Series of Adventures  


The lucky lady here is our maid who earned 200 rupees in an hour. I was sure
that Shruti (my maid servant) was a good damn virgin. It so happened that
once my maid (mother of shruti) had to go to her village as there was some
problem in her house. So she left her daughter in my house so that she could
look after our house till she return's.

I had never seen such a body figure like shruti's before and possibly will
never see. She had a great curve, with small but inviting breasts and a
round well shaped ass. I was attracted to her the very first time I saw her.
But as she was from a lower class family away from sex at such an early age.
I had decided that I would have her if not now then later but I never wanted
to use force. I was so attracted to her that when other guys used to look at
her I used to blow off and go mad. But as I had no authority over her I used
to be away from her. Shru had seen me peaking at her many times and always
she used to give me that heart-melting smile. I thought that she was
attracted to me but kept my thought myself. But on one such day, I thought
that I would ask her once.

I went to a corner where she was standing alone cleaning a window. At first
I talked to her on general topics but with the course of the evening had the
guts to put forth the question. I had thought that she would become angry
and thrash me up, but to my utter surprise she gave me her smile and said
that she was free at her home till her mother returns. I spent only two hrs
with her on that day which were like two years to me. I still remember it
was a Wednesday, I told pop that I was going to stay at my friends and
vanished off. When I knocked shru's door shru opened it. She was in her
sexiest dress, a T-shirt of my sister inscribed with 'I am yours' and a mini
skirt. She invited me. I had no patience left in me but thought to act wise.
I talked to her about her life slowly drifted to the reason why I was there.

Shruti told me that she was a virgin. I lifted her and took her to her
bedroom where I put off all the light except a zero watt bulb. I slowly
undressed her. I could see her nervousness. Her hands were shaking as she
helped me in removing off her skirt and shirt and knowledgeably she had not
worn any panties or bra. She had a small but well kept bush, her nipples
were very erect and I wondered why she wore bras at all. I could not resist
any more and started sucking hungrily on her tits without even undressing.
Shru moaned a bit as she felt the first mouth on her tit. I kept on shifting
her tits in my mouth. All the while my hands were playing with her bush and
I could feel the heat in my groins. My dick was straining against my @jeans
and would have made a hole if not Shru had asked me to remove the @jeans. I
very impatiently tore open my @jeans and shirt. My seven-inch cock swung
majestically in the air. Shru could not take her eyes of the first dick of
her life. Seeing it she must have thought that how was she going to take
such a monster in her virgin hole.

She held my cock in her hands. I told her to suck it but she hesitated.
After coaxing for a long time she became ready to suck on my cock. She
removed her tongue out and licked the tip of my mushroom. She later took her
tongue back. Then after taking a deep breath, she put my dick into her
mouth, first an inch then other and finally almost the whole of it. She
removed my dick out of her mouth slowly and put it in back. Then she gave me
the greatest blowjob of my life. As I was about to cum, I told her to remove
her mouth off my dick and as soon she removed her mouth, I cummed all over
her face and breasts. She went to the toilet to wash herself. When she came
back she looked even sexier as she had wet her beautiful curly hairs . I
grabbed her by the hair and our lips met. She was kissing for the first time
so she seemed a little inexperienced. But I forced my tongue through her
lips and our tongues met. I pushed her on the bed, and jumped myself. Then I
spread her legs as far as I could and put my cock slowly into her cunt. She
let a scream as the head of my cock entered her.

Slowly and steadily I put the whole of my cock into her. She was very tight
as she was a virgin and this made my dick ache but that increased the
pressure more. Shru kept on screaming for some time but later thought of
enjoying the feeling of being fucked and coordinated with every thrust of
mine. Slowly I could feel the pressure on my groin. But I didn't want to
make her pregnant seeing no other alternative left I told her to suck my
She obliged like a pet dog and started sucking me. I came in her mouth and
thought that she would spit the cum away but to my surprise she drank every
drop of it. Happy with what she had done to me I licked her into her orgasm
and believe me her juice tasted just like nectar. After that both of us fell
asleep in each other's arms. after about 2 hrs later I got up and found her
still asleep and naked. She looked very beautiful with her innocent face. I
felt sorry that I made her lose her virginity but then raised up, took a
bath and went away.

Posted : 05/10/2011 10:43 am