Sudha Bhabhi  



I am Varun (24) Engineering graduate working in Bangalore .My Brother Vishal (32) and Sudhaa Bhabhi (29) works as Software engineers and owns Apartment in Bangalore.

This happens when I came to Bangalore to attend interviews few months back. Sudhaa bhabhi looks like southern actress Ramya Krishnan ,with Sexy eyes, Perfect Curves, Fair, sharp nose and with juicy wet lips. Very broadminded lady with perfect Cup size boobs and round Plump Ass. Often, I use to masturbate seeing her photos.

Once a while or for family related functions, my brother used to visit our town along with her. On one such day,all together(my Parents,my brother and Bhabhi )they went to attend a relative Marriage function.She looked stunningly beautiful in red Silk Saree with her glittering gold ornaments around her neck.I was left alone at home,as i avoid going to relatives function with family.Once they left,i closed the front door and rushed to the top floor .

We have two entries for the first floor ,one from outside and another from inside the ground floor.They have just closed the doors,and not locked it.Front Windows were left open,I could see their room(The 75% of the Bed and Mirror attached door of the bathroom)by Standing outside itself.

I opened and went to their room,Bhabhi had left her nighty, which she was wearing that morning ,on the bed.I could see her bra and panty along with my brother's dresses and inner in the floor near the attached bathroom.I took her panties and start rubbing over my face ,and licked the area which touches her pussy,slowly making it wet using my saliva.Pulled my shorts down and with one hand rubbed the inner side of bra,which touches her boobs, over my dick front and back.Then moved my fore skin of my dick back and start rubbing with her panties.Then,I took the nighty,smelled her armpits area which made me So horny.Weared the nighty.With nighty touching my full body ,i hold my dick and start pressing it.Seeing her close up photo kept above the TV ,i start enjoying.Soon,i was ejecting a load of cum on their bathroom tub.Then Washed all,placed her dresses on its places,double checked all positions.i came back down.

When i came down,got a call from Bhabhi.She enquired about my preference for lunch,as they havent cooked food that day.I told her to buy some Non-Veg items.As there was evening function ,only my brother and Bhabhi came back,leaving my parents at the function hall,as they feel difficult to go again.

They both went up,Within few minutes,my brother called me.i went up ,he has changed his dress to T-shirt and jean and was sitting in a chair on the hall and fitting his shoe.

He said,"Varun..Need to meet my friend urgently....pls be at home till i return..Bhabhi is alone..ok?" I said "ok"..I know he is going to booze with his friends. Bhabhi came out of room,she is still in saree..she said "Varun...just 5 mins,will change my dress and come down ,i Gonna serve the lunch..ok?" hmm...My brother turned towards her and said he gonna come back soon.Like a strict teacher,she said "Vishal...don't take too much..i know you are going to booze".My brother pinched her cheek and said"Noted..Master".They both smiled.

He went out through the front Staircase.She went inside her room,i came out..while coming down on staircase,i thought of window view..slowly returned up..stood near the window,start watching inside.She was folding her silk saree ,bending towards the bed,her skirt covered ass facing me.Then she stood straight and started unbuttoning her blouse,my blood was heating up...she removed her blouse fully..thrown it over the bed..Now she was in black bra and long skirt..slowly she untied her skirt,it falls down.start Humming a popular romantic song..she removed her bra..stood before the mirror.she touches her boobs like she weighing it .Her hip and boobs were perfect shape.I could see her boobs ,very fair with dark nipples.She was now in Black panty only .She moved to bed,took the same nighty which i was wearing just 30 mins before .I was in so much tension,as she took and smelled it. I hurried to downstairs,took cool water bottle from fridge ,drank little and poured half on wash basin.Sat on the table with the half bottle and sat on the dinning table, start pretending as if i was waiting.

she came down,in the same nighty I saw the area which touched my penis.She didn't put the buttons on the top of nighty .I could see her cleavage.She was in hurry getting the plate and start serving me standing very close to me,i could feel her body rubbing my shoulder when he served and her smell too.

While she was serving,tried to put More chicken and said" it,you are a adult now..not a small boy,at least for me you need to eat well"saying that she winked her eyes.Then she sat opposite to me.while sitting,she stood bending,placing the chair properly under her ass,with one hand and holding table with another hand,showing her boobs very clearly hanging like Mangoes.I was staring at her boobs with tasting a chicken leg,she lifted her head ,thrown a mischievous look at me and with a naughty smile"hey..Chew nicely and eat da ..Varun".The way she told that i thought of chewing her pussy and chewed it hardly. once we finished , she went up to her room. After an hour ,out of curiosity,slowly i went up.

Door was partially closed and the curtain was moved till the end,clearly helping me to see inside.She was sleeping with her nighty gone unto her upper thighs …my dick start arousing. I could see her both round and sexy milky thighs.Confirming that she was deep sleep, Slowly I went near her. She was in deep sleep With her face pressing against the pillow ,holding another pillow with one hand with one leg in folded position and keeping the other straight ,which helped me to get a view of her panties one more,when i bend slightly,Sshh…..This time it gave me more kick than watching her undressing. This is the first time am seeing a lady in such a position. Due to fear, I came out of room, then standing in side-position in the hall, looking at her thighs started masturbating for the second time in the day. From that day, whenever I saw her, her milky thighs will flash in my eyes.They stayed for one more day,she shown more care and was very free and jovial with me.

When they are prepared to return to Bangalore,she came down through the inside staircase.She was in white Chudidhar.I was sitting on the sofa on the hall,watching TV.while my parents and my brother was standing outside near the car,waiting for her and discussing something.She looked out and came near and pinched my cheeks.

" leaving, take properly ok?You will be getting your certificates next month.

I said"yeah..Bhabhi..may be before next month mid".

Once you get the certificates ,try to come to Bangalore.Stay with us and attend interviews? Ok?.

I said "Sure..Bhabhi..i too bored here..One i get all documents..i will come and stay with you there?

They left.

After getting my graduation certificate, applied for jobs. Got first interview card from Bangalore. My parents called up my brother and discussed. He Told them to send me to his house, where I could stay and attend interviews. I dreamed of fucking my Bhabhi during my journey to Bangalore..


Reached the Apartment, its on 4th floor. Pressed the calling bell. She only opened the door. Wow…I got a sexual shock for an second…She was so beautiful, standing in front of me in Nighty, showing her cleavage .

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Sudhaa Bhabhi gave me a surprised look

"Hey Varun. What a surprise. How come...a sudden visit. Come inside dear"

Entering the house, i kept my bag on table and sat on sofa

"Yeah.Bhabhi ...Dad informed Vishal Anna, about my interview today...didn't he inform you"? Where is Anna?

"He went to Mumbai, it seems some urgent official work.....May be he would have forgotten...any way, how is my-in-laws'?

We finished formal talks about family members and about our home town.

"Better take bath and come, will prepare breakfast for you “saying that she left for kitchen. Suddenly as if she remembered something, she turned back

"So, where and what time is your interview?

"Today at 10,i need to be at Koramangala"

"It’s just 20-25 Mins from here...maybe you should start early, as there is huge traffic.

"Ok Bhabhi..."saying that i went to the room she shown me ,I kept the door open and start changing dress, i heard Bhabhi Speaking to Someone over the phone in a husky voice

"Krish.Can we meet tmmrw"


"Guest. Vishal’s bro has come"


"Hey...idiot.Me too wants to meet you badly. Don’t you know?"


"Ok..Then..Sharp at 10...dont be late..Mr. Late cummer" she kept the phone with deep sexy voice, and i went to take up bath.

Was on Dinning table,"Bhabhi..Why you left the job"

"Hmm..Got bored of routine job, so thought of starting a Small garment company with Your brother friend Krish and Simmi.We all worked together in same Company,
Krish has started his own business and doing well.So,we too gonna start a business"

She forced me to take more, but i refused and finished the breakfast.

"Atleast have this milk" saying that she took the glass and brought near my mouth..i hold it my hand.."OK..OK..I will take it" she smiled and gave a pat on my head.

"Ok leaving,c u later"

"Best of luck....varun. call me once you finish your interview"

When i completed the interview,it was two pm.. It would take 20 mins to reach home..Saw a Bar near,went and had a Beer..took an auto reached the apartment around Three.

Standing Downstairs...called her


Phone kept ringing..and gone cut. Started to redial...she herself called back

"hmm,,Varun...finished Interview? was it"

"yeah..finished.its good"

"ok..ok...then come na."

" standing downstairs"



"...0hh...u ..u reached..already?"

" coming up,just arrived"

"ok..ok...come up"

When i entered,a man of around 35,,was sitting in the sofa watching TV.My Bhabhi was in a transparent nighty with her hairs left loose.

"Krish..he is Vishal's Brother Varun...Interview..came today morning"

I smiled and said helo and went to my room.

Changed my dress to casuals,entered Kitchen,start having the lunch ,which was ready on the table.Heard her voice"Sorry..krish..i rushed you...lets meet for Dinner..ok.."

Then i hear door closing and she came inside Kitchen..she gone near the Gas burner "varun...tea/coffee"?

"No Bhabhi...let me finish Lunch" She smiled and turned ,start preparing tea.As she stood ,the light from the window,helps me to see her body curves.She didn't wearing Bra and panty.Seeing that,i was turned on.My rod was getting a arousal.

She turned,with a cup of Tea,came towards me and sat on the table near,looking straight me"You became very serious person..varun"


"aah..why you didnt speak well with Krish,i told you.He is our friend.Am starting Business with his Wife Simi.I told na"


she stood and pulled a chair ,sat next to me,Placed her palms over my head,slowly rubbing her fingers through my hairs,"why you look so dull"

"Hey..whats up with you..I told you they are our friends"

"No Bhabhi,when brother is not at home,why he is coming" .

She took my head up with her hand "Hey look..he wants t discuss our business..he came to meet me..we are just friends,its city.You know

your brother too takes Simi for outings,like Krish use to give me company,when vishal is not in town."


"Anyway,i dunno about your visit,today i promised to Krish ,we are going for a movie ,evening.From tomorrow,i will be at home,We can
tour the city and go for shopping"

"Bhabhi,i am not small boy..i can understand....Enjoy"

"Ooops...hey Varun...what happened.I hope you misunderstand me..finish lunch..i too wanna get ready..will sit and explain.ok?I may be bit late,so just close the door and sleep".She went out.I finished lunch.Entered my Room.Within another one hour,i could smell her perfume,she came to my room.She looked fresh and beautiful,was wearing saree

"Varun leaving now"saying that she gave a thousand rupees note.I have ordered Pizz for you.Once they deliver pay it..I will try to comeback soon"

"Take you time , full movie ,don't come in Mid"

"Sorry..Varun..I didnt know that you are coming today..ok lets talk once am back" She went.

I went out and bought some beers and snacks.Around 8 pm Pizza delivered.By 10pm,i was finishing it and having my last can of beer.

The door was open..she came inside.

"Hey varun..Boozing? hmm..bad boy" she looked at me very erotically.She closed the door and locked it.

She turned and went to her room.I could see her from sofa very clearly.Humming a romantic song,she started undressing her saree...i Stood up and went to her room.

"what Movie ,Bhabhi"

She casually start unbuttoning her Jacket...look up at me"Its 10,try to get some sleep,yesterday,you had travel...what will happen to your body?"

I neared her"I know where you went and what you did"

She sarcastically"aaha..where i went and what i did?"

"Don't you had sex with Krish"

"Varun..i think you had drank too much"

She was now in Bra and petticoat,I neared her.She turned,i was soo close to her,my bulge could rub her Buttocks.She didnt i pressed little harder.

She wetted her lips.i know she felt my hardness.

"Tell me Bhabhi..Krish Fucked you ,,na"

she took a towel and was about to enter attached bathroom.She stopped ,turned and came near to me.

I was standing with my head hanging down.She lifted up with her hand.

"Yes..we do had Sex..I told you we are friends and ..."


"You know.vishal too go out with Simi..Even vishal knows about my relation with Krish"

"Anna Knows?"

"Yeah..Varun..its bit will understand soon"

I slowly holded her hand ,i had huge bulge now.

She saw that and smiled"So..tell me Varun..what should i do..we can discuss,yes you bro sleeps with Simi,Krish sleeps with me"

"Then i can clear..."

She smilingly" clear? clear what.."

"The area Krish used up...."

She now looked with naughty smile" wanna clean my the part,Krish used in my Body?..."

"hmm..i want ,please Bhabhi"

she slowly moved near to husky voice and smile"oh...with this?"

she grabbed my bulge..

"i will use my tongue,Bhabhi"

"Have you ever been with a woman?" She asked.

I shook my head.

"Really? A good-looking guy like you isn't getting any? with a expression as if she cant belive it.

I was getting harder and my bulge was growing big.

She looked down at it with her hands folded

Signalling with her head to see my bulge

"Can't You release it,i think your cock wants to see me"She smiled.


"Yeah..that..your cock..release it,let me check what it needs...please...take it outside..yaar...otherwise it gonna burst" she told in very soft voice .She seemed to be staring at me in anticipation

I pulled my shorts down. unleashing my fully erect shaft. It was pointing straight up at her .My dick was still as a diamond. I looked at her .Sudhaa Bhabhi stared back at me with a strange smirk on her face.

"You have huge cock, Varun!" She gushed."Its double your Brother's.."she slapped it,it starts moving up and down"Wow..Throbbing young Cock"..

"What girl wouldn't want that thing in her pussy?" She pointed at my cock, which some how had gotten more harder now.

"Um... thanks,Bhabhi." I replied.

"Lets be Straight...Do you want to fuck me, Varun?" She asked as she came near and started to run her delicate hand up my thigh and stopping just before it reached my balls.

I was speechless.

"Oh, come on, Varun. I know you want to." She said as her hand found my testicles and she gave them a soft squeeze. My cock ached. "Just say the words and I'll make your dreams come true. You do dream about me right? You dream about having your dick in my tight pussy?"

I nodded.

"Then just say you want to fuck me...straight." She smiled.

"Oh." She moved her hand up to the base of my shaft and gently squeezed it. My eyes rolled back in my head at the sensation that was striking my dick. I shuddered at her delicate touch. She leaned in closer and put her lips to my ear.

"Just say it." She whispered. "Say , Bhabhi.. I want to fuck you,I wanna taste your pussy.. "

I was out of my mind now and I didn't put any more thought into it. "I want to fuck and taste your Pussy ....Bhabhi..Please " I moaned as she started to softly caress my penis. She giggled softly and started to lick my ear as her hand stroked my length. She started to kiss my lips and used her free hand to tickle my balls. I kissed her back, deeply and put my hands on her round ass. She pulled away from the kiss
and kissed down my chest, moved down to my throbbing cock. she knelt between my legs. She angled my cock so the tip was pointing at her mouth.

She started to kiss my dick while she stroked it slowly. I looked down at her. I was shocked. I couldn't believe this was happening. Sudhaa, my lovely bhabhi, was giving me a blowjob! I was in heaven.Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she plunged her warm, wet mouth onto the head of my cock while her hand started beating faster up and down on the shaft.

I through my head back in ecstasy and moaned. She removed her hand from my cock and started bobbing her head down the length, making sure I was completely in her mouth before she moved up to the give the head a hard suck then back down. Over and over again she hit her beautiful head in my lap. I moaned softly and it was very hard not to cum.she pulled her mouth off, still stroking my rigid cock, and smiled up at me.

"Enough?..." She giggled at me

"hmmm.."I shook my head.

"Looks like you want more." She said, in a deep sexy voice.

I was no longer nervous; just extremely horny. "Shall i do for you.Bhabhi?" I replied. She smiled at my forcefulness and stood up"You Seem more eager to taste my Pussy". She slowly pulled her Long Skirt down,standing with Bra and Panties.Looking at my eyes straight like a Hungry Tigress,He unbuttoned her bra and thrown on bed.She turned ,bend to take her panties off.I Moved and stood such that My cock was rubbing against the crack of her ass and it began to thrust in between her cheeks.She stood up.

She in sexy voice"hmm...its soo wet..varun."

"Please..Bhabhi"?I smiled and swriled my tongue round my lips,as if i am ready.

She sat on bed,jumped little back and spread her legs wide,her fingers circling her pussy , "Hmm...let me check ,how good you are at this.."she smiled.I bend,holding her legs ,pulled her towards me,and started kissing her white and round plump Shining Thighs,She moaned and lift her ass up,when i moved my mouth near her wet pussy.I first licked her pussy slit from top to bottom and above. Then on top of her pussy lips protruding out was her clit, which i started licking with my tongue. She was moaning , she pressed mouth by holding my hairs but I was not moving my mouth from her sweet pussy. I started licking her clit and pussy more eagerly and with more interest.

I buried my tongue inside her and gets a taste of Bahbhi's pussy. It´s the best tasting pussy . I was moving my tongue in and out of her pussy ,while my hands was playing with her boobs.

Wildly sliding my tongue as deep as i can, getting the taste of Bhabhi's into my mouth. Sudhaa Bahbhi moans loudly rubbing her other boob, squeezing it and giving herself more pleasure.

"Am I giving you that much pleasure...Bhabhi?"

She took my head up by holding my hairs..

"Don´t stop, rascal. I never had pleasure like this." I continued.Bhabhi was moaning like a whore. My tongue was in and out of her sloppy cunt as i massaged her clit bud with my thumb. She ground her mound into
my face. She Keeps humping her pussy onto my tongue.

After some time,I stood up ,she laid on bed with her legs wide,still moaning.Slowly i tried to insert my dick into her Wet Pussy.Her face was with sweat and her hairs were sticking on it,Looks like a whore making me more honry.I stood with my big hard cock at the entry to her pussy, I saw how it slowly went up in her soaking pussy. Bhabhi moaned when it reached the bottom; "Oooooh Varun... I can't take much more right now!" .Ignorning her Scream, holding her hairs tightly,She looking at me with pain ,I forced my dick into her real hard, she screamed, moaned and sobbed .At the end she only moaned while my big cock worked deep in her pussy.
Suddenly she screamed loud and moan full and her body was trembling; "Oooooh noo stop Varun I can't take any more noooooooo, oooooh I'm coming ooooooooh!"I started ramming faster .

I slammed my cock all the way up in her pussy and groaned; "Ooooh you dirty slut, now it comes oooooh!" I filled her with his sperm. It poured down the inner side of her thighs and splashed out. I stood still with my cock as a plug in her pussy. When it went soft i pulled it out and the sperm poured out.Holding her hair,she was moaning heavily,I moved away rom bed,she came up and stood.I still holding her hair,asked to Kneel,She knelt down and start to lick my cock around,then took fully inside her mouth,Cleaned it and looked at me" are an Monster...Rascal...My pussy is itching"telling she bend and saw her pussy"OOOHHHHH"

"Don't worry Bhabhi,I can help you to wash it with cool water"

she stood and pinching my ears"I don't Think,its your first time....You behave as if you had several times...DON'T YOU?"

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I woke up early Monday morning with a yawn and rolled onto my back. The events of yesterday began running through my mind and I thought to myself,

"Did it really happen? Did I fucked Sudhaa Bhabhi and did she really sucked my cock?"

It almost seemed surreal, like a dream. I pulled back the blanket and hopped out of bed and got into the shower. After the shower I made my way up to the kitchen. Sudhaa Bhabhi was Preparing Breakfast.

"Good morning. Bhabhi," I said with a smile on my face and went to get a cup of coffee.

Sudhaa Bhabhi turned and smiled at me. She was wearing a thin nighty; the fabric clung to her body, outlining her breasts and her nipples poked against the Silk.

I clearly remembered their shape, their size, their color -- and their taste. Sweet. Incredibly sweet. How I had loved to lick them. Suck them. Bite gently on them while she had buried her hands in my hair and was almost sobbing my name yesterday. It was clear to me; she was not wearing a bra. I got hard instantly and I quickly moved near to her and stood right behind her. I glanced down at her ass, and saw that the nightie clung tightly to her shapely buttocks, showing her ass cracks, Wow…no Panties too. I moved my right hand down her back and beyond, slightly up to the rise of her buttocks.

Her only response was a lightly humming sound.

I leaned forward and whispered, "You look gorgeous this morning...Mrs. Tight Pussy "

Slowly, with my two hands, rubbing her Ass in circular motion, Kissed her neck.

"Oh, Varun, pls..." Bhabhi whispered, quickly turning around.

"One kiss to begin the day," I whispered back, pulling her toward me and seeking her lips. “Hmm. Var..un..." she protested almost inaudible. My lips landed on her moist lips. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and I could feel the tension in her body. After a few seconds I let her go .She looked at me with naughty smile, rubbing her lips with her hands she turned back, and start cutting fruits.

Still standing close behind my Bhabhi, I slipped my hands to my Shorts and pulled out my large cock, which bobbed before the perfect mounds of her ass. Once again I reached forward and gripped her by the hips, she flinched and then turned once again facing me.
At first she didn't notice, but as I moved my hips the tip of my cock pressed against her and she looked down.

"Oh, my God, Varun. Please don't do this," sudhaa Bhabhi pleaded silently.

"You're mine and I'll do as I please," I said, firmly grabbing the bottom of her nightie and pulled it up above her hips. She also wasn't wearing any panties and I got even harder.

"Noooooooo, don’t, Plssssss…. " Bhabhi cried out in surprise.

At that time, her mobile, placed over the fridge, started ringing.

She pushed me away. I fall back and got hit on my back over the slab.

She said "Oh...sorry. Sorry da.”

Telling that, She took the mobile, she said that’s its my brother calling and gave me the mobile to attend the call. I nodded my head, saying, “Bhabhi, you talk to him. Say that. Am out for another Interview…Pls ….am feeling Shy".

She, with mobile, went to the hall, sat on the sofa and start talking to my brother



"Yeah..Everything is ok here "


Yeah.Yesterday. Went for interview, its ok"


I sat next to her, on the right, on the sofa, slowly moved my hands over her back shoulders and start grabbing her left boobs. Moved my other hand over her right thighs slowly.

"You forgot everything...forgot wife...forgot brother. Only work and money"


“I know…I don’t need your explanation”


She slowly starts leaning her head back on the sofa. When i moved my fingers over her pussy,""Noooooooo...." she sat straight and whispered in inaudible sound and gave an angry look. Took my hands away and stood, as if I got angry, started to leave to my room. She grabbed my hand, with naughty look, signed with her eyes to sit near her. I sat near to her, and slowly leaned my head on her lap, kept my face facing her boobs and tried to unzip her nighty. She herself, unzipped it, pulled out her right boob. I Start moving my tongue tip round her hard Nipples and started sucking it, like a baby .she looked at me, smiling and start moving her fingers into my hairs passionately. She keeps talking to my Brother on phone,

"Why, two weeks, try to be here soon"


“He went early today…he said he going to attend another Interview..”Saying that, she gave a slap on my head and I lifted my head, she smiled at me. I asked huskily, to switch the mobile to speaker mode, she did and kept the mobile on lamp table near the sofa.

I jumped from sofa and kneeled down in front of her.

I could near my brother's voice

"Did Krish came"

"Yeah, yesterday Morning. Varun was here na. So.He went soon"

"Is he ok?"

"Nothing, everything solved. I met him for Dinner and its ok"

"So..Its two shows, right “he laughed.

"Hmm..Yeah"Bhabhi smiled.

Again leaning her head on sofa, She herself lifted her one leg and placed over a table in front of her and spread her legs wide. I kissed her foot; slowly start moving her thin nighty up towards her thighs. I settled between her legs and began gently licking Bhabhi's swollen lips.

"Oooohhhh," Bhabhi grunted. I used my fingers to pry the outer lips open, leaving the inner lips exposed.

"You taste delicious!" I whispered and smiled at her.

On the phone, my Brother was talking

"Shall i talk to Krish"

"No need, he thought of staying with me yesterday night, as Simi has gone to her Brother’s house in Chennai...When he knows Varun is here, he was little upset"

"Sudhaa, don’t do anything, Varun should not know our relations with Krish and Simi"

"No.he came by noon only"

"If he comes to know, he will tell my parents,...big issue, we cant go to my place anymore, its a village sort of place..Pls remember"

"I will take care of Varun"

"What do you mean?"

“I said, I will take care of him”


“He is young, now me and him are alone in the house…”

“You going to seduce him”

"I Will make him to seduce me ….then am going to allow him to fuck me"

" are too much, he is small boy"

"Who...your brother?. You know he rapes me with his eyes whenever he watches me..Hmmm..He is an adult now, not small boy anymore"

"Hey please don't do that, he may inform all our issues to his friends and our family. Please sudhaa"

"Leave that, I told you know. I will take care of his matter"

"I want to fuck him. Right?"

"Why not...he is yours brother only na..There is a say "brother's wife is half wife of his little brother”. If you allow your friend to fuck me..Why can't you allow your brother"

"Hmm..i know..i seems you are more eager to fuck my brother"

"To protect me, Yes. If he knows anything, he may tell your parents… I just thought of helping you.... better you decide"

"Are you blackmailing me?.... horny bitch."

"Yes.Bastard.Yes. Its sort of blackmailing only. “She laughed

"Ok whatever. See that there wont be any issues. Actually am getting hard on, when you said of fucking my brother.. Dear".

I lifted my face to see her.

"I know, it will turn you on “Telling that, she smiled at me.

"Dear. Am jerking here, Imagining my Brother fucking you .Pls think about that and
Moan...please dear. Help me to jerk myself "My brother begged her.

She smirked at me.

"Sure..Honey..Will do. What is your brother doing to me in your imagination"

"He is licking your pussy"

Bhabhi smiled at me...

"Oh.... you are imagining that your brother licking me down...ok. Lets do it" she winked at

Me. Gently I began to blow warm air on the sensitive skin and watched it quiver.

"Oh my God,," she shrieked while her hands were embedded in my hair. I looked into her lust filled eyes and simultaneously I stuck my tongue out and touched the swollen clit with the tip of my tongue.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned loudly and threw her head back, while she arched her back pushing her quivering clit into my mouth. My mouth became practically filled with her sweet flesh and I began eating her out.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Bhabhi screamed more loudly and I began moving two fingers in and out of her pussy. Moments later I could feel the muscles inside her cunt squeezing my fingers as Bhabhi climaxed. I kept my mouth at her pussy and got to taste her sweet juices as it oozed out of her.

On the Phone

"Wow.... dear you really making me hard. You sound as real"

We both smiled.

Bhabhi's body relaxed and I moved on top of her. I looked into her eyes and caressed her chin. With a smile I whispered, "Did you enjoy, Bhabhi?"

Bhabhi kissed me sweetly and whispered in my ear, "That was amazing, Varun. I have never felt anything like it. You have the most talented hands and a very gifted mouth. “

I shed my Shorts; Pulled out my Erected Dick.It now faces directly to her mouth.

She talked to my brother on phone, loudly

“Vishal…Would you like me to suck your Brother’s big hard dick", she asked.

“Yes…. Suck his dick deep, tell me how he taste…. Horny Slut”

She then moves her mouth closer to my cock and puts just the head inside her mouth.
Not in her mouth, with her hot wet lips touching me, but within her mouth, not touching me at all. Still keeping eye contact she tells me "oh it is very hard and I am going to make it even harder…Varun dear" She then closes her mouth around my dick as I moan inaudibly. She continues her slow deep movements up and down my cock alternating between gently caressing my balls in her hand and stroking the remainder my cock. She works her mouth up to the top of my cock and swirls her tongue around my fat purple head seeing how badly she can tease me. The hornier she makes me the more willing I am to do whatever she wants. As she takes my dick into her mouth, she releases my cock and balls. She just holds my dick with her mouth.

Few moments later, She released my cock from her warm mouth and wraps her hand around the base of my cock. After making eye contact, in one slow steady movement she takes my dick deeper and deeper into her mouth, while she holds my ass with her tow hands. My fingers were running through her curly hairs. After Sometime, I moved from her and whispered in her ears to takeout her nighty.

She stood and I moved her nighty from bottom to up, and took it off through her shoulders. She turned showing her ass to me. I slowly holding her from behind and captured her breasts with both my hands still wet from being inside her. Slowly massaging her breasts, with my two fingers started pinching her Hard Nipples little harder. Then Whispered to her ear”Bhabhi,I want to fuck you,Pls lay on the Sofa”.

On the phone, My Brother was asking

“How you feel dear”

“Your brother now wants to fuck me…shall I “

“Yeah…let my brother uses my wife’s Pussy…. Give him honey”

“Sure. Dear. I will let him to fuck me with his Monster cock” saying that she Smiled l,ying on the sofa

On hearing my brother, I feel so horny, I spit on my hand coating it with saliva before reaching down to transfer it to the head of my penis. And placed my large cock against the opening of Bhabhi's moist love channel

"Please take it slow Varun. I'm still sore from our lovemaking yesterday." she whispered again.

"I'll take it slow do not worry. Now ,are you ready to obey my Brother’s Instructions, my lovely Bhabhi?" I whispered softly into her ear and a moment later, with a hissing sound from Bhabhi, I pushed my hips forward in one powerful motion, Trying to penetrate deep inside my Bhabhi.Her eyes opened wide as my large cock-head slipped past her tight opening and went in deeper. I felt her muscles grasping at my steel hard pole and I had to slow down before I would erupt premature.

I kissed her and said, "You vagina is very tiny but your juices is flowing and that will help me." She moaned but smiled at me and Whispered, "I don't think my vagina is tiny it is your penis that are enormous. It’s filling me completely. Please take it slow. I have never felt anything like it."

"Am I hurting you," I whispered.

"It's a slight pain, so take your time. But it is also an incredible feeling of being opened up like never before." Bhabhi said and smiled timid at me.

I smiled to myself, Bhabhi's reaction clearly told me, she wanted to be fucked. Her arms had found their way around my neck, and her eyes were now filled with lust and desire. I bent down and tenderly kissed her lips as I pushed another inch inside of her love-canal. She now accepted my long hard pole willingly and I could feel her juices beginning to flow. For each inch I gained I made certain to move in and out of her pussy, before I pushed deeper into her.

Buried deep into her, I became totally still for a minute. It was a huge turn-on, fucking my Bhabhi, hearing my Brother's voice. I softly caressed her shoulders with my hands.

"Kiss me, bhabhi." I whispered.

She didn't hesitate, and she turned and clasped a handful of my hair and pulled my lips down to hers. Her warm, delicate tongue immediately slipped between my lips and probed deep into my mouth. I was thrilled at this action of my Bhabhi

"Oh my..." She whispered when we peeled our lips apart.

With my hands on her shoulders, I traced my lips along the gentle slope of her flawless neck, pausing at her earlobe where I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled on it.

"You feel so good, Mrs. Tight Pussy." I murmured.

"Mm mm......." She whispered back.

On the Phone

"Dear. Now he is fucking...moan dear"

"Ok.Vishal.I will do as per my imagination ok..Varun is fucking me with his Big dick . I will moan loud and don’t interrupt..Ok?"


Bhabhi looked into my eyes as I pushed into her pussy once again, but then with a groan looked down between her gently swaying breasts to see the progress. The look in her eyes showed me, she couldn't believe I was only halfway in.

"Good God, Varun. There is so much more. I don't know if I can handle all of you, please be careful."

I didn't respond vocally, as I know she took my full rod inside her yesterday night, looked to her face as I pushed deeper into her warm snatch. She actually grimaced a little as I fed her another inch or two.

Bhabhi groaned, "Aaaaarggg, it feels enormous inside me, today I have never felt so full."

I stopped my forward movements and let Bhabhi relax a little, so she could get used to the fullness and the tightness of my cock buried deep inside her. Eventually, I started to move in and out again in a slow pace. Bhabhi now did everything she could to help me enter her. She was trying to keep herself from being split open by my huge organ as she spread her legs wide apart to help me push my huge cock more deeply into her with each stroke. The pace gave me time to experience the wonderful warmth and tightness of her pussy as it squeezed me like the most incredible velvet glove.

Not satisfied with the slow pace I slid my hands to her fabulous, shapely, tanned legs. I grasped her soft legs and raised her toes until they were high above me, so she was under my complete control. I began to sense she was getting very aroused as her cunt muscles had loosened slightly and it no longer felt like I was stretching her painfully. The slow pace had allowed me to be in control of myself, so I felt as if I had some time before I would reach my climax.

As I continued to thrust my cock deeper and deeper into Bhabhi, she began to wail and her pussy clenched tightly around my cock. With a hard push I rammed my mushroom head hard against Bhabhi's cervix and she let out a huge cry. I didn't move and after some time she calmed down and smiled at me, then draped her arms around my neck, raising her tits toward me.

I smiled back at her in victory. For a minute I savored my position. Here I lay, with my huge pole finally bottom out in the most beautiful woman I had ever known.

After some time, I pulled back and then enjoy my next thrust into her. Now my strokes were deliberate, long drawn out penetrations repeated again and again with a tantalizing rhythm. Each time I pulled back, Bhabhi's pussy made a sloshing sound and my shaft was now shiny, fully coated and dripping with her juices. Each time after I withdrew, I again forced her pussy lips aside and slowly buried my huge pole deeply into her. Bhabhi's breathing was coming in strained gasps and I bend down and whispered to her, "Mrs. TightPussy. please tell me honestly, am I to rough."

"Oh, God no. But you're so big. Remember to pull out before you cum. I'm not on birth control and if you explode inside of me like Yesterday, I'll get pregnant and your brother will fight with you"

I increased my tempo hearing this and Whispered, "Mrs. Tight Pussy. You feel so good and of course I'll pull out." But in my mind I had no intention of pulling out before I had coated this Bhabhi’s tight pussy with my cum.
Bhabhi was crying out softly with each jab of my rod deep into her soft insides. Hearing my assurance she now clearly accepted me as a lover and encouraged me, "Alright Varun, let's a speed thing up. I'm close and I need to cum again."

Hearing my Bhabhi’s begging for my cock was a dream come true. I started fulfilling her request in earnest as I began to speed up the pace. But even now I wanted Bhabhi to remember the length of my strokes, the size of my cock. So each time I withdrew until I hovered above her body, only letting the mushroom head of my long, thick shaft stay inside her opening. Then I would thrust my huge member into her. I now had trouble restraining my sperm inside of my swollen balls. I knew I leaked a lot of pre-cum, but Bhabhi's soaking wet snatch conceal this really well.

Before long I was thrusting myself into Bhabhi so strongly that the head of my cock rammed aggressively into her sensitive cervix with each thrust. Each time I hit her cervix, she cried out. It was clear that every shred of resistance was gone, my Bhabhi was now a willingly participant in our lovemaking.

On the Phone, my Brother

“Honey.i can’t hear you..pls be loud”.

Bhabhi, again started to sound loud.

"Oh, God ..Varun. I love it, don't stop," Bhabhi moaned, "I love the way you cock feels in my vagina. I love it...I want it in me...aarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!!!"

On the Brother

“Wow…dear. Am cummingggggg…”Phone cut off.

Bhabhi was losing herself and I groaned as I felt her long nails scratching my back as a responded to my powerful thrust inside her pussy. She hooked her legs around my waist to animate me even more. I began to pound into her even faster as her actions spurred me on. I began churning my hips, stimulating her soaping wet cunt with my massive pole. Now Bhabhi started to wail, while she was writhing and twisting under my muscular body. Her heaving breasts were covered with sweat, and were bouncing back and forth as I used my massive hard-on to nail her to the Sofa. I was now pounding into her, and she was bucking back at me, while screaming and clawing my back with her nails leaving huge scratches.

The noise was loud as our body slapped against each other and the headboard banged against the wall. The motion of my hips became a blur as I drove my massive cock into Bhabhi again and again. I rose off my elbows and pushed myself up and looked down at her full round tits, bouncing around. Her thick, brown nipples were swollen and pushed out invitingly from the wide, dark circles of flesh that surrounded them. I bent my large frame and took one into my mouth, biting it lightly, teasing it with my tongue. Bhabhi moaned and arched her back upwards. I bit harder, sinking my teeth into her skin.

This pushed Bhabhi over the edge, and with a scream of delight, she arched high into the air, stiffened, and exploded into orgasm. I moved my mouth to her other tit, biting it even harder. I would leave marks on my Bhabhi as she had left some on my back. Bhabhi kept on Cumming and I could feel the walls of her pulsating cunt grabbing and releasing my huge, throbbing cock.

Now I decided it was time for my own release, as Bhabhi was oblivion to the world around her. Her body spasmed and twisted as what seemed as if an overwhelming current of pure, carnal pleasure ripped through every nerve in her body. I looked down at her and felt a huge spasm in my balls. I could sense, I would cum in a matter of seconds, so I really began to jackhammer into her with my long, hard shaft. My balls tightened, and each plunge of my cock into her clenching pussy brought me closer to my climax. And as I reached it, I mercilessly thrust my huge cock deep into her fertile pussy and unleashed a torrent of sperm into my Bhabhi’s unprotected womb, filling her hungry cunt to overflowing. I imagined how the thick, creamy white liquid filled every nook and cranny of her womb, oozing out around my cock to be converted into frothy foam by my relentless strokes. Bhabhi didn't notice this as her head pitched from side to side as her body convulsed beneath me.

Both our climaxes seemed to last forever, but within a few moments, the bliss coursing through my body slowly drained away and what remaining energy I had with it. I fell down on top of my Bhabhi using the last of my energy to prevent me from crushing her too much. I noticed, Bhabhi's breathing was as ragged as mine.

We lay like that for several minutes, breathing in massive doses of oxygen to recover from our exertions. After some time my cock began to soften and the copious amount of cum that I had deposited deep inside Bhabhi began to stream down my shaft to soak my balls and the Sofa below. For the first time Bhabhi became aware of, what I had done and she got a panicked look in her eyes.

"Did you pull out, Varun?" she whispered. "Please tell me you pulled out."

"I'm so sorry, Bhabhi. I tried to pull out, but you kept pulling me inside of you." I lied silently gloating at the thought of having impregnated the most beautiful woman I had Dreamed of for years.

Bhabhi became silent as if deep in thought before she whispered, "Oh, my God Varun. I'm mid-cycle! This is the worst possible time."

Hearing this I congratulated myself and as a single tear began to roll down Bhabhi's gorgeous face I bent down and kissed it away, and then kissed her deeply on the lips.

"Relax Bhabhi. Maybe it is harmless. We have only done two times."

"Only Two time. What did you think was going to happen when you shot your sperm inside of me. I tell you, one time is enough," Bhabhi hissed at me.

"Maybe I'm one of those guys with a low sperm count. So we could be of the hook." I smiled at her.

"You wish, it feels as if you shot a huge amount of cum into my fertile womb. Please let me up."

"Alright, Bhabhi. But please don't be mad at me," I said as I kissed her before I withdrew my semi-hard cock and got up leaving her in a pool of perspiration, sexual juice and emotion. Bhabhi reached down between her legs and rubbed her fingers through the gooey fluid that was seeping from her gash. "Oh, no. It feels like a flood is coming out of me," Bhabhi cried out. "How much did you cum?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't no but it seems like a lot."

"Do you really think," Bhabhi hissed as she raised her worn-out body from the bed cupping her hand over her pussy. I watched as, despite her effort, our combined juices flowed slowly down her legs. Bhabhi ran to the bathroom and then I heard the shower being turned on.

Posted : 10/04/2013 10:48 pm


Sudhaa Bhabhi is basically from Northern Kerala. Exactly Kozhikode is her Native. Her Parents are Murali Menon and Lakshmi Menon.Her Dad is still in Dubai, working as Senior Management guy with good salary. Her Dad and Mom are now in Dubai. She has one younger Sister,Shobana.Currently Shobana is studying Engineering in Coimbatore at the same college where her sister studied before.Sudhaa Bhabhi and Shobana were born and bought up in Dubai. Simi is her Cousin Sister and she is from Cochin.Sudhaa Bhabhi and Simi, Studied their Engineering in Coimbatore, staying at the Hostel. Then they both joined the software firm in Bangalore. My Brother and Krish were then their colleagues. The four of them enjoyed life alot before their marriage Sudhaa bhabhi married Vishal and Krish married Simi.

Next morning I got up early and decided to keep on pushing Bhabhi's limits. I quietly moved towards her bedroom. My brother's wife was still asleep so I slowly removed her sheets. Wow, what a sight she made in her red nightgown. I removed my clothes and got up on the bed. Carefully I crawled up between Sudhaa Bhabhi's fine-looking tanned legs and zoomed in on her pussy. I lifted her nightgown and saw her naked pussy in all its glory. I started to lick her outer lips and loved how she tasted. After some time I could feel, how my Bhabhi became more and more moist and she started to moan in her sleep. Her lips became swollen and her clit was easy to find, protruding between them. I teased her there and she moaned louder, arching her back. I rubbed her clit in small circles and then let two of my fingers slide inside her slippery pussy. My third finger was a tighter fit, but Sudhaa Bhabhi began to move her cunt up into my hand. I kept up licking and kissing around her pussy as my fingers moved in and out of her in a lazy rhythm.

"Ohhh, Varun," Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned still in sleep.

I got a kick out of hearing my Bhabhi moan my name while sleeping in her marital bed. Sudhaa Bhabhi lifted her butt and I pulled her nightgown up baring her full round tits. As I started kissing up toward her luscious breasts, I felt her wake up.

She looked bewildered down at me and I smiled and looked into her gorgeous sleep-full deep brown eyes and saw the excitement in them. I moved up and without a word I started to kiss her mouth.

My Brother’s Wife definitely likes this and she started humming. I broke the kiss and said, "Good morning, gorgeous. Bhabhi.."

I sensed, Sudhaa Bhabhi was struggling to control herself as she said, "What are you doing in my bed, Varun. Don’t you have any other work?"

"Relax, Mrs. Tight Pussy. It's still early in the morning so we have a lot of time”

"But, you promised..." Sudhaa Bhabhi said but I interrupted her.

"You can't lie to me, Mrs.Tight Pussy. You want this as much as me. Before you woke up, you clearly made me know you liked me. You moaned out my name as I caressed you and you also got into our kiss."

"But,I told you na…Krish Would be Coming Today," Sudhaa Bhabhi stuttered but her body betrayed her words as she started to caress my face with her hand.

"I know ...I need you and you need me. We'll just have to be silent," I whispered and leaned in and kissed my Bhabhi on the mouth. My tongue hungrily searched for hers, while my right hand softly kneads her full breast. I gave her nipple a tug which made her gasp.

"How long do we have?" she asked.

I looked at the watch on the bed-stand and smiled, "Almost an hour."

"Then we shouldn't waste another moment," Sudhaa Bhabhi smiled up at me as she pulled me into another kiss while caressing my hair. For some time we kissed and caressed each other and at a time I pulled Mrs. Tight Pussy's nightie over her head leaving us both naked.

"Fuck, you make me so hard Mrs. Tight Pussy," I growled as I took in her fine body.

"I just want you inside me, Varun. Please don't make me wait anymore," Sudhaa Bhabhi breathed, before she took the initiative and pulled me on top of her. She spread her legs and drew her knees back while I took my cock and slipped the head up and down her moist slit. With one gentle push I let my huge pole slide silkily into her warm wet pussy. I smiled as I once again had my cock embedded in her and I leaned in and kissed her deeply. After some time we found a good rhythm, and our bodies were rocking as one. I decided on being tender, loving and attentive at first, so my Bhabhi could get accustomed to my huge hard-on. Sudhaa Bhabhi locked her hands behind my neck as I rode her, sweat starting shimmering on our bodies.

After some time Sudhaa Bhabhi really got into our love-making and she moved her hands and held my face in them, planting wet kissed all over my face while whimpering over and over, "Ohhhhhhh yessssss, Varun. Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooood..."

I put a hand under her butt to hold her in place and I found a nice, easy rhythm. I'd wanted to make love to Mrs.Tight Pussy for so long, and now I was doing it in her marital bed, so I decided I was going to take my time and enjoy it. I began to fuck into her with long hard strokes and Sudhaa Bhabhi raised her hips to meet my every thrust, while her nails once again raked my back. I had really found the key to this mature woman's passionate side and what a hellcat she had become. The longer I was inside her I could feel her tightening up around me, pulling me deeper into her.

"Fuck a sight, Mrs.Tight Pussy. made," I thought to myself as I kept hammering into her. Her full round tits swayed with our motion and passion transformed her gorgeous face. She locked her ankles behind my back, urging me inside her.

"Fuck, you're so beautiful and so wet, Mrs.Tight Pussy." I growled, pounding into her, while hitting her cervix with every stroke.

"You're amazing, Varun," Sudhaa Bhabhi cried back and continued, "Harder, Varun. Do it harder!"

I drove my cock into her harder as she demanded and the bed creaked beneath us and the headboard was slamming into the wall with every thrust. Sudhaa Bhabhi was grabbing my ass now, like she could pull me completely inside her. Not before long she started screaming and cumming and I put my mouth over hers to silent her screams.

I shifted my weight and pumped faster and faster into my Bhabhi seeking my own release. I drove Sudhaa Bhabhi into the bed and with each thrust she screamed into my mouth. Her sounds encouraged me and I fucked her faster and harder until her moans merged into one long wail. While sucking on her neck I began slamming more roughly in and out of her. I was pounding my ten inches cock in and out this moist canal, while her full round breasts joggle in an enticing display for me. I was hitting her cervix over and over again and my cock seemed to harden and swell within her even more.

I was really ravaging her pussy and my Bhabhi had to bite hard into my shoulder to silence herself. But she couldn't conceal her deep pleasure as her internal muscles began clenching and unclenching my cock as she experienced another orgasm. After some time I experienced a tingling from head to toe and I tried to keep hold on myself and make this feeling last. But it was just too good and I could feel my cock was swelling and it became even harder and thicker than usual with the pleasure of taking Mrs.Tight Pussy's body in her own bed.

"Aaaargh fuck Mrs.Tight Pussy., I'm about to cum deep in your cunt," I growled.

"Do it, do it, give me your hot cum, fill me up," Sudhaa Bhabhi cried back at me lost in her own lust.

With a stifled cry I shot my load of spunk deep into her drenched cunt, as I kept pressing my mushroom head hard against her cervix. This sent Sudhaa Bhabhi over the edge again and I kept on moving in and out the sopping wet hole before I pulled out, my hand gripping my huge cock tightly.

I straddled her flat stomach and quickly stroked myself until another round of thick ropes of cum splashed on her full breasts. Mrs.Tight Pussy. Rubbed my seed over her chest, and caressed her hard nipples.

"Damn, baby. You make me so hot. You really bring it out of me." I hissed and leaned in for a kiss.

We kissed for some time and then I whispered, "I think I love you, Mrs.Tight Pussy."

"I love you too, Varun," Sudhaa Bhabhi replied dreamily without her guards up.

Hearing this I knew I had conquered my Brother’s Wife, so I said, "Let's take a shower and get cleaned up."

Sudhaa Bhabhi looked at the clock on the bed-rest and swiftly got out from under me and ran to the bathroom, while saying over her shoulder, "Oh, my God, look at the time, Varun."

I rolled onto my back and smiled up into the ceiling. I had just fucked my Bhabhi in her own bed and I was still hard. I loved the way Sudhaa Bhabhi got into our lovemaking and I felt I could push her even further. So I slowly slid out of the bed, straighten the sheets, opened a window airing the room and picked my clothes up. But I didn't do as Sudhaa Bhabhi would have expected. I didn't go to my own room for a shower but with a swagger followed my Brother’s wife into her bathroom and closed the door. Bhabhi was already in the shower and didn't hear me. The steam filled the bathroom as I approached the shower and stepped in behind her. The warm water was playing off her wonderful body as she faced the shower head turned away from me. I looked down at my cock and saw how proudly erect it had gotten again.

I silently watch how my Bhabhi started running her hands through her beautiful black hair as soapy water slid down her back and over her tight buttocks. I watched her mature but still slender hips sway as she shifted her weight from one foot to another. I kept on watching as my Bhabhi lowered her hands to her shoulders and then to her chest as she lathered her body with shampoo. She turned slightly towards me and I could clearly make out the curve of her right breast, watching its shape change under the pressure of her hand. It was clear to me, Sudhaa Bhabhi enjoyed her shower and I just stood and took in her gorgeous body. I was in awe of how trim her body was as the water made it shine. I took in her lightly muscled shoulders and arms, her slim neck and waist, the slightly wider hips and buttocks and the delicate curves of her shapely legs.

Deciding to make my move I got closer and asked, "Room for one more?"

Clearly surprised Sudhaa Bhabhi whipped her head around and looked over her shoulder up into my eyes, "Oh, my God. What are you doing, Varun?"

"Taking a shower." I said and moved closer.

Sudhaa Bhabhi tensed and looked me into my eyes. "Get out of here”

"Relax Bhabhi I have straightened the sheets and closed the door" I smiled as I looked down and noticed how her wonderfully large breasts were coated with the warm water coming down from above. Her nipples stood erect as they just had been caressed by her own hands.

"I just can't get enough of you and I know you feel the same. Let's be honest. How do you feel right now?" I asked with a grin.

"Oh, Varun. I have never felt anything like this before. I feel amazing. You are quite the stud."

"And you a lovely woman. It felt so good cumming inside you! I just have to experienced it again, right here and now." I said and stepped even closer to her. Sudhaa Bhabhi tensed as the head of my cock pushed into her back. She turned to face me fully, and my huge pole smacked against her stomach.

"Oh..." she said, caught a little of guard.

I bent down and started to kiss her as I pressed my hard-on against her.

"You always seem ready to go, Varun," Sudhaa Bhabhi Commented as we broke the kiss.

I picked up the bottle of shampoo and squirted a fairly large amount of shampoo into my hand. "Let me wash your back."

Sudhaa Bhabhi agreed and turned around. I placed my hands on her shoulders and moved them downwards over her shoulder-blades. I took my time massaging the soap over her bare skin. As my hands reached her lower back they slid to either side of her hips and then around to her stomach and I gently pulled her towards me. I moved my hands up her front and grabbed two handfuls of her tits and started kissing her neck. Sudhaa Bhabhi started to moan as I kept on massaging her full round tits, rolling her stiff nipples between my fingers as I let my lips meet her lips in soft kisses. Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned into my mouth and pushed her full breasts up against my hands.

For some time I kept on caressing her breasts while our tongues twirled around each other like crazy. As we once again broke off the kiss Sudhaa Bhabhi Turned to face me. My throbbing hard-on came to rest on her stomach. She was close and I could feel her hard nipples on my skin. I pushed her against the wall and moved in on her breasts. I began to worship her extraordinaire tits, kissing and biting and licking gently all around her nipples. It seemed as if I was driving my Bhabhi crazy with lust. I moved from one tit to the other, only sucking her nipple into my mouth as I heard her moaning. I pulled her nipple out with my teeth and then lashed it with my tongue. I knew it was kind of rough, but at the moment this Bhabhi seemed to love what my mouth was doing to her body. Her hands stroke my hair as she kept on moaning.

I pushed my right hand between her legs, and then I rubbed Sudhaa Bhabhi's clit as I bit hard down on her nipple. She let out a huge scream and I felt how she shook as an orgasm hit her.

I gave her some space but kept holding her as she was panting, her chest rising and falling with each breath. We looked into each other’s eyes for some time and as she came down from her climax she stood on her toes to kiss me gently on my lips. Smiling, she looked down at my cock. It looked impressive as it stood rock hard before her eyes, it was so engorged it almost hurt, the veins bulging beneath the skin. I gasped as she reached down and grasped my huge cock with her hand. My pelvic muscles contracted in response, my cock arched and pre-cum started to ooze out from the tip. I felt her slender fingers wrap around its girth, her touch sending a shiver through my body. She looked purposefully into my eyes as she raised herself high onto her toes and moved her body forward until it was pressing firmly against mine, making sure to angle my shaft downwards so it slipped into the crevice between her thighs.

I couldn't wait anymore, so I reached down and placed my hands firmly on her ass and lifted her off her feet. Sudhaa Bhabhi gasped, and then wrapped her legs tightly around my waist, one hand gripping my shoulder, while the other still held onto my hard-on. I took a step forward so Sudhaa Bhabhi's back was against the wall.

"Put it in," I growled and Sudhaa Bhabhi guided my cock upwards, the head lightly nudging her outer lips. I was growling and Sudhaa Bhabhi whimpered as I carefully lowered her body, raising my pelvis so the tip of my cock just parted the lips of her pussy. Her eyes opened wide, as I lowered her further, the swollen head of my cock pushed at her entrance, hesitating for a moment before forcing its way into her soft wet hole.

"Oh, Yeah...So good," I groaned as I felt her warmth slide down the length of my rod. She was so wet but still so tight, the feeling was unbelievable.

"So big," Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned back.

I lifted her body upwards, then drove her back down onto my cock as she moaned and held onto me tightly, digging her nails into my back. Her eyelids half closed, she looked into my eyes and we began to breathe together as I moved her faster and faster against me.

"Tell me, that you like it, Bhabhi." I said looking into her eyes.

"It feels so good..." She replied and hissed as I tweaked her nipple.

I increased the tempo, until I was savagely thrusting into her, her screams echoed around the bathroom as her beautiful tits bounced wildly between us. "Do you love me?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, I love you, I love you!" My Bhabhi cried out as she experienced another orgasm. As the soft walls of her pussy began to massage the length of my cock I began to feel I was close to my own release. I continued to thrust deep inside Sudhaa Bhabhi.

For some minutes I fought the urge to cum deep inside of her, doing my utmost to prolong the sensations. But after a while I had to capitulate. As I once again rammed the head of my cock into her cervix the muscles around my balls started to convulse. I felt how a stream of cum flew out of my cock and into Sudhaa Bhabhi's unprotected womb. I moved her up and down my cock in a furious tempo as I shot wad after wad of hot fertile cum into my best friend's mother.

I trembled as the eruptions slowed down, my body shaking as I came down from the powerful orgasm that had just assaulted me.

"Fuck, you're so hot," I moaned and kissed Sudhaa Bhabhi as my cock still was buried inside her pussy.

"Oh, my......" She sighed against my mouth.

"You like it, don't you, Bhabhi?" I retorted.

"You're amazing, so powerful. It feels so good, Varun." She replied.

"Mrs.Tight Pussy. Have you ever thought of being waxed or shaved?" I said as I got an idea.

"Oh, what?" Sudhaa Bhabhi stuttered clearly surprised by my question.

"Have you ever been shaved or waxed down here?" I asked again and to emphasis my question I grabbed hold of some of her black pubic hair and pulled up.

"Oh, my...I don't know what to say... I can't believe we're talking about such a thing." Sudhaa Bhabhi stuttered again and blushed.

Clearly enjoying myself at the distress of my Bhabhi I waved a hand and said, "It's no big deal. All the young girls are doing it. I was just wondering..."

"I've never shaved myself...Only trimmed it a little and not to often. I wouldn't know how."

Let me help you, Mrs. Tight Pussy. I think you would like it.Let me make my Bhabhi ready for Krish"

She looked hesitant at me; "I really don't know."

Standing before her with my hard-on swaying in front of me and pointing directly at her I teased her, "Come on Mrs.Tight Pussy. All the girls have it, and after-wards you'll feel great. I promise."

"I'm not sure it's such a good idea," Sudhaa Bhabhi hesitated.

After Sometime,I started running hot water while Sudhaa Bhabhi just was standing beside me.

"Please sit down on the edge of the tub and I'll get a fresh razor and some cream," I said.

Sudhaa Bhabhi obediently did as I told, and soon after I had found a new razor and some cream.

"I don't think we should be doing this. It's crazy." Sudhaa Bhabhi said trying to stop me.

"It's not crazy and trust me you'll like it. And please don't talk about anything else right now." I said and continued, "I'm just going to shave you"

"You'll be careful?"

"Of course. Now look at you, I think you like the idea. Your nipples are rock hard."

Sudhaa Bhabhi looked down her and blushed again as she noticed how her brown nipples that tipped her luscious breasts were hard as steel, "Okay, what should I do?"

"In the tub with you," I replied, "Get nice and wet."

Throwing caution to the wind, she sat on a small seat in the tub and I sat on the rail next to her. I lifted her up by her hips until her vulva was floating just above water.

"Is the water too hot?" I asked.

"No, it feels wonderful."

"Good." I sprayed a thick ball of foam into my hand and, without preamble, began lathering up her snatch. Her thatch was a not terrible thick; she had clearly done some trimming.

My Bhabhi arched her back and groaned as I thoroughly coated her with the rich cream all the while I admired my conquest. She had nice, slightly wide hips and her smooth legs were toned and sexy as hell.

After a little while I knew she was ready and I got the razor and began carefully scraping away her pubic hair. It was very easy and I worked really slow, cautious not to hurt my Bhabhi. I was using my fingers to spread her pussy lips to get every hair around the delicate folds. Every time I touched her pussy Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned.

"I knew it," I exclaimed loudly.

"Huh....what did you say," Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned.

"I knew it," I replied.

"What do you know?"

"Now your pussy is perfectly smooth and I can see it in all its glory. You have the sexiest fucking pussy I've ever seen. Your outer lips are quite small and it looks rather delicate. I can't believe how small you really are. Now I better understand why you were so sore the first time we made love."

Sudhaa Bhabhi looked down and said, "Let me see..."

I moved my hands and she said, "Oh, my..."

I had left a little patch of hair up high and asked as I caress her right above her clitoris, "Do you want this? A little bit of hair right around here?"

"I don't know. What do you think?" Sudhaa Bhabhi gasped.

"No. I think it would be better for you to be totally bald the first time. If you don't like it, we can always get you a later," I went back to shaving and some minutes later she was smooth. Sudhaa Bhabhi really had an exquisite vagina, with soft folds and looking really delicious. As I poured water over her, washing away the foam, I began running my fingers between those folds, gently, then with more force. "Let’s get back to the bed, so we can give your new look a test drive."

Excited Sudhaa Bhabhi just stood up in the tub. I helped her out of the tub and wrapped a big terrycloth towel around her. After drying her, I put some lotion on her smooth pussy and we returned to my bedroom.

Sudhaa Bhabhi lay down on the bed. I smiled down at my attractive Bhabhi and climbed onto the bed between her legs.

"I love how passionate and adventurous you have become the last couple of days," I praised Sudhaa Bhabhi and leaned forward to lightly kiss her lips.

"Mmnnn, I love it to, Varun. But I haven't had time figuring what has gotten into me," Sudhaa Bhabhi responded with a purr.

"I know," I said with a chuckle.

"Oh, Varun. You really are a bad bad boy," she giggled and smiled up to me.

"I know, Bhabhi. But you like it a lot, don't you?"

"Oh, God yes," Sudhaa Bhabhi answered with a heavy breath.

"Now I want you to let it all out..." I said as I once again leaned in and kissed her moist lips, "Show me how wild and passionate you can be."

She smiled, lifting her mouth up to kiss mine. I let my tongue slip between her lips as I pressed her head back down. Our kiss was soft, yet intense. She tasted sweet, and I swirled my tongue around hers. I cupped my hand over her left tit and gently squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger as we devoured each other’s mouths. Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned in the back of her throat, and began sucking on my tongue taking an initiative. I enjoyed it for some time before I pulled away and looked down at her.

“Bhabhi, What time Krish would be coming here?”

“He may come around 8 pm.He said he will have dinner here”

“Only Dinner?”

“Varun…You are too naughty” She smiled.

“Bhabhi..Can I Join with you guys today..Let’s have Threesome?”

"Threesome"Sudhaa Bhabhi Screamed

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“Bhabhi. Can I Join with you guys today. Let’s have Threesome?”

“What “she nearly screamed.

“Please Bhabhi. Either I want to see you with Krish or else allow me too to join with you guys ”


“It’s really different. Imagine Bhabhi,Two cocks at a time?”

"No Varun, I can’t handle it. Thinking two cocks inside me…oohhhhh that’s really hard for me. Plsss I can’t do that,"

“Bhabhi.Tell me,don’t you ever dreamed of threesome?”

“Varun.We had already once. But...”

“What 3sum.You had?”

“Yeah.Varun..I trust you. Please don’t tell anyone. Simi is my cousin Sister, we did college in Coimbatore. Most of my life was in Dubai, so when I came to Coimbatore, I felt like queen, am totally free. I want to try everything. We boozed a lot. One day, we got into sex..Yes Varun..Simi and me were into Lesbo acts, So we became
Bi-Sexuals. Then we got job here, we took separate house here in Bangalore. Vishal and Krish were our colleagues. We had enjoyed a lot. Every Weekends, you can see all of us on some pubs. Vishal loved me and Krish loved Simi. Before marriage itself, we were into swapping. We enjoyed it. When Simi likes to have sex with me, Krish may join with us and had 3sums, after our marriage.

But its just a single cock, me and Simi can manage, but taking two cocks at a time. Oh god…oh…god. It would be painful, that too with your huge one. Damn, you know how much painful for me to take yours inside me…

I laughed..

“No bhabhi..i will handle you really softly.But..I have a doubt, if Vishal shared you with Krish, don’t he proposed 3sum ever?

“He often asks me that, but I don’t agree. Vishal made a blunter mistake…you know?” Her face changed to angry mode.

“What he did” I was curious.

“Once my parents came to Kozhikode on yearly holiday vacation. They invited us there. You know what Vishal did?”

“What Bhabhi…what he did?”

“One day, Dad took me to meet some friends. We were supposed to return after lunch. My Mom and Vishal were there in House. I thought Vishal might get bored, so I returned leaving my Dad, When I came back, I was shocked to see Vishal making love to my Mom.”


“Yeah..I have done whatever he likes, but he …he is Selfish. He just needs sex. Sex without Love”

“Ok..Please cool down Bhabhi. Let me talk to Vishal once he returns” I slowly kissed her on head.

“No…No…don’t Varun..He doesn’t know that I know his contact with my Mom. Don’t talk to him”

“Ok...Then leave that. Am here for you Bhabhi. If you love me, we can do once”

After much discussion and compulsion, she agreed.

“Ok…just for you “She kissed me.

At 7 pm, she stepped out of the shower. She wrapped her long black hair in a towel. Then taking the other towel she began drying her long arms, legs and her big beautiful body. After finishing drying off, she applied a small amount of lotion all over her body. She looked fabulous as she wore red satin silk nighty. She walked into the living room. I stared at her

“Wow…. Bhabhi…You look damn sexy”

About that time there was a knock on the front door, I smacked her playfully on her ass as she walked over to answer the door. “Hey Krish!”

"Damn, you look good enough to eat" Krish said to Sudhaa Bhabhi. She strutted past him and ran her finger under his chin.

"I hope you are really hungry," she said back to him. I thought I would burst. My heart was pumping triple time and things began to spin.

Krish on seeing me”Hey Varun…How are you…So what you guys are doing? “He winked at me.

“Having some Good times, Krish”

“Ok…Ok..”Saying that he took a full bottle of Scotch from his Bag.”Varun.would you like to join with me?”

“Sure. Why not. That’s what I was discussing with my Bhabhi.”

“Sudhaa.why can’t you help us with some Water and ice Cubes, and of course cups”Krish smiled at Sudhaa Bhabhi.

She came and brought all our requirements to the table and she closed the door. Krish was sitting in the sofa and I sat in front of him on a chair.

He called Sudhaa Bhabhi”Hey dear. Come here..”

He asked her to sit near him. Once, She came and sat near him, he puts his arms over her shoulder and turned her head and kissed her.

Seeing my Bhabhi getting kissed gave an electric shock in my body. With his hands fondling her boobs, with one hand holding the glass, he said “Cheers!!!Varun for Good health”

“Cheers” is said and start to sip the scotch.

“Krish, I would like to have a threesome with you and Bhabhi”

He looked at her in surprise. “Are we?” he asked

Smiling she said, “Well just wants to see what it feels like to have you two guys.”

“Sure. ..Bitch…Sure…”Krish was getting into third round.

I went and sat next to her. Now Sudhaa Bhabhi was between Krish and me. She turned and kissed me. Then wrapping her arm around Krish's neck, she pulled him into her as she kissed him deep and passionately.

I rubbed my hands over her thighs and Start playing with her bountiful boobs. krish whispered in her ear, “ Get on foot ..u Slut” .

Both stood up. He started pulling her nighty upwards and making her naked. She didn't resist in the slightest. He moved his hand to her ass cheek where he grabbed a hand full and squeezed hard. As he took hold of her ass he let go of her waist and moved his hand to her breast. There she was, in the arms of my brother’s Friend with his tongue in her mouth and hands on her tits and ass. Her arms went up around his big thick neck and like a slut; the fucking Bitch spread her legs apart so that Krish's muscular thigh could move up against her cunt.

She began to move her hips up and down against his leg, rubbing her cunt against him. Then she raised her right knee up to his waist so that her cunt would be is fully exposed to him. My dick was getting so hard watching this it would have broken if I had bumped it on anything.

Krish moved his hand from her ass directly to her cunt where he wasted no time in inserting a couple of fingers. She moaned as he finger fucked her


She bucked her hips against his hand to get his fingers in deeper. Krish moved back from her and told me "she's hotter n' hell Varun, would you like to watch me fucking your Brother’s wife,The Slut Sudhaa?"

“Feel free to fuck my Bhabhi tonight…Krish"

He began pulling out his cock; I became aware of the reality of what was going on. In a second or two, that Krish’s cock would be in her mouth. She glanced at me while at the same time taking the cock in her hand and, like she had been sucking it all of her life, placed the huge swollen purple head in her mouth and started sucking. As she sucked and licked his cock, she stared at me and moaned.


I saw her hand go down to her cunt and she rubbed her clit as she sucked Krish's great cock. She never took her eyes off me and except to close them. She was taking that monster cock deep in her throat and was jacking him off at the same time.

Krish was saying things like "that's it, suck my cock fucking whore".

The more names he called her the more she liked it and just like that, she had her first orgasm. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and a long strand of pre-cum was hanging in the air. She had more pre-cum in and on her mouth.

I was sitting there wearing only my shirt with my dick in my hand.

Krish reached down and jerked Sudhaa Bhabhi up from the floor and dragged her over to the sofa where I was sitting. He literally thru her over the back of the sofa next to me and got down on his knees and began to eat her pussy from the back. I thought she was going to come again the way she was moaning. She looked over at me, reached out and pulled my face up to hers and kissed me. She moved her lips around on mine to make sure that I got a good taste of Krish's pre-cum. She pulled away, smiled and said,

"Am yours Slut tonight. “Saying that she grabbed my cock and looked at me

"Master, I want to suck your cock so badly. Please, Can I suck your cock. I want to please you! Please, master!!" Telling that She Smiled at me sexily and winked and start sucking, while Krish stood up and placed his huge swollen cock on the crack of her ass. Sudhaa Bhabhi knew what was next.

She started moving her hips back and forth trying to speed up the inevitable. She wanted it bad. Krish moved the end of his saliva and pre-cum coated cock to her cunt and slowly inserted the tip into the tight opening.

He starts spanking her ass,

“U ..Slut…u have beautiful ass…am drill your asshole now” She grunt each time he spanked and bite her lip hard

"Oh, oh, God, ... owww .... [gasp] ... hurts ... errh ... ahw ..."

Krish showed no mercy as he plunged it the rest of the way in..

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Sudhaa Bhabhi screamed and made some motion to get away, but she was pinned in and unable to move even an inch. Krish had given her the "big one" all the way to the hilt. He withdrew it a couple of inches and gave it to her again and again. She wasn't screaming now. She was panting and moving her legs further apart. Krish was holding on to Sudhaa Bhabhi's ass and started pumping and fucking her hard enough to make that unmistakable sound of his belly slapping against her ass.

Sudhaa Bhabhi was chanting "fuck me you bastard, give me that cock" and with each stroke she arched her back and raised her ass so she could take in every millimeter of Krish's rock hard shaft. It was only a few minutes and Sudhaa Bhabhi had her second orgasm.

The sight of that Krish’s light Brown cock disappearing into her cunt over and over and the contrast of his torso against her milk white skin was incredible. Both of them were working hard and their skin gleamed from perspiration. Krish stopped pumping, he was getting close to getting off and needed to slow down, but Sudhaa Bhabhi started moving her cunt back and forth on Krish's cock, milking it for all it was worth. Krish had her long hair in his hands and was standing still. He wasn't fucking her and longer. She had taken over and she was fucking him. Sudhaa, my sweet, lovely, Bhabhi had become a fucking whore for Krish cock.

Krish pulled out, much to her disappointment, and took her over to the sofa where I was sitting. Krish sat on the other end of the sofa and had Sudhaa Bhabhi get on top with her back to me. I had the view of a lifetime. Just two feet away from my face was my Bhabhis's beautiful cunt sliding up and down on the hard Krish’s cock. I couldn't decide if I wanted to join them or just sit and watch.

I decided to watch.

After awhile Krish asked me what I thought about doing a "69-3 Way". Not having a clue what he meant I said "sure, why not". Krish had me lay on my back and then had Sudhaa Bhabhi get on top of me for a 69. She shoved her cunt in my face and began to move her pussy against my mouth as I licked her cunt. She started to suck my Dick.I really liked eating her in this way. Krish moved behind her and pulled her ass up a few inches away from my face. Then I realized what a "69-3 Way" was. He shoved his still hard cock into her cunt and told me to keep eating her. It wasn't that easy with his cock plunging back and forth and her meeting him half way. I watched Krish’s cock fuck my Bhabhi from about 2 inches away and not being able to control myself, I shoved my mouth and tongue up against her cunt and his cock. I could feel his cock moving between my lips. Every so often Krish would intentionally let his cock slip out of her cunt and it would go into my mouth. At first I was a little taken back by it but that lasted about one half of a second. I took it in my mouth and sucked it just like Sudhaa Bhabhi did. I tasted her juice.

I was still eating both of them when Krish exploded deep in her cunt. Krish kept pumping as he was filling her and it seemed like a quart of cum was leaking around the edges of her pussy. Sudhaa Bhabhi lowered her cunt onto my mouth. She told me "Now eat it," she said. I started licking and it seemed that there would be no end to the fluids that were covering my face. I had eaten her to orgasm many times and knew the taste of her sex.

“Bhabhi lets move to Bedroom “I said

“Can you take me..Huh..”She smiled

While we kiss each other, I took her on my arms to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She jumped out of the bed.

“Varun..can you make backdoor entry”

“hmm..sure bhabhi”

“No …Bhabhi. Call me anything. Tonight, am not your Bhabhi”

Krish got erection again. He came and sat on the bed. His cock was standing like a lamppost.

She leaned over and starts sucking his cock, stucking her ass up in the air. I bent over and started kissing and licking all of those delectable spots between her legs. When I got to that puckered little hole and licked it she was squirming again. When I stuck my tongue in there she was moaning loudly.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhhhhhhhhh…fuck …fuck…"

Bhabhi mumbled, “Get me wet there with your tongue”.

I lathered up that rose bud of an opening with a lot of saliva, and got ready to fuck her ass. Sudhaa Bhabhi was sucking and licking Krish's cock.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, Varun. Slow…Slow…. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.. Oh, my God

Please, Please. Please………

aah aahhhhhhhhhhhh”

“…usshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..oh god…!"

As she screamed, I forced my hard dick into her beautiful, tiny hole. Krish was amazed. When I got all of me in her .I pumped a couple of times and asked if she is ok. She nodded yes, start sucking Krish’s cock.

I slowly pumped in and out her ass while she sucked. He slid out from under her and I said we have to change positions. I lay on the end of the bed with my back and ass on the bed and my feet on the floor. I made Bhabhi lay on top of me on her back. She slid my cock back into her ass with no problem and adjusted her body for maximum depth of my cock. This left her pussy open and inviting for Krish.

Bhabhi using her finger invited Krish”hmmmm…come in my dear.” She made a naughty smile.

Krish stepped between our legs and stuffed his hard on into Bhabhi's wet pussy. She moaned

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh yesses...,"

Krish started moving in and out while Sudhaa Bhabhi and I stayed still. She was Cumming in seconds. The real hard kind of orgasm. She was shivering and crying as usual, but she also was mumbling under her breath,

Oh my god, oh my god, this is fantastic

Krish picked up the pace and Sudhaa Bhabhi With huge moan,

"I'm cummmmmmmmming" and started to thrash her head from side to side.

I motioned for Krish to back off for a minute. I rolled over, still inside of her ass and lay on the bed, cuddling her from behind. She cums so hard she almost blacks out, and we weren't doing anything to her. As usual, Sudhaa Bhabhi came down from her high in a minute or 2. When Sudhaa Bhabhi was ready we went back to the same position.

Sudhaa Bhabhi tried to take control of the movements, but with me in her ass and Krish in her pussy she was impaled on 2 hard cocks and really couldn't move. Krish controlled the action and he was enjoying it. Fast and deep, Slow all the way out and slow all the way back in. Sudhaa Bhabhi started moaning again

"Ohhhhoo ... ohhhhooo ... uh— uh— ahannn ..."

"Ohhhhoo ... ohhhhooo ... ohhhhooo ... uh— uh— ahannn ..."

"Ohhhhoo ... ohhhhooo ... uh— uh— ahannn ..."

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, Krish. Keep it up. Oh, my God. Please, don't stop. Please. Please!"

so Krish picked up the pace. When she started crying he thrust in as deep as he could and that triggered another big orgasm for Sudhaa Bhabhi. Again Krish moved away and Sudhaa Bhabhi and I cuddled.

She said you need cleaned up, so I pulled out of her and let her do her thing. Krish gasped again. I mentioned to him that he wouldn't enjoy all of the things with Sudhaa Bhabhi that I did. She licked and sucked and licked some more. I think he was trying to get me to cum. I finally pulled her away and told her it was time for her to deep throat Krish.

Sudhaa Bhabhi smiled real pretty and said come here big boy. She lay on the edge of the bed and told him to stand in front of her. When he did she grabbed his cock and put it into her mouth and started sucking. She slowly worked all of him down her throat and started milking his cock. He was cumming in seconds. Sudhaa Bhabhi keep sucking his cock..He cried “oh……stop…..please…”then swallowing his entire Cum, She gave him a big grin.

Krish felt tired and lay on the other side of the bed.

She turned to me and said “hmmm…one guy down…Now its between us..Varun…baby…..You and me”She invited me.

I picked her up by the hips and positioned her on the edge of the bed and plunged in.

She groaned, "Aaaaarggg, it feels enormous inside me.Big boy.....Slow ...Slow....don't tear my Pussy....dear.”

I fucked her with deep fast strokes and short fast strokes. I had cum too many times today to get off quick. She would cum hard; I would let her down easy, and then start all over again. Sudhaa Bhabhi went into a continuous cumming mode that I hadn't seen from her before. She shivered, cried, moaned and begged me not to stop..

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Varunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I'mmmmmmmmm

cuuummmming.don’t stop…don’t Stop…wwwoooooohh"

As she neared her climax, her sounds became a steady machine gun.

"Uh— uh— uh— uh— uh— uh— uh— uh ..."

Sudhaa Bhabhi finally collapsed on the bed under me and lay very still. She had passed out I lay next to her comforting her and waited for her to regain her senses. Krish was lying to her, as if he was so tired.

"Oh, my God. You didn't cum? You have such stamina, Varun. I just can't believe the control you have over your body. I want to make you cum." Krish laid there in disbelief

"Okay, but I want to cum deep inside of your tight wet fertile pussy. I want to blast your inside with a huge load of my baby-juice." I said and for the first time I had explicit told her, that I wanted to make her pregnant.

Sudhaa Bhabhi nodded, "It's all right with me. I love the feeling of you filling me up when you cum."

Quickly I moved us around, so I was on top and Sudhaa Bhabhi lifted her knees and let her legs hang open. She held her arms out invitingly until I lowered myself atop of her. I pushed a good portion of my length in with my first thrust. It definitely helped that Sudhaa Bhabhi was dripping wet.

"You feel so good inside of me," Sudhaa Bhabhi sighed and wrapped her arms around my torso, her hands upon my shoulder blades.

"Soul-mates," said Krish ,as I moved deeper into my Bhabhi’s wet cunt.

Sudhaa Bhabhi smiled at me as I was hovering above her and said, "Soul-mates."

I started to move in and out faster and faster and said, "I love you so much."

Sudhaa Bhabhi bit her lower lip and said, "Love you too, Varun. I love everything about you."

"Everything or just one thing," I replied as I buried my ten-inches cock deep into my petite lover.

"Aaaaaaaarrggggggggg," Sudhaa Bhabhi screamed at this and then moaned,
"Everything, but especially your huge penis. It's making me feel sooooooooooooo goooooood."

She turned her head towards Krish”Krish…I am planning to have a baby with Varun…”

“You know what’s best hun…I and Simi will be there for you whenever you need us “
He kissed her in head.

Hearing this, I pushed forward with my hips until I hit her cervix again and again. It caused her to moan and shift beneath me.

"Beg for it, Bhabhi.," I said with a hoarse voice.

"Varun, please cum inside me," Sudhaa Bhabhi screamed out loud.

I was hammering my cock into my Brother’s Wife and decided to tease her as I said, "It might take a while. But keep on telling me, how much you want me and my cum. It's a huge turn-on."

"I want you, baby. I want you’re cum deep inside me. I want you to shoot a huge load into my womb."

"Fuck," I hissed clearly aroused by Sudhaa Bhabhi's encouragements.

Wrapping her ankles around the small of my back, Sudhaa Bhabhi tried to get my cock even deeper into her pussy. She was clearly aroused and very close to another orgasm.

I decided to take it up a notch, so I said, "Part of being my woman is taking my sperm. You want to have your fertile womb blasted with my cum, don't you?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Goooooooood, Varun," Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned at my words and I could feel her pussy muscles contract.

"Talk to me, Sudhaaaaa. You want me to claim you as my woman, don't you?" I roared increasing the pace of my thrusts. I started kissing Sudhaa Bhabhi's cheeks, neck and rock-hard nipples.

"What do you want me to say, Varun. Let me tell you something. You want to forever brand my body with your child, don't you Varun? You want to mark my body as your territory by making my belly fat with your baby. You want to show all your friends, that you're a real stud, who fucked his own Brother’s wife into submission and made her pregnant," Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned.

Hearing this made me feel like a wild animal and I started hammering into my Brother's Wife with abandon as I shouted out loud, "Fuck, yeah, Bhabhi. I want to make you pregnant. I want to see your belly swell with my child and I want to claim you as mine. And do you know what, you’re mine. From I'll have your body whenever I want."

"Oh Goooooooooooooood," Sudhaa Bhabhi moaned loudly. "Varun,'re making me cum again."

I powerfucked my huge pole into Sudhaa Bhabhi and soon she was cumming. Her sharp fingernails dogged into my back, as she whimpered and gasped through the explosions of pleasure, her inner muscles contracting.

Burying my face into Sudhaa Bhabhi's neck, I felt nearly there myself and humped against her fervently.

"I'm close," I grunted into Sudhaa Bhabhi's ear.

Sudhaa Bhabhi responded to this, locking her ankles over my butt and holding my cock in place deep within her, "Is okay, Varun. Cum inside of me, shoot all your baby-juice into my fertile pussy, make me pregnant."

Hearing this I grunted once, pushed over the brink by my Brother's Wife words, and erupted deep inside her. My body shuddered as the content of my balls spilled out into Sudhaa Bhabhi's womb, and Sudhaa Bhabhi held me tightly moaning into my ear. I felt myself cumming in extensive spurts, my sperm filling my Brother’s Wife. Sudhaa Bhabhi continued to hold me inside, gently rocking her hips up against me. Then I collapsed on top of her, but got a hold on myself and rolled us around, so Sudhaa Bhabhi now was on top of me. Breathing hard I stared at the ceiling of my room and exclaimed, "Wow. What the hell was that?"

Sudhaa Bhabhi lifted her head from my chest and looked into my eyes. She traced her hand around my face and with a finger she touched my lips softly. Then she moved in for a lingering kiss before she responded, "I don't know. Utterly amazing comes into my mind. I feel so desired, when we are together, but right now also really exhausted."

We kissed for some time and then I whispered, "I think I love you, Bhabhi"

"I love you too, Varun,and i really mean it.I want to have your Baby dear..." telling this holding my head, she started kissing all over my face .

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