunt walls on his humungous penis.

Neelu whimpered, "Daddeeee.... meri choot jal rahee hai. Aapka lund ab poora under hai?"

Taran looked at the union of their incestuous bodies. There was some giant cock meat still outside. The last inches were the thickest, in particular the root was as big as his clenched fist.

Taran continued to massage his daughter's ass flesh with his thumbs and instead of answering her pulled back few inches of his massive cock now fully drenched in his daughter's cunt juices. He waited for few seconds, took a short deep breath and slammed his body forward with all his muscular strength of his back, hips and legs burying his whole inhuman sized cock to the root inside his daughter's soft warm cunt. Every last millimeter of his stupendously thick eleven or twelve inches of monster penis was now deep inside his daughter's body.

Neelima let out a wail of 'aaaaaaaaa......nahin..daddeeeee.....bahut dard ho rahaa hai."

Taran put his left arm around Neelima's thighs to keep still and used his right hand to pat her over her head and back, "Neelu bete ab meraa poora lund aapkee choot kay under hai."

Neelima was now moaning with an open mouth her jaw had gone slack as her saliva dribbled down her chin.

Her ass flesh was quivering with the strain of her father's brutal invasion. Taran held still to let Neelima settle down a bit, "Beta, jab aapko theek lage tabhee mai aapki choot maarana shuroo karoonga." Even in the overwhelming storm of pleasure mixed with pain escalating her lust tenfold Neelima's brain grasped her father's offer for her to tell him to start fucking whenever she felt ready.

Neelima sobbed rather than spoke, "Daddy aap jab chaahayen shuroo kar sakataye hain. Mai thodee see dair me theek ho jaaoingee."

Taran felt limitless love for her daughter, he wanted to take her with force, fast and furiously to achieve his release, "Neelu bete, kyaa mai aapki jor se choot maroon? Mujhay aapki choot me jaldee se ek bar aanaa hai."

Neelima was trying her best to gulp her saliva and settle her breathing, she nodded, "Daddy, aap ki jitnee marzee ho utnee zor se meri choot maarayen." Taran felt his cock lurch deep inside his daughter's cunt as he heard her give him her permission to fuck her in any manner he wanted to.

Taran pulled his mammoth penis out of his daughter's widely stretched cunt inch by inch until only its head was inside. He used his height and massive frame to slam it back to the hilt in one cunt-ripping lunge. His thighs smacked against Neelima's ass emitting a loud slapping sound. Neelima gasped and try to bite her lip to keep her groans to a minimum but failed. Taran set up a furious pace using most of his huge penis to fuck his daughter's cunt in brutal fast pace. Each time he hilted his thighs slapped her ass. Her ass skin soon turned red as if smacked which it was. Neelima could only manage to grunt with each powerful shot of her father as she felt her cunt stretched each time his cock pistoned in. His cock hit her cervix with great force as it hilted making her wince.

The room was resonating with the animalistic grunts and unintelligible sounds of Neelima, slap of his thighs on her ass, as her father fucked her from behind like a caveman. The moans and grunts of Neelima were accentuated by her father's involuntary deep throaty sounds of 'uh..uh' with each inward lunge as if he was lifting weights in gym.

The next twenty minutes saw a ferocious fucking between loving father and daughter. Taran kept fucking using his massive frame to pull nearly ten or so inches of his giant penis and slam it back. His hips moved forward and back akin to a piston of freight engine. His daughter met each thrust of his gargantuan penis with a grunt and moan of submission. She was now holding her hips firm to meet her father's body slamming thrusts by digging her knees and hands into soft sofa but it was not easy.

Each thrust would make her dangling breasts swing wildly and before they slowed down another thrust would send them wildly swinging like two large pendulums. Her breath was ragged as she could barely keep with her father's furious pace of fucking.

"Daddy....meri choot......aapka...luuunddd......bahut...badaaaahhhhhh.....motaa..." Neelima was now blabbering nonsense -anything that came to her mouth.

Taran thought of an idea as he saw his daughter struggling to keep herself in position in face of his onslaught, "Neelu bete, apne dono bazoo sofa par rakh kar jhuk jao aur apnaa sur bazoo per rakhdo." Neelima did as told and she folded her arms and bent down on the sofa with her face resting on them. This brought her back to an angle and lowering her hips slightly. Neelima felt more stable in this position as her father renewed his furious pace and fucked Neelima with bone jarring thrusts slamming his massive cock each time to the hilt. Taran grabbed Neelima's dangling large soft breasts and used short vicious shots to continue the blazing paced fucking of his daughter.

Both were covered in a film of sweat despite the AC. Taran's forehead was covered with sweat which dropped on his daughter's back.

"Daddy mai aane waalee hoon," Neelima wailed her impending orgasm. Taran kept the pace and force of his thrusts which was now going on nonstop for almost half an hour," Bete jab chaho aa jao. Mai aapki choot saree rat maaroonga."

Neelima was hurtling towards her second orgasm as her father's giant cock kept hitting her cervix sending indefinable sensation in her lower belly.

"Daddeeee........mai.....jharne waalee hoon," Neelima wailed again.

Taran squeezed her breasts even more brutally and kept his short jab fast thrusts going with loud slapping sounds.

Neelima suddenly went deathly quiet and lifted her head as if lost and then screamed her body wrenching orgasm brought on by the vicious fucking by her father. She felt painful spasms in her abdominal muscles as her cunt poured out copious creamy fluid around the giant penis of her father. Taran continued to fuck Neelima through her orgasm as he felt his balls tightening up.

He squeezed Neelima's breasts even more brutally sending a wave of painful pleasure through her orgasm torn body, "Neelu beti mai bhee aanay waalaa hoon."

"Daddy meri choot me aaajaaiye. Meri choot me aap apnaa lund khalee kar deejiyay," Neelima could only whisper her desire to feel her father's ejaculation deep inside her cunt.

Taran felt the familiar tightening in his back and hips as his enormous penis exploded on it way in. He stabbed his daughter's cunt few time erratically and buried it to its root as it kept on spurting huge volleys of thick virile semen deep inside his kneeling daughter's cunt. He dropped down on his daughter's back still holding her breasts in a misshapen flesh in his strong large hands.

Neelima felt every twitch and pulsation of her father's giant cock as she felt hot, semen splashing deep inside her cunt walls. She could not count the times he spurted again and again. Both father and daughter remained still breathing deep and with open mouths as their tornado of orgasms left them temporarily feeble. After nearly five minutes or so both recovered enough to talk.

"Daddy I love you,'" Neelima took her arm behind her head to stroke her father's face affectionately as a mother would do.

Taran kissed her back and nape of the neck, "Neelu betee, you are my sole reason to live."

Taran continued to softly massage his daughter's breasts and showered kisses on her cheek, sucked on her earlobe, he pushed his tongue in her ear and bathed it with his wet tongue, he kissed the corner of her mouth and the side of her beautiful nose facing him.

"Daddy, aapka lund abhee bhee poora khadaa hai," Neelima realised that even after coming like a geyser her father's mammoth penis had lost not a bit of its steel.

"Neelu beti, jab aap mere paas hotee ho to meraa lund badee mushkil se dheelaa hota hai," Taran paid homage to his daughter's beauty," aapki mummy bhee aise hee kahatee theen," Neelima had realised that she often said and used similar expressions as her mother even during torrid sex.

"Daddy, we both have been lucky to have you," Neelima softly said .

"Neels betu, I am the lucky one - twice in fact. First your mother graced my life and then you," Taran kissed the side of Neelima's nose again and again. He took her earlobe in between his teeth and gently nibbled on it. Soon it had the desired effect as Neelima started to move her hips again mashing them against her father's hairy groin.

Taran whispered mischievously in Neelima's ear," Kyaa meri beti ko abhee aur chudaai chaahiyay?"

Neelima giggled as her earlobe was being nibbled, "Aapke lund ko dekh kar har aurat ka chudwaane ka man karegaa, mai to aapkee beti hoon aur aapkay ghoray jaise lund par meraa pahelaa adhikaar hai. Theek jaise meri choot aapkee hai."

Taran kissed her ear affectionately and said with love and tease," Sirf choot betu, gaand aur muh nahin?"

Neelima laughed," Aapke lund ko kaun rok sakata hai?"

Taran used his strong hips to pull his cum coated cock out and steadily pushed it in grinding as it hilted, Neelima felt the whole length as it was eased out and back in by her father. Taran used his low back like a dancer to fuck Neelima's cunt with sedate and steady pace using about eight or so inches. He massaged her breasts and kissed her face, neck and head repeatedly as he used now a different pace to fuck his lovely, beautiful daughter. Neelima soon found herself in the rising heat of lust even though her father was fucking her almost at a languid pace, compared to the earlier fucking. It never mattered what her father did Neelima always found herself responding with same passion and lust. Neelima found her father's weight on her back very nice and she felt each thrust as she could feel contraction of his muscles on her back. She felt as if they were fused together.

Taran's massive cock was now shuttling at a steady pace in and out creating squelching sounds as it plunged inside Neelima's cum filled cunt. Taran took both her nipples in between his thumb and finger, he gently tweaked them and twisted them sending mixed sensations through his daughter's body.

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"Daddy, meri choot me aapka lund bahut acchhaa lagtaa hai. Aise hi meri choot maariyay," Neelima gasped as her mounting passion and lust broke her steady breathing.

Taran complied and he started to rotate his giant cock in one or direction or the other as he pistoned it to the hilt inside Neelima's cunt. Neelima felt sweat trickling between her breasts as she was crouched down from her raised hips to her head resting on her folded arms. Taran kept the steady pace with out any surprises, so that Neelima got into the swing of his rhythmic fucking pace and moved her hips back to meet his giant cock.

Taran fucked his daughter for another three-quarters of an hour when without any warning Neelima felt an overwhelming orgasm breaking inside her body.

"Daddy, ahhh......mai phir se aane waalee hoon," Neelima declared.

Taran kissed her back and increased his pace ever so slightly. He now on every third or fourth shot used a more vigorous entry slamming his cock with more force. He freed his one hand and moved it between his daughter's thighs to find the clitoris. He gently massaged it.

"OOOOHHHHHH........DADDDEEEEEE.....Meri choot phir se jharne waalee hai....Dadddeeee.....meri....chooo.......OOO OOTTTTTT...AAAHHH HHHHHHH," 'Neelima exploded in middle of her incoherent lusty phrases as her father took her clitoris in between his thumb and finger and tweaked it slamming his cock at the same time. Taran's short jab fucking and tweaking of her clitoris brought his daughter's orgasm to culmination.

Taran kept the slamming pace as Neelima braved through her orgasm. He only slowed down once she started to ease back out of her body-wrenching climax. Neelima dropped her head on the sofa and her muscles visibly relaxed as her body felt depleted after her third orgasm. Taran buried his cock to the hilt and patiently waited for his daughter to recover.

After many moments Neelima recovered and whispered, "Daddy, aap meri choot bilkul theek baydardee se maartay hain. "

"Neelu beta do you want to turn on your back if you are tired in this position."

Neelima was feeling some cramps in her thighs so she nodded yes.

She felt her father's massive cock as he pulled it out slowly. As its giant head cleared her vaginal ring Neelima winced, her cunt felt very empty, "Daddy, aapke lund kay binaa meri choot khaalee mehsoos hotee hai."

Taran gently rolled his daughter on her back and gently moved her up the sofa and he climbed up to join her.

"Neelu Beti, meraa lund kahin nahin gayaa," Taran gently separated his daughter's legs and positioned his cock head at the sloppy cunt entrance filled with cum and cunt juices, "aapkee choot kay binaa meraa lund kis kaam kaa?" Taran lowered his massive frame dwarfing his daughter as his massive penis slid inside her cunt as he slowly bottomed out and covered her with his body.

Neelima wrapped her both arms tightly around her father's massive muscled frame and kissed him on his mouth, "We should always live like this with your monster buried inside me."

Taran kissed his daughter back, "Beta, are you feeling hungry," as he said it he did feel it was out of place but he was her father and lover rolled in one and she would always be his daughter that he would die for and do anything to make her happy.

"Daddy I am hungry but for you and your massive cock," Neelima lovingly whispered back, "Aap abhee aayay bhee nahin hain. Kyaa mai aapka lund choosun ya aap meri choot me aayengay?"

Taran smiled enigmatically, and kissed Neelima on her nose," Koi aur choice?"

Neelima giggled," Daddy, aap kyaa ek din bhee meri gaand ko nahin bhool sakate?" she gritted her teeth theatrically consumed with overwhelming affection and mussed her father's hair.

Taran laughed, "Gaand ka idea to aapne hi deeyaa hai."

Neelima giggled indulgently, "Aapko pataa hai naa kitnaa dard hotaa hai mujhay gaand maraate hooey? Aap dheeray-dheeray maarayenge naa?"

Taran kissed his daughter's open laughing mouth, "Promise bete, bahut saa jell aur bilkul dheeray-dheeray lund daaloonga. Jab aap kahogay tabhee jor se aapkee gaand maaroongaa."

Taran slowly pulled out of his daughter's cunt pulling strands of cum and cunt juices stretching out between his colossal penis and his daughter's cunt.

As her father moved with strong strides towards the cabinet, Neelima could not help but notice the profound effect this giant of a man had on any one including her. She could not get over the fact that her father was irresistibly handsome, had the most inhumanly proportioned penis that could kill a woman and could stay hard and fuck for hours.

As Taran returned with a tube of lubricating jell, Neelima whispered with awe," Daddy, aapka lund ghoray se bhee badaa hai. Aapne mummy ko kaise convince kiya gaand maraane kay liye?"

Taran kissed her bent knee and said jokingly, "Theek jaise maine aapkee mummy ki beti ko convince kiya."

"Mummy ki beti to kuchh bhee kar sakati hai unkay husband kay liyay," Neelima smiled, "aakhir unkay husband mere daddy hai aur achhee beti kabhee bhee daddy ko manaa nahin karatee."

"Neelu beti, this is the time to prove it." Taran lifted his daughter's thighs to expose her ass. Neelima grabbed the back of her thighs to make it easy for her father.

Taran knelt forward and kissed the pink-light brown anal ring and licked it vigorously to loosen the tension. Neelima soon started to squirm as her father's rimming tongue brought the desired effect.

Taran squeezed out a large amount of lubricant and deposited at the anal ring and slowly massaged it on it and used one finger to push it in. Neelima was now really squirming partly excited and partly ridden with apprehension of the sheer hugeness of her father's monster cock and tiny opening of her back passage.

Taran used a large amount of jell and pushed as much as he could inside Neelima's anal canal. He smeared a big glob on his threateningly huge cock head and the shaft.

When he got up and moved between his daughter's raised thighs he could see the utter concentration on Neelima's face as she stared at her father's massive cock that was soon going to violate her tiny rectal passage.

Taran took his daughter's thighs freeing her hands and draped them over his arms and pushed them further up with his shoulders lifting her ass clear off the sofa.

Taran used his index finger to push it inside his daughter's anus while he rubbed her clitoris with his other hand. Soon he added another finger making Neelima draw a sharp breath. Neelima felt dull stretch rather than pain as her father used two thick fingers to prepare her for his monster cock. Taran pulled his fingers out and put them in his mouth," Yeh jell aapkee gaand ka taste kharaab kar deti hai."

Neelima giggled watching her father licking his fingers fresh out of her ass.

Taran moved forward on his knees and holding his gargantuan cock with one hand put the impossibly massive cock head at Neelima's anus. Taran used a constant pressure with his steel hard penis. It never failed to amaze him that how the tiny anus opened up to take his huge thickness every time. His wife Ruchika cried murder every time she was ass fucked but soon wanted more.

Taran looked into his daughter's eyes as they locked into his. Neelima was biting on her lower lip as she felt an incredible pressure on her anus as if someone was trying to push a closed fist in.

Taran started to breathe a bit faster in anticipation that her father's massive penis would open her anus wide to an impossible dimension. Nothing happened for what seemed like a long time as both father and daughter seemed to lock in an impossible battle. "Neelu apnee gaand dheelee karo beta," Taran whispered to his daughter who he knew was already doing just that.

Then without any warning as Neelima tried to push down mimicking an act of shitting her anal ring yielded and opened to accept her father's massive cock head making her shriek with surprise and sharp pain.

Taran kept his daughter from wriggling free as he firmly lodged his humungous cock head inside the anal ring, which tightened around the groove below his glans.

"Neelu bete, aapkee gaand bilkul tight hai. Mai dheeray-dheeray lund under karoongaa. Yadi zyaadaa dard ho to mujhay bataana." Taran said in a soothing voice.

Neelima was overwhelmed by the sensory overload and could only nod in acknowledgement.

Jell had made a huge difference making the entry less painful.

Taran poised at Neelima's anal entrance for a while and when he saw that his daughter was not in visible pain he started to push his jell covered massive cock inch by inch inside his daughter's obscenely dilated anus. Neelima was trying to keep her groans down as she chewed on her lower lip, her eyebrows were furrowed as she tried to withstand the initial pain of her ass being stretched by her father's giant cock of inhuman proportions. It seemed to both Taran and Neelima that it took hours, as Taran's massive shaft hilted inside Neelima's delectable ass. Taran found the thinly stretched anal ring around his hugely thick base like a rubber band very stimulating.

"Neelu bete, aap theek hain?" Taran softly asked Neelima.

Neelima unclenched her teeth and whispered hoarsely, "Daddy, aap kay lund nay meree gaand nahin phaadee, yahee ganeemat hai. Aap bilkul ttheek tthay- jell nay bahut madad ki hai," Neelima reassured her father.

Taran stayed still for many minutes and then he pushed Neelima's thighs right up putting her knees on either side of her head. He could now lie right over his daughter and kiss her as he buggered her.

Taran kissed Neelima's forehead, her eyebrows, bridge of her nose, her lips, and both cheeks. He kissed her nose again and ran the tip of his tongue all along her extremely beautiful nostrils. He slowly lifted his muscular hips withdrawing his cock about four or five inches. Seeing that Neelima was in no greater discomfort than she was to begin with he slowly screwed in his cock back in the warm shit tube of his daughter and at the same time pushed the tip of his tongue inside her nostril.

Neelima let out a long sigh distorted by the fact that her nose was literally inside her father's mouth.

Taran after few moments once again lifted his hips without moving his upper back to repeat the process of pulling five or six inches out of Neelima's ass and screwing them back in steadily. He kept licking Neelima's nose all along. His tongue bathed her one nostril and the other.

Taran now increased the length of his thrusts without increasing the force.

"Neelu bete, aap ttheek ho?"

"Daddy, dard ab kaafi kum hai," Neelima whispered back.

Taran started to swing his muscular hips to bugger his daughter at a steady pace. Neelima slowly started to move her hips given her position to meet her father's giant cock invading her ass.

"Aaaah.....daddy....ab achhaa lag rahaa hai. Aap meri gaand aur tayjee se maar sakate hain," Neelima encouraged her loving father.

Taran kissed his daughter affectionately and very imperceptibly started to increase the pace of his pistoning cock. The jell had coated the whole length of his penetrating massive cock and Neelima's bowel content were being churned into a mush by his huge cock as its girth left no place inside Neelima's rectum to push them around.

"Daddy, meri gaand ki smell sub taraf hai," Neelima grunted as both father and daughter's senses were invaded by the warm aroma of ass fucking. Taran looked down at the union of his monster with the tiny, now widely stretched, anus of Neelima. On every outward move his penis had a bit more of brown coating, making the buggery smoother with each stroke.

Neelima also noticed her father's cock covered by her shit and giggled despite her still persistent discomfort of her dilated anus, "Daddy aapka lund ganda ho gayaa hai. Kaun saaf karegaa?"

Taran pulled his full length out leaving only his huge glans inside and pistoned with more force than before making his daughter squeal in protest," Beta, jisnaya gandaa kiya hai wohee saaf karaygaa."

Neelima adjusted to the increased pace of her father's thrusts before she replied, "Daddy, gaand marwaanay ke baad lund bhee saaf karanaa padataa hai. Yeh kahaan ka insaaf hai?"

"Isko gaand marwaanay ka rule kahate hai," Taran smiled at her daughter.

Soon both fell silent as the rising passion stole away the facetiousness out of the buggery.

Taran was now swinging his hips to bugger Neelima using almost all of his eleven or twelve inches of his enormously thick cock.

"Daddy, please make me cum........meri gaand maariyay.....mujhay phir se aanaa hai," Neelima gasped into her father's kissing mouth.

Taran raised himself on his strong arms as Neelima put her both hands on his muscular chest and he used his full frame to piston his huge cock back inside Neelima's seething rectum.

Neelima sensed that soon her father will be hammering his massive cock in and out of her tortured ass and she despite the inherent awe of his massive size wanted to be slammed into the sofa by her strong, handsome father even if it hurt her in the process.

"Daddy..mayree gaand maariyay please.....meri gaaaannnnndd...maa aarrr...aa... aaaaah," Neelima was close to loosing her senses in the rising vortex of lust and passion superseded by the immeasurable love for her father.

Taran heeded to his daughter and started to piston his stupendous cock with an ever increasing pace and force. The brown film was now being sprayed by his fast buggery and had covered Neelima's fair skin of her ass.

Taran's started to grunt as the buggery of his daughter, now going on for well over an hour reached an urgency for both incestuous couple.

Taran's increasing thrusts resonated in the room as he slammed his huge cock again and again inside her ass.

Neelima's eyes were closed and she was moaning non-stop in incomprehensible sounds.

"Daddeeee.......mai ....aaaaane...waaaleee....hhooonnn...aoooon nnngg ggggh," Neelima was hurtling towards her fourth orgasm and this was likely to shatter her for good.

Taran wanted to bathe the inside of his daughter's rectum with his copious semen but only after she had cum.

"Neelu bete...aap jab chaaho aa jao," Taran kept the pace of his pistoning cock steady

Taran buggered his daughter's ass even more vigorously as his balls felt all too familiar tightness.

Neelima felt her breasts on fire and a dull ache that moved to her lower belly and turned into a spasm that just would not go away. She felt her breathing difficult, she clung to her father as he kept on slamming his monster cock in and out of her now very dilated anus.

"Daddeeee......aaaahhhhhhh.....pleasssseeeee..........aaahhhhhhh........," Neelima shrieked just before her body went tense as if she was having a fit. Taran ignored his daughter's plight as she was about to explode in to her fourth orgasm of the evening and kept his assault on her tender ass with his giant penis to help her towards her orgasm even in a more explosive manner.

Neelima spent almost an eternity in silent spasm before she gurgled a strangled groan and her orgasm overwhelmed her. She moaned and called out for her daddy and came as if she would never stop. Her cunt leaked juices onto her ass and her father's shit smeared penis shuttling in and out of her ass. She took nearly ten minutes to come down from her high and went limp.

She pleaded with her father, "Daddy, please aap ab aa jaaiyay. Daddy meri gaand me apnaa lund khol deejiyay."

It was all that took Taran to explode inside his daughter's ass after an hour and half of solid buggery. He spurted a huge volley that nearly shook Neelima out of her post-orgasmic stupour and that was followed with many more. Both father and daughter thought that Taran would never stop coming but eventually he did.

He let his daughter's legs fall and she wrapped them around his waist as he collapsed over her crushing her breasts with his muscular chest.

Neelima held on to him tightly as his barely soft monstrous penis was still lodged inside her ass and kissed on his sweat covered forehead again and again with love and affection for all the mind blowing sex and for being a wonderful man and most amazing father.

It took a long while before Taran recovered and kissed his daughter, "Neelu beta, do you want to shower now before dinner or we eat first and then shower before bed."

"Daddy let us eat. You need to replenish your energy. You never know what may be in store for you." Neelima teased her father as always.

"Neelu beti, your father is always ready to do his beautiful daughter's bidding."

Taran slowly pulled his massive penis out of his daughter's wide open ass which was covered with brown fluid film.

Taran bent down and lifted his daughter's legs and licked all the fluid from her gorgeous, full creamy-skinned ass leaving her skin clean and shining with his spit. As Taran got off the sofa his giant only half soft monster penis was visible fully coated with brown goo from his daughter's rectum.

"Daddy, aapka lund to poora tuttee se covered hai. Idhar aaiyay mai isko saaf kar dayteen hoon."

Neelima got up and sat on the edge of the sofa facing her father's shit and cum covered monster. She licked the sides and then took the huge glans that forced her to open her mouth really wide to accommodate it. She diligently sucked and licked all along the length and his pubic hair to remove all traces of her rectal invasion as best as she could. When finished she proudly declared, "Your giant cock is clean again for any self respecting girl, sir."

"If this beautiful girl is fine with my cock I have no concern regarding it," Taran kissed his daughter's open mouth tasting her shit and his cum on her tongue and teeth.

"This girl would take your cock anywhere in any condition, dad," Neelima almost was emotional when she said it.

Taran quickly picked her up and threw her up and held her in his arms, "Careful beta, at this rate you may never get to Ganga's special cooking."


Both father and daughter walked naked to the dining area of the suite where automatic electric microwave and ovens, hot plate had kept the food hot. Taran and Neelima ate and caught up with the family events and other issues. Both ate heartily. Their conversation flowed without any awkward silences or pauses from father-daughter matters to a couple issue as if they both cerebrally and intuitively adapted to both roles without trying at all.

Neelima was gossiping about her professors some of them played tennis or golf with Taran when she stopped and smiled, "Daddy, you want us to go to bed now.!"

"Sorry beta, I could not keep looking at you beautiful face and your breasts without desiring to take you to bed." Taran sounded apologetic.

Neelima floated out of her chair and sat in her father's lap and kissed him on his mouth, "Daddy, you are transparent like a glass. I wonder how you manage to negotiate with all these multinational tycoons."

"I somehow survive, Neels. It also helps to hire good help. As we are talking about negotiation, what do I have to offer to take this beautiful girl to bathroom and give her a shower and then tuck her in." Taran kissed Neelima's nose Neelima smiled enigmatically, "That is easy negotiation Mr. Daddy. Aapka lund meri choot me before we sleep and before we get out of bed."

"That is a deal that I will lay down my life for, Neels." Taran effortlessly picked her up in his arms and padded across the huge dining then study area back into private living room where they were and then into enormous bedroom that could house a modest family house.

He kept on walking to the en suite that matched the bedroom. Neelima kissed her father repeatedly.

Taran moved into the shower complex when Neelima whimpered, "Daddy, mujhay soosoo karanaa hai."

Taran kissed his daughter, "Neelu no body is stopping you from taking a pee." He took her inside the shower and stood her up one of the two-foot high stools all along the shower walls to enjoy the surrounding shower sprays.

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Neelima giggled, "If I give my daddy my pee what do I get in return?"

"Whatever you want," Taran lifted his daughter's one leg over his shoulder as he knelt in front of her beautiful hair covered cunt.

"I get to have first right on his soosoo forever." Neelima chortled; as Taran always stopped her from drinking too much of his pee worried that she may over do it.

Taran laughed and glued his mouth to his daughter's cunt as she opened her urethra and a light golden stream cascaded out of her piss hole, "Daddy moot kay badalay me moot, OK."

Taran gulped the golden nectar and luxuriated in the aroma. Neelima giggled and did her best to control her stream to make it easy for her father.

Eventually the stream thinned and died down.

Both then showered soaping one another, playing with one another's genitalia. Taran toweled his daughter treating her like a china doll.

He then dried herself while Neelima toweled her hair vigorously to get them reasonably dry and moved to the bedroom. She disliked using dryers. Taran finished and switched off the light and then suddenly realised he was supporting a massive steel hard erection as if he never had any sex. His daughter could keep him erect for life.

As he entered the bedroom he saw Neelima sprawled in middle of a huge bed with her hips flexed and wide apart, her partly wet wavy hair framed her beautiful face, her large soft breasts were slightly flattened and pushed out due to their size and weight.

Her fingers were combing her pubic hair.

Neelima whispered but it seemed to come across the room to Taran like a sound across the valley, "Daddy, meri choot aapkay lund kay liye pooree tayyaar hai."

Taran moved across the large gap from door of en suite to the bed in a flash and was hovering over her daughter delectable frame with his monster cock jutting out a mile, his strong arms supporting his weight on either side of Neelima, "Neelu beta ab mai jaise chaahonga aapki choot maaroonga."

Taran adjusted the massive glans of his monster penis at the entrance of his daughter's very wet and ready cunt and kept himself there until Neelima whispered, "Meri choot aapkee hai daddy."

Taran flung himself on his daughter's voluptuous body driving his colossal penis in one killing thrust deep inside Neelima's wet cunt to the hilt as his heavy frame knocked the breath out of her lungs. The room was filled with a strangled shriek of a girl impaled on her father's monster penis and there were more shrieks of lust and pleasure before two incestuous lovers finished with their marathon pre sleep fucking.

After almost two hours and three orgasms latter Neelima buried her face in the chest of her father as she was very sleepy and tired after two energy sapping sex session with her insatiable father, "Daddy, next weekend is going to be tricky." Neelima eventually brought the subject, which needed to be resolved, "Manavi is unaware of lot of changes."

Taran frowned for a second and then nodded his head in agreement, "Beta, we will talk about it tomorrow."

Soon two loving father and daughter were fast asleep from exhaustion of incestuous love pure beyond all pretensions.


Taran's elder brother Vikram Raj Singh was the cofounder of the business dynasty. He was only one year older and not dissimilar from Taran. Both brothers had married into the same family and their wives were twin sisters. Vikram's daughter Manavi Raj Singh was twenty-two years old and had returned prematurely from Boston prematurely after a failed marriage. The wives of both brothers were in the same chartered plane that crashed nearly ten years ago killing them both and four other passengers and the crew. Both brothers had never married and brought up their daughters together with the help of girls' both grandparents.

Vikram's house was adjoining Taran's land and exactly replica. They had battery operated small cars all over the estate to move into one another's property without leaving the thirty-eight acres estate. Both brothers kept out of the women circle in city [hence the house outside the city]. For their sexual outlet they maintained a routine. They would take two women from close social circle to their hill retreat in isolated jungle for a long weekend every month with no string attached and women belonged to circle where they could not gossip.

It went on uneventfully for almost four or five years it went as on as a well-oiled drill. Neelima was growing fast and she was very close to Taran. Their sharing of personal space when Neelima was a small child remained unchanged as she grew into teens. Neelima walking on her father in bathroom and when he was dressing was normal for both and vice versa.

Their discussions soon became more and more grown up and Taran had to redefine their affection in that light. His daughter was now maturing and wanted to look after her father as he had all along and would do rest of his life. Both girls were brought up as free spirits and were allowed to question any premise and only accepted reason either for rationality or love.

It was a fateful evening, about three years ago, when Taran returned from their long weekend, which was the only bad experience, both brothers had. He did drink a few on the way back on their personal plane.

Neelima was waiting for him. She was about to turn sixteen in two months' time and showed what she would be when fully grown. She was physically and mentally at least four years ahead of her age.

She insisted on helping her father undress and then she took him for a shower. She toweled him dry and brought him back to the bedroom. Taran found an open bottle of delicious vintage Barolo on the side table with two glasses and two unopened French vintage.

"We need to talk Daddy," brief and cryptic comment from Neelima put paid to any objections Taran would have had regarding her filling her glass with red wine.

"Daddy, we belong together. I cannot understand that we love one another and you keep me away from very important part of your life," Neelima could be very teacher like when she made a point.

"Bete, I cannot even think on those lines. I love you with my soul and whole being." Taran pleaded but seemed to realise he would loose this argument in short time. He did.

Neelima filled the glasses for the third time. She kept the glasses on the table instead of handing it to her father. She moved in front of her father. She was wearing a long white tee shirt with no bra and white tiny cotton panty. With bright light in the background her hair lit up as if she had descended from heaven. Her precocious dark pubic growth showed through pure flimsy white cotton shirt and panties. She stood in front of her father and held his hand in her tiny hands. Neelima kissed him on his forehead, then on the tip of his handsome nose and then on his lips, "Daddy, There is no way I will let you get away. I love you too much to let any silly social mores to limit our wishes. It is our personal decision unaffected by anything else alive, dead, animate or inanimate. We will decide tonight and we will agree daddy. I will die if I were to loose you. We shall let rest of out life decide what else happens but within our house I belong to you and you are mine. I am going to bathroom to cry briefly and will come back."

Taran was left amazed at Neelima's maturity even though he knew she was mature beyond her years and level of education. He gulped the full glass of red wine. He got up to refill his glass as he turned he was unaware his untied bathrobe hanging loose and serving no purpose. Two women she loved most- he had lost one and could not and would not loose the other. He knew Neelima was right. In their relationship only one had to decide to be binding for both. He became calm and a smile broke on his face as he thought of Neelima's mother and striking resemblance between both of them. He would love his daughter beyond all boundaries, which was the fate they both created for themselves as their love ran short of expressions and needed to break new grounds.

He had finished his glass when Neelima walked back. She looked at her father who was sitting with a faint smile on his lips. She could not help but notice his monster penis though dormant but threatening beyond a young girl's imagination. Neelima stood in front of her father. Her unbelievably beautiful face was flushed and her eyes showed evidence that she did cry alone. Taran's heart could burst with his love for this beautiful girl that was his daughter.

"Daddy, I love you," Neelima whispered before her voice threatened to break again.

Taran kept the glass on the table with exaggerated deliberateness and turned towards his daughter. He gently grabbed the front of her tee shirt and pulled her towards him. Neelima almost ran into his arms. Soon their mouths were glued as if they had been kissing for decades. Neelima kissed her father ferociously and giggled at the same time. Her hands roamed all over his body and soon found their way to his groin where his monster cock was stiffening with alarming speed. Taran pushed his hands under his daughter's tee shirt and lifted it off her head, soon discarded. He looked at her young daughter and pulled her closer to him and his open mouth engulfed her large for her age fleshy breast. Neelima started to breathe heavily. Her hands again found the colossal penis of her father. It was not fully hard and her hand barely could go around half the circumference. Taran ran his hands all over Neelima's back and found the waist band of her panties, he pulled them down below her knees, Neelima lifted her legs one by one and soon her panties were discarded with her tee shirt. Neelima let go her father's monster cock and pushed his bathrobe off his broad muscular shoulders.

Taran picked his daughter up in his arms and climbed on to the bed as if she weighed nothing. He nearly threw her on her back on the bed. He stood above her supine spread out form like a giant. Neelima never forgot those moments that would define their lives. Taran lowered himself over his daughter's body crushing it with his massive frame. Neelima forever would love her father's crushing weight over her body. Taran held Neelima's beautiful face in his large hands, "Neelu bete I am probably going to hurt you today, please forgive me for that. I may hurt you even more over next few days but I love you. I am not going to hold myself back with you for future. We are here together now and will unite now in all shape and form."

Neelima's face broke into a happy grin and she kissed her father many times, "Daddy, hurt me as many times as you want but do not hold yourself back. I want you fully and completely. Please make me belong to you as your daughter and your woman in your life. I may scream and ask you to stop but please only stop if you think you need to but not because I am scared."

Taran spread his daughter's legs and used his now steel hard monstrosity to separate the vaginal lips of his virgin daughter, "Neelu beta, there will be no holding back and no stopping."

He put his arms under Neelima's shoulders and his hands were holding the tips of her shoulders onto the bed. He nudged Neelima's thighs with his as she flexed them on either side of her father's hips.

Neelima remembered her father kissing him as he whispered, "Sorry Neelu beta."

Taran forced his monster cock head in one fell swoop right inside Neelima's virgin vaginal passage. Neelima screamed as if she was electrocuted. Taran buried her scream by crushing her mouth with his own. Neelima's thrashing body could not even budge under her father's massive frame.

Neelima's light brown eyes were brimming with tears. Taran used his muscular frame and forced his giant cock right through Neelima's virginal hymen and soon he had at least six inches buried in his daughter's cunt. Taran never removed his mouth from his daughters. Her screams were muffled into gagging sounds. Taran waited for few minutes and then pulled his cock back, which had a light coating of red film and soon swung his hips downwards with all his strength and rammed his cock even deeper inside her cunt. Neelima was in throes of pain she never thought would befall her but she never loosened her arms around her father. Her tears were flowing on her cheeks and soon found their way into her nose.

Taran held his daughter firmly in his arms and pulled his cock out again only to ram it back in deeper than before. Neelima's sobs were resonating inside his mouth. In the next excruciating twenty minutes Taran impaled his daughter with every inch of his monster cock. Her sobs died down and her tears slowed down. He lifted his mouth off hers. He saw the most beautiful sight. Neelima's face was covered with her tears and saliva, her nose was running but she still managed to give a smile biting her lips as any physical movement set off the pain of her impossibly stretched virgin cuntal passage. Taran kissed her face and licked all the tears, saliva and mucus. He licked her nose inside and out. Her face was gleaming with her father's spit.

Neelima managed to grin, "You will make me cry again so clean me once you are finished," and kissed him on his mouth.

Taran kissed her back and proceeded to fuck her cunt using every inch of his massive cock initially slowly then increasing the pace. Neelima's eyes were to fill up many a time as her father's abnormally massive cock opened her virgin cunt wide open painfully. Taran after over an hour came violently squirting hot molten lava in copious amount making Neelima shiver with shock of the heat and the violence of his orgasm.

His cum and cunt juices made further fucking less of a torture as Taran's cock lost none of the steely hardness. Neelima was fucked for full two hours when her first orgasm exploded deep inside her young body. Taran kept on fucking her right through out her orgasm. He exploded as Neelima was coming down from her mind-blowing climax leaving her speechless. She never knew the first journey into sex would be so explosive. She kept her arms around her father through out the marathon fucking session. Taran fucked his daughter to two more orgasms over next two hours and ultimately he came like a volcano. Neelima was reduced to blabbering rag doll and she was so exhausted that she was about to pass out.

"Neelu beta, mai apnaa lund aapkee choot me se nahin nikaaloonga."Taran aimed to fuck his daughter right through out the night.

Neelima slept with her father lying atop her frame. She could not remember when and what woke her. She woke to her father's massive cock rock hard was again moving in and out of her very sore cunt. Neelima winced and bit her lips. Taran once aware that Neelima is awake started to use long piston like thrusts to fuck her for another two hours until Neelima started to cry," Daddeeee... hamaaree choot bahut dard kar rahee hai."

Taran ignored her pleas and continued to fuck her for another thirty minutes and surprised Neelima as she exploded in to yet another orgasm. This time both slept for some unknown time, Taran's cock still buried deep inside his daughter's cunt.

This time Neelima woke up and found her father's handsome face breathing deeply close to hers, she kissed him on his lips and ran her tongue across his lips and outlines of his nose and soon her father was wide awake as was his monster penis.

Taran lifted his daughter's legs over his arms and bent them up towards her chest. He then proceeded to fuck her with an ever increasing ferociousness using his weight, her wide open vulnerable position making her scream and squeal to three orgasms before he exploded again.

Neelima could not express how happy she was when she and her father woke up next morning still locked in a copulating manner.

Neelima kissed her father, "Daddy, shall we get up I need to pee. Aapkaa lund abhee bhee khadaa hai!"

Taran kissed her back, "Theek hai Neelu beta, pahalay aap apnee choot marwaaiyay phir dono soosoo karayenge,"

Neelima found herself buried under the massive frame of her father as he started yet another fucking session of his daughter's cunt which lasted well over two hours filled with Neelima's screams, squeals of orgasms, pain when her father slammed his cock to surprise her, groans of pleasure when he brought her to another climax.

Neelima would relive that night over and over again and filled with love and devotion to her father as that cemented their relationship for life.

Taran washed the aching body of his daughter. She could hardly walk as her cunt and was sore beyond belief. Taran put hot towels over her cunt through out the day.

As Neelima was holding a towel over her aching swollen sore cunt she teased her father, "Aapkaa lund itnaa badaa kyon hai, daddy?"

"Familial, I think Neelu. Aapke dadaji ka lund bhee itnaa hee badaa hai."

"Bade chachu ka bhee aapke jaisaa hai?"

"Yes, Vikram Bhai ka bhee aisaa hee hai. Dekho Neelu beta, lund ki baton se meraa lund phir se khadaa ho gayaa," Taran complained to his young daughter.

"Daddy, aapne meri choot to bilkul bekaar kar dee. Aapke lund ko ab kahaan daalayenge?" Neelima teased him back.

"Aapkaa muh or gaand to abhee theek-thaaak hai," Taran moved on his knees and put his massive cock head over his daughter's beautiful face. Neelima opened her mouth wide and could just about take the massive cock head inside. The sheer strain of her wide-open mouth distorted her nose and face making her look even more beautiful to her father.

Neelima used her tiny hands to massage the shaft. It took her a very long time of fellatio to make her father cum once.

"Daddy aapka lund choot me hee nahin muh me bhee dard karataa hai." Neelima was toying with her father's barely softening monster.

Taran stroked her beautiful face and smiled, "Abhee hamanay aapkee gaand kahaan maaree hai? "He left her dazed and wondering to get a fresh hot towel for her aching cunt.


Around the same time as Taran was waiting for his beautiful daughter to come, his brother was deep in contemplation as he stood ready for the diner date, middle of his formal living area in his bedroom suite. Vikram Raj Singh was two years older and one inch taller than his brother. He had same curly hair swept back. His heavily muscled frame belied the grace and ease of his movements as he slowly moved up and down absentmindedly looking at the bookshelves.

He felt miserable and somehow responsible that his only daughter was back from states with a failed marriage- one that he thought was premature for her.

Vikram felt guilty that he sent Manavi away that the age of sixteen for education to states delegating the responsibility to his old family friends, Mohit and Meena Sharma, instead of looking after her and bringing her up himself. She was a brilliant scholar and finished management from Harvard. She married their son Rohit Sharma but within eight months they separated amicably no one knew the reason. Manavi retuned two weeks ago. She was trying to be happy as if it was a minor mishap of life and that made him cry inside.

Manavi refused to discuss the reasons and apologised that she caused her father grief by making wrong decision. Vikram's heart could burst that his precious daughter put his feelings above her own. Vikram reminisced the fateful day that changed the lives of father and daughter, perhaps, forever.

It was nearly one years after the death of brothers' wives Manavi was about to turn fifteen and was getting used to the idea that her loving mother has gone forever and she and her adorable father would have to look after each other. It was a year before Taran and Vikram started the ritual of their weekend every month or so.

Vikram had started relying on evening drinks that much more and slowly his communications with his daughter deteriorated as he turned more inwards. Neelima was barely twelve. Manavi was a precocious child and more precocious teenager. She never rebelled and seemed to have all the answers to her growing years without ever faltering. Brothers' parents of course did make a difference. Manavi was precocious in her physical development and she developed breasts very early and added with her mature demeanour she could easily pass of as a girl three or four years older than her age.

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She possessed all the beauty of her mother and her aunt. She had same truant long wavy curly hair as her mother had. Her eyes were very light brown and she was already three inches over five feet and growing. Vikram could see her mother in her. Even her voice had started taking the same soft modulation that Mimansha, her mother had.

Manavi grew even more close to him after the tragedy and he felt and her presence meant a constant reminder of her dead mother. Taran perhaps escaped this torment, as Neelima was a child.

Vikram loved the ground his wife and daughter walked on. Their one frown would send him to distraction. Mimansha often joked that he had started to care for her even more since Manavi came into their lives.

Manavi started to join him in his bed very many mornings, as she liked to do all during her child hood. The ache and void that had become Vikram's life since his wife's side of his bed remained empty every time his hand went to find his beautiful wife so that he could make her scream with an early morning fuck. Unbeknown to both Manavi had stood outside the door many a morning as Vikram fucked or buggered his wife into exhaustion.

Father and daughter loved each other with all their being but the ghost of one person they both loved equally seemed to haunt them in a different way. Vikram cursed himself silently as he recalled that fateful evening that changed or started it all Vikram was on to his tenth scotch of the night as he waited for sleep or exhaustion to overcome him so tat he could erase yet another night from his life. The ache of not able to hold his beautiful wife, rip he clothes off to take her in any way he pleased and anytime he pleased. Vikram could not extinguish the fire in his loins, which was only meant for his wife. It was close to eleven and the bedroom lights were dim his glass of scotch was full and his mind was numb with his thoughts and alcohol.

He could swear that his wife had retuned from bathroom as Manavi walked softly with her hair framing her exquisitely beautiful face. The sheer silk pajamas she was wearing heightened her full frame. There was no mistaking that even in that dim light she was already on her way to turn into an unbelievably beautiful voluptuous woman. Vikram could almost cry.

Manavi softly climbed on to the bed and sat next her father against the headboard. She without a word put her arms around her father and first kissed him on his forehead and then on his cheek as she gently brought his face close to her chest as if he was her child. She whispered, "Daddy, I will always love you. Please do not push me away. I will always look after you."

Vikram buried his face in his daughter's silk shirt and started to cry something he never did in front of his precious daughter. He cried silently as his tears soaked the front of her shirt. He could feel her sobs as she buried her face in his hair. Both remained locked for an eternity as their deep pain came rushing out. It was the catharsis Vikram probably was waiting for at an subconscious level.

"Daddy.. Daddy," Manavi whispered like a mantra softly into her father's hair. Vikram slowly lifted his face and wrapped her arms around his daughter with divine beauty. Her face was wet with tears as probably was his. Manavi melted into her father's arms. Vikram kissed his daughter all over her face and kissed all the wet tears he could. Manavi also held her father's face in her small beautiful hands and kissed him all over as a mother would kiss child who had fallen and hurt himself.

Their shared grief and love merged into one as at some stage Manavi's lips found her father's lips and they both remained locked as if unable to move.

Manavi whispered with her lips locked onto her father's, "Daddy, I love you Daddy."

Vikram arms tightened around his daughter's beautiful body and he crushed his mouth on to hers. He kissed her with an open mouth over her whispering open mouth. In no moment in time anyone knew how Manavi's arms went around her father's neck and her father's tongue found the sweet mouth of his daughter. Manavi never kissed as a woman in her life instinctively knew and her tongue found her father's inquisitive tongue and they both sucked on to each other's tongues as their saliva flowed from one mouth to another. Manavi moved his hands all over her father's broad naked back. Vikram and Manavi kissed for an eternity as Manavi's hands roamed all over her father's back, chest and belly. She found one of his hand and held it tight with her tiny hand and moved it to her face. Vikram stroked her cheek without breaking the kiss and slowly caressed the soft skin of her neck and his hand fell over her chest and found a well developed young breast pulsating with excitement they both were caught in. Manavi put her hand over his and pressed it over her breast. Vikram turned towards his daughter and slowly pulled her down so that both were now lying on their back with him leaning over his daughter.

Manavi moved his hand down over her tummy until it reached the bottom of her shirt. She guided his and under her pajama shirt. She stopped breathing for a moment as his hand touched the bare skin of her belly and kept on moving upward until it found her breast. Manavi pushed her mouth with surprising force into her father's mouth as his hand covered her breast and slowly rubbing it. Manavi ran her hands all over her father's hairy chest and belly. Her fingers combed the hair on his belly, her hand kept on searching and reached the waist band of his boxers.

Manavi moved her hand with assured manner beyond her years inside her father's boxers until it found her father's monster cock. She pulled the huge cock out of the boxers her hand tiny compared to the monstrous girth of her father's cock. Vikram engulfed her tender breast in his large hand and not so gently squeezed it making her gasp. Her breath was so sweet and fragrant and she was not deterred by his scotch-laden breath.

Vikram leant over her kissing her continuously he freed her breast and moved his had over her soft skin across her belly and soon found its way under the soft elastic of her pajama pants. He found her pussy with soft hairy growth and his finger found her clitoris. Manavi gasped and tightened her hand over her father's monster sized cock. Vikram rubbed her clitoris almost with an urgency that sent Manavi's young body into passion she had never experienced. Vikram kept his fingertip constantly over her clitoris and rubbed it softy, firmly sometime he would pinch it gently but net effect was the same. Manavi was going to experience her first orgasm of her young life. Her hand could barely hold her father's giant penis but somehow she knew what to do. She did her best to take as much as her small hand could and started moving the skin up and down. As her father's finger went wild so did er hand and both were stimulating one another as if they had been together forever. Vikram was now drooling his saliva in Manavi's sweet mouth. Manavi was now moaning loudly and her hand became more confident and insistent in manipulating her father's giant cock.

Vikram felt at home and in love again as his young daughter brought him back to life. He was desperate to come and bring his daughter to an orgasm. They never broke their kiss even for a second. No one realised how long but it but suddenly Manavi whimpered into her father's mouth as her body was torn with her impending orgasm. Vikram also grunted, as his balls felt ready to explode. As if by magic or a miracle Manavi's orgasm exploded inside her young bode and her hand automatically squeezed her father's cock and her fingers curled digging her nails into the massive girth of her father's cock. Vikram exploded for the first time in over a year. Manavi bucked as her climax made her body go into spasm. Vikram's multiple spurts covered Manavi's hand completely and his belly and chest. It took almost many minutes for both to recover from their orgasm. Their kiss became less urgent and eventually they broke off. Both remained still for an eternity. Vikram for reason he could never figure out looked at his daughter and said, "You should be in you bed." and got out of bed and locked himself in the bathroom.

After 'cleaning' himself for what seemed like an eternity by the time Vikram came out Manavi had left. Vikram's mind was in turmoil. He knew he had made a mistake and hurt his daughter who loved him and whom he loved and would die rather than see hurt.

Next morning Vikram woke up with a dread but the ghost of his loss exorcised. Manavi kissed him with as normal and treated him as usual. Vikram despite trying to did not bring himself to say anything. Manavi gave all signs that she was expecting her father to talk to her. Days turned into weeks and then into months. Vikram and Taran had fallen into their weekend ritual that was not lost on Manavi. She never asked where her father and uncle went but Vikram somehow knew that she had every idea of what they took for.

Vikram was now convinced Manavi was better off away from him to ensure she was not emotionally harmed again. As if his daughter could read his mind and the turmoil, she made plans and discussed with Vikram. Their closest family friends and business associates for three generations, in America, would become her base for further studies and soon after her sixteenth birthday she flew to states and only came on breaks and then threw the surprise of her marriage, which was kept a simple civil affair. Now she had come back and Vikram felt she was hurting and he believed he was the cause of her hurt and the present debacle. Vikram poured himself a scotch and sipped lost in his own churning thoughts.

Manavi walked in softly as an evening cool breeze and Vikram knew she was in the room even before he heard any sound, "Daddy, sorry, I should have knocked."

Vikram turned to see a picture of sheer divine unblemished beauty. Manavi, like her cousin sister Neelima, had inherited the grace and beauty of her mother and her twin sister. Her hair was long waves of curls, her face was perfection that only nature can manage. Unadorned by any makeup her skin radiated and even when she was not smiling her light brown eyes and gentle soft mouth appeared to smile. She was wearing a simple light cream salwar-kurta with a white hand woven cotton dupatta. Her loose kameez failed to hide her full, large breasts and probably made them look more attractive as there was no attempt to make them pronounced in her attire. Her full rounded waist flared to her hips and her long kurta over her salwar did nothing to detract from her voluptuous bottom leading on to full thighs of a healthy woman. She never wore high-heeled shoes. Her beautiful feet were encased in simple leather woven sandals. Her toes were unpainted and were dainty. She looked a ravishing beauty in any one's book.

Manavi disturbed the thoughts of her father, "Daddy shall we go. Otherwise we will be late for our dinner table."

"Oh, yes of course. Sorry I was miles away," Vikram rung his butler and escorted Manavi out to the waiting car. Chauffeur opened the door as they slipped inside. The restaurant Vikram had booked for the dinner was in an exclusive club and he meant to atone for all the last few years and probably get Manavi to talk about her personal life while she was away. They both made small talk about this and that. As they were approaching the turn to the club, Manavi asked softly out of the conversation's run, "Dad, Kyaa aap or chachu next weekend par out of town hain?"

Vikram froze for a moment and was saved as car turned into the entrance. The liveried doorman opened the car door and Vikram waited for Manavi to come around. As they both walked in Manavi apologised, " Sorry daddy, I should not have pried into your personal plans."

As the lounge customers looked at an extremely tall, handsome, strong man walk in with a most beautiful young woman who even at five inches over five feet barely reached his shoulders but both stunned the eyes with their physical perfection. Vikram grunted some kind of awkward does not matter and do not worry type response.

The effect of her daughter's presence on the members in that exclusive plush lounge was not lost on Vikram but he was oblivious of the effect that he also had on the observers. Manavi similarly appreciated that all women and many men were impressed by her father's presence but did not took notice of the profound effect her presence and ethereal beauty added to that impression.

They were taken by the maitre de to their exclusive dining enclosure, which almost was their own personal dining room. Money talked here and the kind of money Singh family had pretty much ruled.

The dinner was pleasant and wine was good. Manavi kept the conversation flowing as easily as her mother used to saving Vikram in all sort of gatherings. They talked economy, politics and other social issues.

As the plates were being cleared, Vikram poured some red wine in Manavi's glass, "Manu, are you going to take up management work here or in states?" Vikram kicked himself mentally as soon he made this utterly undiplomatic opening.

"Daddy that is not what you want to discuss?" Manavi, said gently looking down at her hands. Vikram wanted rest of the world to vanish so that he could hold this divine beauty, which was his daughter, in his arms and protect her from any and every ill.

"Munnoo, I am really sorry. Not for my gaffe but for everything. " Vikram called her Munnoo only when alone and had not called her by that affectionate name since the death of her mother. He put his large hand over hers. Manavi looked up her eyes were bright and Vikram knew she had a tear that she will not let out in public.

"Munnoo, I was not sure if I did not hurt you that night. I should have been the one looking after you not the other way around. I would die to .....make you and your..... mom happy and....and after losing her I...I... failed you," Vikram's heavy voice trailed off as hit choked on his emotions.

Manavi, held his large hand in her small beautiful hands and lifted it to her lips and kissed it three times, "No daddy, you never failed. Our pain was too much and I am as much to be blamed. I took a easy way out."

"No Manu, I should have kept you with me not let you grow up away from me. I have lost five years of your life that I will never know. I deserve that punishment."

Manavi understood the agony of her father, "Daddy, I understood what you were going through. I did not make it easy by hiding what needed to be said. I thought if I was away you would not have to deal with the extra burden of my lack of adjustment."

"I love you Munnoo, I could not understand how to do the right thing." Vikram felt his heart would burst.

They both sensed the hovering maitre de, Vikram waved his hand. He knew no one would come until maitre de would receive his sign to come.

"Daddy, Rohit is gay." Manavi said simply and as a matter of fact.

"What? You knew from start?"

"Yes dad. I felt for his father and mother. He is a close friend of mine. I wanted to.. to...somehow show that you could lose me....sorry. It was a sham. I wanted to make Sharma uncle happy, he became my surrogate father and I wanted to see him happy."

"Manu beta, how can I undo all that? I can only ask for your forgiveness. That night should not have happened. I was a bad father. I did not protect my little baby."

"No, never," Manavi said emphatically and kissed his and again, "you are not and never were a bad father. We both made mistake and took wrong ways to work things out."

Manavi slowly looked up as her hands gripped Vikram's hand tighter, "Daddy, please never apologise for that night. That was not the mistake we made. That night is the most precious memory of my life."

Vikram thought his heart would burst out of his chest, "Munnoo, sorry...Munnoo I am really sorry."

"Daddy I love you. You were in fact looking after me. You should not be sorry," Manavi's voice became somber and dipped," Daddy, I wanted that night to happen. I would have wanted that night to happen. Daddy I had not gone away I would have complicated your life. I cannot take you away from existence."

Vikram sat in silence and looked the most beautiful being, his mind was churning and his heart was racing. He did not want to lose the most precious person in his life.

"Manu, I have never regretted that night only my lack of confidence that what it could do to you. Manu do not leave me. Life without you is a constant pain. The thought that you were ... er...aa... someone else's pers...woman...that you were not my....that you belonged to someone else killed me."

Manavi could cry seeing this giant of a man struggling to say what he felt, "Daddy, you will never lose me. I will only go away if you would say so."

Manavi kissed her father's hand again, "Daddy I could embarrass you by crying. May we go home please?"

Vikram demeanour changed into a model of galvanised active person, he waved his hand and maitre de appeared in no time, "Please apologise to chef that we cannot stay for the desserts. Dinner was wonderful, our compliments to him. Would you call for our car please."

Soon the car was racing out of city to Singh family's rural retreat. Vikram put his arm around Manavi as he kissed her audacity, "Manu, this is the happiest day since your mother came into my life."

"That makes two of us dad," Manavi rubbed her cheek against her father's jacket.

They both relished their closeness.

Back inside their house as they reached Manavi's bedroom suite, they both stalled. Manvi's hand was on her father's strong arm and her face was up looking at his either to say goodnight and kiss him or to see what he would say. Time stopped.

"Manu beta, do you want to have some wine with me if not sleepy." Vikram was and felt awkward.

Manavi smiled, "Daddy, to stay up with you I will forgo sleep any day."

Vikram kissed her upturned face and lips gently.

They both walked into Vikram's bedroom site. Manavi and Vikram settled down in the personal sitting area and AV room.

Vikram opened a vintage merlot, brought two glasses and sat close to Manavi on the enormous sofa. They both sipped wine in silence. Both were locked into inertia.

Suddenly both started to speak together and then laughed.

"You first daddy."

"I am a bit embarrassed now. Manu you have grown as beautifully as I thought. You look exactly as your mom when I met her in university."

"Thank you daddy. Infact I am quite nervous now whether to say what I was going to say," Manavi quickly gulped her wine and emptied her glass," hope you will not be offended?"

"Nothing you will say or do will ever offend me, Munnoo." Vikram placed his glass on the side table and kissed his daughter to emphasise what he just said, "so what were you saying..?"

"Umm...Um..I cannot forget the warmth of your when I put my hand on it that night. I have stayed awake in bed many nights just thinking about it, its enormous size and how it could have been different......" Manavi's voice choked.

Vikram sat still and then ever so deliberately he took Manavi's glass from her hand and kept it on the side table. As he turned back Manavi was standing right behind him and he turned right into her. His arms went around her of their own accord. He held her tight and lowered his lips to hers. As if a spark of electricity ignited a forest fire, or two meteorites collided into kaleidoscopic explosion.

Manavi stood on her toes and crushed her mouth on to her father's. Vikram opened his mouth and pushed his tongue into sweet, warm moist mouth of his beautiful daughter. Their tongues rubbed against each other. Both were trying to taste inside of other's mouth. Vikram's saliva ran into Manavi's mouth as he stood above her. His large hands rubbed her back over her kurta. His hands continued downwards and rested on her voluptuous ass and he pulled her towards him forcefully as his hands gripped her both ass cheeks in his large strong hands, nearly lifting her clear of the floor.

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Manavi's found her head swirling with desire that she had kept locked and nurtured all these years. She pushed her mouth even more into her father's as she hung on to his strong neck with both her arms. Vikram lifted her up in holding her by her ass and moved back towards the sofa. He fell back on the sofa with Manavi still glued to his body. He turned to left and Manavi found herself lying on her back and her massive, strong father continued to kiss her as she felt more and more giddy and woozy with the rising passion that her father's kiss generated.

Manavi put her both arms around her father's neck to keep his mouth glued to hers as if he would vanish, if she were to release him for a second.

Manavi felt her father's hands all over her belly. His hand kept on trailing down until he found the free end of her kurta. He pushed his hand underneath and brought it back over her belly and stroked the skin gently making her gasp inside his mouth.

Vikram rubbed his daughter's belly and moved his hand over her chest en route to what it was actually seeking. Soon his hand was covering her left breast over her thin cotton bra and his hand slowly moved all over her large, overgenerous breast barely contained by her bra. Manavi felt her mind would explode. Her breathing was getting more and more erratic and laboured, "Daddy...daddy....daddy...daddy," she whispered again and again inside her father's mouth as his tongue continued to seek every millimeter of inside of her mouth.

Vikram desperately wanted to feel his daughter's breast and he pushed her bra up and grabbed her overflowing left breast in his large hand and softly massaged it. Manavi shook as if a current has passed through her. Her father's strong hand over her exposed breast made her feel weak and she could feel her pussy getting wet by second and her nipples became tight and rigid, her breathing more ragged.

Vikram gently rubbed her nipple with his palm and took as much as he could of her large soft breast in his huge hand. He started to squeeze it slowly and rhythmically and rotate it over her chest all at the same time. Manavi started to moan making her father aware of her happiness and desire as he kissed her and soon their saliva was overflowing out of the corners of Manavi's mouth on either side of her cheeks.

Vikram slowly disengaged his mouth from his daughter's and whispered, "I love you Munnoo beta."

Manavi smiled in her response her breathing still deep and her perfect face flushed with happiness and passion, her exquisitely beautiful nostrils flared with deep in-breaths. Her father got up and threw off his jacket and bent down over her. He held the lower end of her kurta and started to pull it up toward her chest. Manavi helped him by lifting her voluptuous ass as her father pushed her kurta over her chest above her both breasts. Vikram gasped at the sheer beauty of his daughter's very large soft breasts as they flattened slightly and rolled outwards by their own weight. Her pink-brown areolar skin was dimpled with her passion and excitement and her nipples were erect and rigid.

Vikram joined his daughter on the sofa and stroked her beautiful face with partially opened mouth, "You are so beautiful."

Seeing her father's head moving towards her chest, Manavi whispered, "I am so happy, daddy," and soon gasped as Vikram took her one nipple in his mouth and started to suck and took a large amount of soft overflowing breast in his other hand and rubbed it, squeezed it and moved it over chest; sometimes gently and other time roughly.

Manavi was burning as she kept on running her both hands all over her father's head with love and affection.

Vikram opened his mouth wide and took as much of his daughter's soft breast as his mouth could and sucked hard, all the while squeezing her other breast now more robustly. Manavi clenched his fingers running through her father's hair and moaned loudly as her father set her both breasts on fire. After many minutes Vikram changed the breast and put the other to similar treatment. His daughter's moans were the affirmation that he needed and they sounded like music to his ears.

Vikram's free right hand made a soft trail over Manavi's belly all the while moving determinedly down until it met the waistband of her salwar. His keen fingers found the knot of the narra holding her salwar. He pulled one side of the flower-knot and the tie came undone. He pushed his hand under the waistband and pulled it lose exposing his daughter's lower belly and her white panty with visible wet area in front. He slowly pushed the salwar down to her ankles and Manavi lifted her ass to help him.

His hand slid under her panties and soon covered the soft wet pussy covered with luxuriant growth of soft dark curly hair. Manavi stopped breathing as she relived the feeling she thought would never feel again. Her father's thick finger parted pubic hair soaked with her pussy juices and ran across the lips until it found the erect, thick clitoris. Manavi bucked and held her body rigid. The whole sexual tension she had been holding as her father kept increasing her passion was about to burst. Her father's finger on her clitoris turned out to be the catalyst.

She used her both hands to push her father's mouth even harder onto her breast as she announced onset of her orgasm with a shriek, "OOHHH...........DADDEEEE.......I....I.....I........CUUMMMNNNGGG."

Vikram rubbed his daughter's clitoris rapidly to help towards her release. Manavi's whole body became tense and her hips lifted off the sofa as her orgasm tore through her body like a tornado. She held on to her father's head as if to seek succour. Vikram kept the on stimulating his daughter until she flopped back on the sofa with a loud sigh as if air whooshed out a tyre.

Vikram allowed his daughter to recover and then he moved up to kiss her softly.

"Daddy, I love you," Manavi whispered as she kissed him back. Her hands started to unbutton his shirt. She impatiently tried to pull his shirt out of his trousers but made a mess of it. Vikram laughed and got up and stood in front of the sofa and pulled her up in a sitting position. He lifted her kurta of as she lifted her arms up. He bent forwards and unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. Now Manavi could open his belt and trousers. She pulled his shirt and opened the remaining buttons. Vikram removed his cufflinks and shrugged the shirt off his shoulders.

Manavi whispered, "Daddy please lift your foot up," Vikram placed his foot on the edge of the sofa one by one to allow Manavi to place his shoes and remove them along with his socks. Manavi pushed his trousers down they collected around his ankles. He stepped out of them and kicked them away. Manavi gasped at the awe-inspiring sight of her huge father standing in his boxers bulging with his enormous penis, his huge muscled body covered with curly hair on his chest, which trailed into a thin stream over his belly and then expanded above his boxers to be merged into his pubic hair.

Manavi ran her hands like a greedy child in a chocolate shop all over her father's chest and belly. She bent forwards and rained kisses again and again over his belly as her hands kept on assuring her that he is there for her to hold, touch and feel.

Vikram stroked her hair lovingly as he seemed to connect with her feelings as he felt the same way.

Manavi ran her hands over the front of the boxer feeling her father's enormous bulge signifying hardening cock. The obvious size was breathtaking even when hidden inside his boxers.

She so wanted to see it and feel it in flesh but at the same time wanted to prolong the agony as long as she could until she could not wait. She had lived with the dream to hold it and touch it again for five years. Manavi could no more stand the torture and slowly pulled her father's boxers down. She exposed his thick curly growth of hair above his pubes and then the root of his penis came into view. She lowered the boxers further with trembling fingers as her father's enormously thick base of the penis cam into view. The monstrously thick shaft came more and more into view as Manavi kept on pulling his boxers down until they were below his thighs that his huge glans came to view. Manavi quickly pulled the boxers down to his ankles.

Manavi adoringly ran her small hand from the root to the glans. It seemed to be longer than her forearm. It was semi hard and started to twitch as she ran her hand over and over again. She bent forward and kissed the root of the shaft softly as if kissing a child. Manavi looked up and whispered in emotionally thick voice, "Daddy, I have waited for this day five years now. I would have died happily if someone could offer me this even for one day."

Vikram could cry seeing how he could have squandered this sea of love from his daughter, he sighed and said, "Manu bete, I am not going anywhere. You tell me when I am not needed and I will fade away."

Manavi put both hands under the shaft to lift it up and kissed the glans now shining with pre cum, "Then you promise never to go away from me for rest of my life."

"As long as I live, Munnoo, as long as I live"

Manavi held the huge, thick, heavy cock up and slowly opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the glans inside her warm, moist mouth. She could barely close her lips around the humungous cock head of her virile father.

Vikram closed his eyes with overwhelming happiness and passion racing through his veins as his daughter's beautiful mouth tried to close over his cock. Her lips were stretched tight and her exquisitely beautiful nose was flared and distorted as she tried to create some kind of sucking motion with her mouth but the there was little space left for her to even move his mouth over his glans.

Vikram could feel blood rushing into his cock as it started to gather steel rapidly. Manavi was taken by surprise as her father's cock gained even more girth and length. Her mouth was now widely open and snug over his glans. Manavi felt the steely hardness in the shaft as it defied gravity with little support from her dainty hands. Manavi felt her mouth was salivating uncontrollably as some trickled from the corners over on to her chin and on her father's hairy thighs.

In few minutes Vikram's cock was rock hard to its monstrous proportion that had scared the daylights out of many experienced women. His daughter eyes bulged with awe but there was no fear. It was quite similar to Manavi's awe of her father's hugely muscled giant frame but felt protected by it. His monster cock was the extension of him and she felt reassuringly happy and safe as she tried to hold it in her inadequately tiny hand and mouth but undiminished awe and pride that this massively built, handsome man was her father and this colossus of a man cock belonged to her father.

Manavi tried to move her mouth up and down the glans, she was breathing through her nose audibly as her nostrils flared with each breath. She rubbed her tongue on the tip of the glans, it found the piss hole accidentally and Manavi was so happy as it did, it showed as a glow in her eyes and she tried to put the tip of her tongue inside the pee-hole making her father's monstrosity twitch threateningly and she heard him groan softly. Manavi kept on licking the edges of her father's piss hole. She could feel her pussy leaking fluid again. Her loins were on fire. She wanted her father to crush and hold her so tight that she could not breathe. If she could she wanted to crawl inside his skin or some how fuse with him to never separate.

Vikram could see the strain on his daughter's mouth. She would be able to suck him eventually but would need his help and persuasion. He stroked her cheek and pulled his huge cock head out of mouth. Manavi quickly swallowed her saliva that had collected but some still dribbled on to her chin. Her father bent down and licked the rivulet of her saliva lovingly. As he lifted his face he found looking straight in Manavi's eyes. She did not say anything but her eyes were asking thousand questions. She looked at him longingly. Vikram's heart ached. There was no stopping or turning back. Vikram whispered rhetorically, "Manu bete, kyaa aap mere saath sona chaahayenge?"

Manavi gulped and almost choked and quickly, almost comically, nodded as if she missed the chance her father would withdraw his offer.

Vikram bent down and removed his daughter's salwar off her ankles and threw it behind him as it fell over the tall standing light. He swooped Manavi up in his arms as she wrapped her arms around hid neck. Their mouths soon were glued together and they both sucked on other's tongue greedily. Vikram carried his daughter's voluptuous form inside his bedroom and they both stood close the fateful bed. It seemed to be waiting for the unfinished story to come to completion.

Vikram kissed his daughter deeply and whispered, "Munnoo this is it we cannot turn back now."

Manavi's eyes flashed, she grabbed his face in a firm grip with both hands and whispered back fiercely, "Daddy, you dare not think about turning back." She looked like her mother when riled up.

Vikram kissed her nose and smiled. Without any warning he threw his daughter from his full height on to the middle of the bed.

Manavi screamed in surprise and landed on her back and was soon giggling like she did as a child when her father threw her up in air and caught her back in her arms. Vikram soon joined his daughter and covered her voluptuous giggling frame with his massive muscular frame. No sooner his hands held his daughter's face and he kissed her giggles stopped and her face depicted a woman in love, keen to consummate it.

Vikram kissed his daughter's mouth few times as he ran his eyes up and down at her divine beauty. Vikram without an awareness of what he was doing lifted himself on his strong hugely muscular arms and nudged Manavi's legs apart with his strong legs now in between them. His enormously long and thick cock was lying on his daughter's belly.

It seemed that all clocks stopped. The walls of the room became silent to watch as if they had been waiting for this for a long time. Vikram looked down at his daughter's bright beautiful face, and saw her lying but five years younger and whispered fiercely, "Manu beti, yeh mujhay bahut pahalay kar denaa chaahiyay thaa. We have lost five years."

"It will be that much sweeter for waiting. Waise bhee abhee bhee kuchh nahin badalaa hai. I am still waiting for you," Manavi replied brimming with love, said blushing.

The importance of her words dawned on Vikram, "Munnoo, kyaa aap abhee tak.....kyaa aapne..Are you still..?"

Manavi felt a wild rush of love for this giant of a man, "Daddy aapkee beti abhee bhee aapka intizaar kar rahee hai. Ub aap meraa intizaar khatam kar deejiyay. Please do it with me."

Vikram's monster twitched and his heart flipped as he realised his daughter is still virgin and has waited five years for him.

He wanted her to say it as her mother did many times all years of their relationship.

"Manu bete. Tell me what do you want me to do."

Manavi was now burning and her desire was raging and making her mind was churning. She wanted her father to crush her and make her his woman for ever, "Daddy, please take me. Daddy mere saath aap kaam keejiyay."

Vikram looked straight in the pleading eyes of his daughter, "Beta, kyaa kaam karoon mai aapke liye?"

Manavi almost lost her mind, and whispered throatily and with immeasurable urgency, "Daddy, mayree choot maariyay. Mujhay aapka lund apnee choot me chaahiyay. Please...please...mujhase ub baradaasht nahin hota. Mujhay apnaa lund de deejiyay."

Vikram kissed his blabbering daughter and lifted his mammoth penis in his large hand which could barely go around its girth and place its humungous cock head at the entrance of his daughter's waiting, churning, wet leaking pussy.

"Beta, aapko kaafi dard hogaa. Yadee bardaasht na ho to mujhay rok denaa."

Manavi tightened her grip on his forearms with her small hands, "Daddy, aap mere dard kee fikar na karayen. Yadee mai aapko rokoon bhee to bhee aap meri nahin suniyegaa. Daddy this will be the best day of my life."

Vikram needed no more affirmation from his daughter. Manavi on her accord flexed her hips and spread them to allow her father all the space he may need. She was looking intently in his face as he held his massive cock stationed at the threshold of his daughter's cunt, which was always destined to belong to him. He pushed his shaft forward firmly as he heard Manavi draw a sharp breath. He without stopping kept the pressure until he felt a give and his massive glans shot inside his daughter's waiting pussy.

Manavi bit on her lower lip but could not help and emitted a deep scream as her pussy was stretched to an impossible dimension by her father's giant cock and this was only the beginning.

Vikram rotated his hips to allow his daughter to feel and adjust to the size of his cock.

He could see her face still twisted with the pain and her eyes were ready to overflow, "Sorry Munnoo," Vikram used his strong hips and back and forced his cock in one powerful thrust to about four or five inches in the virginal passage of his daughter's pussy.

Manavi could not now hold her pain in check as her remnant of hymen tissue was torn asunder by her father's monster penis, she let out a low pitched scream, "aaaaaahhh........aaaaahhh....nnnaaaaaaa...daddde eeeee eeee.....mai......mar....jaaoo ingeeee.........mayree choot...ahhh.....bahut...dard...aaaarrggh."

Vikram refused to acknowledge what he knew was unavoidable pain and pulled his cock a couple of inches and used his back muscles to bulldoze his massive cock back inside his daughter's well stretched, tortured pussy burying almost seven or eight inches of his giant cock.

Manavi was now screaming continuously as her nails dug into his forearms, her head was thrashing side to side, but for his massive frame her bucking hips would have thrown a lesser man. Her tears were running over her cheeks.

Vikram wanted to hold her and comfort her. He needed to put his cock fully in to do that. He pulled his colossal cock back a bit which now had a bright red film and that fueled his bull like raging passion. He steadied himself and then used his whole weight to propel his hips and his massive cock steamed inside his daughter's painfully stretched cunt opening it up as it buried within two inches of his massive length.

This brutal invasion shook Manavi as her eyes flew open and her scream turned into high pitched wail. Vikram dropped his frame to crush his daughter's thrashing body. He was unaware that Manavi's nails had gouged his forearm skin. Manavi was now crying unabashedly, her tears were running down her cheeks, her screaming mouth was open and drool was running from both corners, her hair were disheveled and some strands were stuck on her cheeks to in the sticky saliva and tears. The excess of her tears flooded her nostrils and her nose was running and the mucus ran on to her upper lip and then ran into her open mouth and on her cheeks. Vikram could not humanly love his daughter any more than he did. Every fiber of his body yearned for her and cried to protect her and had long ago decided to do her bidding.

Vikram covered his daughter's screaming mouth with his muffling her scream and stroked her hair and cheeks with reassurance of father picking up a fallen child from ground. Manavi clung to his neck with her arms tightly around it as he kept on sobbing in his mouth. Vikram kept on kissing his daughter's open mouth and stroking her face as he allowed her sobs to ebb. In about fifteen minutes Manavi's sobs slowed down to an occasional heave of chest. Her tears slowed down. She became aware of her father's mouth on hers. She moved her mouth to seek his as a fist sign of her return. Her hands were now unclasped behind his neck and were stroking the back of his neck.

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Vikram lifted his head to look at his beautiful daughter again. Her face was still showed visible signs of pain but she still managed a smile, "Daddy, sorry. I tried.... Par bahut dard huaa."

Vikram kissed her snot-covered nose, "Bete, I am sorry. Koi aur aasaan tareeka nahin tha."

"Aapke face par sub taraf meri naak lagee huyee hai." Manavi noticed with a giggle and then soon winced as her convulsive giggle moved her pussy and her pain jolted through it.

Vikram lovingly started to clean her face. He licked all evidence of tear, mucus from her cheeks, eyes, and mouth.

He then turned to her nose and licked it clean from outside as Manavi gave a short happy giggle again without wincing. Vikram then pushed his stiff tongue inside her beautiful nostrils and licked all mucus away. Soon Manavi's face was gleaming with her father's saliva.

Manavi seemed settled as she inquired, "Daddy, kyaa aapka poora lund under hai? Sorry, mai aapko choot maarane se rok rahin hoon."

Vikram instead of lying to her just kissed her again and again, "Beta jab aapko theek lagne lage tabhee mai aapki choot maarana shuroo karoonga. Hum dono ne kitnaa intizaar kiya hai is din ka? Aaj aapki choot me se meraa lund pooree raat nahin niklaygaa."

Manavi kissed her father, "Promise! Oh daddy I love you so much."

Vikram and Manavi kissed with an open mouth. Vikram filled his mouth with his saliva and trickled it in Manavi's open waiting mouth. Manavi swallowed it gleefully. She could now feel her stretched cunt around her father's giant cock. She was surprised how quickly that initial intolerable pain diminished.

Manavi stroked her father's face, "Daddy, now you can fuck me any way you want."

Vikram kissed her mouth, "Manu beta I will be slow to begin with."

Manavi smiled her gratitude.

Vikram without getting off her daughter's voluptuous body pulled his monster cock out by simply moving his hips very slowly until he thought more than half its length was outside. He very slowly screwed it back inside the warmth and softness of his daughter's pussy. Manavi gasped as her cunt felt empty and then full again but the pain was now bearable. She pushed her face in her father's armpit, as her father used his strong hips to slowly pull his massive cock out of her frothing pussy and wound it in with same slow deliberateness

For the next fifteen minute her father treating her as a fragile object fucked Manavi with great patience. Her clitoris was pinched inside her pussy every time her father's huge thick cock plowed in.

Manavi felt a slow fire burning inside her crushed breasts and her belly. Her pussy started to try to hold her father's cock as he pulled it out as if her pussy was sad to let go. Manavi was floating in the fluffy clouds as her father slowly took her on the journey of lust, love and passion, which was turning out to be a lot better than what she had imagined all these years.

Her breathing started to become fast and deep. Vikram noticed all these subtle changes and felt happy as her daughter was now going to enjoy her first fuck as much as he wanted her to enjoy. Vikram moved his heavily muscled chest to stimulate his daughter's breasts crushed under his weight. He increased the speed of his pistoning monster cock slightly and seeing his daughter only responded to it by moaning with lust, he knew the time to make her cum was near. He kissed her mouth and started to use longer, faster thrusts. He could feel Manavi's hips were trying to lift up to meet his pelvis as he shuttled his cock in.

Manavi found her orgasm building up without any warning as she got when she masturbated. She moaned with each thrust of her father's huge cock as her pussy was stretched time and time again to unimaginable depths by his monster.

"AAAHHHHHH...........Daddee......aaahhh.....please.......aaahhhh.....OOO....GOD.........UMMMHHHHHH," Manavi's moans were getting louder and louder.

Vikram increased his fucking pace even more and Manavi's pussy juices were flowing freely lubricating his giant cock. Within few minutes Manavi let out a loud constant long moan that never seemed to finish and her body went into spasm her eyes rolled up and then she went quiet. Vikram used short rapid stabs to hurry his daughter towards her orgasm which pushed her over the edge and her body seemed to explode with this natural force that engulfed her being and nothing else could have mattered to her then except her union with her father that had taken her to a pleasure that was much better than anything she had imagined.

Manavi kept on calling for daddy as if she wanted to show him something exciting. Her face was thrown into this rapturous happiness as her body struggled with the pleasure of first fuck. It took many minutes for Manavi to connect back with the real world, "Daddy, mai aise to kabhee bhee nahin aaiyee."

Vikram smiled, "Beta ye to shuruaat hai."

Manavi kissed him, "Koi bhee beti meri jaisee lucky nahin ho sakati. Aap meray sirf meray Daddy hain.

Vikram kissed her on her smiling mouth, "Manu bete. Ab aapka achhay se chudnay kaa time aa gayaa hai."

Manavi laughed merrily, "Kyaa chudaai is se bhee achhee ho sakati hai?"

Vikram smiled at his naive daughter, "Beta ub main aapkee choot jaise mujhay theek lagaygaa waise maroongaa."

Manavi's heart went thumping as her father talked to her as a woman he wants to fuck, "Daddy ab ye choot aapki hai. Isko jaise marzee ho aap waise maar sakatay hain."

Vikram proceeded to do just that. He got up on his knees and held Manavi's legs on his arms and pushed them back so that as he leaned forward her ass had lifted off the bed giving his cock a straight path. He pulled his cock to the tip and steadily pushed it back short of last two or three inches. Manavi sighed as the familiar sensation of her cunt stretched a mile across fanned the smoldering fire. Vikram used a steady strokes for five minutes and then to test he hammered it in rather than screw it in as before.

Manavi moaned with a loud 'AAHHH' but showed no sign of pain.

Vikram on his next stroke pulled up to his glans and hammered his monster cock with all his weight behind. His hips shot forward carrying his monster penis like a freight engine and his groin smacked Manavi's upturned bottom with a loud slap, as every last millimeter of his twelve inch monster was now completely buried inside his daughter's soft pussy. Manavi's eyes flew open and she gave a groan but still moved her hips towards her father's invading cock.

Vikram whispered as he pulled his gigantic cock out, as if reading weather report, "Manu beta, Ub aapne poora lund apnee choot me lay liyaa hai."

Manavi was in throes of enjoying her pussy being ravaged by her father's inhuman cock, she just looked up blankly and moaned.

Vikram was soon shuttling his enormous cock back in one long thrust slapping his daughter's bottom with his groin.

Soon the room was filled with loud slapping sounds as flesh met flesh with high impact. Vikram steadily increased the speed and he was now swinging from his hips filling the room with the sounds of 'thwack, thwack' at a rhythmic staccato rate. Added to that were loud moans of a girl being fucked out of her mind by her handsome giant father with his monster cock. For the next thirty minutes or so the walls enjoyed the incestuous coupling of a loving father and daughter and resonated with the happy sounds of fucking.

Manavi kept on moaning with each stroke. Her mouth was now constantly open with unbridled lust and every now and then some saliva would trickle from her slack mouth. Vikram was fucking his daughter a steady fast pace with no change in his strokes to allow her to come once again.

Manavi felt a familiar tension building up as her abdomen muscles became taut.

"Daddy, aah...mai phir se aanay waalee hoon...mayree choot maariyay...aapkaa lund.......aaahh......bahut..badaa....aaaaaah"

Vikram upped the pace and shortened his shots using only half of his gargantuan cock. His groin slapped harshly with each down stroke adding extra stimulus to sending Manavi deeper into her raging orgasm.

In a short time Manavi declared her exploding orgasm with a loud, "Aaaaaaiiiiiiiiii........daaadddeeeee.......aarrghh........mayreeeee.......chooooot..........jharranay...waalee....haiiaaaaaa.........daaadddeeeeee."

Vikram ignored her and hammered her pussy with his giant cock right through her orgasm not giving her time to settle her breathing or enjoy the exultation of her second orgasm. Vikram now wanted his lovely daughter to get caught in a maelstrom of multiple orgasms so that she could enter her true womanhood. Manavi shuddered and shook with the powerful orgasm all the while her cunt was assaulted by her father's savage monster cock.

Vikram kept the frantic pace and but added surprises. He would fuck Manavi with steady fast rhythm and then take her by surprise by pulling his cock right out and slamming it with savage force making her moan with pain. He would do it with no predictable rhythmic pattern so every time Manavi felt shaken and surprised.

Vikram wanted to cum inside his lovely daughter's cunt as a token of happiness at their union. He kept the phenomenal pace of fucking for another twenty minutes as Manavi came again and went limp. Vikram felt this as the right time to cum inside his daughter's cunt and take a short break.

Manavi was lying flaccid in the wake of her energy depleting orgasms as she felt her father's incessant hammering of her now very sore cunt with his monster cock. If anything his strokes were faster and fiercer shaking his daughter's whole body each time he hilted inside her cunt. Out of nowhere limp Manavi felt another shard of orgasm needling her body. She was clinging to her father's grunts as he whispered, "Munnoo bete, mai aapkee choot me aanay waalaa hoon."

Vikram's declaration of impending orgasm tipped Manavi over. Vikram was now using violent long savage shots to bury his cock in isolated vicious thrusts. Manavi felt each bone jarring thrust right through her body.

Manavi came once again whimpering as she felt her father growl like a wild animal and shot a hot volley of scalding cum on his downward stroke as he buried his monster cock to the hilt inside climaxing Manavi's cunt he kept on ejaculating. Manavi felt even in the throes of own body wrenching orgasm each spurt of her virile father's splash against her sore tender pussy walls. Vikram collapsed on top of his daughter. Manavi held her father tightly in her arms as if she were a mother holding her child and stroked his head as they both took deep breaths to recover.

Incestuous couple of father and daughter stayed quite for a while. Manavi felt her father had started to move again inside her cunt.

Manavi was amazed, "Daddy, aapka lund abhee bhee khadaa hai? I thought men softened after cumming."

Vikram smiled, "Subke paas aapke jaise beti kee choot maaranay ko to nahin hotee."

Manavi turned red and punched her father's back with her tiny fists mockingly.

Vikram kissed her gently, "Manu bete, ub mai aapki choot peechhay se maroongaa."

Vikram got up and pulled his cock with covered with copious cum and pussy juice with still a slight hint of pink.

Manavi rolled on her tummy and Vikram helped her to rise on her knees. Manavi supported her head on her folded arms as suggested by her father.

Her voluptuous ass was up in the air ripe for taking.

Vikram positioned himself behind his daughter's voluptuous ass and already started to imagine buggering his daughter.

He moved forward on his knees until his giant cock head snuggled in his daughter's pussy entrance. He rubbed his cock head up and down the slit like opening soon to be stretched to an impossibly large "O" shape.

Vikram pushed his massive cock head inside Manavi's cunt and put his giant hand on either side of her hips holding her in his vice like grip. Vikram took a metaphorical deep breath and slammed his cock in one vicious lunge until he hilted with a loud slapping sound of his groin hitting Manavi's ass. Manavi shrieked as her father invaded her tender pussy barbarically but even before she could verbalise Vikram had withdrawn his cock and sent it back with a similar brutal lunge. Manavi was buffeted by non-stop brutal strokes as her cunt struggled to accommodate her father's monster time and time again at a breath taking pace with bone jarring brutality. Manavi felt that her father's monster cock had grown bigger as she felt it go even deeper in this position.

Vikram fucked his daughter for another ten minutes as she continuously groaned and snorted and did her best to stay up to allow her father to fuck her as he pleased. Manavi came without warning and she felt that this orgasm seemed to plateau off as her father kept on ravaging her sore and tender cunt with most vicious fucking.

Vikram was now claiming his daughter's body as his to use and enjoy. Manavi somehow understood this and felt pliable and submissive as she was taken from behind with little respite and mercy.

She came again and again in the next forty minutes or so. Her father now let go of her hips and draped himself over her back and grabbed both her breasts in his large hands. Soon her breasts were turned into misshapen flesh. Vikram brutally mauled his daughters beautiful breasts. He twisted them and pulled them to use them as levers to slam his cock in his daughter's cunt. Manavi was hammered by her father and series of orgasms, which came on thick and fast without abating. Her father wanted to unload his cum once again, "Manu beta, mai aapkee choot me phir se aanay waalaa hoon."

Manavi was beyond all modes of communication and in the haze of her body wrenching orgasms she heard her loving father's voice and she nodded her head as she exploded again in her orgasm. Her father slammed his cock few times in quick succession as he started to ejaculate phenomenal amount of hot, thick, viscid creamy semen deep inside his daughter's pussy in spurts that seemed to go on and on. His last violent thrust forced Manavi to lose her stability as her own body was going limp with energy sapping orgasms. She fell forward flat on her face and her father followed her collapsed over her knocking wind out of her lungs.

His colossus of man penis was still buried deep inside his daughter's cum filled pussy. Both gasped for air for many minutes.

Manavi was wheezy as if asthmatic. It took her some time to recover, "Daddy, Aapkaa lund ko kyaa kabhee bhee santosh nahin hota? Ye abhee bhee khadaa hai."

Vikram teased his daughter, "Beta kyaa aap mere lund ki shikaayat kar raheen hain?"

Manavi laughed, "Mai to aapke lund ki ghulaam hoon. Mai kaun hoti hoon iskee shikaayat karanay waalee? Mujhay to apne daddy ki fikar hai. Mai unko thakaana nahin chaahati."

"Munnoo beta, aap mere paas ho to mujhay koi thakaan nahin hogee. Aapki choot maarne se to har thakaan door ho jaayegee," Vikram to prove the point used few short strokes to awaken his daughter's pussy.

Vikram had been fucking his daughter for now over three hours, "Daddy meri har muscle dard kar rahee hai. Meri choot me ub bahut jalan ho rahee hai. Aapka lund kisi aur duniyaa se aayaa hai.

Vikram laughed, "Beta, meraa lund hamaari family kee genes me hai. Aapke dada jee aur chachu dono ka lund meray jaisaa hee hai."

Manavi sighed theatrically, "I will send my congratulations to grandma and grandpa."

Vikram spoiled his daughter's fun, "Of course also send them details of how your lecher father seduced you by force and fucked you."

Manavi responded as she always did from her child hood whenever she made a boo-boo, "UuOh-Ooh."

Vikram whispered in his daughter's ear as he nibbled her ear lobe, "Manu bete, kyaa mai aapki choot aur maroon. Meraa lund aapki choot maarne ke liyay bilkul tayyaar hai."

Manavi whispered back with love pouring out of her, "Mere daddy. Meri choot aapki hai. Jub tak aap maarana chaahayen aap maarayen."

Vikram rolled over on his back carrying his daughter with him. She now lay on top of him on her back. Vikram asked Manavi to put her feet on either side his legs to get some purchase on the bed. He grabbed her breasts in his hands to keep her stable on his body. He flexed his knees partly. He was now ready to slam his monstrosity using his strong back and hips. Manavi felt her passivity in this position and loved her father with all her being.

Vikram used short jabs and slammed his cock in spate of rapid fire strokes and slightly longer and forced strokes. Either way Manavi was soon moaning loudly as her breasts were mauled painfully and she wondered why her father had not managed to pull them off her chest.

Vikram fucked his daughter for another one hour and made her come twice. He ejaculated yet another unabated copious load of semen in multiple volleys. Using his super strength he pulled his daughter right off his cock making her shriek and then rolled her over so that she was now facing him. Manavi laid on top her father's chest with her legs on the bed on either side of his hips. He once again positioned his cock at her pussy and using his strong legs and hips hammered it in and started o fuck with fast pace stabs all the while her breasts were treated in the similar fashion.

Manavi was soon exploding on her father's giant cock as her cunt was now squelching loudly with each thrust. Her cunt juices and her father's cum was now pouring out from her very tired, very sore and often painful cunt but her father still managed to make her cum at regular interval. He continued this marathon fucking for another hour and a half making her cum more than six times, she was now babbling incoherently, her head was lolling from side to side, her mouth was slack and open and saliva was trickling on her cheek and Vikram's chest.

Vikram knew Manavi was now fucked into exhaustion. He lifted her off him and put her by his side. Manavi was still moving her hips as if her father's cock was still inside. Vikram rolled on top her and shoved his cock to the hilt and fucked her with fast furious strokes. Manavi groaned as if in mortal pain as yet another orgasm tore through her tired depleted body. Vikram slammed his cock to the hilt and came deep inside in hot spurts of virile semen. Manavi was close to post orgasmic coma and she was blabbering sweet nothing directed at her father.

Vikram kissed his daughter with love and rolled on his side still holding her in his arms and both soon were asleep with Vikram's cock partly soft still buried inside his daughter's well fucked cum filled pussy.


Dawn was only short time away when this incestuous couple slept. Vikram was the first one to wake up and though the dark heavy curtains kept light out he knew morning was smiling outside as it was inside his bedroom. He looked intently at the beautiful ravaged face of his daughter. The streaks of saliva, cum, tear, snot had left marks despite his diligent attempts to lick all that away. Manavi was sleeping and her breathing turned into lovely faint snores when she took a deep breath. She smiled in her sleep. Vikram would not mind if time stood still and he could just watch his daughter sleeping peacefully close to him and his huge cock buried inside her cum filled ravaged cunt-life could not get better.

When people are in love they develop extra sense. Manavi slowly opened her eyes and found her loving father looking at her, "Daddy, how lucky I am to wake up in your arms and to see your handsome face."

Vikram kissed her mouth, he slowly pushed his tongue inside her mouth and tasted her aromatic, sweet morning mouth. Manavi pushed her tongue in his mouth to get her share, "Daddy, you have to know magic otherwise I did not think I would have survived your fucking last night."

Vikram smiled and kissed her again, "Manu sweetie, fucking is still not over. It will be over when my cock comes out of your pussy."

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Manavi mumbled sweetly in sleepy voice, "Phir aap wait kyon kar rahayen hai. Meri choot maariyay na."

Vikram rolled over his daughter and started a long stroked steady morning fuck. He used his hips and stroked his cock in and out in a metronomic fashion. Her mouth was glued to his daughter's mouth. Manavi felt proud, happy, lucky, fortunate and other feelings that she could not put in thoughts that this giant of a man with a monster inhumanly dimensioned penis was her father and taking her soon after waking up from a marathon fucking. My father is insatiable, Manavi thought with almost maternal pride.

Vikram fucked steadily without any frills and knew his daughter would be cumming very soon. They had already created a sensory bond of their sexual desire, which would get fine tuned in near future.

It took only three quarters of steady fucking for Manavi to orgasm twice and soon her father deposited his first huge amount of thick virile cum.

Both father and daughter remained quiet and luxuriated in the warm comforting cocoon of post copulation tiredness. Their love was now cemented at a level where few father and daughters ever get to reach if they are lucky. This love would never fall prey to mundacity of life and trivia of society as the expectation from society to keep it secret protected it from its influence.

Vikram kissed his daughter languidly, "Manu bete, would you be happy moving in the next bedroom. That has connecting door with this one."

Manavi hugged her father with glee she could not hide. She knew that this was done for those busy periods where special staff stayed in the house and worked on some projects. This would keep home staff getting any doubts.

Manavi kissed her father repeatedly on his mouth, chin and nose, "Daddy you have made me so happy. This is the best present, you can have me as your keep. You do not have to pay me just keep me close to you forever."

Vikram's emotions churned his heart, "Manu beta, you own me from this day onwards. You have owned me the moment you opened your eyes still closed and held my finger."

Manavi buried her face in the crook of her father's neck and took deep breaths to smell his masculine smell .

They both enjoyed the morning. But the awareness that home staff would work with their usual routine.

Manavi read her father's mind, "I will work out the staff. We need to get ready. Ganga baba will be active by late morning,(senior older home help always got respect from the children and young members).

Vikram pulled his cum soaked cock out. It was nearly still hard and looked menacing even in its satisfied, spent glory. Manavi winced as her father's monster cock left the confines of her only a night ago virgin pussy.

The ache and stiffness was quite marked as if an untrained athlete had run a marathon -"which is true if applied to fucking my father's style"-Manavi smiled inside.

Her father picked her up in his arms and walked to the bath room and took her into the shower area.

"Daddy I have to pee" Manavi exclaimed.

Vikram put her down her in the shower and sat under her pussy, "Manu beta, first pee after your first fuck is mine."

Manavi felt the excitement racing through her body. She pushed her hips forward to make it easy for her father to put his mouth over her hairy cum soaked cunt.

Her first burst of pee brought cum and cunt juices out in his mouth. Vikram got a full shower as well mouthfuls of his daughter's golden nectar.

Manavi walked with her thighs apart as friction of her thighs brought on the discomfort reminding her how her father ravaged her pussy all night.

"Manu beta you will be fine by evening," Vikram reassured his daughter.

Manavi hugged him, "Even if I am not do not let that stop you from fucking me tonight. Promise?"

Vikram exulted in the glow of her exuberance, "Tonight it will be more than your pussy Manu beti."

Manavi only grasped that she will be fucked and missed the importance behind her father's statement.

Both took a shower together and Vikram cleaned his daughter gently and thoroughly. He washed her hair with maternal expertise and care.

Manavi felt closer and closer to her father as their physical proximity expanded.

She thoroughly washed his giant cock. She was in awe and enthralled by its size. She proclaimed as she washed it kissing it every next second, "Aapka dandoo ub meraa hai, aur mayree gulloo aapkee hai," Manavi called cock 'dandoo' and pussy 'gulloo' in her thought processes and she now shared those terms with her father.

Vikram felt lucky to have this divine creature as his daughter who gave him second chance. How life can take two opposite roads on apparently spontaneous decisions.

They both toweled and dried. As Manavi was drying her hair Vikram took a long pee. She came back in and threw a loving tantrum, "Daddy, how could you pee without me? I wanted to see and taste you pee."

Vikram apologised and extracted a promise, "Right Manu beta, you will not take your shit today without me then."

Manavi ran her hand all along the massive length of her father's cock, "Right, goes for both of us."

Vikram dressed in khaki long shorts (with his penis short shorts were risky) and white half sleeve linen shirt and then left to see if he could slip into Manavi's suite and pick up some clothes for her. He got lucky and did not meet any help. He went into Manavi's dressing room and picked a fawn coloured long skirt and light blue cotton short kurta.

Manavi was impressed with his choices, "Daddy no bra or panty?"

Vikram laughed, "I am not letting you go anywhere. I chose these so that if I get a chance all I have to do is lift your skirt and bend you over and there you are ready to be fucked."

Manavi felt a rush of blood in her face as her father described his lust for her, "Daddy you will get me excited and hot. My gulloo is still very sore."

Manavi realised that her relationship with her father had gone beyond sex -it has liberated both of them as they already had immense love of father and daughter. Now only restrictions were how far their imagination would go.

Vikram slowly walked Manavi to second main dining hall of the mansion.

Ganga was ready to get breakfast off and running. It was just after eleven thirty when father and daughter sat down for their first breakfast after also becoming lovers. Vikram and Manavi had not felt this happy since the death of Manavi's mother.


Taran and Neelima were still in bed. Neelima was still sat asleep. Reminiscing about the first night had given Taran an irresistible urge to fuck his daughter very early morning. He just rolled Neelima on her back and even before she had woken up and buried his monster in three shots all the way in making Neelima squeal.

"Daddy what made you so horny?" as she soon adjusted to her father's ways and was not only awake but getting ready to cum.

Taran used long steady strokes, "I was thinking about our first night."

Neelima sighed, "Daddy I am so lucky you agreed with me. I was scared if you did not agree where would our relationship go?"

Taran used his cock as a vicious stab to say her daughter was talking rubbish, "Neelu, I would never have let you get away from me, whatever might have happened or not."

Taran took Neelima for almost two hours without changing position. When he came inside her cunt for the third time, Neelima was almost lost to this world after series of close-to-close orgasms.

This time Neelima was the first one to get up. They both enjoyed weekends as they could have sex anytime. Both hated days where they had to arrange their days to get together. Taran and Neelima got up at about midday their morning routine was full of love and fun. Neelima got her first fill of her father' pee as she shat her father put his cock at her lower lip and peed in small bursts to let have her fill. When he thought she had enough he showered her face and breasts thoroughly.

Neelima always complained about his rationing of his pee. She finished her shit and they both felt the warmth of the aroma filling the bathroom. Taran sat down to add his offering to his daughter's and turned Neelima around as she bent forward and sucked and licked her ass clean. The smell and taste of Neelima's ass never failed to work its magic on her father and Neelima knew what she would be doing in another ten minutes. As soon as Taran was through with his shit he said, "Neelu bete do you want a quickie."

Neelu laughed, "I knew you would say that and since when have you learnt how to give a quickie. First let me clean you."

Taran bent on the basin with his legs apart as Neelima spread his heavily muscled hairy ass cheeks apart, the sight of her father's back and hips drove Neelima crazy, she licked his anus and the cleft between his ass and was rewarded with his personal smell and flavour. Once satisfied there were no more flavours to be licked she moved back and took her father's place with her hands on cistern and legs far apart. She was looking down into the toilet still filled with the sum total of both of their shit and the smell wafting up from it filled her senses. She inhaled deeply few times, in the meantime her father had stationed himself behind her his monster penis ready to go.

"Neelu bete, kyaa maroon? Gaand yaa choot?"

"Dono daddy. Pahalay choot maariyay."

Taran insisted these were quickies because he fucked his daughter without any theme and finesse, and disagreed with Neelima that he took too long to cum to really call it a quickie. It was their only "couple" type discussion to show that they looked at some things differently.

Taran put his two fingers inside his daughter's pussy and expected to find it overflowing with creamy juices.

Taran adjusted his height by flexing his powerful knees and soon his giant cock was placed to trip into his daughter's cunt. He straightened his huge thighs and swung with his hips and forced his massive cock to almost nine inches in one shot, making Neelima moan. He impatiently pulled it back by few inches and hammered it back again and his full twelve inches slammed to the hilt in Neelima's cunt nearly lifting her off her feet. He pushed his hands under her chest and grabbed both her enormous soft beautiful breasts in his large hands and pulled them towards her tummy making her groan even louder. Once he was happy that he was set for action. He started swinging his hips at an unbelievable speed. Neelima was soon out of breath as her cunt was pummeled by her father's monster cock, her breasts were on fire as he had twisted them and pulled them down and hung onto them as leverage for his ferociously fast paced "quickie'.

Neelima was fucked into rapid-fire orgasms as her father kept on slamming his massive cock in and out keeping the edge of the pain of penetration unabated and to add to that her breasts seemed they would get ripped off her chest. Neelima came once and then again and then again. Her senses and lust was heightened, as their combined result of defecation was right under her nose and the overwhelming aroma kept her senses alive. She heard her father growl after about twenty-five minutes and slammed his giant cock to the hilt and spurted huge spurts of cum filling her pussy. Neelima tried to catch her breath because she knew her father would not need long time to galvanise into action.

She was right he did not. He pulled out his still steel hard monster penis out of her pussy ignoring as she winced on abrupt withdrawal. He scooped two fingers full of his cum and her juices and deposited on her beautiful pinkish anus. Neelima clamped her teeth on her lower lip and braced herself. Her father did not disappoint her. He took few impatient minutes as he pushed his swollen, giant glans inside his daughter's anal ring. Once that done he used all his muscular power to sent his cock soaring inside his daughter's tender ass. Neelima screamed despite the fact that she thought she was ready for father's patent entry. After that Taran buggered Neelima as she liked and he wanted and his speed increased, as her shit got mushy and coated his huge cock making it move like freight engine on greased track.

Taran buggered his daughter as he mauled her breasts swinging at a phenomenal speed and his thighs smacked her bottom real hard. Neelima was ready to cum even with the thought of this brutal ass fucking as she was actually being transported into a maelstrom of lust and passion she screamed her orgasms as they buffeted her in a constant stream. Each one seemed to take the strength away from her legs. It seemed like hours but Taran managed to get his daughter off four times within half an hour.

"Daddy, ub aap aajaaiye. Meri gaand me apnaa lund khol deejiyay." Neelima wailed.

Taran seemed to need such a stimulus and he roared his climax as he kept on ejaculating from his twitching massive cock in his daughter's ass making her wince and cum once again. He kept his cock buried in her ass until both recovered enough.

Taran pulled his soiled cock out of his daughter's ass. He licked her ass before she straightened off the basin. She slumped on the commode. Her father stroked her hair and face as she licked his cock clean. They both showered and eventually got ready. They asked for a big brunch to be served in Taran suite's dining room. They went for a walk in the wooded part of the estate. By the time they were back the sultry heat had made them very sweaty and for some reason very horny.

"Neelu beta, you will have to think of something to set things right. The way Vicku Bhai and Manu beti are going, I worry."

"Shall we do what we did with Chachu two years ago."

"Yes, that was good but there is a question of Manu as well."

Neelima squinted her brows that made her look even more beautiful if that was physically possible.

Ganga had mad the perfect brunch with all the things they both liked and a huge spread of cool summer fruits and various juices. There was an open bottle of champagne.

Taran was seated by the time Neelima came in still in deep thought. She came to her father and he knew she wanted to sit in his lap. As she approached him she lifted her loose skirt up. Taran quickly pulled his shorts down realising what his daughter wanted. Neelima sat astride her father's thighs as she lowered her pussy on his rampant cock. She grunted and sighed as she slid down over a foot long massive girth until her bottom touched her father's hairy thighs.

Taran and Neelima fed one another and the brunch went on for an hour.

"Daddy, you are right. We will have to follow the chachu plan. I am relying that you will not have a problem in fucking your beautiful niece."

"I would do that under duress," Taran said with a crooked smile and got a mock punch in his belly, "Shall I leave all that to you superior intelligence. Just tell me what I am supposed to say and do."

Neelima smiled like an angel and pleaded, "Daddy, yadee mai hi sub kaam kar rahin hoon to aap kum-se-kum meri choot to maar sakate hain."

Taran laughed, "Beti, aapko apnee choot marwaanay kay liyay koi kaam karanay ki zaroorat nahin hain."

He got up picking his daughter still impaled on his cock and moved towards the end of the dining table where there was a clear area. He placed Neelima's knees on the chair and asked her to put her hands on the table. He was standing astride the chair, as he began to ravage Neelima's delicious pussy he could not help but get stimulated by the memories of Neelima being screwed by his brother. Neelima had kept Vikram sane and connected. Taran felt a flood of tears and love for his lovely daughter.

"Neelu beta, aapki choot ki ub khair nahin hai."

Neelima chortled, "Ye to aapki choot hai. Jo marzee hai karayen. Meraa to lund hai uski hifaazat ki zimmaydaaree meri hai."

Those were that last coherent words Taran allowed Neelima to verbalise as he plundered her cunt sending her into a vortex of orgasmic storm, many times that afternoon.

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The breakfast was a feast and both father and daughter ate ravenously under the affectionate and loyal scrutiny of Ganga. Ganga Singh was built like wrestler, which he was, and enormously broad with muscles now covered with a thick layer of fat. He owed his life to Vikram's father when he saved him from unpleasant disaster of one his fights. He from then on served the family and was now as good as the family member. He was the majordomo of the whole estate and city houses.

They both laughed and talked. Manavi was back to her ever fragrant, cheerful and always smiling talking self. After breakfast Manavi hugged Ganga, which made him beam as if he was receiving a Nobel prize, "Ganga Baba, would you please help me move into the connecting suite (that name had been created by the servants),I want to learn about some local projects and help Daddy with some of international projects? That would also help him to work from home more."

"Of course Manu bitiyaa, when Vicku babu goes to work monday it will be done," Few people could call her dad Vicku.

"There would be sensitive documents scattered around, Ganga Baba!......."

Ganga patted Manavi's cheek like a great grand father and nodded his head conspiratorially and said, "I trust all my staff but I would only assign Roopa." Roopa was his eighteen years old granddaughter. His daughter, Janaki, separated from her useless husband and now helped her father as his assistant in what was a busy job. Her computer skills had transformed Ganga's job and made it a lot easier. As the whole estate was worth millions and running cost itself was staggering. Ganga lived in the four-suite house replica of the mansion attached to the north wing with his daughter and granddaughter. Roopa was enrolled in to college for office management job.

"Manu bitiyaa aapkee smile ke liye to hum taras gaye thay," Ganga stroke Manavi's hair affectionately.

Vikram was enthralled by his daughter's enormous natural charms. Once Ganga left Vikram had to hold himself to pounce on his daughter and fuck her on the dining table right away, "Manu beta, shall we go to our room to work on some projects?"

"Daddeee!," Manavi admonished him as if he was naughty boy throwing toys around, "The staff would be cleaning right now and will be all over the place. Let us go to for a slow walk."

Vikram groaned in an exaggerated manner and drawled, "Okaaye...if you insist."

Both walked towards the wood and once felt were well in the woods held hands most naturally. They sat on a bench in a very thick part of the woods and talked about everything but the new established relationship. They kissed while talking. Vikram without being aware slowly pushed his hand inside his daughter's blouse and supported her large breast with his large hand. Manavi would rub her hand on her father's thighs and chest over his white cotton kurta.

"Daddy, I would have to talk to Neelu. I have not rung her for two days."

"Do you want to go back and give her a quick call?" Vikram keenly suggested.

"Daddy, you are so bad." Manavi laughed at her father's attempt to get her back in his bed but she was jumping with joy.

Vikram got up and gave his hand to his daughter as Manavi stood up she winced loudly and bit on her lower lip.

Vikram looked alarmed, Manavi laughed through her pain, "Daddy, do not look worried. Ye aapke lund ka kasoor hai. Meri choot bahut dard kar rahee hai."

Vikram visibly relaxed, he moved to pick her up in his arms, "Don't dad servants would wonder."

Neelima walked back slowly with a wide based gait trying hard to make it look a casual saunter.

Vikram suite was cleaned and made. He without any delay picked his daughter in his arms, "Neelu, hot soaks would do the trick."

He put her on the bed. Manavi pulled him towards her by his hand. He sat down close to Manavi as her mouth covered his. They started to kiss with an open mouth pushing tongue and saliva into each other's mouth. Manavi unbuttoned her father's kurta and started to lift it off his body. Vikram helped her threw the kurta off him. Manavi opened the knot of his shorts and loosened the cord. She pushed her hand inside and playfully ran her fingers in his thick pubic hair.

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Vikram lifted his daughter's blouse in one smooth motion off her raised arms. He gently pushed her flat on the bed. He pulled her skirt off her and soon she was lying naked, a picture of perfect divine beauty.

Vikram pushed his shorts off as it fell around his hips. His giant penis stood straight out still half way off its steely hardness, sending a current of anticipation through Manavi's body.

Vikram went to the big microwave full of wet soaked towels in a waterproof packs in the bathroom. He came back with few. Manavi smiled lovingly at har father as he carefully folded on in quarter, spreading her legs gently put the towel over hair pussy and pressed it firmly over it, "Daddy, koi aur aadamee meree choot ki aisee fikar nahin kartaa."

Vikram could now comprehend his daughter's mind about their relationship. With the love they both shared the only inhibition was their social restrictions. The deep unfathomable love was now transcended to soaring, dizzying heights as those inhibitions were removed. This was pure love in its entirety even if incestuous and therefore socially illegitimate .

Vikram kissed his daughter and they both discussed this and that as he changed the hot towels as they became cold. After about and hour or so Manavi felt a lot better. Vikram threw all the towels in the bamboo laundry basket in bathroom and came back with cold skin softening cream. He care fully bent his daughter's legs to open her pussy. He ever so gently parted her lush pubic growth and applied cold cream liberally over her visibly sore pussy lips and inside. He took cream on his finger and gently inserted to cover as much as he could, without making his daughter wince, of her tender vaginal walls.

Manavi held her father tight as her strength would allow as her love for him overwhelmed her. Manavi kissed him repeatedly.

"Manu bete let me wipe cream off my hand."

Manavi noticed her father's monster cock three fourth way up to its impossible rock hardness and seemed to appear thicker and longer than yesterday, "Daddy, aapka lund aaj aur bhee badaa lag rahaa hai."

Vikram laughed as he tuned back.

"Daddy, aap meri choot maar sakate hai. Mujhay lagtaa hai ki ub bahut dard nahin hogaa."

Vikram kissed his daughter, "Neelu bete, meraa lund aaj aapki gaand maaraygaa."

Manavi gasped, "Daddee, aapka lund meri gaand me kaise jaa sakata hai. Meri gaand to meri choot se bhee chhotee hai. Mujhay bahut dard hogaa?"

Vikram mussed her hair and rubbed his finger over her beautiful nose, "Gaand maraanay me to dard to hogaa hee. Par do-teen baar marwaanay ke baad dard sirf shuruaat me hi hota hai."

Manavi smiled back happily at her father, and said more bravely than she actually felt, "Daddy, dard ho yaa naa ho mai apnee gaand me aapkay lund ke liye bilkul tayyaar hoon."

Vikram kissed his loving daughter, running his hands over her generously abundant breasts making her sigh with rising lust. He kissed every millimeter of her face. He sucked her nipples, massaged her breasts and soon she was mewling and moaning.

Vikram arranged two large fluffy pillows one over other and asked Manavi to lie on her belly over them. Manavi slowly rolled over, as her sore cunt restricted her movements, her father helped her to arrange her hips over the pillows and her body now sloped either side of her raised hips.

Vikram moved towards her head and sat with his legs wide apart on either side of her body. Manavi lifted her face up as her father moved down, resting her shoulders on his thighs. Her face was now close to his monster cock.

"Manu beta meraa lund choosiyay," Vikram encouraged his beautiful daughter.

Manavi gladly opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to hold his giant cock with her two tiny hands. His colossal penis was hard and immoveable as a steel rod. Manavi lifted herself up on her elbows to place get her mouth to the right height.

Her mouth struggled to swallow the monster sized cock head of her father. Her mouth started to salivate as she tried to take the whole glans in her obscenely stretched mouth. Vikram loved the beautiful sight his daughter trying to suck his huge cock. He ran his fingers through her wavy long hair and clenched them to control her head.

Eventually Manavi managed to take giant cock head, but she felt her breathing would choke. She was now breathing through her nose making her beautiful nostrils flare most alluringly.

Vikram's fingers clenched his daughter's hair and pushed her face on to his monster penis. Manavi looked up with wide eyes and found her father smiling and she felt the relentless pressure on her head. Her eyes blinked few time to let her father know that she was ready for whatever her father wanted her to do. Vikram pushed her face and jerked his hips up at simultaneously pushing at least three inches of his gigantic cock inside his daughter's mouth making her gag loudly. Manavi tried to pull her face automatically but found herself trapped by her father's large hand and superior strength.

Manavi repeatedly gagged, as her father's massive cock was deep inside the back of her throat. She felt her breathing had choked. Her eyes started to water as her gagging continued unabated. Vikram felt her fluttering throat muscles stimulating his cock head and he closed his eyes momentarily with pleasure. Manavi was breathing through her nose noisily, every now and then she would create a snorting sound as her breathing was overcome by the gag. Vikram pulled her face by pulling her hair by his clenched fist pulling his colossal cock to the groove under his apple sized glans and then pushed it back onto his cock making his daughter gag again over his enormously thick three inches.

Vikram started to fuck his daughter's face steadily ignoring her loud gags resonating against the walls of the bedroom. Manavi's eyes were running like a like a steady rivulet from over the tip of green leaf in a drizzle. She was struggling to set a breathing pattern though her flaring nose. Soon her overflowing tears found their way into nose and her nose started to run, first just filling her both nostrils. Soon her both nostrils were running like her light brown beautiful eyes, which were flushed due to the pressure of continuous gagging. Her saliva and mucus from runny nose was dribbling over her father's monstrous cock shaft coating it before collecting in his thick growth of pubic hair.

Manavi despite her struggle felt heat rising in her loins as her father face-fucked her brutally with his giant cock. Her breathing was noisy due to mucus filling her nose. As her father pushed her face down her gag would make her snort.

Vikram saw the beautiful face of his daughter with her mouth impossibly stretched over his inhuman penis, and felt his lust boiling over. He pushed his hips up and pushed his daughter's face down and probably forced another inch of his massive cock in side her mouth if that possible. He let out a throat roar as he warned his daughter, "Manu, mai ub aapke moonh me aanay waalaa hoon."

Manavi could not help or do anything but hear her father's lusty words and let him violate her beautiful mouth and face as he pleased. Manavi felt her father's cock push against the back of her throat and twitch as she gagged again. She felt as if the corners of her mouth would tear. Her pussy was leaking juices on the white pillow covers and she could feel the wetness on the front of her thighs. He father's first of many voluminous spurt of thick, sweet, creamy, virile semen hit the back of her throat as her throat muscles were contacting wildly with each gag. There was no space in her mouth and throat and she gagged, it ran up into her nose and mixed with the mucus filled her beautiful nostrils and ran out over her lips. Vikram pulled out an inch or so of his spurting colossus of a cock and filled his daughter's mouth with rapid fire spurts of large volumes of hot, thick, semen. Manavi tried to gulp as much as she could but found a lot spurting out from her nose and mouth. Manavi thought her father would never stop spurting. Through her crying eyes she saw the beautiful sight of pleasure filled handsome face of her father whose eyes were half closed with immense lust and pleasure as he came inside her mouth, she felt amazingly warm inside her chest and pussy.

Vikram slowly pulled his steel hard cock covered with his cum and his daughter's saliva, tears and mucus.

He slid out his legs and lay beside his daughter and lifted her beautiful face with his hands, "Manu, bete is samaya is dooniya me aapse zyaadaa khubsoorat koi aur beti nahin hogee."

Manavi beamed at her father's compliment as he kissed her and started to lick her face clean. He licked her face with his saliva drenched tongue until all visible traces of tears, mucus and cum were removed. Then he pushed his tongue inside her beautiful nostrils and licked the cum and mucus as far as his tip would go. He pulled his tongue out but his mouth remained close to his daughter's exquisitely beautiful nose and he squeezed her nose with his finger and thumb pushing out the remaining cum and mucus and he licked it off greedily. He gave his daughter's nostril and tip of her nose a last lick and clean. He got up, reached for the cold cream lying on the side and moved behind his daughter's raised ass.

Manavi feeling now warm and fuzzy as her breathing settled down after brutal face fuck by her father started to tremble inside as her imagination declared her father's imminent plan to fuck her ass an impossibility.

Vikram knelt over her daughter's voluptuous ass and spread her ass cheeks wide apart with his strong big hands and he kissed her pink tiny anal ring before his tongue started a slow persistent rimming, "Munnoo beta apnee gaand dheelee karo," as Manavi tried to open her sphincter to allow her father's tongue inside her anal canal. She was trembling with the excesses of pleasure that her father's tongue generated stimulating her anus. Soon her hips were grinding up and down on the pillows in an attempt to fuck her father's tongue in to her anal canal. Manavi started to moan loudly.

She groaned with disappointment as her father's mouth left her undulating ass. Vikram scooped a large glob of cold cream and put it on Manavi's anus and slowly pushed it in with the tip of his finger. He was pleased that his daughter did not pull away or groan as his finger slowly went inside up to second knuckle. Vikram repeated the process again, and then he applied a thick, liberal coating of cold cream on his cock head and shaft. He closed the lid and rolled the bottle away.

Manavi felt the moment had arrived, her heart was thumping like a hammer inside her chest. She felt her father's large strong hands pull her ass open. She wanted to help her father in the impossible venture of violation of her virgin ass as a declaration of their love. She took her hands behind and stroked her father's hands to suggest that she would spread her ass cheeks apart to help him.

Vikram patted his daughter's as a thank you and placed her hands where he wanted and pulled her ass apart covering her hands so that she would now how much to pull. He held his cream coated monster and knelt between her thighs.

"Manu beta, yadee dard bardaasht ke baahar ho jaayay to mujhay bataa denaa," Vikram whispered as he placed his humungous cock head over tiny anus of his daughter.

"Daddy, sirf aap ko pataa hai ki kab aapko ruk jaanaa chaahiyay. Aapnay mummy kee gaand to bahut baar maaree hogee. Mujhe dard to hogaa hee. Par aap sirf meray kahanay se mut rukiyegaa. Yadee mummy ki gaand aapka lund lay sakatee thee to meree gaand bhee aapka lund laylaygee"

Vikram reassured by his daughter placed his palms on either side of her body as he leaned with all his weight to push hard against the tight, unyielding anal ring of his voluptuous daughter.

Manavi gasped as she felt the dull pressure on her anus, "Munnoo beta gaand kholanay kee koshish karo," and tried to push her anus open against her father's giant cock head. For many minutes both incestuous lovers breathed hard and seemed to lock in a still picture of anal sex. All of a sudden Manavi's anus gave way and cream covered passage and cock offered little friction as her father's invading giant cock shot in opening her anus to an impossible dimension as his glans and two inches of thick enormous shaft shot in. Manavi screamed as if she was touched by a live electric wire. Her hands flew from her ass and tried to find her father's body to push him away. She tried to bury her hip further into pillows to move away from her father's giant penetrating monster.

Vikram knew the agony his daughter would have to put with before she would start to enjoy her ass fucking. He grabbed his daughter's flailing hands in each of his hands and pulled them away from her writhing body and draped himself over her back pinning her down with his cock now safely lodges inside her anus. The next fifteen witnessed a screaming daughter crying herself hoarse as her ass was steadily invaded by her giant father lying atop her prostate body using his immensely strong back and hips to keep hammering inch after inch of his monster cock inside her fluttering, warm, painfully dilated anus. Her sobs and convulsive shudders were felt by his cock as it plowed deeper and deeper inside his daughter's rectum pushing her feces further deep inside or squashing it between her soft rectal wall and his mammoth steel hard cock.

Vikram found the last three thickest inches of the root of his cock still waiting to be buried in side the throbbing, tortured, soft rectal passage of his daughter. He kissed his sobbing daughter on her cheek and pulled his colossal cock out a few inches and then using his enormous muscular strength, weight and gravity plowed his fist like thick root inside his daughter's brutally distended anus. He dropped on her back with his full weight to keep her from bucking as her sobs turned first into a wail and then into throaty cries.

Manavi turned her face into the sheet burying her moth to decrease the screams and cries so that her father out of pity and love would not stop from taking her in her ass. Her eyes were streaming and her open mouth was drooling. Her running nose added to the puddle on the sheet under her face.

Vikram lifted his hips and pulled his monster cock out of his daughter's fluttering ass and screwed it back in steadily. In the prone position his last two inches remained out. He started a steady but unrelenting in and out fucking motion as her daughter's cries slowly subsided. Manavi was still sobbing and her whole body would shudder whenever her sob made her choke. Her face was buried in the sheet totally soaked in her saliva, tears and mucus.

Vikram patiently buggered Manavi's ass at steady pace for an hour. He was so engrossed in not hurrying to ravage her ass that he failed to notice that Manavi had stopped sobbing and was now breathing deep and hard more reminiscent of sexual arousal.

He released her hands and pushed his hands under his daughter to find her squashed breasts and tried to engulf as much as his large hands could take of her over generously large soft breasts and squeezed them.

Vikram increased the force and pace of his strokes and soon his massive cock was shuttling with ever increasing purpose.

His each stroke finished with his groins slapping his daughter's ass sending a ripple in her voluptuous ass cheeks.

Manavi started to moan as from the deep sea of pain that her father's monster cock inflicted on her tender ass started to emerge a ripple of pleasure and warmth first surprised her and then consumed her as she realised that she had managed to cross the threshold which could have held her back from enjoying her father's brutal fucking of her ass and thereby lessening his pleasure.

"Daddy, meri gaand kaa dard ub kum ho rahaa hai," Manavi first tried to whisper through her mucus filled nose and drooling mouth sounding funny as her mouth was still stuffed with the bed sheet.

"Manu, beta kyaa aap ub zor se gaand marwaanay kay liyay tayyaar hain?"

"Daddy, kya zor se maarnay par phir pahalay jaisaa dard hogaa?"

"Nahin Munnoo sweetie, waisaa dard to sirf pahalee baar me hee hotaa hai."

"Phir to mai tayyaar hoon, daddy," Manavi sniffed and lovingly moaned through her buried face.

Vikram turned her defiled, disheveled beautiful face to one side so that he could gaze at it. Vikram used his strong body to pound his massive cock fucking his daughter's wide open ass with more and more force making her moan non stop for another half hour as she started to babble in the throes of her first rectal orgasm. Vikram mauled her breasts and kept on plundering her delectable ass as she hurtled towards her first orgasm.

Manavi shrieked, "Daddy, mai aane waalee hoon. Meri gaand me aapka lund ub bahut achhaa lag rahaa hai."

Vikram let his daughter babble her loving entreaties and continued to bugger her to make her orgasm as intense as he could. Manavi in next few minutes went into contortions as if she was in severe pain as her orgasm hit her like a tornado. Vikram wanted to share his daughter's orgasm. He let him self go as he pounded his massive cock back inside Manavi's ass and shot his hot, scalding virile cum bathing his daughter's feces filled rectum as she was struggling to recover from her mind blowing orgasm. Both lay still for many minutes savouring the pleasure and love that now was complete in all physical manner.

Manavi whispered as if she had just crossed the finishing line of a marathon, "Daddy, Kaash mai aapko mummy ki gaand aur choot maaratay dekh sakatee."

Vikram kissed her, "Aap apnee mummy kee taraha hee choot or gaand marwaatee hain. Aapkee mummy bhee khoob shour machaatee theen."

Manavi gave a small laugh, "Sorry daddy. Aapka lund mujhay paagal kar detaa hai."

Vikram started to move his cock first slowly and then with increasing lunges.

"Daddy, aap phir se tayyaar ho gayay aur gaand maaranay kay liyay?"

"Munnoo beti aapkay jaisee khubsoorat beti kee gaand maaranay ka naseeb kitnay daddy ko miltaa hai?"

"Nahin daddy. Aapkay jaisa lund to kisee bahut hee lucky beti kay daddy kay paas hogaa! Par aapse pyaara daddy to kisee bhee beti kay pas nahin hai. Sirf mai he utnee lucky hoon," Manavi was filled with love for her giant father who had pinned her down on her face with his massive body and was about to start fucking her ass again with his monster throbbing cock.

Vikram kissed his lovely daughter's messy face and whispered, "Manu, ub mai aapkee gaand waisay hee maroonga jaisay aapkee mummy kee maarata thaa."

Manavi was totally enthralled by her lusty virile father who could reduce her into blabbering orgasmic flesh and yet love her as a daughter while doing it. She nodded weakly as her father now subconsciously declared that she has taken the place of her deceased mother as his woman.

Vikram lifted himself off his daughter and supported himself on his strong arms making an angle between his groin and his daughter's ass, The room was soon filled with loud moans of lust filled pleasure as a virile strong father fucked his beautiful, luscious voluptuous daughter in her tender, virgin ass with long, hard thrusts. Manavi was beyond herself as her orgasms came thick and fast. For the next hour her father buggered her into submission to their combine lust and desire. Manavi's body was torn asunder with raging fire that her father would stoke with his massive cock and then douse it to be stoked again. Her mind was reeling with the degree of physical pleasure she did not imagine was possible to feel.

Vikram came once again as he brought his daughter to yet another climax filling her rectum with his huge amount of thick, virile, creamy semen.

Vikram and Manavi breathed though their open mouths to recover. Manavi felt her rectum mould burst. The feeling was not dissimilar from when her rectum was full of feces and needed relief.

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