Priya enjoyed with her Dewar and friend  


Priya, 25 was Married to Rajesh 2 years back and as a modern couple, they wanted to be matured enough to have children. In Bangalore, Priya used to live with Rajesh and Sunil, her brother In-law. Rajesh, 28 was a software professional in Bangalore. Sunil, 21 was still pursuing his M.Tech. Rajesh had to leave for US for 2 years as this was to give his career a robust move. Priya, a stunning beauty, a very much look a like of Sonali Bendre was not very much happy with the Rajesh' decesion but had to compromise as this was related to Rajesh's career. Priya belonged to bit conservative family of UP and had a lot male friends in college but could never dare to have
intimacy with anyone but she had become a modern girl after marraige, reason being Rajesh was an open minded person and had no objection on whatever Priya was doing. Their living without family was also a reason. Though she was not a characterless girl but now she had ceased hesitating talking about sex as is common in CosmoPolotan Circles.

After a few months, Priya joined placement firm. Now she was a bit
occupied in office work but still she always felt a lack of sthg.
inside her. A hunger in her body and obviously it was sex. Purnima,
25 was also a married girl and used to work in same office with
Priya and by sheer luck, her hubby Sreeniwas was also in UK for a
project. Priya and Poornima used to discuss their problems and being
on the same plateform, both discussed about their sexual
dissatisfaction. Poornima once advised her to search for some around
her with who Priya can have physical relations and that shall not
harm her married life also. Priya thought on it seriously, about
everyone related and around her but couldn't reach at any decesion.
She tought about Sunil also but she got feared as he was her Dewar
and In fact, everybody used to treat Sunil like a small kid. Purnima
told Priya that she had relationships with 2 persons and they are
not going to harm her married life. Poornima herself used to contact
them whenever she need to have sex and there were no hang-ups from
their side. After hearing all these things from Poornima, Priya
hunger grew like anything. This affected her profesional life also
and she was not performing weel in Company. She told Poornima only
to do something for her. Poornima had a friend, Rahul who was a
software Engineer. He was 3 years Junior to Poornima but they never
had sex. They used to exchange naughty jokes but had not got any
chance to have sex. Poornima once called up Rahul and said that
she'll be at her Place on Saturday witha Friend of her. While
exchanging jokes, Rahul asked about Priya and asked wheter he can
have her. Priya didn't tell him clearly that Priya is dying for sex
with someone but told him that Priya's hubby is in US so he can
think about it. She told Rahul that after few minutes he'll leave
Priya and Rahul alone and he can try to Fuck her. If she is ready
for that, he can go ahaed and enjoy but if she was not ready, she
will handle the situation. Here, Poornima narrated the whole story
to Priya and told her be fucked on Saturday.

Priya and Poornima reached to Rahul's apartment. Rahul from the
beginning itself started praising Priya. They all were exchanging
sexy jokes also. After 30 minutes, Poornima told them that she has
got an urgent call from one her friends in same locality and had to
be there for at least an hours's time. She left. Rahul and Priya
both were aware that Priya is not going to be back for at least 3
hours. Rahul kept on praising Priya's beauty. He asked her how does
she manage to handle her sexual desired in the absence of her hubby.
She told it was bit difficult. While talking, Rahul Praised Priya's
lips and said that he wanted to kiss her lips for once if she allows
him. He assured her that he'll not tell anybody and it was just a
feeling, even if not, freindship will continue. Priya allowed him.
Rahul embraced her and kissed for at least 10 minutes on her lips
which aroused both of them. Rahul told Priya to allow to kiss her
whenever possible and whenever they are alone as he liked it very
much and asked Priya whether she liked or not. Priya allowed him for
this also. Now Rahul kissed her on her necks and all over her face.
While kissing passionately, Rahul whispered in Priya's ears that he
wanted to see her naked body, kiss on her whole body, embrace her
naked body and fuck her also. Priya refused for this demand. Rahul
urged a lot. He assured Priya that he won't tell anybody and this
would just be a bodily satisfacyion for both. No hang-ups for both
of them Adter Rahul convinced Priya a lot, she got agreed for being
naked and get kisses on her body. She refused to allow his cock
inside her. Rahul told her that he'll wait for positive node from
her, then only he'll fuck her. Rahul started kissing Priya's naked
body, Total naked body. He had never imagined that Priya could have
such a fanatastic and soft body. He sucked her boobs, fingered her
Pussy and it continued for almost 15 minutes. Rahul told priya to
see his cock. She took it on her hands and got amazed to see the
size. It was 8" long. She compared it with Rajesh's cock and founf
Rahul's cock almost double in size. It seemed a huge erected pole to
her. Rahul took one more chance and asked Priya what is harm putting
it into her. She told him that she feared with such monster size
cock. HE assured her that he'll do it comfortably and take care of
pain. Priya agreed and Rahul first told her to suck it. She sucked
it beautifully. Rahul sat between her legs and started pushing
inside. Priya was dying with pain but in one shaft it was just 3"
inside. Rahul tried one more time and pushed whole pole inside at
one go. Priya cied bitterly but Rahul kept on ramming her and after
a few seconds Priya pain subsided and she started cooperating with
Rahul. After 20 minutes Ramp up show, they collapsed in each other
arms. Priya told Rahul that she has liked this session and would
like to have fun for whole night. They made a plan and called
Poornima that Priya has left for home, she didn't need to come to
Rahul house. She stayed back and that night Rahul fucked Priya like
anything. Priya also went ahead with him and tasted his cock 5
times. She promised him that she'll keep coming to him whenever she
get time.

She reached to house next morning and got shocked when she realised
that she didn't inform Sunil about it. He was very much worried for

When Poornima heard that Rahul has got such a long dick, she got
amazed and told priya that she 'll definitely fuck him. Thursday was
a public holiday and they both planned for a visit at Rahul house.
Both went there and started normal chatting. Poornima told Priya and
Rahul not to care for her presense there and enjoy. Priya slowly
whispered Rahul about what Poornima desired about his cock. Rahul
first fucked Priya in a different room and priya kept ker moaning
lous to get Poornima aroused. Poornima was Definitely getting
aroused. Rahul and Priya came out after 30 minutes kept on kissing
each other bofore Poornima. Poornima was pretending to watch TV. All
of a sudden Rahul grabed poornima and she was taken a back. she was
not very much prapared for this. Rahul immediately grabed her boobs
only. She sought help from Priya but she refused. Rahul by force put
off her Kurta and kept messaging her big boobs. He was kissing her
also. Rahul told Poornima that if she sucks his cock in a naked
condition, he'll not fuck her. She agreed. She did the same. But
afre his disck got erected once again, she again grabed Poornima and
told that he'll fuck her. Priya told to Push his 8"" at one go
itself. Rahul did tha same and Poornima cried like anything. But
after a few seconds she got comfortable and started enjoying.

Now Poornima and Priya had got their rsource in Rahul which more
satisfactory than being harmless.

Priya returned home in the evening and found Sunil sleeping in his
Barmuda only. She saw a huge buldge below his waist and she got
eager to see the size. She dared and when she slowly removed the
Barmuda a bit, she found that Sunil has got 10". She got amazed and
immediately called up Poornima. Poornima suggested her not to leave
such opportunity. Even after Sunil got up, she could not dare how to
start all those things. She first planned to seduce him. She wore a
very lo cut and small T Shirt and told Sunil to put some balm on her
forehead as she was feeling headache. Sunil,while applying Balm on
her forehead was able to see 80% of her boobs and lower person of
her stomac. His dick got erected again. Priya went to her room to
take rest but Sunil was restless. He suddenly went to Priya's rom
and found that she is fast asleep. He slowly started her boobs and
was masterbating similarlily. Suddenly Priya got up and Sunil was
ccught red handed. Priya slapped himand told him to be out of her
room. After 30 minutes, she went to the hall and called him up. He
became very sorry for whatever he did. Priya told her that he should
not behavee like this and asked what made him do like that. He told
that after seeing her big boobs, he couldn't contol himself . Priya
made him understand and told him that he had such thought's he sould
have told her. She is like friend to him. She told him that he can
see her body, touch it so that his immoral thoughts should not be
subsided and lateron erupt in a different way. Sunil got very happy.
He first took out her T-Shirt, Bra and messaged her boobs properly.
He kissed her pasionately. Priya told him that he can't do whatever
he wants except fucking her. He then took out lower and panty and
fingered her a lot. HE then told Priya to suck his cock. She sucked
it. A few later, he told Priya that he wants to fuck her too. After
a lot urge, she agreed and he rammed her like anything. That night
he fucked her 6 times. As they both were in the same flat, Sunil
used to fuck Priya however time he wanted to.

Priya once said Sunil that she'll bring poornima also to be fucked
by him but Sunil had to Push his long dick in her cock at on go
itself howmuchever she cried. Sunil did the same. He inserted his
long cock at one go. Aftera few days, Poornima and Priya involved
Rahul also with them and they all do the fucking together. They
don't have have partner boundation. Anybody can fuck anyone

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