Rahul - Son of reena  


I want to share my experiences with u all for a very long time, but haven't been able to coz have been very busy with my mom. She is one horny bitch, always looking out for sex and leaves me too tired to type out my adventures with her for you guys.

Let me introduce myself, I am Rahul, 21 years old. I am an average guy but what I have is what every one else dreams of, a very hot mom. I live in a housing society in Mumbai. My dad works as an Insurance advisor and works mostly abroad and comes home for about two weeks every two months or so.

My mom's name is Reena, 42 years old and blessed with a gorgeous figure of 36-28-36. She is fair and has jet black hair, medium sized. She is a typical Punjabi housewife, if u looks at her once. But her face is the one which would bring any top model to shame. Her main feature is her luscious lips. The only thought that comes to any mind after looking at her lips is to have his cock sucked by those. I don't know if she wears her saree differently than other housewives, but her saree accentuates her big hips. The eyes of any person get automatically glued to her swaying hips, if he just casts one glance when she is walking. I have myself seen people pushing against each other to have a feel of her bottom when she walks in a crowded area. To add to this, her fair flesh peeking out from below her saree or blouse makes her irresistible. Trust me guys, one look at her, would make your cock stand whether she is wearing any clothes or not.

Here comes the Bombshell. She is a part time call-girl. What happened was that when dad was not around, she got friendly with few of the aunties from our society who got her slowly convinced into sleeping with other men. One of our neighbors is an agent, who supplies entertainment to some of the clients, whom he trusts. So he is also now Reena's agent. He is the one, who insists that Reena attends gym regularly so that her sexy body keeps in shape and she can wear whatever her client wishes her to wear.

How I started my relation with Reena is another story. In short I can just tell you all that one night she came home drunk, and I also came home having had a couple of drinks from one of my friend's house having watched a porno movie .Me and Reena were on the same bed, things happened and we both up ended up naked on the bed in the morning. It was a very funny situation. We both didn't know what to say, we both laughed...and then had sex again and have continued since. We have both enjoyed and have always felt comfortable about it. Of course dad doesn't know anything about it, but few of our neighbors do.

I would like to share one of my experiences with u people when for the first time I introduced my mom to my friends in my college. It had been 4 months since me and Reena had been fucking like mad. Both of us had altogether stopped wearing clothes in the house. We had the fortune of having the top floor and we could afford to keep the windows open. We are both sort of exhibitionists. Reena absolutely loves to have people's attention, and I love to have people looking at her lustily especially when she is with me, so everyone feels jealous of me.. We had tried almost everything, fucking from mornings till late into night. There were times; I used to sleep with my cock inside her. We had been fucking in our balcony, sometimes in the parking of our building late in the night, sometimes in the bushes in our garden in the evenings. The thrill of getting caught made us both derive more pleasure. And we used to be completely naked outdoors, so you guys can imagine the risks we took..

Well, coming to the incident that I am talking about, we had the election of the student secretary for our college. One of my friends was standing as the candidate and me and my group of friends struggled hard to assure that he won, which he did finally. So all of us asked him for a party for celebrating the event. It was decided to have a drinks session in one of the hostel rooms ( We were close to the night watchman, as he and one of my friends belonged to the same region). Someone suggested that since it was our final year in the college, why not, all of us break our virginity together. All of them were from out of city and stayed in the hostel and I was the only locality. So after a very deep discussion and pooling the money from our pockets, it was decided that we could get two not so expensive whores for a night. Everyone was very much excited and was ready to accept the risk of even being expelled from the college. I was the only one amongst them who was not a virgin, thanks to Reena but no one else knew it. So we decided for that weekend, and the six of us guys conspired the night watchman into our plan. Two of the guys took the responsibility of arranging the girls, while I said that I could arrange liquor for
cheap ( I got it from the Reena's agent absolutely free...!).

On the day before our group fuck session, I met Rohan, one of the six guys, to tell him that I had managed the liquor and was bringing it to the college hostel. He said in a very disappointing tone, that the two guys Vikram & Akshay were able to manage only one girl so they were totally scrapping away the fuck session part of our celebration. It was obviously very disappointing.

Then, I had an idea. I called up mom and asked her to meet me at one of the hotels near to our college. I told her the entire situation and asked whether she was willing to participate in our celebration. I expected a thousand questions from her, but she didn't ask any. She just said, let have some fun. So, I called up Rohan on his cell and told him that I had managed to find another girl and he could call the girl they had managed so that we could settled the payment issue. Rohan called me back, after 10 mins saying that I could bring the girl to the top floor of the Laboratory which was a warehouse, since no one used to come there. I told Reena that they were expecting us at the college and if she wanted to change her mind she could do it now. Mom just stood up and said, its now or never. I observed her, she was wearing a black transparent saree with a normal blouse, looking like a perfect housewife. Since we were sitting in a secluded cubicle in the AC section of the restaurant, I asked her to go and adjust herself a little so as to look more slutty. When she came back from the wash room, she looked delicious. She had tied the saree below her navel, folded her blouse a little up on her waist, tied the saree tightly around her hips, and left the top button of her blouse open. He pallu also was not at place, showing her creamy chest. She had also rearranged her hair which gave her a sexy look and the lipstick on her lips simply said, fuck me.

We went together to the place above the Laboratory. The place was chosen as it was at the extreme end of the college and we had a gate in the college which directly opened into the Laboratory building and which was not manned most of the times. The entire building used to be almost deserted and even when the practicals used to be going on, the top floor used to be empty. As me and Reena went there, Rohan was already there with a girl and one ugly looking man, presumably her agent. He already had some cash in his hands and Rohan was eyeing the girl.. The girl was dressed in t-shirt and tight jeans. The first thing u noticed about her was her big boobs, which were highlighted by a big "GUESS" written on her t-shirt. Her waist was slim, her jeans was very tight and I swear I could see her panty lines even with her standing. She wore high heels. But that's about it. Her face looked like someone had unloaded a drum full of cosmetics on her. Her lips bore red lipstick. Hair had been coloured to look modern.

The moment I walked in with Reena, all eyes turned upon her, the two pair of male eyes with the feeling of desire and the female pair with envy. Rohan's mouth was open. The thought of even looking at this beauty when she would be naked was maybe too much for him. He literally stammered to introduce himself and the other girl whose name was Jenny and the name of the agent was Shetty. While me and Rohan were discussing the price, Shetty immediately started a conversation with Reena, about which area she lived and who was her agent and so on. She lied that she was from outside the city. Shetty said " Mast item ho yaar, tumhe to sone me tolna chahiye". Reena just smiled at his comment. After settling the price for Jenny, I motioned for Reena to come towards us. As Reena started moving towards us, Shetty just had a feel of her ass, and the smile on his
face was from one ear to the other. Reena just smiled and said " Besharmi sirf bister pe hi karti hoon". We asked Shetty and Jenny to leave after taking down her cell number and told her that we will be picking her up tomorrow evening.

So me, Rohan & Reena were left alone. I asked Rohan to negotiate with her. He quoted the same price as Jenny. Reena quoted double that price. It was funny to see the situation of Rohan. He desperately wanted to fuck this sex goddess of a woman and yet he didn't have enough cash. The only thing he didn't know was that the woman standing in front of him wouldn't mind getting fucked for free, then and there itself. For me the sight was unforgettable. My mom negotiating for sleeping with one of my friends, dream of any incest son. Finally the deal was reached at some amount, and Rohan looked so relaxed. He wanted Reena's number but I said that I had it and will make sure that she reaches our party at the correct time.

As we were about to leave, I just stopped Reena, and asked her that we had 500 rupees now, how about a blowjob to the both of us as a token?. She just smiled and said that for 500 bucks she would just jack us off. I said fine, but we also need to have a feel of her. Since she was also aroused by Shetty's touch she agreed. I asked her to drop her pallu which she did, and both me and Rohan unzipped our cocks. I asked Reena to go ahead first with Rohan. She proceeded to Rohan, held his cock in her hands and started her work on it, looking directly into Rohan's eyes. The she started to grind her breasts on his chest and Rohan started taking deep breaths. Reena simply put both of his hands on her naked waist and continued her job. Rohan meanwhile grabbed her ass cheeks and stared squeezing them. It wasn't long before he discharged his load, but unfortunately he dropped it on his trousers. So I suggested him to rush to the washroom to clean it off. As soon as he rushed, leaving me and Reena alone, I pulled her near me and kissed her fully on her lips. She also dug her fingernails into my back and pulled me towards her. With one single pull, I untied her saree which bunched around her feet. One more pull and her petticoat joined her saree. I wanted to make her completely naked, but knew that Rohan won't take too long. So I just put my hands inside her panty and squeezed both her ass cheeks. Then keeping one hand on her backside I inserted it inside the front of her panty. Her breaths were becoming very hot, I just brought my head down and bit her nipples over her blouse. I licked her entire exposed flesh over her boobs leaving it wet. Then
I simply picked her up and took her to one of the windows, from where we could see all the people below but they couldn't see us because of the trees coming in between. As I inserted my finger in her clit, she put her teeth into my neck. As soon as I started moving my finger in and out she started moaning loudly. We got two minutes as not much could be achieved. Anyway it was time for Rohant o come back. So we separated and Reena dressed up. We had the advantage that we could carry on with this at home. Poor Rohan, the look on his face said that he would spend his entire night jerking multiple times thinking about the next night. He came with us to the gate of the college and couldn't resist giving Reena another fondle on her bottom as we said goodbye to him with a promise of meeting and having more fun the next night.

So guys, if you wish for me to continue with my experience please do reply. I would had loved to put Reena's pics here but can't as don't want any risk of ruining her family life.. Have a nice time jerking on this part.

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The next day, I received atleast a hundred calls from Rohan and
other friends to whom he had described Reena. They all wanted to
know if she was coming to the party tonight. They all had been given
a raunchy description of Reena by Rohan. Everyone told me that, the
way Rohan had described Reena to them, everyone's cock was to the
point of tearing up their trousers, and afterwards everyone had
rushed to the bathroom available to relieve their monsters. During
this conversation, I had put my cell on speakerphone, while I was
lying naked on the sofa. Reena was preparing tea for me in the
kitchen, standing there naked from top to bottom. I made sure that
the volume of the speaker was sufficient, so that Reena could hear
it well even standing in the Kitchen. She was standing near the
window and I was thinking what a beautiful sight she would present
to anyone on the Road walking below, but as usual the people on the
road below carried on with their usual boring daily routine without
knowing what fun was being had so close to them.

Reena's view from behind was also intoxicating. Her ass cheeks
formed the most desirable curve in the world. There was not a sign
of any excess flesh on her creamy thighs. Her naked back looked like
a blackboard on which I wanted to write words for the rest of my
life. Her shoulders looked like some soft mounds ready to be
plundered. Her curves running down to her slim waist and good hips
combined with delightful ass, was as good as a prize for any
onlookers. I was proud of her and loved going out with her as people
would see me with jealousy and for this reason I would ask her to
wear revealing clothes. Even in a simple saree, most of the people
who saw her always turned to have a better look and whenever we went
to shopping all shops would provide her discounts in order to make
her stay for more time. Reena was milky white in colour and one look
at her flesh and it would be impossible to look anywhere else.
Listening to Rohan, I just motioned Reena to come over with
tea. She as expected sat in my lap, adjusted herself a little bit,
so that my member was in constant touch with her pussy. She was
holding the cup in her hand, and as was the rule of the house, took
the first sip, wetting her lips. I looked into her eyes and placed
my lips onto her, licking away the remnants of the sip she had just
taken. Then I removed my lips from her and declared that the tea was
good enough for me. Reena just smiled and handed over the cup to me,
putting both her hands over my neck. Her 36D breasts were resting on
my chest and moving with her every breath. Listening to Rohan, I
asked Reena to open up her thighs so that I could play with her
bush. She obediently opened up her legs. As soon as I touched her
mound, she moaned and whimpered, started squirming. Her moans
gradually went on increasing in intensity and she started licking my
earlobes, using her tongue to great effect. By the time, I finished
my conversation, my member was more than ready to enter the closest
available pussy, which was Reena's, and she was ready to be fucked
even if she was to be fucked in a stadium filled with 20000 people.
(Well would try that sometime, if chance permits). There were
droplets of sweat all over our bodies and our breathing had become
very shallow. But, I just lifted her up in my arms and took her all
the way across the Drawing hall to our parents Bedroom and laid her
on the bed. I told her that I wanted to save everything for the
night, she just smiled in anticipation.

I asked her to dress up for the evening as it was going to be a
memorable one. Reena chose a black, semi-transparent saree and a
black matching blouse. The blouse was sleeveless and the outline of
her white bra was very clear on her back. From behind, Reena
revealed her long, tapering waist from the bottom of the small
blouse to deep down at her hips. At the front, her entire fleshy
midriff could be seen since the saree was tied five inches below her
enticing navel. The semi transparent saree could not do much to
avoid the deep valley of her 36DD breast to be on the display. She
looked like any man's dream in that dress. Arresting, without being
obvious and exposed without being lewd was the way to describe her.
Her low worn saree was right at her hip bone, and the full, huge
midriff with the juicy navel was playing peek a boo. Her wholesome
midriff flesh sparkled, topped by her ample meaty asscheeks heaving
behind, she looked like a woman screaming to get laid. I also made
sure that her saree pallu won't stay in one place at a time more
than 5 seconds.

We were met by the Rohan outside the gate of the campus of our
college. I had deliberately asked Reena to wrap a shawl around her,
because there was no way I would had avoided her getting raped at
every corner of the street on our way to the college then. As the re-
introductions were made, we could clearly see the bulge in Rohan's
pants and he had trouble hiding it. So Reena just went ahead,
grabbed his member over his trouser and whispered in his ear " Save
it for the evening, my stallion". As soon as we reached the hostel,
the night watchman Pande stopped us. He motioned us to follow him
toward the back of the hostel building. He motioned us to enter
through the back gate of the store where he had deliberately
switched off the lights. As we were entering, I saw Rohan hand over
a 500 Rs note to Pande. As Reena was entering inside Pande couldn't
prevent himself from grabbing her ass cheeks and giving them such a
squeeze that Reena also was surprised. Pande just smiled and
vanished into the darkness. I could sense the anticipation of the
night's excitement on Reena's face.
The door to the room was opened by Akshay. He gave customary
greeting to us and gave a bouquet roses to Reena that he had brought
for tonight and gave her peck on her lips. In return Reena opened up
her purse and gave him a sachet of condoms, saying " This is more
suitable today" . In reply, Akshay used his other hand to hold her
ass and pulled her closer. "you've got a great figure and you're
gorgeous- Trust me, you look like Shilpa Shetty"...!....he said.

"Thanks" was the reply that came from Reena. Next he pulled Reena
closer to his body with the intention of giving her a little peck on
her cheek but before I knew it, their lips had met, his arm that was
around Reena's shoulders was holding her head tight. I felt his
tongue trying to part mom's lips, at the same time his other hand
moved down to mom's thighs and he began stroking them. I had to pull
Akshay away from Reena, saying that we had her for the entire night.
Akshay thanked me again and again for presenting an opportunity to
fuck such a sex goddess.

I asked Akshay about Jenny, and he said that she was being
fucked by Vikram in the adjoining room. Just then Vikram emerged
from the adjacent room. He looked exhausted and was having a towel
wrapped around his waist. We all teased him about his first sex, and
he blushed a lot. He kept stealing glances at Reena and we could see
the effect it was having on him, as we could see the tent forming in
his towel. Suddenly, Jenny emerged from the same room, wrapped in
the bed-sheet and asked if someone else was ready to have her. I
asked Akshay to proceed saying I wanted to see Reena getting fucked
first. So Akshay grabbed Jenny by her waist and lifted her
completely. Akshay was the tallest amongst us and Ofcourse the most
bigger. Jenny immediately wrapped her legs around Akshay's waist and
her lips around his lips. As they went inside the next door, I
shouted " Make some noise or you will still be considered a virgin".
All of us had a good laugh at this.
Rohan was seated on the opposite chair and his face looked
flushed, so I made an announcement that he would be the first one to
have Reena. There was immediately boo's from Vikram who was also
back to complete erection now. I signaled Reena to start her
performance for the night.

Reena approached Rohan and sat down in his lap, placing his hands
over her naked waist. Reena kissed him deeply, passionately, their
tongues entwining and exploring each others mouths, sucking on each
others tongues, I saw his hand go to Reena's thigh and again he
started to pull up along the outside of Reena's saree. I could see
Reena's body tensed up as his hand that held Reena's waist moved
down and started to rub up and down over her bare waxed and silky
thighs. Rohan continues to stroke her leg and was getting higher and
higher. I felt his hand reach mom's bare skin above her things, and
touch while her legs were tight together. He was going beyond limits
and I could see that Reena was getting very hot and aroused.

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As they kissed deeply, he slid his hand down the front of mom's
blouse and took hold of
her hard nipple between his fingers; he tweaked it, making it even
harder and bigger. Rohan stood up and kissed mom fiercely, his hand
went to her
tits and he mauled and squeezed them, "Oh, you feel so good, so
fucking good!" he said.
He pressed hard against mom's mouth, his tongue desperate to explore
first her mouth and then the rest of her body.

"Do you want me to suck your dick, Rohan? Tell me?....Reena said.
Rohan responded by pushing her hand away, swinging around to sit up
the edge of the bed. He looked at her pointedly, then grinned,
his fingers and pointed at his cock. She dropped to her knees in
front of him and confronted the now alert monster. Reena wrapped her
fingers tightly around his throbbing cock, sliding her fist to the
root. Reena lowered her head, pressing her thick lips to his hot
rod. Like a true slut, she thrust her tongue out, eagerly licking
the tasty cock juice from the tingling tip of his

With closed eyes, Reena let her lips slide onto his pulsing dick
slurping in inch after inch of his throbbing cock. She then started
sucking his cock extremely hard, keeping her eyes
closed as she nursed lovingly and contentedly on the aching
stiffness of his hard-on. She forced her face closer to his hairy
crotch, and Rohan's stiff cock responded to her hard, wet sucking by
getting even bigger and stiffer inside her hungry mouth.

Reena started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth with
Rohan's cock. Her fingers tightened on the root of his cock. Then
she furiously started jacking his cock as she sucked the
tip, swirling and basting her tongue around the mushroom-shaped
crown, lapping up the salty spunk as it dribbled out of his aching,
stiff cock.

Reena's face was like that of a contend slut as she started sucking
his stiff cock as hard as she could, rapidly puckering and bellowing
her sexy cheeks around the cum-laden stiffness of his cock. It was
an erotic sight to see how his cock was fully sucked inside mom's
mouth and the way it moved in and out of it. She was desperate to
nurse a heavy, spurting load out of his cock, to swallow as fast as
she could. Rohan clutched her head, thrusting his hips off the bed,
fucking his cock another inch between her juicy lips. A tremendous
shower of spunk blasted out of his swollen cock head, squirting and
splattering down mom's throat. Reena gurgled and slurped and clung
to the cream-shooting cock, loving the taste of his cock cream.
After nearly half a minute, the cum-explosion was over, Reena raised
her head from his crotch, dazed and desperately horny, running her
tongue around her mouth to lick up the cream.

Reena's saree was pulled off in as instant and soon his blouse
followed suit. Rohan teasingly threw it in my direction and it
landed on my face. I immediately smelled it, unzipped my cock and
wrapped it around my throbbing member. Now the only thing that was
holding her 36DD boobs was the black half-cup bra from which her
boobs were oozing and struggling to come out of it. With the
simplest of the tugs in the world, Rohan pulled at Reena's petticoat
and it fell down at her feet. Reena was wearing the black lacy
panties, which one of her rich European clients had gifted her. Her
ass check very much visible, from the position I was at, and it
immediately drew attention from Rohan who started squeezing them,
bringing out slow moans from Reena. Now he lifted her up and laid
her on the bed, falling besides her and pulling her close.

Reena and Rohan were now semi-naked and in a wild embrace on the
bed! Reena was clad only in her bra and panties. The look on Reena's
face was incredible as she tilted her head to receive the hot kisses
Rohan was delivering to her lips, mouth, and tongue. Their hands
raced over each other's bodies, as they raced to divest themselves of
the remainder of their clothing.

Rohan undid Reena's bra, and her magnificent breasts sprung free,
the nipples full, swollen with tension. "They're all yours, only
yours," Reena whispered, pulling
her shoulders back and thrusting her breasts out towards his face.
His mouth caught and sucked at the first nipple until it hardened,
then covered her other breast. Reena had her eyes closed, her hands
holding his head to her ample breasts. Her nipples had grown to tiny
points, the
rock-hard nubs jutting out proudly from her chest.

Rohan pushed down the elastic band of her panties now, moving his
hand down inside of her tiny lacy panties from the top. Reena
moaned passionately as his hand moved up and down against her pussy.
After a few more seconds of this he carefully eased her panties down,
moving them over her firm round ass. Once they cleared her beautiful
ass, her panties fell to the floor around her ankles. I went near
the bed and looking into Reena's eyes announced that it would be my
souvenir for this night.

Reena then bent her knees and spread her legs wide, and Rohan knelt
between her widely
flared hips, and kissed her distended clitoris with his tongue. As
he went down on her and plunged his face and tongue into her
beautiful pussy, Reena went wild. His tongue slowly and deliberately
circled Reena's swollen clit, teasing the pouting lips of her hot
pussy. Reena was writhing on the bed, moaning over and over again,
as she pulled his head closer into her bucking hips. Her eyes were
closed, her gorgeous face whipping from side to side on the pillow,
globular breasts heaving, as her body responded to his glorious

Reena was panting by now. Rohan slid his hand down moving it between
her thighs to press his fingers against her wet cunt. He looked
straight into her captivating eyes that were filled with deep lust.
Her cunt was really dripping and he knew how horny she was. Rohan
was very fascinated by her hot pussy. He just loved the thick cunt
lips and the way it responded out when he
touched her cunt. Rohan spread her stout, smooth thighs apart,
staring at the wet, throbbing cunt that was waiting desperately for
his big stiff cock.

Reena moaned and asked him to ram his cock inside her cunt. Rohan
sprawled her long legs, pushing her thighs to give his mouth a
better access to her throbbing, tasty cunt. Reena shuddered, biting
her thick lips as she felt the first pressure of his tongue sluicing
between the fragrant thick folds of her thick and shaved pussy.

Rohan held her cunt lips open with his fingers, allowing him to
thrust his tongue deeper into her wet, fragrant fuck hole. Her clit
was very fat and swollen, protruding at the top of her dark cunt
slit. Rohan moved his tongue higher, proving his skill as a cunt
licker as he began swabbing Reena's clit from side to side. Mom who
was naked screamed, clutching his head with both her hands. Then she
urgently started thrusting and fucking her hips off the bed,
urgently fucking her wet cunt onto Rohan's face. As I sat there
watching Rohan kept licking and kissing, pausing to rub his face on
her tanned belly and her deep, round, big belly button. Now he
straightened his
fingers, pushing them into the narrow, clinging interior of mine
sexy mom's cunt channel. Mom shuddered as he started jacking off her
throbbing pussy, licking directly on her clit at the same time. She
twisted her body in all directions and her face was full of lust.
Rohan took her clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but
forcefully, slurping on it, at the same time pumping his fingers
rapidly in and out of her aching cunt. Reena could feel the cum
up deep inside her, making her nipples and asshole tingle as the pro-
orgasmic sensations violently pleasured her whole body. Then she was
climaxing uncontrollably, while Rohan sucked her cunt and finger
fucked it all at the same time. Reena's cunt throbbed and spewed
giving Rohan a mouthful of cunt juice to lick and suck up. He kept
sucking her clit and jacking her off, guiding her through the peak
of her intense orgasm. It was nearly a minute before the spasms

Rohan now mounted naked Reena, crawling up between her thighs with
his giant cock, dripping cock pulsing over her tanned stomach.
Surprisingly Reena reached down, grasping his cock shaft and
directing the cock head to her cunt. She whimpered and bit her lip
as she felt his meaty cock boring into her and stretching her thick
lipped cunt to bursting around the invading
thickness of his cock. He spread her knees apart, to put his hips
in the best position to
hammer in his cock. Then he started stroking, in and out, fucking
his organ deeper into mom with every stroke. Reena raised her head,
looking down, watching the veined cock shaft going in and out of her
clinging cunt. The sight was very exciting to both of them. She
started humping and wiggling her juicy big ass thrusting her
throbbing cunt onto his huge cock.

Rohan started stroking harder, making Reena grimace and shudder as
he really started nailing his cock into her clinging, throbbing
cunt. At last it was all the way inside her, buried to his balls in
her cunt. Reena's cunt was sucking uncontrollably now, constantly
nursing around Rohan's stiff
cock. Rohan was motionless on top of her for several seconds. He let
his elbow bend, crushing her beautiful perky boobs under his hard
chest. As he slowly slid his giant cock head between her pussy lips,
mom screamed. Then Reena started wiggling and humping like a horny
bitch in deep sex, frantically fucking her tight, wet cunt onto his
stiff cock.

Rohan pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his bloated,
dripping hard-on distended into mom's cunt lips. He shuddered as he
came down hard again, again spearing every inch of his giant dick
into her juicy cunt. By then mom was humping like a sex-starved
her lovely boobs bouncing and quivering as she piston her cunt onto
his cock. Rohan tried to match her rhythm, slamming his cock deeply
into her buttery, sucking cunt.

Reena wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight,
gasping and squealing as her cunt throbbed uncontrollably around his
cock. Rohan panted on her
shoulders, and then started fucking her as hard as he could.
Relentlessly he worked his hips between her thighs, grunting as he
rammed his prick into the gooey depths of her
sucking cunt.

With a loud sigh, Rohan lifted himself upon his hands and knees, his
back bowed slightly as he looked down beneath him, and smiled as he
saw the reason for his pleasure. There below his hard, flat stomach
I could see the thick furry shaft of his cock just before it
disappeared into Reena's body. As he slowly but firmly thrust his
hips upward, causing that fat shaft to sink into my mother's dainty
little body, I saw her lift her body up off the bed in an effort to
receive as much of his cock as she possibly could.

Reena was in ecstasy, approaching orgasm, thrashing her head from
side to side, her thick black hair flying. Her body was damp from
the perspiration of her passion as she thrust her hips, taking his
length deep within her. Her pussy was slick with her juices, gushing
her wetness and making sucking wet sounds as Rohan pistoned his
raging penis deep into her.

Rohan with a final effort collapsed on top of her, ramming his cock
into the hilt. The scene was incredible. Reena was on her back, her
legs spread wide, thighs bent to her chest and held by Rohan. Her
head was turning side to side, eyes pressed shut in ecstasy as she
moaned in pleasure. Rohan was leaning forward over her, propping
himself up with his arms, driving his thick cock deep into my
mother's juicy pussy. Her legs were around the outside of his upper
arms toward his shoulders, her pussy was wet and wide open, as he
fucked her hard and fast with his
big tool. I watched as Reena's hips moved in perfect rhythm to my
friend's thrusts, his big strong ass bouncing up and down between
her delicate thighs.

Reena had enthusiastically received his huge penis into her again
and again, taking his cock deep into her cunt, moving with him,
returning his thrusts, joyously working her pussy onto his big hard

I had enjoyed the full session and now motioned Vikram to have a go
at her, I just smiled at myself thinking about the fun I was going
to have in the college this year with Reena.

Hopefully u guys must have liked this adventure. Have a nice time
jerking off to this post too.... guys & gals too.....

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A few hours later, we were back at home. Once inside, she put her hand on my crotch.

"Something is stirring." She squeezed softly.

In the room she walked over to dresser and started to take her earrings off. Then she unclasped her necklace. She pulled her T-shirt over her head and her big breasts jiggled. I had a clear view of them in the mirror. They were gorgeous. Full and round and her nipples were high on her breasts. The areoles were not large but the nipples jutted out at half an inch. The nipples and areoles were a darker tan then her skin. She noticed me gawking at her and her movements became deliberate and teasing. She was taking her time.

I walked over to her. I kissed her neck and smelled her hair. I turned her to me and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth felt soft and warm and comforting. Her tongue was playful and skilled. We started undressing, now with urgency. I pulled off my shoes and socks, nearly tripping. Pants, boxers, shirt tearing off the buttons... She kicked off her sandals and simply pulled her jeans down. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She was completely naked except for a thin gold anklet on her right ankle and the mangalsutra in her neck.

She was clean shaven. But the triangle around her pussy was nevertheless darker than rest of her skin. Her pussy lips were prominent and gorged. Swollen and separated so that I could see pink. I almost expected her pussy to speak, to command me to fuck her.

She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth, with a practiced move. It disappeared completely in her mouth. She started move back and forth, and then she licked my balls. She took each one in her mouth and I could feel her running her tongue over them.

She moved to my cock and swirled her tongue around the head. I wasn't going to last long.

I pulled her up. "Let me do you first."

"Okay, lover."

She laid down on the bed, spread her legs and raised her eyebrows at me, questioning, well what are you waiting for?

Yeah, sometimes life is good.

I start at the back of her neck because this is the best place to breathe in the scent of woman, this is the place where the feel and smell of hair is most intoxicating this is where I try to memorize the ecstasy forever but cannot. This is where her passion is. I look at her face. I trace my fingers lightly over her eyebrows and eyelashes, I trace her cheekbone to her chin, I brush ever so softly her lips. This is how I can look at her and I see wonder and beauty. And put my palm against her cheek and close my eyes and I can see in my mind her warmth, a flickering red warmth. I take her palm and bring it my check to feel your touch. And from her hand I take in the scent of toil and cooking, and the scent of overcoming strength. I kissed the inside of her arm and up the inside of her arm, very slowly. This is where her excitement is, and I can feel it on my lips. And I kiss the top of your shoulder and taste the sunshine and open air and heat. I kiss the middle of your chest, over your heart and it beckons, so I lay my head on her bosom and I hear pain and hurts but the beat is strong and surviving, and comforting. I feel at peace.

She looks so sexy in anklet only. I drink in with my eyes, patiently and unreservedly, her naked beauty. I move to her feet, kissing each toe, separately, and her arch and heel and her ankle and came back around to her instep, so that I understand the roads she has traveled and the roads where she lost her way. And I kiss up her legs to her knees, and the back of her knees, which were slightly moist, and full of her scent, and I understand the weights she had borne. And I kiss the back of powerful thighs, and move up from the coolness of her butt to the warmth of her spine and I kiss up her spine and I caress and massage the muscles around her spine, and to the back off her neck. I turn her over. And I spend a long time, with my eyes closed, memorizing her face with my kisses, feeling her peaceful mood through my lips. And I move down to the center of her chest, and feel her breast and nipple with my cheek and I kiss lightly, and the other breast, now jealous, demands attention that I am happy to give. I kiss down the center of her to her navel, kissing just barely, kissing only the light down on her belly so that it makes her shiver. And I move down further, my kisses getting more insistent. And I stop at her essence, and she is now lost completely in blackness with only one sensation, and she focuses on that, and she floats, and did her soul has become so incredibly light, and, and in her ecstasy she takes in the wonder and the appreciation of existence, and breathes out, hard, because the pleasures is on the other side of tender, and she put our head back and shut your eyes tightly so she can remember the feeling of ecstasy that she had just a fleeting moment ago.

Now I had her.

She screamed and she gushed. She actually squirted. I had never seen any other woman do that.

"Come up here," she said breathlessly and urgently, "come fuck me. God! Where did you learn how to do that? Nobody has ever eaten my pussy like that."

I wondered silently how many people had tried.

She grabbed my arms and pinched hard, hard enough to hurt. I slapped away her arms and spread her legs wider with my knees. Now I was rough because that's what she wanted. I manhandled her; I pulled her by the back of the knees closer to me.

I was already hard and she was so wet I slipped in without aid.

I pumped her slowly at first, enjoying the velvety feel of her pussy. She started scratching my back and hitting me. I got the message: she wanted it rough. So I pumped her hard, hard enough that her head was now banging against the headboard.

"Is this what you want? You want it hard like this."

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me bastard. Harder. Harder, don't be a pussy."

She had already sucked my cock and I had been in an unbelievably aroused state when I was eating her sweet pussy, so I didn't last long. I thrust hard and came like I never have before, grunting involuntarily. I squirted and then again and again and again. There was so much come I actually felt it squish out of her cunt and onto my balls.

My sweat was pouring on her face. She licked the sweat off my forehead, slowly, enjoying it, with a naughty smile.

"You're a really bad girl."

I extricated my cock slowly out of her cunt, not wanting to spill any come. I laid down beside her. I put a finger in her cunt, and another, and a third and started fucking her with my fingers. I then offered her my dripping fingers. She grabbed my arm and deep throated all three fingers.


I pulled her by the hair and forced her head down to my glistening cock. I laid down on my back and got comfortable, not letting go of her hair.

"Clean it off bitch."

She looked at me and laughed. "That's not you. Relax, you're doing fine. It's not your style to be tough, so don't try."

And with that she clasped her mouth around my cock. She licked hungrily and urgently, like a gecko lizard. She licked the come of my balls. She then swallowed my cock completely.

I was hard again.

She slowed down, enjoying the feel of my cock with her tongue. She swabbed the head and then she licked my balls. She got underneath and licked all the way to my asshole. She licked the side of inner thighs. She knew the spots. Wherever she licked I felt the warmth of her tongue and then sudden coolness of saliva left behind. It was ecstasy.

I was again close to coming. I grabbed both sides of her head. I held her still while I pumped her mouth. She stared at me; I stared at her. She looked so devilishly sexy with her disheveled hair, bangs wet with sweat, and my cock in her mouth and her reddened eyes high in her eye sockets as she maintained eye contact with me. My stomach muscles tightened and my legs tensed and my toes curled and let loose another huge load. Where is all this come coming from, I thought absurdly, even as I was enjoying the impossible pleasure of release. I felt her swallow. My pleasure was doubled knowing that she was swallowing. I had been a long time since a girl swallowed for me. I was breathing hard now and my stomach cramped. I thought I might have pulled a muscle.

She got most of my come. Some dribbled down the side of my cock but didn't get too far before her gecko lizard tongue got it.

"You taste so good," she whispered loudly. "Spicy! You must have had curry recently."

I was still enjoying the afterglow and I couldn't talk. My abdominal muscles were just beginning to relax but I was still breathing hard.

We fell asleep like that, with her head nuzzled in my crotch.

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One day my mom Reena and me were returning from a party. It was being
the month of October, the climate outside was quite pleasant. It was
about 11 pm and the roads were almost deserted. Having taken couple of
drinks in the party both Reena and myself were enjoying our company in
the car while driving. Suddenly, I could feel that the front tyre of my
car having puncture. I therefore, stopped the car and checked the tyre.
It had indeed gone flat. So, I decided to replace the tyre and pulled
out the jack and started putting below the car. Reena in the meanwhile
stood next to me watching me replace the flat tyre. Though there was no
street light nearby but, being previous day of full moon day the light
outside was quite romantic. Reena was looking quite sexy as she was
wearing a sky blue chiffon saree and a matching sleeveless blouse with
matching make-up. She had tied her saree below the navel exposing her
flat belly. She was wearing a high heel sandal and was looking really
quite gorgeous in the moonlight. Within couple of minutes I could feel
one Ceilo car passing us in full speed. But, the car stopped with
screetching sould of tyres. The car came back in reverse and stopped
near us.
One gentleman dressed neatly stepped out and asked me, “Hello,
has your car developed some problem?” “Yeah, I had a flat tyre and I am
replacing it.” I said. “Do you need our help?” the man asked. In the
meantime, two more young gentlemen in their mid twenties stepped out of
car. They were all neatly dressed and looked quite gentlemen like. I
said, “No, thank you I can manage.” The second person however intervened
and insisted for assisting me in replacing the tyre. I also seeing their
gentleman behaviour agreed. One of the men helpled in replacing the
tyre. Infact, he only did the entire job. Meanwhile, his other friends
were busy in talking to me and Reena. They asked about us and from where
we were coming etc. I explained whole of the episode.
While talking to them I could feel that they were eying at Reena.
Infact, their gentleman behaviour did not help me stop their free
talking to Reena. Even Reena also after initial hesitation started
talking freely to them with laughter whenever they cut jokes. Once the
job of replacing the tyre was over, Reena took out the water bottle
inside the car and helped both of us to wash our hands. Reena and myself
thanked them for their timely help and told them to visit our house
sometimes and gave them my business card. One of them took my card and
said “Yeah, certainly we will do” and started to their car. Reena and
myself also got into the car and started the engine. Suddenly, I could
observe that two of the men who had helped us rushed to our car and
stood next to the doors. One of them was having a revolver in his hand
and the other a knife whose the blade was shining in the moonlight. Both
Reena and myself were terrified. The man holding revolver put the pistol
to my head and asked me stop the engine. I obliged to his orders. “Why?
what is the matter ?” I asked him. “Madam, please come out of the car”
he told Reena in hard voice. “Why? what to you want? Reena asked. “Don’t
worry. We won’t harm you, if you follow our instructions” he said. Reena
came out of car. The person holding the knife told her to get into their
car. Meantime the man holding the pistol got inside my car and occupied
seat next to me. I could see Reena getting into the back seat of their
car and the man holding the knife sat in front seat. “Okay, now follow
our car” said man sitting next to me.
I followed his instruction. They started their car and I started
following their car. After travelling some distance their car was
stopped in an isolated place. The person driving their car came to me.
He ordered me to move to the back seat. I followed his instructions. He
tied my hands with a rope and also made me blindfolded. Soon I could
makeout my car moving. We kept on travelling for about 45 minutes. The
car stopped and the person driving my car got out and guided me into a
house. Once entering the house, he removed the blindfold. I could see
that I was in a palatial house, with marble floor and exquisite
furnishings. I could make out that there was no one except us. I could
also see Reena sitting on the sofa with a scarf tied on her eyes. They
had also tied her hands. Reena little terrified asked one of the men
standing nearby “What do you want? why you have brought us here. If you
want our ornaments or money please take them and leave us.” “Madam,
don’t worry. We don’t want your ornaments or money. We want you. If you
oblige us we’ll not harm you otherwise we don’t mind hurting both of
you” “No..you can’t do that” Reena said in a trembling voice. “Then you
just watch how we will hurt your son” said the guy holding the gun
and came near me. “No…No…please don’t harm him..” said Reena. “Then
please co-operate with us, we’ll not harm your son said one of the
guy. Reena kept silent. After couple of minutes the men asked us to move
upstairs. We entered one of rooms which had centre table and sofa set
with nice carpeting done. “Now relax. If you co-operate with us we will
not do anything , otherwise we don’t mind hurting both of you after
fulfilling our desires” said one of the guys. I felt it is better not to
do anything nonsense, so I told Reena to follow their instructions.
Reena though was scared yet she agreed with my suggestion.
After few minutes they untied our hands. Meantime, one of the guys
brought scotch whiskey and glasses. They made drinks and gave one glass
each to all. When they offered glass to Reena, she refused. Then one of
the guy said, “Madam, we know that you have taken some drinks already,
then why do you refuse now.” “No, I don’t want to have it now” Reena
said. “Then, we will force you to have it.” said one of the guy in harsh
voice and moved and sat next to her and took the glass and holding her
with his left hand tried forcing her to drink. Reena initially resisted
but seeing the situation started having the drink. “That’s nice” said
one guy and others laughed. While we were having drinks the guy sitting
next to Reena put his hands across her shoulders and started caressing
her bare arms. Others including me were watching his acts. In the
meantime, one guy suggested the other to put on a blue film on the
video. Others agreed to his suggestion and soon one of the guy put a
casette in the video. They had a nice blue film. All of us including
Reena started watching it. While watching the film guy sitting next to
Reena started moving his hands on her boobs from outside the blouse. He
also started kissing her cheeks and neck. Reena though was showing some
signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless, she
started allowing the guy to fondle with her. The guy suddenly held her
saree and pulled it. The saree came out of the pin fixed to Reena’s
blouse. Reena tried covering her chest with her hands. Looking at her
big bust one guy said, “Wow, she has lovely bust yaar. Remove her blouse
also.” The guy put his hand on the front of her blouse and pulled it.
The blouse got torn and her boobs wearing red coloured bra were exposed.
The other guys enjoyed the sight and laughed. The guy pulled out Reena’s
bouse. Reena was sitting on the sofa with her bra and saree on her lower
portion of her body. Reena got up and wanted to move out of the hands of
the guy sitting next to her. The guy however held the saree. That made
Reena to lose her balance and fell to the floor on the carpet. The guy
pulled out her saree forcibly. I could make out that Reena was
intoxicated and was not able to stand properly. The other guy who was
watching the action so far moved to Reena and fell on her body and
started kissing her. Others started enjoying with laugh. The guy held
her tightly and started kissing her passionately and started caressing
her thighs. While doing so, Reena’s petticoat moved up exposing her
lovely and shapely legs. The other man watching the scene said, “What
lovely legs she has yaar. Ask her to show her body to us.” “Yeah, that’s
right.” said guy lying on Reena and got up and made Reena to get up from
the floor. Reena was not able to stand properly and came near my chair
and stood next to me taking the support of the chair. I touched her with
affection and pressed her hands. Since, Reena did not undress one of the
guy came and took out knife and said, “Whether you will undress yourself
or should I undress you?” “No, I won’t undress” Reena said with
resistance. The guy holding knife put the sharp edge of knife below her
red bra and snapped it between her two boobs. The bra got cut between
her both the boobs and the bra got slipped from her shoulders. Reena
held her both her voluptous boobs with her cupped hands. All the guys
liked it and laughed. “Wow, what fantastic tits she has yaar !” said one
of the guys. “Show me her pussy also yaar !” said another guy. The guy
holding knife put the blade below her petticoat thread and snapped it.
Reena’s petticoat slid to the ground exposing her lovely thighs and
legs. As she was wearing a fancy panty inside she looked quite sexy in
that posture. Her hairs which were let loose were flowing across her
shoulders. Reena still stood holding her boobs with the cupped hands.
One of the guy watching all this got up and grabbed Reena from the back
and started kissing her neck and cheeks.
Suddenly, the guy holding knife put his knife and snapped the both sides
of her panty. The panty fell to the ground. That exposed her pubic which
was clean without any hairs. It looked to me that she had shaved her
pubic same day and may be she wanted to give surprise of her clean pussy
to me that night. But, the guys had the pleasure of seeing her neat and
clean pussy. The guys loved to watch her clean pussy. Reena removed one
of her hands from the boob and tried covering her pussy. That exposed
her one of the tits. Reena was looking quite sexy in that posture.Her
exposed breast looked quite firm and lovely shape. The guys grabbing
Reena put his hand and squeezed her exposed breast. Reena made a
shrieking sound. “Don’t make sounds, otherwise we will have to close
your mouth and still enjoy you” said the guy holding knife. Reena became
quiet. She removed her other hand also and put it on her pussy. Now,
both of her boobs were fully exposed. The guy holding her put his hand
on her both the boobs and started kneading them. He also caressed her
waist and sides of her thigh. While doing so he was kissing her neck and
cheeks intermittantly. All of us were watching the scene while hot
scenes were going on the tv screen. “Now, come on suck my cock” said the
guy holding knife and unzipped his trousers. Within minutes he removed
his trouser and shirt and stood only on the brief. “Come on !!!” he said
in harsh voice and stood infront of her. Reena with a fear in her eyes
kneeled before him and with trembling hands pulled down his brief. The
guy had a strong and muscular body. His dick was quite long and had
become erect. He held Reena’s hairs and pulled her mouth to his cock.
Reena took the guys cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. Reena
was a very good sucker. She sucked his cock forgetting everybody around
us. All of us were watching her sucking scene with apt attention.
I could make out, soon Reena also forgot everything and continued
sucking his cock. While sucking
Reena looked at me and smiled showing her liking for it. I also smiled
and gave her indication to continue without any resistance. Reena
continued her act. She started biting his cock. The guy was enjoying her
suck. He kept moaning “She is a fantastic sucker yaar!! She is too
good.” While she was sucking him the other guys also removed their
dresses and stood stark naked. I could see all of them had strong body
and had stout cocks. Reena looked at their cocks and smiled. One of the
guy standing next to her said, “What madam, do you like our dicks or not
?” Reena looked at the guy and smiled. The guy also smiled and said,
“Yaar let us not handle her roughly. She seems liking our company” “Is
it ?” said one who had shoved his cock inside Reena’s mouth. Reena
looked at him and smiled. “Then c’mon let’s enjoy” said the guy and made
Reena to lie on the carpet. Once Reena lay on the carpet he came in
between her thighs and guided the ‘head’ of his long penis inside her
pussy. Feeling her wet but tight pussy he yelled, “Wow, she has really
become hot yaar ! She has lovely cunt. I love fucking her” and continued
shoving his tool inside her box. While he was shoving his dick, the
other guy got near her head and pushed his cock inside her mouth. Reena
took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. This guy had a
thick and stout but small cock. I could see his cock hardly fit in her
wide mouth. Still, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She
moved her toungue on his balls and made him excited. The guy loved her
suck. “You are right yaar, she is fantastic” and smiled at his other
friend. Within minutes I could see the guy who was fucking Reena started
giving quick thrusts inside her box. Whenever, he thusted his dick Reena
made moaning sounds. The sight was quite exciting and erotic. I started
enjoying the sight.
Within few minutes the guys changed their position. The guy with thick
and stout cock laid back on the floor and asked Reena to come on him and
take his shaft. Since, Reena had become fully ‘hot’ without showing any
resistance climbed on him and held his cock in her hand and guided
inside her ‘honey pot’. She had to press hard to take his cock inside
her hot and wet pussy. From her facial expression I could make out that
she was deriving immense pleasure while taking his thick rod. Once she
could put his cock inside, she started moving her pelvis and enjoying
his fuck. She was really deriving full pleasure from the act. Reena
looked at me for a while. I was quite excited seeing the erotic scene
and I was busy in titillating my cock. Reena smiled at me. I asked her,
“Reena are you enjoying it?” “Yeah, darling I’m really enjoying” said
Reena. Hearing her words, the guys laughed and said, “Then come on all
us enjoy it fully.” They asked me also to join the orgy. I also removed
my dresses. My cock also had become erect. While one guy was busy
fucking Reena, I gave my cock in her mouth. I shoved my cock sitting at
her head and started caressing her tits. Reena took my cock and started
sucking it with great pleasure. I could see the three guys changing one
after the other and fucking Reena with immense pleasure. Fair and lovely
looking Reena made all the guys very excited and giving their best
performance in fucking her. Though it was a forceable sex, but still all
of us including Reena enjoyed it. All the guys including me fucked Reena
one after the other. Reena seemed having multiple orgasms which was
quite evident whenever she moaned with great pleasure. During the
process of fucking we all tried allmost all the postures. Since, Reena
had secretly expressed her desire for ’sandwich’ posture earlier, I
thought of trying the same. So, I asked the guy with long tool whether
he would like to fuck Reena’s arse. He said he would love to fuck her
arse. So, I asked him to apply some greasy thing to his cock and her
arse. He fetched a cold cream bottle and greased his tool with ‘cold
cream’. He also applied cream to her arse and made it greasy by shoving
his finger inside. Reena liked it and said to me “Darling I love you.” I
could make out from her words that she loved for my suggestion of
fucking her arse. Once, the guy finished greasing Reena’s arse, he made
Reena to kneel before him and holding the head of his cock pushed it
inside her arse. Reena felt his push inside her arse little painful.
But, soon she started enjoying it. The guy pushed his long cock inside
and started moving it back and forth. Whenever the guy pushed his hard
cock after retrieving outside, Reena moaned with great pleasure and
said, “Fuck me hard..I love it… fuck me” The sight of the guy fucking
her arse was terribly exciting.
After couple of minutes, I told the guy “C’mon let’s do the ’sandwich.’”
He initially did not understand. I explained him the ’sandwich’ posture.
He was quite surprised and said, “Does your mom like it” “Oh, I love to
do the ’sandwich’, that has been my long outstanding fantasy” said
Reena. All the guys were amazed to hear her words. They said that they
would also love to watch the position. So, I asked the guy to slowly lie
down on the carpet keeping his cock inside Reena’s arse. Reena also
slowly laid down on her side retaining the guy’s cock inside her arse. I
asked Reena to fold her left leg across the legs of the guy. That
exposed her pussy which was very eager to receive my cock. I stimulated
her pussy particularly her clitoris with my fingers. Reena enjoyed the
stimuli. In a sexy voice she said, “Mahesh, put your dick inside my box.
I am dying to have it in my hole..” Lying next to Reena, I put my erect
cock inside her wet cunt and started stroking. The guy and me
alternatively shoved our dicks inside her both the holes. The
alternative rythm made Reena mad with excitement. She started yelling,
“Fuck me hard..both of you.. fuck me hard…” The other two guys were
watching the ’sandwich’ with great fun. I could see, them masturbating
watching the position. After few minutes, I asked “Honey, are you
enjoying it” Reena said, “Mahesh, it is indeed very much enjoying.. I
love it.. continue till I come out” she said in sexy and passionate
voice. The guy and myself fucked her arse and cunt simultaneously for
about five minutes. Suddenly, the guy expressed that he is about to come
out. Reena also said, “Yeah, I am also about to come, both of you fuck
me hard and all of us will have simultaneous release…” I also made my
self ready for imultaneous release and started fucking her hard. When
the guy also pushed his tool hard inside, Reena screamed with pleasure
“Yeah…Yeah…I’m cumming.. I’m cumming.. fuck me hard.. harder…” and
soon all three of relaeased our cums simultaneously. Reena screamed in
sexy voice “Oh…God.. that was fantastic… I love it… that’s too
good..” The guy and myself also enjoyed the moment very much. The guy
said, “Really, you are a fantastic lady. I loved fucking you. You have such a hard and long cock your mom must be really enjoying it.” Reena said. “No, madam. She doesn’t give
such a pleasure. She is little old fashioned. She even doesn’t suck my
cock.” the guy said. “Okay, never mind. My cunt and arse really relished
your dick today.” Listening to her words one of the other guy said,”You
are really sexy and fantastic lay, Madam.” “Oh thank you very much. But,
you have torn my bra and blouse what should I wear now?” Reena asked.
“Sorry, Madam. We will give you a new dress.” said one guy and brought a
skirt and top from the cup-board. Reena had a nice wash and dressed up
in skirt and top. As it was 2 am in the morning, Reena and myself
decided to stay there only till morning and then leave. Reena agreed.
The guys made both of us to sleep seperately in one of the neatly done
bedrooms and they slept in other bedroom. When we retired to the bed, I
asked Reena, “Honey, did you really enjoy the fuck?” “Yeah, darling.
It was really a great experience.
All three of them had good cocks. I enjoyed very much their fuck” said
Reena. “And how was the ’sandwich’?” I asked her. “Oh, that was too
good. That guy has really a cock meant for ’sandwich’” said Reena.
“Should we call him to our house some other time?” I asked her. Reena
said, “I really love to have him. He is really fantastic.” In the
morning, we got up late due to tiring sexercise previous night. The same
guy whose dick Reena had liked came to our room with bed tea. Reena and
myself made him to sit. I expressed the desire of Reena and told him not
to inform his friends. He agreed and gave his contact numbers. He said
he is really happy to know this as he said, Reena was a good bed
partner. After that he left our room thanking us. Once we got ready all
the three guys came to us and thanked us and asked us to forgive them if
they were harsh. Reena said that she enjoyed their fuck and she did not
mind their behaviour at all, and infact it was really quite exciting.
Hearing to her words the guys became happy and everyone gave passionate
and lovely kisses to Reena and once again expressed apology for their
rough behaviour with her. Later, we bid good bye to them and left the

Posted : 12/05/2013 8:43 pm