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Teen Bhabhiyo ki Lagai  


Bade Bahiya turned beet red and tried to restore dignity by offering tea to the doctor. Savita and Champa hid their smiles with their hands while I could not help tittering. Bhaiya glared at me with murderous eyes.

At the next occasion when Bhaiya went out, Suman Bhabhi came hurriedly to me and said, “Mangal, a serious problem has occurred. I am scared to death.”

Her fear was infective. My heart went putty pat. I asked, “Wh ..what happened?”

“I think. Savita Didi (elder sister) and Champa Didi have smelled something and are suspicious of our relationship.”

Perspiration broke out on my body, My legs felt weak and I had to sit down.

Bhaiya surely would kill both of us if he came to know the truth.

I asked, “What shall we do Bhabhi?”

There were footsteps of somebody approaching. She had to leave. While going she whispered, “I will think about something, don’t worry.”

Don’t worry. Easily said than done. Out of fear I lost my sleep and appetite for the day. She came in again in the early night and said, “I have given it a serious thought. There is only one way we can take.”

“And that is?”

“You make them pregnant too.”

I was shocked. I wanted to protest but could not simply because she was right. I complained, “Bhabhi, after fucking you I have lost interest in others. How shall I be able to fuck them who are like mothers to me?”

Suman smiled and said, “Leave everything to me. Be madarchod (mother fucker) for sometime and try to enjoy.”

With all of them now involved in the conspiracy it was easy for Suman Bhabhi to formulate a plan of action. Under one pretext or other all the three would take turns to come to my building. The one who had been fucked by Bhaiya on the previous night would slip into my room; the other two would keep an eye for intruders.

Within few days it happened to be Champa’s turn. She had had her period before about ten days and was fucked thrice the previous night. She was feeling more bashful than Suman or Baasanti. As soon as she came in, she started removing her clothes. I held her hands and said, “Bhabhi, let me have the pleasure of undressing you.”

I took her in my arms, gave her a powerful hug and said again, “Bhabhi, I know it is as difficult for you as it is for me. But why not to enjoy it when we have to do it? What do you say, Huh?”

She cringed like a schoolgirl. Lifting her face I kissed her mouth. When the simple kiss became a French kiss she tried to push me away. Slowly and patiently I guided her through the experience of sweet kissing of her mouth, her nipples, her bhos and my lund. Within ten minutes we were naked on the bed. She was still covering up her bhos with her hands. When at last I succeeded getting my fingers on her vulva I found that she was already wet and slimy from previous night’s fucking. I did not have to wait for long.

Little nudging from me and she lifted her legs and widened her thighs. I settled between her legs and holding the lund in my hand I rubbed its slick head in the wet slit of her bhos. Her bhos was overflowing with her own juices and was swollen due to excitement. As soon as my lund touched her clitoris she sort of jumped up and gyrated her hips. Leaving clitoris alone I engaged the head of my lund in the mouth of her chut, laid down myself on her body and glued mouth to mouth. She wound her legs around my waist.

With slow steady pressure I entered her chut. My foreskin got pulled up immediately leaving now naked head to rub against the velvety walls of her chut. In spite of being fucked by Bhaiya all these years her chut was surprisingly narrow and snug. She had a good grip on the lund.

All throughout she had kept her eyes closed. With my lund fully ensconced in her chut I broke the kiss and said, “Bhabhi, open your eyes and look down. Do you think my lund is as good as Bhaiya’s? I will not start fucking you till the time you see my und and reply.”

Reluctantly she lifted her head from the pillow and looked at the spot where our bodies were joined. I moved out the lund, about an inch and made it jerk while she was looking. She dropped her head on the pillow and chewed her lower lip. I asked, “Well, what is the verdict?”

She said, “Chalo na, kyun satate ho? Achchha hai tumara, jaisa tumare Bhaiya ka hai vaisa hi. (Come on, please don’ tease me. Yours is good, as good as your Bhother’s).”

I pinched up her pert nipple, glued my mouth to hers and started fucking her with slow deep strokes using the whole length of my lund. Champa started breathing fast with Aah and Ooh. Soon she was writhing and bumping making my lund rotate around in her now relaxed chut. As our excitement escalated my strokes became fast and irregular. Couple of times I pulled out completely to ‘air’ my lund to hold my cumimg. (I learnt this trick from Baasanti).

After about twenty minutes of vigorous fucking she had a shattering orgasm. I was not far behind. The post-orgasmic flutter in her chut played tricks on my lund, and I swept into an equally glorious orgasm. That was only when Champa took initiative and kissed me. All four of us, three bhabhis and me slept in the guesthouse.

Next day Champa Bhabhi, who usually served food to all of us during lunch and dinner, avoided facing me. Suman later on told me, “Champa Didi is very pleased with your performance last night. She has told me to tell you that any time you want ….. You know what, don’t you?”

Of course I knew.

It was now Savita’s turn. She had to wait for an opportune day. Eventually the fateful day came up. Savita Bhabhi had been a mother to me and I did not relish the idea of fucking her but we had no other option. Besides she was nearing menopause and was left with limited time to produce a baby.

As soon as the two of us were left alone she closed her eyes. I took her in my arms and kissed her lips. She bore it passively without opposing. I did not remove all of her clothes; I unhooked her blouse and bra and took her breasts in my hands. Immediately her nipples became erect. That prompted me to leech my mouth to the nipples. As I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, her excitement escalated and she stretched herself flat on the bed taking me over her. Much later Suman told me that nipples were the keys to unlock the passion in Savita Bhabhi. (She, in turn had learned the fact from Bhaiya.) Savita Bhabhi herself pulled up her sari and petticoat and spread her thighs. My lund meanwhile had started stiffening but was not fully erect yet. Bhabhi herself was managing bhos and lund so I used my hands to caress her breasts and roll her nipples.

Pushing her hand between our bodies Bhabhi untied the string of my pajamas. She pushed the pajamas down my hips and grabbed my lund, which was half erect at the best. All the same she directed it to her chut and prompted me to push in. I pushed but the shaft buckled and only the head entered the chut. At this point Bhabhi contracted her chut and squeezed the head. The lund responded by a jerk and increase in hardness. Three such squeezes and lund became fit to enter any kind of chut. Savita Bhabhi’s chut was not so young and was well used. It was not as tight as those of Baasanti and Suman but it had strong internal muscles, which could squeeze a lund like a fist. Over the years Savita Bhabhi had trained her chut well.

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Once the lund was in the way was clear. I fucked Bhbhi for half an hour and gave her three orgasms.

Next day all four of us sat together and pledged that we will keep this matter a secret.

Bhaiya had stopped fucking Suman Bhabhi, not the other two. All of them demanded fuck from me and who was I to deny their command?

Luckily other Bhabhis also conceived. Bhaiya was ecstatic. The family astrologer claimed the credit saying that he had predicted babies by Bhaiya once the shadow of Saturn went away from the family. Good that he could not predict as to who was to father the babies; or let’s say he could predict but kept his mouth shut. Good for everybody.

In due course Savita and Suman gave birth to boys and Champa to a girl. Bhaiya hosted a big feast, distributed sweets to the whole village, and donated money to temples and local charities. Festivities continued for more than a week after the birth of the youngest child. It was good that nobody paid attention to my activities and me because I was then busy fucking Baasanti who was specially called in to attend the new mothers. I resolved not to marry.

Everybody is happy, everything running smoothly. There is a small problem only I have to face. All the three kids are dear to Bhaiya and he takes good care of them. Problem occurs when sometimes he gets mad and gives a slap or two to the child. I find it difficult to bear. I feel like holding his hand and tell him, “Beware, Keep off my child.”

As of now I have not collected courage enough to tell him so.

Posted : 03/07/2011 9:19 am