Sex in the woods  


Hi i have just found this site very recently and almost read all the stories.Of these stories i believe atleast some of them are real one’s.Anyway i am going to narrate you my first experience of sex.I am 23 yrs old and recently i have completed my engineering from m.p. even though i am from hyderabad.i have done my engg in a very remote town of karnataka.Right from my teens i wish i could masturbate everyday but there was no privacy in home in hyderabad.So after i joined the hostel ,whenever my roomates were away i used to masturbate almost every day.But this has become a routine so i wanted to do it adventurously,i always dreamt of new ways and adventures in sex.

So later i started to go for a jog everyday in early hours of the day about 5.30 am in the morning and but instead of jogging on highway , i choose the mud road behind my college which would lead to the hills and forest area.i jogged, walked , ran for 40 min but the hills and forest area was far away it will take me another 20 min to reach.So for the fear of getting tired i didnt go to the hills for about a week. Then one fine day i gathered courage and went all along to the hilly area. It was very nice place,very much like a deserted area but…….There was a camp like small village with about 20 small houses and all the people in them were working labourers for stone mining in the hills. But the village was far off from where i used to go and do my excersise(normal excersises(areobics) and not the exercise with my tool). So daily i started going to the hilly area and do excersises for 1/2 hr. But i didnt masterbate the for the fear of getting noticed by the villagers. But one day i gathered the courage and went inside one of the dug out holes caused by stone minning in the hill. I took off my clothes slowly ,in few moments i was completely naked. I took my small 5 inch tool in my hand and slowly started playing with it.

Wowwwwwwwwwwww……… It was like heaven ,in the open air with cool breeze blowing …….. Hmmmmmmmmm i cant just describe in words……..then everyday i did masturbate in the hills.One day it so happened when i was doing my normal excersise, a man came near me and patted on my shoulder. I was just afraid……. Shushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i slowly turned back and saw a villager aged about 50 yrs. He asked me what i was doing here? I said i was an engg student of the college nearby and i daily come here for jogging and excersing. He said thats ok and introduced himself to me as the village sarpanch and told me that he was going to the town now to buy few things and he showed me his house pointing his finger and told me to come there on any day if i needed help such as water. Then he left the place…few days i did my routine and one day i was really feeling exhausted after masturbating twice in 1 1/2 hrs (usually i take about 20 min to even 1 1/2 hrs to masturbate sometimes).so i decided to go to sarpanch house and have some water.

I slowly went there,the sarpanch recieved me with due respect and introduced me to other neighbours , suddenly all the villagers surrounded me and with great interest started to chat with me. Then as i asked for water, the sarpanch ordered his daughter to bring water.oh god! I was just out of words looking at his daughter she was gorgeous! Thin with big 34 size boobs.and she was also very very fair with country side fair know how country side fair color girls will be…….I wished i could fuck her. Oooooooooooo what am i doing? I regained my senses and took my eyes off her. The sarpanch introduced her as his daughter as reka.i said namaste and started chatting with sarpanch and villagers.

Then sarpanch told me that behind the hills, if i futher go straight on a mud road there are two ways east and west.Both are forest areas. All the ladies or wives of villgers went to the western forest area for getting vegetables, fruits and sell them in the town for money. And nobody will go to the eastern side as very less vegetables grow there and also it is very deserted area.he said they all lived in the town but for stone mining they shifted to this deserted area 1 yr ago and so they all knew bit of hindi language and popular english words. For some time i chatted and then left the place.The next day i went all the way to eastern forest area where i found noboby. There i freely took off my clothes and masturbated in the open area.i looked around and saw some vegetable plants as well as trees of fruits like gauva,mango etc. Masturbation in that area continued for 2 more days.

The next day was an unforgettable in my life……… As usual i started to go there when i saw a young girl wearing saree going there, i was surprised as no villgers come to the east side of the forest.i slowly followed her……… She went deep into the forest(doest have animals except for rabbits and deers). Then at a dead end , she suddenly turned around,i was frightened and so i hid myself behind a bush.she didnt notice me and hence she headed behind a bush.i slowly tip toed and reached the place. I couldnt believe what i had saw she was the sarpanch’s daughter reka. Oh no! She was completely naked………….. My tool just got up looking at her lovely assets……… Her clothes were besides her and she was facing the other side. I was standing behind her at a distance.

She was fondling her breasts,i couldn’t see it clearly. There was a big gauva tree over her at a certain height. I climbed the tree and i could have a clear view of what she was doing.she was squeezing her breasts, they were milky white country side fairness, her nipples were small and dark.slowly as she was playing with her breasts the nipple pointers became errect and stiff oh she was aroused………. Seeing which my tool was unbearable in my track pants.i just loosened my pants and let my dick come out in free air.oh wait i didnt describe her pussy right? Yes her pussy was a virgin pussy with a big bush of hair over her pussy and not had much hair near her pussy.probably it was never shaved i thought. But her pussy lips were clearly visible.

Oh wait …… She suddenly got up!!!!!!!!!! She walked a few steps and bent down near a vegetable plant oh aaaaaaaaaaaaah her assssss this time i could seeee her fair assssssss, it was wonderful!!!!!!! She plucked out a vegetable,can u guess what it was???? It was a karela!!!! She came back to the place and lied on her back. Slowly she fingered her pussy. She took out her fingers and spit on them to supply some lubrication like saliva. I thought i could lick them, i didnt know how it would taste once i had tasted my own cum.but didnt had sex anytime and so i had no idea how female cum would taste like.

Then she took the karela in her right hand and with her left hand fingers parting her pussy lips, she slowly introduced karela into her cunt. With great difficulty, with the help of her left hand fingers parting her pussy lips all the time she inserted the thin and narrow karela into her cunt about 3-4 inches. Then she began the pumping motion with the karela slowly. Oh my god she was feeling it………sounds like oooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh came out of her mouth which made my cock even stiffer. Now slowly sitting on the branch i too started masturbating. I didnt cum but she had.she came in once.i think she was satisfied.she took out the karela from her cunt and breathed heavily. I guessed right she was preparing herself to go home. I immediately got off the tree and thought it would be today the day for loosing my virginty.i headed away from her to a good distance and removed all my clothes.i lie on my back and started playing with my dick. 10 min passed away still no sign of her.i didnt had patience and hence i tip toed towards her and noticed that she was preparing to wear her saree. I knew she would come in few mins , so i immediately went away ,lie down and started playing with my dick.

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I knew that if she see’s me in this condition either she will come to me or else she would watch me from a distance.and as i was thinking so i felt someone approaching me. Out of excitement i pumped my dick even faster. And yes she approached me and said “Ravi Sir” as i was lying down on my back i could see her head over me at an altitude of 4 feet. In that very excitement i exploded and all the white cum of mine was spilled on my groin if i was shocked to see her , i suddenly got up and covered my dick with my hands.then she said ” yeh aap kya kar rahe hai Sir?” then i said “tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?” then i said “tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Yaha east forest mein to koyi nahi ata hai, tho tum kaise aayi??”she said” mein vegetables ke liye aayi hoon!” i said very much pretending to be innocent of what happened few minutes back(her masturbation) ” plzzz yeh baat kissi ko mat kahena ki mein yaha nanga , apni lund se khel raha tha!”

She said very much nervously “ha nahi bata oongi , lekin app mujhe apni lund dikayieh plzz , maine admi ke lund ko kabhi kareeb se nahi deka!”then i kept quiet but she again said plzzzzz she was afraid that she may be raped by me, so she in very low voice was telling me plzzz plzzzzzzthen i said “ok, lekin yeh baat kissi ko mat bata na” saying so i took off my hands away from my dick and letting her view my dick. My dick was still a bit stiff inspite off cumming may be cause of the reason of having a beautiful damsel infront of me.then i put aside my shyness and staared at her……..she was frightened!!!!!!!!So i slowly took off my eyes and that made her relax a bit.then i made the initial move and told her “mere paas aao , meri lund ko paas se dekho”she didnt , so i moved towards her. She was very nervous, so was know she and i were virgins.i told ” meri lund ko pakad ke dekho, bohot accha lage ga”as we were close enough..she very nervously lookin at my face and then towards my dic , repeating this raised slowly and touched my dick.she and i felt as if electric shock was felt in our bodies.she was slowly touching it and examining it.

Then i said ” kya tum mere liye ek kaam karogi? ”

She said “kya Sir?” i said “meri lund ko jor se pakad kar hilaogi?”

Then she said “tik hai” and slowly she grabbed my dick firmly and started shaking it side wise.

I said “aise nahi aise” and showed the way to pump my dick.

She in excitement she started to pump my dick.

I told her that i would be lying on the ground on my back and she can pump my dick. Saying so i lied down and she was sitting on her knees beside me and pumping my dick vigourously.

By this time she gained confidence that i wouldnt harm her. Now i was staring at her boobs ,but she didnt mind and was not at all feeling nervous now.

I asked her “kya tum meri lund ko apne moo se choosogi?” she said ” chi chi ganda hai”

I asked her “tumne kissi se choodvaya nahi?” she said “nahi”, she had seen her neighbour’s fucking once. I said”kya tum ne gandi film nahi deki?” she said “woh kya hai?”

She had never viewed a porn film and she had only viewed rape seens in normal hindi movies on DD1 channel

Then i explained her about “blowjob”

She said she wouldnt do that.

Then i said ” apni choot batao ,tho mein apni moo se oose choos ke bata oonga” she said “nahi Sir” hesitantly.

But then i put my right hand on her back and inserted into the back of her blouse.

She got excited but she didnt mind

I said “aur jor se hilao meri lund ko”

She was pumping me faster, but as it was my second time to come(i will really take 1 hr to cum no matter how faster my dick is being pumped such is my potential.)

Now slowly as my hand was inside her blouse on her spine ,i started to slide towards her breasts, as i was about to reach her breasts.

She stopped pumping and caught hold of my hand in her blouse and said with a tentitive smile “nahi Sir”

Then with my left hand i started to pump my dick and told her.

“tik hai,ok , nahi karunga , tum meri lund hilao” then she slowing took off her hand from my hand in her blouse and started to pump my dick. But my hand was inside her blouse inches away from her left boob.

Suddenly i pushed my hand and caught hold of her left breast.

Oh my goodness she stopped at once and got aroused so much that it took a while for her to gain her senses and she started pumping my dick vigourously. She didnt mind my hand being on her breast and enjoyed thoroughly.

Then i slowly gathered courage and pulled her blouse up and her big left boob popped out. I was playing with it. Remember our positions i was laying on my back whereas she was sitting on her knees.

Then she said “aur dabao plzzzzzz Sir” then i said “mujhe Sir nahi Ravi bolo” she said “aur dabao ravi aur aur”

I took advantage of this situation stopped her from pumping my dick and got up on my knees.

Then slowly i put my other hand on her right boob and pulled her blouse up and her right boob popped out. Oh then i started fondling them. She was getting excited.

Then i took of her pallo off her shoulder, pulled of blouse completely. She was half naked in front of me till her navel.

Remember we both are on our knees.i was completely naked.

Then gathering all courage i kissed her on her cheek first.then slowly started moving my lips towards her a moment my lips were planted on her lips. I started to french kiss her with all my knowledge from the english movies. She was just silent and i was the one doing it.but she enjoyed it. My tounge started invading her tounge. I stopped for a moment and told her to do exactly the way i did.

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Then as my lips were stuck on her lips .our tounge’s started to fight like the sword fight. It was my first kiss (and hers too) we enjoyed a lot. After a while i headed down. Towards her breasts. I took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking it. I have no words to describe how i felt.

She felt heaven.

Wowwwwwwwww i just couldnt stop sucking her breasts………

Then suddenly i noticed that she slipped in her right hand inside her saree, inside her petty coat(lehenga) and was fingering herself. Then i caught hold of her hand with my left hand. And said that

“mai karoonga” and so slipped my left hand in and touched the gates of heaven with my fingers. Slowing i opened the gates and let my finger in.

It was wet not warm.i slowly started fingering her pussy. Hmmmmmmmmmmm she was excited. On the other hand i was sucking her breasts. Her pointers stood up , so did my tool.

But my tool was feeling a bit cold, it needed a nice suckkkkkkk

Then later i told her to stand up she stood up i took off her saree and undid her petty coat, it slipped down revealing her grassy playground.

I had a good view at it. I had a shaved cock. I asked her”kya tum apni baal nahi kaat thi? She said “nahi” i said “tum ko mere jaisa kaatna chahiye” she nodded.

Then again i started to finger in her pussy. She was moaning ooooooo aaaaaaaaah

Then i said ” karela under goosauuuuuu kya? ”

Oh god u have to see the reaction in her face she was shocked she said ” tum ne mujhko deka hai?” i said “haaaaaaaa”

Then we both started laughing heavily.

Then i took her in arms and we both did some wrestling on the ground. In which i was squeezing her boobs and she was squeezing my cock.

Though cool breeze was blowing we just started to sweat a bit.

As in a instant she lay on her back and i was kissing her right fron her forehead, her lips,her breasts and slowly headed down towards her navel and giving smooches all over her tight tummy. Then i was heading towards the golden spot when she suddenly stopped and said. “yeh kya kar rahe ho?”

I said “kuch nahi” i saw her cunt was wet and dirty with all the cum cause of her masterbation. I felt odd so i took her petty coat and wiped out her cunt clean. Then i took my tounge out of my mouth and slowly started licking her pusssy lips.

She was in astonishment as what i was doing?

Later on when i adjusted with her pussy and my saliva cleaning her pussy i started to suck her pussy and my toungue had found the way through the gates of heaven. Mmmmmmmm it was really good after sometime , i was really enjoying it and so was she. She said ” aisa mainee kahi nahi dekha na soona hai, par bohot acha lag raha hai, aur chooso aur ravi!”

I was just going crazzzzzzzy in sucking her cunt, suddenly my toungue felt something…… I caught hold of it in between my teeth.

Immediately she aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it was her clitoris she was feeling the pleasure nowwwwwwwww

After some time pre-cum started ooooooozing out of her cunt, i have tasted it for the first time in my life, it was a bit salty ,sour i dont know how to describe it. But i was really enjoying it and i drank every drop of it.

She enjoyed it very much…….

I got up and told her that it was her turn to suck my dick.

First she hesitantly said “nahi ”

But as i sucked her cunt she was feeling for me and wanted to give back what i did. So she said

“tik hai”

Then slowly she caught hold of my dick and slowly started licking it. And then slowly placed my dick inside her mouth , as she did my penis begin to grow in size, it started to swell . She started to suck it just few moments my dick was like a lolly pop. And she was enjoying sucking now

Just like a kid sucking a lolly pop she sucked my dick like a real whore slut.

I told her “kaise hai?” she told “isse achha maine kuch nahi kaya!!!”

I slowly started fucking movement in her mouth, i just felt as if i was having sexxxxxxxxxxx, but i really didnt knew how would the feeling of fucking her vagina would be?

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Then i said “rukko”

“main teri choot mein lagana chahata hooon!!!”

Now that we have crossed the limits of shame

She readily accepted.

She just lied down on her back straight on the ground and parted her legs as wide as she can!

I was like in doing push-ups was in a position where my stiff cock was at the doors of pleasure.

I planted my both hands either side of her body. She used her hands to guide my cock into her vagina. It was hard,very hardddddd……… Then she parted her lips slowly and made way i slowly started inserted my dick head into her vagina. Once my dick head was inside her vagina i just couldn’t stop and with one thrust i pushed my cock deep inside her.

She screamed in pain…….. Her hymen was broken…… Her virginity was lost and so was mine……..

I think i got stuck in her vagina…… As she was in pain i couldnt pull my dick back. I tried very much to remove my dick but couldn’t so i collapsed on her and slowly we rolled over and she came over me. You know she cant bear my weight so i have to get her on top of me. After 6-7 mins my dick relaxed a bit and so i could pull it out of her pussy. Then i examined her pussy, she was bleeding a bit,then slowly i fingered her. I spit some saliva on her vagina and used it as a lubricant. After she was comfortable enough, she took my cock in her mouth and in a few moments i was hard again.

We took our positions and this time it was easy for me to insert it into her vagina. I fucked her as hard as i could, but i wasn’t cumming , but in a few moment’s she burst into her orgasm. But i continued…… As after cumming she became very sensitve and started to moan even louder. Aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Then she said she cant take it anymore. But i didnt cumm.

So i said ok and pulled my dick out of her vagina. I told her i was not satisfied and i want to cumm so i want to fuck her gaaaaand.

She said ok

Now she was on all four’s in doggy style.

Slowly i tried to insert my dick in her ass hole. But it was so tight that i couldnt, i fingered her ass hole for a while and tried to insert my cock. But only half of my dick head could go into her ass hole. I tried for 10 minutes but her ass hole was so tight that it was impossible.

Now i was keen to cumm so i forcefully inserted my dick inside her vagina in doggy style. She moaned…… And as 20 min has passed in trying to insert my dick in her ass hole, till then her vaginal muscles have relaxed and so her sensitivity was lost and she was easy to fuck she did not complain now.more over the doggy style was comfortable for her.

Now i rammed my cock in and out of her cunt like a real dog. She was screaming and even was i screaming with pleasure. We both were sweating inspite of the cool breeze.

I was getting more and more excited and my cock was feeling the pressure in her cunt. Suddenly my cock started to swell even more as i was cumming. And to my surprise her vaginal muscles have also bulged inside. It was so hot in her vagina .temperature was burning in her hole.

As a thermometer excitement , my cock was also excited more with the temperature.

I was about to cum ,but suddenely i found that she burst out into another orgasm. I pulled out my cock and started masturbating really harder

I told her to lie on her back she did

And in a few moment i burst out with cumm all over her stomach and her breasts.

Oh my i was just exhausted and so was she.

I looked at the time and i didnt believe it was 9.15 am in the morning. We fucked and played with each other for good 2 hours.

Then i realised that my college was already started.(starts at 8.30 am)

Then we relaxed for about 15 min and we put on our dresses and left the place……

Before that i promised her that i would i again fuck her in same place , sametime 2 days later as i had internal exams.

When i reached the college it was 10.30 am and i sweated so much that my white T-shirt got soaked and every one can view my upper body and my tits(i dont know what we can in males).

One junior lady lecturer of mine on seeing my body smiled in shyness. And all the girls and boys looked at me in surprise . Especially girls had a treat to watch me……..

They were attending classes and i was busy doing excersises(by now u know what excersise i was doing)dont u????????? Hahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa

As with the confidence of my first fuck,i had fucked 5 girls with different adventures on many occassions till date including my lecturer and my classmate.

If u like this real time story of mine then i will certainly tell u my other adventures in sexxxxxx.

Plzzzzzz excuse me as i dont properly remember all dialogue exchanges. So i have added some masala in dialogues part to make the story more exciting.

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