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Hello everybody and I'm Sumeer, I am a 28 years old guy. Living in Bangalore and I'm 6 feet tall and have a 6.5" cock it’s a cock which all girls and aunties crave for, this was told by my Lovly Aunty Kala name changed and I want to share my only experience with I had with my Aunty. She was my neighbour. Her name is Kala she is from Kerela. She is 34 years old and she is very fair and very attractive. She is well built lady and she's 5.6 feet, with boobs to die for and the best part of her was she has a perfect waist to hip ratio. Women with wide hips and big boobs are really sexy and I came to know that only after knowing her. So here's how it all started

Kala Aunt Husband in working in defence so they moved from Kerala 1 year back. She has baby and by fate they happened to be my neighbours actually the day they settled in the new house. I was in office, not knowing that someone has occupied my neighbour's vacant house. I had lot of work and returned last that night and to my surprise I could find both of them along with their son sitting in that small balcony and chatting.

I was wondering who could they be as it’s was a common Balcony for both the houses my House was next to them so I had to pass them in order to reach my house. So they too were looking at me wondering why I was coming towards them and they too had no idea that I was their neighbour. So the moment I reached them, Uncle stood up with a question mark face.

I said hello and I need to pass and I stay on the other side and then they all realized that I was their neighbour then the uncle smiled and gave way, as I was leaving and I looked back and asked him if they were new tenants. Uncle replied yes and introduced himself and his lovely wife and kid. It was somewhat dark and I could not notice her clearly but that was the first time I came to know my Kala aunty.

She was appearing so beautiful even under the moonlight very homely appears and she has a lovely smile and greeted me. So few months passed since then we used to greet each other whenever we crossed our paths every day in the morning when I used to leave to office and she used to come out in nighty having bath with wet hair and used to dry her washed cloths her boobs used to sway so freely as she was drying her clothes.

I could clearly see her bra as her nighty was wet from the water dripping from her hair and the sight of her wide ass while she was bending for clothes in that tiny nighty made me very horny initially and I never had any such intention towards my aunty. I just used to be happy that they were good neighbours. I used to play with her kid whenever I had free time.

I used to bring some presents to him as well while I was back from office but seeing her daily that way has completely transformed me. She used to give a beautiful smile whenever I passed her as the days passed by and we were getting closer and closer. Kala Aunty also used to send me food as I was alone in the house and was finding it hard to cook even though I used to hesitate to take and she kept on sending me food through her kid 4 months passed.

One day uncle had to leave home for 5 months for duty that day uncle came to me and told me that he had to leave and asked me help her and his kid in case if they need anything ,while he was away. I was so happy hearing that but did not show up. I said its ok but Aunty was very sad that Uncle was leaving. I could see that in her face and she waved good bye since that day as days passed and I used to spend more and more time with them and we became to very close.

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One day Aunty said, till uncle returns from today I will cook all the food for you and I need not prepare anything at home burning my hands initially I was reluctant and said no but she insisted again and could not say no and I could see she was happy. So that night, I came home late from office at around 10:40 pm. I was very hungry and hesitated to knock her door for dinner as it late as I was waiting at the door thinking to knock or not.

I heard the door opened and there she stood with a beautiful smile. She was so attractive that night I could not take my eyes of her. She was wearing a nighty which was hugging her whole body for the first time I could see her real hour glass figure through her tiny nighty. She was not wearing any bra under her night but I could notice her panty which was very tiny cover her wide ass.

She was so sexy her nighty was very low cut revelling lot of her cleavage. Her boobs were just bulging out. My tool just got stiff looking at her. I was just staring at her body unknowingly. I have never seen women so sexy so close to me. She immediately realized that and she asked me what happened, you are looking at me as if you never looked at me and she smiled and immediately asked me why I was so late today, I she was waiting for such a long time.

I said had lot of work so could not come early then she told, I would spoil my heath if I continue like this without having food on time. I did not say anything. She immediately asked me to come inside as I followed her inside, I could see her round butt and wide hips shaking as she walked before me her nighty was so much attached to her ass and hips that it was looking as if she was not wearing any dress that was I first time.

I wanted to grab hold of her ass and fuck like a dog my cock was so hard inside my undies seeing that sight of her wide ass and hips swaying. I was thinking how lucky is uncle for having such a beautiful wife and was imagining her how she might look when she is naked once I was inside the house and she asked me to go and get fresh up and the food will be served by time I get ready as I has nothing to change into.

I started going back to my room next door to change into something comfortable seeing that she asked me where I was going I told her I will get freshen up and change my dress and come. She paused for a while and said you can get freshen up here and she gave a towel and asked me to change into it and I was hesitating realizing that and she took my hand and led me to her bathroom and said there is nothing to feel shy before your aunty.

It was surprised by her reaction but I felt she was being good to me and nothing more. I got fresh up, and came out with just the towel around me. My cock could barely be normal as I was thinking of her wide ass and boobs constantly. I wanted to control my cock badly so that I did not want to expose myself in a wrong way just then aunty got ready all the dishes on the table and asked me to come over.

I slowly walked towards her looking down and not at her as I was afraid my cock will poke out of the towel. I was feeling shy as I had only towel and nothing else seeing me and she asked me if I was ok and I said I am fine and she smiled and we both started having dinner. I asked her about Arjun his kid). she said he is sleeping.

She was forcing me to taste all the dishes in the process as she was serving me and she used to bend and serve revealing all her boobs. I just could not take my eyes of them and they used to shake while she was serving. My cock just burst out of towel but as it was under the table she could not notice and I too was comfortable that she cannot see it and so let my cock out while having the dinner her boobs were of full view.

I was just watching her boobs and she notice me twice but she did not say anything once finished she asked me how the dinner was. I replied it was very good and kind of her to serve me. She replied never thank me again. We are neighbours and you are alone it’s nothing great that I am doing. So once we are done with dinner, she asked me not to get up and that she would bring some lassi.

She went back to the kitchen and the scene of her wide ass shaking as she was going got my cock really hard. She came back and put the glass of lassi and I drank all the lassi. She asked me go and washes my hands in the sink near kitchen then I realized my Cock is like rock hard with all the pre cum coming out. I could not get up in such position. I thought she will easily notice all that.

I did not know what to do and I was just sitting tight by then she was looking at me and surprisingly asked me again what happened Sumeer don't want to wash your hands? Now I had no choice and I had to get up and I said yes and closed my eyes and got up just when I got up my towel slipped revealing my rock hard 6.5" cock so erect with juice flowing out seeing the sight out it aunty just stood still.

She has no words her facial expression was still like she's never seen such a huge hard cock. I was struggling to cover my cock with one hand and grab the towel with the other. She immediately came to me and tried to help me with the towel around my waist as my cock was already full erect and she was struggling to put the towel around me it was so embarrassing sight and I could not stand there anymore.

I just grabbed the towel and ran towards the bathroom it was not what I was expecting to happen but it just happened and I could not just believe my towel got slipped at the worst time. I just could not come out of the bathroom for a while felt so embarrassed. I was thinking what aunty might have been thinking. I washed my hands and after 10 minute when my cock cooled down and I slowly opened the door not knowing what to expect.

I just wanted to get out of there before I could face her again. I saw around, I could not see her anywhere there was sound coming from the kitchen so I thought she might be in kitchen which was next to bathroom. I was about to pass the kitchen she came out of kitchen and I just stopped and could not dare to look at her. I could sense she too was not looking at me but there was complete silence for 2-3 minutes she then slowly came in front of me.

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She is right in front of me, that I could see her boobs position out towards me revealing all her cleavage. It aroused me again my cock was again getting stiff and I was trying to cover it my hands. I just could not take my eyes of her boobs. I was just staring at her cleavage. She then asked me why you are stating at me like that have you never seen women before. hearing that I just closed my eyes seeing that she asked me holding my hand again tell me, have you never seen a women before.

I did not know what to reply I slowly managed to say and I have never seen such a beautiful lady ever before trying to cover my fully erected cock with the other hand seeing that, she slowly took my other hand from my fully erected cock and was just looking at the towel which was bulging out of proposition. She did not know what to say she went back into the kitchen and was standing still.

I could not understand and I was afraid what she might be thinking she was just standing there her head down revealing her ass seeing her wide ass so tightly wrapped under tiny nighty and I thought to myself it’s now or never but I was afraid at the same time not knowing how she will react but and I just could not control myself. I decide to go for it. I just dared and grabbed hold of her from back wrapping my arms around her boobs position my cock between her ass cheeks.

It was like heaven her whole body was so soft. I just felt I should never let her go. She immediate said Sumeer what happened to you please control yourself but I was just out of control, I was just pressing her boobs so hard and pumping my cock between as ass that she could not resist the feeling coming out of it and she said ooohhhh it’s feels so good at the same time and she was trying to control me saying Sumeer please don't do this please but I was never going to stop.

This was the first time in my life I was experiencing it was in heaven. I kept of pressing he boobs kissing her neck and her ears pressing my hard cock towards her ass my towel was full of pre cum and she kept moaning aaaaah God control Sumeer aaah and I turned her around and Removed my Towel was completely naked before her and my cock was craving for her which was fully filled with juice dripping out of it.

She just saw it in full view she just kept looking at it the sight of pre cum dripping she looked at me helplessly as soon as she saw me. I hold her head in my arms and kissed her so passionately that she hold me so tight out both tongues were dancing in each other's month and we kissed and kissed she would never let me go while going so. I slowing lifted her nighty and caught hold of her wide ass with my bare hands that was the first time it was amazing feeling I grabbed her ass with both hands.

I pushed towards me where my cock was getting squeezed between both of us she would not let me go and she was enjoying this and then I knew she was into it slowing I stopped kissing by that time she was full horny. I was just looking at her boobs which were going up and down by her breath and she watched me watching her boobs her head was down.

She asked me to close my eyes but I was not going to seeing that, she just closed my eyes with her hands and she slowly removed her nighty before me relieving her full naked body. She is so beautiful I was dying to see her like this for days her boobs were so big and round nipples pointing upwards inviting me to suck them and he waist is so small compared to her wide ass and hips her tiny underwear was barely covering her pussy.

She was so dame sexy she was like a sex goddess. I just kept staring and staring at her naked body. I noticed she was feeing shy. She come closer and said in a slow voice quench your thirst that was so horny I did not waste any time. I just grabbed her with both hands and lifted her and went into the hall and placed her on sofa she lifted both her hands and was trying to knot her hair.

That sight of her was amazing her boobs swaying while she was trying to knot her hair naked. I slowly took her boobs in my arms and sucked her boobs like never before and she could not stop moaning aaahhhh don't leave them keep sucking them please suck them aahhhh. I made her cum by just sucking her boobs after 20 minutes of sucking her boobs. I just took a break for breathing and she was still closing her eyes after sometime.

She opened her eyes and gave a smile and said you made me cum by just sucking my boobs and kissed on my forehead while I was taking my breath she was watching my cock which was ready to explode she slowly touched my cock which was full of pre cum flowing for such a long time. I knew that the moment she holds my cock my cum would burst out. She bends down towards my cock.

She was just gazing at it and said she never knew one can have seen such a thick long cock without holding my cock with her hands she put my cock in her mount and just sucked all the pre cum that's it and I reach my end and I was about to cum after holding it for so long I told her and I can't control it anymore she said it’s ok cum in my mouth and the moment she started sucking again. I burst filled her mount with all my cum and she was so enjoying it.

She sucked every drop of it still wanting it more and more. It was like real heaven and I never had such feeling ever in my life before once she sucked all cum and she looked at me. I asked her to sit on my lap. She got up and sat on my lap. I was caressing her boobs she slowly asked me what do you like in me without any hesitation and I told her and I like to watch your her round ass and wide hips swaying while she was walking and bending she giggled and said it’s all yours .

She removed her panty and she started walking naked before me showing her ass to me. Wow what a moment and I was just dreaming all day and night for this view she was perfect she was so hot and my cock was hard again in no time it was fully erect and was ready for another show and she slowly when into the bedroom walking naked from the hall and I followed her. I told her to bend over on bed she got on bed bending showing her rare in full view.

She spread her ass with both hands and was inviting me to suck it and I could see her pussy wide open full of juice and her ass hole which was so pinkish it was amazing to see her this way and I was thinking I was in dreamland it was so hard to believe what I was looking at. I went near her grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and kept my face between her ass cheeks and sucked and sucked and sucked.

She was moaning ahh God Sameer what are you doing God feels so good don’t stop please don't stop. I sucked her pussy her ass hole for at least 10 - 15 minutes and she was in heaven moaning so heavenly and she just kept my pulling my head again and again between her ass cheeks to suck her and I was out of breath but kept on sucking she slowly turned and gazed at me as if she was fully satisfied.

She came towards me and licked all my lips and said my husband never does that. Thank you so much it felt so good and I told her if you want I to suck all day and I will do it for you hearing that and she just hugged me so tight whispering oh Sumeer her boobs were getting squeezed in between us. I whispered in her ear and I want you to fuck you in 69 styles she smiled and positioned her pussy near my lips and she let herself right on top of my rock hard cock.

She have a long stare at my cock and start sucking it and I felt so good and I was sucking her juices and she was sucking me juice it was awesome. We kept on sucking each other she was holding my cock so tight and sucking that it was paining but it was giving me immense pleasure after some time. I laid her on bed spread her sexy legs wide and started kissing her inner thighs up towards her pussy.

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She was shouting aahhhhhhaa Sumeer please I can't take it anymore her thighs were so milky so fleshy. I was just pressings and kissed them and she said it’s enough please fuck me please and then I thought it’s time to fuck her really deep and I put my 6"5 inch cock inside and started giving strokes pussy was full of juice it was like lubrication for my cock and she was out of this world.

Now I wanted to fuck her ass so I stopped fucking her pussy she looked at me said what happened? I just did not say anything and I flipped her over positing her ass towards my cock. I stated fingering her ass hole it was great sight she then realized I want to fuck her ass she turned back and looked at me and said and she never experience it before and is worried that my huge cock won’t fit her tiny ass hole she was saying not to do it but I was not going to listen to her.

She was pleading me please Sumeer don't do it and I asked her if she's got Oil in her bedroom. She nodded her head and points me towards the mirror. I immediate jumped out of bed and applied some oil on my cock and came towards her and spread her ass cheeks and poured oil in her hole. Now her hole was fully filled with oil she murmured ooh god and buried her head in the pillow.

I told her nothing to worry and slowly inserted my huge cock inside her hole spreading her ass she hold her breath and she was squeezing her pillow so hard and I started pumping up and down with ease she was shouting ooh God Sumeer it feels so great fuck me fuck my ass hearing that and I starting pumping her ass the whole bed was shaking she was moaning god aahhhh and said I’m cuming Sumeer and I’m cuming but I kept on fucking her ass for 10 minutes.

I took my cock out now you should her ass hole it was so big and read and pinkish it was so sexy again I turned her over and stating fucking her pussy. I was on top of her and she was holding me with her legs crossed at my back and I stating pumping her and so badly she started crying saying fuck me Sumeer don't stop and she cum and I reach my climax and I could not hold it anymore.

I was ready to burst and I told her and I can't control anymore and she immediately told me not to cum inside her pussy and she wanted to me cum on her boobs but I was about to cum in the pussy but somehow managed to take out and cum all over her body and she was so happy and enjoyed my hot cum all over her boobs and belly. I sight of seeing he tasting the cum and I was so horny she took all the cum in her mouth and hugged me so tight saying thank you Sumeer.

Thank you so much but actually I was the one to thank her as she gave a ride of my life. I looked at my watch it was 2:30 am. I did not know how time has passed that night. We were so tired and we slept in each other’s arms fully naked and the next morning I woke up at 5:30 am and wanted to leave before anyone could see. I got dressed up and she was still sleeping before I got disappeared.

I just wanted to see her full naked body one last time and so I removed the blanket over her and there she was lying fully naked so beautiful and I covered the blanket and was about t leave and she whispered Sumeer and I turned around she woke up and came up to me naked and asked me to promise not to disclose this to anyone. She was close to tears and I immediately kissed her and said I will never do that and I promise and asked her.

I want to see her naked everyday she smiled and said less than one condition. I was surprised and asked her what was it she slowly replied if you lick my ass and fuck my ass hole everyday hearing that and we both laughed at each other. I replied I will please you in whatever way you want me to and hugged each other for one last time and I left from that day and she used to wait for me every night and I used to rush home and lick her and fuck her all night every night till her husband returned that was an amazing experience with the women of my dreams.

Part 2: Once her husband returned they left Bangalore as he got transferred to A.P but we still keep in contact through phone and mails. She still calls me when ever her husband is away on duty what has happened after that will tell you in next episode and I hope you guys enjoyed the experience.

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