Our life had gotten stuck in a rut. Shama and I had moved to Karachi two years ago after I took an exciting job offer. It had seemed like the perfect thing to do at the time. Even though it was far from Islamabad, with my new salary, more than twice what I’d been making before, we figured we’d be happier than ever. After all, everything had been going fine up until then. Shama got a job as a Marketing Manager of a real estate agency, and I’d started my job as financial planner for high-income individuals, Karachi is extremely wealthy, and my services were in demand. But that resulted in me working overtime, and Shama spending a lot of time at work to keep from being bored. So our life became work, home, and sleep. We were both too tired to do much, and on the weekends we spent time working around the house or grocery shopping rather than doing anything fun. Especially not having sex. Our sex life had become nothing, from constant screwing two years ago. I was getting out of s
Hape as well. I was 5’9″ and close to 180 lbs., a lot of it in my expanding belly. Sitting and calculating numbers all day, while snacking to keep my energy levels up, took its toll on my body. My muscle mass decreased, and I even began dressing worse. Shama, for her part, continued to look good, however. At 5’4″, she’s always had a great body, with nice firm legs, a nice solid ass, 34B breasts, and fleshy, sexy arms. But still, everything else had gone down hill. Back home, we’d known so many people in our town.

All that changed the day Shama met Anjum & Ali. They were an educated couple. They were both Doctors. They were looking for a home, and had gone to Shama’s agency. When she got home the day after meeting them, Shama couldn’t wait to talk about them. She said they were both intelligent, good-looking, fun loving, attractive and open. Shama had invited them over for dinner that weekend. Shama was right. They were great, very good-looking (especially Anjum). Anjum was Shama’s height, with a thinner body. Though not as shapely as Shama, with a little more weight in her ass and middle, it was just enough to make her more voluptuous. Her face was the best part of her. She was fair, with long, pointed features and big, doe-like eyes, and an incredible, pearly white smile. Ali was taller than me, 6′, and well built, though not extremely muscular. He had a slight paunch, but one that didn’t make him unattractive. Shama said she thought he was sexy, with his good looks and charm. We all
Took to each other immediately.

Ali played tennis and when I said I had played in high school, he suggested I take it up again, as he was looking for a partner. So soon after I was playing sports again, and I slowly began to get back into shape. Shama and Anjum became best friends as well, and after Shama found the couple a home, in the neighborhood adjacent to ours, they began to go out shopping to furnish the house. Four months after meeting Anjum and Ali, our lives had improved dramatically. I’d cut back on work and begun to go to the gym. And our sex life improved. With the renewed energy, Shama and I began having sex again, sometimes two or three times a week (which was a marked improvement from the zero times a few months before). The four of us made Saturday’s our weekly get together, and often ended up spending the entire day together.

They’d come over for lunch, and then Ali and I would go play some tennis at our neighborhood tennis court while Anjum and Shama took a stroll. Then Anjum & Ali would head home to freshen up, and we’d go to their place for dinner and then out to a movie. One such Saturday, Shama and I were sitting on the couch in our house, Ali and Anjum seated in the sofa across from us, after our afternoon tennis and stroll. Ali and I had played a tough match, with the game getting a little more competitive than usual. He had won, barely, and had been ribbing me about it. We were both energized from our match, the endorphins flowing, and it had been all in good fun. Ali talked about how people in Islamabad were so much more competitive in sports than in Karachi, and soon the four of us began discussing the differences between the two countries.

“Certainly,” said Anjum, “one of the biggest differences is the attitude toward sex.”

“Yeah, I can’t imagine sex is so taboo,” I said, with Shama agreeing.

“It can be rather difficult. Especially if you’re like us,” Ali said, smiling.

“Oh, yeah? And how is that,” Shama asked. She was leaning against me, with my hand resting on her leg, and I gave it a squeeze as I thought about sex.

“Well, we’re not exactly your conservative Pakistani couple,” Ali said.

Anjum gave Ali a mischievous look, and then said, “But at least we live in Karachi. It is the most liberal city in Pakistan, and we meet like-minded people.”

“Like-minded people,” I said questioningly. “I can understand wanting to be open in conversation with people, but why did you need to meet ‘like-minded people’?”

“Well,” said Anjum, “if you are as adventurous as us, you must meet similar people to be able to do what you want to do.”

The two of them gave us devilish smiles, which could have just been joking, or more.

“Well what sort of things do you need to meet people to do,” Shama asked with a smile.

Anjum and Ali exchanged looks, and then Anjum got up. She walked over to our couch and sat down next to us. Without asking she pulled Shama up off me, towards her. She then put a hand on Shama’s waist, and began rubbing it up her side. Then, still smiling, she leaned forward and kissed Shama, one hand going up to Shama’s tit. Shama hesitated for a moment, and then opened her mouth, kissing back, putting a hand over Anjum’s. After almost half a minute they broke their kiss.

“That sort of thing,” Anjum then answered.

I stared, in shock. Had I really just seen what I had? And had Shama just kissed her back like that? Shama turned to me, and then smiled.

“What did you think,” she asked me.

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I didn’t know how to answer. Then Anjum moved Shama out of the way and sat next to me. Without warning she leaned into me and planted her lips against mine. Instinctively I kissed back. In any normal situation I would have pushed away, but with the sexual energy now filling the room, the endorphins running through me, and the sheer excitement of a woman like Anjum, the only thing I could do was kiss back. Anjum’s hand was then on my crotch, massaging my hardening cock. I put my hand over hers just as Shama had done, and our kissing became even more passionate. I then reached up and grabbed for Anjum’s body, pulling her to mine. I ran my hands over her, feeling her back, her tits, and the soft folds of flesh by her belly.

All of a sudden I realized what I was doing and pulled away. When I did I looked for Shama, for what she’d say. I expected her to be crying, or in a rage. Instead I found her next to Ali, being massaged by him as they watched. Shama and Ali smiled, and then I felt a tugging at my waist. Anjum was undoing the drawstring of my shorts, and before I could stop her she pulled my cock out. She immediately bent down and slurped it down, and it was all I could do not to cum. I still couldn’t believe what was happening, and watched with wide eyes as Anjum blew me. I kept looking back to Shama and Ali, both of who were eagerly watching. As Anjum expertly sucked my cock, Ali’s hands slipped underneath Shama’s shirt to grab her huge tits. Shama closed her eyes and moaned, then leaned back into his chest. He was sitting straddling her from behind now, and he began to rub his crotch against her butt.

As Anjum blew me, I pulled my shirt off and lay back. She sucked and slobbered like a pro, devouring my six inches. Though not long, I am somewhat thick, and I knew Anjum was getting a mouthful. She worked her head up and down, her hands massaging my nuts, making loud slurping noises as she did so. Her saliva began to run down my cock and onto my balls, and she rubbed the mixture of her spit and my pre-cum juice all over my nuts. She then pulled back, smiling. My cock slapped against my stomach. She grabbed and pulled my shorts off me.

I was now completely naked, the only one. It actually excited me, being the only one. Anjum then pulled her shirt off. I quickly sat up and came to her, grabbing for her tits. They weren’t huge, but still nice, small b’s. I squeezed them through her bra, and then helped her out of it. Her tits were round and flopping in a cute way, with big areolas and small nipples, and I pinched the tips of them, and Anjum giggled. Then I suddenly remembered Shama and looked over. She was now naked and Ali was fingering her. She was leaning back against him, with his face inverted over hers, their tongues dancing. Anjum had stood up and pulled her shalwar off, now completely naked. She looked fabulous. Her imperfections, the extra weight around her middle, the bigness of her butt, were a total turn-on. I had her lay back on the couch, and she happily spread her legs.

“Make me cum,” she said, and I went down determined to do so.

She smelled wonderful. Before licking, I inhaled her scent. She was shaven down there, and I ran my fingers through her soft lips. Spreading them wide, and moving the hair out of the way, I pressed my face against her cunt and started licking, rubbing my nose against her clit. Anjum moaned and began playing with her tits. I licked up and into her gash, taking a finger and stimulating her clit with it now. I wet the finger first, and then began to wet her clit, taking juices from her pussy and running them all over her button. She tasted wonderful, and my cock grew harder as I gave her head. She wrapped her long legs around my head, pulling me in so that I was sucked into her nether regions.

Since her legs were wrapped around my head by going over my shoulder, I now had access to her big round ass. With my free hand I began to squeeze the cheeks, and then found her crack. I slid my middle finger down her back slit until I came upon her asshole, and then I slowly inserted it. This got Anjum going like anything, and then she came, her body shaking. Anjum and I untangled and I came up to see Shama and Ali both totally naked now. Ali had a nice body, long and full, his slight belly somehow adding to his attractiveness, just as Anjum’s imperfections did. He had a long cock, about seven inches. He was standing with one knee on the sofa, Shama sitting on the couch before him, his dick waving in front of her face. She grabbed it, stroking it, then looked over at us.

“Put it in your mouth,” Anjum told her. And I agreed. “Put Ali’s fat cock in your mouth.”

She needed no more urging, and instantly opened her mouth. Ali guided his dick into her open face, and, holding the sides of her head, began to fuck her face, pumping his ass forward. Shama loved it, taking his long shaft down her throat. My wife is able to deep throat, but with me the talent is somewhat wasted. On Ali she eagerly used it, relaxing her jaw and letting him have his way with her. Soon gurgling noises began coming from Shama’s throat as the saliva built up in her, and Ali began to thrust faster. It was incredible watching Ali, tall and brown, fucking the face of my wife. Soon, I could tell Ali was close to cuming.

He said, “Yeah, swallow it, swallow my entire cock,”

And pulled her face further upon him, so that her face was pressed against his lower abdomen on his thrusts. Finally he pulled out and pointed his prick at Shama’s face. A huge shower of white semen sprayed forth, coating her. I’d never even tried to do something like that with her before, and I was delighted to see it done. His blasts continued to come, and Shama sat there happily taking it.

When he was done, Anjum crossed the room and sat down across from Shama. She began licking her husband’s cum off of my wife’s face. As she did, she pressed her face against Shama’s, the cum rubbing onto her, and they French-kissed, sharing his seed. It was beautiful, watching the pair lick and swallow cum back and forth. Ali came over and took a seat beside me, and we both watched. Even after they were done, they continued to kiss each other. They pressed themselves against each other, lying down on the couch, and playing with each other’s tits. It was awesome watching the two bodies, different, but both exquisite. Shama, firm and shapely; Anjum, a bit lighter, thinner in some places, fatter in others.

Ali said, “Look at our wives. They are gorgeous together.” And then looking at me, he said, “Well, look at you, still.”

My cock was still raging hard, unsatisfied yet, and Ali grabbed it. It was the first time I’d ever had a guy touch my dick. He pointed it towards the women, and said “Anjum, you need to finish what you started.”

The pair broke apart and looked up. Shama’s eyes widened upon seeing my cock in another man’s hand, and Anjum looked excited.

“Well, we shall have to amend that.” Anjum sat back on the couch, and then spread her legs wide. “Go and fuck my wife,” Ali said, and I gladly went. I knelt in front of Anjum, between her spread legs. Shama reached down and grabbed my dick, guiding me into Anjum by the base. When the head touched Anjum’s moist, cute lips we both sighed, and then I let my weight take me down and sink into her. Now deep inside of her, I began pumping into her, nice and steady, not fast, not slow. Shama began running her hands over our two bodies, telling us how sexy it was too do so, how much she loved seeing us like this.

“Do you like watching your husband screw me,” Anjum asked Shama between gasps.

“Oh, it is so fucking incredible. My husband is your’s.”

I fucked Anjum long and hard, with both Ali and Shama encouraging me on. Then Shama got into the same position as Anjum, sitting right beside her with her legs spread, her left leg slung over Anjum’s right. Ali came over then, his cock hard again, and he entered my wife. I watched his long shaft slide into Shama even as I fucked his wife, and soon he and I were thrusting in tandem, our wives moaning and groaning, the four of us all gasping, the slapping of our bodies making wonderful, fleshy noises, the sounds of sex filling the room.

Finally I came.

I moaned and said, “I’m gonna cum!” Anjum pulled me into her, and orgasm shook me. I deposited my semen deep into Anjum. Her pussy clamped down around my cock, and she came as well, her body shaking. I then slumped down on top of her, and we kissed as her husband and my wife continued to fuck. Ali was giving it to Shama with great force, their bodies just inches from us. In fact, they were so close that they were touching us, and the four of us were in sexual bliss, myself and Anjum coming down, Shama and Ali coming up. Then Ali gave out a yell, and he came into my wife’s cunt. His body shook, and he collapsed onto Shama, pressing his heavy weight onto her. Shama for her part loved it, and pulled him closer.

Afterwards the four of us lay there, our bodies spent, sexual smells and sighs filling our noses and ears. We all exchanged kisses, and Ali even massaged my shoulders and chest, and I did his butt. We all lay there experiencing each other. That day was the first of our new sexual life. I later found out that Anjum had seduced Shama before, though never going beyond kissing and petting. Anjum had told Shama she wanted to introduce us into the realm of group sex, but had never told her when. But it happened to be that day, and we are so glad they did. Anjum and Ali brought us to a whole new world of sexual pleasure, and they’ve become closer than best friends ever since……..

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